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Sep 10, 2015
Happily Ever After
By Me and thesteedman
Part 4

[16:03] <Sickerton> "Lesse here... Don't need that... Don't need that..."
[16:03] <Sickerton> Deep below the castle proper, three figures waited with varying degrees of anticipation in a... repurposed 'Play Room'. Although the degree of that change was debatable; Silk sheets were merely pinned up along the walls to hide the various implements typically used in this room. And quite possibly used again very soon, all things considered.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Of course, there were a gaggle of guards stationed *Outside* the room proper. But this was to be an intimate affair, one extra eyes had no business being part of.
[16:03] <Sickerton> "Definitely don't need THAT... Ha! Sickness and health indeed..."
[16:03] <Sickerton> The woman muttering was Phobie herself, dressed in her best uniform for the occasion. A lovely military captain affair, similar in many ways to the outfit she re-met her fiance in what seemed like ages ago.
[16:03] <Sickerton> ...Upon further inspection, it appeared to be the exact same attire down to the last detail. Whip was still on one hip, and the sabre was still on the other. Her right sleeve was even missing from their first lover's quarrel, revealing the gently glowing rune-tattoos to all present. The only real difference was the necklace that now hung around her neck and drooped between her breasts; a 'borrowed' emblem of a family long considered dead, but the baroness very soon would be hard at work... rebuilding.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Her full attention was focused on the tiny booklet in her hand though, rapidly rifling through it for the next essential passage. Phobie wanted this marriage to be as legally binding as possible... but, on the flip side, wanted at least the *first* celebration as close to just her and her love as possible. Thus with her royal clout she had granted *herself* the title of honorary priesthood, and was conducting the rites by herself.
[16:03] <Sickerton> "...Boy, these men of the cloth sure know how to draw something out..."
[16:03] <Sickerton> Seated further away - Forcefully, strapped to her chair by a series of ropes - was the one witness needed to pass legal procedures. And only a technical one at that. Deja La Chance had given up struggling against her binds hours ago, now merely slumping in her seat and trying not to drool too much against her gag. In a bit of dark humor their host HAD finally granted her an eyepatch... Slipped over her working eye, allowing the scarred and nonfunctional one to 'witness' the marriage as it darted back and forth utterly uncomprehending.
[16:03] <Sickerton> And last, but certainly not least, was the lady of the hour.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Faith stood silently by Phobie's side, 'patiently' awaiting the event to carry on. All the finest tailors of the region were brought together to create juuuust the right wedding gown for her... which was funny in hindsight, since it probably didn't actually count as a gown. "Clothing" could be pushing it as well.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Almost completely made out of teasingly light frills, the Monk's wedding attire was in essence merely four parts. Atop her head was the traditional veil, drooping down over her face to obscure it from the 'husband' per traditions. Beneath that was nothing... Bar a liberal application of makeup, courtesy of servants ordered to do so.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Slightly below that was a new collar about her neck, absolutely sparkling with encrusted jewels and precious metals. Although make no mistake; despite the care put into this 'Wedding band' it still was just as functional as the ones all other prisoners of the baron wore, as evidenced by several diamond 'Studs' jutting out ready to sink in.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Even lower was her wisp of a top; mostly translucent, with tactical frilling in certian areas to not give TOO much away. A jade-dotted chain also connected from one side of the chest to the other, drooping in the midde to sway freely akin to the attire accessories of an exotic belly dancer.
[16:03] <Sickerton> And down at her hips was a skirt... kind of. Barely dropping past her thighs and cutting up one leg to the point that it was held in place by a single button, the skirt concept was more a suggestion than a reality. Although it was more than enough for her spouse-to-be; More than enough indeed.
[16:03] <Sickerton> In truth, there were two constants across all the pieces:
[16:03] <Sickerton> They were sized perfectly for Faith's measurements... Then shrunk several sizes more, leading to them biting uncomfortably into her figure.
[16:03] <Sickerton> And they were all designed with 'give' points, specifically for tearing at a moment's notice.
[16:03] <Sickerton> Everything put together, there was little imagination needed to predict what this wedding's after party would be.
[16:03] <Sickerton> "...Ah, heeere we go!" Phobie finally all but cheered, reaching the segment she was looking for. "Do you take this yadda yadda yadda, I certainly do!"
[16:03] <Sickerton> Then she turned to her 'blushing bride', standing up straight as she resumed the formalities proper.
[16:03] <Sickerton> "Now, do YOU take Phobie Von Hündin as your lawful wedded wife?"
[16:03] <Sickerton> The baroness waited a beat, then with a slight lean over and a waggle of an eyebrow added:
[16:03] <Sickerton> "Now I don't wanna pressure you for time or anything, but..."
[16:03] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:09] <thesteedman> Faith always wondered if she would ever get married. Though spiritual in nature, that was not to say she had never bedded anyone. Urges were urges after all and Faith also had them despite what her normal stoic expression might suggest.
[16:11] <thesteedman> In her travels she had shared moments with various women and certainly enjoyed some special nights and moments, but merely when passing through villages and rarely at that.
[16:11] <thesteedman> She never thought about settling down but knew one day she might greet the right woman. Or so she believed... Phobie was certainly not the right woman, but the woman she was going to marry.
[16:12] <thesteedman> If this went through... Phobie would be given full rights to her fortune... No doubt she would be returned home and the Baroness would take over her name, her lands, her people...
[16:13] <thesteedman> What Faith got in return was that she was allowed to live which was something Phobie rarely offered her toys. What life would she have though?... No doubt trapped within a keep for the rest of her days to be brought to Baroness when she wanted something to wrap her legs around when her twisted desires kicked in.
[16:14] <thesteedman> Nor was this the wedding she would have wanted... given her state of attire... as little as it was.
[16:15] <thesteedman> "Why... are you doing this? Are you not wealthy enough? Do you not already have all you can need?" Faith dared to whisper. Since Phobie discovered she was Faith Naridia, she had been nothing but polite in the most loose way of the word.
[16:16] <thesteedman> A twisted version of polite as she never shouted nor condescended her... even when she brutally tortured her. There was almost a respect there... like she remembered their past and held her in some kind of regard above the rest.
[16:17] <thesteedman> It was always hard to say... most times Faith was trying her best not to be broken in half.
[16:17] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:02] <Sickerton> Even barring current and immediate complications, Faith was not the best at reading the nuances of faces. For fairly obvious reasons. Which was an extra shame now, as while she probably caught the cocking of Phobie's head the accompanying expression would be completely lost on her.
[16:02] <Sickerton> The legendarily cruel and bloodthirsty royal looked down upon her bride to be with... a type of sad, but endearing pity. Like the loving owner of a two legged dog, watching it trying to stand up after a long nap.
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Oh, dearest." she started wryly with a soft smile. "In some ways you- no, I will never go so far to say that what happened to you was a good thing. But the life you were forced into let you sail right past the life you were supposed to have."
[16:02] <Sickerton> Pocketing her tiny holy book, Phobie stepped forward and took hold of the monk's hands. Then - politely, but firmly enough to let Faith know that this was *not* optional, began to lead them both in an intimate ballroom dance.
[16:02] <Sickerton> "There is never such thing as too much wealth in the bloodlines we came from." Phobie semi-whispered back pressing herself firmly against her bride to be as they slowly revolved. "Money, power, connections, friends... all grains of sand in an hourglass. One *has* to reach out for more and more, as what they have will never stop draining away. It's why the wealthy and royal have acted the way they have since the dawn of time."
[16:02] <Sickerton> She dipped in slightly more, resting her forehead against Faith's veil, and mused
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Hate the game, not it's players."
[16:02] <Sickerton> Before drawing back and holding the girl at arms length as they spun faster and faster.
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Besides!" Phobie continued, voice raising in volume and mirth as the world turned to streaks around them. "Who says this has to be *Bad* for you? Or your lineage? Blackthorn to me is a... useful contact, nothing more. Certainly nowhere near you! How about we join our forces - not like you were really *using* yours anyway - and hunt her down together? I'll pin down where she is, and you can go in for the kill!"
[16:02] <Sickerton> Faith was drawn in again, Phobie pressing close enough to whisper right into her ear.
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Or even better. Take her alive, make her a plaything. *Your* plaything. Wouldn't that be poetic? The lady who ruined your life, broken and humbled before you?"
[16:02] <Sickerton> There was a deep dip, and Faith was left 'Looking' up into her dance partner's face, tongue tracing across her lips as she surveyed the monk in all her glory.
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Think of the possibilities." she continued, now far too into the moment to notice the muffled scuffling somewhere just outside the enclosed room. "All you've wanted. All you've needed."
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Just two words."
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Two."
[16:02] <Sickerton> "Words."
[16:02] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:22] <thesteedman> As Faith was dipped back, supported only by Phobie with one hand grasped by her own and her other arm scooped around her waist, all manner of thoughts began traverse through her racing mind.
[16:23] <thesteedman> Her heart was beating in her chest, the blind monk a mere plaything to Phobie when the dance of madness came to an end. She couldn't help but wonder just how much truth ran through the words that escaped from her lips.
[16:24] <thesteedman> There was almost a temptation to accept the offer from the devil herself, a chance at revenge, to put an end to the journey she began so many years ago, that found its creation through tragedy and darkness.
[16:25] <thesteedman> Faith had only been with Phobie a short time. She did not need sight to see what Phobie was. Her words were always sweet but carried a poison fatal to most. To even one as strong as Faith they were able to weaken her, but she could 'see' through it.
[16:26] <thesteedman> Phobie just wanted those two words... those two words. Would anything change? Not truly, save for Phobie's sudden and sharp growth in estate as well as political gain. Faith was destined to be her prisoner... her plaything it seemed. This wedding was nothing more then a farce...
[16:27] <thesteedman> Not even truly needed. She could claim the marriage had occurred without it even happening... but Faith figured part of this was to show her dominance, all part of her twisted mind.
[16:28] <thesteedman> "I..." Faith whispered. There was a part of her that knew however, saying anything at this point that was not what Phobie wanted to hear would lead to a world of pain.
[16:29] <thesteedman> She felt Phobie bring her up, their bodies pressed close much to Faith's dismay. Denying Phobie would be a mistake. She was going to get what she wanted regardless of her answer. What was the point on being defiant at this point? There was no one left to impress, nothing left to prove.
[16:30] <thesteedman> "I..." Faith whispered, her voice trembling within her throat. In the thick of the moment, she had not noticed the sounds just beyond the door herself.
[16:30] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:00] <Sickerton> "Yeeeees?" Phobie asked, drawing out the word like butter spread on bread. Or herself spread on Faith. Either one, really. As the dramatic silence drew on the baron pulled her partner more and more in, the embrace slowly progressing past deep intimacy and into something slightly tortur-
[18:00] <Sickerton> CRASH!
[18:00] <Sickerton> In the double doors connecting this 'playroom' to the hallway blew, a spray of pebbles flying in as it did so. The stationed guards were nowhere to be found... or, rather, everywhere, if one was clued in enough about the bits of gravel.
[18:00] <Sickerton> And in the archway now stoo... uh, slithered... a sight to behold. Quite literally. A rather familliar medusa made her way in, oil-hued tail trailing off behind with no end in sight. Her lengthy tongle flicken in and out instictually as her stony eyes swept the room... and settled upon the baron and her prize.
[18:00] <Sickerton> "That..." she began, shooting a glare that could quite literally kill. "...Isss not yoursssss..."
[18:00] <Sickerton> "...Oh?" Phobie answered after a pause; frozen mid-dip with Faith, but very notably not petrified. Probably had something to do with the (now softly glowing) runes on her shoulder. "Could have fooled me."
[18:00] <Sickerton> With a pull Phobie helped Faith back up to standing... and with a spin Faith was set aside, revolving a few times before she dropped onto her rear. Without looking back the baron herself stepped down from the altar, unsheathing her saber as she did so.
[18:00] <Sickerton> "A greedy dragon comes to steal the maiden away from her love." Phobie mused, wry smirk plastered on her face. "Fitting. Did you think you could pull this off abomination?"
[18:00] <Sickerton> Se'Na merely looked *past* her, to the sitting Faith, and spoke two words:
[18:00] <Sickerton> "I do."
[18:00] <Sickerton> POP!
[18:00] <Sickerton> The deadly choker collar released itself from the monk, dropping down into her lap with a tiny clatter. Se'Na, ever the information broker, had apparently either discovered or deduced the deactivation phrase for Faith's own restraints.
[18:00] <Sickerton> The actual choice of words raised... several questions... but as the baroness and serpent homed in on each other perhaps there were more pressing matters to think about...
[18:00] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:08] <thesteedman> Faith let a gasp escape from her parting lips when the collar slid from her neck, clattering down on the ground at her feet. As if some creature of the underworld had crawled into their reality, Faith kicked the collar away... wanting to be as distant as possible from the contraption that had threatened her from the start when she was in a cell.
[18:10] <thesteedman> Bewilderment certainly began to take root that those words triggered the release. This was not the time to dwell however. Under the clothing of Phobie, she noticed a light source below the fabric, where her tattoo's rested. Faith had become familiar with them during the long embraces, and her futile attempts to escape.
[18:10] <thesteedman> Phobie's flesh was different on her shoulders, were the markings had been etched. Now as they began to burn a brilliant light, Faith could feel their presence, near almost see them as far as her senses went. They were keeping Phobie from being turned to stone...
[18:12] <thesteedman> Faith might have allowed Se'Na to deal with Phobie... but there was only one way out and that was past the duo. Whatever Se'Na's true purpose here was, escaping Phobie was her priority, and if that meant making an brief alliance with Se'Na then so be it.
[18:12] <thesteedman> Faith rose tall, taking a stance. Her strength was not quite was it should be given the long torturous sessions with Phobie, but Faith was confident in her fist.
[18:13] <thesteedman> Dashing forward, Faith set honor aside and looked to get the drop on the Baroness. The thought of fighting her after all she had done to her was frightening, but the fuel dousing the burning need for revenge more then spurned her on.
[18:15] <thesteedman> Rushing behind Phobie, Faith struck into her back hard with a closed fist, before following it up with an open palm, channeling her chi energy to force a wave of power unseen to the human eye, looking to propel Phobie towards her unlikely ally.
[18:15] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:42] <Sickerton> "Like a knight in shining armor, I will- GAH!"
[18:42] <Sickerton> Phobie's romanticized ego stroking would have to be put on hold, as the attack from behind caught her completely off guard.
[18:42] <Sickerton> The blow and blast did not propel her nearly as far as it should have - most of the force being absorbed into her sigils, but she was still forced forward a few shaky steps. More than enough for Se'Na to lunge in and scoop her up in her arms.
[18:42] <Sickerton> "You're not... as slimy... as I expected..." the baroness grunted out through gritted teeth. "But still..."
[18:42] <Sickerton> She was too close to bring her blade to bear, but that did not make her weapon useless. With a swing she clubbed the naga queen with the hilt, forcing her to drop her prey as she grasped at her gashed face.
[18:42] <Sickerton> "Wait your turn."
[18:42] <Sickerton> Phobie spun around and gave Faith a disapproving look, just short from actually saying 'Really?' but then she was on her.
[18:42] <Sickerton> In a blink she had crossed the distance, and with a small hop a knee was plunged deep into Faith's stomach. As the monk was bent over Phobie took her head with both hands and pulled her in for a kiss, dancing their tongues across each other as the monk gasped for air...
[18:42] <Sickerton> ...Then with a heave threw her, sending the blind woman crashing into Se'Na just as she recovered. Away they both went, until they slammed into the wall and fell down into a mutual heap.
[18:42] <Sickerton> "There." Phobie continues smoothly, once again assuming a normal gait as she sashayed closer and closer. "None of this pincer attack funny business."
[18:42] <Sickerton> A beat.
[18:42] <Sickerton> "From *You*."
[18:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:48] <thesteedman> Faith crashed into Se'Na hard, before the two tumbled into the wall. Faith coughed just about getting her breathe back, before wiping the saliva from her lips after the Baroness stole a kiss from her.
[18:48] <thesteedman> Se'Na got the worst of the fall and no doubt needed a little time, something Faith could not afford to spare. With a grunt she dragged herself up, favoring the side of her stomach which took the brunt of the powerful knee.
[18:49] <thesteedman> Faith took a few steps, feeling significant pain in her stomach from each step, realising just how hard the Baroness could hit with her deadly legs. Despite the pain, Faith retook a stance, taking a deep breath.
[18:50] <thesteedman> Though she couldn't see it, she could feel Phobie's eyes upon her. Given how little she wore, it was rather sickening to know even know the Baroness was drinking in her appearance. To Phobie... this no doubt only made this day all the more exciting for her.
[18:51] <thesteedman> As such, Faith knew this was her last chance to get out of this... otherwise she'd be spending her life as a slave wife to the Baroness. Dashing in, Faith knew failure was no longer and option.
[18:52] <thesteedman> Faith did not fear Phobie's blade. She was used to fighting enemies with weapons when she herself only possessed her fists. Though sluggish in her movement, Faith was still deadly quick. Her first move was a strike towards Phobie's wrist to try and disarm her after dodging a swing.
[18:53] <thesteedman> She tried to follow up with a kick to her knee, but she might as well have been kicking steel, as the strike almost hurt Faith more. However she tried to follow up, shoulder barging into the Baroness' stomach to send her towards a wall.
[18:54] <thesteedman> During all of this... she couldn't help but get the feeling that the Baroness was holding back... toying with her perhaps? Or merely savoring the moment... Regardless, Faith was not so confident, but she hid it well behind her stoic expression.
[19:14] <Sickerton> The disarming strike missed... while, at the same time, was wildly successful. Phobie did indeed spin to the side to prevent Faith from striking her wrist, but at the same time she plunged the saber into the ground and turned her full attention back to Faith. It seemed that - for one reason or another - she did not want to risk hurting her bride... in that way.
[19:14] <Sickerton> On the bright side, the shoulder rush landed right where it needed. For all the good that did. Phobie was pressed back against the wall, but is didn't seem to really phase her that much, that sickly smile remaining as she regarded the situation with obvious lust.
[19:14] <Sickerton> "Oh, so *forceful*."
[19:14] <Sickerton> Before Faith could decide on a new course of action, arms wrapped around her midsection and began to squeeze Back she was forced to arch, further and further as the baroness leaned in to nuzzle a cheek against her chest.
[19:14] <Sickerton> "Save a little for the honeymoon." Phobie quipped, before dropping one hand down to take a palmful of the monk's rump. "Or is this it already?"
[19:14] <Sickerton> Across the room, Se'Na finished shaking her head clear and growled at the sight before her...
[19:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:21] <thesteedman> Faith groaned in pain, her back beginning to click and creak a little from the tight grip the Baroness had upon her. She couldn't stop herself from arching as Phobie pressed forwards against her, driving their hips closer together whilst she pulled her body in tighter against her own.
[19:22] <thesteedman> Faith pushed against her arms, biting her lip hard to suppress any more sound, knowing it was music to Phobie's ears. Soon she felt the hot breath of her tormentor against the exposed cleavage of her chest.
[19:23] <thesteedman> Phobie was half mocking and frighteningly half genuine. Her strength was unnatural, unmatched it seemed. Faith found it difficult getting free, and gasped when Phobie grasped at her rear with one hand, giving her firm glute a squeeze with her hand, whilst her other arms continued to close in around her.
[19:25] <thesteedman> "Uugh!" Faith couldn't stop a moan of pain escaping her lips, arching back as Phobie returned to squeezing her. She grasped at her top before Faith grasped her head with both hands, throwing some weight into a shove as she attempted to bash Phobie's head against the wall behind her.
[19:25] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:51] <Sickerton> "Aw." Phobie cooed, seemingly unphased as her head bounced against the stone wall with an audible THUMP... and her shoulder tattoos grew just a little bit brighter.
[19:51] <Sickerton> "Playing hard to get, are we? That's what I love abou-"
[19:51] <Sickerton> "NO!"
[19:51] <Sickerton> Clawed hands dug into Faith's shoulders, and for an agonizing moment she was being forced against the arm behind her with colossal force... but then her sweat-beaded body slipped free of the hold, and she was sent tumbling back and away.
[19:51] <Sickerton> "NO NO NO!"
[19:51] <Sickerton> The monk would finally come to a halt against the only chair in the room; still occupied by the blindfolded (and by this point no doubt incredibly confused) La Chance. This netted a muffled "Hrng?" from the girl, but not much else.
[19:51] <Sickerton> The main event, of course, was the scene she had been tossed from. Now in a full-on rage Se'Na clawed away at a somewhat bewildered Phobie, screaming the whole time. "NO! NOT YOURS! MINE! MINE!"
[19:51] <Sickerton> For a few baroness had to take the full blunt of the fury, but finally found an opening. Bracing herself against the wall she shot out with both feet, catching Se'Na in the jaw, and forcing her to recoil long enough for Phobie to circle back to the embedded saber.
[19:51] <Sickerton> Gone was the pristine royal from the opening ceremony; her military suit hung in tatters, her pants were barely more than a handful of ribbons, and even though her now heavily glowing runes apparently saved her from actual gashes there was still murder in her eyes. Panting heavily, she pulled her sword from the floor and leveled it at the naga queen.
[19:51] <Sickerton> "Alright. Games are over. You're going to make a fine set of replacement boots for the set you just ruined."
[19:51] <Sickerton> (yt)
[20:03] <thesteedman> Faith may have apologized if it had been anyone else she had clashed into, but as it was all she could do was give a little kick against La Chance as she got to her feet. She might have done more if she had not suffered like she had... but a sly kick as she rose would have to do...
[20:04] <thesteedman> She didn't care for Se'Na... but Faith knew she could not win this fight without her. She charged once again, taking the Baroness' midriff with her arms whilst she shifted behind her.
[20:05] <thesteedman> With momentum on her side, Faith pulled her upwards, lifting the Baroness of her feet before slamming her onto the ground after throwing her over head, making sure she landed head and shoulders against the ground.
[20:06] <thesteedman> Faith tried to follow up... but all at once the pain began to hit her as the adrenaline began to wear off. She felt blood running down one of her shoulders, and her back was suddenly stabbed with sharp pain where Se'Na had near tore her from the Baroness.
[20:07] <thesteedman> Faith arched, falling short of her charge as she favored her back. She fell to her knees, biting on her lower lip hard, realising that precious momentum was slipping. With a loud shout of determination however, Faith pressed on through the pain.
[20:07] <thesteedman> Despite the uphill struggle, she clashed into Phobie again, feeling energy begin to pulsate from the marks on her shoulders as she tried to land strike after strike upon her.
[20:07] <thesteedman> (yt)
[20:50] <Sickerton> "Get ready, you scaly - Aw what -"
[20:50] <Sickerton> Phobie was once again blindsided by the monk, getting the wrong side of a suplex with a weighty THUMP. Momentarily she stayed that way, legs dangling above her unflatteringly, before she balled up and rolled back to her feet.
[20:50] <Sickerton> "This is... quite a lover's're giving me here..."
[20:50] <Sickerton> It was clear that Phobie was getting, if now worn down, then worked up. Which could still be a good thing; both lead to mistakes. But then again, it could also lead to more rash decisions...
[20:50] <Sickerton> The faltering in Faith's charge was the opening she needed. As the monk once again crashed into her, Phobie palmed that still veiled face and with a growl heaved down to slam her head against the floor. As Faith flopped Se'Na dove in to try and bat Phobie away...
[20:50] <Sickerton> ...but halted against the hilt of the saber Phobie had instantly stuck out with her other hand, having skewered herself against it.
[20:50] <Sickerton> There was a gurgled gasp as the medusa writhed, pawing at the sword embedded in her chest. With a smirk Phobie let go, allowing the naga queen to sway woozily where she was as the baroness rose to standing.
[20:50] <Sickerton> Se'Na gazed up at the woman looming over her, hands dropping away as her mouth hung slack and her gasps grew shorter...
[20:50] <Sickerton> Only to have her blurring vision be taken up by the sole of a tattered boot, as Phobie brought a foot up to push up against her face to nudge her off balance.
[20:50] <Sickerton> Down Se'Na went, hitting the ground with a meaty THUD. After the impact she seized once more, then settled into worrying stillness as the puddle of red below her grew larger and larger.
[20:50] <Sickerton> "Well..." Phobie broke the silence, self satisfaction once again beginning to absolutely saturate her words. "That'll be a trophy... Will look good over the bed..."
[20:50] <Sickerton> Then she turned her eyes down to the monk at her feet, and began to unfasten the whip still hanging on her hip.
[20:50] <Sickerton> "But that's for later. Now?"
[20:50] <Sickerton> "Disciplining."
[14:46] <thesteedman> Faith felt a wave of despair wash over her. A heavy hand reached up, tearing away the veil from over her head. Se'Na had fallen, the sword buried in her chest and the Medusa left to collapse and expire. Her history with the Naga was not one to be prized, but in this moment she had been her salvation.
[14:48] <thesteedman> Granted... it was short lived salvation, and now Faith found herself alone against the Baroness. Faith gritted her teeth, struggling up to one knee, hearing Phobie unclasp her whip from her hip, letting it snake down to trail against the ground.
[14:50] <thesteedman> Each breath was labored through pain and exhaustion, and yet Faith still managed to stand on trembling legs. She roughly faced towards Phobie's direction, tilting her head in the manner she usually did when she listened for movement and sensed her surroundings.
[14:51] <thesteedman> She knew this would probably be her last stand of sorts... Whilst her life would not end, it may as well be over given the fate Phobie had in store for her. She heard her slip her tattered boots off, no doubt exposed all of her deadly legs from thigh to toe.
[14:52] <thesteedman> Faith was past caring however. Faith just wanted to hurt her... hurt her as much as she could before succumbing, before being forced to marry the twisted deviant.
[14:53] <thesteedman> "Damn you!" Faith spat out, pouring energy from a very limited source into a rush, trying to force Phobie up against the wall and stike at her multiple times.
[14:53] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:12] <Sickerton> "Now now." Phobie chided, standing her ground as Faith clearly prepared to charge. "Don't be getting cold feet on me."
[15:12] <Sickerton> The baroness remained unmoving as her 'fiance' ran in, seemingly ready to take the attack head on... but then stepped to the side, juuuust barely enough to let Faith run by.
[15:12] <Sickerton> Or, she *would* have been running if Phobie did not also hook a foot under a length of Se'Na's unmoving tail, and lift it up to tripwire-height across Faith's path. Because of that the monk would have a much more unpleasant journey, tumbling across it to slide against the ground on her stomach.
[15:12] <Sickerton> Before Faith could raise herself up a foot was against her head, pushing her face against the floor with pressure as the sole playfully ground against her cheek. "And what are you doing, taking off your veil before the ceremony is over?" Phobie added, tapping the handle of her whip idly against her other palm as she did so. "Poor, poor form."
[15:12] <Sickerton> Phobie bent down, lightly tracing her hands across Faith's mostly-bare back, until a finger hooked under the single strap which held her top in place...
[15:12] <Sickerton> "Or are you telling me something here?"
[15:12] <Sickerton> For a few tense seconds she remained that way... then let go, raising herself back to standing.
[15:12] <Sickerton> "Trick question. You don't tell me."
[15:12] <Sickerton> Any relief the monk may have felt was short lived, though, as the whip came down upon her rear with a nasty CRACK! Steadily, methodically Phobie worked the lash back and forth, drawing no blood yet but making sure that Faith would still learn from her 'Spanking'.
[15:12] <Sickerton> "I."
[15:12] <Sickerton> CRACK!
[15:12] <Sickerton> "Tell."
[15:12] <Sickerton> CRACK!
[15:12] <Sickerton> "You."
[15:12] <Sickerton> CRACK!
[15:12] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:18] <thesteedman> Faith shouted out in pain as she was hit with the whip against her rear. Making her arch her back and her heels from the strikes. She managed to turn onto her side but not before Phobie managed to lash her rear a few times.
[15:19] <thesteedman> Faith rolled onto her back, feeling the lash hit her cheek next, finally drawing a fine red line that seeped a little blood. The next lash, Faith managed to grasp with her hand, despite it drawing blood from her palm.
[15:20] <thesteedman> She could do little more however then keep hold of it, trying to stop the whipping, groaning in pain as she tried to regain some semblance of composure. She felt humiliated, her will slowly being broken down. Se'Na's arrival had given her a hope she dared to grasp onto, a chance to escape. But now it was all shattered.
[15:21] <thesteedman> Even her attempt to fight back... she was simply outmatched in every way. Phobie was too fast, too strong and all out relentless.
[15:21] <thesteedman> Faith tried to drag herself upwards, but it was much harder then before. Her legs began to burn, her flesh stung with intense pain where Phobie's whip had clashed against her.
[15:23] <thesteedman> Faith hated that a part of her wanted to beg for mercy, to beg for an end to it all. Phobie had won... Faith knew that, but her body, being what it was... simply wouldn't let her give up despite how hopeless the fight was, and how defeated she felt.
[15:24] <thesteedman> Her body moved on its own against her will, trying to rise, though Faith herself was doing everything she could not to sob, not to reveal that her will was on a knife's edge of shattering.
[15:24] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:48] <Sickerton> Faith's shaky climb upwards was simultaneously aided and halted; a hand seizing her by the scalp, then tilting her head so that she was held in place 'staring' up at her tormentor.
[15:48] <Sickerton> Even blind, it was obvious that her current master and soon-to-be spouse was positively glowing. And not just literally, due to the now pulsing runes on her shoulder. Phobie was primed, she was ready, she was... *excited*.
[15:48] <Sickerton> "Oh, my dear..." the baroness cooed, pausing for a moment to lick her lips hungrily. "You have *never* looked better."
[15:48] <Sickerton> Up Phobie's other hand came, fingers straight out, and with a mighty backhand Faith's world burst into fireworks.
[15:48] <Sickerton> When she came to again, the changes would be immediately obvious. They seemed to be in the same room; Faith could sense Deja still stuck in that single chair nearby, and Se'Na remained sprawled all around her. Even moreso now than before, in fact. As she lay unconsious Phobie had gotten a bit...creative.
[15:48] <Sickerton> Faith now lay against a thick portion of the medusa's seemingly endless tail; propped up against it, so her back was forced to arch against the lump it created. Her arms were also hooked back over it and around, so that her hands were pinned underneath the scaly bulk. It would have been simple for the monk to roll herself back over the tail to free herself... if Phobie was not perched atop her, mighty legs wrapped around her midsection, staring down at her with a smoldering gaze.
[15:48] <Sickerton> "Welcome back."
[15:48] <Sickerton> Phobie dipped down to give Faith a small peck on the forehead... then thought it over, sipping down to drag her tongue across the monk's neck.
[15:48] <Sickerton> "Time to finish our rites." she huffed out between strokes, clearly getting more and more... into things.
[15:48] <Sickerton> Slowly but surely the pressure began to build, those terrible thighs squeezing tighter... and tighter... not unbearable *yet*... but soon...
[15:48] <Sickerton> "Say the words." Phobie purred, snaking her arms around to Faith's back even as she continued to nibble at her throat. "I'll be taking your breath away, one way or the other."
[15:48] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:06] <thesteedman> Faith groaned, feeling Phobie's legs slowly begin to close around her slender waist. Her body noticably strained, the salivia trail along her neck shining in the light. Faith tried to free her hands but the weight of the tail was too much.
[16:07] <thesteedman> She fell back agaisnt the tail, her legs squirming but unable to get any leverage with how highly perched Phobie was. She felt her legs tense, squeezing her tightly, almost as if testing what she could take.
[16:08] <thesteedman> Faith breathed heavily, squirming to no avail. She knew what came next... she knew this wouldn't end until she said the words. Perhaps to save herself the pain she should... maybe Phobie would go easy on her.
[16:08] <thesteedman> A part of her knew deep down nothing would change however... it would only serve to give Phobie the satisfaction that she had compeltely overpowered Faith in both body and mind.
[16:09] <thesteedman> Yet... as her legs continued to squeeze her middle, Faith knew she would not be able to hold out for long, knowing the extent of the power of her legs and her twisted obsession with them.
[16:10] <thesteedman> "N... no..." Faith whispered, her voice broken despite its defience. Even blind, Faith could not turn to face towards Phobie, purposely looking away, feeling her perverted stare.
[16:10] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:52] <Sickerton> "Your words say no..." the baroness mused as she continued to slather herself against the defeated monk. "But your voice? Well..."
[16:52] <Sickerton> Down her tongue travelled; dancing across Faith's collarbone playfully and teasingly. At the same time her groping hands made a similar journey, dipping further and further down along the blind woman's sides.
[16:52] <Sickerton> "I... do not think you are as against this as you believe."
[16:52] <Sickerton> Fingers wrapped around Faith's still pink and stinging rump, sinking into the toned backside as Phobie pulled her even closer against her. a move that was probably not needed, considering the literally crushing intimacy they already shared, but the baroness always got aaaaaalll that she wanted and that wasn't going to stop now.
[16:52] <Sickerton> "Two words." the royal whispered now slathering the cleavage which poked out of Faith's scandalous attire. "Two words and you can start your life anew."
[16:52] <Sickerton> "Two words... and I... can give..."
[16:52] <Sickerton> In an instant the disturbing tenderness faded away; Phobie giving the top of one breast a 'Love bite' which did not *quiiite* draw blood, but was not far off from doing so. At the same time her thighs ratcheted up their pressure, closing like a vice even as the baroness ground herself against her helpless bride-to-be...
[16:52] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:06] <thesteedman> Faith gasped, feeling the baroness all but sink her teeth into her flesh, biting down hard but just shy enough pressure to break the skin. It was made all the worst as the growing pressure around her waist forced her to arch, making her chest heave against the Baroness' face.
[17:08] <thesteedman> Once more Faith tried to free her hands from under the immense weight... but no such joy. She was a plaything for the Baroness, who was drinking in all of this moment. This was her wedding day after all, and it seemed Phobie was trying to make every moment special.
[17:08] <thesteedman> All she wanted was two words... two simple words.
[17:09] <thesteedman> Faith moaned quietly, her back beginning to creak as a few muffled pops sounded out from the base of her spine. Her stomach tensed, her head whipped back and her toes curled, feeling the squeeze beginning to get the best of her.
[17:09] <thesteedman> Pain ran through her back, whilst the sharp sting against her chest continued for a moment longer as Phobie took all the spoilts.
[17:11] <thesteedman> "Please.... stop... stop this..." Faith gasped out breathlessly. Her pride finally beginning to visibly falter, breaking at the seams. She was just so exhausted and drained from her time here.
[17:12] <thesteedman> The seemingly endless nights in Phobie's quarters. When Faith was not tortured, some other poor girl suffered a terrible fate to quench the twisted thirsts of Phobie. The mind games... the whip... her damn crushing legs!
[17:12] <thesteedman> It was becoming too much... and Faith couldn't bare the thought of a lifetime of it. "Please... no more."
[17:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:38] <Sickerton> After one more good squeeze the baroness released her handholds - as well as her bite - to instead rise up and seize Faith's head. Deep she stared into those dead eyes; savoring how even in thier disused state, she felt she saw hints of dire comprehension.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "Oh, my sweet. You know just what to do to stop this."
[17:38] <Sickerton> A giggle.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "The next time I let you, of course."
[17:38] <Sickerton> Then Phobie lunged, locking Faith's lips with hers in a frenzied and passionate kiss!
[17:38] <Sickerton> So spirited was this attack that they both rolled over the medusa's tail; Faith landing on her shoulders as Phobie remained spread out on top of her. And those thighs still had her right where they wanted her of course, creaking her insides further and further with each passing second. Adding to the indignity was the saliva trickling downward from their beastial makeout session, pooling around where she lay in a steadily larger puddle...
[17:38] <Sickerton> Perhaps there was one saving grace to this predicament, though. Due to the change of position Faith's arms were not at such a taxed angle any more, and maybe - just MAYBE - she could wriggle her hands free from this new position.
[17:38] <Sickerton> But that was a mighty big 'If'. Even if she still had the strength... and if she wasn't too distracted by her torso threatening to cave, and the tongue greedily claiming her mouth as if life itself depended on it...
[17:38] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:46] <thesteedman> Faith managed a slight grunt as the two fell from the tail, Faith's hands still pinned, as the Baroness seemed to pour herself all over her. It was only now that Faith realised Phobie's jacket had been opened, as she felt her bare skin against her own as Phobie began to grind and mesh her form against Faith's.
[17:47] <thesteedman> Breathing was quickly becoming more difficult, and try as she might Faith could not break away from the feverish kissing, as Phobie was like a woman possessed. Faith's waist seemed to inch by inch become a little smaller as bare legs clamped ever tighter.
[17:48] <thesteedman> What precious moments she did break her lips away, Phobie was back on them, her tongue sliding almost like a serpent down her throat, her legs constricting her, crushing her tighter and tighter.
[17:50] <thesteedman> Faith's thought process began to race from the lack of air. The uncertainty... the fear. Phobie had her wrapped up and it seemed her fate was sealed. She felt salvia run down her cheek and her chin as Phobie continued to obsess over her lips with her own.
[17:51] <thesteedman> Faith did not know how or when it happened... but her hands were finally free during the entire struggle. No doubt in her subconcious struggling... she must have managed to pull them from under the girth of the serpent tail without realising.
[17:52] <thesteedman> However, it seemed to do little good as her strength was fading fast. As Faith only now just realised between the brief respite of the kisses she had been screaming in agony as her back crackled and clicked loudly.
[17:52] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:14] <Sickerton> The muffled screams were met with pleased moans, both fighting for supremacy in their shared mouths. And that struggle followed real life to a T; the shrieks steadily dying out as the groans of satisfaction rose to take their place...
[13:14] <Sickerton> Phobie finally came up for air, but not without leaving a memento of her own. One last love bite on the inside of Faith's lower lip; *This* time hard enough to draw a bit of blood and give the monk a taste to dwell on.
[13:14] <Sickerton> Up she rose to a mounted position on the girl, all but panting as she palmed the blind woman's breasts... purely for the sake of stability, to be sure. Her own chest was heaving as well... But if Faith's attention was to caught by anything there, it would probably be the emblem of her house hanging down between them.
[13:14] <Sickerton> Her necklace. Although, it seemed, it was Phobie's now. Just like all it represented would soon be.
[13:14] <Sickerton> "Oh, love." the royal cooed after licking her lips clean, eyes *probably* wild as they looked down upon her prize with blazing desire. Probably not nearly as much as her sigils, though. Even if Faith was not blind, she had a feeling that if those tattoos were currently as bright to 'real' sight as they were to her substitute *that* probably would have changed rather quick...
[13:14] <Sickerton> "Say..." she continued, ramping up the vise grip of her perfect legs even as she continued to grind against her captive. "...Your... piece..."
[13:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:24] <thesteedman> Faith's mouth opened as if to scream, but no sound escaped. Phobie's legs slowly crushing her slender waist, causing the blind monk to slowly arch back further each moment her grip tightened. Blood slowly seeped down from the side of her lip from the fresh cut Phobie had gifted her, and only the sound of her back slowly crackling could be heard.
[13:25] <thesteedman> Faith's stomach strained as she tried to endure, and her head whipped back, feeling her spine complain from the pressure no one could truely learn to get used to.
[13:26] <thesteedman> Finally... she managed a breathless moan, gripping at Phobie's legs, bringing herself upright as her chest rose and fell rapidly. "I... " Faith whispered.
[13:27] <thesteedman> ".... refuse..." Faith managed, gritting her teeth. Her fists noticably clenched, however it was her head that she used first. Though her chest burned from lack of oxygen, though her spine was screaming for release... somewhere, deep within, Faith tapped into a last gasp of energy.
[13:29] <thesteedman> Her fear and desperation manifested into something... bringing out a part of Faith she had buried away. The fear, the recklessness and the anger all surfaced... if only for a moment... the feelings she had when she was a slave to the fighting pits
[13:30] <thesteedman> Faith rammed her head against Phobie's. Knowing full well it would potentially damage and daze herself more then Phobie... but the act was to inflict shock and surprise. Faith followed up with a hard right, with a left following close behind.
[13:31] <thesteedman> The blind monk shifted herself for better leverage on her knees, pressing the Baroness back despite her crushing legs still having their grip upon her. Faith was more focused on simply inflicting what damage she could, sensing the energy pulsating from the unusual tattoo's upon Phobie's shoulders.
[13:32] <thesteedman> During this time, Faith had not realised she was screaming in rage and in pain. But she didn't stop punching... she couldn't stop punching... she knew her life as a free woman would be over, she could not become a slave again, she would not!
[13:32] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:59] <Sickerton> The baroness was forced back somewhat by the flurry of blows... yet, that smug smirk did not leave her face for a single second. Her head merely twitched slightly as every punch landed, with no real progress made...
[13:59] <Sickerton> ...Aside from the still rising intensity of her sigils.
[13:59] <Sickerton> "Sure."
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHACK!
[13:59] <Sickerton> "Let it-"
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHACK!
[13:59] <Sickerton> "-out."
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHACK!
[13:59] <Sickerton> "One-"
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHACK!
[13:59] <Sickerton> "-more try-"
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHACK!
[13:59] <Sickerton> "-for the roa-"
[13:59] <Sickerton> WHA-
[13:59] <Sickerton> Finally, with one last desperate flail, something gave.
[13:59] <Sickerton> There was one fraction of a second where Phobie could tell something was wrong, but only a widening of her eyes betrayed that before the world went white. All at once the protective and restorative wards etched onto her gave out, turning the room into an underground star as unearthly light surged out of the royal's seizing body and out in every direction. For what seemed like an eternity the woman was but a screaming silhouette in a corona of light...
[13:59] <Sickerton> Then she fell forward, smoking and slightly singed atop the dazzled monk.
[13:59] <Sickerton> "Gonna..." Phobie managed to gasp out, clearly worse for wear. "Take the cost... for replacing those... outta your-"
[13:59] <Sickerton> It was at that point that several... points of interest arose. Perhaps it would be prudent to go through them one by one.
[13:59] <Sickerton> For starters, Faith would feel quite different than she did mere moments ago. No longer would she taste copper in her mouth, feel the creaks of a collapsing ribcage, or quiver as her spine slowly gave out. In fact, she could possibly go so far as to claim herself refreshed! It seems that the explosion of energy did more than just put on a show; she had absorbed enough of it to heal up pretty much all of her (recent) wounds.
[13:59] <Sickerton> Which leads directly into point of interest two:
[13:59] <Sickerton> The tail Phobie had scoped as a bed for their inevitable consumation... had begun to move.
[13:59] <Sickerton> Before either girl could react coils were wrapping and raising the both of them; Once more pressing the monk against the baroness stomach to stomach, but *this* time with Phobie being the more worried of the two by far.
[13:59] <Sickerton> "W-w-w..."
[13:59] <Sickerton> Faith could not quite make out what had seized the attention of her 'sweetheart', but a good guess could be made from the clatter of a sword hitting the stone floor... and the serpentine hiss that followed it..."
[13:59] <Sickerton> "...W-wait a second here..."
[13:59] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:14] <thesteedman> Faith breathed heavily... though her physical wounds were healed, the burst of energy did nothing for her mental wounds. Her left arm shook, the all emotions she normally kept it check leaving a physical aftermath.
[14:16] <thesteedman> Faith almost seemed... blind for a moment. Slowly gaining more control of her emotions, barely realising that she had been wrapped up in powerful coils as Se'Na once more came to life.
[14:17] <thesteedman> Bound to Phobie, the two were face to face now, though for once Faith could feel the Baroness' breathing increasing as her own began to slow. "Wait?..." Faith whispered, almost in disgust.
[14:19] <thesteedman> "Wait?!... " Faith gasped, her breathe catching in her throat, recalling all the times she 'witnessed' innocent young women gasping such words before Phobie would enduldge in her sadistic fantasies.
[14:19] <thesteedman> The words of mercy fell upon deaf ears, as did Faith's pleas for their lives. And now here was Phobie... on the wrong side of it all, and all she could do was mutter like the rest.
[14:20] <thesteedman> "Is this not what you wanted?" Faith then whispered, slowly becoming calmer, returning to her usual self when she realised now how the tables had turned. Bound to Phobie, she realised she had this terror of a woman at her own mercy.
[14:22] <thesteedman> However... it was not Faith's place to take the honours. "... You wanted us to be together. Here we are, just as you so desired." Faith whispered, slowly taking on her Chi energy, letting her form slowly shift as her skin became a pale grey, her hair beginning to brighten.
[14:23] <thesteedman> She knew if Se'Na was going to crush them, Faith would be able to endure in this form. But she could not say the same for Phobie, who was now defencless. Slowly Faith wrapped her arms around her neck, bringing her closer... no longer afraid of the woman who had tortured her.
[14:23] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:57] <Sickerton> "B-but not like this..." the formerly haughty royal replied with a now wavering tone. "T-this isn't how this story is supposed to end..."
[14:57] <Sickerton> The coils around the two shifted... and started to constrict.
[14:57] <Sickerton> "Childhood friends reunited... one pulling the other up from pitiful, aimless wandering..."
[14:57] <Sickerton> Still the consttriction tightened, and with it Phobie's panicked rambling.
[14:57] <Sickerton> "Dragon slain. Kingdoms joined. Deals struck."
[14:57] <Sickerton> Tighter. Tighter. Her words now flowing without pause, like a dammed river finally breaking free.
[14:57] <Sickerton> "ResourcespooledplanmadethornclippedwrongrightedwoundshealedhumanityfoundinsidethemonstOHGODMAKEITSTOP!"
[14:57] <Sickerton> Gone now were the last of legibility. Writhing in agony, all the baroness could do was bury her face against Faith and scream. Eyes wide, sweat rolling down her shuddering form, she shrieked and shrieked...
[14:57] <Sickerton> Until with a SNAP her body hitched back, now only touching stomachs with the monk as her form adopted almost a perfect V shape.
[14:57] <Sickerton> The royal shuddered once more, looking blankly up at the ceiling, then fell limp and still in Faith's arms. Soon the coils also dropped away, leaving the monk's embrace as the only thing keeping the clearly broken baron 'standing'.
[14:57] <Sickerton> "You ssssshouldn't worry me like that." Se'Na finally spoke up, now that the main threat was dealt with. "I gave you a guide for a reasssso-ooooh!"
[14:57] <Sickerton> Her interest with the royal now past, the medusa now had eyes on the last person present besides her own favorite morsel. With a coo of interest the snake girl slithered over to the 'Witness' chair, sliding behind the forcefully seated woman and placing a clawed hand atop her head.
[14:57] <Sickerton> "What ssssshould we do with thissss one?"
[14:57] <Sickerton> For what it was worth, said occupant seemed to have at least a vague notion of what was going on despite the blindfold. Given a moment of effort La Chance managed to spit out her gag, and after taking a second to nervously lick her lips floated a rather succinct question:
[14:57] <Sickerton> "Now, I'll understand if ya say no, but may I have a word?"
[14:57] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:04] <thesteedman> Faith held the Baroness on her feet, feeling her broken form slumped within her arms. She could feel life within her, but it was faint. Faith did not care if she lived or died at this point, simply allowing her to slump, knowing that her back had been shattered.
[15:05] <thesteedman> If she lived... Faith knew she would not be able to walk again, and use those precious legs of hers.
[15:05] <thesteedman> Faith turned in the general direction of Se'Na, feeling her presense all around with her snake tail, and knew she motioned towards La Chance who had been ever present in a sense during her capture. Why Phobie had not killed her... perhaps she kept her alive for her own amusement of sorts.
[15:08] <thesteedman> "Can you really explain your actions with just a single word? As well as giving me a reason not to allow Se'Na here to have her way with you?" Faith spoke, a clear hint of venom dripping within her tone.
[15:08] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:39] <Sickerton> The ultimatum garnered another worried lick of the lips from Deja... although, perhaps with the *hint* of a smile behind it.
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Tech'cally, no. I don't."
[15:39] <Sickerton> SNAP!
[15:39] <Sickerton> A few feet away the jeweled collar Faith was given to replace her usual one jerked on the floor, as the spikes slid in all at once to stab the interior.
[15:39] <Sickerton> " 'I don't' was the kill phrase for yer...thing." Deja continued, turning her head to face the source of Faith's voice. "I know that because you *orig'nally* said that instead of 'I refuse'. Heard ya gurgle yer last while that bitch fretted about the story bein' wrong or somesuch garbage."
[15:39] <Sickerton> A pause for effect, then she continued.
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Also, it isn't very likely for a magic backfire ta be a good thing. If her strength sigils went instead we'd all be paste. Hurt like *hell*, that did."
[15:39] <Sickerton> Another pause, this time clearly for further thought.
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Also, Phobe didn't *have* to notice yer necklace before she got done killin' ya that first time. Didn't have to take either of us prisoner either. She coulda pulled my head through the cell bars instead of just messin' up one a' my eyes. Hell, I wa- coulda been one o' those broads she brought up to her quarters with ya. All down to luck."
[15:39] <Sickerton> This time there was *definitely* a smile, wide and toothy.
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Usually."
[15:39] <Sickerton> The scoundrel shifted in her chair - for all the good it'd do her so far as comfort was concerned - then continued on.
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Y'see, me and Lady Luck are on... *special* terms. She can be a right tart sometimes, but she makes it up for me in the end. Lets me get away with things I shouldn't, or call a do-over every once and a while. And in here? You bet I got enough bad luck saved up to burn when the time was right. So now here's my offer to you:"
[15:39] <Sickerton> "You *could* let... whatever the fark this thing behind me is have it's way, or somethin' equally nasty. And I'd probably have enough left in the tank to pull through in the end, although p'rhaps uglier and angrier."
[15:39] <Sickerton> "On the *other hand*, if ya let me outta this chair and let me walk away, I could instead burn what I have left on something good instead of damage control before I left. A favor of some type for ya. Can't tell ya what the specifics would be - 'cause even *I* wouldn't know until I did it - but it'd be nice I'm sure."
[15:39] <Sickerton> "Soooo..." Deja concluded, putting on her best poker face as she blindly faced the other blind woman. "...whattya say? Howsabout we try something 'sides murder today, eh?"
[15:39] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:52] <thesteedman> "I would kill you myself... but it seems lady luck may indeed hold you in some warped regard. I dare not cross with such deities..." Faith lied. The only real reason was that she knew Deja had suffered like she had. She was the one to blame, but in a sense she had already been punished for her crime.
[15:57] <thesteedman> "Leave this place, and do not take your treachery with you. If you betray anyone ever again in the manner which you did to me, I will come for you if I hear so much of a whisper of it." Faith further explained, moving to free Deja from her binds.
[15:59] <thesteedman> Faith felt uneasy. She was letting the woman off somewhat lightly all things considered. It would take time to shake the painful memories she had gathered in this place, with some forever scarring her no doubt, but Faith knew her own strength, she knew she would recover.
[16:00] <thesteedman> "My thanks Se'Na. I... I thought all hope was lost." Faith then whispered to Se'Na, surprised by her rescue. It bought her precious moments to mount her desperate escape, and now she stood free, with Phobie left broken on the floor.
[16:01] <thesteedman> "I don't know how I can ever repay you for what you have done." Faith spoke, recalling how she left the medusa a bloody mess within her own swamp. They had not left on the best of terms, and yet here Se'Na was, a saviour of sorts.
[16:01] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:31] <Sickerton> "Yeah, yeah." Deja quipped as she rose from the chair; brushing herself off and leaning against a support beam, but with the eyepatch still left in place for obvious reasons. "See ya next week then, I gue-"
[16:31] <Sickerton> Pop-pop-CREEEEEEAAAK
[16:31] <Sickerton> It appeared that the beam the little backstabber chose as a resting spot had recieved a bit of damage during the scuffle. Or possibly, it had *now*. In either case, this was the final straw, and La Chance fell backward as the support... didn't.
[16:31] <Sickerton> And the bit of the ceiling it was keeping up followed in turn.
[16:31] <Sickerton> When the dust settled, La Chance was scrambling for the door, clearly having had enough of *this*, leaving the wreckage behind her. And what an... odd wreckage it was.
[16:31] <Sickerton> In hindsight, it made a bit of sense. Considering what was sure to follow the marriage proper, it would be convenient for the wedding room to not be too far from Phobie's personal chambers. In this case right below; and since the ceiling of *this* was the floor of *that*, a rather familliar rose-shaped bed now sat at the base of a new inter-floor slope.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "Huh..." Se'Na piped up as she took in the wreckage, slithering over to reach out... and pick up a small book resting on one of the silk-lined pillows.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "Aw, she kept a diary." the medusa mused as she flipped through the pages. "Poetry, sketches, journal entries about meeting with Blackthorn, OOOH, a doodle of you!"
[16:31] <Sickerton> Se'Na held the pages up for Faith to see... then lowered them again, realizing her mistake.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "Oh. Yeah. You can't read thissss."
[16:31] <Sickerton> The medusa looked down at the diary, then back at Faith... and with a wry grin sidled up to her, wrapping an arm around the monk's midsection.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "I need no repayment. Only want to help. In fact..."
[16:31] <Sickerton> The diary in her hand snapped shut, and her tongue poked out for a moment to tickle the tip of Faith's nose.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "I'll read all of this out loud to you."
[16:31] <Sickerton> The embrace tightened.
[16:31] <Sickerton> "Back at my place."
[16:31] <Sickerton> And then they were off; excited naga queen with not-quite-as-excited monk in tow.
[16:31] <Sickerton> That slippery cheat Deja was clearly one to lie through her teeth, but it seemed as if she was at least truthful about her abilities.
[16:31] <Sickerton> As well as one other detail:
[16:31] <Sickerton> Lady Luck was *clearly* a right tart.


Content Creator
Sep 10, 2015
By Me and thesteedman
Part 1

13:10:09] <Sickerton> Thraso tossed and turned in the inn bed, endlessly annoyed as sleep eluded her. It was a few sizes too small for her, with her legs drooping off the bottom amusingly, but that was no issue to her. As a barbarian, she could konk out in far worse places than this.
[13:12:15] <Sickerton> What was keeping her up was her body itself. Earlier in the night a fight broke out in the connected tavern, surely a lead in to a full blown bar brawl... but before she had even risen from her chair it had been stopped. Apparently a chief of the guard was drinking there as well, and shouted down the dispute with threats of arrest.
[13:14:10] <Sickerton> So here she was, all her pistons going at full speed for a fight that would never come. She couldn't sleep like this. All this pent-up energy simply denied it. If only she could find some way to...
[13:14:19] <Sickerton> Hmm...
[13:16:07] <Sickerton> Rolling over in her undersized bed, Thraso turned to look at the opposite wall of the room. After a few seconds her gloom-adjusted eyes made out the outline of Faith, her roommate.
[13:17:59] <Sickerton> The blind girl was supposedly quite a fighter, going toe-to-toe against mighty opponents with only her bare knuckles and feet. Sure, she also seemed to have the patience of a saint, but even saints are human...
[13:19:07] <Sickerton> Maybe this was her shot at getting something out of tonight. A good bit of stress relief between friends, so to speak.
[13:20:11] <Sickerton> "Hey no-eyes..." the scarred woman whispered, knowing that the monk's honed senses would pick up her words no matter how quiet. "You awake?"
[13:20:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:23:38] <thesteedman> The hour was late, pretty much the dead of night. Faith was often paired with Thraso when double rooms were required to house each of their party members. Alchana had tried to brave a night with the Barbarian, but the near beastly noises that made for her snoring... the elf couldn't tolerate.
[13:24:44] <thesteedman> Madelyn tried next... and was kinder and more tolerant then Alchana, but it was obvious the healer had a sleepless night. Faith volunteered rather then risk having Avita and Thraso share the same room... something she was convinced would lead to disaster.
[13:25:17] <thesteedman> Having no trouble with the loudness of the Barbarian in the dead of night, Faith became a regular tennant with her during their stay at inns.
[13:25:47] <thesteedman> Faith had slept in all kind of conditions, and found no trouble finding slumber, able to bring calm in places where no calm should exist.
[13:26:49] <thesteedman> Of course... there was always that challenge Thraso issued every single night when there was only one bed within their room. "I'll fight you for it." Thraso would always challenge. "That will not be neccassary..." Faith would always reply.
[13:27:50] <thesteedman> It was not out of any sign of weakness or fear... rather, Faith didn't care if she slept on a rock or soft cushion... she would find sleep all the same. Hence it did not bother her to lose out on a bed... and she often required little sleep, often choosing to meditate all night rather then let her mind drift into dreams.
[13:28:00] <thesteedman> For in her dreams were often nightmares waiting for her.
[13:29:01] <thesteedman> On this very humid night, Faith sat crosslegged in the corner of the room. She had a small collection of cushions Thraso was not using to make her seating somewhat more comfortable. Her hands were resting on her knees as she kept her head tilted down.
[13:29:45] <thesteedman> She wore very little in the night. clad only in the strapless top that covered only her chest, and matching bottoms that left all her legs bare. Her gi like pants, belt and accessories were all folded neatly by a drawer.
[13:30:49] <thesteedman> In her calm... she could hear Thraso tossing, turning and sighing... but chose not to bother her. The barbarian was proud at the best of times, and thus it felt out of place to ask if she was troubled given that proud nature.
[13:31:28] <thesteedman> If there was one thing that Faith was curious about however... it was her gloves. Before settling she could hear Thraso undress to little like herself, but never heard her gloves slap down anywhere... curious.
[13:32:07] <thesteedman> It wasn't on her mind right now however, as she remained in place, deep in calm thought... unaware of the troubles that plagued Thraso as her heart still itched for chaos.
[13:33:20] <thesteedman> That was until she heard a voice. "I am. How can I help you... Scab... face?" Dammit... too slow with the come back.
[13:33:22] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:37:04] <Sickerton> The scarred woman chuckled lightly at the attempted riposte, amused by the fact that it was even tried. Maybe the rest of the team was rubbing of on the stoic one after all.
[13:37:47] <Sickerton> "Good attempt, girl. Keep at it, you'll get there one day."
[13:40:47] <Sickerton> The barbarian sat up on her bed, the thin sheets remaining wrapped around her form. Probably for the best, since she had no undergarments and was not going to sleep in chainmail. Not that she had any reservations against her body being exposed to others anyway. For the most part.
[13:44:46] <Sickerton> "I'm havin' trouble sleeping..." Thraso continued, rotating so that she directly faced her roomate. "...and obviously, you are too."
[13:50:26] <Sickerton> "So how about instead of staring at the walls all night, we play a little game to pass the time?" Thraso continued, leaning in with a smirk. "Just a little bit of harmless fun. Whaddya say?"
[13:51:56] <Sickerton> The barbarian waited, weighing her options with either outcome. If Faith declined, that was another crack in the armor to wedge a knife under. But if she accepted... well, Thraso wasn't the only one who could be noisy in her sleep...
[13:52:04] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:59:43] <thesteedman> "A game?" Faith spoke, tilting her head a little as she listened to Thraso. The two of them despite sharing a room more often then not did not really manage to socialize all that much. Often the Inn was the place they simply slept or rested before moving on the next morning and gathering with the others.
[14:00:24] <thesteedman> Perhaps it was time she tried to open up a little more with the Barbarian rather then remain reserved as she so often had. It could be she would share the company of this party for the foreseeable future.
[14:01:14] <thesteedman> "What manner of game did you have in mind?" Faith spoke, turning in her place a little to face her. Thraso could still make out that she was wearing a blindfold, though it was one of only three items she was currently wearing.
[14:02:03] <thesteedman> "I am rather good at eye spy." Faith added, finally managing a half decent jest.
[14:02:04] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:03:48] <Sickerton> "Sure ya are." Thraso replied, nodding slightly. "Sure ya are. But I was thinking something a little different."
[14:05:13] <Sickerton> "Truth or Dare. Pretty straightforward; I assume you're already familiar with how it works and all."
[14:06:30] <Sickerton> "And... oh!" Thraso interrupted herself, bringing a hand up to her mouth in mock surprise. "And since I chose it, I'm pretty sure I get to go first!"
[14:08:23] <Sickerton> "So blindfold, what will it be? Truth, or dare?"
[14:08:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:09:58] <thesteedman> Faith noticeably shifted again, no doubt showing her interest. Truth or dare... such a simple yet dangerous game. Though Faith was no doubt thought of as well mannered and rather serious... it was not all too difficult to stir the inner childhood within her.
[14:10:30] <thesteedman> She liked games... that she could not deny... and truth or dare was one she used to play before her world was plummeted into darkness.
[14:11:52] <thesteedman> "It is rather late. We should get some rest..... but I suppose an innocent game of truth or dare could pass a little time before slumber takes us." Faith spoke, fighting against a little turn nicking at the corner of her lip, near threatening to smile.
[14:12:10] <thesteedman> "Truth..." Faith whispered.
[14:12:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:14:35] <Sickerton> It would have been hard to tell in the gloom, but Thraso's smile had widened to a point that could shame a crocodile. Faith had taken the bait, hook line and sinker.
[14:16:55] <Sickerton> Now the little monk slept little - and lightly even then - but she DID sleep. Rather uneasily, if Thraso was any judge. And, with Thraso laying nearby on a regular basis, she had overheard quite a few rather interesting murmurs now and again.
[14:18:40] <Sickerton> "Okay, kid." The scarred woman mused. "We'll start slow. Now remember, answer truthfully!"
[14:19:44] <Sickerton> "Tell me..." Thraso asked, rising from her seat only to lean over with her hands on her knees to peer down at her playmate.
[14:20:11] <Sickerton> "...Who the hell is Blackthorn?"
[14:20:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:22:53] <thesteedman> An innocent game of truth or dare... innocent. Faith's heart skipped a beat when that name was mentioned. In the darkness the change in Faith's expression was very subtle.
[14:24:10] <thesteedman> Thraso could have asked her anything. Her first embarrassing moment, her first kiss, how she lost her virginity, how she learned to fight the way she had... no. Thraso went beyond playing and went right at the throat.
[14:25:15] <thesteedman> "Blackthorn..." Faith whispered. How did Thraso get that name?... How could she have known it? Faith had not mentioned it... or had she? Her memory was blurred.
[14:25:52] <thesteedman> Her shoulders rose and then fell as a quiet sigh escaped her lips. Her head tilted...
[14:26:04] <thesteedman> "Blackthron killed my family."
[14:27:21] <thesteedman> Faith hadn't said it in a long time. It felt no better to say it now then it did back then, and Faith found herself having to dig deep into her calm. She didn't sleep to avoid recalling Blackthorn... now the name was plaguing her when she was awake. Faith's voice had noticeably changed.
[14:28:01] <thesteedman> She was more solemn, her breathing increasing. The statement hung heavy in the air along with the moment of silence. This didn't feel like a game...
[14:28:40] <thesteedman> "Truth or dare..." Faith spoke bluntly.
[14:28:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:30:15] <Sickerton> Yep. Yeeeep. That'd do it. Thraso had only gathered that this B.T. person had wronged the monk in some way, but that'd certainly do it.
[14:32:58] <Sickerton> The barbarian eyed the monk for a moment, feeling the ominous air mount in this already humid and stuffy room. Even if she didn't get her *actual* fight, she was still going to get one of another sort right now. Blood had been spilled, and like deserves like.
[14:34:28] <Sickerton> "Hmm..." she murmured, now actually thinking things over. Out of the two options, which could this girl hit the hardest?
[14:35:17] <Sickerton> ...Ah what, the hell. When was she the type to worry about blastback?
[14:36:11] <Sickerton> "Dare." Thraso responded just as succinctly, locking eyes with her opponent... at least, as much as she could given the circumstances.
[14:36:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:37:20] <thesteedman> Faith shifted her position, placing one foot on the ground with her knee up as she rested her forearm on it, whilst her other leg was still tucked in a little. It would seem Thraso was now possibly about to find herself caught in a rather ominous position.
[14:37:35] <thesteedman> "Take your gloves off." Faith spoke.
[14:38:47] <thesteedman> It was more of a curiosity to Faith then anything else. It was interesting that Thraso never took her gloves off in the nights she had stayed with her. "... and let me feel your hands." Faith added. She could not see after all.
[14:39:32] <thesteedman> She wished to know what it was that Thraso was hiding... and why? Was she disfigured? Had something happened to her. Faith did not know the significance... but she had a feeling it was personal.
[14:39:58] <thesteedman> Faith knew however, if this was a personal issue... she certainly didn't start it.
[14:40:01] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:42:49] <Sickerton> Thraso's breath caught in her throat, and her mouth hung agape for a few seconds before she regained her composure and closed it. Well. Well well well.
[14:44:18] <Sickerton> The barbarian brought her hands up and stared at them, her heartbeat picking up and her breaths going deeper as pride clashed with pride. On one hand, she had been issued a challenge. But on BOTH hands...
[14:47:31] <Sickerton> Her eyes closed, her brow furrowed; trying her best to keep everything under control. The fact that nothing was holding her sheet up anymore was lost completely on her, not that she would have paid any heed anyway. The only thing she cared about obscuring was right here, and yet...
[14:50:13] <Sickerton> After a few more seconds of preparation, she lowered her head down and bit into the tips of her fingers; keeping the gloves in place as she slid them out underneath, then spit the discarded covers onto the floor.
[14:53:01] <Sickerton> Turning her attention back to her opponent, Thraso put her hands forward in front of her. Free for Faith to come over and grasp with her own... but the barbarian's body language was more of a wrestler signalling for a lockup than anything else...
[14:53:40] <Sickerton> "Alright. Here you go. Aaaaall yours..."
[14:53:45] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:54:40] <thesteedman> Faith knew that there was something there. Given the time it had taken her to slip her gloves free, the hesitation had been an obvious sight, even for those without it.
[14:55:55] <thesteedman> Thraso was very self aware of her hands, but why? She sensed Thraso's position, and thought it unusual how her hands were up above her head. She was familiar with such a gesture from her days in the fighting pits... but surely the girl was merely jesting when she held her hands out in a challenging manner.
[14:56:44] <thesteedman> It was far too late at night for such tom foolery... and this was truth or dare. With that in mind Faith shifted closer, going upright into her knees as Thraso sat at the edge of the bed. Slowly she let her own delicate hands slide against Thraso's.
[14:57:20] <thesteedman> Faith's own hands were alarmingly soft for someone who made a habit of killing with their fists. But then there was that mysterious chi energy she mentioned that might have played a part in that.
[14:58:54] <thesteedman> Faith made sure to let her fingers explore over her hands, getting a 'sight' of them. There were no fingers missing... no deformities, no burns or scars. A slight frown of an expression appeared upon Faith as she continued to explore her hands with her own. No doubt confused of what she had to hide... not knowing the deeper meaning.
[14:58:55] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:01:34] <Sickerton> Thraso had supposed that Faith's hands would be somewhat tough, given her profession... but when they came up against hers, she could not verify or deconfirm the hunch. As usual, she felt nothing.
[15:01:51] <Sickerton> Kind of the point, really.
[15:02:56] <Sickerton> What it did allow her to do, though? Entwine her fingers with the monk's seizing her hands in a full and heavy grip.
[15:05:36] <Sickerton> Then with a pull back Thraso hoisted Faith up and forward, spreading her own arms wide so that the monk came against her chest-to-chest. As the girl 'looked' up at her in confusion the barbarian rested her forehead against hers, 'locking' eyes glowering down at her...playmate.
[15:06:34] <Sickerton> "Alright. My turn. Dare... or double dare?"
[15:06:39] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:10:31] <thesteedman> Faith gasped in surprise as the larger Barbarian pulled her up against herself, keeping her arms spread wide. Given Thraso's arm span she was pretty much stretching Faith at this point, making her bite her lower lip for a moment from the discomfort.
[15:11:06] <thesteedman> She felt Thraso's chest against her own, just a slither of fabric preventing flesh from meshing with flesh as their chests pressed near flat.
[15:11:59] <thesteedman> Faith could feel the scars on her stomach as their midriff's pressed together. Given their position Faith had to straddle over Thraso's lap to prevent her legs from being in an awkward position.
[15:12:37] <thesteedman> Faith strained a little, trying to bring her arms in. She leaned back but couldn't seperate from Thraso who simply leaned with her, pressing her forehead against her own.
[15:13:38] <thesteedman> Faith had no idea where this was going... but she wouldn't let the Barbarian get the better of her... She was not intimidated by her and as such...
[15:14:10] <thesteedman> "Double dare..." Faith dared to speak. Whilst Thraso held the leverage, Faith was a very capable fighter... especially in hand to hand combat.
[15:14:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:18:18] <Sickerton> "Okay..." Thraso replied slowly, a smile slowly worming it's way onto her face even though the rest still contorted in anger. "How's this..."
[15:20:20] <Sickerton> The barbarian released her hold on the monk's hands... only to seize her by the waist and hoist her up instead. There was a rush of movement, then Faith felt something brush against her head. After some reorientating, it turned out to be the ceiling.
[15:22:43] <Sickerton> Thraso had risen to her feet, with Faith now seated backwards on her shoulder. It was probably quite a sight... for the three seconds that it lasted. Then with another heave the scarred woman sent her cargo hurtling back down, slamming the girl back first into the ground via powerbomb.
[15:24:13] <Sickerton> Now fully up and ready, Thraso started to lazily circle the laid-out monk as she writhed from the impact.
[15:24:22] <Sickerton> "I dare you to get back up."
[15:24:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:25:14] <thesteedman> Faith arched her body, bridging as she groaned out in pain. Her head was spared most of the impact after it clashed on the small collection of pillows that she had gathered to sit on during her meditation
[15:26:04] <thesteedman> Her back and shoulders... not so fortunate. Pain wracked through her spine and shoulders, and Faith was left in pain after being slammed down hard.
[15:26:47] <thesteedman> She turned to her side, looking all but defeated after hearing Thraso's dare. Faith seemed to cower... but only to lead the barbarian into a false sense of security.
[15:27:38] <thesteedman> She placed her hands against the ground, groaning before favoring her back, angling her body... in an instant she then flipped herself, despite still feeling the pain from the slam.
[15:28:31] <thesteedman> A swift kick slammed into the back of Thraso's knee, looking to bring her down to her other knee, before a quick spin kick sent her other foot driving into Thraso's back between her shoulders blades, looking to send her up against the nearby wall.
[15:29:26] <thesteedman> Faith took to her feet, but had to loosen her shoulders with the kinks of pain still throbbing in her shoulders and back. "I must say, that did not feel like it was adequate to be named as a double dare..."
[15:30:14] <thesteedman> Faith then took a stance, her face a stern one... she felt she knew Thraso well enough to know this fight was not serious. Rather the barbarian was letting off steam... perhaps it was time Faith did the same.
[15:30:40] <thesteedman> "Truth or honesty... did that kick hurt you?" Faith added
[15:30:43] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:33:49] <Sickerton> The barbarian was entertaining the pros and cons of giving the prone Faith a few kicks when she proved that she was not so prone at all. Also, that she was also thinking of much the same thing.
[15:36:06] <Sickerton> The first blow took out one of her legs, but she did not have long to worry about that for long as a second came down against her upper back. With a few staggering steps Thraso slammed against the wall, only to slide down it to her knees.
[15:42:52] <Sickerton> It stung as her bare chest mashed against the surface, and she was slightly dazed as her skull bounced off it upon collision. Clutching her head, she tried her best to shake away the dizziness even as her opponent no-doubt advanced upon her.
[15:44:32] <Sickerton> "Nothing I can't take..." Thraso replied, audibly woozily even though by now most of her bearings were back. She had no doubts that Faith could dance circles around her if need be, but that would mean nothing if the girl was tempted to close in herself...
[15:44:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:46:33] <thesteedman> "A yes or no would have sufficed." Faith added, managing a sly smile. She had intend to make Thraso regret her decision to pick a fight with her. However, she had to be careful how she approached her in combat. It was not the thought of defeat that bothered her, but making sure Thraso did not enjoy or prize the fight too much.
[15:46:59] <thesteedman> Such a thing would risk fights being a regular occurrence... and Faith had no desire for that when meditation was her preferred way of spending the night.
[15:47:57] <thesteedman> As Thraso turned to face Faith, she found her vision suddenly obscured as her sheet landed over her head. "I would challenge you to fight as I do." Faith spoke, moving in on the larger Barbarian.
[15:49:06] <thesteedman> Again she aimed for the legs, looking to bring Thraso down again, before she grasped her head with both hands, beginning to send knees towards her chest and sides. Faith held back significantly with her power, but still had enough bite to her strikes to leave severe bruises.
[15:49:37] <thesteedman> She had no intent of fighting Thraso seriously, but that didn't mean she wouldn't hurt her per say... just nothing long lasting.
[15:49:39] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:51:45] <Sickerton> Clever. Very clever. Even while being raked over the coals, the barbarian had to give her some props for that sheet tactic.
[15:54:24] <Sickerton> The barbarian had barely even processed that she's been sweeped to her knees again before she was seized by the head, with both the hands holding her and the knees that came immediately afterwards doing so through the fabric now covering her. With the humidity of the room and the exertion of the fight, it was not long until the flimsy fabric had absorbed enough sweat to be almost transparent.
[15:56:38] <Sickerton> Thraso grunted and groaned with each strike, the force behind them sending ripples of shock through her body. If only she could see them coming, but Faith had truly made her like... wait...
[15:58:18] <Sickerton> Oh poor little blind girl, with senses so dangerously strong to make up for it. You have no idea what you have just done.
[16:01:28] <Sickerton> The barbarian drew in a deep breath, then let out a thunderous roar. Usually this was utilized to disrupt spellcasting, but here? In this tiny little room? With a woman who not only could hear a pin drop three houses away, but actually depended on said hearing to 'see'? The sheer magnitude of the sudden noise alone ought to stun and 'blind' her good friend quite nicely.
[16:03:42] <Sickerton> Then, rising back to her feet, Thraso reached into the sheet with intent to wrap her arms around the monk through them. True, she couldn't actually see the girl, but considering that she was holding onto her just moments ago gave Thraso a pretty good idea regardless. And when THAT was locked in, well...
[16:03:47] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:07:37] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out loud, placing her hands against her ears firmly. Rightly assumed, Faith's ears were much more sensitive given how her blindness had enhanced them. She backed away from Thraso, stunned by the loud shout. It had probably awoken most of the guests no doubt by now... defeating the purpose of the poor other party members staying away from Thraso in the night.
[16:08:18] <thesteedman> Faith managed to battle with her bearings, wrestling until she managed to clear her head from the intense ringing that stung her inner ears.
[16:09:08] <thesteedman> By the time said bearings were regained however, Thraso was already upon her. The Barbarian looked ridiculous in her current form, as her arms slipped from under the sheet, revealing a naked and scarred figure with just a sheet hanging over the face.
[16:09:34] <thesteedman> Faith was spared the sight, but not her grasp, grunting as Thraso clashed into her, before her powerful arms wrapped around her body.
[16:10:18] <thesteedman> Faith bit on her lower lip, her arms fortunately free thanks to holding her ears. She managed a face of disgust, discovering Thraso was naked as she felt more then she wanted to when her body was pulled in against her own.
[16:10:55] <thesteedman> She leaned her upper body back, pulling a fist back, ready to quickly strike at Thraso in an attempt to free herself.
[16:10:58] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:13:38] <Sickerton> When the barbarian felt her arms wrap around a warm body, Thraso knew that the tide could turn here. She just had to push it a little bit more.
[16:15:21] <Sickerton> At first, she did not lock in her hold. This was because she had plans first. Digging in with her soles, the scarred woman pushed forward to bring her and her opponent slamming up against a wall.
[16:17:27] <Sickerton> As she lunged the sheet around her head finally fell off, allowing her full view of the situation. Faith was apparently just as 'well off' as her; panting, drenched in sweat, and more than a little achey. Good. Don't want anyone pulling too far ahead too fast here.
[16:20:20] <Sickerton> After the initial collision Thraso reared back, allowing Faith to rebound back into her before wrapping her hands around to lock in properly. Now HERE we go. Finally clamping down in earnest the scarred woman got to work on seeing if she could make this noble silent warrior squeak like a mouse being crushed by a python.
[16:20:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:22:33] <thesteedman> Faith shouted in pain, the shock of the impact against the wall sending a wave of agony through her figure. It was only made worst when Thraso crashed in against her, squashing her between her powerful figure and the wall.
[16:23:43] <thesteedman> Faith stumbled, right into the waiting arms of Thraso. She felt her bare feet leave the ground as the blind fighter was lifted up off her feet, feeling powerful muscled arms engulf her waist.
[16:24:52] <thesteedman> The powerful embrace forced a moan from Faith, as the pressure forced her back to arch and her toes to curl. Faith bit on her lower lip, trying to force pain to bring her to her senses, quickly sending a hard chop down on Thraso's shoulders.
[16:25:23] <thesteedman> However, she didn't get much of a strike in as a powerful squeeze made her attack falter, causing her to writhe in pain.
[16:27:13] <thesteedman> Faith felt her body meshing against Thraso's powerful form, as Faith's stomach noticeably tensed up to try and endure. Given the growing pressure, Faith knew she'd lose strength fast. Fighting back another moan of pain, Faith lifted her arms upwards before slamming them down against Thraso's arms, looking to slip free of the deadly hug she was trapped in.
[16:30:36] <Sickerton> The barbarian chuckled lightly at the moan she managed to get out of the usually reserved warrior, cherishing it for it's rarity regardless of how small it was.
[16:32:41] <Sickerton> "What's the matter?" she taunted, squeezing ever tighter in an attempt to coax out more squeaks and squeals. "Is the bare-knuckled brawler having trouble up close and person-"
[16:37:05] <Sickerton> That's when the blows came down. sure, Faith was flailing away at her up until this point, but these pounds against Thraso's arms had a bit of... 'zest' to them. The shock sent ripples of pain through her, pulsing out from the two points of impact which would surely raise as welts later.
[16:39:14] <Sickerton> Gasping partially in shock and partially due to the sting, Thraso's grip loosened as she instinctively drew back from the blow. This actually freed up only a small amount of wiggle room, but for someone as flexible and nimble as Faith it might as well have been a door swinging open.
[16:42:42] <Sickerton> Up Faith went, pushing off Thraso's loosened arms, and then shot both heels straight into the barbarian's face. The scarred woman was forced to stagger back, slightly dazed, as the monk fell down to the floor gracefully and ready for battle.
[16:44:35] <Sickerton> When Thraso regained her bearings she once again locked gazes with her opponent, her visage... absolutely BEAMING now.
[16:46:34] <Sickerton> Even though she had just been pelted in the mouth, the barbarian was counting that as a victory. Faith had clearly channeled some of her 'ki' energy stuff into those last strikes. Slowly but surely she was letting loose, giving Thraso the actual fight she wanted.
[16:47:39] <Sickerton> "That was a good hit!" The scarred woman mused, spitting a wad of pink-tinted saliva to the side before readying herself and continuing, "But can ya do it again?"
[16:47:45] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:52:41] <thesteedman> Faith had landed in an elegant crouch. Her back was still stinging. For a moment the pain felt a little worst whilst her body adjusted after escaping the vice grip of Thraso. She did well to conceal the discomfort the embrace had left her spine in however, slowly rising to her feet.
[16:55:25] <thesteedman> "I believe there to be only one way to find out." Faith whispered. It seemed this game of truth or dare had become something else.
[16:57:29] <thesteedman> The blind fighter let her fingers curl into fists, before she took a fighting stance. Nothing fancy. To Faith this was not a serious fight... but that was not to mean she would pull her punches against the scarred barbarian.
[16:58:51] <thesteedman> Faith took the initiative. She knew the Barbarian was skilled, but hand to hand was her forte. Faith needed no blades to take on her enemies, just her hands, her feet and her wits. She dashed forward, using her slender frame and speed to close the distance upon Thraso.
[16:59:44] <thesteedman> With a quick leap, Faith leapt upwards, going high before wrapping her bare legs around Thraso's neck. The momentum was meant to force Thraso against the wall hard, before Faith struck her once against the temple... looking to set her off balance.
[17:00:11] <thesteedman> Faith then arched back, keeping her legs around her throat tightly, looking to use momentum to flip Thraso overhead and down to the ground below...
[17:00:45] <thesteedman> If successful, Faith then tried to adjust her hold, tucking one of her ankles below a knee to figure 4 her legs around Thraso's neck, using her strong thighs to try and begin to strangle the larger woman.
[17:00:47] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:04:04] <Sickerton> Thraso kept her eye on the smaller woman, knowing how fast she could move, but still KNOWING that was miles away from being able to DO anything about it. Almost before she could parse it her vision was filled first by her opponent's thighs, then a burst of light as a strike came down against her head.
[17:05:47] <Sickerton> In addition the sheer force behind the leaping mount sent her stumbling backwards against the wall, which turned into more of a slump as the followup blow tempted her knees to buckle.
[17:07:30] <Sickerton> "Unh... you..." she managed to mutter out, although the words were mostly muffled by the flesh enclosed around her. Faith had once again made good work with her speed, but once more the finish left her ripe for...
[17:08:05] <Sickerton> The next few second would require close inspection, and more than a little bit of elaboration.
[17:09:55] <Sickerton> Thraso had raised her arms and seized the legs wrapped around her, intending to powerbomb Faith down against the ground from her high-up seat. Faith, on the other hand, had started to whip back with intention of flipping Thraso clear over her.
[17:10:31] <Sickerton> These motions were not mutually exclusive. if anything, the momentum from one only made the other stronger.
[17:13:16] <Sickerton> So down went Faith, slamming against the floor, and Thraso tumbled right on over her. Or more akin to on top of her; for a moment squashing the monk into a ball as the larger woman rolled across to land where she was sent.
[17:15:18] <Sickerton> When the full event was finally done the both of them were sprawled spread eagled on the ground, the tops of their heads touching as they stared at the ceiling and groggily waited for the world to stop spinning.
[17:15:59] <Sickerton> "What..." Thraso managed to get out in-between groans, "...just happened?"
[17:16:01] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:18:20] <thesteedman> Faith virtually folded in on herself, given her flexibility however it was not much of an issue. The issue was the impact of her landing followed by a powerful barbarian landing on her the moment she fell.
[17:20:39] <thesteedman> She barely managed a grunt before the air was forced from her lungs. Ungracefully, the momentum carried Thraso over Faith barely, leaving the two on the ground. It might have almost been a romantic sight if they had been outside looking up at a night sky
[17:21:04] <thesteedman> Alas... Faith had somewhat underestimated the weight of Thraso... and thus both paid the price for her risky move.
[17:21:44] <thesteedman> She winced when she managed to get her bearings roughly the same time as Thraso. She held the side of her head in clear discomfort, biting her lower lip as her back played up again from the previous crush and now this landing.
[17:22:41] <thesteedman> "We fought..." Faith whispered. "Do you not remember? I won." Faith added, straight facing it as she made her comment... wondering if she could trick the Barbarian. "You have been out cold for several minutes now. I... well.... clearly I was meditating."
[17:22:43] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:26:40] <Sickerton> "...Is that a joke?" Thraso asked, somewhat incredulously as she rolled over onto her stomach. "Did the blindfolded plank of wood just tell a joke?"
[17:28:30] <Sickerton> "Ah well..." she continued, reaching over with a jolly grin to take hold of Faith's chest wraps. "...tonight's just full of surprises, innitit?"
[17:30:29] <Sickerton> With a tug the smaller woman was slid over, right back into the waiting grasp of the barbarian. Wasting no time at all the scarred woman wrapped one of her muscled arms around the blind monk's neck from behind, hoping to lock in a seated sleeperhold.
[17:32:03] <Sickerton> "You gave me a good smack to the noggin, but not THAT good."
[17:32:51] <Sickerton> "Although..." she continued, almost whispering directly into Faith's ear, "If you wanna go back to sleep so bad..."
[17:32:54] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:38:12] <thesteedman> "I thought you of all people should know by now, that I do not joke." Faith lied. There was almost a hint of sarcasm in her tone, certainly something off and not like her usual manner of speaking.
[17:38:43] <thesteedman> She gasped however when Thraso pulled her towards her, grasping the back of her wraps. Faith made the mistake of keeping her top over her chest, exposing her to Thraso's other arm.
[17:39:27] <thesteedman> She felt her sweat coated body press against her back, as a muscled arm wrapped around her neck. Faith gagged, feeling the pressure build around her throat as her muscles slowly began to tense.
[17:41:40] <thesteedman> The air rushed from her lungs, and thinking straight became a strain. Faith kicked her legs briefly, reaching up to pry against her arm. Having already nearly fell victim to her embrace, Faith knew what power resided within her arms.
[17:41:59] <thesteedman> Having watched her swing that massive maul of hers, Faith knew Thraso would choke her out quickly if she didn't act fast.
[17:42:45] <thesteedman> Her chest heaved trying to find air where there was none, as her stomach strained. She bit on her lower lip hard, pressing down against her feet as she tried to fight against the leverage Thraso had.
[17:43:33] <thesteedman> Knowing she could not slip out so easily, she quickly tried to ram an elbow into Thraso's exposed stomach, looking to try and create the space needed to escape her seated choke.
[17:43:35] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:46:50] <Sickerton> "Shhh..." Thraso whispered lightly into the struggling monk's ear, the breath almost tickling. "Don't squirm. It'll all be ov-GUH!"
[17:50:35] <Sickerton> Once again a blow much harder than it should have been came down against her, this time landing squarely in the center of her gut. With a wheezing gurgle she doubled over where she sat; surely pressing up against the monk even harder, if she was not quick enough to escape. Luckily for her though the barbarian's hold broke right along with her taunt, giving the blind girl ample opportunity to make her escape.
[17:53:32] <Sickerton> Both of the barbarian's hands came down as she bent over, retching emptily from the blow. Her heat-wettened hair drooped down to obscure her face, although the patter of saliva on the floorboards below told more than enough of what was happening behind those red curtians.
[17:56:10] <Sickerton> Within a few more seconds the breaths came back - in great, whooping gasps - although her head still remained bowed as if in prayer. Although it must have not been a merciful god if so, judging by the shivers coursing through her large body.
[17:57:23] <Sickerton> Thraso knew that she was a sitting duck like this, but also knew that she could do little to fix that. She would need a few more moments... just a second or two maybe...
[17:57:27] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:58:24] <thesteedman> Faith coughed. favouring her neck and shoulder where a powerful arm had clamped down upon her. It took her a moment to regain her breathe, but luckily for her Thraso was not fairing much better.
[17:58:48] <thesteedman> After a few violent coughs, Faith managed to regain her breathe first, with some precious moments to spare.
[18:00:17] <thesteedman> "Allow... me... to help you to sleep instead." Faith whispered between breaths. She staggered to her feet, seeing Thraso slumped as she tried to recover from the vicious stomach blow.
[18:01:05] <thesteedman> Faith managed to do a small flip over Thraso, twisting her body as she passed over her, before she landed crouched behind Thraso.
[18:01:44] <thesteedman> The motion brought some complaints, but she knew she could not let such pains get the better of her. Instead she returned the favour to Thraso, slipping up behind her, wrapping her arm expertly around her large neck.
[18:02:24] <thesteedman> Faith however leaned back, clinching the hold in tightly, as she let one of her bare legs slide over Thraso's body to try and keep her in place, lying back for leverage as opposed to sitting like Thraso had.
[18:02:58] <thesteedman> She began to tighten the hold, revealing her stunning and well toned figure as she began to strain, looking to choke the barbarian. "The bed is yours after all... it... would be a shame to see it go to waste tonight."
[18:03:00] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:06:49] <Sickerton> The scarred woman had only begun to catch her breath when it was once more taken from her, this time in a constriction of her windpipe. She brought up her hands to try and wrench it off, but her exauseted state and numb fingers combined to make the task effectively impossible.
[18:09:20] <Sickerton> She pawed at the arm, writhing weakly, her glistening bare body catching the soft light with every jerk and wrench. Her tongue lolled from her mouth in an attempt to let air through, but the effort remained fruitless.
[18:12:29] <Sickerton> Gurgling intelligibly, the barbarian no longer had the power to remain seated upright, and fell... back, firmly onto the equally exausted monk. Thraso's mind was growing foggier by the minute, but she still knew that her sheer size in comparison to Faith's was a weapon all in itself. If she wanted to commit to this, she'd have to deal with the consequences.
[18:15:11] <Sickerton> Thus began a 'race to the bottom'; With Thraso growing increasingly more still in Faith's chokehold, but Faith below being rapidly crushed by the sheer dead weight she was actively contributing to. Would Faith pass out before she could finish off the barbarian? And if she managed to pull it off, would she even have the strength to free herself? Only time would tell.
[18:15:24] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:24:13] <thesteedman> Faith realised what Thraso's tactic was. Rather cunning. Normally it wouldn't work, but Faith had been drained by several holds, strikes and slams, and she was finding her own strength was slowly fading.
[18:24:47] <thesteedman> The Barbarian was a mass of condensed heavy muscle, and as such Faith knew she could become trapped under her if she fell asleep.
[18:25:21] <thesteedman> At worst it could trap her all night under the barbarian, something she had no desire for, given she would probably pass out worst case scenario and wake up with terrible pins and needles.
[18:25:46] <thesteedman> It was time to rethink. Knowing Thraso was weakened, she only had to reposition and strike her again before she could recover.
[18:26:21] <thesteedman> With great effort, Faith used her leg around Thraso to help her slip from under her. By now her body shined in the low light, as a film of sweat traced along her exposed flesh.
[18:26:58] <thesteedman> She grunted as she managed to twist from under Thraso, sacrificing her hold upon her neck. She grasped the foot of the bed with one hand, trying to pull herself away from the downed Barbarian.
[18:27:33] <thesteedman> Her own strength was fading, and she knew she only had enough in the tank for one more attack. Given the state of the barbarian she did not believe that to be too difficult of a sitation.
[18:29:20] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:31:32] <Sickerton> Everything was rather unclear at this point, but the barbarian still was able to sense her opponent slipping away and releasing her hold. As the monk retreated the barbarian rolled over, forcing herself up to her knees with no small degree of effort.
[18:33:34] <Sickerton> After a few moments of concentration the scarred woman managed to focus her eyes well enough to spot her target. With a ragged growl the exausted warrior tackled her opponent, sending them into a joined sprawl right onto the bed Faith was bracing herself with.
[18:36:59] <Sickerton> "Got... you now..." Thraso wheezed out, wrapping her arms around Faith and giving her all she had. Their glistening bodies slid and slipped under the pressure, but the scarred woman kept the bearhug locked in. This would be it. She was sure of it.
[18:39:10] <Sickerton> "No... running... now..." Thraso panted, so spent that she could barely keep her head lifted above Faith's. Her messy red locks poured down around the pillow the monk was propped against, and their lips almost touched with each desperate word.
[18:39:21] <Sickerton> "Right... where I... want you..."
[18:39:25] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:44:37] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out. The tackle was not the most effecient, but Faith was not exactly at full strength. She tried to keep her footing as she was brought up to her feet, forced backwards.
[18:46:08] <thesteedman> However the back of her knees clashed against the bed, bringing her down with a thump.
[18:46:45] <thesteedman> By now, Thraso's muscular arms were wrapped tightly around her body, once more locking her in a bearhug much to Faith's dismay. This time her grip was locked tight with her arms pinned by Faith's back against the bed.
[18:48:08] <thesteedman> She felt her sweat coated body grinding against her own. Faith tried to slip free, only propping herself up against the pillow, letting out a groan as the pressure began to build around her slender frame.
[18:50:26] <thesteedman> Her legs squirmed, as her exhausted figure struggled to find an escape. Another moan escaped her lips, more pained then the last, feeling her body press crushingly tight against the barbarians powerful form.
[18:51:50] <thesteedman> Faith felt Thraso's words against her lips she was pressed so close. Even in her state she held enough strength to crush Faith tightly, making her bridge slightly. She almost thought Thraso was going to kiss her, feeling the intense heat from the struggle.
[18:52:19] <thesteedman> However... she saw an opening instead, managing to hook an arm around Thraso's neck, looking to get her face away from her own as she couldn't help but blush a little from the entire situation.
[18:53:15] <thesteedman> She locked in a guillotine, gasping with each strained breath, feeling her body being squeezed. A quiet groan was forced from Faith from the growing pressure, as she felt herself slowly sinking back against the bed, pouring what she had left into the choke hold around the powerful barbarian.
[18:53:57] <thesteedman> Her body strained, as Faith bit her lower lip, pressing her arm in against Thraso's neck, wondering if she could still render her unconcious.
[18:53:59] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:57:09] <Sickerton> The barbarian let out an involuntary, strained mewl as her badly abused throat was once again targeted, yet again cutting off her air. But she had a purpose now, one she was sure she could accomplish. She just needed the time.
[19:00:16] <Sickerton> She pulled Faith even tighter against herself, even though it made the stranglehold against her so much worse as well. With their chests mashed together so she could feel the monk's heart hammering away like a hummingbird's. She was at the end of her rope, just as the barbarian was. No doubt about it.
[19:02:42] <Sickerton> Gagging against her bonds, drool trickled down the scarred woman's jaw to roll across Faith's forearm and eventually drip onto her collarbone. It was a detail Thraso would probably have been somewhat embarrased by, if the light and color was not already fading from her vision rapidly.
[19:04:14] <Sickerton> Tongue lolling, gurgling, and with unfocusing eyes, the barbarian wrenched against her opponent's back as hard as she could even as she shuddered and began to go slack. Just... a little... more...
[19:07:15] <thesteedman> A low creak sounded in the base of Faith's spine. Thraso's failing strength still managing to test her. Faith bridged, her toes curling as she writhed below Thraso, feeling her body mesh painfully tight against her own.
[19:08:37] <thesteedman> Her breathing became more rapid, as Faith clinched the hold, feeling saliva slide down her shining flesh.
[19:09:28] <thesteedman> She felt Thraso slip into unconciousness within her grasp, feeling her body slump and press more against her own. She released her hold after a few seconds, making sure she was out... but when it came to trying to escape... that was a different matter.
[19:10:22] <thesteedman> Her arms were still wrapped agonisingly tight around her body, and Faith groaned, feeling a little saliva roll down the side of her chin from the corner of her mouth. Breathing was difficult... and she no longer had the strength to slip free from Thraso... especially with the bed below her.
[19:11:12] <thesteedman> She slumped down, gasping for her, feeling the heat of the struggle overwhelm her. Thraso's crushing embrace, even when she lay unconcious took a toll upon the blind fighter.... and soon enough, she was unable to endure anymore.
[19:11:56] <thesteedman> After a few shudders of pain and a quiet groan.. Faith stopped moving herself, crushed under the weight of Thraso whilst trapped in her embrace. The two almost looked like lovers the way they lay upon the bed... as both were unconcious.


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Sep 10, 2015
By Me and thesteedman
Part 2

[15:19] <Sickerton> The hour grows late and the night grows still. Somewhere, far off in the distance, a pack of wolves could be heard howling. But that meant little to the two adventurers present; while a bit dingy and on the outskirts of the town, this little inn's little room would be more than enough to keep the dark's predators at bay.
[15:19] <Sickerton> But still, one of them would probably have felt better right in the middle of that pack as they circled in for the kill. More than usual, I mean.
[15:19] <Sickerton> Thraso Fabula sat at the head of her bed, illuminated solely by the eerie moonlight flooding in from their one window. Even as everything was washed silver it was still obvious that she was flustured, red of her cheeks contrasting against the paleness of all around her.
[15:19] <Sickerton> The barbarian's bedsheets covered her from the waist down, serving as a sort of impromptu skirt while she sat there. Probably for the best, as pajamas were an odd and painfully unnecessary concept to her. But that did not mean she could not feel shame. Despite agitated fidgeting her arms were firmly crossed... *below* her breasts, leaving them completely exposed as she kept her hands tucked away under each armpit.
[15:19] <Sickerton> "This is dumb." she muttered over to her roommate, sitting cross legged at the foot of the same bed. "I don't know why I even..."
[15:19] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:24] <thesteedman> Faith managed a slight smile. Barely noticeable in the moon light. Like Thraso she sat cross legged. Given the size of the bed she was near the taller Barbarian
[15:26] <thesteedman> She was clad in the strapless top that covered her breasts, and matching boyshort like bottoms that left well shaped legs exposed. Having managed to bath and relax, Faith was quite a sight to behold as far as beauty went.
[15:26] <thesteedman> A blindfold still coated her eyes, but there was something about the way the low moonlight traced over her well defined features. It did not seem to bother her that Thraso wore even little then she. Afterall she was blind.
[15:27] <thesteedman> However, Faith knew how Thraso liked to sleep by now, as the two were always put together in lodgings and inns. Faith was the only one who could tolerate Thraso when she either stumbled in drunk at god knows what hour, and the only one who was not troubled by noise, even if Thraso did sound like a dying dragon when she snored.
[15:28] <thesteedman> There was no bar here however, and the group had largely entertained themselves tonight. They were here for a few nights whilst Madelyn tended to Alchana's wounds. This was the second night, and it was assumed there would be at least another in this unremarkable place.
[15:29] <thesteedman> The place was decent enough however. The bed was worn but not uncomfortable, there was plenty of space for two even with Thraso's size.
[15:31] <thesteedman> "And what is so 'dumb' about this?" Faith questioned, her head tilted slightly and looking to the side somewhat rather then directly at Thraso. "Thraso... I am only asking that you give this a try. There is nothing to be ashamed of... there is only you here, and a blind woman who cannot even see."
[15:32] <thesteedman> Faith shifted a little, edging closer to the Barbarian. Faith's movements were slow and delicate, as she shifted her hands forwards with her palms upwards. "Please... give me your hands. You don't have to take the gloves off just yet. Just... let me take your hands for now."
[15:32] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:47] <Sickerton> "What *isn't* dumb about this?" The scarred woman shot back. "Taking self help lessons from..."
[15:47] <Sickerton> She trailed off, realizing that every branch of that sentence's conclusion was going far past even her uncultured lines. An invalid? Someone who can't sleep due to night terrors? Someone who abandoned her entire life for one of Pyrrhic revenge?
[15:47] <Sickerton> She always prized toughness, of mind as well as body. If her first instinct was to go for the throat like that, perhaps this WAS a soft spot. And she couldn't afford soft spots, no matter how well protected they may be.
[15:47] <Sickerton> "...Well..." Thraso murmured as she chewed on her lower lip. "...Alright. If you *really* want it."
[15:47] <Sickerton> Hesitantly, Thraso pulled her hands out from under her arms and delicately set them palms-down against Faith's. There was nothing different here, she reasoned. Still had her gloves on, it was like any other day...
[15:47] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:50] <thesteedman> Faith kept a faint smile. It was already a step to have Thraso agree to this. Many nights Faith had suggested it, but Thraso would not even humor her. Faith never pried or tested. A no meant no, and she would not bring it up until another night,
[15:51] <thesteedman> Tonight however, Thraso very reluctantly agreed... and Faith knew that alone was a step in the right direction. Whatever happened now, whether Thraso wanted to call it off... anything at this point was a bonus towards progress.
[15:51] <thesteedman> Slow and steady is what won the race here... and Faith did not wish to put Thraso beyond her boundries... well... at least not too far beyond them.
[15:52] <thesteedman> "There..." Faith whispered, letting her fingers curl to gently grip Thraso's hands with her own. She could feel the tension in Thraso, a nervousness she was not so familiar with from the normally brash barbarian.
[15:52] <thesteedman> It was a strange issue to possess, and the gloves certainly had not gone unnoticed over the time Faith had shared rooms with Thraso.
[15:54] <thesteedman> "... how does that feel so far?" Faith whispered, her voice surprisingly soft and calm. She let her hands slowly massage over Thraso's, very slow, and very gradual, moving in such a way that she showed no intent of simply ripping her gloves off of her.
[15:56] <thesteedman> The material of her gloves was thick and rough against her own soft and warm skin, and slowly she turned Thraso's hands over so her own were palms upwards. "You are very tense... you know you don't have to be. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. It is dark and everyone is asleep. It's just you and I right now." Faith whispered, her voice quite relaxing
[15:56] <thesteedman> on the ears.
[15:56] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:09] <Sickerton> "Heh, feel." Thraso mused with a bit of a tremble to her voice. "Good joke."
[16:09] <Sickerton> In truth, that was a rather large part of the problem. So much had been required of her hands over her lifetime that they had become numbed to sensation, clumsy and unfeeling even without the added calluses. In fact, the she only knew that they were being handled right now was because she was actively watching i-
[16:09] <Sickerton> ...Hm. That was a thought.
[16:09] <Sickerton> The barbarian took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. There. Nothing was happening. Nothing was there besides a single soothing voice, and her still fluttering heartbeat.
[16:09] <Sickerton> "Two people... is still double... the usual..." the scarred woman spoke softly back between long pauses. Although not conscious of it - and certainly not feeling it - her hands slowly clenched and unclenched with each breath. "I mean... why do you... wear that blindfold?"
[16:09] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:15] <thesteedman> Faith's smile grew a little at Thraso's comment before returning back to the barely a smile that it was. Gently she took one of Thraso's hands with both her own.
[16:17] <thesteedman> "Partly to show strangers that I am blind upon greeting them. Partly so they feel more comfortable. I can often sense discomfort in those that gaze upon my eyes knowing that no sight greets them back."
[16:17] <thesteedman> "Partly because it is perhaps considered somewhat stylish..." Faith added, looking to try and ease Thraso's troubles.
[16:20] <thesteedman> Faith slowly slid a warm hand upon Thraso's wrist, slowly massaging. "I'm going to try something..." Faith whispered. "Close your eyes if it will bring you comfort, and also know that I will not remove your glove..."
[16:21] <thesteedman> Very slowly, Faith began to slide her hand upwards. "If at any point you feel too uncomfortable, and wish for me to stop, just say the word." Faith whispered, as her intent became clear. Slowly and gradually, Faith massaged Thraso's wrist, but slowly worked her hand upwards against Thraso's
[16:22] <thesteedman> Slowly looking to slip her hand in Thraso's glove to press her hand against her own. "Tell me..." Faith whispered, trying to keep Thraso distracted as she did so. "What do you think of my blindfold? Do you like it?"
[16:22] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:45] <Sickerton> "Ah, there's the rub." Thraso spoke back with a slight nod. "I don't think I would have used the phrase, 'Sense discomfort', but the idea is still-"
[16:45] <Sickerton> Her breath halted, having just enough sense around her wrists to get the gist of what was going on. There was a jerk as her free arm thought of rearing back for an instinctual slugging, but she caught herself halfway and forced herself to ease down again.
[16:45] <Sickerton> Her already closed eyes tightened, dots of sweat beginning to bead on her furrowed brow. She didn't like this at all... and was never one for taking someone by their word alone... but still...
[16:45] <Sickerton> "I... guess... it's... fine." She spoke with effort through gritted teeth, seeing the bait of a distraction and taking it gladly. "For... a... rag..."
[16:45] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:47] <thesteedman> Faith could see Thraso was struggling. Her hand was half way within her glove, her fingers up against the palm of her hand, feeling the rough skin against her soft flesh. Callous and almost like leather to the touch. Working hands.. hard working hands.
[16:48] <thesteedman> "Would... you let me look at you?" Faith whispered, something she knew would surely break some of the tension. An odd question to come from a blind woman no doubt.
[16:49] <thesteedman> "I don't... know what you look like. We have traveled together for some time now. Your presence is very familiar, your voice as powerful as your aura, but I have no concept of what you look like. Would... you allow me to, 'look' at you as it were?" Faith further whispered. Part of her wanted to take Thraso's mind off what was going on...
[16:50] <thesteedman> Part of her... wanted to know what her ally looked like. She had a way of seeing... but only with permission. "Please?" Faith whispered softly, her voice still a soothing rhythm.
[16:50] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:03] <Sickerton> Despite it all, the request managed to morph the grimace into something vaguely resembling a smile. "Smell... just doesn't cut it... huh?"
[17:03] <Sickerton> It was an interesting proposition. Thraso had never put much thought into what Faith's 'world' must seem like, even when regarding close companions. If she truly did see her as some sort of vague outline, that simply wouldn't do. Thraso wanted to be known as a mighty warrior of legends, not a notably larger blob in a sea of smaller blobs.
[17:03] <Sickerton> Plus... well, the monk was not wrong in noting her tenseness through all of this. It'd probably be pleasant to get those massaging hands somewhere that could actually feel them.
[17:03] <Sickerton> "Okay..." she conceded, with a low but friendly chuckle. "Go ahead. I'll let you know, though, usually I'd request at least a flagon of ale for something like this."
[17:03] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:08] <thesteedman> "Thank you." Faith whispered softly with a smile. Slowly she held up her free hand, her palm open and drew it near Thraso's face. Ever so delicately, she began to let her hand trace over Thraso's face. Her skin was pleasantly soft in spite of how hard to could carry a punch, her hand was warm and her touch was almost relaxing.
[17:08] <thesteedman> Slowly she began to feel over Thraso's face. Her fingers gently sliding over every inch of her features, running along old scars, almost feeling for every detail that made her what she was.
[17:09] <thesteedman> A few times Faith would pause, before slowly continuing her exploration. "You... do not bear an appearance I was expecting." Faith whispered, slowly cupping over one of Thraso's cheeks.
[17:11] <thesteedman> "I thought you would be... more brutish in build. You... possess a beauty in spite of your scars." Faith noted, her voice still soft... her hand having full slid into Thraso's glove during the exploration and distraction.
[17:12] <thesteedman> She didn't let Thraso now... by now she was probably aware... but Faith had drew the attention away from her hand despite virtually holding it with her own.
[17:15] <thesteedman> "I am surprised..." Faith whispered. "Would you like to 'see' me too? The way that I see?" Faith then whispered, leaving the suggestion clear for Thraso to remove her glove. "Only... if you are comfortable with it." Faith whispered, making no notion of movement. If Thraso wanted to remove her glove, it was in her power to do so and not Faith's.
[17:38] <Sickerton> The barbarian was still under the monk's exploring probing... then, with a sigh, her head rocked back and forth against Faith's fingers.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "Can't. Even if I wanted to."
[17:38] <Sickerton> Surprisingly enough Thraso's hand did slip out, leaving Faith wearing the glove backwards. And then shakily that large, callused hand reached out to take the monk's face. Poorly.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "You're blind by my standards."
[17:38] <Sickerton> The fingers traveled up one of Faith's cheeks, with the thumb wrapped around her jaw. Having next to no feedback the barbarian had no way to check her strength, resulting an an uncomfortably hard grip that sunk somewhat into Faith's skin.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "I'm blind by yours."
[17:38] <Sickerton> The scarred woman still had her eyes closed, not wanting to see her bare hand in the stark moonlight... but that also means that she was grasping in the dark. Even worse, all things considered.
[17:38] <Sickerton> "Got no idea..."
[17:38] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:42] <thesteedman> Faith did not react when Thraso's powerful grip tighten upon her jaw. Yes it hurt, yes it was uncomfortable, but her hand was out of the glove. Faith couldn't suppress the slight giggle however over Thraso's words and their irony.
[17:43] <thesteedman> "Then I guess we are both blind." Faith whispered, finally taking Thraso's hand with her own. Though there was no feeling, she was hoping the warmth of her own hand might still reach some living nerves within Thraso's.
[17:44] <thesteedman> "Perhaps I can help. Your hands... I do not believe they are beyond total repair." Faith whispered. "I could oil them for you some nights, perhaps restore a little feeling. That way one day you can perhaps see me as I see you." Faith suggested, edging a little closer to Thraso as she took her other gloved hand with her own.
[17:46] <thesteedman> "It can be our little secret..." Faith added, knowing to keep all of this between the two of them, given how Thraso felt about her hands. To go from not wanting to even talk to finally de-gloving a hand... it seemed Faith might not have been a terrible person to find council in.
[17:46] <thesteedman> "We don't both have to be blind after all. That is my 'thing'... as it were." Faith added in light jest.
[17:46] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:06] <Sickerton> The barbarian opened her mouth to say something, then closed it just as suddenly. She was about to state that healing her hands meant nothing - they got the way they were to cope with how she lived, and while she *could* get a cleric to fix them up that'd just mean they'd ache and blister until they hardened once more - that was not exactly what the monk was suggesting.
[18:06] <Sickerton> A temporary respite, every once and a while, just for the pleasure of doing it. Could be... relaxing. Throw in a massage or two, and this talk of oil...
[18:06] <Sickerton> "Hmph." Thraso replied; finally opening her eyes... and instantly relaxing her grip now that she realized what she was doing.
[18:06] <Sickerton> "Could be fun, I guess..." she sidetracked, squirming a little where she sat as she tried to downplay her clumsy action. "Besides..."
[18:06] <Sickerton> Up came her gloved hand, reaching across Faith's shoulder to take a grip of the woman's hair. Then smoothly but firmly, she pulled the monk in to...
[18:06] <Sickerton> ...Rest her forehead against her own, staring warmly into the fabric she knew hid a pair of foggy eyes behind them.
[18:06] <Sickerton> "...I'd never want to steal your gimmick, blindfold. Too many stairs in the world to be dealing with that."
[18:06] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:14] <thesteedman> "That is very kind of you. I shall reframe from building muscle mass so that I do not steal your gimmick." Faith whispered with jest, managing a smile when Thraso pressed her forehead against her own. No doubt it was some barbarian thing...
[18:15] <thesteedman> It was a strange sight to have a noble and a barbarian together in such a manner, strange bedfellows. Quite literally it seemed as the two were on a bed
[18:17] <thesteedman> "I'll be sure to purchase some oils for our next session." Faith added. "I think we have done very well today. As mentioned earlier this will be our little secret, no one has to know but you and the blind girl." Faith whispered... even quieter then before as if she were on some secretive mission.
[18:18] <thesteedman> "By the way... you may release me now." Faith said, realizing Thraso had a handful of her head and that she couldn't separate her head from Thraso's at this point without discomfort.
[18:18] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:26] <Sickerton> "Oh, of course." Thraso answered, coming back to the here and now. She released her companion, letting her draw away as she looked down at her one bare hand in introspection.
[18:26] <Sickerton> Slowly she flexed the callused, bulky fingers, in and out, until eventually they stopped closed and balled. From there her gaze turned upwards, to the glove Faith still 'wore' backwards and loosely.
[18:26] <Sickerton> "I'm, uh..." the scarred woman started, a bit of a tremble in her voice. "...Also gonna need that back now."
[18:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:40] <thesteedman> "Need what back?" Faith whispered, feigning confusion rather convincingly. Her hand noticably retreated behind herself, as she glanced around. "I fear I do not know what you speak of."
[18:41] <thesteedman> Faith then seemingly pulled out her hand in front of her, revealing no glove on her hand anymore. The first guess would be judging from the shifting pillows that the glove had probably been placed there.
[18:42] <thesteedman> Faith merely shrugged, seemingly glancing off to the side nonchalantly before fixing her hair that had been ruffled from Thraso's grasp.
[18:42] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:52] <Sickerton> "Very funny." Thraso deadpanned, eyes narrowing as she took in the situation. "Very funny indeed."
[18:52] <Sickerton> The barbarian reached back behind her, seizing the pillow she actually used at the head of the bed with one hand. Then she brought it around and lobbed it lightly at the monk; making it easy enough for a normal person to catch mid-flight, let alone someone as skilled as she.
[18:52] <Sickerton> "You may want to use this."
[18:52] <Sickerton> The statement was a tad mysterious... that is until Thraso reached out to seize Faith by the shoulder and heaved her aside into the wall this bed was up against, in order to crawl by her to get to the pile of cushions she was blocking.
[18:52] <Sickerton> "Warned ya" she muttered offhandedly but with a tinge of jest, digging through the pillows as she did so.
[18:52] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:55] <thesteedman> Faith managed to grasp Thraso by her ankle once she past her by, preventing her from digging too deep to find the lost treasure of glove. Though smaller and more slender, Faith was very strong. No doubt something to do with that chi energy she sometimes mentioned.
[18:56] <thesteedman> With a sharp tug she pulled Thraso back, grabbing her around her midrift from behind. With quite a bit of skill it seemed, Faith was able to throw Thraso with some momentum upwards, as Faith arched her back, slamming Thraso shoulders first against the bed in a suplex. Given the landing was on a bed there was no pain but rather dizziness..
[18:57] <thesteedman> Faith had quickly returned to the position she had previously been in, sitting as if nothing had happened when Thraso regained her bearings. Even the pillow Thraso had used had been tossed behind her.... clearly in haste given it was in the wrong place.
[18:57] <thesteedman> "You'll find I'm a rather serious person.." Faith lied.
[18:57] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:10] <Sickerton> Thraso bounced once then lay where she landed, taken offguard by this turn of events. After a few moments to collect her bearings she sat up shaking her head, seeing the situation (more or less) being completely reset.
[19:10] <Sickerton> A smile broke across her lips, and she brought up one hand to hide it as she seemed to silently chuckle. The other hand came out in front of Faith's face, finger up as if she was composing herself to say something.
[19:10] <Sickerton> ...That is, until the hand instead shot in to palm the monk's forehead.
[19:10] <Sickerton> The hand hiding Thraso's face fell, and she was still smiling. But it was not exactly a ha-ha smile. Unless you were the type to get your jollies off of plunging into a bar brawl or something like that. Then it was hilarity.
[19:10] <Sickerton> "You're seriously something." The scarred woman quipped back through bared teeth, and lunged forward; intending to 'slam' the back of her roomate's skull against the pillow pile behind her. Not holding back of course, because pillows.
[19:10] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:24] <thesteedman> Faith half dodged the charge... half dodge not really being enough as Thraso still caught her in her charge, feeling a gloved hand grasp her forehead with an iron grip.
[19:25] <thesteedman> The world seemed turn and spin as Faith was handled like a child grasping at a ragdoll, before being slammed into the pile of pillows headfirst. Her legs followed due to the momentum, as Faith near folded in on herself. Again... pillows, so fortunately the blow did little more then knock the wind out of Faith rather then hurt.
[19:44] <thesteedman> Faith however quickly wrapped her bare legs around Thraso's neck before she could completely settle, twisting her to the side. Seeming how the fight had been harmless thus far, Faith merely kept a firm grip around her neck to keep her in place, not strangling but simply letting Thraso know she had her where she wanted her.
[19:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[20:01] <Sickerton> "Take that, ya -MMPH!"
[20:01] <Sickerton> The barbarian's victory quip was cut short by the leglock, hemmed in by warm thighs pressing down against her. Pawing against the legs as she was forced down and to the side, she writhed and wriggled in her new and slightly embarrassing situation.
[20:01] <Sickerton> Technically, she could bite down... or go for a rather nasty headbutt... buuut things didn't seem to be going that route quite yet. She needed something that could force the monk to free her without getting too nasty right off the bat...
[20:01] <Sickerton> ...Pffft, what the hell. They were already having a pillow fight in their jammies. Might as well play it up to the hilt.
[20:01] <Sickerton> The barbarian drew one hand back, palm laid flat, and then it came down with a whistle and a resounding SMACK against the monk's rump.
[20:01] <Sickerton> Not life threatening, but definitely stinging. And surely not something the stoic little thing will want to put up with for long on principle alone.
[20:01] <Sickerton> Perfect.
[20:01] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:47] <thesteedman> The impact... it didn't just slap... it damn well clapped. It was so loud it could sting the ears, never mind just the place of impact. Somehow whether intentional or not, Thraso had managed to shape her hand into a curve that matched the impressively shaped rear of Faith.
[13:48] <thesteedman> The pain followed a few seconds later, but Faith had pre gasped out loud... perhaps the loudest Thraso had ever heard her sing as it where. Even in pain Faith was always somehow quiet... yet the gasp was something else, high pitched... like Faith had done something wrong in front of her parents.
[13:48] <thesteedman> Too soon?...
[13:49] <thesteedman> Regardless, her rear felt raw afterwards, what was worst it was the hand she had degloved... had the glove remained it probably wouldn't have been as bad.
[13:49] <thesteedman> It virtually echoed and in the distance some wolves began a howl as if one of their own was singing to them.
[13:50] <thesteedman> Faith bit her lip hard... her cheeks turning a slight reddish with embarrassment that Thraso dared to smack the rear of a noble.
[13:51] <thesteedman> "How... dare you!" Faith gasped out. Even so... her words were broken with a failed attempt to stifle some laughter. As much as her bum cheek hurt.... it was... an impressive strike.
[13:56] <thesteedman> Faith could not allow Thraso to get away with such a strike, as perfect as it was. Despite her stinging cheek, Faith positioned herself onto Thraso's chest, more to protect her bum from more strikes.
[13:57] <thesteedman> Her legs remained around Thraso's neck, but pulled in tighter, her shins pressing against the nape of her neck as her thighs closed in around the sides. Anyone looking on would think there was something feisty going on. Faith thought nothing of it however herself knowing it was a good hold.
[13:58] <thesteedman> She squeezed Thraso's neck... not too tightly to outright strangle her, but rather how a friend would hold another in a tight headlock during a play fight. Faith looked to cause significant discomfort but not real pain.
[13:59] <thesteedman> "You dare strike the bum of a blind girl? That brings seven years of misfortune!" Faith lied... though the manner in which she spoke suggested it might be true.
[13:59] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:21] <Sickerton> "Oh please." Thraso's voice rumbled out from it's slightly muffled location; perhaps a bit of a smirk hidden by the thighs pressed around it. "Wasn't like I was copping a feel or anything. You know that better than anyone."
[14:21] <Sickerton> Well well well, it seemed like there were some chinks in this armor after all. Granted, probably not the type to exploit anywhere but in private, but that priceless reaction and those reddening cheeks (both pairs!) proved that this line of 'attack' was one the martial artist was not quite ready for.
[14:21] <Sickerton> Oh, but how to press the advantage? Despite the hasty repositioning Faith had to do Thraso still had a face full of legs, which was kind of the thing she was trying to...
[14:21] <Sickerton> ...Saaay.
[14:21] <Sickerton> She had already made up her mind not to go REAL nasty, and was gonna stick to that unless the mood changed accordingly. But still, that didn't mean that there weren't any 'lighter' tricks to pull.
[14:21] <Sickerton> "Say..." the scarred woman spoke upwards, waggling her eyebrows conspiratorially, "...You ticklish?"
[14:21] <Sickerton> Not that she'd give Faith any time to respond.
[14:21] <Sickerton> Immediately after letting the shoe drop she turned her head to the side - placing her lips firmly against one of Faith's inner thighs - and began to blow.
[14:21] <Sickerton> In common tongue, this was usually labeled a 'Rasberry'. Or maybe 'Motorboating', depending on the age group of the crowd polled. But no matter the implications or context there were always two constants in this action:
[14:21] <Sickerton> An amusing, tickling rumble across the body part chosen
[14:21] <Sickerton> And a borderline childlike sound of "PPPPPPHHHHPPPPHHHPPPFFFT!"
[14:21] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:31] <thesteedman> Faith was well conditioned... her body had endured many years of hardship. She had walked through blizzards, through desert, through thunderstorms and all manner of atmosphere wearing nothing but the small top over her chest and the pants on her legs.
[14:31] <thesteedman> She had been beaten bloody in combat, slashed, stabbed and bludgeoned in manner of ways almost unspeakable.
[14:31] <thesteedman> By all rights... Faith was able to take anything nature or man could unleash upon her.
[14:31] <thesteedman> But Faith was a cheat...
[14:32] <thesteedman> Faith had perfect use of her chi...
[14:32] <thesteedman> She didn't have to endure these things per say because her energy shielded her from it.
[14:33] <thesteedman> As such... it was why her skin was in the condition it was... firm and soft. Where her feet should have been hard and like leather from walking everywhere barefoot... and kicking and crushing armour with deadly kicks...
[14:33] <thesteedman> they were surprisingly soft and almost elegant...
[14:34] <thesteedman> And as such... when Thraso blew the raspberry or whatever savage name it went by...
[14:35] <thesteedman> Faith shouted out, almost as if something had frightened her. She bit on her lower lip hard, near drawing blood to try and suppress any more sounds as Thraso got a good mouthful of firm flesh to blow against
[14:36] <thesteedman> Faith rolled, barely keeping her grip as she ended up on her back. She yelped out loud, granted at least quieter then before. But realised she couldn't hang on... not without really squeezing Thraso's neck... but it was not that kind of fight.
[14:36] <thesteedman> Rather... this was... a playful fight?
[14:37] <thesteedman> Faith grabbed a pillow quickly, trying to jab the end between her thigh and Thraso's mouth to try and stop her. Even if it worked however she realized she had lost significant leverage.
[14:37] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:02] <Sickerton> Hah! The walls were finally crumbling... so to speak. Taking no little satisfaction from the writhing and mewling Thraso doubled down, concentrating her efforts until a feathery pillow was shoved in her way.
[15:02] <Sickerton> On the minus side, this ended her fun here.
[15:02] <Sickerton> But on the plus side, the new barrier finally provided enough slack needed to wriggle her way out of the hold she had been trapped in.
[15:02] <Sickerton> After a few seconds she was free, breathing in deeply and comfortably once her head cleared the expertly done but gradually weakening scissor hold. Which gave her a clear shot to the pillows she was originally aiming for...
[15:02] <Sickerton> ...Buuut, her roomate sprawled out on her back like that was too big an opportunity to pass up.
[15:02] <Sickerton> Around the barbarian turned, mounting the monk by the hips and reaching for her hands to pin down above her head. Grinning from ear to ear, fiery red hair flowed down about her shoulders to lightly brush against the glistening bare skin of her 'captive' as she bent slightly and almost whispered:
[15:02] <Sickerton> "Ya ready to give up, kicks? Or do I gotta make you squeak some more?"
[15:02] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:06] <thesteedman> "Ugh!" Faith writhed and tried to bridge her body. Thraso mounted her hips, preventing her from using her legs to catch her shoulders and flip her off...
[15:08] <thesteedman> Her mostly exposed body indeed glistened in the moonlight, giving her already stunning figure a captivating look. Her chest rose and fell with each deep breathe as her stomach tensed a little, showing off an athletic figure as Faith tried to bridge again and force Thraso from her hips.
[15:09] <thesteedman> It was no good, and with her hands bound she was at the mercy of the Barbarian. "Give up? Rather I should be asking you the same question. I have you exactly where I want you." Faith whispered, trying to sense if there was anything around she could use.
[15:09] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:27] <Sickerton> "Oh?" Thraso replied with interest, one eyebrow raising slightly. "Well if *this* is where ya wanna be I ain't judging. Out loud."
[15:27] <Sickerton> Taking in the situation, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for the monk. The way this silvery light hit everything juuust right... But then again, maybe she wouldn't have appreciated the show quite as much as Thraso did.
[15:27] <Sickerton> She was in control now, but her heartbeat kept up it's frantic pace despite that. Or perhaps because of? a fight was a fight, no matter how 'playful' it may be.
[15:27] <Sickerton> Speaking of.
[15:27] <Sickerton> "Well then." The scarred woman spoke gently but jestingly into Faith's ear. "I suppose it's time to break out the secret weapons."
[15:27] <Sickerton> Down the barbarian slunk across her opponent's pinned body, keeping her hands firmly held down throughout via the sheer size difference between the two of them. Eventually, after a bit of finagling, she was eventually to the point where her face was hovering just above the woman's toned stomach.
[15:27] <Sickerton> For a moment those green eyes flicked up to regard the Monk again, despite the obvious lack of a stare back. "Your biggest mistake was letting me know yer ticklish, kid."
[15:27] <Sickerton> Then she looked back down to the midsection before her, poked out her tongue, and began to lightly circle the tip about Faith's navel. Both of *her* hands were busy holding her opponent in place, so...
[15:27] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:41] <thesteedman> Faith squirmed, biting again on her lower lip, but ultimately feeling powerless as Thraso remained on control. She felt her body press against her own to whisper in her ear... softly but with a devilsh hint within her words. If Faith had more time she might have bit into her neck with a toyful chomp but Thraso moved away before she could do so.
[15:42] <thesteedman> Faith felt Thraso navigate down her body, her wrists being shifted to either side of her now and pinned against the mattress. Faith's hands clenched and unclenched as she struggled to break free.
[15:43] <thesteedman> Faith was strong... but Thraso's was greater in a test of strength like this.
[15:44] <thesteedman> Before long Thraso's face hovered over her well defined stomach. Faith braced herself for a raspberry, her legs now pinned as Thraso straddled over her legs. Faith couldn't help but gasp out however with a slight blush as her tongue traced over her navel.
[15:47] <thesteedman> It sent... mixed messages. Faith tried to sit up but had little leverage, flopping back down as Thraso teased at her flesh with her tongue. It certainly did not tickle if that was Thraso's intent.
[15:48] <thesteedman> With a gasp, Faith tried to lift her legs. Looking to bring her knees up to try and take Thraso off balance.
[15:48] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:05] <Sickerton> Hm. That *did* get a reaction, but not quite as fun a one as she wanted. Maybe sticking to the tried and true stuff was the way to go.
[16:05] <Sickerton> Thraso pulled her tongue back and took a deep breath, ready to go in for another raspberry...
[16:05] <Sickerton> But merely got an "Urk" out of it, as the legs she was not paying nearly enough to wrenched up and gave her twin knees right below the ribcage.
[16:05] <Sickerton> "Oof!" she blurted out; falling back against the wall this bed was set up next to, completely releasing Faith in order to hold her midsection. It wasn't too bad, considering how hard the monk usually hit, but still.
[16:05] <Sickerton> "Getting... a little... rough are we?" the barbarian got out between pantings. "That's alright with me..."
[16:05] <Sickerton> One hand reached out for something to wield against the warrior, and came back... with a handful of sheets.
[16:05] <Sickerton> "...Well." Thraso mused with a shrug. "Don't know what I was expecting there."
[16:05] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:20] <thesteedman> "My apologies." Faith whispered taking a deep breath. "I was simply aiming to shift you... my aim was a little off." Faith spoke out as she didn't intend to hit as hard as she did...
[16:21] <thesteedman> She was on her knees now, and noticed Thraso take arms. If it was Gladiator combat she wanted, it was what she would get. Faith, being on the side of the bed she was reached out, gaining two pillows with a sly smile barely creeping up on her lips.
[16:21] <thesteedman> She knew Thraso had nothing but a sheet... and thus went in on the charge... a rather unusual fight given she was moving on her knees and albeit not as fast as normal as a result.
[16:22] <thesteedman> Still... her strikes were deadly... booping Thraso in the stomach and booping her in the side of the head before booping her leg and face with firm strike... but otherwise harmless. It all happened in a second though was the alarming thing as Faith could strike fast.
[16:23] <thesteedman> Before Thraso realized how many times she had been booped, she was being booped again a little more firmly in the side, as Faith tried to drive Thraso to the ground with relentless assaults of firm pillow pokes. Trying to take her back if Thraso could not counter attack.
[16:24] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:41] <Sickerton> "Well, apology accep-"
[16:41] <Sickerton> Pomf
[16:41] <Sickerton> "Apology-"
[16:41] <Sickerton> Pomf
[16:41] <Sickerton> "Apo-"
[16:41] <Sickerton> Pomf pomf pomf
[16:41] <Sickerton> After the fifth or sixth interruption via bedspread Thraso gave up, and set herself to evening the odds. Problem was that she had only this piece of cloth, and all the extra pillows were over in that pile she was trying to get to in the first place. In hindsight, maybe she should have went for it when she had the-
[16:41] <Sickerton> pomfpomfpomf
[16:41] <Sickerton> -ah screw it.
[16:41] <Sickerton> The scarred woman moved to lunge toward the pile, but that merely set her enough off balance for a series of more forceful pokes to push her over. Spinning slightly as she dropped, she *did* reach the pillow pile. Sorta.
[16:41] <Sickerton> She was sprawled out on her back , her head rested against the base of the cushions that had been her goal this whole time. Looking up at her 'opponent' now looming over her as she wielded pillows like nunchucks, Thraso bit the corner of her lip and gave the situation some thought.
[16:41] <Sickerton> "You know, this all is reall-"
[16:41] <Sickerton> POMFPOMFPOMFPOMF
[16:41] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:48] <thesteedman> Thraso had never been so brutally beaten with pillows in her entire life... strike after strike. Faith was aiming for the kill it seemed. She already was mounted on Thraso's hips, her thighs digging deep against her sides to trap her arms there.
[16:49] <thesteedman> With Thraso exposed, she could not defend herself from the savage boops, as Faith aimed for the head, the chest, stomach, shoulders. None of the hits were actually deadly per say but certainly distracting...
[16:49] <thesteedman> "It is over Thraso. Yield." Faith demanded, keeping Thraso pinned with her legs. She knew Thraso was strong but she had the leverage against her for now, both pillows almost like deadly blades within her hands.
[16:51] <thesteedman> "There is no shame in such a defeat." Faith added, her tone deadly serious making it all the more jestful. "Even the most powerful legendary warriors have fallen to such a deadly unbeatable technique..." Faith spoke, waiting for Thraso to respond.
[16:51] <thesteedman> However the moment her mouth opened came more of a flurry of pillow strikes as Faith managed an actual smile whilst she could not see.
[16:51] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:20] <Sickerton> The scarred woman shook and writhed under the siege of 'blows'; while not actually damaging, still had enough force behind them to smack her about a little.
[17:20] <Sickerton> Her hair whipped about with each snap to the side, and droplets of sweat flew off upon each fluffy impact.
[17:20] <Sickerton> As they eventually tapered off Thraso was left lax where she lay; chest heaving with each heavy breath, hands sprawled out above her head. The bit of pressure around her hips was just the icing on the cake for this flustering and somewhat embarrassing position.
[17:20] <Sickerton> "Well... I-" the scarred woman began during the lull, only to get her craw stuffed with feathers for her trouble.
[17:20] <Sickerton> Oh, it was on now boyo.
[17:20] <Sickerton> Grunting under the ongoing assault her hands finally took firm hold of one pillow in the pile, then with a muffled shout brought it down to bear. She did not use it as a club but rather as a projectile, flinging it point-blank to peg Faith from face to chest with a WHUMP.
[17:20] <Sickerton> She wanted a pillow fight? She'd get a pillow *war*
[17:20] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:28] <thesteedman> "OooOff!" All manner of unusual sounds had come from Faith tonight. There was nothing elegant about the sound she made upon the full fling of the pillow against her face. She was sent near flying back falling from Thraso and onto her back on the bed.
[17:29] <thesteedman> Both her own pillows had been lost in the vicious assault as she regained her bearings. The pillow strike had been hard, hard enough to knock the senses at least as Faith sat up rubbing her face a little.
[17:29] <thesteedman> With a gasp she realized she wasn't armed, knowing Thraso could capitalize. "An unusual manner of yield I must say!" Faith gasped out. By now she too was glistening with sweat, her exposed flesh shining in the moonlight.
[17:30] <thesteedman> It was alarming how much of a work out even a play fight as it were could be. Granted it was becoming rather competitive and intense all things considered. This fight was actually turning out to be more fun then Faith anticipated. It brought out the inner child that still dwelled within her.
[17:31] <thesteedman> Despite everything she had been through in her life.... Faith was still Faith under it all. Past all the fighting, past all the meditation, past the stoic face she was known to wear at all times.
[17:32] <thesteedman> Faith quickly grasped one of the pillows, sensing Thraso was on the advance, as she tried to return the previous favour by tossing the pillow at Thraso, hoping it wasn't too late!
[17:32] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:49] <Sickerton> "The only thing yielding here is-"
[17:49] <Sickerton> Pomf
[17:49] <Sickerton> Thraso froze in place; the tossed pillow eventually sliding off to reveal a slightly annoyed but still eager expression. Boy, that monk just wouldn't let her get a word in edgewise tonight.
[17:49] <Sickerton> Oh well, more energy to put into actually tusslin'. And quite a tussle it was; despite the 'lightness' of it all, she would be hard pressed to remember a more rousing match in recent memory. Perhaps she and blindie should do stuff like this more often.
[17:49] <Sickerton> The barbarian took up one pillow from the pile next to her, regarded her opponent...
[17:49] <Sickerton> ...then reached out to yank in the blanket Faith had fallen back upon, bringing the blind girl to her instead of the other way around.
[17:49] <Sickerton> "Surprise!" she shouted with glee, raising her pillow in preparation for a 'clubbing' downwards arc. Let's see how fast this girl can really move!
[17:49] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:57] <thesteedman> Thraso's pillow hit nothing but mattress as Faith flicked her body to the side. Her legs once again shot out, capturing Thraso's neck, twisting firmly but not too harshly to force Thraso to lie down.
[17:58] <thesteedman> The back of Faith's knee was around the front of Thraso's neck and formed in a triangle. Her other leg quickly hooked around her shin to lock another firm headlock of sorts.
[17:58] <thesteedman> Faith smiled, having Thraso trapped tightly, giving her a little squeeze to let her know she was not going anywhere... not choking but certainly bringing that discomfort again.
[17:59] <thesteedman> "Greetings..." Faith whispered... as she revealed the secret weapon within her hands, holding a pillow...
[17:59] <thesteedman> Faith then began to repeatedly boop at Thraso's head and chest as she held her in the scissors, her glistening legs wrapped firmly around her neck whilst she let the pillow do all the work when it came to the assault.
[17:59] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:19] <Sickerton> Ah. This again. Great.
[18:19] <Sickerton> Thraso lay where she was held, looking upwards with a fixed stern expression as she was booped in alternating areas with a feathery cushion.
[18:19] <Sickerton> For a time she continued to be stonefaced against this 'assault'; but as the absurdity of the whole situation seemed to increase with every passing second, so did her 'resolve' crumble.
[18:19] <Sickerton> First there was a bit of a smirk. Then a snicker. Then finally full blown giggling as she completely lost it, laughing her scarred ass off.
[18:19] <Sickerton> "This is the dumbest fight I've ever been in." the barbarian finally managed to get in between chortles, idly wiping a tear away with her gloveless hand. "We *Need* to do this more."
[18:19] <Sickerton> "But for now..."
[18:19] <Sickerton> Over the bare hand went, to hover in front of Faith expectantly; A little awkwardly angled considering the current situation, but very clearly extended for a shake regardless.
[18:19] <Sickerton> "Truce? There will always be other nights."
[18:19] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:24] <thesteedman> Faith kept a small smile, reaching the calloused hand to shake. "I will accept your truce, even though I had the clear advantage." Faith whispered, her head turning to the direction of Thraso's when she heard her laugh out loud.
[18:25] <thesteedman> Elegantly and in a smooth manner, Faith unwrapped her stunning legs from Thraso's neck, allowing her to recover. Faith remained flat on her knees and returned the pillows to where they belonged, puffing them up a little.
[18:26] <thesteedman> "I have to say... I've never had a fight like that before. It was a unique experience." Faith couldn't help but comment, surprisingly out of breath all things considered.
[18:27] <thesteedman> She turned to face Thraso, wiping a little sweat from her brow before she stretched herself a little. "I had intended to meditate tonight, but I think it is a little late for that now." Faith noted, realising a good hour must have passed during their tussle. Through it all her rear still stung a bit from the earlier slap.
[18:27] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:46] <Sickerton> "How *gracious*" Thraso replied with a bit of sarcasm, sitting up and massaging her neck. "I'll keep that in mind for next time."
[18:46] <Sickerton> "Gonna have to agree on that last bit though" she tacked on. "That was tons of fun; we should do this more often.
[18:46] <Sickerton> The barbarian took a moment to calm down, breathing deeply until her heartbeat normalized and...
[18:46] <Sickerton> ...Oh! Damn!
[18:46] <Sickerton> Eyes flicking open, she turned and began to root through the pillows. Although not quite panicky there *was* a bit of haste to her movements, upturned rump swaying back and forth as she rooted through the row on her knees and elbows.
[18:46] <Sickerton> "Can't be forgetting about my glove." Thraso mumbled idly as she searched. "Was the whole point. Where did you..."
[18:46] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:52] <thesteedman> Faith tapped Thraso on the shoulder gently, waiting for her to turn around before she would reveal the glove in her hand. "You seem to be forgetting something." Faith whispered in a light tone.
[18:53] <thesteedman> "You should not misplace things like this." Faith added, handing it over to Thraso. It had surprised Faith Thraso had managed to go this long without it. She had made great progress already and no doubt the playful tussle helped it all along.
[18:53] <thesteedman> Next time she would see if she could get Thraso to leave a glove off all night... perhaps work on both. Either way, she had done enough tonight, and Faith was more then happy to return the glove to her if it brought Thraso more comfort tonight.
[18:54] <thesteedman> "Here you are." Faith whispered more sincerely as she placed it in her hand.
[18:54] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:06] <Sickerton> "Oh, you lil'..." Thraso started when she realized that Faith had it the whole while, then checked herself. Instead she merely smiled and took the glove with a nod.
[19:06] <Sickerton> A few seconds later it was fitted back on, and the barbarian tested to make sure all was right with a few ballings of her hand. Felt like... well, nothing. Kind of the point.
[19:06] <Sickerton> Oh, but she was slipping back into *that* mood again. Now was neither the time, nor the place. Instead she wrapped one arm around Faith and pulled her in to a sort of hug, seated side by side on her (now) rather messy bed.
[19:06] <Sickerton> "You're a good kid." Thraso admitted, resting her head against Faith's. "Maybe, next time, I'll have ya take off the blindfold too..."
[19:06] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:12] <thesteedman> "If you do not mind the sight of my wandering eyes then I can do." Faith spoke, feeling Thraso pull her in against her side with a powerful arm. She felt her head against her own... one of those weird barbarian things as a sign of friendship Faith assumed. She usually preferred to bow herself but who was she to judge... she knew Thraso well enough by now...
[19:13] <thesteedman> and accepted her ways. She felt Thraso settle back against the bed, virtually dragging her with her so that the two lay down on the messy bed, sheets all over the place and pillows mostly scattered.
[19:14] <thesteedman> It didn't take long for Thraso to fall asleep. It never did as she seemed to be able to close her eyes and just drift off at will. Normally it took Faith a lot longer as her mind tended to race along to places she wished it didn't.
[19:14] <thesteedman> Not tonight however... when her eyes closed, she found she too managed to quickly drift off to sleep.
[19:14] <thesteedman> (End)
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