Chun-Li: humiliated by Sakura


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Apr 17, 2016
Chapter 1

Chun-Li recognized that voice from afar and grit her teeth. She started loathing the person it belonged to. She got closer to the gate of the training field where two fighters were sparring, and observed them from here.
"Hadouken!". When both fighters shouted simultaneously, two waves collided and the air exploded. The girl fell on her knees.
"Ugh... It's not fair, Ryu, my Hadouken faded away before yours!" Sakura said.
"You can still work on your chi control. Your movements are good, but still kind of stiff, Sakura."
The teenager smiled. "I'll do it again and you correct my moves, alright?". Ryu nodded his head and lead Sakura's arms with his own hands.
Chun-Li had enough. She wanted to have a moment with Ryu alone, but nowadays it seemed Sakura was with him all the time. And not just training, her flirts were obvious. Even Ryu seemed to be smiling more than usual. Chun-Li couldn't accept especially that.

Chun-Li went to a nearby cafe to think about it, but her choice was already made : to stop it as soon as possible. The question was how. She spent about one hour thinking about everything and losing herself in her mind, and was awakened suddenly by the sight of Sakura walking down the street.

It was now or never. Chun-Li was going to tell her a few home truths. She wouldn't let this stupid school girl take her Ryu.

"Will that be all miss?"
Said the waitress as Chun-Li got up from her chair.
"Yes, it was delicious. Thank you. Keep the change."
Chun-Li rushes down the street as the waitress looks puzzled at the lady rush down the street, cars honking the thick theighed jaywalker.

Chun-Li follows the school girl Sakura all the way into a shopping plaza. Maybe she was going to meet up with friends. Or worse, maybe she was going to purchase something for Ryu. Either way, it peeked Chun-LI's curiousity as she walks through the parking lot. She looks around at the many patrons who with bags, or families with little kids begging for them to buy that toy or ice cream. Chun-Li scans the area. Little did she realize that Sakura knew she was following her all along and was just waiting for the chance to ultimately humiliate her.

Sakura smiled. She had lead Chun-Li exactly where she wanted her to be, a big shopping street, full of people. Sakura entered the crowd, disappearing from Chun-Li's sight. The chinese woman got closer to not lose Sakura, but before she could make her way through, the voice she loathed surprised her from the side.
"Feeling shy?" Sakura said, a seemingly innocent smile on her face.
"W- H-hey" stuttered Chun-Li.
"You're not very inconspicuous with that qipao of yours, you know."
"Let me guess ... It's about Ryu, isn't it?"
Chun-Li's face tensed up.

Chun-Li tried to deny it, but the look on Sakura's face was making it hard for her to hide her emotions
"Oh, a little jealous aren't we?" Sakura smirked. "Can't stand the fact that Ryu not only likes me more?"
Chun-Li snapped back, nearly drawing the attention of the crowd
"What? No! Me jealous? Of you and...Ryu?" Chun-Li blushes a bit. "No, we're just friends... I just... i just don't...
"You can't stand the fact that he likes me?"
"Shut up!" Chun-Li says.
"I see you spying on our training sessions. I see how you look at him when he trains me... and more..."
Chun-Li pushes Sakura which almost makes her stumble.

Sakura didn't lose her footing nevertheless. A few heads turned over to them, but Chun-Li didn't seem to notice. She was too surprised by what she just did. Sakura knew she only needed one more small push, and, as a smile grew on her face, she gave it.
"You know, he told me he preferred to do it with me rather than you. The training... and all the rest too."
"Shut ... UP!"
"What will you do if I don't?"

Chun-Li didn't say anything for a few seconds. To say the truth, she was unsettled by Sakura's taunt, even after losing her calm a few seconds ago.
Despite that, it happened in a flash. Chun-Li knew it was wrong, but she felt something different. Her last coherent thoughts were replaced by a single feeling : she wanted to put that highschooler in her place, as the strongest woman in the world. Only relying on her trained body's instincts, Chun-Li sent a side kick with her strong legs, aiming for the right side of Sakura's body.

"h-huuu....". The pained voice was too weak for the bypassers to hear.
A giggle.
But they all saw it with their eyes.
Chun-Li's kick had not reached. Far before it could, Sakura's own kick burried deep into Chun-Li's belly.

Time froze for both fighters for a few seconds. Chun-Li with her failed kick still in mid-air and a pained face, and Sakura with her shoe still on Chun-Li's belly, a mocking grin on her face. Finally the two girls got away from each other.

The crowd started whispering. "What happened?" "It's Chun-Li! She attacked this schoolgirl!" "Why would she do that?" "I don't know..."

Chun-Li heard some of it, but all she had in her mind was the smug face of the girl in front of her. She would erase that expression. This right now was just a fluke. Plus, she knew Ryu's fighting style. She would be able to anticipate whatever Sakura threw at her. As soon as she thought that, Chun-Li got back on the offensive. The fight only started, but she wouldn't need more than 5 minutes to teach that highschooler to not mess with the strongest woman of the world. Or so she thought.

The two fighters exchanged punches and kicks. Most of them were deflected or didn't do any serious damage. As Chun-Li thought, Sakura's moves were close to Ryu and she could block them because of that. They seemed to be fairly matched. But Sakura's expression showed she was taking that fight much less seriously. Chun-Li's face was very focused, while Sakura's mostly showed... indifference.

Chun-Li throws strike after strike. Sakura dodging with ease. Though Chun-Li was much faster and more skilled, there was something about the young school girl that was not to be underestimated. Chun-Li, though usually calm and collected in combat, had her head and heart racing with emotions. And Sakura could read her every move. Whether it be from her facial expressions, or shifts in her fluid movement, Chun-Li could not land a single attack. And while Chun-Li was going all out on the offensive side, Sakura just blocked, parried or evaded all punches and kicks Chun-Li threw at her.

"Strongest woman in the world huh?" Sakura teased. "I wold believe that, if you would actually hit me."

THe more Sakura taunted, the angrier Chun-Li started to feel. It became a point where Chun-Li started to just swing wfor the fences. The grace and precision that made her kung fu so revered now looked wild and rageful. Sakura did a backflip before landing on her feet. SHe brushes off some dust from her skirt.

Chun-Li stands in her fighting stance. She was panting a bit as the last few attacks made her exert more stamina than she wanted. Sakura looks as if she was barely breaking a sweat.

"I noticed this about you Chun-Li. Your technique becomes poor when you fight emotional."

Chun-Li bites her lip.

"And this is not including me and Ryu. But not to mention your father."

Chun-Li felt a shivering chill throughout her body. Sakura sees in her face that she's struck a sensitive topic. But if this was gonna get Chun-Li to fight emotional, so be it.

"I'm sure he'd be very proud of his daughter being the Strongest Woman in the world, being a cop, taking down Shadaloo... that is if he wasn't dead."

Chun-Li screams in rage. Normally, she wouldn't push past her moral limits when it comes to her friends, or fighters she respects, but Sakura just crossed the line and had to pay.


Chun-Li swings a roundhous kick to Sakura with full intentions of kicking her head right off her shoulders. Sakura blocks. She smirks back. Chun-Li gasps, realizing she left herself wide open.

Sakura pulls her fist back and with all the power she can muster and...


"A.. Aughhh....."
Surprise and suffering shows on Chun-Li's face. As her mouth opens in pain, some of her spittle is ejected on the ground. Her body weakly leans over Sakura's fist and her face is lined with Sakura's, who's standing straight. People behind Chun-Li can see Sakura's smirk, and people behind Sakura can see Chun-Li's face and body stupefied and motionless, if only shaking a little.
"Pfftt .... Is that a joke?" Sakura mocks.

With Sakura's voice, the crowd starts agitating again. "Hey, what's going on? Isn't she getting her ass kicked?" "No way, that's Chun-Li, right?" "And she's fighting a highschooler... I can't believe it"

"I've been so nice to you so far, and this is the result?" Sakura adds, her fist still on Chun-Li's belly.
"W... What do you mean?" Chun-Li asks with a panting voice.
"Don't tell me... you still haven't noticed yet?" Sakura answers, in wonder, taking back her fist.
Before Chun-Li can react, she feels Sakura's shoe sweeping her leg, briefly making her footing unstable. The moment Chun-Li tries to keep her balance, Sakura's fist hits her cheek and pushes her back.

"I've been generous enough to telegraph Ryu's moves so far. Even an amateur would've caught on to such a predictable fighting style."

This unexpected development makes Chun-Li's eyes open wider. She tries to focus more and unleashes a powerful lightning kick toward Sakura.
But the kick hasn't made half of the travel before it's violently knocked off the way by Sakura's right arm. Expecting a counter-attack, Chun-Li raises a guard to protect her belly, but Sakura doesn't stop her movement after parrying : she continues rotating with her right arm and hits Chun-Li's face with the back of her fist.

Chun-Li is on the offensive again, but this time, Sakura too. This time, Sakura doesn't just deflect Chun-Li's kicks, but she also gives her small jabs and hits Chun-Li can't predict, sometimes accompanied with taunts. "Over here!" "Right there!" "huhu...". The jabs aren't that strong, but Chun-Li is still overwhelmed by Sakura's complex moves, and everytime they hit, her pride gets more damaged.

"Yup!" A successful elbow hits Chun-Li's belly and hurts more than the previous hits. Chun-Li decides to change fighting style after this : her kicks leave her too open for Sakura's parries and counters, so she decides to focus on punches. Sakura grins as if she had noticed that.

At first, Chun-Li's flurries of punches seem to have an effect. Sakura can't block them as easily as the kicks, and ceases her counterattacks. But Chun-Li doesn't land hits either. If she doesn't find a way to inflict damage on Sakura, she'll wear off again. Despite that seemingly bad position, Chun-Li's pride has risen up. She feels like she's taking control of this fight and swears she will put this brat down. There's no way she would lose to a kid.

Chun-Li thinks. She'll use the Kikouken to definitely get the edge. Sakura will most likely parry it, but that'll block her vision. Chun-Li will use that to follow up with a decisive punch after Sakura parries. The chinese girl focuses, while the highschooler still smiles, fists up, but in her decontracted fighting stance, barely sweating. Chun-Li's starts feeling the strain of her move, but she'll definitely turn the battle around with it.

The projectile goes Sakura's way. Chun-Li gets in position for her next attack. She sees Sakura not putting up a guard and briefly wonders why, but that will only improve her chances of success. However, the next moment... Sakura's move is swift and powerful. Instead of guarding, Sakura's punch smashes the Kikouken to the ground. Chun-Li can't believe her eyes, but before she can do anything else, she feels Sakura's other fist in an uppercut that sends her away.

Chun-Li falls brutally to the ground, still panting from the exhaustion. When she gets up, Sakura has already closen the gap.
WHOMP! To the belly. A punch stronger than any of the previous jabs. Chun-Li tries to counterattack with a hook, but when she finishes her move, Sakura is already behind her, punching her in the back.
"Ahahah! Weak~"

Chun-Li attacks and attacks. But for every move she made, Sakura seemed to be 1 or 2 seconds ahead of her. With each hit, Chun-Li's respiration got worse and Sakura would only get faster. Chun-Li would try to escape her grasp and hit where Sakura would flank her, but everytime it seemed like she was doing exactly what Sakura wanted, and everytime, the first thing she would see was Sakura's fist. She was completely and utterly under her control.

Eventually, Chun-Li gave up on counterattacking and tried to regain her breath by just blocking Sakura's hits. Sakura stopped a second.
"For real?" Sakura said.
She then started decimating Chun-Li's guard. Sometimes punching directly her arms, sometimes punching through the guard itself and hitting Chun-Li's face and body, but everytime she would groan because of the pain.
"There!" Sakura exclaimed after a strong punch that Chun-Li failed to block. "You call that flimsy thing a guard? Or maybe is that too fast for the strongest woman in the world?"

Chun-Li tried to recover for the time Sakura gave with her taunts. Sakura could've kept pressing, but she didn't. Chun-Li swore she'd repay her for this by 100 times.

Bystanders whispered. "H-Hey, she's getting destroyed.." "The other doesn't even seem fazed..." "What a shame."

"You know, I just got out of my sparring session, and yet you're the one getting tired so fast. How come?" Sakura mocked.

Chun-Li just looked at her, hate in her eyes, a hate that still overshadowed the fear that grew within her.


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Apr 17, 2016

Chapter 2: outclassed

Chun-li pants heavily, her shoulders slumping from not only the amount of energy she expended in her strikes, but the number of hits she received was starting to take it's toll. Her eyes locked in on Sakura who was easily enjoying watching Chun-Li suffer as much as she did inflicting pain to her.

"Don't tell me you're getting tired already. You haven't landed a single hit on me. At least make it challenging."

Inside her head, Chun-Li wanted to stop. She was near exhausted. Her legs were starting to tire. And on top of that, being beaten by a high school girl in public was humiliation enough.
But Chun-Li's heart wanted to keep fighting. She wanted to wipe that smirk off of her face.

Chun-Li summoned the strength to make a mad dash for Sakura. Once in range, she lowered her stance, her head making her way to the ground. Sakura was too busy watching Chun-Li flip at her before she gets hammered by Chun-Li's legs, kicking her in the back of the head. Chun-li then pushes up in an handstand, with her legs split open.


Chun-Li's foot whacked Sakura across the face 3 times before her thick legs kicked Sakura in the chest. Sakura stumbled back, her shoes skidding across the ground before coming to a halt.

Sinking to her knees, Chun-Li huffs and looks at Sakura. Finally, she managed to land a successful attack on her. Sakura stands up and the look she gave Chun-Li makes her entire body freeze. That once playful look she had turned into a expression that would've made a serial killer wince. Her young vibrant eyes became cold. And that bubbly personality she had became psycotic.

"Good one..." Sakura let out, "now, the gloves come off, sister!"

Sakura runs in at full speed at Chun-Li. Chun-li gasps, even after all that attack, and even hitting her with one of her strongest special moves, she was fighting with even more strength than before.

Chun-Li blocks a low kick before blocking a roundhouse kick to her head. Sakura finds an opening and rams a punch right into Chun-Li's stomach.


Chun-li gasped as this punch felt much harder than before. Chun-Li staggers back, but throws her hands up in time to block another kick from Sakura. unfortunately, she left herself wide open again. Sakura rams another rock solid fist into Chun-Li's stomach. The impact drives the air out of her as Chun-Li grunts loudly from the blow.

Chun-Li stumbles back, barely standing, but her knees starting to give. Chun-Li doubled over, clutching her stomach. That last blow really hurt, possibly damaging her internal organs. Her entire body felt shut down, but all she could feel was pain.

"What's the matter? Got a tummy ache? Does it hurt?"

Chun-Li started sweating as she finally sunk to her knees. She wanted her push herself back up, but her hands kept nursing her injured stomach.

"It's already humiliating enough that you're getting beat in public. Don't go puking all over the place as well."

Sakura sees Chun-Li still wanted to fight as she struggles to get to her her feet. Sakura noticed Chun-Li was very protective of her stomach for a majority of the fight. She knew she was hurting and finally, Sakura found the perfect target.

"I don't need to beat her face to a pulp to humiliate her."Sakura thought to herself. "Her belly is starting to tender up. And a couple more hits to Chun-Li's midsection will most certainly spell a most embarrassing defeat for her."

Chun-Li slowly, but finally rose to her feet. but instead of getting in a fighting stance, she had one arm protecting her stomach while the other in front of her face in guard position. She was not only losing confidence in winning, but she also knew that her stomach could only handle so much before her stomach, liver, intestines, even ribs could be internally damaged.

Sakura walked to Chun-Li in what could be called anything but a fighting stance. She looked more like a highschooler meeting with someone, but to everyone around, it was clear she was preying upon a defeated Chun-Li. Sakura circled around her, while looking in her eyes with a little smile.

Chun-Li desperately punches with her free hand, her belly still hurting. Sakura easily deflects the punch which makes Chun-Li stagger, but Sakura only keeps circling, the right hand on her hips. Chun-Li hears her opponent giggling and notices her arm feels lighter : her bracelet is in Sakura's hand, presumably taken from her during the last attack without even her noticing. Gritting her teeth, Chun-Li punches again, but Sakura slightly tilts her head and it only hits the air. And right in front of Chun-Li's face ... Sakura's left fist, stopped in mid-air.

Chun-Li's blood boils up. She stops protecting her belly and uses her other fist to aim at Sakura's head, but it's caught right in front of the target. Chun-Li grunts, sweat dripping of her face. Sakura pulls Chun-Li by her fist and catches her from the throat.

The scene engraved in the watchers eyes. Chun-Li, sweating, hurt, her qipao torn at places and dirty from the fight, especially at the belly, was being throatlifted by a schoolgirl in immaculate uniform. The chinese's two hands, one deprived of her iconic bracelet, were desperately trying to break the hold without any success.


"Looks like your fists are totally useless against me" Sakura teased. She moved her free fist closer to Chun-Li's unprotected and weak belly. When it gently touched her belly, Chun-Li's moans of suffering turned into fear. She knew that after another one of Sakura's punches, she'd be down to the ground drooling or even maybe vomitting. "I could just end it right now, but what fun would that be? I want to give these people a better show than that." Sakura dropped her prey on the ground. Chun-Li opened her eyes and saw Sakura kicking the air, right in front of her. But she noticed that these kicks... were directly mimicking her Hyakuretsukyaku. It was a provocation. Sakura stopped kicking but took Chun-Li's iconic kicking pose.

"So, ChunChun, how about you show me what those legendary legs can do? I promise I won't use my big bad punches this time. It's kicks against kicks."
Chun-Li kept quiet, but boiling inside. Sakura smirked and negligently dropped Chun-Li's bracelet in front of her, then turned around and started stretching a dozen meters away, as if giving Chun-Li time to recover from the previous fight.

The crowd didn't understand exactly what was happening, but they knew they were going to witness something big. For a few minutes, Chun-Li did her best to recover from the hits and the exhaustion. Her willpower grew back, little by little. Her legs were in normal condition again and her belly still hurt her, but not as much as before. She could take more hits right now, but she wasn't planning to. This little bitch had challenged her in her own turf, and she was going to show her that her kicks were indeed worthy enough to be called legendary. Everything would be solved by beating her right now.

Meanwhile, Sakura was still stretching playfully. She knew more or less what Chun-Li was thinking, and it was exactly what she wanted. Destroying Chun-Li's stomach at her weakest wasn't that interesting. She'd destroy the symbols of her pride, her legs and her spiked bracelets, by using her own in a fair fight, and finish her stomach at the same time, for the most humiliating defeat the Chinese girl could never imagine. Right now, she thought about winning. If only she knew how far from truth she was...

Chun-Li slowly puts her hands up. Showing her opponent she was ready for one more round. Though her heart wanted to keep fighting. But her body was starting to reach it's limit. She started panting heavily. She could feel an undeniable pain in her stomach with every breath she took. And her legs were starting to feel like jell-o.

"Okay, time to get serious." Sakura says, tightening her headband.

Sakura run into Chun-Li. Chun-Li found the strength to block a kick to her aimed right at her head.

Chun-Li could feel Sakura's kick dig into her shoulder. Knowing that after this fight, it was gonna bruise for days. Chun-Li staggers back as Sakura keeps up the offensive. Chun-Li puts her guard up when she sees Sakura go for another kick. But this time, she left her injured midsection wide open as she takes a snap kick into her stomach.


CHun-Li gasped. That last kick stunned her as a rush of pain surged though her body, paralyzing her. Sakura goes low and thrusts kick right into her knee. Chun-Li could feel her knee give in as she falls to one knee.

CHun-Li grasper her knee as a sharp pain is felt. Maybe something broke. Maybe something tore. Maybe it was Chun-Li's head playing tricks on her, amplifying the pain she feels just so she could stop fighting. Sakura followed with a kick to her chin, that made her fall backwards.

Chun-Li layed on the ground, Dazed, hurt, and humiliated. All that emotion let out of her as she started to cry.

"Please... stop... no more... please."

And Sakura milked athe suffering to the fullest enjoyment. And now, It was time to finish her.

"Awww, did I just hurt your beautiful legs? DOn't have the strongest kicks in the world now, do you? Can't even take a few of my weakest kicks?"

Chun-Li was hurt both phycically and emotionally. Not only was she on the brink of defeat, but her strongest weapon, her legs, which she took great pride in ensuring they were the greatest kicking weapons she had, had been bested by a school girl.

"Poor Chun-Li. You think Ryu could ever care for someone so pathetic? I've proven that I'm the better fighter And DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!."


"AAAUUGHH!!!!" Chun-Li yelled

Sakura uppercuts Chun-Li in the stomach, lifting the poor lady off of her feet. Chun-Li felt all that pain in her stomach multiply as her tummy started to ache. SHe couldn't breathe as that blow knocked the wind out of her. Sakura grinned as Chun-Li drapped over her fist like a wet towel. THe last hit damaging her stomach, crushing her liver, and demolished her internal organs.

Chun-Li fell to her knees. She held her stomach in agony. Chun-Li felt something rush from her stomach, up her esphogus, and into her mouth as her cheeks puffed with a vile taste that she had no choice to expell it from her mouth.

Chun-Li vomited all over the floor as whatever lunch she ate at the cafe earlier today came out of her mouth in nothing but brown, fowl smelling gunk. In addition, blood laced her vomit, meaning that Sakura had done serious damage to Chun-Li's stomach organs. They had reached their limit. Chun-Li lets out a cry of agony. Her vision was blurry, but she could see brown and red on the floor. Confused and scared, Chun-Li falls to her face, but still holding on to her stomach. Feeling th worst stomach ache she felt in her life.

"Please... stop... please... please... it hurts... help me... Ryu... please"

Was all Chun-Li could mutter. But she had already been defeated. Sakura smirks at her downed opponent.
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Chapter 3: sad conclusion

Standing over her fallen prey, Sakura tilts her feet upward to lift the poor chinese's head up. Her face is stained with spit and her expression only shows emptiness and defeat. Sakura keeps like that with a small smile on her face, for a few seconds that seem like an eternity to everyone watching. They're all unsettled, seeing Chun-Li ashamed like that. Sakura finally breaks the silence.
"You know..."
She lifts Chun-Li up by the right arm. The chinese's legs are too weak to support her and she's now become a ragdoll, falling to her knee ... only kept from falling by Sakura's cold hand holding her right arm.
"... it's kinda pathetic how helpless you were through all this...".
The crowd could now see Chun-Li's current state better: her beautiful qipao was now torn in multiple section. The upper part was soiled by vomit and saliva ... But the belly and the legs, Chun-Li's famous and legendary legs, had impact marks all over showing the treatment Chun-Li was unable to prevent.
"... I've just been too good, haven't I?"
Sakura lifts Chun-Li more so her legs are in position to support her standing up. Chun-Li closes her eyes, not so much because of the pain her legs were giving her, but because she didn't want to see Sakura's smirk, especially from this close.
"So I should give you at least this one chance, world champ." Sakura concludes, mockingly.
Chun-Li's legs somehow keep supporting her when Sakura drops her arm. Chun-Li raises the head and in front of her...

"Come on, daddy girl! Free shot!"

Chun-Li's fighting spirit is all gone. Despite that, she gets lured in by the highschooler once more. With all the strength she has left, she punches Sakura in the bare belly her uniform showed, with a surprising force she didn't think she had left. But the fist is abruptly stopped by the cold abs of the highschooler, who doesn't even move an inch. Chun-Li hears a muffled giggle and grimaces as her fist hurts a little.
"It's okay, don't rush it! Show me what those legs can do, Chunner!"
Chun-Li has no reason to follow her orders. And yet, she musters the little strength left in her legs to make a low kick to Sakura's ankle, the only move she's able to complete right now. Again, Sakura's muscled leg block the hit, unmoving. Chun-Li's other leg crumbles to the impact and she falls to the ground, wetting her uniform and her face at the same time. That's when Chun-Li notices the light rain that started a bit ago.... and hears an unsuppressed laughter.
"REALLY?!" Sakura yells, amused. "Oh ... my ... God!" Sakura exclaims, somewhat shocked by how pathetic Chun-Li's attempt is. Some people in the crowd laugh a bit, but most of them are embarrassed by the spectacle. "You think daddy's watching?" Sakura taunts.
This reignites a bit of fighting spirit in Chun-Li. Or more accurately, some of her rage. Somehow getting up again, her sole motivation is breaking Sakura. "You FUCKING BITCH!" Chun-Li groans with what breath she has left. She punches with all her might Sakura's belly, hoping to do to her the same she did. But Sakura's stomach is unhurt, unmoving, tough as steel. Her hands negligently on her hips yet in a dominant straight posture and an amused look on her face, Sakura just watches Chun-Li try again and again to get her revenge, only to pathetically hurt her own knuckles. As if the weather heard the word, the rain intensifies and make this scene all the more tragic for the stunned bystanders. Eventually, Chun-Li's attempts get weaker and fewer, and tears of frustration fill the borders of her eyes when she throws her last fist at Sakura's stomach.
"Hey, daddy girl. That's not how you beat up someone's belly. Let me teach you the right way."
Instinctively, Chun-Li has a little panicked scream "N-No!"

The next moment, Sakura kicks Chun-Li's valued face, sending her into air.
"Haru ..."
She jumps after the chinese girl... and, falling faster than her, lands a falling kick on her belly. For about two seconds, it looked like she was trampling her belly in mid-air.

Then Chun-Li fell to the ground, back first, as fast as a car and making a big BLAM!!!!! noise.
".. Ranman!"
Sakura does a few roll in midair and falls, feet first, on Chun-Li's exposed belly. The impact creates a cloud of dust and smoke. The crowd gather around the crash site, waiting for the smoke to clear. And when it does... A tragic vision awaits them.

Sakura is, with her right hand, holding Chun-Li upside down by her own, so-called legendary, right leg. Chun-Li's left leg, with nothing to support it, is hanging toward the ground giving everyone a good shot of her ass and feminine parts. Similarily, Chun-Li's arms are lazily hanging down. These spiked bracelets, symbols of strength, are now undignified dead weights at the mercy of gravity. Moreover, most of the spikes broke after Sakura's powerful attack. Seeing how thick Chun-Li's legs are, some people ask themselves how the chinese ended in this situation against the smaller highschooler. Were these legs absolutely worthless? Or was the other girl leagues ahead of the so-called strongest woman in the world? But the reality was undeniable, and a single look at the fighters' expressions engraved it in everyone's minds. Chun-Li's face was empty, desperate, not under the control of its owner anymore : the eyes semi-open and the tongue sticking out a little bit, dripping saliva, demonstrated it. Sakura's smug grin was as usual, if only a bit more conclusive : she had utterly broken Chun-Li, established her superiority, dragged her character and her title in the mud, from which it would never rise up again... And she knew it. She toyed all she wanted, and now her toy was going to become a worldwide joke. The rain falling made the scene all the more iconic, as if nature itself didn't want anybody to forget the humiliation Chun-Li went through. It compelled people to take out their phones, take pictures and film the legendary scene they were witnessing, replaced the embarassment with admiration.

Still hanging from Sakura's hand, Chun-Li's stare was met with Sakura's amused gaze.
"Looks like all the stories I heard about you are just stories. I don't know why I expected something from these ham legs..."
"... when the only thing you're good at is the pained faces you're making. But why am I the only one enjoying that part of you?"
"h...-HAAAAAAA??! AAaaaAAugh!!"



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Man this was awesome, pretty much check all my favorite point when a read a ryona storie, humiliation, one side beat up a strong female turn into a jobber. thank you for shearing. hope i read some more of you stuff the are amazing
Hahaha just realize you also write the wendy vs sherria fic no wonder i like this one to much, great style just have


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Apr 17, 2016
Man this was awesome, pretty much check all my favorite point when a read a ryona storie, humiliation, one side beat up a strong female turn into a jobber. thank you for shearing. hope i read some more of you stuff the are amazing
Hahaha just realize you also write the wendy vs sherria fic no wonder i like this one to much, great style just have
Thank you! I like one sided humiliations, especially where the victim is supposedly a strong female. I'll try to make more.

Is it wrong to think that you can still take this further?
Chun-Li looks pretty broken already, but I'm always open for new ideas or suggestions!


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Mar 3, 2012
Ne do you think want day maybe you can write a fight between athena asamiya vs candy cane where candy beat the shit out athena in front of her fans?


Potential Patron
Apr 17, 2016
Ne do you think want day maybe you can write a fight between athena asamiya vs candy cane where candy beat the shit out athena in front of her fans?
Sounds like a good idea! I might do more with Chun-Li first, maybe her getting beaten by Menat, or toyed with in a live match by the idol Lucky Chloe.


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Mar 3, 2012
Sounds like a good idea! I might do more with Chun-Li first, maybe her getting beaten by Menat, or toyed with in a live match by the idol Lucky Chloe.
Nice ! Oh and If you have time can you finish the wendy vs sherria fight? Good lucky and stay safe


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Apr 17, 2016
Hey, in the world of fantasy a character can take a beating that would kill an ordinary person, and then just sleep it off and be better right after! :D
True! Chun-Li could very rebuild her confidence little by little and foolishly challenge her superior opponent once again. This time I imagine Sakura would actually make it look like she's losing to give her false hopes before crushing her even worse than the first time.
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