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Sissy Mods

Discussion in 'Help' started by h345iop, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. h345iop

    h345iop Guest

    straight-up (lol) question: is there any collected source of "sissy" materials? I mean mods that make the game enjoyable by those that want to be the girl. I'm specifically looking for stuff like:
    - Cum from her penis
    - Second guy getting masturbated/sucked by her
    - ...

  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Hello @h345iop. Welcome to the Undertow forum.

    I don't know of any such collection. We organize things via tags, and so there are a few categories which might be useful to look at. The <male> tag is worth investigating, since it's the simplest way to find non-standard material (most of which is tagged <female>). The <male> catalogue will also lead you to related tags such as <yaoi> and <futanari>, which might provide useful material. You can also take a look at <femdom> or <bondage> if you're looking to set up a dominatrix scenario.

    The game uses the pronoun "Him" to refer to the dominant character, and "Her" to identify the submissive character. But it's possible to reverse these gender roles -- you can assign a feminine body to the dominant character and then make the submissive character short-haired and flat-chested. The result isn't completely convincing (he lacks an Adam's Apple, for example) but it may suffice for a "bishonen" or "trap" character (i.e. someone who's supposed to be androgynous). You don't need any advanced mods to do this; the standard in-game Options will allow you to achieve it.

    If you simply want the male character to stand still, so that your mouse/keyboard inputs will apply exclusively to the girl, then that's possible. You'll need to install the animtools mod (which requires the SDT Loader). You can then setup a custom position in which the male is stationary while the girl remains fully mobile. You can also browse through the various custom positions already created by Undertow users, and ask for advice or assistance in creating your own custom scenarios (if you've encountered difficulty).

    If you use the built-in futanari option, then the right-hand (standing) character will become visibly female while retaining a fully functional penis.

    If you'd like to see ejaculation from the left-hand (kneeling) character then you'll need to install the SDT Loader. Once you've done that, you'll be able to employ Loader Mods such as:
    Make Her Cum
    Her Penis Slider Range Increase

    Please note that there are some technical limitations with this form of female ejaculation. The game wasn't designed for this feature, and hence the physics system does not treat "His" body as a valid target for the flying semen strands. They'll usually just pass through his legs and land on the floor.

    @Xteam has created a few sex animations which involve multi-penetration or orgy scenarios. @dantethedarkprince has created male heads (which are useful if you're trying to setup more creative sex scenes; they allow you to "zoom out" without revealing the male character's weird headless shoulders). You can also find a "Futa Humper" and "Helping Hands" among Dante's mods.

    This isn't my kink, so I can't comment on it personally. Other Undertow members might chime in to offer their own recommendations.

    If you're not satisfied with the results then you can always ask for new material. If you're looking for a new character, costume, or background then you can post a thread on the SDT Requests board. If you're looking for changes to the gameplay experience or core features, then you'll need to use the Loader Requests board.

    We once had a Request for "female deep-throating" -- in which the girl's distended labia would be licked, sucked, and partially swallowed by a kneeling male character. The thread doesn't exist anymore (it was lost during a forum migration) but it included some discussion of technical feasibility, artwork resources, and gameplay consequences. The point is: we've seen some weird shit around here. Most of our requests involve "vanilla" boy-on-girl interactions, but you're free to propose more adventurous stuff. Your ideas are welcome, and nobody is going to judge you for raising them.
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  3. Rudgar

    Rudgar Content Creator

    Nov 18, 2016
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    ... he should have thanked you at least for your answer, stunt.
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