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(I'll be real, I've kinda run out of ideas for writing titles at the moment, haha. This was written for a commission!)
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“Welcome one and all to the third round of the second-ever World Warrior Tournament!! We’ve had some flashy fights from your favorite fighters, and we’ve got a treat for you all tonight with a special match!”

The capacity crowd filled the arena with deafening cheers as the spotlights focused upon a giant octagonal ring in the center of the building. Somehow, a small-time grassroots fighting tournament that used to hold matches in streets and alleys had grown into a massive, world-famous event. People around the globe came to this arena or tuned in to the tournament broadcast from home to watch different fighters that hailed from all over the world duke it out. And with the first two rounds done and weaker fighters weeded out, only the best remained.

“Without further ado, let’s get our fighters in the ring!” As the announcer’s voice boomed through the arena, Chun-Li and Ken Masters stepped through black curtains at the far sides of the arena center and made their way towards each other. Both competitors smiled, each brimming with confidence as they focused their eyes on the ring in front of them and their opponent on the other side.

Ken Masters, huh? He placed high in the first World Warrior Tournament, so once I kick his ass, everyone’s gonna see just how strong I really am.
Chun-Li stepped through a door of the plexiglass-walled ring, waving and smiling at the audience, which was overwhelmingly in her favor. Her impressive martial arts prowess coupled with her beauty had garnered her a huge following from the watchers of the World Warrior Tournament. As she listened to their cheers and adoring cries, Chun thought to herself, That’s right, everyone. You’re all cheering for the strongest woman in the world, and the best fighter in this whole tournament!

“Give it up one more time for the Strongest Woman in the World, Chun-Li!” yelled the announcer. The crowd roared louder than ever, filling the arena with even more support for the Chinese martial artist.

“And facing her tonight is the one and only, Ken Masters!”

This girl thinks she’s hot shit? Time for good ol’ Ken to teach her a lesson, thought Ken as he cracked his neck and stretched his arms as a last-minute warmup.
He also heard lots of cheers for him from the audience, but he paid no attention to them. All he thought of was taking Chun-Li down and embarrassing her. The two fighters squared up near the center of the ring, settling into their fighting stances wordlessly with confident smirks on their faces.

“Without further ado… ready… fight!”


Hadouken found no purchase as Chun-Li jumped high into the air as the match started, and he had no chance to react as a white boot to his chest sent him staggering. Another kick slammed into his face, whipping his head back as two more kicks landed on his chest, and then-


Chun-Li unloaded a barrage of kicks all over Ken; her right boot crashed into him repeatedly, hitting him more times than anyone could count- then she switched to standing on her right leg and kicking with her left all in one swift, fluid motion that no one even noticed. One last kick blasted Ken off his feet, sending him crashing into the canvas.


Chun-Li shut out the crowd’s excitement as she focused her ki into her palms as Ken climbed to his feet. As he began to stand up, she thrust her hands out in front of her and shot out a fireball from her palms.

The energy ball singed Ken’s forearm; if he had been a millisecond late in blocking the attack, he certainly would have taken the ki blast to his face which would have distracted him long enough for Chun-Li to close the gap between them and hit him with another kick. Instead, he saw his opponent dash toward him and ready an attack, and he was ready for it. Chun’s leg met Ken’s other forearm, then collided against it again as Ken blocked her moves. He batted the leg away with a wide swing of his arm and Chun stumbled for a second as she had to reset her footing, and with his other arm he buried a fist right under Chun-Li’s chest. Her eyes widened and she gasped loudly as air rushed out of her body from getting slammed in her solar plexus. Chun-Li was stunned long enough for Ken to punch her across the face, whipping her head around and forcing her to look behind her.

“GAUGH- ughh!!”
Instinctively, she put her arms up to guard her head as she turned back to face Ken, but Ken was ready for her guard. Instead of throwing another punch, he grabbed both of Chun Li’s shoulders. Ken let himself fall over backwards, pulling Chun-Li over him, and then he planted a foot into her abs and launched her overhead. She sailed through the air briefly before slamming back-first into the canvas.


Chun-Li was laid out on the floor, arms over her head and wincing after she crashed hard onto the ring. But there was no time to waste lying down; the Chinese martial artist immediately rolled to her side and pushed herself up on her feet, and she caught a powerful kick on her head from Ken.


The crowd gasped as Chun-Li cried out, folded in half by Ken kicking downwards on the back of her head. She didn’t see him follow up with a crushing roundhouse kick from the left, which collided with the side of her midriff.


Chun-Li staggered off to the side with an arm holding herself across her stomach. She had one eye shut as she continued to wince, her body hurting from Ken’s vicious blows, and her whole face was scrunched up in an expression of pain and frustration. Ken took a quick step towards her and narrowly dodged to the side as Chun-Li lashed out with a punch from her free arm, and then he himself threw a punch aimed at the center of her chest.

As Ken withdrew his fist, Chun-Li could not help herself as she instantly crumbled to her knees; the punch took out all of the strength in her shapely legs and they immediately buckled under her weight. She stayed on her knees, and before she could fall flat on her face Ken bent down low and threw a flaming fist up into Chun-Li’s body.



Ken blasted Chun-Li several feet in the air, the vicious uppercut burning her qipao and striking her body and her chin with more force than she had ever felt before. A collective gasp echoed throughout the arena as everyone watching saw Chun-Li sailing helplessly over the canvas before crashing down on it lying still on her back. A few wisps of smoke floated off her body; a big hole had formed in the middle of her qipao, partially exposing her stomach. And the crowd burst into cheers, thrilled by the amazing display of power that Ken Masters had just shown.

“Is this the end for Chun-Li’s run in the tournament?!” screamed the announcer. “Has the self-titled Strongest Woman in The World finally been brought low, or- NO! She’s getting back up!!”

Ken raised an eyebrow as he saw Chun-Li, gasping and coughing, roll over to her front side and push herself up to her knees. She stayed there for a while, taking a few precious moments to recover as much as she could.

Chun-Li got up slowly; her beaten and battered body felt like lead, and pain shot through her as she forced herself to stand. The once-proud fighter looked pitiful in her current state. Her signature qipao was torn, and the exhaustion that washed over her was written clear as day on her face. On the other hand, Ken stood tall and proud across her with his arms crossed and a big smirk on his face.

“I’m surprised you could still get up, but it’s time to end this. Come on!” Ken declared. He bounced on his feet with his fists raised.

“Go, Ken! You can do it!”

“Finish her off!”

The crowd’s raucous cheers were completely behind him now. His powerful moves and his flaming Shoryuken had won the audience over, and now they moved to cheering for him instead of Chun-Li. Ken didn’t let this distract him; he focused on reading Chun’s next move and readying a counter to finish her off. On the other hand, Chun-Li’s thoughts and feelings were all over the place. She thought about how Ken had thoroughly kicked her ass for almost the entire fight. She thought about how her adoring fans abandoned her as a result of her poor showing. She thought about what would happen to her reputation if the whole world saw her lose here.

No… I won’t let this be the end of the line for me… it’s time to show you all why I’m the Strongest Woman in The World!”

She took a deep breath and gathered herself. Her eyes focused on Ken Masters, who was standing smugly just a short distance away from her. She brought her arms together and spread them to her sides like wings as she bent low, and then took a lightning-quick step at Ken and lashed out with a powerful kick…

...and her foot met only air; Ken had jumped over her head and landed behind her. She turned around to face him, and-


Chun-Li cried out as a heavy roundhouse kick connected with her side once more, then another kick slammed into her face, sending her staggering back. Ken was relentless; he continued to spin and kick, hitting her arm, her head and her torso again… Chun-Li’s poor, broken body was battered without any mercy.


One last kick whipped her head to the side, and she was done for. Poor Chun-Li was punch-drunk, staggering in place with her vision blurred. She only saw a flash of red and yellow before she felt a punch slam into her severely thrashed stomach and ride up her body before slamming into her chin.



And just like before, Chun-Li sailed through the air, her qipao burned and ripped even further up her front. Her body impacted the canvas with a loud thud, and her limbs bounced slightly before settling down uselessly at her sides. Chun-Li was knocked out, without question. The announcer didn’t even bother with a three-count.

“K.O.! The winner is Ken Masters!”

“I did it!” Ken gave a thumbs up to the audience and flashed a wide grin as they cheered on the victorious fighter. With the match over, Ken happily drank in the audience’s praise and adoration, waving and shouting to them.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li’s eyes had fluttered shut while her mouth hung open after her final pained scream of defeat before she passed out. She was laid out on her back, completely still in the center of the ring except for the rhythmic movement of her shallow breathing. Ken’s eyes landed on her fallen form. He finished waving to the crowd, walking to the passed-out Chun-Li and looming over her.

“Guess you weren’t as strong as you’re hyped up to be, huh? Still, beating you is great publicity… and I think I’ve got an idea for a headliner picture for tournament news later.”

Ken grabbed a handful of Chun-Li’s hair and peeled her body off the floor, then he held her up for the whole arena to see. He turned to where the press was seated, showing his vanquished opponent off to the cameramen and reporters and letting them take pictures.

They were all used to capturing moments of the self-proclaimed Strongest Woman in The World standing victorious after a fight. Tonight, it was a very different scene. Chun-Li was totally limp as Ken dangled her off the canvas. Her signature costume was full of rips and tears; the usual bright-eyed, smiling look on her face was gone, replaced with an expression of anguish as her eyes remained fully closed and her mouth still hung open. Chun-Li had been completely and utterly defeated, and all the world could see this as Ken presented her beaten figure like a trophy.

“I’ll be on the front page for this win! And so will you, I guess.” Chun-Li could make no reply as she continued to dangle helplessly in the air, unaware of the humiliating scene that played out after her crushing defeat. Ken finally let go of her after a minute, letting poor Chun-Li crumple onto the ring. He stepped out of the ring, leaving Chun lying in a heap as arena staff walked over to collect her.


The next day, nobody heard from Chun-Li; she was silent on all her social media, and no one saw her leave her hotel room. She locked the whole world out as she read headline after headline covering the one-sided beatdown handed to her; her blood boiled as she watched the replay of last night’s fight and saw herself look weak and helpless before Ken Masters. She had never felt so angry before- angry at herself, at her opponent, at everyone watching, and at the world at large.

“I’m not done… I’m coming back stronger, all of you just wait!”

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