1. R

    Itsuka Kendo (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Itsuka Kendo from My Hero Academia w/ Mask
  2. Hank East

    Tekken - Kunimitsu 1.0

    Combined the mask from the old Kunimitsu hairs from the archive with SyntaxTerror's RGB Dynamic Bunches (02) though saddly I had to sacrifice the dynamic part :P Includes Kitsune and Oni versions, for the 2 player experience :)
  3. Perdition

    Pulled Up Mask 2020-01-30

    RGB adjustable medical mask pulled up. Uses the gag slot.
  4. R

    Bubble Girl (My Hero) hair 1.0

    Bubble Girl as she appears in My Hero Academia Skin code I chose: Pale H: -154 S: 191 L: 87 C: 153 I made lots of variations to the mask: Default (with Mask lol): No Mask: No Visor: Half Mask: Broken Mask: Hole in Mask *shrugs* (download to the right): download:
  5. deadreaver

    Mashiro Kuna (Static) Hairs 2019-09-24

  6. V

    Batwoman Mask Revision 2019-09-10

    This is a revision of @Perdition's Batwoman Mask which is itself a revision of @dantethedarkprince's Batwoman mod. This mod changes the mask to an eyewear item. If you are loading this through moreclothing it needs eyewear and headwear (for the back piece). Color is adjustable via eyewear RGB1...
  7. ds14048

    Spider-Gwen V5 Seperate Hood Up And Mask 1.0

    Spider-Gwen V5 Seperate Hood Up And Mask V5 Seperate Hood Up And Mask no costume
  8. Perdition

    Black Cat Mask 2019-05-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Black Cat' mod, this mod isolates the mask, makes it RGB adjustable, and turns it into a gag. Because of the way layers work, the only way I could get the mask to go under the hair was to have it be a gag. If you load the mod with the loader and then set Gag to...
  9. Perdition

    Batwoman Mask 2019-05-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Batwoman' mod, this mod isolates the mask and makes it RGB adjustable. Please keep in mind that this mod does not look good with all (or maybe even most) hair mods, but there's not much that can be done about that with the way the game works.
  10. Perdition

    Ayane Mask 2019-04-20

    Based on @sclover13's 'Ayane Costume' mod, this mod isolates the mask and turns it into RGB adjustable headwear.
  11. Perdition

    TDK Catwoman Mask 2019-04-07

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'TDK - Catwoman Hair' mod, this mod isolates the mask and makes it RGB adjustable. Uses the headwear slot.
  12. R

    Artemis/Tigress (Young Justice) hairs 2.0

    Artemis: S01 Masked Long Hair This is actually an edit of a pre-existing hair in the archive (can't tell who made it :/ ) I simply added the longer pony tail to match Young Justice S01 Unmasked Long Hair download: S02 Masked Short Hair S02-03 Unmasked Short Hair download: I'd also def...
  13. R

    Spider-Gwen (Into the Spider-Verse) hair 4.0

    1/28/2021 EDIT: I added 2 earphone options to the zip -------------------------------------------------- As far as the main hairs theres: Default [Picture 1 & 7] Hood [Picture 2] Mask [Picture 3] Mask_Hair (It's the mask but it has back hair) [Picture 4] Full (before her haircut) [Picture 5 &...
  14. R

    Mt. Lady (My Hero) hair 1.0

    There was a lack of My Hero so I made my own hairs. Here's a crappy Mt. Lady if you want it. I may or may not update without her mask because she'd be pretty generic without it.
  15. R

    Midnight (My Hero) hair 2.0

    I'm surprised at the lack of my hero. Here's a crappy Midnight hair I whipped up if anyone else wants it. I got lazy with the color balance so I just set it in the game: H:0 S:75 L:166 C:100 Hair without Mask here:
  16. Perdition

    Lamb's Mask 2018-12-23

    RGB adjustable mask worn by Lamb (Kindred) from League of Legends. Not entirely happy with the final result, wanted to have the eyehole go over her actual eyes but the final shape wouldn't allow it without the mask going over her mouth.
  17. Widget

    Lucina Static Hair 1.0

  18. metaleroda

    Hawkgirl static hair 2017-10-22

  19. El Grillo

    Mika Static Hair 1.0

  20. El Grillo

    Jeanne Mask+Hair 1.0