The Death of a Thick Girl


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This is Amanda, she works as an office worker in new York. Amanda is a very poised and proper girl. She can be very quiet and she has a proudness to her. But deep in side she is very ashamed of her weight and appetite. She can't help herself, when it comes to food she is a big hog. she tries to draw attention from her big wagon butt and pot belly but amanda isnt very smart when it comes to stuff like that.

dead woman.png

poor Amanda, she went down the wrong ally trying to make the donut shop before it closed and met with a stray bullet from a 45 to her once beautiful face. her jaw is gone as is the rest of the right side of her face. all that is left is her big fat out of shape body. now all of her meat and fat is exposed for all the world to see. showing how weak and lazy she really was.


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I love her dead blown off face, and soft squishy bits.

Now it's time to plow that dead fat ass of hers. :smile::smile: