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Jul 24, 2014

This message is mainly aimed at modders, but anyone that knows the game and this forum well can also give their opinion.

So... I just copy/paste a PM I made to d£t d£t :
SyntaxTerror said:
For a long time I find that SDT ressources are a bit of a mess, as tags are underused, and as each modder is making (or not) his own thread presenting his mods, in multiple manners, it is quite difficult to find older mods, even if they are very good.

Also, there are 26 sub-categories for several subjects (eg. visual novels, fanfiction, videos, etc.) that gather around 200 ressources, and only one for SDT with nearly 6000 ressources...

I propose (if it is possible), to create sub-categories for SDT. The exact list has to be decided with other modders and users, but here is my first draft:

  • Hair
    • Static hair
    • Dynamic hair
    • RGB adjustable hair
  • "Her" mods
    • Costumes
    • Accessories and piercings
    • Body mods
    • Tattoos
  • "Him" mods
    • Head
    • Costume and body
    • Penis
  • Backgrounds
    • 7:6 Static backgrounds (ie. classic 700×825 PNG or JPG backgrounds)
    • 7:6 Animated backgrounds
    • 16:9 Static backgrounds
    • 16:9 Animated backgrounds
  • Animtools positions
  • Dialogues
  • Loader mods (scripts?) (eg. sby's moreclothing)
  • Modding tools (eg. templates)
  • Various (for things that doesn't fit in other categories, or waiting to be put in a category)
Note that it is not based on the number of ressources (static hair mods certainly represent more than 2/3 of the total), but more on their caracteristics and use.

I could do most of the organizing work, but I don't really know how your website works.
For exemple, I could categorise the resources using their I.D. numbers, and you would do the extra coding work.

Tell me your thoughts.

I'd want you to review the categories I propose and tell me if you would think that other ones could be added.
Keep in mind that they most not be too numerous, that mods have to be in only one of them, and that they have to have a very clear content (eg. it is not desirable to have hair sorted by colours, because there will be colour sub-categories in Static AND Dynamic categories, and also, some will say that some hairs are blue, while some will believe they're black, etc. Tags are here for that purpose, if you find that there are not enough tags, feel free to add them, anyone can).
Keep also in mind that it will change nothing if you want to see all the new mods regardless of their sub-category: by default, all the ressources are shown on the Ressource Manager.

Thank your for your answers.
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Jun 8, 2020
This is a great idea. As a newbie I've found resources quite hard to find.
I would suggest adding categories for the loader mods section as most mods I've found can fit into one of the categories I have set up for my $INIT$ folder. These are all of those categories with some examples:

  • AddOns:
    • animtools
    • more clothing
    • more moods
  • Her behaviour changes:
    • auto close eye
    • breath based arms
    • deepthroat actions
  • Him behaviour changes:
    • Expand Dong
    • Him Not Let Go
    • aim penis
  • Her visual changes:
    • Any Size her
    • throat cum bulge
    • breast firmness
  • him visual changes:
    • penis range
    • him sizer
  • Colour Edit (Yes, i spell "colour" the right way):
    • all Alpha Sliders
    • Auto hue reg
  • Dialouge:
    • More triggers
    • SDT Dialouge Actions
  • Patches:
    • anything with "patch" in the name
  • UI:
    • All the counters
    • menu alpha toggle (I keep reading this as "menual phat toggle")
    • dialouge display edit (could also go in "Dialogue")

Since we already have seperate sections for the vanilla and loader imports I think we should keep that seperation and rearange your categories. Also I've added way more sub-categories mostly based off of the SDTmod template and my personal loader mod categories above.

  • Vanilla Imports
    • "Her" Imports
      • Hair
        • Static hair
        • Dynamic hair
        • RGB adjustable hair
      • Body mods
        • tattoos & skin changes
        • body extensions (like tails and stuff)
      • Costumes
        • Accessories
          • collar
          • eyewear
          • gag
          • headwear
        • Clothes
          • bottoms
          • footwear
          • top
        • piercings
          • belly
          • ear
          • nipple
          • tounge
    • "Him" Imports
      • whatever "him" imports there are, IDK
  • Loader Imports
    • Add-ons
    • Her behaviour changes
    • Him behaviour changes
    • Her visual changes
    • Him visual changes
    • Colour Edit
    • Animtools positions
      • blowjob
      • doggy
      • missionary
      • etc.
    • Dialouges
    • Colour Edit
    • UI
    • Patches
    • Modding tools
I know this is alot but the sub-categories can be cut back

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Aug 30, 2012
I find it critical to sort my own hair files by length and colour. I have three categories for length and each natural colour one one for unnatural dyes.



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Jul 24, 2014
Thank you for you answers, Deleted member 243467 Deleted member 243467 and The Hacker Known As Snow The Hacker Known As Snow , but I keep on thinking that too many categories will be counter-productive.
It is not necessary to make so many categories for Loader scripts (eg. animtools or moreclothing) because they are not that numerous. Most have been made by sby, ModGuy and stuntcock, and their total barely reaches a hundred I think: it makes four or five pages in the Ressource Manager. There is no point to make categories containing one or two items.
Same for costume or hair mods, classifying them too finely doesn't bring any advantage in my opinion. When a user is looking for a hairstyle, I think he prefers to see everything rather than looking only in the category of "light chestnut mid-length hair" (not to mention that colour and lenght appreciation depends of everyone's point of view). That's what the tags are for if he wants to do a more specific search. As said above, tagging a mod is available to everyone.
Also, you have to think about modders and moderators, because many modders are a bit lazy and don't even take the time to clearly name their mod or put tags (and often there isn't even a sample image). I don't think they'll bother looking for the right category to put their mod in if there are too many of them, and then it will be the job of the moderators to put them in order after them.

Wanting to make a very elaborate classification may seem desirable, but like everywhere, for things to work properly, they have to be designed to be "idiot-proof".
I was more looking for categories I may have forgotten or naming them more clearly, not starting all over again.
Anyway, classification may be slightly different when it is finished compared to the original plans.
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Jul 24, 2014
Yea, and what about ponytails, buns, punk hair?
X will say it's short cos it doesn't reach the shoulders.
Y will say it's long, take a measuring tape out of his pocket and start to measure each hair from its base to its end.
Z will say there should be categories for ponytails, buns and punk hair.

What about that girl with blue hair?
X will say it's blue, cos it's blue.
Y will say it's black in fact, cos black hair are often represented with blue drawings.
Z will say it's green, cos he feels it's green and you should respect his feelings, you monster!

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Apr 17, 2018
I like most of the original list that you propose, and I think a lot of things that can be said is more a matter of perspective, but I would suggest that, in case of doubt, use the option closest to what the vanilla UI of the game provides.

-Hair Section-
The options in the "Hair" section seem more like tags to me. Plus, some dynamic hairs do have the option to change the color.
Since you want it to be easy for new people, perhaps it would be better to have them like "Standard/Normal Hairs" (the ones that are .png images and can be loaded using the Hair button in the menu) and "Advanced Hairs" (the ones that are actually mods).

-Her Section-
Personally, I think the line between Costumes and Accessories feels a bit blurry.
BUT, the game has the options for Clothing, Accessories, and Piercings. I would use those. Body mods seems correct. Tattoos could be "Tans & Tattoos", I guess. And an "Others" category could also be very nice.

-Him Section-
For the sake of completion I would like to say to "Head, Body, Penis, and Clothing", but I don't know if there's enough variety to have "body" and "clothing" as different categories.

-Backgrounds Section-
On the one hand it looks nice and tidy, on the other had I have the same complaint as in the hair section ("Standard/Normal Backgrounds" for images, "Advanced Backgrounds" for anything else) since the aspect ratio could be a tag.

The rest are good.

Maybe one category for "Helpers" could be added too. I'm pretty sure internally those are "her" mods, but people that look for them would see them as a completely separate thing, and they do not add the same type of functionality as other loader mods.


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Jul 24, 2014
Thank you for your feedback D Dr Neutral .
The options in the "Hair" section seem more like tags to me.
Actually, all categories can be replaced by tags, sorting hair mods by static/dynamic or PNG/SWF is just a choice. I find more useful to put appart dynamic hair mods because some users are looking specificaly for that (or not, as it can be a problem with some animtools positions for example I guess).
some dynamic hairs do have the option to change the color.
If you mean RGB adjustable hair mods, both static and dynamic versions exist, and at the moment I believe to be the only one to have released some. There is no use to sort them by static or dynamic, as there is only 30 of them for the moment (ie. 1 ½ RM pages).
the line between Costumes and Accessories feels a bit blurry.
It will be sorted using the Glasses/Collar/Cuffs/Ankle/Gags layers/RGB sliders of the game, and I as there are not that many, I was thinking to add Piercings in the same category, and maybe Headware also (hats and hair ornaments). Depending on the number of mods, separate categories could be made, maybe for shoes also.
"Head, Body, Penis, and Clothing"
Adding a Penis sub-category is a good idea, but as you said, there are probably not enough "Him" bodies and clothing to separate them, also, they are not clothing per se, as "Him" doesn't have a body and clothes over it, all is althogether.
-Backgrounds Section-
On the one hand it looks nice and tidy, on the other had I have the same complaint as in the hair section ("Standard/Normal Backgrounds" for images, "Advanced Backgrounds" for anything else) since the aspect ratio could be a tag.
There are not many PNG/JPG (ie. static, 700×600/825 backgrounds in the Ressource Manager, as they're usually put into separate threads in the Background forum section.
Some SWF backgrounds have nothing different in appearance to PNG/JPG ones, only the file type and how they're loaded is different.
Making separate categories for 7/6 and 16/9, as well as static/animated, seems interesting for users. In a perfect world there should be only animated 16/9 backgrounds, but it is quite difficult to find material to make these, and it requires Adobe Flash Pro/Animate, so there are not so many of them, not to say that complex ones may hamper the FPS rate.
As for RGB adjustable hair mods, I am the only one to make 16/9 backgrounds for the moment, but I am planning to provide a tutorial with specific templates to make them, and as it is quite easy to do with the right templates, I hope to see more of them done by others soon.
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Jul 24, 2014
The new categories are going to be implemented soon.

They'll look like this :
  • Hair
    • Static hair................Static hairstyles (PNG or SWF)
    • Dynamic hair...............Dynamic hairstyles (SWF)
    • RGB adjustable hair........RGB adjustable hairstyles (static or dynamic, SWF)
  • HER mods
    • Clothing...................Clothes, shoes, legwear, outfits, full characters, etc.
    • Accessories................Hats, hair ornaments, collars, eyewear, masks, gags, gloves, cuffs, etc.
    • Headwear...................(merged into Accessories)
    • Piercings..................Piercings, earrings, gauges, etc.
    • Tattoos....................Tattoos, body writings, marks & other skin decorations
    • Body mods..................Body transformations (bigger or slender body, tails, wings, eyes, etc.)
    • Thicker Ass & Legs.........Thicker Ass and Legs specific clothing
    • 3rd Character..............Additional character holding or fucking her
  • HIS mods
    • HIS Head...................Heads for HIM
    • HIS Body...................Bodies, clothes and accessories for HIM
    • HIS Penis..................Replacement penis for HIM
  • Backgrounds
    • Classic backgrounds........Static backgrounds (PNG or JPG, 7:6/700×825 mainly)
    • Animated backgrounds.......Animated backgrounds (SWF, 7:6)
    • 16:9 Static backgrounds....HD backgrounds covering the whole screen (SWF)
    • 16:9 Animated backgrounds .HD animated backgrounds covering the whole screen (SWF)
  • General
    • Loader add-ons.............Scripts adding functionalities to the Loader
    • Animtools positions........Positions for HER and HIM with Animtools add-on
    • Dialogues..................Dialogues
    • Modding tools..............Ressources destined to modders
    • Various....................Packs, bundles, alternate versions and miscellanous stuff
This is the best sorting I could come with (it took me 12-15 hours nevertheless).
Some will say that there could be more categories than just "Clothes" or "Static hair" (e.g. shoes, bottoms, tops; long, short, blonde, green, etc.) but I couldn't access the tags, and the names and descriptions are sometimes too unclear to sort the mods correctly, as well as some mods for which it is difficult to choose one category over another. As said above, tags are here for that, and anyone can edit them.
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Apr 16, 2012
I'm not sufficiently familiar with SDT to correctly move mods to the new categories, of do you envision implementing only for new submissions?


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Jul 24, 2014
I'm not sufficiently familiar with SDT to correctly move mods to the new categories, of do you envision implementing only for new submissions?
I already sorted 5700+ mods, d£t d£t should put this in place in the next weeks.
I think that these categories are simple enough to be understood by everyone. If ever a mod is misclassified, it should be reported by users and they'll tell what category it should be moved to (or maybe I'm too optimistic on this point...).
One cannot tell yet if this categorisation is a good thing or not. We'll see that in the future...


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Nov 23, 2009
Big props to SyntaxTerror SyntaxTerror for putting in a lot of the work to get this done. We have a handful of mods that need to get moved in the right category, but we're 99% done.


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Jul 24, 2014
So everything seems fine now.
I'm sometimes looking at some random parts to make the sorting better, so some files may move in the next days, but I won't check all the static and clothing mods, so if someone sees a miscategorised mod, please send me a private message.

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Aug 30, 2012


These messages are hilarious on their own but the fact that I can't reply to them is a level of absurdity to my life that tickles me to no end


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Nov 29, 2012
I noticed Thicker Ass n Legs has its own category but only a few mods in it (21 mods). There are a few body mods out there not just that one. Shouldnt that category be removed and and instead clothes that are dependant on certain body mods to work should have that in their title/description + link to the body mod?

Just spitballing here.

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