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May 3, 2020

Chun-Li's Beach Beatdown

hawaii swimsuit.jpg

Chapter One - End of a Holiday

It was a rare treat for Chun-Li to get some personal time to relax. Between her work at Interpol and her various battles with SIN, Shadoloo and the other Street Fighters it felt like she was constantly being flown across the world to get in one fist fight or another, so a week or three on the beach was the perfect way to relax.

On a small island in the South Pacific, the World's Strongest Woman was taking things nice and slow on her fifth day at the Island hotel: swimming in the crystal blue ocean, lounging on a nearly deserted glorious white sand beach with only the sounds of birds to stop her drifting off into a peaceful dream, and having perhaps a few to many drinks at the hotel's cocktail bar. It was a holiday! She was allowed to let herself go a bit even if it did mean there would be hell to pay at the gym afterwards when she returned to work, but now the appeals of the same stretch of water were starting to get a limited leading to the bikini-clad Chinese woman to do some exploring on the island... after one last Mai Tai.

Slipping in to a pair of blue sandals she jogged across the stretch of beach in front of her place of stay, and across a nearby sandbar to a new part of the island, one concealed by a ring of trees. Chun wasn't concerned about being able to make it back should the tide come in: she was a strong swimmer even when tipsy and the water never made it that far up the beach at high tide anyway, but it did add to the secluded nature of this already secluded island making it an irresistible spot for the investigator to well... investigate.

Pushing through the brush and through the trees, Chun-Li discovered something very unusual hidden within the trees. Someone had set up what looked very much like an outside training arena, resembling a Japanese wrestling dojo in the middle of a clearing in the woods. Practice rings, weight equipment, punching bags in the baking afternoon sun, but what caught the Interpol agent's interest the most was the centre piece, surrounded by black practice mats was a ring that looked like a hybrid of a traditional Sumo ring with white circles and lines painted across the clay and sand and a professional wrestling ring surrounded by grey ropes held in place by four wooden posts at each quarter. All with a view out to a small section of beach that gazed out onto the endless ocean. Whoever was training here had clearly tried to maintain the natural beauty of the area, but was otherwise very serious “No houses to see...” Chun-Li mumbled to herself as she jumped up, vaulting over the top rope and in to the ring “Who's place is this?” She asked.

“I told you, this is the easiest security gig in the world,” Came a man's voice through the treeline, partially covered by the birds squawking as someone else pushed through the trees “Good food, better swimming, even better chances to train up. Not even the tourists come here any more!” he chuckled.

“At least act seriously when you're on the clock Madea...” Another voice, similar in pitch but sounding a lot more done with his situation.

“Says the guy who just did a lap's swim around this place 'cause I said it'd be different than lookin out over the sand.” the first voice replied.

“That's patrolling.” the second voice chided.

“Yeah, yeah,” the other voice dismissed as the two pushed their way into the training clearing, only to suddenly stop as they and Chun-Li saw each other, the Street Fighter looking like she was a deer caught in the headlights while the man demanded out “Who the hell are you!?” as his smile dropped.


The two near-identical looking men were still dripping wet from their swim, but as soon as they saw Chun standing alone in the ring, they both tossed away their towels in the shrubs at the edge of the clearing and charged over the mats and towards her. Chun-Li held up her hands once she had an idea what was going on in an admission of fault, of course this place was going to be private property, so private that they didn't want outsiders to know this place existed. “I'm so sorry, I'll be just leaving in a second-” she apologized, but what she really should have been doing was paying attention as the one who had called out to her had already jumped in the ring with her and hadn't stopped running. Perhaps the drinks had been a little strong but whatever the reason, one of the muscle bound security guards was able to catch her off guard, driving his shoulder into her exposed midsection and lift her clear off the ground, carrying her for a second before launching himself forward and viciously driving Chun-Li down on the solid ground “Aaaaah!” She screamed in pain as soon as she could take in another breath, writhing in the dirt as her breasts bounced from the impact.

carrying tackle.gif

The swim short wearing guards were all over the Chinese fighter, as Maeda scrambled up from his charging tackle, he quickly crawled over to the still in shock Chun, reaching down to wrap his hand around her throat, sea water dripping down and clinging to both their bodies with a slight sting “Boaz! Get in here and help deal with this bitch!” The scarred swimmer called back to his partner before turning back to face the the woman he was strangling and bark questions at her “Who sent you? How'd you find this place?” he demanded

blatant choke.gif

“Ack! Gckh!” Chun-Li choked out, unable to answer as her hands shot up to his wrist, desperately trying to pry the choking hand away before any darkness edged into her vision but to no avail. Her peaceful holiday was turning into a rough night at the office and the guards seemed strong with how much force the blue-clad one had put in to his slam. With no reprieve from the throttling the instinctual way, Chun instead managed to thrust the palm of her hand up into Maeda's face, knocking the guard off her and letting the Chinese fighter stand back up, ready for a fight. Boaz was up first, swinging a hook out to smack her back down into the dirt, only for the World's Strongest Woman to block it with one arm, and send the green-clad guard down with the other, all while still trying to get her breath back. Maeda wasn't going to stay down for long from just one palm strike but this time she knew what to expect, swinging one of her legendary legs up to smack into his jaw with enough force to send him spinning with a shout of “Hai!”

chun counter.gif Chun Kick.gif

Her success would be short lived however as Boaz was already back up by the time she'd placed her foot back down, and this go around his strikes came at her a lot faster. No slow hook to try and level her in one shot this time, he also was resorting to palm strikes “Ugh!” Chun Li let out as her face was quickly slapped back and forth with no time to reprieve until a swinging kick caught her around the side of the head, staggering the Street Fighter long enough for Maeda to scramble back up and shake off the stars from taking a quick kick from the world's strongest woman.

karate combo.gif

“Unara!” The security guard grunted as he threw his weight into a series of elbow strikes that rocked Chun-Li and sent the Chinese fighter stumbling back. Already woozy from Boaz's kick, it was a shock to everyone that she remained on her feet even if she was stunned from the blows but the muscular men weren't done as Boaz came back in with some more quick palm thrusts to her face as she staggered around, finishing off his barrage with a heavier blow as he clubbed Chun-Li in the side of the head with his solid forearms until her legs finally gave underneath her, sending her face first into the dirt, the sea breeze giving an extra sting as it clung to the bruises on her face.

elbow combo.gif combo strike.gif

“Ughhh...” Chun-Li groaned as her face rubbed in the dirt, clay clinging to her large breasts as she struggled to get back to her feet, only to have a powerful arm block her escape as soon as she got up to her knees. Maeda had already moved in to pin her down to the ground, and as much as the Chinese Fighter tried to struggle against him and stand back up, his fist sinking into her stomach cut off any hopes of escape. “Ooffa!” Was all Chun could say as the security guard mercilessly pounded away on her belly, trying to break down the wall of her abs and drive the air out of her.

body punching.gif

“Yo, move up,” Boaz grunted as Chun Li was forced back down to all fours under the beating from the twins, letting the scarred guard stand up and calm down while he took the initiative instead: driving his knees viciously into the fighter's side, letting her cry out in pain as his knee smashed into her fabric covered breast, unable to muster much defence from the relentless and cruel assault “We're gonna make you regret coming here.” He promised as one last knee crunched into her ribs instead, sending her rolling into the dirt, weakly covering her hurting chest.

body knees.gif

Gasping for breath as she struggled up, Chun tried to move away from the two brutal island fighters only for Maeda to reach out and wrap his arms around her neck, pulling her closer to the bulky man as he trapped her arm in against his shoulder before he started to squeeze down “Hccck!” she choked out as her legendary legs wobbled beneath her, darkness creeping in to the edges of her sight as she sank down to one knee.

standing triangle.gif

Out of desperation, Chun-Li swung her leg around clipping Maeda in the knee as she tried to use the jolt of pain it sent through the guard to slip out of the hold, wincing as her face rubbed against the sand-coated arm but at least she was able to gasp for breath again as she stumbled free, straight into the powerful fist of Baoz. “Ugghhhkkk...” She groaned as the punch penetrated any semblance of strength her body had left, spittle flying out of her mouth as she tumbled back down into the dirt.

super punch.gif

Grunting in frustration, Maeda wasn't about to let Chun-Li suffer in peace as he reached down to wrap his arms over the Chinese fighter's neck once again “Say goodnight, slut.” He spat out as he twisted his body, rolling both him and the Street Fighter over on the ground and into a tight choke hold. There was no miraculous escape this time, Chun-Li weakly kicked up into the air but she couldn't break free. Her arms went limp and her arms slowly closed as she was choked out by the vicious guard, her legs laying flat down as her body was left on display.

spinning choke.gif

“Whew!” Maeda let out as he let the lifeless fighter's head drop down, releasing his grip as he stood back up, dusting his hands off with a smile as if he didn't just beat down and choke out a woman “Okay, so maybe we did mess up the patrol.” He chuckled as Chun-Li was left weakly breathing on the floor.

“We?” Boaz questioned with folded arms, pushing Chun's limp body to the side with his foot, the Chinese Fighter unresponsive “It was 'cause of your dumb ass that she got in here.”

“Hey, we dealt with it didn't we? Even if she kicks like a mule,” Maeda protested looking down at the beaten fighter “Pretty hot though,” he remarked “Hey... since she's here... wanna have some fun with her?” the blue-clad man suggested with a smirk.

“Well we do have to restore our reputation. If the boss finds out we let in an intruder and didn't give her the full treatment...” Boaz nodded along with Maeda “We haven't even hit her hard enough to make her forget anything.”

“Yeah, we gotta really put this bitch through her paces.” Maeda said as the two loomed over Chun-Li, pondering just how they could possibly make the Chinese woman regret her drunken decisions more.

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May 3, 2020
Part 2 - Private Games

Chun-Li tried to focus as her eyes fluttered open with the sunny sky dominating every corner of her vision like a blue screen as her body ached like hell. The World's Strongest woman had been thoroughly beaten by these two men as they picked her apart in the rush to punish her for her trespassing. “Ughhh...” she groaned on the clay and sand ring, her legendary legs spread out wide while her blue bikini saved what little modesty it could, clinging tight to her crotch even as she felt her legs be lifted into the air. “Wha..?” she mumbled out as she felt her body fall under a slight bit of shade.

“Morning, bitch!” Maeda cheered before he viciously stomped down on Chun-Li's vulnerable pussy, the ball of his foot kicking down on the barely covered clit as the Chinese woman could do nothing but scream out in sudden pain, her torment was clearly not through.

low blow.gif

“W-why!?” Chun cried out with tears in her eyes as she rolled in the dirt, hands trying desperately to soothe her sore cunt and possibly protect it from further pain. The two men were undeterred by her pained protests as the blue-clad Maeda had already walked around, waiting for her to roll back into position before he drove his foot down on to her belly harshly, then again, and again. “Guurgh!” the fighter coughed out as her tormentor was determined to leave his footprint permanently on her abs.

stomp rush.gif

With his leg getting tired, Maeda stepped back to let his near-identical partner take over belly distruction duties as the other swimsuit wearing security guard reached down to hoist Chun-Li up long enough to muscle the Chinese fighter up into one of the corners, letting her slump against the turnbuckle pads before he pulled her into a tight clinch and drove his knee up into her body once again, the point of his kneecaps digging in to the tenderised belly of Chun-Li as she spat out small amounts of spittle with every blow.

corner knee strike.gif

If the sudden beating had done one thing it had woken up the Chinese fighter for sure but that was of little help as the air had been driven out of her and the pain from nearly everything below the neck was immense. On shaky legs and gasping for breath, she was able to grab the ropes to pull herself back to her feet but Boaz was still in front of her, waiting. Before she could mount any sort of offence herself, the green trunk wearing guard had grabbed her again, throwing her cleanly over his hip and slamming the already hurting fighter down on the dirt with an “UGH!” adding her spine to the list of things that hurt.

judo throw.gif

“Get up.” Boaz grunted as he refused to let Chun suffer in peace for even a moment, yanking the fighter back up to her feet by her arms, pulling her along like she was a rag doll while Maeda got in position. With a pop of his hips the guard lifted the Chinese woman up off the ground by the waist, only for his arms to shoot up and grab her by the shoulders instead locking his hands behind her neck in a full nelson that left her feet dangling in the air. With her already bruised belly exposed, Maeda took the opportunity to swing hard, punishing her abs again with a barrage of punches while Chun-Li could do little but moan out in pain with every blow before Boaz threw her face first into the dirt.

double team punch.gif

“So what now?” Maeda asked “Keep beating her like this until she blows half a bar's worth of liquor?”

“In this ring?” Baoz shot back “Boss'll kill us if we get puke on the 'sacred ground'.”

“Toss her in the sea then?” Maeda suggested “Seems like we were just getting started with her too.” He sighed as Chun-Li curled herself up into a ball with her hands on her stomach.

“I got an idea,” Boaz nodded at the fallen fighter “When I say when, start counting ten seconds. Got it?” he asked as he pushed Chun-Li flat across the ground, kneeling down by her in the sand so that the sadistic security guard could wrap her neck while his other wrapped around her legs. “When!” He called as he rolled back, pulling the Chinese fighter along for the ride with his knees digging into her spine. The fighter's body was on full display in the tropical sun shine while Boaz pulled down on her neck and legs while pushing up with his legs.

bow and arrow.gif

“AAAAAAAH!” Chun-Li screamed out in agony, drowning out Maeda's count as she was tortured again, this time with a punishingly painful hold. She tried to gather what energy she could to try and struggle out, her hands desperately clawing at the shirtless security guard's own to get some freedom, but it was only when the blue-clad man reached “Fifteen!” did her torment briefly stop as Boaz let go and kicked her off, letting her hit the dirt in pain once again.

“Get it?” The green clad guard asked, looking up at his near-identical co-worker “Put her in a hold, make her scream, loudest yell in fifteen seconds wins.” He explained.

“Alright,” Maeda nodded, licking his lips “I got it. Bonus points if it knocks this bitch out?” He suggested as he reached down to pull Chun up, holding her against his strong arm before he wrapped them around the Chinese fighter's waist, pulling her up and pulling her tight with a crushing bearhug. Her large breasts at just the right height for Maeda to enjoy as he crushed Chun-Li's spine in his grip.


“Aaaahhn- Ungh!” Chun Li moaned out as every flex of Maeda's arms brought her more pain and her tormentor more pleasure as he ran his face between her heaving breasts, his chin getting caught and tugging against the bikini string before Boaz called time and yanked the Interpol agent out of the blue-clad guard's clutches.

“Come on, that wasn't nearly fifteen seconds!” Maeda complained through panting breaths while his partner moved on to round two in their sick submission game, lifting Chun-Li back first onto her shoulders so she could once again stare at the sky while her spine was punished yet again as Boaz pulled down on her head and legs, this time bouncing up and down on the dirt ring as she was stretched out in a torture rack.

torture rack.gif

The Chinese woman cried out in pain but there was no remorse from the two guards as she was passed from one vicious hold to the next, her limp body pushed into Maeda's grip as soon as she was slid off Boaz's shoulders, letting the man wrap his legs around one of Chun's legendary thighs and to get his hand under her chin as he pulled them both down to the floor, painfully twisting her body with every pull.

twister hold.gif

But if one hold at a time was bad enough for the punished woman's beaten body, it was about to get just that little bit worse, Boaz had his arms around Chun-Li's legs and was ready to turn her over onto her belly, pulling back on her legs to put the pain on with a boston crab when Maeda jumped in on the fun as well, straddling the fighter's already pained back so he could wrap his hands under her chin and lift her off the floor with a camel clutch while all Chun-Li could do was weakly beg “p-please...” she moaned as the two leaned back to back against each other, threatening to snap her spine in two as they played their game of torture.

double team stretch.gif

“Hey, this one was mine!” Boaz grunted as he pushed back against his partner “You were supposed to keep time.”

“Got bored with that,” Maeda admitted “Besides, more than one of us grabbing her is more fun. So how about we-” he began before a loud sound snapped them both to attention, dropping Chun-Li to the floor in absolute agony. Whatever had happened had brought the fighter the slightest reprieve. She just needed to hope her torment was now over.


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Mar 9, 2016
HOly shit, how have I never known this story existed until now?
This is amazing, and has everything that I could possibly ask for: Chun-Li in a swimsuit, Chun-Li swimming, and of course, Chun-Li getting beaten the crap outta her (especially with the number of belly blows in this.)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I enjoyed this so much! Can't wait to read more from you.

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May 3, 2020

Part 3 - Hell in Paradise

The two guards snapped to attention as they heard a sound that signalled the end of their fun, trying to physically shield the beaten fighter's appearance from the new arrival as a stout dark-skinned woman with wild hair and a tattoo across her face stood at the side of the ring, glaring at the two brutes while they shuffled awkwardly under her gaze. “Uh, hey boss!” Maeda greeted with a nervous smile as the stranger stepped up to the edge and pushed apart the ropes so she could enter “We was just leaving and-” the blue short wearing security guard tried to explain before a palm shot out from the woman, cracking into the guard's cheek with the sound of a crack of lightning sending him sprawling into the dirt and giving the woman an unobstructed look at Chun Li as she groaned weakly in the dirt.

Giving an appraising look at the fallen investigator, the apparent boss of this open-air training area didn't bother looking at the other security guard before barking an order at him “Robe. Then leave.” She demanded of Boaz.

“Yes, Lady Apatu.” Boaz nodded, quickly moving to disrobe his employer without further complaint revealing that the tattoos covering her face also spread down an intricate pattern across her back, shoulders and arms with different designs on her thick thighs. Every inch of ink was on display as once the robe had been removed the woman was dressed in nothing but a pair of dark red ankle wraps around her feet and a red sumo wrestler's waistband, leaving her heavy breasts fully exposed to the tropical air while the security guard dutifully bundled up the discarded robe and fled the ring, giving his partner a kick in the thigh to prompt him to leave faster.

Stepping close to the still hurting Chun, the tattooed woman loomed over her as she rose her right leg high up into the air, bringing it down on the dirt next to the Street Fighter with enough force to shake the ring, rousing the battered woman from her painful slumber “Mnuhh...?” She groaned out.

sumo stomp.gif

“You do not know who I am,” the mysterious owner declared “But you will, Chun Li. It is my honour to crush the strongest woman in the world.” she announced to the fallen fighter, letting her know her misery was far from finished today. All she had wanted to do was some exploring on holiday and it had led to one of the most vicious beatings of her life and now this large woman was planning on adding to her suffering.

It didn't take long for the pain to begin anew as the heavyset women pressed her foot down on the already bruised abs of the Chinese warrior, letting her whole body weight press down and crush Chun Li into the ground as the sumo garb-clad fighter literally walked over her “Aaaacckk!” She coughed out rolling onto her front to try and protect her hurting belly, really feeling just how much her newest foe weighed.

giant step.gif

“My name is Ioana Apatu,” the tattooed woman declared as she reached down to grasp a hand full of hair “I train here to be the strongest, and with your defeat I will be.” She said as she hoisted Chun Li back on to her feet, forcing the hurt fighter to stand and take whatever punishment came next. The edge of Ioana's hand came crashing down on her chest bouncing her breasts around as a red mark laid out the path of destruction but this time the Street Fighter stayed standing.

“Ya!” Chun Li yelled as she swung her leg around, hooking it into the side of the larger fighter but even as her shin crashed into the Islander's bulk Ioana looked as if she barely shifted from the impact, only stepping back to deliver another stinging chop to punish the Chinese fighter for fighting back. Undeterred, Chun kicked back but the legendary legs didn't seem to have the force they previously did, or at least not enough to topple the bare chested heavyweight as she twisted the edge of her hand to let her palm strike down and send Chun back down into the dirt with a thud.

strike exchange.gif

“Nggh...” Chun groaned as she tried to pull herself up, guarding her bright red chest from further punishment. She had to do something here otherwise this tattooed sumo might just slap her to death if she didn't squash her under her bulk first but she was moving too slow. Despite Ioana's size the woman was as agile as anyone in the World Warrior tournaments, quickly grabbing the investigator by the head ans swinging her into position before driving her thick leg up and driving her knee into Chun Li's already bashed in belly “Guuh!” The Chinese fighter groaned as spittle was driven out of her mouth before she collapsed on the ground face down once again.

knee to gut.gif

Rolling the groaning bikini-clad fighter over with her foot, the sumo wrestler let out a terrifying scream of “OOYAA!” as the big woman leapt into the air, pulling her legs up high just to land her massive rear square on her already sore chest, squashing any air out of Chun Li's lungs as her whole weight smashed down, creating a small indent in the clay surface from the impact for the Chinese woman to weakly wheeze out of, no air to even moan out in pain.

jumping hip drop.gif

Chun Li was putty in Ioana's clutches, that was made very clear as the bigger woman literally scooped the crushed fighter out of the ground and pulled the limp body back onto her feet, arms pinning them chest to chest before her whole body spun around and took Chun-Li for the ride with her, sailing through the air and splatting back down in the same mini-crater that she had only just been plucked from with a vicious thud.

Belly to Belly.gif

Any other woman in the grasp of such a powerful and sadistic foe would have been broken and mangled beyond recognition by now but the World's Strongest Woman's inhuman endurance had come back to torment her, forcing her to at least attempt to rise back to her feet and right back into whatever the heavyweight had next for her round of punishment, grasping at the ropes at the edge for something to help her back up and in to this fight, only for the Islander to spin her around and force her to stagger back all the way into the opposite corner under an unrelenting barrage of palm strikes that shot pain through Chun's body every time one was thrust into her flimsy bikini top.

slap charge.gif

“Ngh... nah...ngh...” she grunted as she crawled in the dirt, clawing at the edge of the ring and trying to pull herself out, it wouldn't get her very far away but it would have at least been something. But even that small reprieve was denied as Ioana simply stood on Chun Li's back, her feet digging into her spine while the Street Fighter used what little air she'd managed to save up to scream out in pain as she was crushed underfoot again “AAAAAAAAH!”

standing on chun.gif

“We are not done.” Ioana declared as she stepped off, dragging Chun Li across the dirt and away from any potential safety net by the ankle, lifting her off the ground in a casual display of the tattooed fighter's immense power.

“P-please... let me go... I promise I'll- KYAAA!” The Chinese woman cried out as her leg was twisted bent around the bigger woman's neck like a scarf, Ioana crushing down with an agonizing Stretch Muffler hold, aiming to take away any potential Chun Li had at fighting back. In her beaten state without her legendary legs she had nothing but her ability to suffer endlessly.

stretch muffler.gif

“N-no more!” Chun begged to no avail once she had flopped out of her tormentor's grasp, only for the tattooed fighter to reach over and wrap her hands around the investigator's throat

“Enough whining.” Ioana commanded as her hands squeezed down around the Street Fighter's neck, reducing any cries for help or mercy into a pained gurgle as the Island warrior simply strangled Chun Li into a more satisfying silence. Or at least a quiet enough one as the investigator pawed at the bigger woman's wrists, desperate for escape as she was pulled up by the throat onto her feet.

choke out.gif

With spots forming around her eyes, Chun Li was desperate for air and unable to resist as she was lifted up and by her hurting thighs, a much gentler grip than one that Ioana had used before only for the heavy-set fighter to let go suddenly and let the Chinese victim drop down crotch-first onto her outstretched thigh. “Eemmph!”Was the strange noise the Street Fighter let out as the world of pain snapped her out of whatever stupor the choke had put her in. However even with that sudden sense of awareness, her body was still not moving unless Ioana wanted it to move. And Ioana seemed to want nothing but to make Chun Li hurt until she broke.

reverse atomic drop.gif

“Boaz! Maeda!” She called out as she reached down to grab her victim by the throat again, this time with one hand “If you fail in your duties again, this will be your fate!” She warned her own security guards as she lifted Chun Li off the ground and into the air, letting her feel the agony around her throat for a brief while longer before driving herself down delivering a massive chokeslam to the battered fighter.

lifting chokeslam.gif

“Yes Mistress! Won't happen again Mistress!” Maeda kowtowed as the two watched as their employer finished the job they had started, twisting the limp body of Chun Li around for another torture rack hold, this time twisting the bikini wearing woman's body around so Ioana could compress her spine like an accordion, pulling the back of Chun's head and her heels closer together before letting her flop away, rolling in the dirt as she felt her back scream out in agony even when freed of the merciless woman's grasp.

twisted torture rack.gif

By a cruel miracle, the Chinese woman staggered back to her feet, digging deep into whatever energies she had remaining and focussing it into the palms of her hands, praying that a sudden blast of Ki would manage to at least do something if only give her time to recover from the beating she had endured thus far but Ioana was too fast for the battered fighter once again. This time the tattooed fighter ducked low to wrap her arms around Chun Li's body but this time in a much tighter grasp as she pulled her in “N-nooo!” the investigator screamed as she felt what was happening. Her whole body was being crushed in Ioana's grasp as the Islander had pulled her in to an agonizing bear hug.


Chun Li pushed at her foe's arms but the struggles only seemed to drive the sadistic sumo to crush her even tighter as punishment for thinking she could possibly escape, even lifting the investigator off her feet so there was nothing holding Chun together other than the crushing pressure that dug into her spine, threatening to crack her in two.

lifting bearhug.gif

As Chun Li's struggles faded and her arms finally went limp, Ioana did not celebrate, she didn't take advantage of her by pulling away the flimsy bikini top or lick her beautiful if beaten body. Instead the sadistic woman muscled the thoroughly defeated woman up on to her shoulder spinning around fiercely before letting a sudden burst of wind carry Chun Li high up into the air, only for her to come crashing back down with a heavy thud once the gust faded away and gravity took hold.

typhoon launch.gif

“Get the raft,” The woman barked as she kicked the weakly moaning fighter back on to her bruised belly “Soon she will look like a shipwreck survivor. No-one will question it and she will not dare step foot in my domain.” Ioana instructed as she wrapped her arm underneath Chun Li's chin and stood back, the investigator's arms limply draped over her thighs as she was put through another round of torment in a camel clutch, but not for long. Even the World's Strongest Woman had her limits and while in Ioana's grasp for one last time her vision faded, her tongue drooped out of her mouth as she was left hanging in her tormentor's clutches completely out cold.


When she woke up in the Island clinic, what had happened was a vague blur. The story given by the doctor was barely understood, something about a boat accident being nearly deadly or something, all she had to remember the days she spent here would be whatever injuries she had picked up and a recurring nightmare where she was repeatedly pummelled, stretched and squashed by an implacable woman in the middle of a desert island.



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