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Strange new Chun Li ryona vids

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Rakkar, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Rakkar

    Rakkar Avid Affiliate

    Aug 14, 2010
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    I don't know how old these are since I can't read chinese and I'm not sure if they've been posted before, but I've never seen them until now. They are old school SF2 chun li ryona videos with new animations somehow added.

    They are on youku which means you may have to do some work to see them:
    Firefox seems to work fine for me without any modding.

    Anyways here are the links:

    There are a few more, like 6 in total but these two show mostly everything they contain. You can find the others in the similar links list on the right of the videos.
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  2. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    That voice is taken from Sailor Venus from the sidescroller beat em up. That one seems popular. Not only have I got the sailor scouts in MUGEN but a couple of the other characters I have also use that voice. Just a tidbit of info people may or may not care about.

    edit: At the beginning, it shows MUGEN's option menu, so they are mugen characters, which explains that. They were made foe that. Now, the question is, where can I get her?
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  3. anotherguttersnipe

    anotherguttersnipe Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 15, 2011
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    Compared to the likes of Minotaur and Kuromaru, this is hardly strange. Or even mildly entertaining......

    ....But on an unrelated note, China seems to has access to some awesome looking mmo's.
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