SyntaxTerror's Backgrounds (16/9 precum flashing implemented + new ones)

What is important for you in the backgrounds you use? (several answers possible)

  • See the background changing when zoomed

    Votes: 47 21.5%
  • Good proportions and perspective

    Votes: 126 57.5%
  • Anime style matching SDT's

    Votes: 111 50.7%
  • Style that matches the character used (i.e. Futurama style for Futurama's chars)

    Votes: 66 30.1%
  • Realistic style (e.g. a photograph)

    Votes: 19 8.7%
  • Be alone in the scene

    Votes: 56 25.6%
  • Have other people passing by or watching

    Votes: 59 26.9%
  • Be animated

    Votes: 63 28.8%
  • I do not care, I just stare at the girl's boobs/hips and the semen on her body

    Votes: 17 7.8%

  • Total voters


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Jul 24, 2014
Thanks to sby's coding skills, my HD backgrounds now feature a precum flashing that covers the whole screen.
I updated all my 16/9 backgrounds (HD & XL), except Island 01 and Island Group Sex, because I wasn't able to find back their FLAs... I'll try to extract them from the SWF files and see what i can do. [DONE]
sby also made a new Loader mod that extends the precum flashing to the whole screen: whiteflashxl (but you won't need it for my 16/9 backgrounds as its code is already implemented in the SWFs).

I am planning to make more 16/9 mods: simple "HD" ones but also "XL" and animated ones.
I'll also update soon my SWF background tutorial (an FLA template for 16/9 backgrounds is already available there).
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Jul 24, 2014
Added HD backgrounds:

Bedroom 04 (a & b) — Bedroom 05.0
HD Background - Bedroom 05.0.jpg

Livingroom 01Bar 02

Livingroom 02
02.a.1 — 02.a.2 — 02.a.3
HD Background - Livingroom 02.a.1.jpg HD Background - Livingroom 02.a.2.jpg HD Background - Livingroom 02.a.3.jpg

02.b.1 — 02.b.2 — 02.b.3
HD Background - Livingroom 02.b.1.jpg HD Background - Livingroom 02.b.2.jpg HD Background - Livingroom 02.b.3.jpg

Also added HD animated backgrounds:

Also added new XL backgrounds:

Also added a raining scene in an existing XL background:

Along with three standalone HD animated backgrounds of the same scene (available in the RAR archive on the same ressource page):

01.c.1 — 01.c.2 — 01.c.3
HD Animated Background - Bedroom 01.c.1.jpg HD Animated Background - Bedroom 01.c.2.jpg HD Animated Background - Bedroom 01.c.3.jpg
By the way, I decided to stop adding standalone versions of my XL backgrounds, because it is really too much work and time. I think I'd better make more different backgrounds than releasing edited versions of existing ones.
If I release an animated background, I'll still provide a "static" version showing the same scene without characters.
I may change my idea if you give me good reasons to do so.

More HD backgrounds are on the way!
Tell me what kind os scenes you'd prefer and I'll see what I can do.
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