SyntaxTerror's Backgrounds (16/9 precum flashing implemented + new ones) (1 Viewer)

What is important for you in the backgrounds you use? (several answers possible)

  • See the background changing when zoomed

    Votes: 52 23.1%
  • Good proportions and perspective

    Votes: 125 55.6%
  • Anime style matching SDT's

    Votes: 113 50.2%
  • Style that matches the character used (i.e. Futurama style for Futurama's chars)

    Votes: 67 29.8%
  • Realistic style (e.g. a photograph)

    Votes: 22 9.8%
  • Be alone in the scene

    Votes: 63 28.0%
  • Have other people passing by or watching

    Votes: 58 25.8%
  • Be animated

    Votes: 61 27.1%
  • I do not care, I just stare at the girl's boobs/hips and the semen on her body

    Votes: 21 9.3%

  • Total voters


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Jul 24, 2014
Welcome to my background thread!

All my backgrounds are listed here.
Each static (PNG) background is sized 700x825 pixels, some animated and 16/9 (SWF) backgrounds may have different heights and widths. All have been cropped and resized to give a realistic perspective. Unfortunately, the resizing make some of them look quite blurry, and some may also seem to have strange proportions.

My Static Background Tutorial will show you how to make a realistic static PNG background in less than one minute.
My Animated Background Tutorial will show you how to make an animated SWF background (but not in less than one minute :tongue:).

The backgrounds are categorised into separate posts for an easy search:
Note on background numbering : backgrounds of the same theme have numbers (eg. "Bedroom 04"), but there is different kinds of backgrounds, and the same number for the same theme may not represent the same image (eg. static PNG "Background - Bedroom 04" may not be the same as "Animated Background - Bedroom 04" or "HD Background - Bedroom 04").
Anyhow, numbers are shared in the 16/9 backgrounds (eg. "HD Background - Bedroom 04", "2XL Background - Bedroom 04", HD Animated Background - Bedroom 04", etc. feature the same bedroom, possibly with different points of view).
Each background or entire folders are also downloadable from
Please keep in mind that I did all these backgrounds, but not the images.
This means that I selected, cropped and resized images, or decompiled SWFs that were made by others.
Some original works may have licenses that do not legally allow to reuse them commercially (or even not at all).
I consider these backgrounds are a fair use of the original artworks and can be used and reused by anyone, but remember that I am not the author nor the copyright owner of these images, so I cannot allow their commercial use for example.

If you are the author or the copyright holder of one or several of the artworks used, and do not want them to be used as SDT backgrounds, or want to be credited for your work, please contact me.

To download:
Click on the background,
right click the full size image in the new tab,
choose Save picture as.
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Jul 24, 2014

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