Spit Strands defying gravity

don kloot

Content Creator
Greetings, I've encountered a glitch and I am unsure what I may have done to cause it. Essentially, the spit strands do not fall and just stay "glued" to the face. I'm using sby sby 's loader pack. I believe this issue occurred when I updated my moremoodsv9 to v10; however, after reversing this update the issue persisted.
Does anyone have any idea where I should maybe look to fix this issue?



I have since figured out what the issue is. If you're experiencing a similar issue it may be due to an eyewear mod conflicting with hairs. In my situation, it was due to Messy Bodypaint (eyewear) Messy bodypaint (Viking) conflicting with my hair mods when loading it through moreclothingV8 ( sby sby ).