WeeWillie Dialogues (Slave Bazaar Alpha 8.8 9/22/17, Emegency bug fixes to 8.7)


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Apr 17, 2017
Also, just tried flash 18 instead of 32, same problem. I really feel like it's trying to load something from my old version of Windows and crashing, but I don't know why.
This is my last desperate idea.
Have you allowed flash to save things on your computer? Seems like an extreme reaction from flash to black screen a pc but who knows..

Anyway, this is not really the thread where your problem would be seen by people who know technical details.
I suggest posting a thread explaining your problem and mentioning what you tried on the help forum


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Jan 1, 2019
I had saving disabled accidentaly when I initially tried to play loader with Slave Bazaar the first time. The only thing it did for me was try to constantly save (green save messages in top right corner of screen "SAVING BAZAAR.sol") and wouldn't start the game. If it's crashing I'd be thinking disabling Hardware acceleration in Flash. Also disable flash's ability to use your camera if it isn't already. Maybe lower the quality and see if it lasts any longer? Is Flash player allowed to access your microphone? Soundcard drivers? Disable the Strand Shaders in SDT (I find this improves my framerate dramatically) W warply Good luck

EDIT: Make sure the slave bazaar install is in it's own clean install directory, not installed with any other mods or vanilla installs.
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