Total Annihilation: A Zako Tale


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Nov 10, 2016
1. Green Eyes

"Three girls. There are three girls in the guard station." the girl with the ear-length brown hair was surprisingly coherent, surprisingly to the point for someone who was handcuffed to a rusty pipe in her underwear, her arms stretched out above her head, tightened all her muscles and her abdomen. I pointed my taser-rod at her again and she flinched, involuntarily, turning her head and squinting and bracing herself for the damage. "Please." she said, just as involuntarily. She looked back once she saw that I hadn't tased her and tried to hide the fear in her big, green eyes.
This girl, Green-Eyes, I'll call her, was my first hostage. Though she was a half naked, frightened woman, she still had the Red-Eagle claw tattooed on her chest. The Red-Eagles were out to commit mass genocide, and had succeeded in several small towns. They were no better than Nazis. It was my duty to kill every single bird in this facility, but I couldn't do that without information, so I would let Green-Eyes live, for now.
I hadn't even beaten her up too badly, just a few scrapes and one or two zaps with the taser before she'd submitted to being stripped and restrained. Her skin was white, almost unusually white, so those few hits I'd given her showed as thick red lines across her belly.
"Armed?" I asked.
She nodded, "With knives mostly. Just standard equipment."
"Right." I nodded at her, "Just standard." I headed for the door. "I'll go do my thing, and you just . . . hang around." Green-Eyes didn't laugh at my pun.


I found the first of the three quickly, patrolling the hall, wearing a gas-mask like it was a fashion accessory, her hair tied in a long dirty blonde ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of daisy-dukes and a green, long-sleeve crop-top. I sawed her knife sheathed at her exposed hip. I decided it would be a better fight if I didn't use my gun, so I silently drew my bowie-knife and rolled in behind her. I made enough noise to let her know I was there, because I was a fighter, not a cold blooded assassin.
She drew her knife quickly when she saw me, and when I took a swing at her chest, she waddled out of the way.
"She's not wearing a bra." I thought. But I didn't have much time to think, because she came in after me, driving full on, and I went to cut her on the wrist but she pulled her arm back fast.
I spun and drove in with my body. Girl wasn't ready for that. My shoulder pounded into her throat and we rolled over each other. Soon she was pinned under me, squirming. I couldn't resist the urge to grasp her left breast. It was soft. I liked it.
I held her down with that hand and stuck my knife in her right breast, burying it to the handle in flesh. She hadn't made a sound before, but now she moaned, an agonized, muffled moan. I grabbed her ponytail and slammed her head on the hard metal floor.
Next I stood up and dragged her by the hair to the wall. Wordlessly, I pulled her arms up and, using her own knife, I slit the girl's wrists.
I took my knife back out of her chest and went on my way, leaving her squirming and bleeding out.

One down, three to go.


The next girl I heard talking on the phone two rooms over.
"No, we have this fort covered. We don't need your reinforcements. What, you think just because we are a bunch of girls we need big strong men to protect us? I don't think so. You can just suck my female cock!" she hung up. She had a nasally voice that I found irritating. This girl was wearing a long skirt and a black tube top that left her whole upper body mostly visible. Her hair was dyed pink, and she had glasses on. I stood at the wall outside the door and considered shooting her in the head here and now, but once again I thought a challenge might be better, so I stepped into the doorway. She had a pretty face, at the very least, a natural kind of beauty, no makeup, and blue eyes with long lashes. Her moment of surprise was a bit long, and I got really close before she pulled out her weapon, a revolver.
That was unexpected, but I decided to roll with it. I rolled over and under a nearby table, which I flung at her. She fired a round at it, but I ran in under its cover. She screamed when she saw me up-close, right in front of her, and I cut a slit of flesh just bellow her belly-button. She screamed "Fuck!" and fell back, tears in her eyes.
I slugged her in the side of the head and she dropped her gun and lost her glasses, then I took her by her tube-top, my finger going between the fiber and her warm flesh, holding her up by it.
She squirmed and tried to escape, but to no effect.
"I surrender." she sobbed, "Please, I surrender."
I pressed my knife to her throat, then lifted her chin so she had to look into my eyes, "Tell me, how many have you and your girls killed?"
Her eyes watered, "What? I don't know, I . . ." I pressed my knife against her skin and she gasped, "Okay, like ten . . . thirty . . . I don't know. Not that many."
I put my mouth to her ear, "Then thirty times is how many times I'll make you beg for death." then I spun her around into a full nelson hold, and I used my knife to cut her tube top open from the back. Her breasts, surprisingly supple when they weren't being pressed in by her top, fell free. I used the torn top to tie her hands together behind her back, tying tightly at the the wrists. She begged and complained until I jabbed my knife into her ribs, then she fell silent. Next I pulled off her skirt, revealing her tight panties, which had sunflowers on them. I fashioned the skirt into a hangman's knot and hung it up on a motionless ceiling-fan. I pushed the table from earlier under the fan.
"Now, I'm going to watch you dance." I said, and she turned blue in the face.

Suddenly I heard a bang and looked to the doorway. We had a visitor. I didn't have a chance to figure out who it was before bullets started flying, rapid-fire. I took the topless pink haired girls and used her as a meat shield. She screamed as bullets riddled her defenseless, exposed body, a shrill, terrified cry. She swung around like a rag doll, throwing her breasts and hips back and forth. I tossed her aside, rolled over and took her revolver, then I rolled forward, barrel first.

In the moment of that roll, I glanced back over at Pinky. She was sprawled out on the ground, her legs wide open, a puddle of blood and urine beneath her. There were two wounds in her thighs, three holes in her belly, one in between her breasts, and one in her left breast, straight through the Red-Eagle tattoo. This was not how I wanted to kill the girl, but it was good enough.


The last girl, who I found pointing her barrel at my barrel, was a bit stockier than the others. She wasn't heavy, but she was not athletic either. She had some flab, and I could sea it. She was wearing a short skirt with tall socks and boots. Her top was rolled up button up, tied together in the middle, exposing her belly, arms and shoulders, along with substantial cleavage. There was a locket on her neck. She had large brown eyes, a sharp nose and hair dyed blue, tied into two pig-tails.
I aimed for her heart and pulled the trigger.
She escaped, shifting her weight to the side of the room, and she might have shot me down, but she caught site of her dead friend. "Cynthia?" she squawked, then I took aim and shot her in the leg. She dropped her gun and fell back and I jumped in, shooting her other kneecap out.
Then when I got in close, I covered her mouth and wailed on her gut, pounding away seven times into her soft stomach. One after another in her cushioned gut. I pulled back and let her fall to a kneel. She puked up blood and spit.
Once she was kneeling in front of me, I pressed my gun to her head. She looked up at me, pleadingly, and I pulled the trigger.
And with that, three out of four where dead.


Green-Eyes was unconscious when I got back. Whether she had passed out or she was napping I couldn't tell, but her head was down on her chest. I woke her up quickly by tazing her between the legs.
"No!" she cried out.
But I didn't listen. Pee stained her white panties as she looked up at me, her facade broken. She struggled and stretched her muscles, but there was no escaping her punishment. I took my knife and slit her throat.

Now every one of them was annihilated.

. . .
Or so I thought.
I heard chatter in the entryway, and ducked between a bunch of pipes.
I couldn't make out the words that were being said, but they sounded carefree. I glanced around the corner and saw a beach towel. She looked younger than the others, and from here I couldn't see her tattoo. I readied my trusty knife for another kill.

To Be Continued

Should this new girl be killed? If not, what should our hero do?
I will take good suggestions under consideration.
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2. Beach Day

The Red Eagles started as a white supremacist group in the American South. They committed hate crimes, attacked minorities and dealt in drugs and weapons. Something about their hateful passion resonated with certain old group in Europe too, and in no time at all, it was an international terror movement. Most of the members where men, but here in the good old US of A a special cell of female terrorists had gained traction. This group called themselves, "The Harpies"
This was my first time tangling with them, but I did not intend to pull my punches just because I was fighting Nazi girls instead of Nazi boys.

She had black hair, straight bangs, and she wore a midnight blue, one piece swimsuit. She looked young, no older than 19 for sure. She was short, and her limbs were thin. It was an easy thing to sneak up on this young Bambi. I got behind her, tore her beach towel from her hands, and slung it over her mouth.
She struggled weakly for a moment, then gave up. I took the towel off her mouth. I felt the shaking in her hips, pressed against mine.
"Mister, please . . . don't . . ."
In any other situation I would have said she had a cute voice. Here I was just say, pathetic.
"Who are you, what are you doing here?"
"I . . . new recruits. Coming back from a training exercise at the lake." She saw Green-Eye's bloody white corpse hanging from the pipes and she turned white herself.
"Oh, my God."
I couldn't see whether she had the tattoo, so on impulse I was hesitant to kill. She perhaps she wasn't even sworn in yet. "How many?"
"Four . . . don't hurt me."
"What's your name?"
I pressed my forearm to her windpipe, then I squeezed until her limbs went numb and she passed out. I dropped her small body gently on the floor. She wasn't dead. Perhaps I could bring her in to my superiors later and they would decide what to do with her, but right now I had more pressing problems. I heard the sound of voices just outside the entrance. I braced myself for combat.


I had a tough time deciding how much I should challenge myself this time around. There were four now, all in one place, so I allowed myself the use of my gun. I peaked out the nearest window and saw four girls in various swimsuits, carrying towels and also weapons.
Most of their bodies where exposed, and I only saw the tattoo on one. This girl looked to be in her mid twenties. She had long, thick, yellow blonde hair with red tips that went all the way down her back like a cape. She was in a white bikini, and the red eagles was tattoos across her tight, muscular abdomen. She had two swords sheathed at her waist.

I took aim and fired. My shot rang out loud and the other three scampered around. My shot hit Blondie between the shoulder and the breast. Blood oozed out. She groaned, and then she dropped her towel and dashed off into the distance. "Oh no you don't." I knew I couldn't let her escape or she'd warn the rest of the harpies of my presence, and there was no telling how fierce their revenge would be.
I jumped through the window, sending glass everywhere, to hunt her down, but the other three where in my way now, and would have to be eliminated.


The first girl in front of me was in a golden triangle top bathing suit and boy shorts. She had curly red hair and earings. She was flailing around in a panic, trying to reach for the knife she had on her belt. I took it first, plunged it into her thigh, and swept her legs out from under her. Once she was down, I kicked her in the chest with my steel toed boot, *Ooof!* she groaned in a masculine voice, and she fell motionless.

The second girl was in a bikini with floral patterns. Her brown hair was still wet, dangling all over her face, and she had a belly button piercing. She got to her knife quickly, so I broke her arm and pinned it against her back. She screamed.
Feeling the adrenaline, I yanked at her piercing and she bled and cried out. I put her in a choke hold and squeezed, then, as she began to fall limp, I snapped her neck *craaaaack*. The girl fell dead to the ground.

The third and smallest girl had two knives. She was in a black string-bikini and a thong, and her dark hair was in a side ponytail. I faced her down, holding my own knife. We had a stand off.

I saw the red-head starting to move out of the corner of my eye, and I pointed my gun at her and shot her twice, once in the heart and once in the head, killing her quickly.
The other girl saw this as an opening and rushed in. I spun around behind her and whipped her ass with a rolled up towel. She yelped in a high voice.
She turned around just in time to take a full on punch to the face, break her nose.
She tumbled back into the broken window, cutting herself on the glass and leaning in through the opening. It seemed she had hurt her back and couldn't get up.
"Please, please, please! I don't want to die." The girl in the string bikini begged.
I moved in, "Too bad we don't always get what we want." I put one boot on her hip, and the other on her chest, then I jumped, breaking her back on in the open window.
She moaned and I plunged a piece of broken glass into her solar-plexus, making sure she would die.
Once all three were dead, I dashed after the survivor.


I was down at the lake before I heard her breathing. It was perfect beach weather, I realized. Too bad the day had to end in a bloodbath for everyone.
"Come out and drop your weapons." I said, "I know you can't fight with that injury."
She did come out, but she came from behind, swinging both her katanas.
She caught me off guard and cut my shoulder with once, but the other missed.
I growled.
"Bastard." she shouted, hoarsely.
"Bitch." I said back, holding my wound.
She took another swing, and I knew I wouldn't win by playing defensive. I ducked under the swords and jabbed my finger into her wound. She screamed and dropped her left sword, which I took.
I was now close in and I had a sword. I was faster than her, and I cut her shoulder, causing her to dropped her other sword.
She put her hands up and stepped back, still cursing me, but we both knew how this would end.

I cut fast, three cuts on her belly, two across her chest at the nipples, ruining her breasts and making her bikini fall in tatters. I went wild after that, cutting up her whole front side with cut after cut after cut, abs, chest, ribs, and I left nothing but shreds of the red belly tattoo. She was dead long before she hit the ground, and as she fell I went for the neck, severing her head from her body.
"Maybe I am a bastard." I said. I took her katanas to keep, but left her severed head in the sand, still looking shocked, then went back to the base.

When I got there, I found three bodies waiting for me, but the fourth, the one I had let live, was gone. That was a mistake, and it would come back to bite me.

In fact, on my way back, I got a call on my cellphone.
"Hey, handsome. You should hurry on home. Someone knows where your family lives."
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1. Bella Heart
Age: 23
Rank: Private
Wore a gas mask over her face because she was shy. Bella was a trained martial artist, but had terrible social anxiety.
Killed: Blood loss from a cut on the wrist.

2. Cynthia Barton (A.K.A "Pinkie")
Age: 24
Rank: Coodinator
Cynthia was known for her snappy temper, her trash talk, and her pink hair. She mostly worked answering phones. She ran the base while the boss was away. She had a deathly existential fear of her own mortality.
Killed: Multiple bullet wounds in the chest, gut and crotch,

3. Sue Sullivan
Age: 20
Rank: Private
Sue died her hair blue at the behest of her friend, Cynthia, who also prompted her to join the Harpies. She had a hobby for collecting stuffed animals. She gained recognition among her friends for her wild, gun-berserk combat tactics. She just started going to the gym to lose those extra pounds a week ago.
Killed: Bullet to the head.

4. Shelly Walters (A.K.A Green-Eyes)
Age: 26
Rank: Private
Shelly joined the Harpies to save up money for her masters in bio chemistry. She preferred clerical work. She has been caught making out with Cynthia.
Killed: Slit throat.

Also, question: Is it against forum rules or etiquette to keep posting segments of fiction one after another without responses? If so I can stop sharing.
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For an ongoing story, feel free to keep posting segments one after another.
Very respectfully,
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3. The Assault Begins

She had red hair, tied in a side tail. She had youthful, girlish features, but a natural resting bitch-face. I had my silencer pistil pointed at her forehead. This twerp, presumably the lookout of the team sent to kill my children an ex wife, had been clumsy. I heard her and saw her before she heard or saw me. It would be safest to snuff her right now, with one pull of my trigger, but better in the long run to get information. I looked her over. She was thin, 5'7, wearing wristbands of various colors. She had a red T-shirt on, tied up on the left side to show her hips and the bottom half of her belly, just below the naval. There was a confederate flag on her shirt. She was wearing black booty shorts and dark, green army boots. She clomped with each step.

I shot her in the left thigh *Pump* and then ran over to cover her mouth from behind before she could cry out.
The girl folded like a cardboard box and I caught her whole weight in my arms and against my chest. I felt her labored breathing. I waited a minute for her to calm down, blood running from the big hole in her thigh into the grass.
"Tell me who all is here and I'll let you live." I said.
I waited for her to nod, which she did, then pulled my hand away.
"There's Becky, Maria, and Tanya . . . and I'm-"

"I don't care about their names. Where are they positioned?"
"Two are over by the edge of the hill, next to the rose bush . . . Becky is wandering the trees by the north-side . . . please mister, I'm nothing, they didn't even give me a gun." she was on the verge of blubbering.
"Pity," I said, uncaring. I grasped at her chest. The girl was wearing no bra, I felt around her chest. “No. Wait!” Then plunged my knife into the space just below her chest. This was the vital space for an instant, silent kill. She flopped to the ground dead. My pity was an instant death, the others who threatened my family would not receive such pity.


I only saw one enemy when I got to the hill by the rose bush. I kicked myself for not shaking Red Shirt up more, but Red Shirt was a fresh corpse now, so there was no use beating myself up. The girl I saw had black hair, dark eye-shadow, and a . . . very distinctive outfit. She had a transparent stocking over her whole body below the neck, and underneath that nothing but black bikini style underwear. I could see several tattoos on her body, among them a swastika and the red eagle, on her solar-plexus. She was . . . curvy.

She also had a rifle, poised and pointed at my ex-wife's house down below. Seeing her distracted, I charged in with my knife, ready to fucking disembowel her. A shot fired! I leaped back and followed it's trail the the nearby bushes.


There was another Harpy in the bushes. I should have suspected.

The woman in black saw me and yelped.

I acted fast. Turning toward the bushes, I saw the glint of a silver gun and I shot. I heard a snap and some rustling. I had hit the second gunner. The girl in black fumbled in her utility belt (hung low at her hips) but I shot the ground a foot in front of her and she put her hands up in shock, then I ran in.

I punched her in the belly first, and heard a snap as my fist sunk in to her gut, then I punched her twice in the face, blacking her eye and breaking her nose. She fell to her knees, shivering, but I lifted her up to punch her six more times in the gut.

I never planned this. My body acted on its own, my rage charging down my arms and into my fists, which I continually beat her with. Broke her face on my knee more times than I could count. I smashed her ribs, and beat her body until she was half dead.

After three minutes of that I dropped her to the ground, where she lay quivering and drooling.

“On your feet!” I said, but she only moaned in answer.

I undid her belt, lifted her up by the shoulders, and buckled the belt tightly around her neck. I watched her as she gasped, her face slowly turned blue, and her bowls emptied in the grass. She kicked and struggled weakly for a minute, then she died. Two Harpies dead, one and a half to go.


I expected to find the next one lying in the bushes, but when I got there she was nowhere to be seen. I heard a shout and turned just in time to catch the wounded bird launch herself at me, a knife in each hand. She managed to scrape me as I swerved aside, but not deep. She had a bullet wound in chest though, so I knew it was only a matter of time before she'd be dead.
At first I couldn't tell what she looked like in the dark of the trees, but soon moonlight showed itself and I can make out her form. She was dressed in a black ninja suit, form fitting, and she had a sleek, athletic build. There was a wide open slit going from her neck to just above her naval, showing substantial cleavage, and I saw her tattoo just above her gaping wound. Her skin was a dark olive color. She had a ninja mask over her mouth and her brown hair was tied in a tight bun.
I kept on dodging her swings, falling backward and watching the blood pour out from her wound. She was frantic in her assaults, knowing her time was short, and soon she slowed down, panting and coughing, then I made my move. Like lightning I plunged another dagger into her other breast, not deep, but enough to make her scream, then I swept her wobbling legs out and dropped her in the dirt. She squirmed for a moment, spraying blood like a hose, but not long. I took a big rock in my hands. She raised her hands in front of her face. I slammed the rock down hard, smashing her skull and ending her suffering.

Next I just had to find Becky and make sure I sent a clear message, don't mess with me.


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Oooh, really liked these. Like a lot! Can't believe I missed them till now.

And funnily enough it's almost exactly what I RP 99% of the time. I often use a group of pathetic wannabe white supremacists named HARPIES who get easily defeated by superior agents easily.


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Oooh, really liked these. Like a lot! Can't believe I missed them till now.

And funnily enough it's almost exactly what I RP 99% of the time. I often use a group of pathetic wannabe white supremacists named HARPIES who get easily defeated by superior agents easily.
Oh wow! That's crazy! Well I'll just have to update more frequently!


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5. Elain (Lainy) McFeely
Age: 18
Rank: Recruit
She wanted to be a hip-hop backup dancer, but she sucked at dancing. She felt like she couldn't fit in anywhere, and ended up becoming a HARPIE. The other girls made fun of her northern Ireland accent.
Killed: Gunshot to the chest and head.

6. Nelly Harper
Age: 20
Rank: Recruit
Got into drugs when she was 15. She need extra cash to fuel her habit. Liked being the center of attention.
Killed: Neck snapped.

7. Anna Jackman
Age: 20
Rank: Recruit
She had a huge crush on a member of the Red Eagles and joined the HARPIES to impress him. hated violence, even in movies.
Killed: Back broken. Stabbed in the belly with sharp glass.

8. Keilee (Blondie) Schultz
Age: 26
Rank: Major
Keilee trained in RTS and did a year abroad in japan, where she learned the art of the blade. She also learned that she hated people of other races and cultures to an excruciating degree. She had a drinking problem.
Killed: Her chest and abdomen where cut to ribbons. Technically died of blood loss.


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If I were to recommend something: I do enjoy the more sympathetic zako, but can we get a few more of the less sympathetic bitches where it's just really cathartic to see them get what's coming to them? Because I love the mix of them for sure. :smile::smile::smile:


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Small update just to get us going again.

4. The Scent of Blood

She didn't say anything. I didn't ask anything either, yet. It didn't take a genius spy to realize she was nervous. Her legs were splayed out, open in front of the front tier of my car. She was sweating, even though it was a chilly night and she was half naked. Becky's tattoo was smaller than the others so far, but very easy to see. It was just below her belly button, a small red bird painted in ink, and it meant she deserved death. I watched the bird flutter around as she squirmed.

I sat there and regained my breath for a bit and let Becky get used to the situation. I'd killed three people in the past hour, three women. I didn't feel proud of that. Over the past three days I had wasted eleven altogether. This wasn't how I expected my life to go, however, this was justice. If good people were to live without fear, the bad would have to perish, one way or another. Sometimes bad people looked like scared girls and it didn't make them any less bad. Sometimes bad people wore daisy-duke shorts, a crop top that left their whole long, slender mid-section out in the open, wore a tie like some punch rocker from the early 2000s, had scared, big blue eyes and blonde pigtails like a sailormoon cosplayer, like Becky here. Sometimes bad people who didn't look so bad died in horrible ways, chained to my car. It didn't matter how they died as long as they did it and stopped threatening me and my loved ones.

The bloodrage was out of my system. I felt kind of weird and dirty now. I would slaughter this girl, but I wouldn't feel nice about it.

"Okay, Becky. I just want to know where Karie is." I said, calmly.
Becky didn't say a word.
"You are expecting the others to save you, right?" I said, "Not likely." I listed them off on my fingers, "Tanya was shot, then I smashed her skull with a rock." I said, "Maria, beaten and choked, as dead as dead can be. The other girl . . . I don't know her name. She had a belly shirt, red, and I shanked her."
Her thin lips quivered. "Are . . . are you going to kill me too?"
"Nah." I said, "Not if you don't put up a fight."
She stopped to consider. While she did I lifted her up by the bare hips, raised her, and slammed her head against the head of my car. I lifted her head up and her nose was broken, her lip bloody. She moaned and bleed.
"Karie." I repeated, emotionless.
"She's at a club with some of the other girls!" She blubbered, "What was it called?"
I slammed her face again. Her knees buckled. Blood ran down her face and across her stomach.
"Why?! I was answering you!"
"I want you to answer faster." I said.
"She was at . . . she's at . . . Oh, God, please!" I bashed her face again. She choked on her own sobs. "The grey . . . no the Silver Dragon! Down in Midtown!" Becky coughed.
"Got it."
I gave her a moment to feel sorry for herself and cry, hunched over, a creature of mostly skin and bones, weak and small in a hard world. She really let the waterworks go. I gave her that moment, then I swept her legs out from under her. She felt back to the dirt road. Chained to my car, her legs open in front of my front tire.
I got in the car and turned on the ignition. I closed the windows so I didn't hear any cries or screams.
I put my foot on the gas.
I floored it.
I heard only a tiny *Pop* as the HARPY was destroyed.

I would need to arm myself before this confrontation, I thought. I liked ahead to the city skyline and dialed a number on my phone, the number of my old partner.


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5. Lily Armstrong (Red Shirt)
Age: 21
Rank: Private
Had a blooming career as a youtube personality. Accidentally used the N word on a live stream. She was a virgin.
Killed: Knife directly to the heart.

6. Maria Jackman
Age: 24
Rank: Private
Aspiring cosplayer, she was booted from a major competition when it was discovered she was sleeping with all the judges, and that she was a nazi.
Killed: Strangled to death with her own belt after being savagely beaten.

7. Tanya Saint
Age: 20
Rank: Private
She was trained by her father to use a gun and use it well. Used to get herself off to pictures of guns.
Killed: Internal and external bleeding due to bullet wounds and head trauma.
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