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White Lotus Vs Zaeron El Volume 2: Homeland

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Mah, Aug 13, 2013.

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    May 10, 2013
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    ZE: You eyes begin to open as I stand before you. You had been out for quite some time now. I had taken the time to chain your hands about your head and your legs were spread apart.
    "wakey wakey" I mutter. As I slap you across the face.
    WL: aaaaaaahhh
    where am I?
    what happened?
    ZE: "You're still here in the arena. See I still have your pals here as well." I point to the hostages. two males and two females.
    "They want the truth from you. And your gonna give it to them. Where is the home of the lotus flower?" I ask.
    WL: Are you out of your mind?
    It´s not enough defeat me and humiliate me? do you also wants have powers like mine?
    I will never say for you
    ZE: Well we have other means of persuading you, but we don't need further violence Lotus. just tell me.
    one of my henchmen stands behind you, smiling
    WL: Never. This powers are just for justice, persons like you will never use them on the correct way
    ZE: Very well. we tried to reason with you. I slowly turn away, but then I shot out my hand striking you across the face.
    No matter what you do, I will not say.
    ZE: I viciously grab your right breast. "I think you will!"
    I slam my fist into your breast brutally.
    no no no and no
    ZE: I begin to brutally punch you in the belly and your breasts as I hear the gasps come from the hostages. Some of them still sick from the previous beating
    I smiled as my hands connected with your soft flesh, knowing I was breaking you all over again
    WL: aaaaaahhhh
    I...I...I... will not tell will, no matter what you do to me
    Yo...uu do...do...don´t have the wisdom to use...
    the powers from the lotus flower.
    ZE: "oh and you do? You're just a young girl! What do you know of wisdom?!" I strike you harder across the face your breasts.
    I...I...I caaaaaan be y...y...young, but, I care about the people of the world, I use the powers to make this world better and not to satisfy my own interests
    ZE: i grab you by the throat. then you are a fool lotus. no one can change the world on their own especially some pathetic, weak girl like you.
    you disgust me.
    i knee you between the legs. "your power will be added to my own."
    No, I can´t permit this
    ZE: the women behind me wince, I release you from my grip as I bring my knee into your belly. "Perhaps it's time to turn up the heat a bit?"
    WL: uuufff
    wha wha wha what do you mean turn up heat a bit?
    ZE: i motion for two of my men to enter the room, carrying a small black box. "tell us where it is and you can leave here with less pain than you have already. I see you looking at the box, a hint of terror in your eyes
    WL: what do you have inside of the box?
    ZE: I pull out too cables with clamps and attach each to one of your nipples.
    "tell me what i need to know and save your boobs from torment!'
    WL: Are you crazy? I can´t say.
    Stop this insanity now.
    ZE: HAHAHA Too late now!" I flipped the switch and the electric current flowed through the cables and entered your body through your breasts.
    ZE: I smile as your body squirms I laugh as I turn up the volume, slowly destroying your breasts
    ZE: the pain on your face was pleasing to me as I kept my hand over the trigger.
    I stopped the current letting you breath
    ZE: I remove the clamps and clamp them onto your pussy.
    Now tell me the location
    WL: Noooo Nooo no no
    please, remove this
    No matter what you do, I will NEVER tell to you
    ZE: Well, i warned you
    I flipped the switch sending the painful current through your body, wrecking your genitals
    ZE: "Please stop!" the hostages yelled out, especially the women, knowing the pain you were in. I merely turned up the intensity with every protest, your womanhood suffering
    WL: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    ZE: i switch it off for the moment. and look into your eyes. "how are you feeling?" i mock you
    WL: p...p...p...paa...aaiiin
    ZE: i spread you legs apart farther so the hostages can clearly see the clamps connected to your pussy. "let her go man youve already defeated her enough, please" they protest
    i turn up the intensity as a new wave of electricity enters your privates
    ZE: i smile as you scream in agony. i turn it off and i unhook you from the clamps and from your chains. some smoke was coming up from between your thighs
    i threw you on the ground as you throw your hands between your legs
    WL: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
    aaaah... aaaaahhh
    ZE: i look down at you as you cup your crotch
    "now we've destroyed you a bit how about some more humiliation?"
    WL: whaaaaa... wha... what you gooonna dooooo to me?
    ZE: i dont reply i simply tie a rope around your throat and pull you on all fours. "come on lets go for a walk."
    a walk you around the hostages and around the hostages
    WL: nooooo
    stoooop please
    please, don´t look to me at this situation
    please stop, don´t you humiliated me enough?
    ZE: "come on let her go. please we're begging you. let White lotus go" the hostages plea
    i simply ignore them. we walk over to one of my henchmen with rope. i stand you up and tie your hands behind youi pick up your breasts in my hands while my henchmen roughly secures your boobs in the rope.
    WL: noooo, what will happen now?
    ZE: I viciously pull the rope attached to you boobs. I then drag you through the arena past the hostages by your breasts. "take a look everyone! enjoy this sight!"
    WL: please, don´t obey him, close your eyes, make anything, but, please don´t watch this
    ZE: they obey me, their eyes in terror as they see their champion dragged through the arena, naked, by her boobs. "please stop this!" they cried. i ignore them, enjoying my treatment of my new toy
    WL: ooooohhh
    I am feeling like a puppet
    I feel like a ridiculous toy.
    ZE: "just tell me the location and this will be over!"
    WL: nooo
    I will tell
    The things got worse if I tell you, nobody knows what your evil mind can do using the power of the lotus flower. I will not say
    ZE: i throw the rope over a bar close to the ceiling and yank on it, hoisting you into the air, suspended by your breasts. "it only gets worse for YOU!!" "let her go you monster!"
    WL: aaaaaaaaaah
    ZE: Just tell me what i need to know!"
    WL: no
    ZE: i drive my fist into your pussy with incredible force. "lotus tell him please, so he ll stop!" they beg.
    WL: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
    you don´t understand, if he take the power who can imagine what this evil man can do?
    ZE: "he'll stop punishing you. please." they beg you. "isn't this precious lotus, they are begging for your safety. give me the location! or i kill all of them!"
    WL: no please
    don´t do anything to them
    I tell you
    ZE: i release you and grab you by the throat and slam you against the wall. "Now!" anger rising in my voice
    WL: I found my flower in china
    inside a cave on the mountains near from beijing
    it´s the only cave there
    I don´t know if others exist
    ZE: i throw you down
    "make sure she doesn't escape. thank you white lotus, i hope our paths cross again sometime, i'd love another meeting."
    i take off in search of the lotus flower
    i took off out of the arena and headed towards china
    in search of the lotus flowers origins. my henchmen were left to look after you
    i figured were too humiliated to come after me again
    WL: I still sore and weakned by the beat
    I look around and find my precious flower, but, the henchmen are looking to me
    I am too weak to fight with them.
    ZE: one of the henchmen comes up to you and grabs you by the throat. "looking for this?" he holds up the lotus flower in your face mocking you
    without it you're just another weak human girl
    WL: please, give back
    I need to go after Zaeron El
    I need to stop him
    ZE: why would we give you the power to stop our boss?
    WL: Why? You must to be kidding! That man is powerful and if him add the powers of the lotus, he will be unstoppable. That man is insane, evil, who can imagine what he can do with that powers?
    ZE: "man maybe we should listen to her, the boss is a bit crazy." one said. "nah i think she's just crazy," he grabs your right breast. "we should have some fun with her."
    WL: Stop now
    Let me go
    ZE: "come on dude," " no" they argued amongst each other unaware that the lotus had fallen into your lap
    WL: I gather my last forces and crawl to the flower
    ZE: they do not see as you pick up the flower, the power revitalizing you
    WL: Hello boys
    They look at I am totally recovered from the beating
    ZE: "what?" they look at each other then nervously to you
    WL: I make a fast move and K.O one using a kick and the other with a punch
    That´s the way I like then, ugly and asleep. now I dress my bikini and untie the hostages
    ZE: "WHite Lotus you've got to stop Zaeron El" Yeah he's evil. They asked you to stop Zaeron, and you levitate over them
    WL: I´ll do my best
    bye bye and thank you for your support...
    and sorry for permit you watch that terible scene.
    During my flight: To be honest I don´t know if I will be able to stop that monster, even with my full power he fought me as an equal
    But, I am White Lotus and if someone can stop me this person is me. I increase my speed tying to reach Zaeron El
    ZE: By the time you reach China, I had already found the precious lotus flower origin, and had already begun siphoning the power into my body
    "The power of the Lotus...in my hands..."
    I began to levitate, a trait i was unable to perform before. my eyes glowed white, that soon turned red
    WL: Moments latter I arrive to the cave. This places brings me good memories, but, now I hope that the place where White Lotus arised don´t become the place where the world ends
    I go to inside of the cave. I realize that is everything calm. Zaeron El, where are you?
    I know you are here. Show yourself now.
    ZE: hahahaha. Sounds of a deranged laughter echoed in the cave. "poor poor little lotus. doesn't know she's in her own tomb now." The lotus power is mine White Lotus, and even your own power is no match for mine
    WL: Oh my god
    I am late
    You don´t deserve this power
    ZE: You are wrong. I lunge at you taking your throat in my hands and slamming you into the wall. "you have failed!"
    WL: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I can be late to prevent your steal of the power... but, I am just in time to defeat you and take return the power from where it´s belong
    ZE: No White Lotus
    you are too late. I slammed my knee into your belly and toss you to the ground
    WL: UUUUUUOOOOFFF. Your attack hurts me, but, as I am full power, I recover and stand up fast. I fly and launch a kick to your jaw
    ZE: it hits me square in the face but i simply shrug it off. "you see white lotus? you are nothing compared to the compared strength of Zaeron el and the lotus collection!"
    I throw your leg down and brutally knee you between the legs
    WL: oooooooohhhhh. I Kneel the pain is so much. It hurts, but, I can´t permit him leaves this place with the power
    I stand up and launch a hook
    ZE: The hook knocks me back, but i quickly recover with my new strength. and i deliver a counter attack striking you across the face. sending you through the rock
    I return to you flying and trying a punch
    ZE: I dodge out of the way of your attack, grabbing your cape and slamming you into the ground with all my strength
    From the ground, I try to kick your legs
    ZE: uff i kneel down as your leg strikes my knee
    WL: I breath a little, the fight just begun, but, your attacks and the force that I have to make to cause some damage on you are too much. You... you can´t seize the power. You are a bad person. I can´t permit you that you use this power.
    ZE: I grab you again by the throat while i pummel your breasts, belly and pussy with an endless barrage of punches
    "you can't permit me? you can't stop me!"
    WL: aaaaaah
    ZE: and I WILL Destroy you this time!!
    I kick you in the lower belly
    Your kick was too strong
    makes me salivate
    ZE: no fighting back anymore huh? i guess i've defeated you again. I bring back my foot again and kick your pussy even harder, creating a sickening crunch
    WL: uuuuuuoooohhhh. much saliva drips from my mouth
    ZE: As if caught in some rage, i alternately attack your belly and your pussy as hard as i can with a barrage of kicks as the new lotus power flows through each kick damaging your belly and womanhood.
    ZE: i let you writhe on the ground awhile as saliva pooled around your mouth. "you see, im much more powerful." I give a little spank on your butt
    WL: AI
    I am feeling like a child getting spanked by her mother
    ZE: you were slowly on your feet as I suddenly brought my foot up between your legs, crushing your pussy with the power of my foot
    WL: I feel sick
    And puke a little
    ZE: i smile as you puke and I raise you by the hair and slam my fist into your belly with all my might
    WL: I am even more sick
    this time I puke much more
    my head is down I continue to puke
    I stop to puke and try to take a breath. I put my hands to the wall and raise my head, tying to get some air
    ZE: i look at you in disgust, eww. ok i felt something that wasn't right. the energy it was escaping.
    NOOOOO the power of the white lotus abandoned my body
    WL: as I said you can´t have the power
    ZE: No-n-no I am ZAERON EL I will have this power!
    WL: this power can´t be used by persons as you
    ZE: my skin began to turn red... NOOOOO. the explosion rattled me sending me crashing into the cave. I was knocked out by impact
    WL: I use my flower to recover the power that you stole and return to the source
    ZE: this won't be the last time we meet White lotus!" I take off in an aircraft that disappears into the sky.
    WL: I look to you leaving
    thank god
    he left
    What terrible man?
    I flay away from the cave
    ZE: I sit in the jet, eyes staring in the ground. I punch the seat next to me flattening it. "white lotus will pay for this!!" I said as my eyes grew...red.
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    Great work.
    Waiting for your next RP
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