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Sep 10, 2015
(Please pardon the mess. More stories with a wider range of subjects are likely to be added soon, but feel free to browse the current selection at this point)

Blades of Kriegmar

A setting based off the thread of the same name, more-or-less a D&D-ish world. These stories usually focus around a particular character from that setting, usually a PC of either me or the other RPer.

My personal character. A brash, loud, large, and scarred barbarian who set out amongst the world to earn as much glory as she can for herself. Unusually clever for her type - in a way - and sports the ability to power through magic as well as shut down spellcasters in addition to her sheer brute force capabilities.

Drinks Are On Me (By me and Raden)
Thraso has a run-in with a mouthy spellcaster elf by the name of Tylissa. Things play out about as well as one would expect. Later Tylissa returns with a plan to even the score. Things go a little less than one would expect.
[PART 1]
[PART 2]

Hold Your Tongue (By me and thesteedman)
Thraso is hired to deal with a vampiress who is terrorizing the town from her nearby mountain castle. The barbarian barges in... gets more than she expected... and finds herself in forced servitude of the very beast she came to slay.
[PART 1]
[PART 2]
[PART 3]
[PART 4]

The Show Goes On (By me and thesteedman)
Thraso explores an ancient ruin as a favor to a friend, and finds a demonologist up to no good. Leaping in, she destroys the ritual-in-progress... then is subdued and prepared for a replacement ritual
(This one ended on a cliffhanger, as it was intended to be the start of a more overarching story. Proooobably not going to be continued at this point, but just letting ya know that she pulled through on this one)
[PART 1]
[PART 2]
[PART 3]
[PART 4]

Don't Lick The Toads (By me and Dyne9)
Thraso is harassed by a nimble, venomous snakelike thug who goes by the name of Envy.
[PART 1]
[PART 2]

thesteedman's character. A former royal who was blinded and barely survived an incident that killed her parents (alongside the rest of her bloodline), Faith now wanders as a monk; honing her body for the day where she will be able to track down and confront the one who destroyed her life.

Eye of the Beholder (By me and thesteedman)
Faith ventures into the lair of a Naga Queen, a secretive information merchant who is known to reveal whatever one may desire... for a price. Can the monk pay for such a service? And if not...
[PART 1]
[PART 2]
[PART 3]
[PART 4]

Happily Ever After (By me and thesteedman)
After her previous adventure, Faith is pointed in the direction of a sadistic, murderous baroness for her next clue. She finds the baroness, the baroness finds her, and the snowball rolls from there.
[PART 1]
[PART 2]
[PART 3]
[PART 4]

Bunkmates (By me and thesteedman)
Thraso and Faith tend to share the same room at Inns. Yeah.
[PART 1]
[PART 2]
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Sep 10, 2015
Drinks are on Me
By me and Raden
Part 1

<Raden> "Damned stupid idiot. I knew she didn't know anything. Don't know why I even saved her. And that damn yellow, ugh. It's like she wants to be seen and made a target out of. What an idiot. If I could only blink back to Guildmar, I'd have done it. Damnedable moron."
<Raden> Tylissa and Linara had just had a big argument and needed time to cool down. Tylissa had gone off on her own, wandering aimlessly around town, checking out the various local vendors and craftsmen. She had selected a little jewelry, as befitting of one of her stature, if not in size, then in position. At least back home.
<Raden> It made the monochromatic purple a little less unappealing, gave it some punch.
<Raden> Tylissa would probably have given Linara a punch if they'd stayed around as well. Good thing they split when they did.
<Raden> Tylissa walked past the bar's window, seeing a few people inside.
<Raden> "Might be nice to get off my feet and sit for a while. Alright, let's check this out."
<Raden> Tylissa walked in through the shutters and after observing for a few moments, found a drink that sounded interesting. Soon she was nestled up at the bar, her own thoughts and emotions being attacked with the ale she began drinking.
<Raden> One turned into two, and then three. She began nursing the last one, just sipping it and generally stewing.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso sat at the bar, ale in hand, stewing in her thoughts. It had been a long... Week? Month? She hadn't actually got to check how much time she lost yet.
<Sickerton> The barbarian had answered a plea to vanquish a vampire ruling over some nowhere town with a cold-iron fist. But the job got... complicated... and she wound up taking an extended vacation in the musty catacombs of some ancient castle.
<Sickerton> The end result was an adventure that - while technically successful - was certianly not one she would be telling others any time soon.
<Sickerton> Granted, she made sure that said bloodsucker would be in no shape to do so either, but that was little in the way of comfort.
<Sickerton> The scarred woman was staring down into her drink (examining a new set of puncture marks in the reflection) when the newest alchoholic waltzed in. This meant that she heard the fresh blood before seeing her.
<Sickerton> Clink. Clink. Clink. Like a busted music box, or a loose money pouch.
<Sickerton> Turning her gaze sideways, she finally saw... her new 'friend'.
<Sickerton> An elf. Probably some sort of royalty; or at least aspiring to be one based on the fancy outfit. Oh, and the small treasure horde she was lugging around like a king's display mannequin.
<Sickerton> Engraved silver wristbands and forehead circlet. A jeweled ring for every finger. And a gaudy necklace with alternating rubies and sapphires embedded in it. It was amazing that the girl got to the countertop before the inevitable mugging. Maybe the thieves were just too stunned by the sheer gall.
<Sickerton> Thraso wasn't though. In fact, this was just the thing she needed right now.
<Sickerton> "Hey princess..." the scarred woman said with a grin, leaning over and poking the clearly aggrivated girl playfully with an elbow. "It's not too smart, giving your retainers the slip. Without them someone might open your chest for loot."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa glared over at the unwanted interruption for a moment before casting her vision back into her drink. "Yeah, well, my retainer right now is being a stubborn ass. She's lucky we parted when she did or she might have ended up a pile of ash."
<Raden> Tylissa looked back to Thraso. "So what's your story then? Do you always go around needling people who just want to be left alone or am I a special occasion?"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian's eyebrow raised slightly at the offhand reference to incineration. Possibly a mage too? This just kept getting better and better.
<Sickerton> "Oh no" she replied, leaning over a bit more to give the elf a 'reassuring' pat on the back. "I'm just... concerned about your health is all."
<Sickerton> "A little thing like you, just about coated in metals and jewels, walking into a place like this? You could get lead poisoning doing that."
<Sickerton> "Six inches of lead, to be precise. Right between the shoulderblades."
<Sickerton> Gently, but firmly, the scarred woman's gloved hand took hold of Tylissa's furthest shoulder and tugged; spinning the elf on her stool until she faced outwards and towards the door.
<Sickerton> "Take it from your guardian angel." she continued, turning back to her drink. "Find a safer place to get wasted. A library, or somethin'."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa was turned gently toward the door by the scarred woman. "Safer? Heh. Thanks, but I'm perfectly capable of defending myself."
<Raden> Making sure no one else was looking, Tylissa stuck her index finger up between the two of them and a slight wisp of flame danced around.
<Raden> "There's two types of people. The smart ones who leave me alone, and the ones who step up to me and are never heard from again. I appreciate the offer... but I'm good. Now if you don't mind, and even if you do, I'd like to just go back to stewing."
<Raden> Tylissa turned back around in her stool to the bar, staring into the alcoholic abyss again.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Oooh yeah, this was definitely the type. Thraso was going to have fun tonight. All it would take now is a few more pokes, maybe not quite as subtle...
<Sickerton> "Stew away..." the barbarian said joivally with a shrug. It had all the signs of being genuine... if one didn't notice the mug being silently swapped from one gloved hand to the other for a better 'angle'.
<Sickerton> Making a 'sush' motion to several other bar patrons who had already caught on with her free hand, Thraso stealthily lifted her glass over the head of the elf and poured it out over her. While she had been drinking for a while, this was a fairly fresh mug, and thus a good deal still remained to plaster the mage's hair against her face and drip down to soak into her exotic clothing.
<Sickerton> "It isn't exactly a wine bath..." the scarred woman mused, sitting back and listening to the low chuckles around them, "...but we make do with what we have down here."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa gasped as something splashed on her head, down her neck, and soaked into her robe...
<Raden> "What- what?? What in the hells is wrong with you?!" she screeched.
<Raden> Maybe Thraso didn't think she'd retaliate. Maybe she didn't pick up on the whole incineration thing. Maybe she was dumber than she looked. At any rate, it had certainly set Tylissa off.
<Raden> Grabbing her own drink, she threw the whole thing at Thraso, mug and all. Maybe it'd scar her the other way and make an X.
<Raden> "You stupid ealix!" she yelled out, punctuating the glass toss.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> (Ealix? is that an insult in elven tongue?)
<Raden> (It's a type of animal on Guildmar. Big, dumb, poops a lot, like a cross between a camel and a hippopotamus)
<Sickerton> (Ah, alrighty.)
<Sickerton> The mug rebounded off of one of the barbarian's shoulders, drenching her face and chest in liberal amounts of booze. The barbarian's tongue flicked out for a moment to lick her lips... and not entirely because of the drink.
<Sickerton> After all, the main course for tonight had just presented itself.
<Sickerton> With seemingly unlikely speed Thraso's right hand lunged out, grabbing tight hold of the top of Tylissa's head. Then, much more slowly for drama's sake, the barbarian rose to full height herself.
<Sickerton> This naturally left Tylissa with a good bit of distance between her and the ground proper, her feet dangling midair looking for purchase.
<Sickerton> "So tell me, magician..." the scarred woman asked lightly, her ever-present smile almost meaning something completely different given the circumstances. "...what tricks do you know? Can you fly?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa clenched her teeth. Someone wanted to see what abeing a pile of ash was like.
<Raden> "I know this one..."
<Raden> Channeling heat magic into her hands, Tylissa made an attempt to scratch and claw at Thraso's face and eyes.
<Raden> "Let go of me, you primitive!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian winced for a moment at the superheated nails trying to rend her face, but after a moment of concentration on her part the damage seemed to... lessen somewhat. While originally the gashes sizzled against the surrounding alcohol-drenched skin, now only the comparatively light scratches of the nails themselves seemed to be doing damage. And said amage was clearly on a level that did not even phase the large woman.
<Sickerton> "...Call someone a primitive while trying to gouge out their eyes. Nice."
<Sickerton> With a swing 'inwards' the scarred woman slammed the girl up against the countertop, the ridge of the bar grinding against the small of her back. This only grew worse as Thraso stepped in to hold Tylissa's legs in place with her own body while continuing to push forward, forcing the elf to arch backwards at an increasingly painful angle.
<Sickerton> "What a true savage would do is go immediately for the kill, attempt to cripple and maim then murder. Kind of like what you're doing."
<Sickerton> Thraso pushed forward a little bit harder for a fraction of a second, letting the elf know that she *could* be getting it worse, before continuing.
<Sickerton> "That wouldn't be any nice all. We gotta put a good show on for the other lads."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Aaaaaghh..." Tylissa groaned in pain as her spine was pressed up and arched painfully against the bartop ridge. "If you'd only left me alone..."
<Raden> Tylissa tried to grab Thraso anywhere she could and channel heat magic into her, just at least to make her let go.
<Raden> "Get your hands off me, scarface!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "If I left you alone you'd be a corpse before tomorrow" the barbarian replied, looking down at her struggling captive. "You walked into a den of wolves with raw meat hanging around your neck. Feel lucky that I only want to teach ya a lesson."
<Sickerton> Thraso lifted her free arm and brought it down elbow-first into the elf's solar plexus, aiming to knock the metaphorical wind out of her sails.
<Sickerton> "And where I come from, lessons are full-body experiences."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "I told you, I can take care of myse-OOF!" Tylissa's rebuttal was cut off with an elbow shot.
<Raden> Okay... that one kinda hurt. But it'd be nothing compared to the pain she was about to dish out.
<Raden> Tylissa raised her hand and tried to channel a blast of flame through it, enough to get Thraso to at least back up. Once she had her on the defesnive, she'd go from there. If she had her ice powers back yet, she could just encase her in ice and be done with this...
<Raden> "Well, where I'M from, lessons are one-time things..."
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The result of the attack was odd, to say the least. While the barbarian 'ate' a fireball to the chest, she did not go up in flames as one normally would expect. It was clear that she was struck, as the force made her step back and give Tylissa the breathing room she needed, full contact with the flame only pinkened her skin a little bit.
<Sickerton> The scarred woman rolled her shoulders and shot the elf a giddy look, akin to a child discovering a wrapped present with their name on the side.
<Sickerton> "Well then, oh mighty one, prove to me that you can hold your own."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa hadn't actually meant to kill the barbarian.... at least, not yet anyway. But she couldn't have prepared for the total lack of reaction when flame met flesh.
<Raden> "What.... what are you?" she asked, clearly surprised.
<Raden> Then she scowled again. "I guess I just need to turn the heat up a little..."
<Raden> Using both hands this time, she cast out a rolling wave of heat that was intended to boil and blister the barbarian.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The large woman's body was for a moment obscured by the heat wave... but only for a moment. Soon a pair of arms shot through the shimmering air, to grab hold of Tylissa at the wrists.
<Raden> Tylissa gasped. "What the-??"
<Sickerton> "I'm the thing your little bubble of a world was supposed to shield you from, shut-in."
<Sickerton> Then with a yank the barbarian pulled her forward... into her own heatwave... and eventually down to the floor.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Wah!" Tylissa yelped out as she was yanked forward suddenly, and then downward.
<Raden> "Ungh!" she hit the floor on her hands and knees suddenly.
<Raden> Tylissa shook her head. How was this happening? How was this woman seemingly not even injured? It didn't make sense. People were meat bags, and meat burned.
<Raden> So why wasn't this one??
<Raden> It flew in the face of everything she knew.
<Raden> Just what kind of magic did this one possess... or resistance to magic? Kriegmar was proving to house all sorts of new mysteries no Guildmarian could ever have thought of....
<Raden> She had more ressing issues at this time, such as that with the ability to resist her magic was a living thing currently attacking her.
<Raden> "Alright, well, you're quite impressive. But at the same time, I-"
<Raden> With that, Tylissa stood and spit a puff of flame point-blank in Thraso's face. Perhaps the eyes had it?
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso's head reeled back for a moment... but only a moment. While she was clearly blinking away spots as she recovered, and tips of her hair smoldered slightly, her emerald eyes remained intact if a little more bloodshot.
<Sickerton> This almost literal blindsiding had apparently agitated her more than the previous attempts, though, as an equally nasty move was soon busted out to pay back an eye for an eye.
<Sickerton> The barbarian pulled one leg back and landed a punt right between the elf's legs, to the sound of a weighty WHUMP!
<Sickerton> And as the elf instinctively doubled over Thraso drove an elbow into her back, and let herself fall so that it transitioned into a crushing elbow drop to the ground.
<Sickerton> "You should have thought that over, girl..." Thraso mused, while positioning herself to straddle the now face-down elf at the waist. "...Now I get to play dirty too."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Once again, the barbarians' affliction was vastly understated. Tylissa's eyes opened wide.
<Raden> "What ARE you?" she asked again.
<Raden> This time her answer was in the form of a straight-up kick to the crotch.
<Raden> "HNGG!" Tylissa's legs reflexively bent in and she doubled over, wincing in pain.
<Raden> Something heavy smashed into her back from above as Thraso laid down an elbow strike, knocking the sorceress to the floor with a "thump" and an "oof".
<Raden> Then she felt a weight on her. She knew what it was without looking.
<Raden> "Gah! Get... get off me... what is wrong with you?! Pouring ale on people and then being surprised when they don't like it? Get off me you goon!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "True, I may have pissed you off. Then you legitimately tried to kill me with fire... what, three times now?"
<Sickerton> The barbarian lifted a hand up to bang the elf's head against the floor, her brain rattling inside as her skull bounced against the hard surface.
<Sickerton> "This ain't your own little world any more. Wherever you're from, you're not special here. Hit, get hit back."
<Sickerton> Then, cupping her hands right beneath Tylissa's jaw, Thraso leaned back to bend the girl once again. She didn't put all of her weight into it, as that would clearly snap this little thing like a twig, but she was still sure to put more than enough behind it.
<Sickerton> "Now I COULD be justified in returning the favor in full so to speak, but I'm not a monster. How about you say you're sorry, and we let bygones be bygones?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> WHAM. Tylissa's head cracked against the floor with a hell of a thump.
<Raden> She saw stars and her body went limp for a moment as she groaned in pain.
<Raden> Then she was floating... no wait, Thraso was just bending her backward.
<Raden> "Gaaaaahhh..." she moaned as she squirmed in pain from the freak of nature bending her.
<Raden> "You.... you started this... you apologize!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "Oh, alright." the barbarian conceded merrily as she continued to tax the girl's spine and neck. "I'm sorry that I poured booze on ya."
<Sickerton> "Now, it's your turn."
<Sickerton> "Say you're sorry for trying to kill me. Say you're sorry for thinking that you COULD kill me. Say you're sorry for walkin' in here without your caretaker."
<Sickerton> "But most importantly..." Thraso continued, almost being able to make eye contact with Tylissa now due to how badly she had been arched, "Say you're sorry for thinking you were worth a single damn to anyone in here."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Wh-what?" she asked. "Me apologize? For all that? You started this whole thing! I wouldn't have fired at you if you hadn't started it! ALl I wanted was to be left alone, so go piss up a tree!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "Wrong answer!"
<Sickerton> The barbarian pulled back with a sudden, brutal motion, nearly snapping Tylissa's spine in the process. As for now, though, it was making do just grinding against itself and creaking.
<Sickerton> The large woman's grip somewhat shifted as well, her gloved hands slipping from the force to now grasp Tylissa's face. Several fingers found purchase inside her mouth, pulling her cheek aside in a somewhat amusing manner, while the other covered one of her eyes and bent her nose to the side.
<Sickerton> "I'll ask again, my rude friend: Are you sorry? ARE YOU SORRY?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Sickerton> (lol)
<Raden> "HRRRNGG!" was Tylissa's only reply as she was bent and figuratively mauled. Fingers all over her face, covering an eye, twisting her, bending her, getting in her mouth...
<Raden> Tylissa responded by biting down as hard as she could! Maybe if she couldn't magically assault the beast, she'd have to take the fight to her level and get physical.
<Raden> <Raden> Tylissa responded by biting down as hard as she could! Maybe if she couldn't magically assault the beast, she'd have to take the fight to her level and get physical.
<Raden> Tylissa bit down hard, hoping to pince the barbarian's fingers!
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Although Tylissa bit down as hard as she could, to the point that she could taste copper in her mouth after apparently piercing skin through the glove, for a disturbingly long amount of time there was no reaction at all. In fact, it seemed like Thraso did not even realize what was happening until she saw a trickle of crimson flowing down Tylissa's face.
<Sickerton> "Are you... You are, aren't you?"
<Sickerton> Her normally jolly visage now tinged with disgust, the barbarian drew back her free hand and rose to a squat. Then she allowed the elf to straighten back out... so that she could stomp right between her shoulderblades, forcing her mouth open in a gasp as her lungs were compressed.
<Sickerton> "Bloody animal..." the barbarian muttered to herself, drawing herself up and facing away from her crumpled opponent as she examined the punctures in her glove. "Hope I don't catch anything nasty from this..."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa spit. Gross. Gross, gross... but it worked!
<Raden> She was trying to get up when Thraso's body weight hit her like a brick again, forcing her back down.
<Raden> "PHOO!" she exhaled hard, taking the impact... but Thraso's weight was off her.
<Raden> It was now or never, she had to make her move.
<Raden> Seeing that magic was not going to work, she pulled herself up up her feet with the aid of a nearby table and chair.
<Raden> Spinning around, she grabbed a nearby bar stool and used that momentum to swing it at Thraso's head. There had to be a way to hurt the brute...
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Too distracted by the prospect of terrible fairy diseases, Thraso did not notice that her 'dancing partner' had somewhat regained her bearings.
<Sickerton> In fact, the first sign she had was a chair breaking apart against her temple. And what a sign that was!
<Sickerton> Spinning with the momentum, and temporarily losing her balance, the scarred woman fell to her knees in front of Tylissa. Slowly blinking as she waited for her vision to clear, the scarred woman slightly swayed back and forth.
<Sickerton> "Whuh...?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Oh, so you can be hurt after all!" Tylissa crooned, renewed by the adrenaline of the fight turning. "Alright, if this is how it's got to be done, I can stoop to your level..."
<Raden> Tylissa picked up a second bar chair, raised it overhead, and then crowned Thraso with it!
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian buckled, falling to her hands and knees.
<Sickerton> She was in a tight spot, and getting tighter, but the fog was also starting to clear in her mind. The first blow was so bad because she was completely unprepared for it. The second, while no picnic, did not send her on a comparable trip to hazytown.
<Sickerton> Balling her hands into fists, the scarred woman focused and took deep breaths. Just a few more moments, and she'd have enough of her bearings back to show this girl the true meaning of a bar brawl.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa, meanwhile, had no notice of Thraso's recuperation.
<Raden> "That's right, bitch, you're not so big now, are you? Are you?" Tylissa prodded at the scarred woman's face with her boot. "I'll break every chair in this stupid joint over your thick skull if I have to!
<Raden> Tylissa grabbed a third stool. Once more it went up, and once more it came down with a crash, flying apart as it impacted Thraso's skull!
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The first stool almost knocked her out. The second stool hurt her. The third stool... well, annoyed her.
<Sickerton> Slowly, and with great deliberation, Thraso stood and drew herself up to full height. She stared down at the haughty elf, holding what remained of her most recent weapon, with a smoldering gaze.
<Sickerton> She was no longer smiling. It seemed that the time for jokes was over.
<Sickerton> For a moment it appeared that the scarred woman was preparing for a prayer, her hands lacing with each other and raising up to chest level. Only after they ascended further, passing her head and continuing still, was it made obvious that this would only be a prayer to pain.
<Sickerton> "Bitch?" She repeated softly. "Bitch?"
<Sickerton> "I'D PUT A DOG OVER YOU!"
<Sickerton> The barbarian roared those last words with almost unnatural force, Tylissa's gradually drying hair being blown back as it was screamed directly into her upturned face. But that was the least of her worries as the balled fists came down to land a double axe handle blow against her forehead with enough force to bend the circlet resting there.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa smirked as she landed her third weapon blow. Surely three heavy blows to the head would be enough to put the scarred woman on her back.
<Raden> Tylissa's cockiness and confidence gave way to fear as Thraso stood up, towering over the elven sorceress.
<Raden> Tylissa looked up at the colossus, her eyes wide, lips sliphtly parted and ears folded back in Guildmarian submissive.
<Raden> The two looked at each other for a thousand years in that bar.
<Raden> Five seconds later, Tylissa giggled nervously. "Heh heh..." she raised her hands, conversatrionally. "Okay. I figured all this out. We went wrong somewhere, and you know where that was?"
<Raden> At this point, Thraso screamed in her face. It seemed... unnaturally loud and forceful.
<Raden> It scared the hell out of her and she tried to make a break for the door!
<Raden> Theunfortunate positioning of this was of Thraso being between herself and her escape route. Had they been switched 180 degrees, she may have been able to turn around and dart away.
<Raden> As it was, she had to go round the mountain, and the mountain didn't seem too keen on allowing this to happen.
<Raden> She didn't manage three steps before the double axe handle slammed against her head with almost the force of the weaponized furniture Tylissa had used.
<Raden> Tylissa, meanwhile, did not have the same kind of ability to simply shake off blows of this magnitude, and she was knocked harshly to her back with such force that it caused her to rebound to a sitting position.
<Raden> She sat upright, arms drooping to her sides, head hanging, before slowly wilting and falling to her back again.
<Sickerton> That was a good start. But only a start. Now that the scarred woman's ire had been truly stoked, there would be no easy 'outs' for the sorceress. Thraso was prepared walk into whatever elves considered hell and drag her soul back out, if needed.
<Sickerton> Luckily, she was merely unconsious. 'Luck' being relative here of course.
<Sickerton> Stooping down beside the woman, Thraso wrapped a gloved hand around the girl's delicate little throat and rose up to dangle the mage in front of her. Then she shook her about; rough enough to rouse her from her slumber, but not quiiiite as hard as to pile extra damage onto the possible concussion.
<Sickerton> She needed the elf aware of what was happening. She needed to learn.
<Sickerton> When those eyes blearily opened, the barbarian drew her in close enough for their noses to touch and roared again:
<Sickerton> Before hurling her aside, over the bar, and into the drink rack behind it.
<Sickerton> Tylissa pancaked against the rack, causing a tremendous chorus of crashes and tinklings as numerous bottles broke to jagged pieces against her, before peeling off and collapsing to the floor behind the counter. With all the booze and glass following shortly thereafter.
<Sickerton> Slowly, with clear purpose, the barbarian mounted the countertop and peered down at the elf. It was best to give her 'breathers' every now and again, can't have her giving out too fast.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa groggily tried to shake off the effects of the blow to the head. That was vicious.
<Raden> It was even more vicious when Thraso got in her face and screamed again.
<Raden> THAT woke her up
<Raden> She didn't have much chance to respond before being flung through the air.
<Raden> "GAAAHH!" she cried out ass she sliled through the air, slamming into the drink shelves behind the bar with a WHAM.
<Raden> Shortly after, the shelving unit came down with a thunderous boom followed by the multitude crashing sounds of bottles breaking.
<Raden> Tylissa lay still among the wreckage, before her eyes blinked open blearily.
<Raden> "Whuhzat? Huh?" she asked, propping herself up.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso smiled... moreso than usual, and more than a bit darker. If she could talk, then she could listen. And the barbarian had a few choice things to say.
<Sickerton> Pushing off the counter, the large woman came down knees-first on what remained of the shelves. And the bottles. And the elf underneath. But, considering the weight of her body, they were essentially all mingled and mangled wreckage immediately afterwards.
<Sickerton> She brushed aside the larger hunks of wood that could get in the way, and set herself to work. Having landed somewhat around her stomach, she was in a perfect position to give that haughty little face a bit of a job.
<Sickerton> The barbarian balled her hands into fists and started to punch Tylissa; making sure to come in at the side against her cheekbones, to make sure that a rebound against the ground had no chance of knocking her out. That did not mean that this was any walk in the park, though, as her battered head whipped back and forth amongst splintery wood shards and jagged pieces of glass.
<Sickerton> The barbarian lost her interest with this fairly quickly, though, and moved on to the... 'meat', so to speak.
<Sickerton> Taking Tylissa's face with both gloved hands, squeezing her cheeks like an annoying relative at a family reunion, Thraso drew her up as she bent down. Locking eyes with the hapless woman, she gave one command in a surprisingly low tone:
<Sickerton> "Show me your palms."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "HURGH!" Tylissa wheezed as the very large barbarian seemingly tried to smush her underneath the shelving units.
<Raden> Things didn't get a lot better from there as Thraso removed some of the debris from the elf. She highly suspected it wasn't because she felt bad about the situation.
<Raden> Indeed, Thraso lent her a helping hand... a couple of them. Except they were balled into fists.
<Raden> WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. Tylissa's head was knocked from side to side as Thraso pummeled the elf about the head and face.
<Raden> Tylissa tried to fend her off, but it was akin to a rabbit fending off a jaguar.
<Raden> Luckily, the punching didn't last long, but Thraso wasn't happy. She grabbed Tylissa by the face and pulled her up, then made a... curious demand.
<Raden> "Show me your palms."
<Raden> "How about a couple fingers instead?" she retorted, then tried to stick her index and middle fingers in Thraso's eye sockets.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> So she still had some fire left in her, eh? Kind of impressive, all things considered. Not impressive enough to give the barbarian pause in what she had planned, but impressive nonetheless.
<Sickerton> The barbarian reared back somewhat as Tylissa's fingers sought her eyes, but not fast enough to avoid getting some fairly nasty gashes around them in the process. It wasn't nearly as bad as the intended blinding, but blood occasionally dripping into her eyes was not exactly fun either.
<Sickerton> So Tylissa did manage to hinder the barbarian somewhat. And also gave her more momentum to work with as she lunged back down with Tylissa still in her grip, slamming the mage's skull against the floor.
<Sickerton> WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Back and forward, up and down, over and over again. Tylissa's brain rattled wildly inside her head, and the wood underneath her began to bow slightly from the repeated blows against it. Thraso was TRYING to avoid this, but if she didn't want to listen...
<Sickerton> When Tylissa's struggles eventually waned and her outstretched arms fell back to her sides, the scarred woman let go of her and allowed the twitching elf to collapse on her own. Then, reaching aside to grab a long bit of wood fragment, she brought it against Tylissa's throat with both hands and started to push down against it.
<Sickerton> "I'll tell you again..." Thraso growled down at her throttled 'opponent'. "Bring up your hands. Present your palms. Show them to me."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa smiled as she drew blood from Thraso, thinking she had blinded her.
<Raden> Nope, no such luck!
<Raden> Thraso began to simply hammer Tylissa intot he floor. Nothing fancy. Nothing flashy. Just pick her up and slam her down again.
<Raden> After about the sixth time Thraso slammed her, her arms went limp and her eyes glazed.
<Raden> "urrrgggmhhh...." she groaned, as she tried to recover.
<Raden> Soon she found part of the broken shelving unit pressed into her throat. If Thraso pushed too much harder, she might just guillotine the elf.
<Raden> With some trepidation, she held up her hands. The mark on her right palm glowed softly, having been activated again after Tylissa and Linara's ordeal with Warlord Bakk.
<Raden> The mark on her left hand that denoted her ice and water magic was dull and muted. Inactive.
<Raden> "There... are you happy now?" she asked, still a little bit of snark left in her voice, but not what it was. "Did it tell you everything you needed to know? As if you didn't know already?
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian cocked her head slightly, caught off guard somewhat by the mage's tattoos. An interesting detail... but not what she was actually looking for.
<Sickerton> Regardless, what she wanted was still there.
<Sickerton> Releasing her grip on the wood and tossing it aside, Thraso brought her own hands up to bite the fingers of her gloves and pull them off. Then she turned them around to mimic the elf's display, spitting out their 'protection' as she did so.
<Sickerton> The barbarian's hands were... was there even a proper word?
<Sickerton> Absolutely covered in thick, cracked, discolored calluses, it was almost as if she was wearing a raggedy set of mittens underneath her normal gloves. Her fingers bent slightly now and again, possibly just to show that they somehow could.
<Sickerton> "This is what the real world looks like." The barbarian murmured, her voice taking on somewhat of a lecturing tone. "This is what trying to survive in it does to you."
<Sickerton> Dipping briefly to either side of Tylissa, the barbarian scooped up shards in both of her palms. Then she brought them back up to lace fingers with the elf, trapping the shards between them.
<Sickerton> "What do you feel, you delicate little princess? Because I don't feel a damn thing."
<Sickerton> Her already dark grin dropped completely, completely overtaken by a grinding-tooth grimace, and she resumed shouting at the little elf.
<Sickerton> "NOT A DAMN THING!"
<Sickerton> She continued her 'semon', but not without... punctuation. Even as she squeezed tighter and tighter their mutually bleeding palms the scarred woman also started to headbutt the elf, aiming for the direct center of her face to mash her dainty little nose.
<Sickerton> Thraso paused for a moment; partially for dramatic effect, and partially to catch her breath. Then she let go of Tylissa's hands, only to seize the middle of her top to hoist her up into a sitting position.
<Sickerton> "Well I'm here to show you that no, no you can't." Thraso half-spat into her bruised and bloody face. "Consider me the closest you'll get to a guardian fucking angel."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "You see this?" Tylissa darted eyes to her right palm for a moment. "This is how I survive my world. If the brute, barbaric, primitive "oonga boonga" method works for you then great! Do your thing! But if you think that-"
<Raden> she was cut off when Thraso took hold of her hands... after having scooped up some glass shards!
<Raden> Did she really not feel that? Tylissa could, and even before Thraso asked her what she felt was a stupid question, she was crying out in pain.
<Raden> Soon, Thraso was yelling at her again, but her words got more and more garbled as she began to headbutt the tiny sorceress in the face.
<Raden> Again. And again. And again....
<Raden> Tylissa was almost sure Thraso wasn't just yelling softly at her but every time Thraso's head dashed forward, Tylissa's went back and everything got more fuzzy and muted.
<Raden> Tylissa lay on the ground after the assault, but still cracked a half grin when Thraso mentioned the guardian angel thing.
<Raden> "A guardian angel? heh... if you're a Kriegmarian angel, this world is even more screwed up than I imagined when I got here."
<Raden> "You're insane... Now how about getting off me before the voices in your head all decide to come out at once?"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian paused for a moment. Then slowly, the usual goofy smile seeped back in. Her brow unfurrowed, and the sadistic gleam faded from her eyes.
<Sickerton> "You're right." she said with a right chuckle as she rose to standing.
<Sickerton> Before bringing a boot down into Tylissa's stomach with a full force stomp.
<Sickerton> "You can't even imagine the world outside your own."
<Raden> "To everyone on my world, there IS no world outside ours."
<Sickerton> Thraso reached down and seized the elf by her hair, hoisting her up by it.
<Sickerton> "A very well maintained bubble is still a bubble. And bubbles pop."
<Sickerton> With a heave the barbarian rolled the elf onto the countertop, with Tylissa coming to rest staring at the ceiling, and began to pull herself up as well.
<Sickerton> "Besides, princess, I highly doubt that everyone in your little hidey hole was nearly as well off. You just didn't notice them in your personal ivory tower."
<Sickerton> Now standing above the elf and facing away from her, Thraso seized Tylissa's legs and pulled them upwards. Soon Tylissa was raised inverted against the scarred woman, the barbarian's muscular arms wrapped around her slim waist as the mage stared down at the countertop.
<Sickerton> "And by the way? Brush up on your legends. Angels aren't always all that nice."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa was manhandled again as she was placed up on the bar top.
<Raden> She had no idea what an ivory tower was, but she knew she didn't have one.
<Raden> Before she could ask, Thraso had grabbed her by the legs and effortlessly caught her by the waist, holding her upside down.
<Raden> "What... what are you doing? You're insane just like I said you were!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> A small, low chuckle came from the barbarian, something bridging a gap between amusement and annoyance.
<Sickerton> "Not a single thing got through, eh? I wonder why I even bothered. Then again..."
<Sickerton> Thraso paused for a moment, shooting a knowing glance at the surrounded onlookers.
<Sickerton> "...Maybe your skull's just a bit too thick."
<Sickerton> With that Thraso 'kicked out' her legs from under herself, landing in a seated position on the countertop. And, by association, Tylissa's head landed a few inches INSIDE the counter.
<Sickerton> The wooden surface cratered slightly, as Tylissa's compacting vertabrae were not enough to absorb the full impact by themselves. Thraso felt a spasm jolt through the elf's body upon landing home, the sheer force of all that weight concentrated into such a small and vital area undoubtedly playing havok with her.
<Sickerton> The barbarian allowed Tylissa's body to crumple on it's own somewhat, the legs falling down and her spine bowing backwards, before giving a push to her inverted midsection to flop her down fully on the tabletop.
<Sickerton> "So..." Thraso mused down at the wrecked face staring up at her, as the barbarian idly toyed with the gaudy necklace around the mage's neck. "Are you ready to learn now?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa's pointed ears filled with the sound of a bang, and at the same time, her spine and neck compressed momentarily like a spring.
<Raden> It wasn't until she had come to rest on her back that she realized it was her body that that caused that sound.
<Raden> Her eyes were glazed over now as she lay on the top of the bar top, now with a crater from her skull.
<Raden> This was just one of many head injuries she would go on to sustain in Kriegmar.
<Raden> she breathed heavily as Thraso lorded over her.
<Raden> She could barely make out what the scarred woman was saying, her head was swimming froim the earlier pounding and now the piledriver.
<Raden> All she could do was moan thickly as she lay on the bar, her eyes only half open.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "Well said."
<Sickerton> With a quick motion she twisted the necklace against itself, fashioning a crude if functional garrote, and began to pull it tight around Tylissa's neck.
<Sickerton> "Very, VERY well said."
<Sickerton> The splenderous links of the chain sunk into Tylissa's throat, cutting off her air, and Thraso bent down to stare directly into those half-lidded eyes. She wanted her to be the last thing she saw before they rolled up into the back of her head.
<Sickerton> "Here's a lesson for ya..." the scarred woman whispered, as if sharing a good joke. "In the real world, there are no second chances."
<Sickerton> Then the barbarian spat directly into Tylissa's gradually relaxing face, and waited for her already weak struggles to die down into nothing.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Hcccckk..." Tylissa began to gag as she was viciously choked, with her own necklace to boot.
<Raden> She reached up, trying to wedge her fingers between the chain and her neck to get some breathing room, but there was no way she could get enough separation, not with Thraso holding it tight.
<Raden> Thraso went nose to nose with Tylissa as she choked her, relentlessly, remorselessly.
<Raden> Tylissa felt something warm hit her cheek, but she couldn't make out what it was in her beaten, concussed and now oxygen-deprived state.
<Raden> Soon, her struggles faded and she went slack in Thraso's chain-choke grip.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso was overjoyed as Tylissa's struggles degenerated into mere errant twitches. It was over. Only a few more moments and... wait...
<Sickerton> The barbarian sat back up and looked around, the red haze somewhat parting from her thoughts. She was surrounded by spectators, and while this lovely bunch of never-do-wells loved sound beatings outright murder was still frowned upon. Brought the guard about, caused unwanted snooping.
<Sickerton> On top of that the bartender, while not interfering, was clearly giving her quite the stink eye. He would obviously be no stranger to brawls such as this, but that didn't mean that fixing and restocking afterwards would be cheap.
<Sickerton> Turning her gaze back down to the shuddering body below her, Thraso reasoned out her next course of action. Doubling down, she pulled as hard as she could on the necklace...
<Sickerton> To snap it free of Tylissa, then hand it to the barkeep.
<Sickerton> "Here. This oughta cover repairs."
<Sickerton> She then plucked off Tylissa's tiara, still made of numerous fine materials despite how dented and battered it was, and handed that over too.
<Sickerton> "And this'll cover my tab."
<Sickerton> "As a matter of fact..." Thraso said, raising her voice as she turned to the gathered patrons, "All the drinks are on me tonight!"
<Sickerton> "Or rather, her!" She added, gesturing down at the quivering elf still quite decked out in valuables.
<Sickerton> After a resounding cheer from the crowd Thraso rolled off from the table, taking her previous seat, and patted the comotose elf on the cheek.
<Sickerton> "Thanks for the favor, girlie. You might learn somethin' about the world yet."
<Sickerton> (You wanna lead out, or should I?)
<Raden> (You can go ahead, I think Tylissa's pretty much out of it)
<Sickerton> And a lovely night was had by all! The drinks flowed freely, the songs were merry, and the broken elf served her job well as both a bank and a countertop.
<Sickerton> At the end of the night Thraso left in good spirits, making sure to let the girl know there were no hard feelings by buying her a bottle of good wine. Sure, she had to open it herself and kind of shove the neck down her throat to get her to try it, but the thought was still there.
<Sickerton> And after last call Linara found her friend thrown out like trash in front of the pub; bruised, bloody, tattered, and soaked in booze. Although Linara asked her on numerous occasions what exactly happened that night, Tylissa never actually told her. She merely brushed it off as "an incident" and moved on... although, taking Linara's words of advice a liiiittle bit more often than than before.
<Sickerton> (end)


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Sep 10, 2015
Drinks are on Me
By me and Raden
Part 2

<Raden> Tylissa stood outside the Zentil bar door. This was where it'd happened.
<Raden> Two weeks ago. She'd managed to get into a bar fight with some woman, or a stack of boulders that vaguely looked like a woman.
<Raden> All she knew was she'd been stripped of a lot of valuable gems and stones, and she intended on payback.
<Raden> So she'd scraped up every last coin she had left on this plane and purchased a new robe.
<Raden> The clothier she'd bought it from couldn't even feel the enchantment on it? Insane. She'd paid 10 gold coins for what appeared to be a simple common-issue brown hood and cloak. Nothing remarkable, you could lose her in a crowd just like that.
<Raden> The enchantment though... that ten gold might as well have been a handful of dirt. The magical enchantment on the robe, allowing its owner to change its appearance at will and repair/clean it with a thought... it was like having a whole wardrobe in one garment.
<Raden> The price she'd pad for it? She might as well have simply stolen it. That clothier could have sold it for five hundred times that cost, retired to a nice coastal city and never worked another day in his life.
<Raden> Her second purchase had been a more custom affair, as she'd tracked down a skilled potion maker and bought up a strength potion. She wished she'd been able to afford (or steal, but she hadn't had that chance) the Iron Skin potion as well, but she'd make do.
<Raden> Smuggling the potion under the cloak, she flipped up the hood and entered the bar. She looked completely like any other Zentil denizen.
<Raden> She ordered a couple drinks and retreated to a corner of the bar... and waited. She knew her target would be around, it was only a matter of when.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> It was a little bit of a wait, but not terribly much so. It was prime drinking hours - well prime-ER, there were more than enough of the nightlurking type as regular patrons to fill this tavern pretty much always - and Tylissa's mark had built up quite a reputation in... Ah!
<Sickerton> A familiar large and scarred woman shuffled through the entryway, pausing only a second to drop her warhammer near the door before continuing inwards. There was a 'no carry' policy here; pretty much the only rule, and all the more important because of it.
<Sickerton> Thraso wandered up to the front counter and took a stool, letting out a contented sigh while easing herself down. It had been a tiring day... but the good type. Progress had been made, good work had been done, that sort of deal.
<Sickerton> "Gimme the usual." the barbarian told the barkeep with a smile, then leaned against the counter with one hand propped up against her cheek as she waited.
<Sickerton> A good drink or twelve, a few warbly bar-wide shanties once the whole lot was good and hammered, maybe even a brawl or two... yeah. This was shaping up to be an ideal cap for a damn near perfect day.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa didn't even have to look to know the scarred woman had entered. She just had something of a presence. So it was no surprise when Tylissa heard her "grinding gravel" voice. Just a couple words, but totally unmistakable.
<Raden> Still, she peered out from under her hood to get a visual. Yep, right at the middle of the bar, front and center. Unsurprising for one such as Thraso. Be the center of attention. Dominate the room by taking up the main portion of it. Subtle body language, but effective as well.
<Raden> Slipping the potion out from her sleeve, she uncorked the bottle and swigged it. "My Gods," she thought to herself, "it takes like sawdust and grease..."
<Raden> After a couple heartbeats, she felt her strength intensifying. There weas no outward change but she felt as if she could move mountains.
<Raden> And in Thraso's case, she was about to.
<Raden> She'd been in the corner for so long all the patrons who'd been in there when she came in had been replaced with another set. Perfect. No one even saw her come in.
[18:53:39] <Raden> She closed her eyes, and worked the robe's enchantment. Soon, she was wearing her more familiar and comfortable Guildmarian robe... well, what passed as a robe anyway. The lavender colour was pretty unmistakable.
<Raden> Taking up the unused drink she'd bought juuuust for Thraso, she walked up behind her.
<Raden> "Have one on me, my friend."
<Raden> Then she raised the glass and upended it over Thraso's head, pouring it all over the brute.
<Raden> Holding out the glass, she dropped it in front of Thraso on the bar with a "clunk".
<Raden> "Or rather, on you."
<Raden> She took two steps back and sporead her arms in a "what are you going to do about it" gesture, waiting for the brute to turn around.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The scarred woman perked up at the first exclamation, and had begun to slowly spin in her seat right before she was 'treated'. "Well, awfully kind of ya t-"
<Sickerton> The drink was not what one would consider cold - ice was a bit too much of a luxury for the swill this place dealt in - but still was relatively chilly enough alongside the sweltering day to give her an involuntary shiver up her spine.
<Sickerton> For a few moments after that Thraso was completely still, dripping silently with soaked and matted hair plastered against her head and covering her eyes. Eventually, though her tongue flicked out to taste the brew she was now wearing like a fresh coat of paint.
<Sickerton> "A bit sweet... hey, do I know you?"
<Sickerton> Her glove hands rose to pull aside the curtain of fiery hair, and as her emerald eyes locked on Tylissa they began to twinkle with realization.
<Sickerton> "Hey, it's you!"
<Sickerton> The barbarian rose to her feet; as slowly as she could, to make a show out of the height difference between the two. Staring down at the elf with a grin that was jolly, but showed a bit more in the teeth department than one would usually be comfortable with, she continued on:
<Sickerton> "Welcome back! Here to pick up the bar tab again?"
<Sickerton> As if it was nothing to take note of, Thraso began to crack her knuckles. Still smiling. Just as ever.
<Sickerton> "I don't see any gaudy crap this time. What are ya gonna use? Your last will and testament?"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Aw, how sweet. Ya remembered me!" Tylissa said.
<Raden> Thraso got out of her seat, slowly. Tylissa followed her up with her eyes, standing just under 15 inches shorter or so.
<Raden> Nope, no mismatch here.
<Raden> "You know, you already used that "stand trall over the little elf" thing once. One note, huh?"
<Raden> "I thought you might be able to pick up the tab this time. I bet that hammer of yours is well taken care of and probably worth a bit."
<Raden> Thraso flashed a slasher smile at Tylissa. "Hey, nice teeth! How DO you get them so white."
<Raden> "Oh well, today you'll be asking how to take the red out of your face when I humiliate you to the point you won't want to be seen again. And with those looks, ugly, that might be in all our best interests."
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "If by 'used' you mean 'stood next to you' then yes, I've done that before. Not my fault there. Blame your gods."
<Sickerton> The scarred woman's gaze shifted over to her hammer propped up near the entrance upon it's reference, only to shift right back to the elf with a chuckle.
<Sickerton> "That piece of scrap? A blacksmith would pay you to take it AWAY. I think you should stick to appraising silk sheets and wine, creampuff."
<Sickerton> Thraso brought one hand down between them with her index finger out, wagging it chidingly.
<Sickerton> "That's the thing about your type, girl. Always need the best. You don't get up in the morning without three enchantments and a priceless ancestral artifact."
<Sickerton> "Me, though? I'm ready to go with whatever, whenever."
<Sickerton> The barbarian spread her arms out and hunched over, as if preparing for a lockup in a wrestling match. Which, considering the situation, she kind of was.
<Sickerton> "Speaking of which, have at it. I really wanna see what you think you can do here."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Of course I have only the best. If you have the best, then everyone else stands that much less of a chance."
<Raden> "You wanna tussle, huh? How do you muscle heads call it... "throw down"? Alright, I'll give you a chance to end this right here."
<Raden> "Take a punch. If you can end it in one, I'll do whatever you want me to do."
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso cocked her head to the side, looking over the waif of a girl with a rather quizzical look. "...You know that if you really were that sick of life there are easier ways, right? I mean, if you came up to me discreetly we could have hashed out something like you lying down out back to let me stand on your throat."
<Sickerton> "Ah, whatever." the barbarian concluded, making up her mind. "Good thing I don't actually want anything from you; you ain't doing nothing after this."
<Sickerton> With a sudden movement the scarred woman shuffled forward, intending to catch Tylissa with a rising hook to the gut! If it hit home the tiny mage would surely be lifted off her feet, with the odds of her getting a rafter beam to the back after that not entirely impossible.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "The only thing I'm sick of is listening to you sound like you're chewing rocks when you talk."
<Raden> Tylissa watches Thraso duck down for a rising blow... and then catches her fist!
<Raden> It was... quite a sight to see Thraso's fist caught in Tylissa's comparatively tiny hand.
<Raden> Tylissa held fast. "Oh finally, some action. And here I thought you were just going to accept that beer as a new accessory."
<Raden> Tylissa flashed her own toothy grin and slowly began to squeeze Thraso's hand...
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian beamed as she heard the impact of her blow hitting... which descended into confusion as she realized that the noise was much too small, and that she had been halted as if she struck a wall.
<Sickerton> "...Huh?"
<Sickerton> Thraso once again locked stares with the mage, her brow furrowing with confusion building in several different directions.
[19:56:32] <Sickerton> "Well this is..."
<Sickerton> She looked down at her held hand, and as an experiment tried to pull it back. It didn't budge; Tylissa's vicelike grip now clear to Thraso despite... ah, things...
<Sickerton> "...This is something, alright..."
<Sickerton> The scarred woman turned back to the elf proper, and gave a huff.
<Sickerton> "...Learned a new trick somewhere, huh? Well it's just that. A trick."
<Sickerton> Thraso then rose to full height and lifted her right hand upwards. If Tylissa wished to keep her hold she would be reduced to dangling midair, which would set her up just fine for some speedbagging via Thraso's free fist...
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "If this is all just a trick, then why can't you pull your hand free?"
<Raden> Thraso's response was to simply raise her arm in the air. Tylissa had to remember: Thraso's strength was natural. It wasn't going to wear out unless she was winded or tired.
<Raden> And it looked like she could last a while before being winded.
<Raden> "Nice view up here, is this what its like to be tall?"
<Raden> Letting go of Thraso's fist, she let herself drop to the floor, before crouching to one knee and punching Thraso in the abdomen.
<Raden> Normally, this would be akin to throwing pebbles at an avalanche... however, Thraso would definitely feel this shot.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian had reared back a fist to pummel the dangling Tylissa... but never got to complete it, as she was quite literally beaten to the punch.
<Sickerton> Thraso's wind left her with a WHUFF as an illogically powerful blow buried itself in her gut, causing her to double over in pain. Gasping for air, the large warrior clutched at her midsection as she tried to get herself under control.
<Sickerton> "You... little..." the barbarian managed to eke out between whoops.
<Sickerton> Undoubtedly frazzled now but still far from finished, Thraso shakily reached out one hand in an attempt to seize Tylissa by the scalp. A good old headbutt could probably turn things around in short order...
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa grinned, Guildmarian cockiness building. "Yep, I'm little. You know they say good things come in small packages. I see some great things in your very near future!"
<Raden> Thraso reached a hand out to Tylissa to try to grab her. "Why, heres one of them now..."
<Raden> Tylissa took Thraso by the wrist, then yanked her arm sharply, sidestepping her as she lobbed the muscular woman over a table, knocking it and a couple chairs over.
<Raden> The bar patrons, knowing a fight brewing when they see it, had long since scattered to the edges of the room, to avoid such flight-assisted humans.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Through the air Thraso soared, to come to a crashing halt against the wood floor and several bits of furniture.
<Sickerton> The barbarian lie there for a moment, stunned by both the impact and the not-insignificant feat of comprehending who just managed to do THAT, before shaking her head to clear the fog.
<Sickerton> Well, the normal fog at least. The red type? Here for the whole ride.
<Sickerton> With a growl Thraso reached out, touched a nearby chair... then passed it by for the table it was pushed up against.
<Sickerton> "Alright girl..." The scarred woman grumbled, rising to her feet with the object in tow. "You want a real fight?"
<Sickerton> The warrior lifted the table above her head and bellowed:
<Sickerton> "YOU GOT IT!"
<Sickerton> Before lunging in and bringing the table crashing down, fully intending to snap it in half against the smug sorceress' upturned forehead!
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa's smug grin quickly vanished as Thraso hefted the huge piece of lumber above her head.
<Raden> She was temporarily strong, stronger than Thraso even. She was NOT invulnerable, or immune to the malady of getting her skull caved in.
<Raden> One choice Guildmarian epithet later and she was diving over another table to avoid the first one, which had now become a projectile.
<Raden> Tylissa scooped up a chair and lobbed it at Thraso.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso brought up an arm to block the chair, and thus it took the brunt of the force as it exploded into splintered against her. There would probably be a bruise there later, and she was nicked here and there by the shrapnel, but in her new state of rage all that merely egged her on.
<Sickerton> "Running now?" She snarled. "I thought you wanted this!"
<Sickerton> The scarred woman then began to barrel towards Tylissa, tossing aside tables and chairs as she went. It was clear that she did not intend to stop when she reached the mage herself... or possibly even when she reached the wall once the mage had been plastered against her...
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Ah, perfect. An enraged opponent was an unthinking opponent, and a calculated mage's mind was much sharper.
<Raden> As the human woman, which resembled more of a tornado at this point, barreled toward the mage, Tylissa took one step back and stuck her foot out in the most slapstick possible way this could have gone.
<Raden> She didn't necessarily have to beat Thraso to a bloody pulp to defeat her (*although it wouldn't break her heart if that happened), but she knew the best way to attack her was her pride.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso lunged at Tylissa, arms outstretched to seize her... and thus was already pretty much falling when the elf stepped aside and propped out a foot. That isn't to say it didn't manage to make things worse, however.
<Sickerton> The barbarian dropped into a rolling tumble, bowling through even more furniture and adding more to her growing collection of splinters before finally hitting the end. She came to a slumped stop upside-down, her shoulders in the crease as her head lay on the floor and her legs propped up against the wall.
<Sickerton> "Ungh..." Thraso groaned, dazed but still furious. "You..."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa laughed a haughty, high-elven-borne laugh.
<Raden> Thraso would then feel something cold...
<Raden> ice cubes. Tylissa was pelting her with ice cubes.
<Raden> "Ice to see you again, ugly!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Alright, Thraso was going to lift that elf above her head and tear her in half like a scroll. Not even for everything else up to this point. That pun by itself deserved it.
<Raden> (lol)
<Sickerton> But first, to cut off THOSE shenanigans at the pass.
<Sickerton> The barbarian fell over to the side, regaining a somewhat more human-like position, and pushed herself up to a kneel. Then she took as deep a breath as she could and released a thunderous roar which shook the window panes and caused a few nearby bottles to shatter.
<Sickerton> It was something Thraso saved specifically for spellcasters, literally shouting them down as they tried to get their magic off. Their delicate little eardrums just couldn't take it. And elves, with their huge pointed abominations? Probably was extra fun for them on top o' that.
<Sickerton> Half-rising, half-lunging, the barbarian closed the distance batween the two; her hands balled together for one large fist she intended to bring down across that mage's temple so hard she'd have to hire spelunkers to pull her silly little tiara back out.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa's smile evaporated as Thraso roared, sounding every bit the mauler beast she looked.

<Raden> Thraso wasn't going to scream away the effects of a potion... but damned if it wasn't effective in other ways.
<Raden> "Kyah!" Tylissa shouted as she doubled over, hands protecting her ears.
<Raden> She looked up after the noise had subsided, just in time to see an axe-handle punch...
<Raden> WHAM. Well, there was the shot Tylissa had offered Thraso earlier...
<Raden> Instantly she saw stars as she stumbled back a couple steps, tripping over a stray chair and falling backwards to the floor.
<Raden> "No, no, no no... can't let her capitalize..." Tylissa shook her head, trying to keep her eyes focused.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "There we go." the barbarian growled as she advanced on her floundering opponent. "THAT'S the girl I know."
<Sickerton> Thraso kicked away the chair Tylissa had tripped over, but if the mage thought that an act of kindness she was sorely mistaken. It was merely to give the scarred woman room to mount her sprawled opponent, her large and heavy knees coming down on Tylissa's chest with a WHUMP as she dropped.
<Sickerton> Leaning over and dipping down, the barbarian seized the sides of the mage's head with either hand and pulled it up as high as it coud go from this position.
<Sickerton> "You remember what I said last time, girl? About barbarian lessons and whatnot?"
<Sickerton> Slowly, but steadily and without compromise, pressure began to build up in Tylissa's skull. Thraso was pushing inwards, harder and harder...
<Sickerton> "Of course you didn't. That's why you're back here."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "HURGH!" Tylissa really wished for that Iron Skin potion now, as Thraso now acted like the avalanche her muscular body made her out to look.
<Raden> Then she began to scream as Thraso started to squeeze her head between powerful gloved hands.
<Raden> She wasn't sure if she were rivaling Thraso's primal roar, but the sheer pressure in her skull was instant and sharp, as Thraso threatened very credibly to crush her head.
<Raden> Reaching up, she grabbed Thraso's wrists.... and then began to pull her hands apart, alleviating the coconut crush on her skull.
<Raden> Then she pushed sharply back on her arms, trying to scoot her backwards a little.
<Raden> If she could manage that, she'd draw her legs up, plant the soles of her boots on Thraso's torso and then shove her off. Preferably kicking back and over her head to launch her away, but she'd take what she could get, which was "Thraso away from her" at this point.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> Thraso chuckled as Tylissa pawed at her arms... then stopped when she was actually forced off and back. Oh yeah. THAT idiocy was still happening.
<Sickerton> The barbarian focused her efforts on forcing her way back in, which meant that she did not notice the movement of Tylissa's (also inexplicably superpowered) legs until it was too late.
<Sickerton> "Wh- ah cr-"
<Sickerton> It was like a set of pistons in the barbarian's midesection, sending her off like an arrow to skid across the floor until she crashed into the side of the countertop. Or was embeddened in it, to be slightly more accurate.
<Sickerton> The wooden side cratered and bowed as Thraso's back collided with it, sinking her slightly into the thing as it gave way. Bruised and battered, the barbarian's head hung against her chest as she moaned and groaned from the blow.
<Sickerton> "Unh... ah..."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Aw, you look hurt... are you hurt?" Tylissa said, as she got up. She stumbled one step from the blow to the head earlier, then righted herself.
<Raden> Tylissa pulled Thraso free of the bar, which had just been replaced too.... on her coin.
<Raden> "Okay, that one's on you this time."
<Raden> "Now, mages tend to have long memories and hold grudges. Well, me especially. This might be familiar.
<Raden> Tylissa props Thraso up to a sitting position and then places her hand on her jaw.
<Raden> "Now, tell me you big smelly targbeast, are you sorry for last time yet?"
<Raden> "Yes, Tylissa, I'm so sorry!" she answered for Thraso in a high pitched mocking tone as she moved her lips with her hand. "Please forgive me, I'll never mess with you again!"
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> One of Thraso's eyes twitched, and with no small amount of effort lifted her hands to wrap around the one the mage was using to put on an impromtu puppet show.
<Sickerton> "Elf..." the scarred woman growled out, the words slightly slurred by the scrunching of her face. "You better hope that whatever you've done OR do tonight is permanent."
<Sickerton> "Because if it isn't..." she continued, shooting volcanic daggers at Tylissa with her stare "...the stakes have been raised. And if you think mages could be trouble..."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> "Eh, it's not permanent. But it doesn';t need to be because after today, are you really going to want to show your stupid, ugly, primate face around here again?"
<Raden> Tylissa reached up with one hand and tousled Thraso's hair.
<Raden> Then she stood and brought Thraso with her, only to shove her over another table.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian was hoisted up and tossed, landing splayed out on one of the few tables still upright and in one piece. Chances are that wouldn't last for much longer.
<Sickerton> Thraso groaned, her chest rising and fallin with each heaving breath, and her hands clutched at the edges of her wooden pedestal tightly with fury.
<Sickerton> Very tightly. Perhaps TOO tightly.
<Sickerton> First there was a few pops. Then crackles. Then finally snaps as either side of the table broke off into weighty chunks as the barbarian pulled at it.
<Sickerton> With a weakened but still rather powerful roar the barbarian sat up on what little remained of the table and brought what she had snapped off together in front of her; intending to catch Tylissa with a hefty bludgeoning from either dirrection, not to mention how badly the splintery mess could theoretically tear her up.
<Sickerton> This mage would have to work for every inch of ground here. And Thraso would at the very least ensure that she would bleed for it.
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Thraso had intended to sandwich Tylissa's head in between two pieces of hard wood, but her timing was off a little. However, the results were maybe worse for the elf.
<Raden> Instead of one smack, her head was battered from the right, sending her to the left... where the other piece of weood smashed directly into her face, breaking her nose and cutting into her forehead a little.
<Raden> "AGH!" she screamed out as blood now trailed down her face and her slightly flatter nose.
<Raden> She stumbled back, taking a seat in a chair some ten paces from Thraso.
<Raden> "unnnh.." she groaned, as she tried to shake off the twin shots to the head.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> The barbarian dropped her impromtu weapons - now little more than splinters - and with a grunt rose to her feet, Only pausing for a moment to fix a few wobbles and wipe her brow with the back of one wrist, Thrasso plodded over to her amusingly incapacitated foe.
<Sickerton> "I hate to break it to ya..." Thraso began, before sitting down on the elf's lap and pushing her head up to lock gazes via a single finger to the bottom of her bloodied jaw.
<Sickerton> "...but this isn't THAT kind o' bar."
<Sickerton> Her hands then lunged forward to wrap around the elf's throat, beginning to strangle her in earnest as the berbarian rose back up with the dangling mage along for the ride.
<Sickerton> "But if you want, I'll still give ya a table dance."
<Sickerton> Thraso then, with a twirl to the side, powerbombed Tylissa onto - as well as through - what very well could have been the last intact and upright table in the establishment. Wood and metal flew, accompanied by crackles and snaps which were hard to tell if they originated from the furniture or the body being forced through them.
<Sickerton> "Alright." The scarred woman wheezed at the mess in front of her now completely obscuring the tiny elf. "That'll be three silver pieces."
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> Tylissa was sitting one moment, and then she wasn't. She hadn't stood up or anything, she just was not in physical contact with anything except the air and Thraso's hands.
<Raden> Thraso strangled her with a hangman choke ans she allowed the mage to dangle limply.
<Raden> Tylissa tried to bend back a couple of Thraso's fingers, but before she could get a good handle on the gloves, Thraso had pivoted and drilled her through the Last of the Mahoganys. BAM, through the table with an ear-splitting crunch.
<Raden> Tylissa lay on her back on top of the crushed table, arms and legs spread a little.
<Raden> "Wow... that hurt...." she moaned.
<Raden> Tylissa sat up, head spinning. Could she even defeat Thraso with her potion powered strength, or was she destined to come out on the L side again?
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "Oh really?" Thraso chided, head tilting slightly in mock sympathy. "Lemme make it up for ya."
<Sickerton> The barbarian had mosied over to the countertop as Tylissa lay dazed for a drink. What of she wasn't exactly sure, since the selection was "Non-shattered stuff bargoers left as they scrambled away", but this seemed like a good enough brew after an experimental swig.
<Sickerton> 'Good' being a subjective term here. Thraso enjoyed booze with a punch to it, and the stuff in this slightly cracked glass bottle was undoubably 300% Rotgut. Stuff you wouldn't let air for fear of it bursting into flames or killing birds flying overhead.
<Sickerton> "Here." Thraso commanded, taking hold of Tylissa by the scalp and pulling back so she was forced to look up. "A freebie to match yours earlier."
<Sickerton> The barbarian then tipped the bottle over, and forced it into Tylissa's mouth. Technically she was making the girl drink, but considering how deeply she was shoving the neck of the bottle down the mage's throat a decent argument could also be made for 'feeding'.
<Sickerton> Frothy dreg bubbled out and overflowed from the girl's lips and down her neck, simply unable to keep up with the rate of flow. And still Thraso pushed the bottle further and further in, to the point that the spiderweb of cracks across the bottle's surface may have actually been growing larger from the force of her shoving the container further down.
<Sickerton> "Chug." the barbarian commanded with a toothy smile, as if an onlooker at a rousing frat party. "Chug, girl! Chug!"
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> While Tylissa still had temporary physical strength that rivaled and overshadowed Thraso's, there were a couple issues with this setup that prevented Tylissa from forcibly draining the bottle.
<Raden> First, she was sitting and Thraso lorded over her, on her feet. Leverage advantage, Thraso.
<Raden> Second, she currently had a bottle shoved in her mouth and practically halfway down her throat. It was disgorging liquid that burned her mouth and throat, being so full of alcohol. Even if Tylissa had leverage to match Thraso, she had the problem of potentially choking or drowning to death.
<Raden> These were issues, to say the least.
<Raden> Tylissa was getting desperate, as her bobriety clock had just been kickstarted in a big way. She didn't have long...
<Raden> grasping for any intact bottle she could find, her fingers finally found the neck of one.
<Raden> Bringing it up, she smashed it across Thraso's face, glass shattering and alcohol getting in her eyes.
<Raden> (yt)
<Sickerton> "Yer a champ at this, kid! Considering your weight, that's gotta be like-"
<Sickerton> The barbarian's musings were cut off as a bottle hit her right in the cheekbone, tearing up her face with shards as well as soaking her with booze afterwards. And considering the usual proof of the swill here, it did NOT play nice with either her eyes or her new gashes.
<Sickerton> Thraso screamed and was forced to turn away, hunching over and cupping her face. She set upon pulling the glass bits out but with her temporary blindness, and the inherent clumsiness of her gloved fingers...
<Sickerton> Damned mage. DAMNED mage. Once she was through with this, she was going to fold her into a ball and give her to some street urchins to play with...
<Sickerton> (yt)
<Raden> The folding was going to have to wait for perhaps another day. Tylissa stood, then blinked a couple times. Damn, it'd only been about 30 seconds since she slugged a whole bottle of alcohol so hard that it was a surprise you didn't have to slice it.
<Raden> She had to act fast and get a little barbaric herself.
<Raden> Taking Thraso by the back of the beck, she hooked one leg in front of Thraso's, and then simply threw her to the floor facedown.
<Raden> Mounting the brute by putting a knee in her spine, she grabbed Thraso's hair and raised her head, then viciously slammed it into the bar floor.
<Raden> Gritting her teeth, she raised the barbarian up again, and then slammed again.
<Raden> The third one opened another cut on her head.
<Raden> The fourth one knocked her out. Tylissa slammed twice more for good measure
<Raden> Finally, sensing Thraso was out, she stood. Groggily...
<Raden> Her strength potion was wearing out anyway, and she was getting more and more drunk with every breath.
<Raden> "Theresh... your shtupid barbarian. If you wanna get your moeny back for thish mesh, she can work for you, shinsh you remember las time. right?"
<Raden> Tylissa drunkenly staggered out the door, where she headed for the nearest secluded back alley to go lay down for the next 20 hours or so.
<Raden> As the potion wore off, more and more pain could be felt. She'd definitely not escaped that one unscathed and she needed a potion of strength to do it. And Thraso had still quite nearly defeated her...
<Raden> (YT or the end)
<Sickerton> Thraso was still blind as she was forced to the floor, but the tension in her back and scalp left little to be imagined. She had just begun another beastial roar as her head was brought down against the floor.
<Sickerton> Her cry was cut off in a squeak as her brain jangled about her skull. Then she was brought up and slammed again, her body jolting as the concussion added up.
<Sickerton> One more and a larger shard in her forehead cut deeper, draping her face in blood. The scarred woman's head was brought up once more but she was at this point mostly out of it; her tongue lolling, her eyes cloudy, and her visage a terrible mix of purple splotches and red stains.
<Sickerton> "Unhhh..."
<Sickerton> Then once more she went down, and all went dark. After a final seize her body relaxed, and after a few more 'insurance slams' she was still bar an occasional twitch and a growing pool of blood beneath her.
<Sickerton> It was much later when the barbarian awoke; battered, sore, and... in debt.
<Sickerton> The tavern required payment for repairs, and the barbarian was not the best of fits for their needs. She had no real valuables, hiring 'bouncers' would be pointless considering the type of establishment this place was, and she simply didn't have the finesse for dishwashing.
<Sickerton> When it came down to it, the only job they had that she could remotely do for them was...
<Sickerton> ...A waitress.
<Raden> (Most intimidating waitress ever. :O)
<Sickerton> So for a month or two there was quite an amusing sight; a huge, muscle bound woman... fluttering from table to table, trying her best to mentally keep orders in line.
<Sickerton> Of course, that was not ALL she was thinking about. Not by a long shot.
<Sickerton> It was sometimes in the forefront, sometimes on the backburner, but it was always SOMEWHERE in her mind.
<Sickerton> A certian elf mage. Or rather something that could probably pass as her, if any of it's joints were still bending in the correct directions.
<Sickerton> A lovely little dream. It's always good to have something to strive for.
<Sickerton> (end)


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Sep 10, 2015
Hold Your Tongue
By Me and thesteedman
Part 1

[00:22:15] <thesteedman> "Here she comes!" "Oh no!" "Please... don't hurt the Mistress!" "Mercy!" "She has come to slay us all!" The maidens all began to panic at once when the first thump hit the reinforced door into Evelyn's chamber.
[00:23:18] <thesteedman> It seemed that brute had made it past the lesser vampires. Evelyn shouldn't have been so surprised, yet she did not share the fear of the Maidens she had under her powerful influence. It was only a matter of time before the village she had been terrorizing turned to a sell sword.
[00:24:00] <thesteedman> Granted, she did not expect them to send one so powerful so soon. It was a shame she was going to have to replace her watch, but at least it would give her something to do over the next few weeks when this was all over.
[00:25:16] <thesteedman> Evelyn was a woman of average height... her skin somewhat paler then the norm but holding more life in it then the usual vampire. She had a dancers build, holding more exotic definition then that of a swimmer or athlete.
[00:27:11] <thesteedman> Her hair was near golden and long, stretching down to her midback whilst a well maintained fringe hung over her cold yet beautiful eyes. Wearing nothing but a very revealing robe that left most of her stunning figure exposed, covering her breasts and hips but having long droops that left all else exposed.
[00:28:09] <thesteedman> She lay upon a harem, watching as the door once again shook, the hinges complaining as another heavy slam threatened to burst the door inwards. Evelyn smiled, rising from her collection of pillows where she had been lying with her maidens.
[00:28:59] <thesteedman> Perhaps it was time to welcome the new guest. The door finally gave with a last strike, bursting inwards. The cold calculating expression of Evelyn changed in an instant, turning into one of sheer panic.
[00:29:50] <thesteedman> The Maidens began to run and hide, leaving the room in haste, fearing for their lives... as Evelyn ran to Thraso who stood on the other side of the destroyed door. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she embraced the woman.
[00:30:34] <thesteedman> "Oh thank you... oh thank you!" Evelyn spoke through sobs. "That monster has been keeping us all as slaves here! Poisoning our minds one by one!" Evelyn whispered between sobs.
[00:31:00] <thesteedman> "She... she turned into a creature... some kind of, bat! She escaped through the window!" Evelyn exclaimed.
[00:32:58] <Sickerton> Thraso pounded at the door to what she was sure was the bedchamber for the head of this happy little family, eager to finally put this long night to rest.
[00:33:03] <thesteedman> ( Girl on the most left as a reference for our Evelyn. Without the hood xD )
[00:34:57] <Sickerton> At least, if the welcoming party she had to bowl through on the way here was of any indication. Lesser bloodsuckers by the dozen, a couple "broken" human servants... what could have been a ghoul or two...
[00:37:33] <Sickerton> As the door finally gave out a slight surge of satisfaction rolled through her. This was the place. Tons of fancy silk pillows, scantily clad servant-playthings running for cover, and strategic windows to let moonlight play over everything. Classic vampire shindig.
[00:37:51] <Sickerton> The only problem was... where the hell was it?
[00:39:44] <Sickerton> The scarred woman expected a large pale gentleman swathed head to toe in black finery, or a tall gaunt monstrosity lunging for her throat, but the only welcome she got was from the only waif not quite as subdued as the others.
[00:42:40] <Sickerton> She listened to the lithe woman's explanation, her brow furrowing as she absorbed the information. Then, with a reassuring pat to the terrified girl's head as she gently moved her aside, Thraso stepped further in and looked up at what must have been the window that thing flew out of.
[00:44:21] <Sickerton> "Well, that makes things a bit more difficult..." the barbarian pondered aloud. Still examining the escape route, Thraso asked the remaining woman without turning:
[00:45:28] <Sickerton> "You got any friends back in town that haven't shown up here yet? This one seems to have a taste for soft little things like you. Maybe I can catch it in the act."
[00:45:36] <Sickerton> (yt)
[00:49:09] <thesteedman> A little smile fashioned on Evelyn's lips when Thraso peered out of the open window into the moonlit sky. These brave warrior types never suspected her to be the cause of this nightmare. It seemed this Barbarian was no different from the others. They had to believe some vicious terror was the cause, something worth fighting to tell tales off many moons later. How could a beautiful young looking woman with fair skin ever be the cause of these horrors?
[00:50:08] <thesteedman> That smile vanished when Evelyn slid back into pretense, she embraced Thraso from behind, just about able to get her arms around Thraso's body as she buried her face into her back. Her sobs were all too real.
[00:50:44] <thesteedman> The Maidens had finally fled the room, leaving Thraso and Evelyn alone. The petite vampire feined too much grief to answer Thraso's question.
[00:51:27] <thesteedman> "She was going to turn me... she said she was going to take me back to the village, make me murder my own family!" Evelyn whispered.
[00:53:06] <thesteedman> Her grip tightened on Thraso, as if she did not want to let go. "It was so terrible. Its eyes were red... its face so hidious! If you had not have come when you did I might have become one of them!"
[00:54:38] <thesteedman> There was a moment of pause as Evelyn clung onto Thraso, though after that passing moment, Thraso began to feel her arms tighten with unusual power for a girl of Evelyn's size, beginning to squeeze her tight. "That is... if I was not one already." Evelyn whispered, her tone suddenly shifting, holding a dark edge in her voice.
[00:56:16] <thesteedman> Without warning, Thraso felt her body being lifted upwards, before the vampire threw her with frightening ease towards the center of the room. "You must hold a lot of courage to enter my domain... or simply lack intelligence. Judging from your brutish appearance... I'm inclined to believe the latter."
[00:57:12] <thesteedman> Slowly and confidently, Evelyn began to walk towards Thraso, allowing her the time to prepare herself. She licked her lips, revealing her fangs as she managed a smile.
[00:57:14] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:01:03] <Sickerton> The barbarian for the most part tuned out the sob story, more interested in figuring out a way to catch the slippery devil she was after. Thus she was even more surprised than expected when the little girl weeping against her gave Thraso the start of a bearhug before hoisting her overhead and sending her sailing.
[01:03:27] <Sickerton> Good news: The silk pillows scattered everywhere quite literally cushioned her fall. Bad news: being sprawled upside-down on a pile of finery was not the most noble of sights. Also, her hammer was still propped up right next to where she was previously standing. That was also an issue.
[01:05:38] <Sickerton> Oh well; Miss Bloodsucker may have caught her by surprise, but she spoiled the opportunity with being coy. And if she thought that Thraso couldn't hold her own in a brawl, she was sorely mistaken.
[01:09:49] <Sickerton> "Very funny." The scarred woman replied as she rose back to her feet, cracking her knuckles in anticipation. "Quick question though, Moonshine: How long do ya think it would take for you to gum a neck open?"
[01:11:50] <Sickerton> Thraso did not wait for a response, lunging forward ready to land a swinging haymaker right into the smug little dead girl's face. She was going to learn the answer soon enough.
[01:11:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:19:21] <thesteedman> "A long time I would imagine... but I would certainly enjoy the challenge." Evelyn answered, almost seductivley. Her posture didn't seem to change when Thraso closed the distance.
[01:20:12] <thesteedman> For a women of her size she moved fast and with percision. Not fast enough however. In a swift motion, Evelyn shifted her head to the side, letting the powerful strike hit nothing but air.
[01:21:55] <thesteedman> Evelyn caught her arm as it powered past, shifting her body and twisting, looking to use Thraso's own momentum against her, expertly flipping her over and down against the ground. Once more it seemed the blanket and pillow plagued ground managed to soften the fall, but before Thraso could gather herself, Evelyn was already straddling over her hips.
[01:22:49] <thesteedman> The vampire leaned in close, brushing her lips over her exposed neck, letting a giggle escape her lips. "Perhaps I should try such a challenge on you."
[01:24:18] <thesteedman> The vampire suddenly leapt from Thraso, looking to escape any retaliation. She began to circle her prey, a dark smile still pasted across those pretty lips. Her eyes had a red glint, as she glided smoothly around Thraso. "Please tell me your plan is not to simply try and punch and kick me to death..."
[01:33:26] <Sickerton> The barbarian's heart skipped a beat as the vampire mounted her and it's lips brushed against her. Thraso could feel her breath, as cold as the grave she escaped from. She gave an involuntary shudder before the girl leapt back and began to circle her like a shark.
[01:34:52] <Sickerton> This creature was clearly sure of herself. And, for once, it did not seem like a bluff. That could be a problem... but also a boon. Arrogance of this calibur usually came at a price.
[01:37:24] <Sickerton> "That was part of it, yeah." Thraso admitted as she rose once more to face down her opponent, then shifted her gaze behind her to the still-ready-for-action hammer. "Mostly near the end."
[01:38:46] <Sickerton> "Granted, a lot of odd things can happen between then and now. Like THIS!"
[01:41:32] <Sickerton> The vampire was so busy scouring Thraso's face for fear that she didn't notice the barbarian's foot draw back and plow into a pillow, only realizing what had happened as her vision filled with velvet and lace. Using the brief moment of flat-footedness, the scarred woman dashed by her opponent and once more grabbed hold of her weapon.
[01:44:54] <Sickerton> With a victorious battle cry, Thraso pivoted and swung to bowl over the monster that was surely nipping at her heels by now. This girl was strong, but tough? Still up in the air.
[01:44:59] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:48:47] <thesteedman> A good move, but ultimately a predictable one. Evelyn bit on her lower lip in a sly manner when she tossed the velvet cushion away. "I wasn't aware you wanted to play such a game." Evelyn whispered, following Thraso, knowing her weapon was going to be her destination.
[01:49:32] <thesteedman> At a push, the vampire knew she could have got to Thraso before she reached her weapon, but she was enjoying playing games with this one. For now Evelyn was quietly contemplating what to do with this Barbarian.
[01:50:46] <thesteedman> She managed to duck the heavy swing of the devestating hammer, letting it slice through nothing and pass overhead. Evelyn even allowed Thraso another swing at her, knowing she had advantage in speed against her. Thraso used the weapon with remarkable expertese, having the strength to swing the normally cumbersome weapon with considerable speed.
[01:53:27] <thesteedman> Evelyn however leaped up on the next swing, before pressing her feet down against the shaft of the weapon, looking to force the hammer down into the ground. Evelyn darted in fast, leaping against Thraso, wrapping her bare legs around her torso to capture her in an embrace. Once more Evelyn loomed close, her cold lips once again brushing over Thraso's neck.
[01:55:01] <thesteedman> This time she let her fangs scrape the surface of her flesh, nipping at her neck with a smile as her legs suddenly clamped tighter around her body, beginning to squeeze her with intense pressure.
[01:56:33] <thesteedman> "What should I do to you? Would it really be enough to simply kill you after the trouble you've caused me?" Evelyn whispered, giving Thraso another light bite against her neck, not drawing blood.
[01:56:35] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:00:24] <Sickerton> In hindsight, Thraso should have expected the vampire to dodge the first swing. And the second. That bit where she used the hammer as a springboard, though? Not so much.
[02:03:11] <Sickerton> The hammer rattled as it hit the ground, the unexpected force loosening the barbarian's grip somewhat. The rest was lost as the undead spidermonkey clamped down on her midsection.
[02:06:56] <Sickerton> The air was forced out of the barbarian with a small gasp as the leg-hold tightened, and her spine began to whine as it bent under the force. Shocked by the sudden "attack" as well as quickly losing strength, the scarred woman was forced forward onto her knees by the extra weight the hanger-on added to her front.
[02:10:39] <Sickerton> Naturally, she could not respond to the pale woman's question. Normally. But her quickly reddening face was doing so out of anger as well as air deprivation, and if the bloodsucker wanted to get this up close and personal that meant that she couldn't dance all over the place any more. Thraso brought up her hands to seize her snarky foe. Whether to throttle her, crush her head, or dig thumbs into her eyes she was not sure yet. She'd see what she got hold of first, then go from there.
[02:10:55] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:13:53] <thesteedman> Evelyn giggled, though she did wince when Thraso managed to sieze her head with powerful hands. The vampire retaliated, letting her cold legs slide tighter around Thraso's figure, bringing her deeper into the deadly embrace.
[02:15:14] <thesteedman> The vampire shifted her hands upwards between Thraso's arms, to knock them hard, looking to force the Barbarian to release her head. Her own arms then entwined with Thraso's, looking to further bind her as she seized her wrists and looked to overpower her, trying to force her arms behind her back.
[02:15:51] <thesteedman> Thraso was now up close and personal with the sly yet beautiful vampire. Her lips brushing against her own as Evelyn still wore that smile she had since she revealed herself.
[02:17:15] <thesteedman> "And you dare to call yourself a warrior." Evelyn quietly mocked, letting her legs suddenly crush Thraso's body again. This time she looked to bring the Barbarian significant pain, forcing her to arch and expose her neck.
[02:18:18] <thesteedman> With the blood rushing to her head, Evelyn took advantage, suddenly sinking her teeth into the side of her neck. She bit down enough to draw blood this time, and giggled quietly as she began to suck some of her blood. Evelyn was no doubt trying to further weaken her prey.
[02:18:20] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:21:25] <Sickerton> Thraso gritted her teeth but continued to try crushing the vampire as she was in turn being constricted. She was not surprised when the little girl's hands came up to try pushing hers away, but certianly was when they began to make real progress.
[02:22:53] <Sickerton> She would have been genuinely impressed at the show of strength as her arms were forcefully bound behind her. If it wasn't for... well, everything else.
[02:23:52] <Sickerton> Breathless and shivering, her sweat beaded body as good as hogtied, it seemed like she could truly do nothing now.
[02:23:57] <Sickerton> Seemed.
[02:25:36] <Sickerton> Thraso gathered up the saliva in her mouth, preparing to spit right into that infuriating pale face... then was immediately cut short as the pressure increased to seemingly impossible levels and her body arched back on reflex.
[02:29:01] <Sickerton> What little air she could still manage to pull in produced a tiny whine as the vampire bit down, now the only act of resistance she could manage. For all the effort she had put into training her massive and muscular body, it now seemed only fit to be a shuddering buffet for this mouthy little prick.
[02:29:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:33:57] <thesteedman> Evelyn took her time, drinking slowly yet feverishly from the Barbarian. She forced the woman onto her back, keeping Thraso's arms bound and her own legs a vice around her body. She considered turning the warrior, adding another Maiden to her collection in spite of her more powerful appearance.
[02:34:38] <thesteedman> "I know your type..." Evelyn whispered. "You "Die with honour" kind of people... but what if I made you mine? Turned you into one of my slaves. Another Maiden for me to play with"
[02:36:01] <thesteedman> "Evelyn licked at the wound on Thraso's neck, lapping up the excess blood, before rolling her tongue higher up her neck in a seductive yet condescending manner. Knowing Thraso would be weakened from the bite, she slowly unwrapped herself from her, but remained on top of her.
[02:36:41] <thesteedman> She ran a hand from her cheek, before tracing it down along her neck and chest, looking her up and down. "You are a lot bigger then most women... but you fall all the same." Evelyn whispered.
[02:38:41] <thesteedman> Evelyn let her legs entangle with Thraso's, the two almost lying together like lovers. Evelyn smiled, letting her lips brush over Thraso's again. "Would you like to become a Maiden? I could kill you instead." Evelyn whispered... though in her mind she already knew what she was going to do with the Barbarian, no matter what she answered. But that was for her to know and the Barbarian to fear.
[02:38:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:42:37] <Sickerton> The scarred woman tried to move to action when she was released, but by then was far too weak to do anything. At most she somewhat shifted her arms and legs, resulting in her now being spread-eagle amongst a sea of pillows while she was mounted from above. Lovely.
[02:44:15] <Sickerton> Breath once more filled her lungs -- but in short, ragged hitches. She had begun to sob, overcome by the fate that lay out before her.
[02:45:25] <Sickerton> A 'life' as one of those glorified toys? Existing to do nothing but serve and amuse this monster? That would be no life at all. She would rather have nothing than that.
[02:47:03] <Sickerton> Her eyes now watery with tears, the once-proud barbarian gazed up at her dominator and was forced to do the unspeakable: Beg.
[02:47:33] <Sickerton> "Please... don't... anything but... anything..."
[02:48:33] <Sickerton> Every word was like a dagger in her very soul, but it had to be done. She couldn't. She COULDN'T.
[02:48:40] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:49:57] <thesteedman> "I would have to find a suitable dress for you. I'm not sure we have one in your size... but it would not take long for one of the other Maidens to make you one." Evelyn whispered, sitting up more now. She shifted to straddle over Thraso's hips once more, tucking her thighs in against her sides.
[02:50:47] <thesteedman> She let her hands trace over her, as one slid over her chest and down against her abs, as the other ran across her cheek softly. If only the village could see what had become of their warrior, it was enough to make Evelyn laugh softly.
[02:51:56] <thesteedman> The temptation was almost too much to turn her into a Maiden. Though not her type, there was certainly an attraction about Thraso's powerful build. And seeing her beg, it almost started Evelyn's heart again, but it had stopped beating a long time ago.
[02:52:51] <thesteedman> Evelyn had chosen to keep her regardless... she wanted to see more of this. As a Maiden she would just be another drone... but as a prisoner. Yes... that sounded more promising. A different kind of toy to get her more unique pleasures such as this.
[02:53:52] <thesteedman> Slowly she leaned down, licking over the blood that had seeped from Thraso's neck, before beginning to kiss her neck softly. She seemingly purred. "A Maiden... yes.... a fitting fate for you." Evelyn lied, knowing she didn't have to let Thraso know of her intent just yet.
[02:54:42] <thesteedman> Slowly her hand reached for a nearby cushion, one of the thicker ones within reach. She leaned down, kissing Thraso on the lips, before firmly nipping her lower lip, enough to draw and taste a little blood.
[02:56:41] <thesteedman> Evelyn laughed... that sly quiet and dark laugh. As beautiful as it was even frightening. Thraso felt her vision vanish to darkness in a moment, as the vampire placed the cushion firmly over her head. Evelyn tucked her thighs tighter against her sides to keep the Barbarian in place.
[02:57:13] <thesteedman> Her hands pressed down on either side of Thraso's head, grasping the edge of the cushions, pressing down with enough force to prevent the Barbarian from breathing.
[02:58:03] <thesteedman> Of all the ways she could think of rendering her captive unconscious, this one seeming oddly more humiliating. With a smile, she began to suffocate her prey.
[02:58:04] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:01:40] <Sickerton> The broken barbarian's eyes squeezed shut hard enough to force out new lines of tears as the monster above her outlined her plans, and she used what little energy she had left to shake her head back and forth. "No. No. N-"
[03:04:34] <Sickerton> Her tiny pleas were cut off as the vampire embraced her in a kiss. Despite the blood loss the scarred woman's face flushed even more crimson at this indignity, overcome by both the probing tongue exploring her and the wicked fangs nicking the inside of her mouth as she went deeper.
[03:06:56] <Sickerton> Eventually though the undead girl drew back, for a moment connected by a line of pink saliva before it broke and fell back onto the barbarian's face. Thraso could only gaze up at her tormentor for a moment -- glassy and dumbstruck -- before the pillow was lowered.
[03:08:17] <Sickerton> Thraso thought that she had no energy left. Turns out that -- when death is knocking with it's cold bony knuckles at the front door -- the body will find reserves somehow. But still... not nearly enough.
[03:10:14] <Sickerton> The scarred woman writhed and thrashed under the pale woman, but it was nothing that her opponent could not handle. She tried her best, but her best was not good enough even when she was at the top of her game.
[03:12:47] <Sickerton> There was one last bid for freedom -- a violent arching of her back that almost lifted her off the ground -- and then she fell back, finally spent. Her thrashes turned into convulsions. Then her confulsions into shudders. Then her shudders into twitches. Then, finally, nothing.
[03:14:13] <Sickerton> For all she knew, this was the end. An end with a face full of her own sweat and spit and an earful of her final dominator's sultry laughter.
[03:14:19] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:16:18] <thesteedman> Evelyn bit down on her lower lip, almost shuddering in sheer delight as her prey began to struggle below the cushion she was using to near asphyxiate the scarred barbarian.
[03:19:05] <thesteedman> She used her body to try and keep her down, but Thraso was still able to lift her in her desperation to breathe. It made Evelyn giggle, but she was able to keep the cushion pressed down against her head, watching as Thraso feebly clawed at her arms and writhed.
[03:20:03] <thesteedman> The vampire watched as her chest rose and fell more rapidly, failing to draw breath as her body strained and bridged. What began as a desperate struggle ended very abruptly when the barbarian finally collapsed, no longer having the energy needed to struggle.
[03:21:16] <thesteedman> Her body twitched and convulsed for a time, but Evelyn kept the cushion in place, wanting to be sure the barbarian was out of it. Perhaps waiting longer then she should have, the vampire finally eased the pressure, softly casting the cushion away. She managed that all too familiar sly smile, when air began to enter the lungs of her captive again.
[03:21:58] <thesteedman> She lay in place, unconscious, allowing for Evelyn to seemingly slither back over her, letting her legs entwine with Thraso's as she let her hands explore over her powerful body. "You are mine now..."
[03:22:44] <thesteedman> Evelyn whispered, slipping in another kiss against the lips of her unconscious prisoner. Her maidens slowly began to enter the room again with the commotion finally coming to an end.
[03:24:23] <thesteedman> "In a moment I want you all to take our new guest. I will have to get this house back in order and... recruit new guards." Evelyn whispered, taking a moment longer with her prisoner, admiring her prize. "We should make her feel right at home..."


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Sep 10, 2015
Hold Your Tongue
By Me and thesteedman
Part 2

[13:54:58] <thesteedman> Thraso could hear the thumping of the impatient crowd long before she reached the arena. Despite her predicament, it seemed the Vampire Evelyn had led her to a path filled with glory. Fiery Red was her nickname in this place... undefeated.
[13:55:52] <thesteedman> After 7 fights, the crowd knew Thraso well, and already chants of her name filled the arena, near drowning out the cries for Fang. It was the Semi Final of the Arena tournament... and the competition had never been more fierce.
[13:56:39] <thesteedman> All at once, a sensational wave hit Thraso when she stepped upon the sand of the wide arena. The seemingly endless crowd standing tall to great or jeer at the new comer.
[13:57:23] <thesteedman> The ground shook from the sound below her feet, as all eyes were upon Thraso and her next opponent who she would claim had the unfortunate luck to face her next.
[13:58:20] <thesteedman> However, her opponent had long been established within this arena. Though a tournement had not been claimed by her in a few years, there was no denying Fang was a contender... and this looked to be the year she regained her title as champion.
[13:59:29] <thesteedman> It was hard to describe what she was. Fang was no beast, but she could barely be called human. Her shoulders were broad, yet her body was taut, built like a lycanthrope, but bearing human flesh instead of fur.
[13:59:53] <thesteedman> Around her neck was a collar, around her wrist a metal bind as a long powerful chain dragged along the sand behind her.
[14:00:45] <thesteedman> Her body was all muscle despite her unusual build, and she towered over Thraso a good two foot. Her hair was wild and unkempt, dirty and brown, almost like a lions mane that drooped behind her.
[14:01:08] <thesteedman> Her body was bare, save for rags that just about covered her chest and torn slacks that covered her hips and some of her thighs.
[14:01:51] <thesteedman> Fang was merciless... and roared out at the crowd, revealing her sharp teeth and long unnartual claws. Those who did not defeat her... as few as they were, all were killed by Fang.
[14:01:52] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:05:57] <Sickerton> Thraso eyed her new opponent, taking in her rather... unique attributes. She was certainly intimidating looking, but then again so were most of the entrants the scarred woman had plowed through so far. From what had trickled down to her this "Fang" was rumored to be over the hill as a fighter, and someone who had to struggle to keep pace with the lot she'd met so far did not exactly send her running for cover.
[14:06:56] <Sickerton> In fact, it sparked a few new ideas to drum up the crowd.
[14:09:10] <Sickerton> Thraso entered the arena pit with her right side leading, her massive hammer resing on her shoulder. This was partially because casually hefting the weapon in such a manner got a good reaction from her new fans, but it also meant that her left hand trailed behind her and was obscured by the rest of her body.
[14:09:25] <Sickerton> Or, more specifically, what her left hand held.
[14:11:37] <Sickerton> Thraso let the mangy woman do her whole "I am mighty hear me roar" routine, shooting knowing glances at the audience around them as it went down. Cool, casual, composed. Don't let the big girl cow you just because she's big and can shout real good.
[14:13:13] <Sickerton> As Fang finished her 'introduction' she shifted her full attention to the barbarian, expecting a similar show from the woman who had already earned quite a reputation as a showboater. She was right to believe this... in a way.
[14:15:23] <Sickerton> With a blur of motion Thraso twisted and hurled something in her left hand, the mysterious object a twirling midair smudge. With her beastly reflexes it was no challenge at all for Fang to shift out of the way in time.
[14:16:52] <Sickerton> Turning to see what she had been attacked with, Fang found... a stick. Not even a club-viable stick. Something clearly plucked off a tree outside on the way in.
[14:18:06] <Sickerton> The beast-woman turned back around to find the barbarian resting idly on her hammer, her hands wrapped loosely around it for support as she leaned forward with a smirk.
[14:18:45] <Sickerton> "You were supposed to catch it. Bad dog. No treat."
[14:21:18] <Sickerton> Although her voice was casual, the arena was specifically designed so that reverbarations amplified things like speech loudly enough to carry legibly up to the crowd above. It was a feature that Thraso had exploited gleefully in previous bouts. And, as chuckles began to rain down all around them, she knew that it would be seeing very good use in this one as well.
[14:21:28] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:23:06] <thesteedman> Fang glared at the stick, before her eyes traced over towards Thraso... the Fiery Red Barbarian. Her long fingers rolled into clenched fists, as her jaw clenched and trembled with tension. Her eyes widened, hearing the chuckles and laughter of the watching crowd that surrounded the two.
[14:24:16] <thesteedman> Thraso had already won the first round it felt like, and the warrior had not even cast a single attack. Even those who wanted to see her torn apart were all in on the laughter. Fang breathed heavily... she would make her pay for that... she would pay.
[14:25:51] <thesteedman> Fang rarely found a need to speak, but for Thraso she chose to make an exception. "I'll rip your heart out!" Fang bellowed, carrying a beastial husk within her voice. Sand kicked upwards as the large predatorial fighter rushed towards Thraso.
[14:27:01] <thesteedman> Her chain thunked and clanged against the sand, trailing behind her as Fang began her storm towards Thraso. She had let the scarred barbarians taunt get the best of her... she had clear intent to put this showboating rookie in her place... and then rip her head off for all to see.
[14:27:51] <thesteedman> With a violent roar, Fang closed the distance, shifting her large body as she swung a massive open hand towards the barbarian, bearing her claws towards her head and upper chest area, looking to no doubt add some more scars to those that already riddled her powerful looking body.
[14:27:53] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:30:11] <Sickerton> Ha! She knew that this beast-girl had to be a hothead! Who has ever heard of a patient and reasonable creature with teeth built to tear out jugulars?
[14:32:54] <Sickerton> Thraso braced herself for the oncoming attack, although she already knew what was coming for the most part. Headfirst lunge, leading so far with her body that only momentum stopped her from falling flat on her face. Practically an extended lunge, unless it actually turned into a proper one right at the tail-end.
[14:33:32] <Sickerton> Intimidating as all hell. Devastating if landed. Perfect to style on.
[14:34:48] <Sickerton> Thraso ducked low as the swipe came in. Obviously to avoid the rending itself, but also to get behind her attack and all up in her face. Or her torso, as the case may be.
[14:37:05] <Sickerton> The scarred barbarian was rarely the "small" one in a brawl, but it had happened often enough by now that she knew a couple tricks worth pulling on those larger than her. As the beast loomed over the scarred woman, Thraso barely had to aim at all as she brought her hammer up into the furry woman's stomach.
[14:39:21] <Sickerton> Fang was lifted up off her feet from the impact... and then some. Up and up she went, legitimately popped stright up by the blow. If they were closer to the arena edge, she likely could have hoisted herself up and into a VIP seat at the top of her ascent. But she eventually ground to a halt, and started to plummet back down.
[14:39:32] <Sickerton> Into another hammer swing.
[14:42:17] <Sickerton> Catching the beast on her way back, Thraso heaved her hammer downwards with the woman in toe. The two hit the arena floor with a mighty WHUMP, with the beast woman being partially embedded in a freshly-made crater as the recoil shock bounced the barbarian's hammer back into a ready position.
[14:44:03] <Sickerton> But she did not follow up on the assault. At least, not yet. Thraso reasoned that either her opponent was down for the count already or pretty close to it, which meant that she had plenty of time to do the real work here: Schmooze.
[14:47:03] <Sickerton> Turning away from the cratered woman, Thraso began to appeal to the crowd directly. Posing, beckoning, making the day of fans at random by pointing them out and giving them short speeches. This was the life; although she was technically not here by her own desire, she could see herself staying here for ages.
[14:47:12] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:50:19] <thesteedman> Blood burst from the opening mouth of Fang when she was all but buried into the ground. Part of her stomach seemed to turn all sorts of shades of purple from the vicious blow, no doubt from internal bleeding from such a devastating attack.
[14:51:05] <thesteedman> It took time for Fang to gain her bearings, but she was gifted the moment to do so when Thraso turned her attention to the onlookers. They all cheered at the awesome display of power, and simply drank the showboating like an addictive drug. They were loving her...
[14:52:34] <thesteedman> Fang stained her teeth with crimson as she coughed up more blood... but she had received worst strikes in her life time then this. Had Thraso pressed her assault... she would have claimed victory... but she made the mistake of turning her back on the half feral... and she would not let this loud mouth humiliate her again.
[14:53:38] <thesteedman> Slowly, and whilst Thraso took to the crowd, Fang managed to rise from what almost looked like some half made grave given the impressive crater that had been formed in the sand. Fang felt her bearings return to her all at once, and though pained, she managed to stand tall again upon her legs.
[14:54:09] <thesteedman> By now the crowd were beginning to try and warn their hero that her enemy had risen again... and had no means of staying down as the scarred barbarian had intended.
[14:54:49] <thesteedman> Fang did not need to close the distance... this time she had other ideas. With a skillful flick of the wrist, she let a chain reaction of momentum surge through the links of what once used to serve as one of her bindings.
[14:55:54] <thesteedman> The chain flicked to life, almost as if possessed by a serpent returned from the dead. It struck at Thraso, like a constrictor aiming for a quick kill upon its prey. With frightening accuracy, the chain darted past Thraso's head... before a calculated flick caused its direction to change.
[14:56:57] <thesteedman> Lightning fast, the links closed in around each other, forming cold coils around the throat of Thraso, securing in on themselves to lock around her neck. In an instant she felt the links tighten against her flesh with a firm pull, choking her, closing her windpipe.
[14:57:39] <thesteedman> Another pull held more power and violence, and Fang pulled hard enough to bring the Barbarian off her feet, dragging her backwards through the sand. It seemed what could be mistaken as a prop was a deadly weapon.
[14:58:19] <thesteedman> Shouting... or rather roaring in rage, Fang dragged Thraso close, before using her strength and momentum to pull her up off her feet, throwing her towards the otherside of the arena grounds, before slamming her down against the ground.
[14:58:47] <thesteedman> With the coils still secure, she did so again, pulling, lifting and slamming Thraso on the otherside of herself... throwing her like an angry spoilt child would its doll.
[14:58:54] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:03:14] <Sickerton> The barbarian had seen a shift of some sort start to happen in the crowd she was working, but she did not figure out what they were trying to get across before a chain wrapped around her neck. Her boasts were cut off by a short "guh" as it clamped down on her windpipe, and she had just brought her hands up to clutch at the links before she was pulled backwards.
[15:05:24] <Sickerton> Gagging and coughing, she desperately tried to loosen the chain as she was reeled in like a fish. But the pulling held the loops taught, and her gloved fingers found no leeway to work with.
[15:07:27] <Sickerton> Before she knew what was happening she was aloft, sailing through the air like a bird. But that was short-lived as she came crashing down against the ground, bouncing from the terrible impact.
[15:09:45] <Sickerton> She landed face-up, meaning that her spine and rear had taken the blunt of the blow. She writhed from side to side for a moment, trying to find a way to massage the pain away from her undoubtedly bruised back, all but forgetting about the wrap around her neck until it constricted again and sent her flying once more.
[15:11:43] <Sickerton> This time she hit face-down, in pretty much every interpretation of the term. With her head striking first due to the whip-like nature of her travels, her world exploded into starts for what was seconds but seemed like an eternity.
[15:15:17] <Sickerton> The barbarian for a few seconds only shuddered, her mind lost in a sea of haze. But slowly, gradually, she came back with a low groan. Trying to ignore the small pool of spittle she had drooled in her moment of unconsciousness, Thraso brought her gloved hands down to begin pushing herself back up. But slowly and tenderly; if she went any faster, she was sure that her throbbing head would burst right then and there.
[15:28:52] <thesteedman> The scarred barbarian had little choice in the matter however, and in haste she found herself being pulled up to her knees, once more by the cold coils of the chain brought to life. Its puppeteer stood behind Thraso, pulling tight to let the links once more constrict around her exposed neck, whilst placing a foot against her back between her shoulder blades... letting the extended nails from her toes rake into her flesh at the top of
[15:30:12] <thesteedman> She pulled hard, looking to force Thraso into an awkward and agonizing arch, looking to cut off her air supply some... but not completely. She kept her arched and in full display of the crowds watching... seeing her on her knees... seemingly like an owner tamed by its own beast.
[15:31:18] <thesteedman> "Who is the dog now?" Fang growled, letting the chain tighten enough to briefly strangle Thraso. It was more then clear that the scarred Barbarian... the crowds Fiery Red Thraso had more then struck a few nerves upon Fang.
[15:32:35] <thesteedman> "WHO IS THE DOG NOW?!" Fang repeated, but this time she roared out her words for all to hear. After choking Thraso enough, she yanked the chain, looking to whip Thraso up onto her feet. Still behind her, she grasped her neck, letting her fingers curl around the chains as her other hand grasped one of her thighs.
[15:33:15] <thesteedman> As she lifted Thraso upwards, she let her claws dig into the flesh of the thigh she held, drawing blood as she hoisted the barbarian over her head... as if she was weightless.
[15:34:14] <thesteedman> She walked around with her, keeping a firm grip to prevent her escape, showing off Thraso to the crowd like she had been a prized catch from the ocean. Fang's supporters soon found life... and those that had been behind Thraso now remained silent... or shouted for Fang in their fickle way.
[15:35:26] <thesteedman> With a lot of momentum, Fang dropped to one knee, forcing Thraso downwards in unison until her back clashed with the outstretched knee of Fang. A loud crackle was heard as Thraso's spine was tested, slammed into a sudden backbreaker.
[15:36:10] <thesteedman> Fang roared out, pressing one hand against her chin, looking to try and slowly bend her more. She wanted this upstart to feel pain... so pain was what she would give her, as she kept her other hand over her legs to keep her in place... bending her already tested spine.
[15:36:11] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:39:28] <Sickerton> The barbarian was okay with pain, for the most part. One did not live a life like hers without building up a tolerance of sorts to it. So, even though she was well on her way to being choked out, it did not actually bother her as much as one would think.
[15:41:47] <Sickerton> What DID cut her deep though was the humiliation. Being treated like a pet on a leash. Paraded about as if a trophy. The cheers of her fans growing silent, and perhaps most painfully of all those that started up again to jeer her instead.
[15:44:45] <Sickerton> The scarred woman tried her best to keep her composure as she weakly struggled against the clawed hands manhandling her, hoping that her embarrassment was not betrayed by a blush or unchecked hitching of breath. But with her attention split in this manner, it meant that she did not dedicate nearly as much energy as she would have needed to even have a chance of freeing herself.
[15:47:46] <Sickerton> But it was all for naught as she was brought down onto that knee, and she felt something give at the exact same time everyone else heard it. The start of a scream was loosed before she stopped it by force, biting her lower lip tight enough to make it bleed.
[15:50:56] <Sickerton> Her arms had ceased their struggles as the blow landed, dropping to hang limply at her sides. The pain and shame was just too much to get a plan through. As she lied there, sweaty and shivering while bent over the knee of a beast like a slab of meat up for display, she focused on not breaking in spirit no matter what her body wound up doing.
[15:51:00] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:54:38] <thesteedman> Fang let a clawed hand rake over Thraso's abs, letting the claws dig deep enough into the flesh to draw some blood. After she had caused some slashes across her stomach, Fang let Thraso drop ungracefully from her knee, down onto her stomach.
[15:55:27] <thesteedman> She offered her little respite however, before she stamped down on her lower back, looking to further test the limits of her spine. To make it worst, as her feel grinded down against the small of her back, she pulled with the chain, bringing Thraso's upper body upwards, bending her in an excruitiating manner.
[15:56:37] <thesteedman> After holding her in place for a moment, and after roaring out as if victory was already Fang's, she once more dragged her upto her feet, before slashing her already bloodied claws down her already scarred back.
[15:57:12] <thesteedman> One more it seemed Fang was intent on creating more scars, as what was once a fight became public torutre and humiliation.
[15:58:38] <thesteedman> As Thraso was about to fall, Fang pulled on the chain hard, yanking her up again, like she had become her play thing, or slave. Fang grasped her from behind, letting one claws hand rake her stomach, as the other against her chest, threatening to tear some of the chainmail that coated her chest.
[15:59:17] <thesteedman> In a vicious manner, Fang let her claws bite down into Thraso's shoulder, biting hard and instantly drawing blood. Like a vice her jaws clamped down against her flesh as her teeth penetrated sinew and almost bone with ease.
[15:59:41] <thesteedman> She held Thraso in place, in the center of the arena for all to see as she bit into her deep and hard, giving her just enough room to try and squirm.
[15:59:42] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:06:40] <Sickerton> The barbarian held on as well as she could, stifling her moans into sharp intakes of air with each new pass of the claws. While she still stove off completely breaking down it was clear that a toll was being taken; the moment proudly boasting moments earlier now a bloody, panting mess.
[16:09:22] <Sickerton> Her breath caught in her throat for a moment as the claws came to rest against her chest. While not at all ashamed of her body, she knew well enough what being disrobed against one's will meant. Especially in front of an audience of hundreds, if not thousands.
[16:09:57] <Sickerton> In a way, she was almost glad that the beast apparently decided to chow down on her instead. Almost.
[16:11:54] <Sickerton> As the fangs dig deep into her and scraped against bone, Thraso knew that there would be no stymying this scream. It would be like trying to downplay being torn in half. There was simply no way that she could do it.
[16:12:03] <Sickerton> At least, on her own.
[16:16:20] <Sickerton> Hoping that this seemed to be an act of stubborn retaliation, the scarred woman bit down on the arm of her captor. There was no chance of her teeth doing much more than giving this monster a glorified love bite, but it was something to hold onto. And scream into. Her torturer now doubling as a living muffler for the sounds she so wished to hear, Fang could feel the vibrations of her opponent's shrieks ripple across her skin.
[16:16:25] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:18:13] <thesteedman> No... Fang wouldn't let Thraso save face. She wanted to see the fight vanquished from this barbarian. She felt the light sting of her bite against her tough flesh, but her teeth barely got through the skin. It was not the slight pain that troubled her, but the fight still within Thraso.
[16:19:04] <thesteedman> No... after what she had done, Fang was going to humiliate her further. She released her grip, allowing for Thraso to fall forwards, as she let her fangs tear from her shoulder as she did so. However, before Thraso could fall, she grasped at her chainmail top.
[16:20:02] <thesteedman> With a sharp tug, she pulled Thraso back towards her, twisting her around to face her. She purposely let her claws tear through the bindings of the chain mail, severing the center to allow for the armour to slide from her chest, exposing her breasts.
[16:21:04] <thesteedman> She didn't let the crowd have a view just yet... no, not just yet. Before the crowd could get a view, Fang pulled Thraso against her. Her massive arms scooped down around her lower back, before hoisting her up off her feet. Fang towered over Thraso, making her look like nothing more then a slender woman in comparison to her own build.
[16:21:55] <thesteedman> Before Thraso could comprehend what was going on... those vicious fangs once again planeted into the same shoulder. Blood had already began to treakle down Thraso's body from the punctures in her flesh from the sharp teeth... and now they reopened as Fang went in for another bite.
[16:22:20] <thesteedman> She let Thraso have her arms... to uselessly pry against her and try and get free. Which after a long moment, she allowed somewhat.
[16:23:09] <thesteedman> She let her powerful arms squeeze Thraso's lower back, driving her hips against her large frame. Fang arched her body forward, forcing Thraso to dip back over her arms, leaving most of her torso exposed to finally show Thraso to the crowd.
[16:23:50] <thesteedman> She crushed her tightly, keeping her dipped and arched to where Thraso's head almost touched the ground. Her chest in full view as Fang purposely exposed her to all whilst she crushed her in a bearhug.
[16:23:51] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:29:07] <Sickerton> The scarred woman gasped as her top was torn and fell away, now for sure knowing that this beast did not intend to JUST beat her. It was up in the air for a while there, but it was clear that Fang now wanted to see her give in spiritually as well as physically. Thraso cursed her luck, silently wishing to go back to just the prospect of being killed and eaten.
[16:30:43] <Sickerton> Perhaps she had wished a bit too soon. Or perhaps for once something actually granted it. In either case, she found herself once again pulled in for a bite against her already punctured shoulder.
[16:33:25] <Sickerton> This time the barbarian was free to fight back, but her weakened blows did not do so much as raise welts on the beastial woman currently tasting her. If she had enough time and sense left to think about it she probably would have realized that this was the point: Up until now a staunch supporter could have reasoned that Fang only had the upper hand because Thraso was essentially bound, but now with the full-on punches flowing off her like water that excuse curled up and died.
[16:35:01] <Sickerton> The scarred woman screamed. Of course she did. Like she had a choice in the matter. But with the frenzy of blows it could have passed off as warcries of barbarian rage.
[16:35:48] <Sickerton> But when she was dipped over to be shown off to the crowd, her bare chest free for all to see? Not so much.
[16:40:23] <Sickerton> It was too much for her even before Fang clamped down in a bearhug, forcing her breath out in a pitiful squeak. Her arms blindly pushed against the chest of her captor, with Thraso's gaze all but entranced by her upside-down view of the crowd.
[16:44:15] <Sickerton> She could feel their judgemental gazes burning into her, like a focused ray of light on a single ant. Every renewed tug to further stress her back jerked her body in a way that her breasts jiggled, eliciting catcalls from some of the less restrained onlookers. Her face now flushing a deep red, the formerly proud barbarian squeezed her eyes shut in a desperate attempt to hold back tears.
[16:44:29] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:48:07] <thesteedman> Fang felt Thraso virtually yield the moment the crowd looked upon her, seeing her breasts exposed and her pride all but destroyed... that did not stop Fang however from giving her a powerful squeeze, forcing her back to click and creak within her crushing grip.
[16:48:51] <thesteedman> After a moment, Fang lifted her up high, still holding her within her grueling bearhug. She held her up high however, so most her upper body was still visible within her grip.
[16:49:30] <thesteedman> In a mocking fashion, with her stomach at her face, Fang began to lick over the blood that had trickled down her abs from the open wounds from her claws, lapping up the crimson and tasting her lifeblood.
[16:50:51] <thesteedman> Fang then gave one final squeeze, applying enough pressure for a loud crackle to sound out, forcing Thraso into another arch. She squeezed enough to damage her spine, but not break it... however it would no doubt need treatment from an Arena healer... if she was to even survive this encounter.
[16:51:36] <thesteedman> When the damage had been done... Fang allowed for Thraso to unceremoniously fall from her grasp and collapse against the ground. By now the chants were all for Fang.
[16:52:14] <thesteedman> What little support Thraso had... had left the arena or turned against her. She was left to lie in the sand as it drank up the blood from her wounds.
[16:53:01] <thesteedman> The crowd called for her end... like Fang had done with all her enemies. Fang for now began to circle Thraso... a wry smile forming on her lips, before she leaned close, lifting her head up from the sand it lay in... getting a good look in her eyes.
[16:53:03] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:56:48] <Sickerton> The broken barbarian lay spread-eagle on the hot sand, her bare breasts slick with sweat and blood rising and falling with every heaving breath. She urged herself to move, to fight back, to do anything, but just couldn't manage it. She was too spent, too beaten, too conquered.
[16:59:45] <Sickerton> She heard the crowd cry out for her blood... and agreed with them. She had underestimated her foe and been laid low for it. She had been defeated as thoroughly as one could ever be, it was only proper that she die. If anything, a proper warrior's end would be the only possible saving grace in this travesty.
[17:02:14] <Sickerton> The beast-girl lifted her head and got a good look at her: Flushed red cheeks, wet hair plastered against her face, and tears streaming down her cheeks. But, despite all that, a tiny glimmer still remained in those emerald eyes. A longing for something, something within arm's reach.
[17:03:53] <Sickerton> "Do it" the scarred woman pleaded to her dominator, her voice a mere whisper so that the crowd could not hear. "Do it now."
[17:04:00] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:04:50] <thesteedman> By the time Thraso looked upon Fang, her free clawed hand was poised, as if ready to slash at her jugular, to let her bleed out all over the arena floor like so many others who had met defeat by her hands.
[17:05:58] <thesteedman> She raised her hand... ready. But she hesitated when she looked into those longing eyes of Thraso, and heard the chant of the crowd all but deafening to her ears. She let no one command her, and Thraso would be no different... no. She had something better in mind for her... something that would hurt her more then death.
[17:06:27] <thesteedman> Life... she would let her have her life, and keep the memories of this defeat. With a wry smile, Fang shook her head. "No..." She whispered.
[17:07:04] <thesteedman> With a sharp thrust, she forced Thraso's head down against the ground hard, looking to knock her out and leave her on display for all to see. The crowd looked on in shock, seeing Fang spare her first ever victim.
[17:07:59] <thesteedman> "She's not even worth killing..." Fang announced, simply to crush what pride was left within Thraso, and announce to all how unworthy she was. Fang then placed a foot hard on her chest, roaring out victoriously. It was clear to see the fight was over, as there was nothing left in Thraso after the brutal beating she recieved.
[17:09:00] <thesteedman> After a long roar to the cheer of the crowds, Fang began to make her way from the Arena. Having not untangled Thraso, she dragged her along the sand a bit before the links finally seemed to slide free of her neck, leaving Thraso alone in the middle of the arena floor, exposed to the crowd.
[17:09:41] <thesteedman> To add further shame, it took some time before two people slid onto the arena grounds to clear Thraso from the arena floor, and they made little attempt to cover up the dignity of her exposed chest.
[17:10:13] <thesteedman> Fang had long departed, having advanced to the Semi Finals of the tournament, whilst Thraso was left beaten and humiliated, being carried off the arena grounds like disregarded trash.
[17:10:45] <thesteedman> A healer would be waiting for her no doubt... but that healer would only heal physical wounds. There was little they could do for her pride...


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Sep 10, 2015
Hold Your Tongue
By Me and thesteedman
Part 3

[12:28:38] <thesteedman> Evelyn pressed her foot down harder against Thraso's back, forcing her from her hands and knees down to her stomach in a more prone position. Evelyn's expression soured slightly as she grinded her heel into her spine, looking to cause her personal "slave" discomfort and pain. Thraso's failure had cost her much, that had been the reason for the special collar around her neck. It held the form of a grey serpent, and had three coils formed around the powerful barbarian's neck.
[12:31:25] <thesteedman> "One task... one simple task is all I asked of you." Evelyn hissed under her breath. Pulling hard against the chain that was attacted to the back of the collar, looking to force Thraso upwards, forcing the collar to mysteriously tighten and choke off her air supply. "My master will be here by the end of the week. I needed that gold!" Evelyn spat, pulling more, bending the barbarian and strangling her.
[12:32:43] <thesteedman> With a heavy sigh, Evelyn whipped the chain upwards, making it detach from the collar, allowing for Thraso to collapse against the ground and regain some precious air. The vampire lifted her leg from her, before elegantly walking towards a collection of pillows that had become a common chair for her in most of the rooms.
[12:34:44] <thesteedman> She kept the chain by her side, and slowly the coils were completely relaxed upon the unusual necklace. The two of them were in what used to be a private guests chambers. A large circular room. It had been fashioned into a different room, one where Evelyn came to be dressed and pampered by her hand maidens.
[12:35:40] <thesteedman> Now she had taken Thraso here, her intent was to make something else out of her, seeing as she had failed as a warrior. With a snap of her fingers, Evelyn watched as four of her maidens slipped from seemingly nowhere, walking into the center of the room where Thraso lay.
[12:36:47] <thesteedman> "You're unworthy to be my champion... that much is clear to me now. So I will have to make other uses of you. Perhaps a maiden is a better fate for you after your failure." Evelyn continued, motioning for the Hand Maiden slaves to gather around Thraso.
[12:36:51] <thesteedman> (yt)
[12:40:09] <Sickerton> Thraso wheezed as she tried to take in precious breaths of air during her throttling. She SHOULD have focused purely on that, but with all that she had been subjected to so far the scarred woman could not resist lashing back at the barbed comments hurled down at her.
[12:41:48] <Sickerton> "Maybe you... should have signed up... if you're so much better. Some sun would do you goURK!"
[12:44:19] <Sickerton> Finally allowed to fall, the barbarian writhed for a moment as she gulped in precious life. Then, once some semblance of strength had returned to her limbs, she rolled over to find four sets of eyes staring down at her.
[12:47:08] <Sickerton> She was still battered and weary from the arena - not to mention the wringer she was just put through - but a haggard grin spread across her features regardless. Was the vampire going batty? The wolf-girl in the arena was a purebred fighter. These waifs that she apparently thought would cow here were nothing.
[12:49:12] <Sickerton> "Interesting offer..." Thraso muttered, her voice still raspy from the choking. "...but I'll have to pass. Never take advice from people you could lift over your head and tear in half."
[12:50:47] <Sickerton> With surprising speed considering her current state one of Thraso's arms shot out, with intent to seize an ankle of one of the ladies looming over her. That pearl of wisdom was not an idle threat. And, as everything stood now, she was about ready to prove it.
[12:50:51] <Sickerton> (yt)
[12:53:44] <thesteedman> Evelyn looked less then amused by Thraso's defiance. She watched almost with an expression of boredom as Thraso grasped the ankle of the nearest Maiden, no doubt looking to do something of ill manner to her. Evelyn simply would not have that. With the chain in her hands, she pulled hard with both her hands, which in turn seemed to make the collar around Thraso's neck react.
[12:54:40] <thesteedman> The collar came to life again, slowly spiraling around her powerful neck, cutting off any air and then squeezing tight to cause considerable pain. On closer inspection, the chain in Evelyn's hand looked like a silver serpent in design, not so different from the collar around her neck.
[12:55:26] <thesteedman> Slowly it continued to corkscrew, and whilst it did so, slowly choking the life from the Barbarian, Evelyn clicked her fingers, giving the Maidens the say so to surround Thraso.
[12:56:03] <thesteedman> All at once they began to examine her, checking her arms and legs as she was slowly strangled, no doubt getting a gauge of her size and her weight before two of the maidens retreated to fetch some clothing.
[12:57:07] <thesteedman> "Are you going to behave?" Evelyn spoke, relaxing in her seat as she crossed her stunning legs. By now the Maidens had finished checking over her limbs and body whilst she struggled for her, and the other two retreated, before all returned with different items.
[12:58:06] <thesteedman> Thraso was starting to turn different shades of pink, as Maidens returned with different items and clothing for Thraso. Evelyn finally let the chain slacken within her hands, and in turn the coils relaxed.
[12:58:39] <thesteedman> "This is going to happen Thraso. Are you going to behave?" Evelyn whispered, almost wanting the Barbarian to show defiance.
[12:58:41] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:01:57] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's lunge died mid-strike as the collar she wore clamped down, seemingly for no reason. She collapsed half way on her side, slumped on her shoulder and wordlessly moaning with air that just wouldn't come.
[13:05:43] <Sickerton> She was forced back onto her - well - back with a gentle push by one of the maidens, with her helpless to resist otherwise. Her face was turning pink from more than just the strangling; as delicate hands traced up and down her iron, shuddering body, the absurdity of it all struck her just as hard as the device seemingly set on crushing her windpipe.
[13:08:53] <Sickerton> Gargling, the barbarian reached up to seize one of the girls, but her gloved fingers only managed to brush up against the maiden's soft pale face before the exertion was too much and her arm fell back. It did not do so with the expected thump however. The maidens, already holding it as they examined it's exact size, caught the limb and gently set it back down.
[13:09:14] <Sickerton> All in all, she would have preferred the bruised elbow.
[13:11:18] <Sickerton> Then the girls drew back, and Thraso was left to flop like a fish on the floor as spots danced across her eyes. But the world was not merciful enough to leave her so soon, and as her vision cleared she discovered that the girls had returned with...
[13:11:26] <Sickerton> "What the..."
[13:11:32] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:15:58] <thesteedman> Thraso suddenly felt a warmness run from her shoulder, trickling down her chest and down the back of her shoulderblade, before trickling down her abs and her spine. She felt it again on the other shoulder, before realising she was being bathed by one of the girls, who with a bucket and a soft sponge was guilding it along the barbarians powerful frame. The warm water took with it the crimson stains, the grit and the dirt, running along both the shallow and deeper scars along her body.
[13:17:07] <thesteedman> Another of the maidens joined in with the process, letting her hand trace along her collar bone gently, as her other washed along her forehead ever so gently. The other two girls began to do something else, something a little more personal.
[13:18:03] <thesteedman> Slowly, and almost delicately one of the maidens began to undo her top from behind, as the other carefully tried to decloak her, allowing for the other two maids to continued to better wash the barbarian down.
[13:19:10] <thesteedman> Thraso could feel a little tension around her neck, as Evelyn watched with clear intent. She wondered if she could see beauty in someone like Thraso. Though a woman, her build was so much more powerful then the norm. Her shoulders were broad, her body like a statue, all hard and all muscle. It appeared there was not a soft spot visible upon her.
[13:20:03] <thesteedman> However, Evelyn wondered if she could make something beautiful of her, when all the dirt and grime was watched away, and when her hair was not such an unkempt shock. She smiled with mild interest. "Just... relax. Let my Maidens do their thing."
[13:20:05] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:22:34] <Sickerton> Thraso's heartbeat quickened and her chest heaved as she realized what was happening, and moved to crash some skulls together... then halted, feeling a now very familliar tightness around her throat.
[13:24:07] <Sickerton> Now the scarred woman WAS a barbarian, but that did not necessarily mean that she was stupid. Thraso was a surprisingly quick learner. And, lying there, she knew that she had two options:
[13:24:46] <Sickerton> One: Let herself be declothed and bathed, with all the humiliation that entailed.
[13:26:39] <Sickerton> Or two: Fight back, *maybe* kill one or two of the maidens, but still wind up stripped and bathed regardless. And probably with a broken neck.
[13:28:04] <Sickerton> She was one for going down in a blaze of glory. Dying naked and in the hands of maidservants was definitely NOT that. As much as it pained her, the better choice from all perspectives was to bide her time for a better opening.
[13:30:39] <Sickerton> Flushing scarlet, the barbarian furrowed her brow and turned her eyes to the side. She winced as the maidens tried to figure out how to remove dad's mantle, but stopped herself from slapping them away.
[13:31:10] <Sickerton> This was bad. But not the worst. She could hold out through this, and pay them back later.
[13:31:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:33:38] <thesteedman> Evelyn continued to watch, managing a small smile when she witnessed her Maidens becoming a little more hands on with the Barbarian. Their hands seemed to glide over her body, continuing to cleanse her of the rough few days her body had endured. Slowly her boots were removed in unison with her cloak.
[13:35:08] <thesteedman> A Maiden seemed to rather... conveniently get in the way of Evelyn's sight, when her top was finally slid away. The Maiden between her sight and that of Thraso, began to wash over her face, revealing that below was indeed a woman despite all the scars.
[13:35:42] <thesteedman> Thraso however was a barbarian before she was a woman, but below all the clothing it was hard to see anything else but a woman, when everything was removed... save for her gloves.
[13:36:22] <thesteedman> Slowly the Maiden before her lifted her hands with her own, before she gripped at the fabric, trying to peel them from her hands, as the other three Maiden's own hands began to trace and dance over the Barbarian's body, caressing and washing her.
[13:36:43] <thesteedman> Evelyn couldn't help but notice a sudden change however, frowning as she held her chain at the ready.
[13:36:45] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:39:46] <Sickerton> The barbarian tried her best to drift away, mentally be somewhere else as silky fingers explored every part of her. That came to a screeching halt, though, as some came to rest on the edges of her gloves.
[13:41:52] <Sickerton> It seemed that every muscle in her body tensed, and her unfocused gaze sharpened to a needle point on the unlucky maiden working the hands. A fire had rekindled in those eyes, a dormant volcano was once again ready to blow.
[13:42:01] <Sickerton> "No."
[13:42:44] <Sickerton> The gloved hands shook free of the maiden's grasp... and found new homes wrapped around her delicate little neck.
[13:42:50] <Sickerton> "No. No. No."
[13:44:17] <Sickerton> The other maidens fell back as the barbarian, awash with new life, rose up to better throttle the unfortunate servant who finally crossed the line.
[13:45:38] <Sickerton> "No. No! NO!" she screamed into the terrified woman's face, her voice booming despite the constriction back in full force.
[13:47:00] <Sickerton> Thraso didn't care. Let it squeeze down tight enough to decapitate her. The gloves stayed on. This was not negotiable.
[13:47:07] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:50:24] <thesteedman> It was hard to tell if it was the leather of Thraso's gloves that creaked or the neck of the Maiden that was being strangled by her. She beat uselessly at her arms, trying to free herself. Her pretty pale face turned different shades of red, as her mouth was opened wide whilst quiet and choked gags escaped from her parting lips as she struggled to breathe.
[13:51:08] <thesteedman> These Maidens were still human, slaves to the will of their vampire queen it seemed. And as such, the one within Thraso's hands was surely dying from the strangling grip of the powerful barbarian.
[13:51:53] <thesteedman> That was until Thraso suddenly found herself on her back. It took a moment for the pain against her chest to catch up, but in the flash of a moment, Evelyn had taken matters into her own hands when the strangling necklace proved to be ineffective.
[13:52:57] <thesteedman> "That is my favourite Maiden!" Evelyn hissed, as the chain attached to the collar around Thraso's neck seemingly on its own. Revealing her superior strength, Evelyn lifted Thraso upwards with ease, before slamming her down to the cold hard ground.
[13:53:43] <thesteedman> The maiden she had been forced to release was sucking all the air she could through her partially crushed throat, gagging and scrambling away as the other Maidens managed to collect her and pull her back.
[13:54:11] <thesteedman> Evelyn by now however had grasped Thraso's hair with a handful, before forcing her head into the bucket of water that had been used to bathe her.
[13:55:13] <thesteedman> The necklace remained tight around her neck, and to make it worse, it seemed the vampire was now half drowning her, keeping her head submerged for a good few moments. "My maidens... strip you of nearly everything... and you wait until you have nothing but gloves left before you dare to strike?!"
[13:56:24] <thesteedman> When Thraso began to move less and less, she finally let both the collar loosen, and released her hair. Rather then allow her to come up for air on her own accord, Evelyn pulled on the chain, throttling Thraso before pulling her upwards and then back onto her spine on the ground, placing her foot against her chest to keep her down against the ground.
[13:56:29] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:01:08] <Sickerton> For all the bile Thraso had for her captor, she would have to give her at least one begrudging prop: The woman was quick. One moment she was showing a waif that she meant business, and the next she was sliding across the floor. And THEN she was being slammed about like a bag of potatoes.
[14:05:25] <Sickerton> Her previous roars of rage persisted -- ableit in a different form. With each blow, slam, and pull of the hair she yelped; a strange sort of beastial cry which sounded more at home from a wounded wolf or bear than a human proper. But even those inhuman screams were quenched as her head was forced down into the washing bucket, her face held underneath the dirty, soapy water used just moments ago to clean her.
[14:08:47] <Sickerton> She thrashed under the hold; beating the ground with her gloved hands, her otherwise naked form writhing against both the cold floor and even colder body looming above her. But she could not win this test of strength even in her prime, and as she was forced to take bathwater into her lungs bit by bit her wild struggles started to wane.
[14:11:15] <Sickerton> Her mouth opened and closed slowly - like a deep sea creature finally placed back in it's proper home - and her vision darkened. But, before she could finally pass out, the barbarian was yanked out and thrown back onto the ground.
[14:13:36] <Sickerton> In a way the foot to her chest was a blessing; water shot out of the barbarian's mouth as her lungs were compressed, giving her room to burbly pull in oxygen. Oxygen that she hastily put to work with... chuckling.
[14:16:21] <Sickerton> Perhaps it was the vampire's befuddlement. Perhaps it was one of the maidens finally getting a little taste of what was coming to them. Perhaps it was the fact that she was half drowned, half strangled, and half dead. But it all seemed so funny to her now. Here she was, naked bar her gloves, pissing off an immortal vampire queen over and over again regardless.
[14:16:54] <Sickerton> It was not the best of situations... but to her currently addled mind, it was at least tolerable.
[14:16:59] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:22:09] <thesteedman> "Aww.. have I broken my slave?" Evelyn whispered. She snapped her fingers, calling for two of the maidens to move in. It took a second snap of her fingers to finally summon them forth, given they were now afraid of the Barbarian.
[14:22:46] <thesteedman> Evelyn kept her foot against her chest, forcing her down against the ground, as the two Maidens moved in from either side. Both grasping a hand each before trying to remove the gloves from her hands.
[14:24:25] <thesteedman> Not wanting a repeat of what happened moments ago, Evelyn looked to keep Thraso in control, pulling on the chain tightly to choke her once again, strangling the larger woman whilst her Maidens finally managed to slip away her gloves, revealing the flesh of her hands that had been hidden beneath. The half strangled Maiden was finally beginning to return to full life, having somewhat recovered as the other Maiden tended to her.
[14:25:54] <thesteedman> Having seen Thraso turn once, Evelyn kept the squeeze going on her neck, looking to drain her strength and the fight from her, now having the Barbarian clad in nothing but the flesh she was born in. She let the Maidens gather what little clothing they were intent to dress her with... but Evelyn motioned them to hold off
[14:26:55] <thesteedman> She wanted to drain her of more strength, knowing with a lack of air to the brain... she would hopefully be drousy enough to deal with losing her clothing and accepting what came next. After a while, she finally let her have her air, loosening the chain which in turn relaxed the coils of the necklace.
[14:26:58] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:31:02] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's low chortles were twisted into a little mewl as she once again was strangled, this time far worse than previous goes. Her mouth hung open and her tongue lolled out, with rivulets of saliva escaping to roll down her cheeks.
[14:33:32] <Sickerton> So out of it she was at this point that she didn't even notice as the gloves were finally peeled off of her. Or perhaps it was primarily because too many dark spots were eating away at her vision to actually see it happening. The callused, craggy hands her gloves covered certianly wouldn't be able to feel the change on their own.
[14:35:27] <Sickerton> For what seemed like an eternity Thraso floated in a murky, timeless nothing; a dark fog with no beginning or end. But finally the clouds parted, and she found herself back in the land of the living.
[14:38:43] <Sickerton> The first thing she did, once she had enough sense and power to do so, was raise her arms to check if... yep. Her hands were bare. Free for all to see. Fighting back tears, the warrior laced the fingers together and laid them to rest against her collarbone. At the very least, that would diminish their profile somewhat.
[14:40:11] <Sickerton> Hitching with quiet sobs, the one proud barbarian swept her shimmering eyes across the regathered company. Did they have even *more* things with them now? What could possibly be left?
[14:40:18] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:43:05] <thesteedman> "Where has that defiance gone?" Evelyn laughed out loud when Thraso's demeanour changed instantly. One moment she had been lying there, laughing, almost taunting the vampire. Now she was degraded to sobs and tears. Where the gloves so imporant? Had she been simply battling to keep one piece of clothing as if it would offer a small victory against her.
[14:43:47] <thesteedman> It mattered not to the vampire... she was derobed... humiliated, and as far as the Vampire was concerned, the Barbarian only had herself to blame after her failure in the arena.
[14:44:27] <thesteedman> Slowly, the Maidens moved back in, as Evelyn pulled the chain, forcing Thraso up and onto her knees again. This time she kept near, not wanting to lose any of her good Maidens to this buffoon.
[14:45:36] <thesteedman> Slowly the Maidens began to redress Thraso, draping her in light and very revealing robes. They clad her chest and other womanly parts first, before draping a few silky fabrics over her shoulder, leaving her in very little clothing, but covering up just enough.
[14:46:44] <thesteedman> "That's it. Take away the fighter, she is not that woman anymore. I want her to look good. The master will be pleased to see something... different." Evelyn whispered, almost talking to herself more then she was the Maidens.
[14:48:23] <thesteedman> "Despite your failure, I have still made progress here in this keep. With the right amount of decoration, I can make it look like we have achieved more." Evelyn spoke with a soft giggle. "My... Thraso. You are looking... dare I say beautiful?"
[14:48:25] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:51:26] <Sickerton> Yes. Beautiful. Like a rose. A stunning field of roses; almost as brilliantly crimson themselves as whatever idiot would wade into the thorned bushes in an attempt to pluck one.
[14:53:30] <Sickerton> Thraso looked down at her hands, slowly opening and closing them. All of this finery. All of this undoubtedly priceless fabric. And no gloves. Not even dainty little silk ones. It's like they knew.
[14:56:29] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's breaths grew longer and deeper as her mind broiled, her thoughts growing more intricately dark with each passing second. The things she could do with these hands. The things she wanted to do. The things she NEEDED to do.
[14:58:16] <Sickerton> Taking one last breath and holding it, the barbarian looked down and allowed her hair to flow over her face as she focused on her boundless rage. Then, finally, she looked back up and the hair fell away to reveal...
[14:59:01] <Sickerton> ...Her usual, cheery smile.
[14:59:43] <Sickerton> "Pretty as a princess," Thraso replied merrily.
[15:00:03] <Sickerton> Before stepping in to attempt breaking the vampire's nose with a headbutt.
[15:00:03] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:34:08] <thesteedman> Being a vampire came with its benefits, speed and agility being but a few of the factors that had enhanced Evelyn. She saw Thraso's body tense, and knew the Barbarian was upto no good.
[14:35:05] <thesteedman> When Thraso came forward, leading in with her head, a simple side step was all it took to evade it completely. With a sly smile, Evelyn took the chain, with it now being connected to the deadly necklace, flicking her wrist before using the warriors momentum against her.
[14:35:56] <thesteedman> She managed to bring her off her feet again, flipping her in the air, before pulling the chain hard, yanking her from the air down onto the ground. Evelyn was careful however, she did not want to damage her dress or do any visible damage to the Barbarian herself... not after all the work her Maidens had put in to finally making her look pretty.
[14:36:33] <thesteedman> "Yes... as pretty as a princess!" Evelyn giggled, forcing Thraso to land on her stomach. She pulled with the chain, looking to bring Thraso up to her knees, strangling her with the necklace as she placed her foot between her shoulder blades.
[14:37:07] <thesteedman> She pressed her heel into her spine, whilst pulling the chain hard to force Thraso into an awkward arch, choking her as the necklace tightened once more, whilst placing unbearable pressure against her back.
[14:37:12] <thesteedman> (Yt)
[14:40:53] <Sickerton> Thraso should have known that the attack had next to no chance of landing. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she probably did. The problem was that it was buried under a veritable ocean of seething rage, as lost as a lockbox engulfed by a lava flow.
[14:44:58] <Sickerton> Up, and then very soon thereafter down the barbarian went, landing with a WHUFF as she hit chest first. The lacily clad warrior managed one wheezy cough, spattering the floor with speckles of saliva, before she was hoisted back up in a new stranglehold.
[14:46:40] <Sickerton> With her current attire and her back so forcibly arched, the scene could have passed to an onlooker as a mistress showing off a concubine to potential customers... after an outbreak of rabies.
[14:49:45] <Sickerton> Lost in a vibrant mix of agony, shame and fury, the barbarian foamed at the mouth as the choking took it's toll. She desperately reached upwards; not to grab the collar currently working over, but in an attempt to reach the monster behind her to crush and tear. Logically this was impossible, so she had to settle on seizing hold of the leash instead.
[14:54:58] <Sickerton> The scarred woman heaved and shook in place; trying to rise to assault her captor, but in truth only verifying the proper sizing of her dress as it perfectly outlined her figure while it shook and jiggled. And, as brilliantly hot as fire can burn, it can always be snuffed given time and effort.
[14:55:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:00:30] <thesteedman> Evelyn smiled. She didn't want this to end too quickly... not without teaching her captive a lesson. The barbarian had to learn that this was her life now. The vampire knew it would take some time to "break" her in, but she enjoyed the challenge of it. She had already brought her to tears a few times... meaning breaking her will was not impossible.
[15:01:15] <thesteedman> She pulled against the chain, pressing her bare foot against her upper back to tighten the hold a little more, holding her in place for a few seconds. However, Evelyn then eased a little, allowing for the Barbarian to get just a little air into her lungs, to prolong the torturous hold.
[15:02:44] <thesteedman> Thraso was strong... even against vampiric strength she could near hold her own, but she had no leverage here. She was powerless to Evelyn. The maidens simply watched as Thraso's chest heaved for air. Her body was near bare save for light robes placed in strategic places. "Worry not Maidens. I'll allow you to put the make up on her when she is unconscious." Evelyn assured her Maidens with a smile.
[15:04:14] <thesteedman> With another pull, Evelyn allowed the necklace to tighten again, letting the unusual design slowly corkscrew around the flesh of Thraso's neck. There would no doubt be vicious marks left there when this was over, bruising. But the necklace would cover up the damage. Evelyn's smile grew just a little, as she found enjoyment over Thraso's predicament.
[15:05:21] <thesteedman> She was almost like a defiant dog, being forced to yield to its masters will. The time for talking was over. Evelyn wouldn't care at this point if Thraso begged for mercy... she intended to strangle her, prolong her suffering until her body could take no more. She just hoped it took a long time before she fell unconcious.
[15:05:22] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:09:35] <Sickerton> Her back screaming at her as loudly as her lungs wanted to but could not, sweating and shivering as she increasingly weakly grasped for anything that could help her, Thraso came to realize that she was beaten. No matter what she did here, it would end with her passed out among a throng of minions well at work on making her one of them.
[15:11:27] <Sickerton> It was a humbling thought... but also a queerly invigorating one. Now that she knew that the fight was lost, she no longer had to struggle to actually win it. She could now focus soley one one of the things she KNEW she was great at:
[15:11:37] <Sickerton> Being a goddamn nuisance.
[15:14:32] <Sickerton> At first Evelyn thought that the barbarian's hands lowering meant that she was finally passing out, but the scarred woman was not fully down just yet. She was still mad as hell, and... adaptive.
[15:17:15] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's shaky hands took hold of her luxurious, dainty dress, and began to tear it away in clumps. Before anyone could react the front had been destroyed, freeing her chest once more to the air. And without stopping she continued downwards, intent to do the same for her stomach and legs.
[15:18:52] <Sickerton> True, it was a petty way to get back at the vampire. And a method that would leave her naked if successful regardless. But naked was in many ways a better alternative in her eyes. Especially considering who was 'wounded' more by the action now.
[15:18:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:20:25] <thesteedman> "Isabelle... go fetch another dress." Evelyn spoke, watching with some disdain as Thraso began to tear away at the clothing. As a means to try and punish her, Evelyn pressed her heel once more against her spine, pulling with her chain to arch her upper back in an excruitiating manner.
[15:21:11] <thesteedman> She left the coils of the necklace loose, not wanting to choke her so much, but rather simply inflict pain. There was barely anything left of the dress but simple rags, as if Thraso had just stumbled in from some dark forest... albeit a clean one.
[15:22:14] <thesteedman> "You silly cretin, all that work my poor girls had to put in to make you pretty, and you just go and ruin it all." Evelyn whispered, looking to force a few clicks and pops from Thraso's back as she pulled her hold.
[15:23:35] <thesteedman> "It won't matter, I have many dresses... you can't escape this fate, no matter how much you try and resist it." Evelyn continued, before pressing down with her foot to force Thraso stomach first against the ground, bending her neck backwards as she pulled with the chain, once more beginning to tighten the choke hold.
[15:23:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:28:31] <Sickerton> The barbarian writhed, mouth hanging open as she near silently screamed. Seizing and shuddering, she tried to reach up to the collar, but her already taxed reserves finally gave out halfway and her hands came to rest on her collarbone instead.
[15:31:36] <Sickerton> Her grunts of anger lessened, no longer able to manage even a token cry any more. Her struggles gradually lessened and lessened, deteriorating from writhing into infrequent twitches.
[15:33:40] <Sickerton> With a slow, heavy sweep her arms fell, hanging loosely at her sides. The barbarian's tongue lolled out of her mouth, her jaw now dripping with the overflow of saliva.
[15:36:11] <Sickerton> Being bent over backwards at such an extreme angle the two locked gazes for a time; the tormentor's eyes twinkling with cruelty, the tormented's glassy and shimmery with tears. But finally the scarred woman's eyes unfocused, and rolled into the back of her head.
[15:37:46] <Sickerton> The once proud warrior shuddered a few more times, and then with a strained mewl finally lay still. She was finally out, the 'training' having broken her in at least one way tonight.
[15:37:53] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:40:10] <thesteedman> Evelyn bit on her lower lip, keeping the chain locked tight for a while longer, letting the necklace spiral just a little more, inch by inch. The temptation was there to end this, but she still had use for Thraso... and she was still quietly confident she could break her will and mold her to anything of her image.
[15:40:48] <thesteedman> After holding the choke for a near dangerously long time whilst Thraso was out, she finally relaxed the unique links of the chain, allowing for the necklace to loosen for precious air to enter Thraso's lungs.
[15:41:47] <thesteedman> Evelyn twisted the grounded barbarian over, straddling over her hips, pulling the chain to force Thraso to sit up as she was unconscious. Evelyn licked the saliva from her jaw before stealing a soft kiss from her lips as she kept that horrid overconfident grin on her lips.
[15:42:35] <thesteedman> "Fetch fresh clothes... and we shall try this again, whilst our guest is a little more co-operative." Evelyn taunted, as her hand maidens began to move, following the command of their vampire lordess.
[15:43:58] <thesteedman> Evelyn ran a hand down Thraso's chest and stomach gently, sneaking a final kiss before she uncerimoniously allowed her to drop onto her back, disconnecting the chain from her necklace. "You will learn to obey, one way or another." Evelyn promised the barbarian, before she slid from her hips to leave her lying in the center of the room in nothing more then rags.


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Sep 10, 2015
Hold Your Tongue
By Me and thesteedman
Part 4

[06:48:06] <notthesteedman> Tonight was the night. Evelyn's master was finally going to make an appearance by nightfall. As such, the vampire was making final preparations to the keep, or rather the rooms that were intended for the master to walk upon.
[06:49:19] <notthesteedman> "No... no not there! Over there! See?!" Evelyn shouted, working on her private quarters. It was the daylight hours, a time Evelyn preferred to slumber through, but given the magnitude of their guest she could ill afford the time to sleep, instead using it to prep her place and show off her fortunes... however little they were thanks to a botched tournament entrant.
[06:50:30] <notthesteedman> The Maidens moved to and fro, keeping the heavy curtains bound in place, leaving the room to be lit up brightly by torchlight in strategic places. Maidens fluffed out pillows, straightened the lavish fur carpets, arranged and cleaned whilst Evelyn stood in the middle dictating.
[06:51:42] <notthesteedman> "Thraso... don't dawdle! There is much to be done!" Evelyn snapped her fingers towards the former Barbarian. She was certainly not holding the appearance of her former self.
[06:52:41] <notthesteedman> It seemed the hand Maidens and Evelyn had gotten the better of her over the previous few nights. She was clad in a rather revealing outfit that matched the other Hand Maidens. Given her size however, it seemed a little more was revealed then of those working around her.
[06:53:42] <notthesteedman> "Over there! Arrange the pillows, I need to be seated in an area where I will be seen." Evelyn demanded, her eyes frantically scanning the place. "This needs to be perfect! I won't have anyone make a mess of this!"
[06:53:48] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[06:56:23] <Sickerton> The barbarian had had... a series of long nights, to say the least. But, if she had her way, it would all be over soon one way or another.
[06:59:01] <Sickerton> Despite appearances, her fury had not been squashed during her 'revamp'. Merely honed. Think of a giant, mighty club swinging through an incinerating fire on it's way to it's target. Much of it may never reach the mark, but all of the momentum has been transferred to a now much more concentrated impact point.
[07:00:36] <Sickerton> And now, toni - pardon - toDAY she had her chance. In the very same room this all began, no less. Almost poetic.
[07:02:28] <Sickerton> She was barely keeping her 'composure' as it was, so raring to go that she was nearly saliviating in anticipation, but knew that two things had to be done first:
[07:04:04] <Sickerton> First: Figure out who had the leash to this damn collar she was still wearing. The vampire probably didn't have it, wanting to direct her full attention to the 'Master', which meant that one of the waifs around her was probably sporting it.
[07:05:14] <Sickerton> And two: Get her hands on something heavy. Something that could be lobbed to good effect. Maybe a vase? Or a small display table?
[07:06:00] <Sickerton> In any case, she had to bide her time. Play along, for just a little while longer.
[07:08:34] <Sickerton> "Right away, Ma'am" Thraso replied through a smile of gritted teeth, moving to put the pillows in a suitable pile for casual-but-not-really lounging. Taking glances up at the numerous curtained windows all the while, thinking of what would soon come...
[07:11:17] <Sickerton> After she had finished her duty she drew back; Her hands laced in front of her in what she hoped seemed meekly obedient, but in truth was mostly to keep her hands from visibly clenching in anticipation. Casually, but with purpose, she scanned the room for both the person and object she needed to take her shot at freedom.
[07:11:25] <Sickerton> (yt)
[07:16:36] <notthesteedman> Thraso noticed one of the hand maidens was polishing a rather large vase, the prime candidate to cause some destruction of some form, given it was just over half the size of the Maiden herself and bearing a dense look.
[07:17:34] <notthesteedman> After a careful scan, she noticed a hand maiden on the other side of the room adjusting the carpets had a belt around her hips unlike the other Maidens. On closer inspection, she could see the serpentine details of it, knowing well it was the leash to the contraption that threatened to strangle around her neck.
[07:20:29] <notthesteedman> It seemed she had a few options... right now it was simply all about the timing. Evelyn paced around the room, snapping her instructions to the maids. "When this is all done, you will have a quick hour to bathe and freshen up and then I will want you all back here. Before that... there is still plenty of work to be done. I don't even want to see a cobweb present!" Evelyn spoke, quickly grasping a broom and tossing it to Thraso, no doubt looking to her to carry out said duty.
[07:22:01] <notthesteedman> It was somewhat a blessing however for Thraso, as it gifted her a chance to become mobile during the clean up. Evelyn was seemingly unsuspecting of her intent, and the four Maidens were too busy with their work to really keep an eye on Thraso, fearing the wrath of Evelyn if they disobeyed.
[07:22:55] <notthesteedman> "Perfection..." Evelyn whispered, moving back to the center of the room. "I want nothing shy of perfection." She added, placing her hands on her hips. She couldn't help but manage a smile.
[07:24:07] <notthesteedman> They had taken care of the essential rooms, the pathway to her quarters were nothing shy of a palace, or so the illusion would have you believe. Her master would not have to know the wiser, and would believe she was still on track with their ultimate plan.
[07:24:47] <notthesteedman> "We might actually manage to pull this off." Evelyn dared to giggle, seeing the room was not too far from completion. Perhaps she might get a few hours of slumber when this was done before her Master arrived.
[07:24:49] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[07:27:56] <Sickerton> The scarred woman tried to catch the broom as it was tossed to her... but naturally her clumsy, numb hands could not manage it, and it rebounded off of her before falling to a clatter at her feet. Thraso was wondering more and more if the vampire planned these kinds of things.
[07:30:20] <Sickerton> Regardless, it would not be an issue for much longer. Scooping up the broom, and trying to keep an errant eye twitch in check as she 'ignored' a few snickers around her, Thraso got to work diligently sweeping.
[07:31:06] <Sickerton> Oh, this patch of floor was absolutely filthy! In fact, everything around this vase could use a little...
[07:33:48] <Sickerton> Smoothly, so no one could 'catch on' until things were already in motion, Thraso let go of her broom to seize the vase. The wooden handle of her tool had not even hit the ground yet before the decoration connected with a window, plunging through it and tearing open it's curtains.
[07:35:47] <Sickerton> And as soon as the vase left her hands she was off as well, charging down her second target like a rhino on a hapless tourist. On her way there she recognized the maiden; this was the one Evelyn called her 'favorite' during Thraso's first 'training' session.
[07:36:16] <Sickerton> Poor girl seemed to never catch a break. In a way, the barbarian was about to change that.
[07:38:31] <Sickerton> Thraso seized the girl by her 'belt' and started to spin, soon building up enough momentum to lift the girl off the ground. It only took a couple passes for it to be finally enough to undo the leash's tie, sending the now screaming girl up and away...
[07:39:04] <Sickerton> ...and through yet another window, taking the curtains with her.
[07:41:41] <Sickerton> Her smile now much more genuine than mere seconds ago, Thraso turned back to her 'master'. Her other maidens had scrambled for cover, leaving her by herself in a patch of shadow between the two open windows. A snare more binding than any cage for a nightwalker like her.
[07:43:09] <Sickerton> Now chuckling, the barbarian dropped the leash where she stood and rolled her shoulders to loosen up.
[07:43:44] <Sickerton> Then, cracking her knuckles, stepped into the arena of shade herself.
[07:44:27] <Sickerton> "Yes, Ma'am..." the scarred woman echoed, "...everything will be just perfect."
[07:44:31] <Sickerton> (yt)
[07:47:56] <notthesteedman> When the first curtain fell, Evelyn sneered, seeing a flash of bright light flood into the room. She hissed in anger, barely having the time to register what had happened.
[07:48:35] <notthesteedman> All she knew was that there was light, and as such it was time to leave. However, between the time it took her to comprehend what was happening and the time it took her to get towards the door in the confusion...
[07:49:29] <notthesteedman> Her favourite Maiden had been swung, tossed and hurled out of the other other window, her screams slowly fading as she plummeted downwards from the tall keep. Light flashed before her, blocking her path to the doorway.
[07:50:04] <notthesteedman> Evelyn hissed louder, as the other remaining Maidens began to cowar in fear, rushing to the far end of the room away from the sudden threat that materialized.
[07:50:24] <notthesteedman> When Evelyn turned to the culprit, she shouldn't have been surprised... not truly.
[07:51:28] <notthesteedman> "I will rip out your heart for this!!!" Evelyn shouted, though her voice seemed to catch within her throat. The realization that so much hard work had been torn down by the seams. Only one window remained closed, casting a shadow upon her, the only thing that kept her safe from the damning gaze of the sun.
[07:52:45] <notthesteedman> "How.... how dare you defy me!" Evelyn shouted, looking to where her Maiden had been... the one who had the leash Evelyn so desired to hold right now. Her eyes strained as she scanned into the sunlight... seeing the leash lying on the carpet, basked in the kiss of the sun.
[07:53:33] <notthesteedman> All was not lost however... as Thraso dared to challenge, her, stepping into her domain, of what remained of the shadow. Given the brightness of the light, it was as if all that remained of the world was the area she stood on, as an endless white surrounded her.
[07:54:07] <notthesteedman> She watched the Maiden... no... the Barbarian crack her knuckles loudly, wearing that confident smile she had on her face when she first set foot into her domain.
[07:55:09] <notthesteedman> Evelyn shouted in anger... she'd wipe that smile off her face again. Only this time she would do it for good. She rushed towards Thraso, taking a heavy swing towards her chest, pouring a significant amount of strength into her strike, no doubt looking to break ribs if the strike hit true.
[07:55:10] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[07:57:55] <Sickerton> Good news: The vampire was clearly not as fast as she used to be. Even though she was not being directly struck by it, secondhand sunlight seemed to be sapping her unholy capabilities.
[07:58:54] <Sickerton> Bad news: She was still ludicrously fast compared to a normal human, and still hit like a runaway cart.
[08:00:53] <Sickerton> Thraso saw the attack coming - which was already a good step up from the usual - and had begun to dodge as it landed. This turned an organ-rupturing strike to the chest into a bruising glance to the shoulder, making her spin from the force but far from a match ender.
[08:04:03] <Sickerton> Almost literally rolling with the momentum, Thraso had a hook ready as she faced forward again, connecting with the side of the vampire's head as she traveled by. But, so focused on landing a blow, the scarred woman was not able to correct her momentum in time to stay on her own feet.
[08:06:00] <Sickerton> Thus both of them were sent to a sprawl; Evelyn sliding to a halt dangerously close to the 'edge' of the shadows, while Thraso fell sloppily to her side propped up on one elbow.
[08:07:43] <Sickerton> "What's the matter?" the scarred woman taunted, working on pushing herself up as the vampire shook the last of the stars from her vision. "Finally lose your cool? Just in time for the big guy to see? Tsk tsk tsk..."
[08:07:46] <Sickerton> (yt)
[08:11:40] <notthesteedman> It had been the first time Thraso had really managed to connect with a strike in all the time she had been within this keep. Even when first captured, Thraso hadn't stood a chance against the vampire. Even now by all rights, she should be able to tear Thraso limb from limb given her vampiric strength, even in its slightly diminished state.
[08:12:35] <notthesteedman> Evelyn glared at Thraso, whilst she noticably scrambled to edge away from the sunlight nearby her. The barbarian had cast the first stone. Though her strike had done little to the vampire, with Evelyn getting the better of the trade physically...
[08:13:29] <notthesteedman> Thraso had dealt a mental blow... one that unbeknown to Evelyn had already began her downfall. Like some feral, Evelyn hissed, scrambling in an unbecoming manner of her towards Thraso.
[08:14:06] <notthesteedman> She grasped at her ankle, pulling her off her feet before she swung her around like a child would its playdoll. She released her ankle to send her sailing through the air...
[08:14:31] <notthesteedman> Evelyn could only gasp out loud however as she crashed into decorations, further ruining all her efforts, ruining all that her Maidens had done for her.
[08:15:29] <notthesteedman> She cursed herself out loud in an unknown language, wanting... desiring to rush Thraso down and rip her apart. But right now she was in the light, that place where vampires dare to tread. "I'll KILL YOU!" Evelyn roared, letting spittle seep down her jaw as she shouted with all her rage.
[08:15:33] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[08:18:02] <Sickerton> Well, that was interesting. Thraso had expected Evelyn to break down a bit under pressure, but didn't expect a full-on beast moOOOH!
[08:20:40] <Sickerton> Before she knew what was happening she was airborne, flailing about in all directions at once. But soon one was chosen, sending her careening through a table showing off sets of undoubtedly priceless porcelain plates.
[08:23:04] <Sickerton> Thraso got her bearings back face-down in a pile of jagged fragments, a splintery wooden wreck, and a gradually growing puddle of her own blood. A speed that was only boosted as she tried to push herself up and gashed her hands on the shards.
[08:23:57] <Sickerton> She couldn't feel the damage THERE, but from how badly she was cut elsewhere she knew that they were plenty sharp. Maybe...
[08:26:39] <Sickerton> Thraso rose from the wreckage; her dress in tatters, her skin criss-crossed with oozing cuts, but still smiling as wide as ever. Her hands were balled into fists, and between each finger was held a shard ready to cut her opponent just as badly as they were to her.
[08:28:23] <Sickerton> Maybe she could have made a comment about Evelyn losing everything. How the beast-woman at the arena had more wits about her than the vampire now. But honestly, Thraso liked this. It was territory she was intimately familiar with.
[08:30:11] <Sickerton> Thus with a thunderous roar Thraso charged into the 'ring' once more; ready to face brutality with brutality, claw with claw. This was how it should be. This is how it would be decided.
[08:30:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[08:38:12] <notthesteedman> Evelyn could almost taste the blood that seeped from Thraso's open wounds. She held the shards so tight blood dripped from her palms as the Barbarian rushed towards her. Evelyn hissed once more, spreading her arms to her sides as she let her vamperic nails grow from the ends of her fingers. She would fight fire with fire...
[08:39:30] <notthesteedman> The moment Thraso ran into her "domain" of shadow, Evelyn managed to dodge the first strike, twisting around Thraso before she ran and raked her hands down Thraso's back, breaking flesh and scratching the Barbarian down her back.
[08:40:30] <notthesteedman> She quickly followed up, leaping onto the Barbarian, letting her bare legs wrap tightly around the fighters waist. She let her hands come around to her front, as she clawed along her chest with one hand and clawed at her stomach with the other, looking to inflict some more scratches.
[08:40:57] <notthesteedman> Given how well built Thraso was, the wounds didn't run very deep, but the nails dug into the flesh enough to cause pain at the very least.
[08:41:34] <notthesteedman> To add, Evelyn let her legs crush the Barbarian, trying to bring her down to her knees in the center of the "arena" that the Barbarian had fashioned for them.
[08:42:23] <notthesteedman> "I'll rip you apart..." Evelyn whispered into Thraso's ear. Her regret was the necklace around her neck, given that it protected her jugular from her dangerous fangs. That was not to say she couldn't still bite her however, as Evelyn sank her fangs into her shoulder, biting hard.
[08:42:24] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[08:45:36] <Sickerton> Thraso winced as the claws raked across her body, opening new wounds as well as reducing her delicate little outfit to ribbons. Briefly, she wondered if the vampire saw any irony in that. Probably not. She was too deep in the red haze for something like that.
[08:46:58] <Sickerton> Case in point: She was trying to crush her in a leg hold again. Good idea, right? It was what took her down the first time.
[08:48:12] <Sickerton> But she was not literally steps away from making her go up like a candle the first time. In this scenario Thraso controlled where BOTH of them went, which was the least beneficial scenario the nightwalker could ever have.
[08:51:12] <Sickerton> "Not before you burn" the barbarian growled, before pushing off backwards towards the 'edge'.
[08:53:13] <Sickerton> Now the barbarian had charged in too far to fully make it past the divide - at best going to be only halfway in the light as she landed - but that would be more than enough to ruin a vampire's day. Evelyn had a choice to be made, within a fraction of a second. If even she was still fast enough to disengage in time.
[08:53:20] <Sickerton> (yt)
[09:03:48] <notthesteedman> Evelyn screamed out loud, falling to the ground and scrambling away from Thraso as the Barbarian half fell into the light. The vampire managed to untangle herself from the scarred fighter, but not before her shoulder and arm got caught in the smile of the light.
[09:04:53] <notthesteedman> Evelyn whimpered, favouring her burnt arm as steam rose from the twisted flesh like a freshly boiled pot of tea. Her shoulder and arm in the split second it had been exposed to the light had been heavily burnt.
[09:06:31] <notthesteedman> Evelyn whined, retreating deep into what was now her territory. "Curse you! It... it will takes months to heal..." Evelyn whimpered, no doubt prizing her looks. She dropped to her knees, holding her arm, looking upon the damage in alarm. Her lower lip trembled as she was left in agony.
[09:07:36] <notthesteedman> She looked around, barely able to make out the mess that Thraso had made during their struggle, seeing all the work go to ruin. Her master would be hear within mere hours... how would she even begin to explain this, or the damage on her arm. She gasped in horror, knowing she would be considered a failure... unable to keep a slave in check.
[09:08:52] <notthesteedman> "Letting you live.... was the worst mistake... I've ever made in all my long years." Evelyn grimaced through the pain. "A mistake I'm... not going to make again..." Evelyn added, though there seemed to be a lack of command to her tone, a significant lack of rage, replaced by an edge of fear.
[09:08:59] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[09:12:57] <Sickerton> The barbarian sat up and watched as her 'master' retreated, choosing to almost literally lick her wounds instead of pressing the attack. She really WAS losing everything. Good. That could be worked with.
[09:15:34] <Sickerton> "For once, we're in agreement." Thraso mused, pushing herself up to standing. She flexed the fingers for one her hands, allowing the crimson shards to fall to the ground in light tinkles, but the other remained balled and ready.
[09:16:04] <Sickerton> "This was the worst mistake you've ever made."
[09:18:37] <Sickerton> With steady, heavy steps the barbarian began to advance on the cowering vampire. Thraso knew that the bloodsucker could be on her in an instant, but somehow doubted that it would play out that way. That was no longer the look of a predator.
[09:19:09] <Sickerton> "And you will not make it again."
[09:22:56] <Sickerton> Reaching down as she closed the final few steps Thraso took hold of Evelyn's seared arm and hoisted her up by it, the burnt skin crackling under her grip. She stared into the vampire's eyes, and found them not nearly as dead as one would expect. After all, what dead thing feared for life?
[09:24:57] <Sickerton> "...But months to heal? No. Even if you had that long."
[09:25:21] <Sickerton> "Especially after THIS!"
[09:26:31] <Sickerton> Making almost a theatrical show out of it, Thraso pulled back her bladed fist as far as it could go. Then, after a moment of dramatic pause, brought it crashing full force against the side of Evelyn's face.
[09:26:34] <Sickerton> (yt)
[09:29:00] <notthesteedman> "Aawwugh!" Evelyn hit the ground hard, near folding in on herself from the momentum. Thraso by all rights should still be losing this fight, but it was as clear as day that Evelyn's will had been broken by the scarred woman.
[09:30:06] <notthesteedman> She gasped out, seeing blood drop into the carpet, before she ran a hand across her cheek. If her heart was still beating, it would have skipped a beat, when she felt a grotesque gash along what was once a soft cheek. Blood poured from the open wound, seeping through her open hand.
[09:31:54] <notthesteedman> The vampire twisted around, looking with wide eyes upon her assaliant, scrambling back before she realized she had nowhere to scramble too. "Wait!..." Evelyn gasped out, holding up her hands as if it would do anything.
[09:33:59] <notthesteedman> She felt a shard of the vase brush her hand as she edged back, concealing the fact that she grasped it firmly with one hand. "You've made your point! I... I release you. You are free!"
[09:34:30] <notthesteedman> "I let you live... so in exchange for your life. Let me be!" Evelyn whimpered, though something seemed to darken within her eyes.
[09:35:19] <notthesteedman> Without warning the vampire sprung upwards, roaring out in defience, managing to regather courage now that she was armed like Thraso. She tried to leap up against her, swinging down with the shard towards Thraso's neck.
[09:36:18] <notthesteedman> However... as favour and fortune would have it, her strike was less then true, hitting the necklace and shattering before it could even reach flesh. Evelyn gasped out, before leaping away from Thraso... that fear she had done so well to rid herself off returned with a vengeance.
[09:36:20] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[09:38:25] <Sickerton> "Oh, how *generous* of y-" Thraso began, before she was cut off by the sneak attack. And, at the same time, it's failure.
[09:39:51] <Sickerton> Kind of funny how the object of her misery had quite possibly saved her life. Not 'Ha ha' funny. Well, maybe it could be from a right state of mind.
[09:40:12] <Sickerton> One the scarred barbarian was quite rapidly approaching, in fact.
[09:42:37] <Sickerton> "Oooh, nice one." Thraso cooed as she stepped forward. "Needs a little work though. Lemme give ya a few pointers."
[09:44:44] <Sickerton> Darting forwards like a snake, the barbarian palmed Evelyn's forehead in her free hand. Then, after clamping down to make sure she couldn't squirm away, began to punch her in the gut repeatedly with her edged fist.
[09:45:21] <Sickerton> "You gotta! Get! Some force! Behind it! Really! Let it! Loose!"
[09:47:31] <Sickerton> After a few rounds of that she fell forward while still holding her opponent, slamming her down into the ground with her kneeling on top of her. Well, as much as a 'slam' could be approached within a sea of pillows.
[09:49:37] <Sickerton> "Watch the finery, Ma'am..." Thraso said, leaning in with a smile. "...blood is VERY hard to wash out."
[09:49:41] <Sickerton> (yt)
[09:52:45] <notthesteedman> Evelyn felt her body press down against the ground. With cushions scattered about the place, it soaked any potential damage from the fall, but Evelyn was left screaming all the same.
[09:53:21] <notthesteedman> She had felt the blade stick into her stomach several times, allowing for blood to soak into the fabrics of what could barely be classed as a dress given how little of her it covered.
[09:54:25] <notthesteedman> She felt the larger scarred woman mount over her, pinning her to the ground, with a powerful hand still grasping her temple firmly to hold her down. Evelyn squrimed and struggled, but her strength was finally beginning to fade.
[09:55:12] <notthesteedman> She clawed at Thraso's arm, but left nothing more then scratches that could be dealt with. It seemed the exposure to the sun and the loss of blood allowed for the vampire's strength to fail her.
[09:55:44] <notthesteedman> "Stop! Please!..." Evelyn gasped out, not realizing how ironically the tables had turned from when Thraso first walked into the keep she had stolen.
[09:57:12] <notthesteedman> Now the vampire was her her mercy, squirming to try and get free, bleeding from all manner of wounds the scarred barbarian had inflicted upon her. Fear filled the long dead heart of Evelyn, though she had lived a long life, she was not ready to go yet. She began to whimper, becoming nothing more then a broken mess, when minutes ago she had been standing tall barking orders.
[09:58:30] <notthesteedman> How ones fate could change in a split second. The hand maidens had long fled the scene, leaving Evelyn to her fate, finally taking their chance to escape her wrath. She was alone... with the wretched Barbarian.
[09:58:31] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[10:01:28] <Sickerton> Thraso finally unclenched her remaining fist, allowing the shards to fall and lose themselves amongst the pillows. Now with both hands free she grabbed the vampire's face with both hands, scrunching up her cheeks like an annoying aunt at a family reunion.
[10:03:27] <Sickerton> "Aw, what's the matter 'Master'?" the barbarian asked in a tone of patronization previously thought impossible by mortals. "Not used to being up this early?"
[10:05:54] <Sickerton> The barbarian took a moment to take everything in - rubbing her thumbs around the previously mighty vampire's lips, to smear blood from her cut palms across Evelyn's face - before continuing.
[10:06:22] <Sickerton> "What you need is a good NAP!"
[10:06:56] <Sickerton> On cue Evelyn's world jerked as she was brought in for a headbutt, and everything went dark.
[10:07:13] <Sickerton> However, it was not a darkness that would last long.
[10:07:53] <Sickerton> The vampire groggily awoke more-or-less where she was knocked out, but with a couple crucial differences.
[10:09:13] <Sickerton> One: She now felt something around her neck. After lifting a hand to feel the object, she quickly realized that it was the collar Thraso was fitted with.
[10:09:50] <Sickerton> And two: Thraso herself was pacing in front of her, the 'leash' in her gashed hands.
[10:11:24] <Sickerton> "Now I don't know if vampires actually need to breathe..." the barbarian admitted, "...but I know that at the very least they can't shrug off decapitation."
[10:12:08] <Sickerton> The scarred woman pulled the leash taught, and Evelyn's new accessory started to constrict.
[10:12:49] <Sickerton> "I have some questions. And orders. It would be best if you answered and followed all of them."
[10:12:54] <Sickerton> (yt)
[10:15:12] <notthesteedman> Evelyn gasped when she felt the contraption around her slender neck, and gagged when it tightened on Thraso's command. Whilst she indeed didn't need to breathe, it did not stop the process from being painful. Evelyn clawed at the device, gasping as it constricted her throat tightly.
[10:17:16] <notthesteedman> Resting flat on her knees she looked to Thraso with a desperate expression, knowing the device was more then capable of severing her head from her neck with enough tightness.
[10:18:00] <notthesteedman> "I... yes... anything!" Evelyn managed to whisper with her failing breathe as the air was squeezed out of her lungs. Whilst not something fatal, it was still certainly unpleasant and painful to go through.
[10:18:29] <notthesteedman> She wondered how much time had passed when she had been rendered unconcious... but it seemed not nearly enough as a blanket of white light still surrounded the area about her.
[10:18:31] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[10:21:18] <Sickerton> "Alright girl" Thraso said with a wag of a finger. "Do three things for me and I promise not to kill ya."
[10:22:36] <Sickerton> "First, I need all my gear back. My hammer, my clothes, my bag. Tell me where they are in this castle of yours."
[10:23:50] <Sickerton> "And second... I don't really NEED to off you, but I also can't have you tainting my good name with all you've put me through here..."
[10:25:47] <Sickerton> The barbarian went down on one knee, to better look Evelyn in the eyes. Thraso still sported the same goofy smile as ever, but that emerald stare could have given the vampire a run for her money with their apparent soullessness.
[10:26:04] <Sickerton> "...Stick out your tongue."
[10:26:08] <Sickerton> (yt)
[10:30:34] <notthesteedman> Evelyn gave Thraso a look. She knew however failure to comply would no doubt lead to her death. Desiring to live, with great reluctance, Evelyn slowly opened her mouth.
[10:31:41] <notthesteedman> "Your... weapons. Your gear... its in the basement of the keep." Evelyn whispered. Delaying sticking out her tongue for as long as she could
[10:32:10] <notthesteedman> In some small hopes that something would happen, that someone would come to save her. But no one was coming, and it would be a good few hours until the sun was finally at its slumber
[10:32:54] <notthesteedman> "I... " Evelyn whispered, seeing the somewhat goofy expression, masking something much darker behind it. Slowly however, Evelyn stuck out her tongue, managing slight whimpers as she did so.
[10:36:30] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[10:38:14] <Sickerton> "Good girl."
[10:40:05] <Sickerton> Apparently, the barbarian had figured out how the collar worked during her lengthy... partnership with it. With a flick of her wrist the leash reconnected with the collar, and with a tug Evelyn was brought down to all fours.
[10:40:50] <Sickerton> "Very good girl."
[10:41:28] <Sickerton> Thraso stepped forward and lifted a foot... to place lightly on the top of Evelyn's head.
[10:42:24] <Sickerton> "Remember when we first met? How I made a crack about knocking out your teeth, making you gum necks?"
[10:44:13] <Sickerton> The foot raised for a moment... only to plummet back down with a stomp. Evelyn's head hit the floor jaw first, snapping her mouth shut, and in turn severing her outstretched tongue.
[10:44:39] <Sickerton> "You reeeally should have let me do that."
[10:46:06] <Sickerton> Thraso ignored the vampire's pained flailings to scoop up the tongue, and flick it into the sunlight. She watched the severed muscle shrivel and burn, and without even turning back she continued as casual as ever:
[10:46:18] <Sickerton> "Oh, and the third thing..."
[10:46:22] <Sickerton> (yt)
[10:47:54] <notthesteedman> Evelyn reeled back, holding her mouth as blood began to flood outwards. She cried out with an unusual sound as most of her tongue was seperated from the rest of her body
[10:48:40] <notthesteedman> She tried to crawl away, but the chain kept her close to Thraso. Stopping her from getting away. She shook her head at Thraso, whimpering between shouts of agony as she watched her tongue become nothing in the sunlight.
[10:49:52] <notthesteedman> She coughed up blood, still on her hands and knees, almost in a begging position. She dared to think what came third... she had lost her tongue, lost her pride... she was at the complete mercy of a barbarian... all just to save her own life, perhaps the only thing that remained that was hers.
[10:49:56] <notthesteedman> (yt)
[10:52:19] <Sickerton> "It's a simple one, really. I don't know who your 'Master' is. And frankly, I don't really care. But if it owns you, then..."
[10:52:50] <Sickerton> "I have a message for you to pass onto your master, on behalf of me."
[10:55:40] <Sickerton> Spinning to face Evelyn, Thraso bent forward and brought her hands up next to her head so her outstretched thumbs touched her temples. Then she stuck out her own tongue, and began to blow.
[10:55:42] <Sickerton> PBBBBBBT!
[10:57:51] <Sickerton> Satisfied, Thraso turned and left the vampire where she sat as she went to retrieve her goods. Sure, she *could* kill the vampiress, but a promise was a promise. Besides, she had the feeling that killing her would be merciful against whetever 'Master' would do to her for this failure.
[10:59:03] <Sickerton> Bleeding, aching, and basically nude, the scarred barbarian limped along. But she was happy. In spite of. Because of. Both in equal measures.
[11:01:08] <Sickerton> She had been laid low - so very, very low - but triumphed in the end. The pits are needed to make the mountains that much more glamorous. And Thraso knew well that plenty of both still lay ahead of her.
[11:01:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[11:04:37] <notthesteedman> Evelyn was left stunned... the straw that broke the camels back as they say. She remained in place for a good while after Thraso had left her.
[11:05:02] <notthesteedman> She stared blankly, pain wracking her entire body, feeling drained from a loss of blood and exposure to nearby sunlight...
[11:05:56] <notthesteedman> That madness.... it was something she could no comprehend. Had she have just killed Thraso when she first met her, this would never have happened. Her own arrogance had cost her... everything.
[11:06:02] <notthesteedman> And now she had her master to answer too...
[11:06:36] <notthesteedman> Evelyn collapsed against the ground, staring blankly at the sky, feeling blood pool in her throat to seep out the side of her mouth.
[11:06:55] <notthesteedman> If she survived her meeting with her master... if she survived. She would come for Thraso... and make her pay for this.


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Sep 10, 2015
The Show goes On
By me and thesteedman
Part 1

[00:35:04] <thesteedman> The ruins of Winterhollow, that was the name this place went by, though its true name had been lost in history. The temple ruins had seemingly been present since the creation of the very earth, remanants of a civilisation long gone.
[00:35:55] <thesteedman> It's new name was fabricated from the constant overcast skies that darkened the area around it. Even in summer, there was a chill within the atmosphere that could send shivers down the spines of lesser men and women.
[00:37:22] <thesteedman> It was thought something terrible had happened here, that an empire fell, and this was the temple where it made its final stand. The ruins of Winterhollow still stood, but that was all they were. Just ruins, and it had been that way since anyone's living memory.
[00:39:12] <thesteedman> It was said there was nothing there but sleepless nights in the company of moaning winds, often speculated to be the cries of anguish of the Long Forgotten. Vera however believed otherwise. And that is why Thraso found herself exploring the seemingly lonely ruins.
[00:40:17] <thesteedman> For what she could make out, the place was terribly dull. All greyscale, concrete drained of any life and colour. There was no sign of life, no animals dared to wander near the place, nor did any plants grow.
[00:40:50] <thesteedman> It was a place beyond even dead.
[00:42:15] <thesteedman> Thraso was left to her own thoughts, which felt louder then normal given there was no song of birds in the sky, only the echo of her footsteps. Remnants of what could have been statues or pillars were half erect around her. Whilst something that resembled structures lay scattered around. The overcast made it feel like Dusk was approaching, but it could have been any later that the mid afternoon.
[00:42:59] <thesteedman> It was possible that her eyes may have deceived her, but Thraso could have sworn she saw torch light earlier. Given her long days of traveling however, it was possible the long road was playing tricks with her mind.
[00:43:50] <thesteedman> It was more likely that perhaps there was another traveler going along this path were few dared to tread. Regardless, she was here for information...
[00:45:27] <thesteedman> Vera was convinced there was an artifact hidden deep within what was speculated to once have been a grand temple. It seemed a fools errand, as over the eternity this world had existed, so many had already explored the feared ruins. There was no way this haunted place had not already been picked clean with a fine toothpick.
[00:46:16] <thesteedman> None the less, Thraso found herself here on her word with a pocket full of gold along with the promise of more if she located it.
[00:47:14] <thesteedman> Strangely... it seemed Thraso was indeed not alone within the ruins. Once again, she saw something of an amber glow not too far from her location, a torch light perhaps. Maybe even a camp. Was it worth exploring?...
[00:47:16] <thesteedman> (yt)
[00:52:58] <Sickerton> Thraso fought back shivers as she ventured deeper and deeper into what was left of the temple and it's surrounding wings, small clouds lazily drifting skywards with every breath. Vera had really picked a fun one this time. Was it fate that made gave all ruins crappy weather, or was it more of the latter leading to the former?
[00:54:47] <Sickerton> In any case, it didn't seem likely to be an issue for much longer. The air was getting warmer the closer she got to where she spotted the lights. The change was welcome... but at the same time, hardly welcoming...
[00:57:19] <Sickerton> The barbarian had gone spelunking in forgotten holy sites to know one thing: Just because something was 'pure' at one point did not mean that the current tenants could always be considered the same. In fact, a specific brand of nasty considered them prime real estate BECAUSE of things like that.
[01:00:25] <Sickerton> So someone setting up camp here, away from prying eyes? Probably not a random vagrant. And probably not the type ol' Vera would appreciate tromping around in her areas of interest, either.
[01:02:45] <Sickerton> So the scarred woman hefted her hammer in preparation and crept silently - well as silently as a person like her could be - towards the glow. With any luck she would be able to peek in and see what these mystery travelers were up to... and then launch a surprise attack, if need be.
[01:02:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:07:42] <thesteedman> Thraso glimpsed at the dance of shadows upon the temple walls, as the flames cast unusual shapes, like unholy creatures running along the walls. Given the rubble and fallen structures, it was easy for such shadows to be cast by flame... or so one hoped.
[01:08:49] <thesteedman> When Thraso slipped near what was once a tall pillar, remaining concealed, she found a vast circular area. It had been the first amount of life she had witnessed, looking upon a collection of torches that surrounded a bonfire in the center the breathed deeply as it burned away.
[01:09:39] <thesteedman> What was unusual was the markings along the ground, slapped down on the ground with red paint, forming various circles and unusual symbols.
[01:10:13] <thesteedman> Twelve torches had been lit, surrounding the circle on the edge of the area, with intricate designs leading to twelve more torches that surrounded the bonfire.
[01:11:33] <thesteedman> In-between those... was... something unusual. Small wooden stands that held unusual objects... half rotten plants, dead rodents, and items Thraso found she could not even identify.
[01:12:40] <thesteedman> There was an odd aroma, though it was not unpleasant, like something unusual was cooking. In the center of the bonfire there was something standing. A large wooden pillar rose from the center of the flame, and something as black as pitch was slumped against it.
[01:13:14] <thesteedman> It almost looked human, but on further inspection... it couldn't have been, given its shape was distorted. Something odd had been happening here...
[01:13:52] <thesteedman> But no one was around now. Perhaps they caught wind of Thraso and fled. Given her sheer size and the impressive weapon she handled with frightening ease, it was an easy task for her to intimidate.
[01:15:41] <thesteedman> There was nothing around but Thraso and the dancing shadows that flashed against what remained of the walls within the circular area. Given how high up the location was, Thraso could just about gain a vision of the area around her. There was no one else present...
[01:15:43] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:18:30] <Sickerton> Well it seemed her hunch was right. Cultists. Basically the closest humans could get to rats, scurrying around in the darkness of ruined buildings while tearing up all the furniture left.
[01:19:15] <Sickerton> And they had been hard at work here! Thing was... where were they now?
[01:20:41] <Sickerton> The fire was still on and the thing inside said fire was still... thing-ing, so they clearly weren't done here yet. And someone fanatical enough to fall into this kind of crap was not likely to leave it half finished.
[01:22:35] <Sickerton> Well... first thing's first, she supposed. Whatever this was trying to do had to stop. And if she stopped it, the ones responsible for it would probably pop up from their hidey holes all angry and ready to be dealt with.
[01:24:24] <Sickerton> So, cautiously eyeing the shadows playing all around her, the barbarian walked onto the ritual floor. Intentionally dragging her feet, to scuff up the sigils she was treading on as badly as she could.
[01:27:54] <Sickerton> Picking up the pace she circled around inside the setup; tipping over the stands, and crushing the more bizarre idols just to make sure. Soon there were none of the minor totems left standing, and Thraso was left staring into the bonfire and... whatever that thing inside it could be called.
[01:30:17] <Sickerton> Probably used to be a cultist, or someone they plucked off the street. Key phrase: Used to be. Now, if it was even still alive in there, there was only one thing that could be done.
[01:32:01] <Sickerton> "May you find mercy wherever you're going after this" Thraso mumbled to the creature, raising her hammer above her head in preparation for a downwards strike. "Because you sure as hell ain't getting any here."
[01:32:04] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:39:43] <thesteedman> "Excuse me..." A soft yet unusual voice sounded from behind Thraso before she could bring the tension and momentum required to strike. When she turned, lying propped up against one of the pillars was a woman.
[01:44:37] <thesteedman> Thraso was able to get a good look upon her. She wore only a hooded robe, that left little to the imagination, revealing soft skin as pale as the moonlight. What was visible of her hair was as black as pitch as it draped into view from under her hood. Darkness surrounded her clear jade eyes, given her the appearance of something that could have freshly risen from the dead.
[01:45:19] <thesteedman> Thraso might have thought her a vampire, given her gothic appearance. She certainly looked more undead then the creature Thraso had left for dead back at a certain keep she had once been a residence of.
[01:46:42] <thesteedman> Her robe was open in the center, covering her fine breasts, but leaving her body bare from below her neck down to just above her navel. She let her legs and arms spill out from under the dark fabric, as material draped down before and behind her legs.
[01:47:47] <thesteedman> "... this is a private party. I don't remember inviting you." The girl spoke, as Thraso noticed a sly smile spread across her lips. The girl had been smiling since the moment she set eyes upon her... a near condescending look smeared across her pale yet beautiful face.
[01:48:52] <thesteedman> Slowly, she rose from her place, leaning against the pillar as she examined the barbarian. Arms folded across her chest, as her head tilted to the side, letting a few strands of hair drape over those clear jade eyes of hers.
[01:51:16] <thesteedman> "Curious. What kind of man dresses in a woman's armour?" The woman questioned with her unusual and dark tone of voice. There was something off about her Thraso knew, and something wrong with this entire situation. She could feel it in her gut.
[01:51:18] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:55:06] <Sickerton> The barbarian looked over the new girl with an inquiring eye. Yep. Preeety much what she expected. All she needed was, like, a pet raven or something like that.
[01:59:18] <Sickerton> "They're called muscles." Thraso replied to the woman's idle jest. "You get them if you do anything more strenuous than help lower friends from their bedroom windows, to sneak off to loiter in graveyards while Daddy is sleeping."
[02:01:03] <Sickerton> "Speaking of which..." she continued, gesturing at the bonfire and it's occupant. "A friend of yours?"
[02:05:07] <Sickerton> Thraso paused a coupe beats, allowing the goth girl to form a proper reply... but as soon as her pretty little mouth opened to deliver it, the barbarian spun with her hammer and obliterated the bonfire creature before rotating fully back around, smiling while shaking off bits of blackened flesh from her weapon.
[02:06:34] <Sickerton> "Doesn't matter. Didn't matter. Party's over. Go back home, get over your 'dark phase', and move on to do something useful with your life."
[02:06:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:10:43] <thesteedman> The young woman bit on her lower lip almost seductively when the bonfire was smashed down. Whatever it was that was slumped in the center all but burst into dust, falling as nothing more then ashes in a pile, whilst the rest of the fire seemed to spill over, slowly beginning to extinguish.
[02:12:21] <thesteedman> Thraso felt an unusual chill as the darkness grew once the final embers of the fire seemed to diminish. The young lady looked unphased, keeping that smile. The girls eyes remained focused on Thraso's own, as she drew back her hood, letting long jet black hair softly drape over and past her shoulders.
[02:13:29] <thesteedman> "Now that was a bitch thing to do... do you know how long it took my girls to set this all up?" The woman spoke, alluding that there was indeed more.
[02:15:03] <thesteedman> The words came to late however to give Thraso any real warning, when she felt something leap onto her back. Dark legs of something mostly humanoid wrapped around her hips from behind, before arms followed, with one hand getting a good grip of Thraso's breast. The grip was strong, but not crushingly so... something merely latched onto her... something slender... female... with horns?
[02:16:40] <thesteedman> When Thraso got a good luck at her assailant, she came face to face with a succubus. It's skin was a light shade of purple, its body no doubt one a man and a woman alike would die for. Its arms and legs almost appeared clad in slender armour, though given the unusual nature of the succubus it was no doubt still part of the creature. Its breasts were barely covered in the same substance, like down below, leaving the rest of the creature bare.
[02:17:43] <thesteedman> It smiled at Thraso, a pretty smile as its eyes stared deep into her own, slowly trying to intoxicate her... using its demonic aura against her.
[02:18:50] <thesteedman> Its grip tightened, as the succubus latched onto her to keep from being thrown off. It was then Thraso felt an unusual sensation, as a purple energy began to surround her, slowly beginning to sap her strength from her.
[02:19:26] <thesteedman> The succubus leaned in, looking to seal the trap with an alluring kiss upon Thraso.
[02:20:33] <thesteedman> "Hmm. It is of no matter though, all it needs now... is merely to replace the blood that was lost." The smiling woman spoke, keeping a wise distance from the Barbarian as she watched one of her minions attack her.
[02:20:34] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:24:08] <Sickerton> So Little Ms. Eyeshadow already had a couple demons raring to go. That could be an issue. Luckily, they seemed more there so she could pretend she had friends than to do any actual fighting.
[02:26:52] <Sickerton> Thraso gasped and flushed somewhat at the surprise groping, but quickly got herself back under control and ran through her options. The Succubus was clearly trying to 'break' her with her demonic powers. Too bad dark magic is still magic at it's base, and she chose the absolute worst prey for that.
[02:29:36] <Sickerton> With a grunt the barbarian lurched backwards until she collided with a nearby support column, pancaking the demoness between a rock and a scarred place. Thraso then stepped forward only to push back and smash her hanger-on again. And again. And again.
[02:32:21] <Sickerton> Thraso did not know exactly how hardy this tramp from beyond was, but she wagered not enough to stand up to an assault such as this for long. And when her grip finally loosened, and she groggily slid down the support she was battered against, Thraso fully intended to spin around and give her a good taste of boot.
[02:34:39] <Sickerton> This cultist wanted to sic pets on her? Fine. She'd get a front row seat to them getting sent screaming back to hell, and a preview for what she should expect when she ran out of meatshields to throw.
[02:34:51] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:37:40] <thesteedman> Before Thraso's boot could crush the skull of the Succubus she had half broken against the pillar, something clashed into her side, sending her to the ground. When Thraso would regain her bearings, it would seem the bitch of a succubus had a twin. Dark wings flapped as another of the creatures had grounded her, crawling over her to try and pin her to the ground. It got worst...
[02:37:45] <thesteedman> Triplets.
[02:38:39] <thesteedman> Another Succubus was already crawling over her from overhead, as all hands began to sensually explore over Thraso's body, whilst that purple draining energy once more began to glow all around her.
[02:39:52] <thesteedman> "Its rather funny actually... now that you say it. I guess this all did start as a... thing... a phase." The young woman began to speak, that smile never leaving her lips. She began to lift some of the make shift stands back up, placing what remained of their contents back into place.
[02:40:48] <thesteedman> The succubus that was upside down to Thraso's view, leaned in, kissing her lips roughly, helping its other to keep Thraso down against the ground as they tried to wear her down and work their dark magics against her.
[02:42:23] <thesteedman> "Me and my friends played around... all in secret, all very hush hush. Dark arts and all that. And one day, we start actually getting somewhere." The smiling girl continued. "I remember the demon we spoke to. I remember how my friends got scared and wanted to stop... its why I sold their souls first."
[02:43:54] <thesteedman> "And then my father's... my mother's... my sister and my brother's. I had to say... it was a rather fun experience. The deals you can make with these demons... the powers and the rights that they give you... wow!" The young woman laughed, watching as the Succubus tried to overwhelm Thraso.
[02:43:57] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:48:34] <Sickerton> Thraso would have probably had some sort of retort for that story... that is, if her mouth was not currently full of hungry probing tongue. The barbarian's cries of disgust and humiliation were reduced to muffled rumbles as the Succubus hungrily kissed her, trying her hardest to go deeper and deeper with every second.
[02:51:07] <Sickerton> Even with her honed defenses against magic, the two Succubi together were making good progress. Thraso's face flushed scarlet at the indignity as hands traveled up and down her hardened body, pausing in all the right places to tease and tweak.
[02:53:34] <Sickerton> As the assault of body and mind continued the scarred woman's struggles started to wane, her grunts morphed into something more akin to moans, and a dopey expression started to form on her face as everything started to get fuzzy. Could this... be...
[02:53:44] <Sickerton> NO!
[02:53:47] <Sickerton> Never!
[02:56:43] <Sickerton> With a surge of adrenaline kicking her resistances into overdrive, the fog cleared from Thraso's mind and she burst into action. Despite the Succubi's best efforts the barbarian managed to lift her hands to seize the one above her by the head.
[02:57:35] <Sickerton> One would think that this was to pull her away. No. It was to keep her in place while Thraso schooled her on the dangers of forced french kissing.
[03:00:02] <Sickerton> The demoness let out a squeal, and Thraso's mouth filled with terrible tasting ichor, as she bit down on the Succubi's tongue. The wounded monster tried her best to draw back but Thraso held her fast, only letting go when her 'sister' leaned in to try and help free her.
[03:02:11] <Sickerton> The wounded demon fell back and away in a sprawl, clutching her mouth. And with her gone, Thraso had a clear shot at the other. One gloved hand shot up to seize her by the throat, then slam her down off and to the side.
[03:04:45] <Sickerton> Darkly chuckling, Thraso rolled over and mounted the dazed demoness and began to rain punches down on her face and upper body. These dark sisters best be into rough stuff, because they were going home with quite a few mementos this time.
[03:04:55] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:07:44] <thesteedman> The woman watched as Thraso began to beat on the Succubus below her, using her heavy gloved fists to rain down on her, each blow landing more of a shocking impact then the last.
[03:09:08] <thesteedman> The succubus simply squirmed and screeched as she was pummeled, gradually moving less and less until she was freely being struck with no resistance left. The other two of the succubi were in no condition to fight, one no doubt with its insides crushed, the other still squealing and nurturing its torn wound from what remained of its long tongue.
[03:12:22] <thesteedman> Biting her lower lip, the cultist girl began to slow clap, the edge of her smile still present even now. It was a surprise no wrinkles had formed as it never seemed to cease. "You seem rather capable..." She giggled, watching as Thraso continued to punch at the Succubus until her head was nothing more then a dark paste merged into the ground. "I bet you have strong blood... which is just what I need." She whispered.
[03:14:14] <thesteedman> "I know you crashed my private party, but... well, it would be rude of me not to give you an invitation since you have clearly come so far. Why did you come all this way?" The woman asked, leaving a good amount of pause before laughing. "Oh of course... that's right. I remembered that I don't really care."
[03:14:16] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:20:57] <Sickerton> Thraso punched and punched and punched, for the moment lost in her indignant fury. How dare they? How DARE they! Only when she realized that she was not actually hitting anything at all any more did the blows slow to a stop, leaving her panting over the smitten monster.
[03:23:40] <Sickerton> Slowly, with a notable heaviness to it, the barbarian rose to her feet and looked over the ravaged summoning floor for... ah, there it was! Her hammer. Laying just a few steps from where Succubus number 3 writhed and clutched at her mouth.
[03:26:20] <Sickerton> The succubus tried to scooch herself away as Thraso approached, but was in too much pain to make much progress before a boot came down against her collarbone and forced her to the floor. Thraso then leaned down to scoop up her weapon, and regarded the summoner with an equally unnerving smile.
[03:27:01] <Sickerton> "Keep on laughin' kid."
[03:31:05] <Sickerton> The barbarian dropped the hammer head-down in front of her, then placed both her hands on the upturned handle and leaned onto it for support. It was surely by chance that said floor in front of her was up until that point occupied by demon torso, and that the struggles beneath her boot suddenly petered out with a CRUNCH at the same moment. Surely.
[03:31:29] <Sickerton> "Just remember that the last laugh is on you."
[03:35:41] <Sickerton> Then, with the start of a war cry, Thraso lifted her hammer once more and began her charge at black-clad bitch. The jig was up. Her cute little guards were out. Now it was just her, Thraso, and enough iron to send her back to her masters in a bucket.
[03:35:51] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:37:41] <thesteedman> The woman's smile grew, as she stared the woman who sought to bring her end with no fear. She was either a total bitch to the end... or simply mad... or something else.
[03:38:54] <thesteedman> Thraso hadn't noticed the shadow that briefly passed over her, such was her momentum as she looked to put an end to this charade. She was less then a meter away and on the verge of blungoning the pretty head of the pretty goth to nothing more then sludge.
[03:39:42] <thesteedman> However, she hit something hard, as hard as steel and monstrously tall, like something had just come to existence right before her eyes, though she knew in the back of her mind that she sighted something dropping from above.
[03:40:50] <thesteedman> It was flesh... as red as blood, and all muscle. Given the momentum that Thraso had charged into this thing, it was impressive she managed to keep her feet. Though her stumble gave her more view of the creature before her.
[03:41:54] <thesteedman> It was monstrous, seemingly made of flesh but not a creature known to this world. Its legs were hind, like an animals, its hands and feet bearing talons that looked capable of tearing flesh as easily a knife would with an apples skin.
[03:43:04] <thesteedman> It was near double Thraso's size in height and girth. Horns peered from its shoulders and several smaller ones from its head. Its eyes were bright red, its head inhuman and demonic, whilst a large tail snaked though the air behind it.
[03:43:56] <thesteedman> "Whose laughing now?" The woman spoke, almost as nothing more then a whisper, before letting a moment of silence hang.
[03:44:33] <thesteedman> After a long moment, it was broken by the monstrous roar of the powerful form before her. Thraso barely had time to register what happened next, feeling her feet leave the floor as a force sent her towards a nearby pillar.
[03:45:07] <thesteedman> She noticed the demon lower its arm when she came to rest as fragments of concrete rained down on her, before the pain began to thrive within the side of her ribs.
[03:46:27] <thesteedman> The woman snapped her fingers, laughing out loud. "Meet Big Red." The woman spoke, which conjured what could have only been a souring expression from the large beast. "Well... his real name is Kanu. But I call him Big Red. He's cute isn't he?"
[03:46:29] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:49:42] <Sickerton> Thraso rebounded from what seemed to be a wall that shot up in her path... then realized that said 'wall' had legs. And teeth. And claws.
[03:51:23] <Sickerton> The barbarian looked upon the beast in silence for a few moments, processing the situation in her head, before finally saying something. Albeit with a slight tremor in the tone.
[03:51:58] <Sickerton> "...Do you EVER run out of meat shields to cower behi-"
[03:54:59] <Sickerton> Her retort was cut off as she was struck in the torso with what felt like a siege engine, and she was all of a sudden in a completely different area of the enclosure. She managed a single small moan before her pancaked form slid down the support, coming to a rest sprawled on her butt at the base.
[03:57:37] <Sickerton> The barbarian tried to say something once more, but was cut off as a wracking cough overtook her. After a few dry heaves, a few spatters of crimson dribbled out the side of her mouth and dripped down onto her chest.
[04:00:38] <Sickerton> Her eyes struggled to focus on the monster that still managed to tower over her despite still being on the other side of the room, blinking slowly and in such a manner that one did so slightly faster than the other. In a clear act of desperation, one of her hands clutched a hunk of the broken concrete and shakily held it up in front of her.
[04:01:08] <Sickerton> "Don't come any closer... force me to..."
[14:42:16] <thesteedman> The ground seemed to shake with each step the monster of a creature took. A mist seemed to blow from its nostrils as it exhaled a grunt, loosening its shoulders as it began to close the distance to Thraso.
[14:44:04] <thesteedman> "Oh Red?!" Suddenly the beast known as Kanu stopped in its tracks, hearing the condesending way in which its current mistress spoke. Even on something as inhuman as the demon, agitation was still visible creeping up upon its face. "I want her alive. Her blood will be useful to me. That's a good boy."
[14:45:07] <thesteedman> The cultist giggled, folding her arms and settling back to where Thraso had originally found her, the beast shook its head subtly, before it approached the downed Barbarian, who held up a piece of rubble like it was her salvation.
[14:46:07] <thesteedman> With a pathetic amount of effort, it managed to simply swat the piece of rubble from Thraso's hand, though even a weak strike was enough to near smash Thraso's wrist from this seemingly unstoppable creature.
[14:47:00] <thesteedman> Its powerful tail snapped around Thraso's neck tightly, coiling like a serpent around her throat before lifting her up off the ground, holding her off her feet and suspending her in the air as if she had just received the death sentence by hanging.
[14:48:29] <thesteedman> Whilst it held her up, it clenched one of its powerful hands into a fist, before driving it into the scarred stomach of Thraso. When it finished the strike, Kanu allowed for its tail to squeeze around the Barbarians neck, looking to choke her. If the demon could not kill this being... it would certainly have its fun with her as an alternative means of entertainment.
[14:48:42] <thesteedman> Pretending Thraso was in fact its current Cultist of a Mistress...
[14:48:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:52:25] <Sickerton> Thraso let out a small, unwilling yelp of pain as the disarming almost became literal from the force, then mentally cursed herself for allowing such a sign of weakness to slip. On the bright side, she did not need to worry about any more of that once the beast's tail wrapped around her neck and suspended her like a noose.
[14:56:24] <Sickerton> Her feet swung pitifully in the air - even her height being unable to match that of the demon - and she clawed desperately at the living binding threatening to choke her out. But worse came to worse as she discovered that the beast was not going to be sated to watch by idly, opting to instead drive one of it's colossal fist deep into her gut.
[14:59:27] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's whole body bowed against the blow - for a moment looking like a U tipped on its side - and a spray of pink saliva sprayed out of her open mouth. Then her body went lax, dropping back into it's natural dangle.
[15:03:38] <Sickerton> Thraso was no longer able to keep her hands raised, so instead they dropped to paw weakly at the still-embedded fist. Her head rolled back for a moment, trying to scream at the sky but only managing a choked gurgle, before dropping back down to look blearily at her tormentor. Her eyes were glassy, her tongue lolled, and a steady trickle of saliva and pained tears flowed down to make her pink face glisten in the odd shifting light.
[15:06:11] <Sickerton> She tried to do anything - scratch up his arm, bite at his tail, kick at his chest - but he was simply too solidly built for them to have any effect. And more importantly, she was already bad enough that said efforts were pitiful writhings at most.
[15:07:39] <Sickerton> Staring into those souless eyes, she did not know what was worse: That this was probably the end, or that this monster was clearly prepared to draw it out as much as he could.
[15:07:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:17:48] <thesteedman> Kanu squeezed the air from Thraso, choking her until she was on the bring of being unconscious, denying her precious oxygen to torture her in a grueling manner, making her feel the experience of near death.
[15:18:50] <thesteedman> When Kanu watched as her eyes began to roll back, the grip loosened, just enough to let some air trickle in, and allow her starved lungs to burn with the promise of air no matter how little it was.
[15:19:23] <thesteedman> When just about enough life returned to the Barbarian, Kanu swung Thraso hard with his tail, slamming her back against a nearby pillar, before lifting her and slamming her down against the ground.
[15:20:06] <thesteedman> He walked towards her prone form, placing his foot against her upper back before letting his talons scrape down, digging into her flesh and drawing blood.
[15:20:59] <thesteedman> The demon then pressed down hard against her lower back, whilst pulling her neck with its tail, bending her into an agonizing arch. He applied pressure, standing down against her lower spine, looking to test her endurance whilst his tail pulled a little harder
[15:21:42] <thesteedman> He waited until the Barbarian was near breaking point, before finally stepping off from her, returning to choking her with his powerful tail.
[15:22:31] <thesteedman> He imagined Belle hanging within his grasp, the though making the demon snicker in delight, before he rammed a fist into the mid spine of Thraso, looking to make her swing outwards before throwing a second fist into her already damaged side... like a cat playing with its food.
[15:22:37] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:25:46] <Sickerton> Thraso sputtered and trembled as the grip around her throat tightened, fully expected the last thing she heard to be a CRACK as darkness crept into the edges of her vision... but then the noose loosened, and the world burst back into vibrancy as she took in great, whooping breaths.
[15:25:58] <Sickerton> Was this... had she...
[15:26:01] <Sickerton> Nope!
[15:29:09] <Sickerton> With vicious lashing motions the barbarian was thrown about, slammed once more against a pillar before she was brought face down to the ground. Her chest had caught the brunt of the impact, and she moaned in agony as her breasts were mashed against stone with enough force to bruise the ribcage underneath them.
[15:32:57] <Sickerton> Desperately she clawed at the ground in front of her, hoping to scrabble away, but was pinned in place as a foot came down with titanic weight behind it on top of her tailbone. A series of rending tears against her back caused her to hiss through her teeth and arc slightly, which was then taken to ludicrous extremes as the tail still choking her pulled back and up.
[15:37:22] <Sickerton> She writhed meekly in his grasp, each spasm and shiver coursing through her glistening body to shake off droplets of sweat and blood. The agony of her arched position was also magnified by it's inherent humiliation, essentially placing her chest front and center.
[15:39:51] <Sickerton> It seemed that she was going to be broken in two... but then the foot below was removed, allowing her to slide out and dangle once more. But then the blows started, her shuddering and swaying body now apparently little more than a punching bag for the beast.
[15:40:21] <Sickerton> "Ghh... Guh..."
[15:42:18] <Sickerton> Although it was growing harder and harder to see clearly, she thought she could make out that damn cultist. Still watching all this with infuriatingly passive interest, like window shopping at a marketplace.
[15:42:36] <Sickerton> "Khhhh.... Ghhhh..."
[15:42:39] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:49:54] <thesteedman> There was an anger in the demon Thraso could not understand as she was suddenly slammed against the ground, near shattering the concrete below her. Their hate for the cultist was perhaps the only thing they shared in common, though Thraso could not have known she was subject to Kanu's fantasy of decimating the slender goth woman.
[15:50:20] <thesteedman> After being slammed and flung against the ground a second time, the creature finally lifted her up by her throat again, bringing her to eye level with it.
[15:50:57] <thesteedman> It stared at her for a long moment, as if peering into her soul and everything that made her being. Slowly, Thraso felt its massive arms wrap around her torso, pulling her into an embrace.
[15:51:23] <thesteedman> Its chest felt like concrete, its arms just as hard, and slowly they began to tense, seemingly growing in size as they began to close in all around her body.
[15:52:12] <thesteedman> What was worst, the tail around her neck also began to constrict, almost like a seperate serpentine entity in its own right. Strangled and slowly being crushed, it seemed the end was near for Thraso...
[15:53:22] <thesteedman> The Cultist saw no need to repeat herself, her smile only grew watching Kanu beginning to strangle the barbarian. Though she had been no match for her Big Red, that was not to say Thraso was not powerful. The cultist could see it, she could almost feel it. Her blood would serve her well indeed for the ritual.
[15:53:59] <thesteedman> "Aww. I think he likes you." The cultist teased, when even she could begin to hear the creak and click of bones as the embrace tightened.
[15:54:01] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:58:04] <Sickerton> The world blurred for her again as she was dashed against concrete with enough force to create spiderwebs of cracks. But when everything normalized again she was looking straight into the blazing eyes of her damned tormentor.
[15:59:59] <Sickerton> They were... odd. She expected to see raging fury or beastial hunger, but a strange sort of intelligence seemed to dwell in there. An intelligence that seemed more frustrated than anything.
[16:01:15] <Sickerton> She was given little time to dwell on this oddity, though, as she was pulled in for a less-than friendly hug. "No..." She managed to squeak out before the constriction really set in. "N-"
[16:03:33] <Sickerton> Thraso bent backwards and her toes curled inside her shoes as the arms closed in all around her, crushing her against a chest that might as well have been the rock all around them. Hers, while hardy, was nowhere near as strong, her already bruised and abused chest being pressed agonizingly flat between them.
[16:06:38] <Sickerton> The battered barbarian once more tried to scream but nothing came out, the horrible strength bearing down on her granting no leeway to speak. The best she could do was a tiny, unintelligible mewl every now and again.
[16:10:00] <Sickerton> Feeling her bones begin to bend and her joints threatening to pop free, Thraso looked up pleadingly at the monster in search of mercy and (quite obviously) found none. In fact, a slight surge of tightness in response caused her tongue to loll out of her mouth once more.
[16:12:17] <Sickerton> Slowly but surely, the barbarian's eyes unfocused and her head drooped. With nothing but a pitiful whimper to accompany the chorus of crackles and pops, she slumped against the demon.
[16:14:42] <Sickerton> Her eyes were wide open, but saw nothing. Her face came to rest pressed up against his upper chest, her slack mouth drooling onto his collarbone. Her body shuddered every once in a while, but besides that lay still.
[16:17:05] <Sickerton> Broken and defeated, her bloodied and battered form was now but a plaything for the beast that bested her. All her training, all her adventures, leading up to this moment of shivering submission in a cruel mockery of a loving embrace.
[16:17:08] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:20:58] <thesteedman> "That will do Big Red. You have had your fun." The cultist whispered. "Let Bella take over from here." She added, finally revealing her name... for all the good that it did Thraso who faded within the colossal grip and the tightening tail of Kanu.
[16:22:26] <thesteedman> "We have much work to do after all, we don't want our honoured guest to expire before the show do we?" Kanu seemed to grunt, giving Thraso one last crushing squeeze with both his tail around her neck and his powerful arms around her defeated form. When he was done with her, he simply opened his arms, allowing for Thraso to collapse down against the ground, almost looking like a corpse was it not for the faint rising and falling of her chest.
[16:24:08] <thesteedman> Kanu then walked away, going out of sight as Bella peered towards the defeated and broken Thraso. The cultist brought a dagger from a small sheath on her pale thigh, slowly running the tip along her arm to draw a line of crimson as it severed a layer of flesh.
[16:25:31] <thesteedman> "Don't mind Big Red. He's just shy. Let me summon more servants to get you cleaned up... and then the real fun will begin." Bella whispered, beginning to draw a symbol using her own blood on the ground besides Thraso.
[16:26:05] <thesteedman> Slowly a glow began to emenate from the ground, crimson and bright, lighting up Bella's face... that smile of hers ever present. That damn smile...


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Sep 10, 2015
The Show goes On
By me and thesteedman
Part 2

[18:51:25] <thesteedman> Thraso was brought back into consciousness with a loud snap. A sudden pain lashing from her back as something long and thin whipped against the flesh. Before she could even comprehend her predicament, she felt a few lines of warm liquid run down the well shaped and fine tuned back.
[18:52:30] <thesteedman> The links sang as Thraso tried to move her wrists, finding them shackled up above her head. They were mostly taut, keeping her on her feet in an X like position, though her feet were left to dangle. Thraso barely able to tiptoe against the ground.
[18:53:01] <thesteedman> The grey skies loomed overhead, though given her current location, it could have been any time of the day. This place was supposedly cursed after all.
[18:53:47] <thesteedman> Another lash sounded out, followed instantly by pain as something cracked behind her. When thought and reason returned to the Barbarian once she managed to bite through the pain... the first thing she saw much to her dismay was... that smile.
[18:54:39] <thesteedman> Belle... wearing that twisted smile. It might have been a pretty smile despite its seemingly dark intent on the face of another girl. And whilst Belle was beautiful, young and attractive, there was nothing pretty about her. Thraso had seen her true self and it was dark and ugly.
[18:55:14] <thesteedman> "She finally stirs from her beauty sleep! For a long time I thought you were dead. Glad to see you are still with us... we actually still need you." Belle whispered.
[18:55:54] <thesteedman> Again... another crack as something snapped against the air, before colliding against Thraso's back. She figured out by now that it was a whip, and she was victim to its lashing.
[18:56:26] <thesteedman> It was only after the third strike that the assailant revealed itself... though its form only loosely resembled something human in shape alone... or at least its upper half.
[18:56:56] <thesteedman> A Naga turned into her view... not like the more common ones who at least had human features or looks. This one was mostly serpentine.
[18:57:32] <thesteedman> Its head was long and thin, as a forked tongue flicked between its lips from time to time and in rapid fasion, as if tasting the air. Its flesh nothing but green and yellow scales.
[18:58:30] <thesteedman> Its waist was thin, its chest more broad, though below was a long serpentine body, whilst the end of its tail had a rattle that began to sing as it vibrated. Two large fangs and red eyes completed the look of the monstrous creature...
[18:59:08] <thesteedman> In its hands was a whip which the end had been stained in Thraso's blood. Belle seemed to take a casual step back, allowing for the Naga to take most of Thraso's view.
[18:59:53] <thesteedman> "We are going to have to weaken you however. The ritual requires a defeated soul... and unfortunately, Big Red believes there is still too much strength within that man of a body of yours." Belle giggled, folding her arms as she looked the Barbarian up and down.
[18:59:56] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:03:33] <Sickerton> When she came-to, sucking air through her teeth at the wake-up lash, she had half a mind to just try going back under after discovering who was there to greet her. But the dark dame's bristling comments quickly put an end to that, rousing the warrior inside no matter how battered she may be.
[19:05:58] <Sickerton> "Of course you still need me." Thraso growled at Belle, even now testing her restraints for weakness. "Someone's gotta pull off your head then screw it back on riIIIIEEE!"
[19:09:22] <Sickerton> Again the whip came down, causing the bruised barbarian to arch and cry out in pained surprise. When she fell back down to (the tiptoes of) her feet her mystery tormentor finally showed herself... and all things considered, Thraso wasn't sure if this knowledge was a good thing.
[19:11:58] <Sickerton> The scarred woman swept her gaze up and down the creature, taking in every horrifying detail. Even the most minute of them. It had a whip. Why did it have a whip. Would a thing like that even NEED a whip?
[19:14:46] <Sickerton> Thraso finished her exploration at the monster's deep crimson eyes, feeling an odd sensation as they locked with hers. It seemed like she could fall into those pools of red; submerge and be lost forever...
[19:16:59] <Sickerton> No! That was a trap! Finally tearing herself away from the scaly beast, Thraso turned her head in attempt to once again address Belle. She was the absolute worse a person could be, but in the end that's still a 'person' if only in technicalities.
[19:19:29] <Sickerton> "I've been pummeled and tied up..." Thraso sneered, trying to put on a cocky grin even as she felt her heart already racing inside. "...and you STILL need a lackey to do the work for you? Is the only reason you're not off taking a nap right now is that this thing probably needs a translator to and from hissing?"
[19:19:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:21:57] <thesteedman> "And threaten breaking a nail? I don't have muscles built on muscles with muscles probably hidden between those muscles... but I do have a lot of demons at my command. So yeah... I let my Lacky's do this kind of thing for me." Belle giggled, walking around Thraso, letting a hand run over her shoulder.
[19:22:29] <thesteedman> She then went behind her, pressing fingers firmly against the open wounds that the whip had left, pressing her fingers in to try and cause some pain to Thraso. "See? I'm not too strong."
[19:23:19] <thesteedman> Thraso felt something wrap around her neck, as the serpent creature snapped the whip tightly around her neck, before pulling tightly, looking to bring Thraso's head forwards, strangling her and pulling her arms awkwardly.
[19:23:55] <thesteedman> The serpent hissed, its serpentine lower half slowly slithering around Thraso, slowly wrapping around her shins with the end of its tail to slowly bind her further.
[19:24:34] <thesteedman> The snake pulled at her ankles, pulling her legs one way, as the whip pulled the other around her throat, choking and stretching her body in an agonizing fashion, looking to make the Barbarian strain herself trying to resist the opposite movements.
[19:25:51] <thesteedman> "Besides... I kind of like myself too much. If I did make the effort to get as strong as you, I wouldn't look so pretty would I?" Belle whispered, looking the Barbarian up and down with keen interest. "What did you eat to get such a body anyway?"
[19:25:53] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:30:53] <Sickerton> The scarred woman genuinely smirked at the nail comment... but then it gradually drained away into dull horror as Belle continued on, and it became abundantly clear that she was in no way joking. "Why, you pampered little wr-"
[19:33:58] <Sickerton> Thraso's response trailed off into a groan as said perfectly manicured nails began digging into her, courtesy of the wounds Belle's green friend had so recently given her. The barbarian writhed as she tried to move away from the prodding intruders, but that only gave the demonic naga the opening she needed to pile bad on top of worse.
[19:39:01] <Sickerton> Before it she was as good as airborne; despite still being mere inches off the ground at best, she had no leverage to work with as she was pulled back and forward by the twin coils of this snake woman. The only real 'support' she still had was in her arms; and really, all THAT did was place her body weight on her already screaming shoulders.
[19:41:12] <Sickerton> Wheezing as her airflow was constricted, as well as clenching and unclenching her hands repeatedly as damn near every part of her was stretched as if on an organic rack, the barbarian barely managed to sputter out a reply to the girl's query:
[19:41:59] <Sickerton> "Whelps... like... you..."
[19:42:02] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:45:21] <thesteedman> "Oooh... scary!" Belle gasped faintly. "I should keep my distance then shouldn't I? Perhaps... rely a little more on my lackeys to do my work for me."
[19:45:58] <thesteedman> Belle finally let her fingers loose from Thraso's back, walking around to look at the Naga's handiwork. She winced, not being able to help but giggle seeing how well the Naga had her tied up and strung up.
[19:47:37] <thesteedman> "This is Shal'Da Fel. Where it comes from, they call it the "Whisperer" No idea why, thought Shal does tend to be pretty quiet. I think it likes peace and quiet perhaps. Tends to leave its victims breathless with pain."
[19:48:19] <thesteedman> Belle walked around the demon, who noticeably seemed to make some form of expression that resembled distain. It was becoming increasingly apparent that Belle's demons didn't seem to like her too much.
[19:49:25] <thesteedman> "Sorry Shal... I know you don't like noise, but I feel I must explain things to our guest here. She is going to be here with us for some time... unless she gives up too early. But we don't want that do we?" Belle whispered to Shal, before she slunk off to the spot she waited at during Thraso's fight against the Succubi.
[19:50:12] <thesteedman> It all seemed to suddenly make sense now, as Shal pulled with the whip and its tail once more, looking to really bring the pain to the Barbarian. It wanted to drain her of her will and strength as soon as it could no doubt... so that its service to Belle could be done and dusted with.
[19:51:14] <thesteedman> Slowly the snake pulled a little more, watching as Thraso turned all manner of shades of red, pink and purple. Knowing the subject was not given the mercy of expiring, Shal knew it had to release the hold, relaxing the whip and its tail for a moment to let Thraso regain some small amount of air.
[19:52:18] <thesteedman> However, as it did so, it did run a backhand sharply across her face, before using its other arm to hit her on the other cheek. The menacing creature was relentless with its torture, before once more it pulled against the whip, whilst its tail pulled her ankles, returning her into a choking stretch.
[19:52:21] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:57:11] <Sickerton> Huh. Didn't even think that snakes could grimace. While it was an interesting detail that the barbarian would doubtless mull over later, as of now it was pitched decisively into the back of her mind and cratered where it landed. There was much, MUCH more that needed immediate attention.
[20:01:18] <Sickerton> Spots played across Thraso's vision for a moment as she was on the verge of passing out, but like the expert the creature doubtless was Shal'Da let up juuust enough to let her prey recover slightly. Thraso took in great whooping breaths with the moment she had - knowing that this was but a respite - and almost before that thought finished she was proven so very right.
[20:04:16] <Sickerton> SMACK! SMACK! Back and forth Thraso's head was flung, her hair flying wildly about and spit flying from her mouth with each strike. If there was any consolation it was that the handprints left would probably be all but invisible against her already reddened cheeks.
[20:06:08] <Sickerton> Then the torture rack started up again, and Thraso stared blearily at her torturer as her taxed body spasmed and shook under the pressure... But not without a fire still burning beneath.
[20:09:05] <Sickerton> While she gagged sputtering cries around her own tongue and her spine creaked and groaned, her arms were shaking for completely different reasons. The hold this Naga had her in was strong enough to keep her exactly in place, meaning that she could pull against the shackles binding her with all the strength she could muster.
[20:10:07] <Sickerton> Sure, it did her no favors pain-wise, but that was already a given even without trying. All she needed was that one good give... a moment or two of surprise...
[20:10:19] <Sickerton> (yt)
[20:16:27] <thesteedman> Shal was so preoccupied with its torture, it failed to realize the strain of Thraso's arms against the chains. The creature underestimated the resolve of the Barbarian, believing her to slowly be succumbing to the agony of the choking hold it had upon her.
[20:18:08] <thesteedman> Thraso's body was strained, and slowly the creature was bringing her to near breaking point. Joints and bones could audibly be heard creaking as a few pops and clicks sounded from bones as they were stretched way beyond comfort and into dangerous levels.
[20:19:21] <thesteedman> The creature slowly became content with its hold, finding a right amount of pressure to keep the agony prolonged. It knew how not to kill her, but to keep her in a state of hellish pain... its tongue flicked out, but it did not taste despair as it felt it would. No, it felt something else.
[20:20:41] <thesteedman> With a loud snap, links of the chains clattered to the stone ground as the steel broke. It seemed the prey was not as weak as first thought, and soon Thraso landed on the ground. Most of the chains remained on the shackles around her wrists, but she was no longer bound to the stone pillars that had once been either side of her.
[20:21:18] <thesteedman> It might have been a powerful moment in a bards tale, a story of legend and retribution, where an unlikely hero gathered strength and fought against the odds.
[20:21:38] <thesteedman> This was not a tale however... and Thraso's moment of glory, though a sight to behold, took everything she had left.
[20:22:06] <thesteedman> What was worse.. Shal knew it, the creature could taste the realization and despair in the air around the Barbarian when it flicked its tongue out.
[20:22:48] <thesteedman> Coils remained around her ankles, though the whip had at least loosened from the fall. The moment was short lived however, as the Naga Shal moved lightning fast around its prey, giving her little time to get herself together.
[20:24:25] <thesteedman> Scaled coils wrapped around the waist and torso of Thraso, corkscrewing with frightening ease to squeeze her body tight. Said coils threatened to crush her torso into an hourglass shape, as Shal slithered behind Thraso, flicking the whip to try and retake and bind Thraso's wrists behind her back.
[20:24:48] <thesteedman> All this, whilst Belle simply watched, sitting up against the wall... that smile never leaving her lips. That damn smile...
[01:01:20] <Sickerton> With a final wrench and a grunt of fury the bindings finally broke. Or rather links in the chain holding them up, which in a way was even more impressive.
[01:03:30] <Sickerton> The barbarian fell to the floor and landed somewhat-ungracefully-but-still-adequate on her feet; head down, chains still drooping from her wrists tinkling as they brushed against the ground.
[01:04:24] <Sickerton> This was her moment to strike - to strike out with a quip before a tide-turning charge - but...
[01:07:29] <Sickerton> She was dead on her feet. Swaying in place, her glistening form shuddering with each ragged breath, it was taking all she could muster to simply not collapse. That last feat was so impressive because of how high a cost it would take, even while fresh. And Thraso was anything but fresh.
[01:08:43] <Sickerton> Maybe... maybe if she could bluff for a bit, keep herself free long enough for something approaching a second wind...
[01:10:07] <Sickerton> "You see that?" The scarred woman spoke through her hair in the steadiest voice she could muster. "That'll... be your arms... if you doOGH!"
[01:13:30] <Sickerton> Before she even had time to hear the slithering Shal was on her, binding her legs together while coiling upwards to rope around her stomach. Thraso tried to push the tail back down as it began to compress her guts, but that was put to a halt as through a few expert strokes her arms were seized and bound behind her via whip.
[01:16:25] <Sickerton> Now once again helpless Thraso struggled futilely, like a rat in a python's grasp. Her back arched as the pressure in her midsection grew, tilting her head back and groaning as the threat of being broken in two grew more and more real.
[01:17:31] <Sickerton> "You... can't..." she groaned out, clearly through great effort. "Break... me..."
[01:17:34] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:19:10] <Kage> "Oooh. Shal! That almost sounded like a challenge didn't it? Too bad you can't accept it... we need her alive and... well... somewhat in shape." Belle giggled from afar, to the detriment of the demon.
[01:21:56] <Kage> The demon managed to loop a scaled arm around Thraso's neck from above when she arched back, pulling in a choke hold, forcing Thraso to arch more within the deadly embrace.
[01:22:39] <Kage> The naga pulled her back, placing great strain on her bridging spine, whilst the coils began to spiral and tighten around her midsection, beginning to constrict... or rather, simply begin crushing Thraso.
[01:23:36] <Kage> The creature was no doubt an expert and binding, as it was a torturer demon. The "Whisperer" as Belle noted earlier... perhaps because its torture rendered its victims barely able to speak.
[01:31:50] <Kage> Belle couldn't help but giggle and watch, hearing Thraso's back and neck slowly creak and crick from where she was. The naga had got a good feel for its prey, and seemed to know the Barbarians limitations.
[01:32:21] <Kage> Slowly it strangled and crushed her, once more bringing her to the brink, bending her back to what Thraso's spine could handle.
[01:32:46] <Kage> When she was at breaking point, the Naga released her neck, allowing her to prop herself back up if she had the energy left to do so.
[01:33:25] <Kage> However, it was certainly not done with her, as its mouth opened wide, revealing large fangs, dripping with a dark liquid. With a quiet hiss, the Naga suddenly clamped down on the shoulder of Thraso.
[01:34:18] <Kage> It's fangs easily penetrated her flesh, and an injection of venom followed, pumping into Thraso's blood. A unique venom from many the demon had available, one that would weaken Thraso enough. There was another demon lined up after all.
[01:34:19] <Kage> (yt)
[01:38:35] <Sickerton> The barbarian could do little at this point but squeak occasionally, the pressure around her being so terribly strong. Her mouth opened and closed in wordless, breathless pleas as occasional hitches and shudders jolted her in the scaly grasp.
[01:40:55] <Sickerton> When it finally let up her body relaxed somewhat, but she simply did not have the reserves to right herself. So she remained somewhat arched, staring up blearily at the serpentess as it opened her mouth to reveal those wicked fangs...
[01:43:35] <Sickerton> Thraso began to speak - whether another empty threat or some sort of begging even she was not sure - but the teeth had sunk into her shoulder before anything could be made of it. A throaty groan escaped the woman as she was pierced, writhing meekly against the intruders.
[01:43:57] <Sickerton> "Aaah... haaah..."
[01:46:19] <Sickerton> She instinctively tensed as the piercing pain hit, but as a numbness soon coursed through her veins she was all but forced to relax once more. As it went on her already small struggles grew smaller still, and her protests grew softer and softer.
[01:47:42] <Sickerton> Soon she was lax in the demon's grasp, the only real indicator that she was still awake being the fact that her mostly-unfocused eyes still followed the snake as it moved. The mighty warrior... now struggling to do so much as lift a finger...
[01:47:45] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:51:11] <Kage> The sensation was unpleasant. Thraso could literally feel the venom working its way around her body, numbing her mucles in various places, robbing them of function but leaving all the nerves untouched so that pain was still very much a thing she had to deal with.
[01:57:49] <Kage> The naga kept its coils around her tender midsection for a moment longer, squeezing, crushing and compressing her insides to the point that they nearly ruptured under the pressure.
[01:58:38] <Kage> After what felt like an agonizing hour that could have only been a minute or so... the coils slipped free, the whip dropped and snaked away and the naga itself became memory, shifting away and leaving Thraso to fall to the cold hard ground.
[01:59:31] <Kage> "Beautiful. A true master at work." Belle applauded, with a slow clap.
[01:59:54] <Kage> She knew Thraso couldn't move... but she could certainly listen to her.
[02:00:53] <Kage> "That wasn't even the main event." Belle then whispered, her voice dripping with venom not so similar to the one running through Thraso's veins right now. Thraso felt the presence of something else. The Naga had long gone, leaving what she thought to be just Belle and herself...
[02:00:56] <Kage> But she was wrong.
[02:01:40] <Kage> Something slimey wrapped around her ankle, slowly coiling up her shin and thigh, before another wrapped around the other thigh, slowly dousing her body in something wet.
[02:02:12] <Kage> She felt herself be lifted up to her knees, having enough strength to move her head and move her body a little, but nothing else.
[02:02:48] <Kage> A thick green tentacle wrapped around her exposed and bruised midriff, squeezing firmly, but no where near as crushingly hard as the previous coils of the naga.
[02:03:18] <Kage> As the tentacles corkscrewed, some kind of oil secreted from the slimey surface, dousing Thraso, making her skin shine and glisten.
[02:07:34] <Kage> Another tentacle firmly wrapped around her chest, pressing her breasts painfully tight inwards, before another coil slipped almost delicately around her neck.
[02:08:17] <Kage> Her arms were wrapped up last, as Thraso found herself bound by what simply seemed to be a mass of tentacles. Slimey and oily, wrapping around her as other tentacles began to caress her figure, dousing her in more oil.
[02:08:42] <Kage> It was then she came face to face with its body... or its head... or... whatever the hell it was. Simply a great eye, that stared at her.
[02:09:04] <Kage> "Meet Galua... she will be prepping you for our ritual." Belle whispered with a smile.
[02:09:06] <Kage> (yr)
[02:12:24] <Sickerton> The scarred woman could only let out a small "Uh" as she was released and hit the floor, with just as much grace as a sack of potatos under the effects of the venom. She lay there, the only motion being her slowly rising and falling chest as she listened to Belle's taunts and stewed in her fury.
[02:13:22] <Sickerton> Of course this wasn't the main event. That was when she was going to tear out the girl's ribcage and beat her to death wit...
[02:13:33] <Sickerton> ...What in hell was that?
[02:14:04] <Sickerton> Never in the history of mankind was the thought more appropriate.
[02:17:09] <Sickerton> She couldn't lift her head to see, but felt things once again slither up her leg, circling as they went until mercifully stopping just short of the top of her thighs. For now.
[02:18:30] <Sickerton> The first guess would obviously be the Naga, but this was different. While she was coarse and strong, this was pliant and oddly wet. Almost like a slug, or something one would find at the very bottom of some untouched ocean trench.
[02:21:02] <Sickerton> More of the odd appendages came; seizing her aching midsection and neck. But they seemed more intent on positioning her than crushing, as they merely raised her up to a lax kneeling position. Now with her new vantage point she could figure out what was happening... and wished that she didn't.
[02:22:51] <Sickerton> They were tentacles, alright, and as they worked their way across her they left a coat of... something... causing her body to glisten and shine. But that did not seem all they were up to.
[02:25:00] <Sickerton> Thraso gasped slightly in pain, but mostly in shame, as a tentacle wrapped around her chest and constricted. Her breasts compressed, but still poked out of the top and bottom, leading to a somewhat amusing inward curve, and her face flushed anew at the indignity of this show.
[02:25:43] <Sickerton> It was almost enough for her to ignore the proper introduction. Almost.
[02:27:40] <Sickerton> As "Galua" finally revealed itself the barbarian stared at it in horror, her mouth agape at the good-as-formless monster she was now at the mercy of. That one hideous eye, boring straight into her soul...
[02:28:43] <Sickerton> "No..." she whispered, more to herself than in any attempt to change anything. "No, no, no..."
[02:28:46] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:42:14] <Kage> "Yes..." Belle playfully responded.
[02:42:49] <Kage> She watched with delight, biting on her lower lip as the creature known as Galua went to work on its prey. For now, its tentacles continued to caress and firmly constrict Thraso in place.
[02:44:41] <Kage> By now, her whole body was doused in oils... giving a glisten to Thraso's form. Belle giggled a little, seeing that there was actually a fair amount of beauty to behold in the Barbarian, it was almost a shame that she would have to dispose of her when the ritual was done.
[02:47:33] <Kage> Galua's tentacles continued to writhe around Thraso, seemingly finding every bit of exposed flesh on Thraso's virtually already exposed form. The oils felt odd to say the least, but the tentacles... they felt horrid through lack of a better word to describe it.
[02:50:01] <Kage> The sound alone... the tentacles seemed to squelch as they moved around her, a sickly sound as they squeezed her firmly to keep her in place. The one around her neck was tight, but it only restricted her airflow a little. The staring eye though... it pierced her soul... almost quiet literally.
[02:50:40] <Kage> Before long, a purple energy seemed to slowly flow like smoke from the slimy flesh of the tentacles.. and an unusual sensation began to fill Thraso... like her very being was being drained from her body.
[02:51:40] <Kage> It felt like dying... slowly. This creature... whatever it was, was draining her of something, and whilst it did so, its tentacles went to work on her, corkscrewing to further add to the discomfort, whilst its free tentacles caressed over her figure, as if determined to keep her doused in the oils it had secreted.
[02:51:42] <Kage> (yt)
[02:53:56] <Sickerton> "No... no..."
[02:56:30] <Sickerton> Thraso shivered at the clammy, vile touch of the monster, which was a feat in itself considering that they seemed to be everywhere at once. It was almost like the world's most invasive and horrid massage, until...
[02:57:54] <Sickerton> The barbarian's breath caught in her throat as... something... was pulled out of her? Somehow she felt less *there*. Not even closer to passing out. Just not as much as she used to be.
[02:58:28] <Sickerton> But then she noticed the 'smoke' and everything fell into place.
[02:58:54] <Sickerton> "W-wait... don't..."
[03:01:08] <Sickerton> The barbarian's heart pounded in her chest, despite the calming toxins still racing through it, and her chest heaved painfully against it's binding tentacle as her breaths quickened and deepened. Every part of her begged for fight or flight, but in truth she was offered neither.
[03:11:16] <Sickerton> Thraso stared deep into that piercing, unfeeling eye and shuddered. In a way she was lucky that the oils had coated her already, as she herself was left unaware of the tears slowly rolling down her cheeks.
[03:11:34] <Sickerton> "Don't... please... anything... but this..."
[03:11:37] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:12:38] <Kage> "Where has that once powerful resolve gone?" Belle whispered, almost feigning disappointment but clearly unable to hide her own amusement. By now she had approached Thraso, watching and getting a closer view of her humiliating defeat.
[03:13:28] <Kage> "I'll tell you what. If you ask me really... and I mean really really nicely. I'll call Galua off, and I'll let you go. But only if you ask me really nicely." Belle whispered, sitting herself down cross legged next to Thraso.
[03:14:39] <Kage> She watched as her lifeforce was slowly being drained from her, weakening her in such a manner that she had never experienced before. The sensation of it... it didn't feel pleasant. It wasn't helped by the exploring tentacles, that only seemed to enhance the draining, as if the creature was drinking from her very life.
[03:15:24] <Kage> Had Thraso been at full strength... or even half, she knew she could toss and slam the creature everywhere by its tentacles. Suddenly the Naga's presence in this whole affair made sense. It was simply setting her up for this vile... thing.
[03:16:27] <Kage> "C'mon... beg me Thraso..." Belle whispered, enjoying this predicament, seeing the will of the Barbarian all but vanish in an instant. "Take back all those unpleasant things you said about me... tell me how much you actually love me. I can make this all go away..."
[03:16:29] <Kage> (yt)
[03:19:13] <Sickerton> The barbarian's gaze shifted from the abomination in front of her to the smaller (but still somehow larger) one perched beside her, and something pulled taught inside.
[03:20:59] <Sickerton> This being of madness was something no human should have to bear, completely alien to everything they knew. But Belle? She was something that could be understood. And loathed. With every fiber of one's being.
[03:23:21] <Sickerton> This grown child, playing with the darkest depths of reality like toys... or pets... or servants...
[03:25:14] <Sickerton> Thraso had made her decision before Belle had even finished her pitch, but remained silent until she finished it. Partially to give the reply maximum impact, but also partially to, ah, prepare.
[03:26:47] <Sickerton> The scarred woman looked down at the waiting summoner... then with what little control she had reared back her head, only to shoot forward again as she hocked a loogie right into that smug little face.
[03:27:33] <Sickerton> "I'd tell you... to go to hell..." Thraso added barely above a whisper. "But..."
[03:27:37] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:37:42] <Kage> "Eeeww... EEEWWW!" Belle scrambled back in disgust, wiping her soured face. Despite all of that however she still had that sodding smile on her face, but it was clear she was actually disgusted by the defiant act.
[03:38:44] <Kage> She used some of her robe to clean off what she could off the loogie, not too pleased. It was the last act of defiance Thraso would get on this day however... as a tentacle soon wormed its way over her mouth, wrapping around her jaw to gag her.
[03:39:18] <Kage> The creature began to further drain her now, as Thraso could feel the slimy tentacle over her lower half of her face, as oils seeped into her mouth, tasting vile.
[03:40:07] <Kage> Fully bound and restrained, Thraso was now victim to this Galua... and it took its sweet time draining her, letting its probing tentacles caress and explore every part of her that wasn't wrapped up in a tentacle.
[03:40:44] <Kage> More energy seeped from Thraso, slowly being drained into the great staring eye. Thraso could feel herself slipping away... or at least something slipping away that she could not understand.
[03:41:20] <Kage> The tentacles corkscrewed again, redousing Thraso, squeezing with some strength it felt like now... though it could simply be her strength was failing so much that even this creature seemed physically powerful.
[03:42:18] <Kage> Its work was almost done, though if there was any pleasure to be had, at least she had upset Belle who cursed under her breathe. "Ooooh you sneaky bitch. No more mercy for you..." Belle whispered with a dark tone... however it was clear there was going to be no mercy to begin with.
[03:42:19] <Kage> (yt)
[03:46:08] <Sickerton> Thraso managed a weak chuckle before she was gagged, her moment of joy instantly smothered by waves of revulsion as she finally got to taste the stuff coating her. And as everything else as of late, it was something she could have lived her whole life without.
[03:46:32] <Sickerton> "MMMH! MMMMM!"
[03:48:26] <Sickerton> Her head shook back and forth but to no avail, merely causing the drool now dripping from her mouth to fly off in small spatters. It was not long until she had run out of reserves to do even this, and her head fell to rest on her glistening collarbone.
[03:48:59] <Sickerton> "Mmmmh... Mmmmhhh..."
[03:52:02] <Sickerton> She was completely at the mercy of the monster now, her body now rocking purely from the heavy caresses and proddings of it's dreadful appendages. Absolutely crimson with shame and rage, the woman continued on even as her breaths grew more and more shallow.
[03:52:40] <Sickerton> "Mmm...m..."
[03:54:24] <Sickerton> There was one last muffled moan, and perhaps a twitch of a finger, then the once mighty warrior lay still. Her eyes did not even have the strength left to close, merely unfocusing as the glimmer left them.
[03:57:26] <Sickerton> Thraso hung there in limp suspension, silent bar the squelches and squirms of the grimy creature still well at work fondling her yielding body. Not a tremor, not a shake, and barely as much as a heartbeat.
[03:57:31] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:58:47] <Kage> The creature allowed Thraso to fall to the side, where a bed of more tentacles were waiting. Slowly it began to wrap her up more, though it was clear it was finished with draining her. The purple energy came to an end, as no more then a few wisps escaped the tentacles.
[03:59:08] <Kage> However, it was not seemingly done with her, as it slowly wrapped itself around her motionless body.
[03:59:59] <Kage> Tentacles prodded and firmly caressed over her, as if the creature was no having its way with Thraso now that its main task was done. Belle laughed... she laughed long and hard, seeing the mighty warrior succumb to the creature.
[04:01:05] <Kage> Now she was nothing more then a plaything for Galua, who continued to explore every inch of her body with its tentacles. Belle was in no rush to stop the creature... the ritual was not until tomorrow night when the stars were right... and her subject was ready now that she was broken physically.
[04:02:00] <Kage> Now that she was spiritually broken... Thraso was nearly ready. But there was still work to be done. Belle smiled. She had the right demons ready for the next job... Belle had a demon for every job. And soon... she would have the perfect demon under her command.
[04:02:47] <Kage> "I'll leave you two alone for a little while. I imagine you'll want your privacy." Belle whispered, before walking away from the mess of tentacles that had enveloped Thraso in a rather sickly embrace.


Content Creator
Sep 10, 2015
The Show goes On
By me and thesteedman
Part 3

[14:25:08] <thesteedman> Tomorrow night...
[14:25:11] <thesteedman> That was the night.
[14:25:52] <thesteedman> Some mumbo jumbo jibberish about the stars being aligned... the right weather... a cat being present and someone wise old man farting far from the east for all Thraso could have cared.
[14:26:19] <thesteedman> Whatever the reason for it, all she knew was that the ritual was tomorrow.
[14:27:07] <thesteedman> The preparations had been long and tedious, the alters rebuilt, markings re-etched, items of taboo placed in view for the cold night sky.
[14:28:05] <thesteedman> In the center of it all, Thraso lay... not chained, not bound, simply and almost arrogantly left.
[14:28:49] <thesteedman> Belle for once was nowhere to be seen, having slid away to gain some "shut-eye" as she so put it herself. She had wished Thraso for the same, but the Barbarian knew that would not be the case.
[14:28:59] <thesteedman> Baby sitting her was more demons... always demons with Belle.
[14:29:26] <thesteedman> These were of a familiar kind, a demon she normally had no trouble crushing the skulls of. Succubus...
[14:30:25] <thesteedman> Given her drained state however, given all that had been sapped from her, and given the grotesque oils over her exposed flesh... she could not even muster the strength to throw even a half decent punch.
[14:30:46] <thesteedman> Her body ached all over, her chest burned. Something within felt like it had been torn from her, a piece of her very being perhaps?
[14:31:06] <thesteedman> What made it worst, was the exploring hands of the demoness' that surrounded her. For now there were two.
[14:31:23] <thesteedman> But Thraso was aware of another... watching for now, waiting...
[14:32:01] <thesteedman> The two succubi giggled, their hands gliding over Thraso's oiled body with ease, keeping her propped up on her knees as one straddled her lap, and the other pressed from behind.
[14:32:47] <thesteedman> Hands traced over the fine tuned body of Thraso. Even in her current state, she was still a marvel of a figure to behold. All strength and power, as not enough time had yet passed to allow her figure to deteriate.
[14:33:17] <thesteedman> Hands passed over the chain links that covered her breast, squeezing and pinching, as other hands slid over her thighs.
[14:33:40] <thesteedman> It seemed this torture was of a different nature... looking to break a different sort of will upon the Barbarian...
[14:33:41] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:01:41] <Sickerton> Panting, flushed, and on her knees, the barbarian tried her best to keep what was left of her mind and dignity intact. She was not sure which one was in more danger... or even which she guarded more fiercely.
[15:01:55] <Sickerton> Thraso grit her teeth at every squeeze of her chest, every caress of her thighs. She knew the game these demons played, heard the countless legends of their modus operandi. They would not win this night. Even if the scarred woman were to end her story in this den of evil, it would not be as a tamed and slavering plaything fo-
[15:02:07] <Sickerton> Ah! A light nibble against her throat pulled an involuntary moan from her burning lungs, and a slight arch in her tortured back. She couldn't let slips like that keep happening. If they kept gaining ground - even by inches...
[15:02:20] <Sickerton> The barbarian bit her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood, and with the jab of pain alongside the taste of copper her mind sharpened once more. But she also knew that this was only a momentary fix, and the pink fog would descend again soon enough.
[15:02:34] <Sickerton> What she needed was a focus, Something to hone in on like a knife blade to block out everything else. Staring deeply into the shadows around them, she could have sworn she saw... someone.
[15:02:53] <Sickerton> Most likely the third presence she had been half-sensing up until now. And, while quite literally drained as she was, it was a fairly easy guess as to who the spectator could be.
[15:03:05] <Sickerton> "Decided against... your beauty rest?" Thraso managed to groan out, to no one in particular but still an obvious recipient. "Ready to... actually... step in for once?"
[15:03:19] <Sickerton> Thraso still regarded Belle as a roach on it's hind legs, and not for no reason, but still she was a chatty one. Usually infuriatingly so. But incessant gabber may be just the thing Thraso needed, something the barbarian could drown out the rest of this terrible world with.
[15:03:37] <Sickerton> All she had to do was get her talking. And really, how hard would that be?
[15:03:41] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:06:23] <thesteedman> "Oh... I'll be stepping in again..." A voice sounded, almost like silk to the ears. The third succubus appeared, though identical in appearance to the two of its fellow demons all over Thraso... there was some noticable bruising and damage upon this one.
[15:07:18] <thesteedman> Despite this... the creature was still a marvel to behold, its figure all slender curves, its body shaped to perfection. The bruising was unique, setting this succubus apart from the rest. Even with the slowly healing damage... it was still a picture of beauty.
[15:08:25] <thesteedman> "You probably won't remember me...." The succubus whispered, walking in a seductive manner towards Thraso. "But naturally I remember you. I don't like Belle, but I can't deny I must thank her for giving me the chance to look after you tonight."
[15:09:08] <thesteedman> As the Succubus spoke, Thraso felt a tongue enter her mouth, as one of the demons began to force a kiss upon her, letting her hand press and trace over her bare stomach before reaching up over her chest.
[15:09:56] <thesteedman> The tongue was long and thick, reaching down to near choke Thraso as both the Succubi grinded up against the Barbarian. Despite the cold night, there was a lot of heat to be felt between the meshed bodies of the succubi and their captive.
[15:10:45] <thesteedman> Slowly, they began to emanate a purple glow, barely visible... keeping the Barbarian drained of her energy, sapping it from her as their hands continued to work her body with ease.
[15:11:27] <thesteedman> A giggle escaped from the one behind Thraso, sensing her slip from that hard exterior... noticing when she nipped at her neck.
[15:12:07] <thesteedman> Slowly her tongue slid out, tracing over her throat, licking over the oiled flesh and leaving a trail of salvia as the second one finally pulled her tongue from Thraso's mouth after a heavy duty kiss.
[15:12:10] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:32:43] <Sickerton> "Did I miss... one of you?" the barbarian panted out, eying up and down the battered but still stunning demon. "Should have given... you a second go.. after finishing oOOPH!"
[15:32:52] <Sickerton> Thraso's attempted jab was cut short by the Succubus on her lap going in for a kiss... and WHAT a kiss at that.
[15:33:11] <Sickerton> The scarred woman stared helplessly up at the demon embracing her as the intruding tongue slid down her throat, causing her to gag and sputter. Meekly her glistening form writhed in protest, but all that did was egg on the sweltering hot body up against her even more.
[15:33:26] <Sickerton> She tried to push the monster away, but with the little energy she had left all she could manage was resting one gloved hand on the monster's chest. An attempt of protest, immediately twisted into a sensual mockery.
[15:33:41] <Sickerton> Saliva - both hers and her 'partners' - trickled down Thraso's jaw to mingle with the trail the demoness behind her was leaving. By the time the kiss actually broke, and that infernal appendage withdrew alongside it, her face was all but coated with drool.
[15:33:53] <Sickerton> It almost managed to conceal the cherry red flush underneath. Almost.
[15:34:10] <Sickerton> The barbarian stared hazily ahead, almost uncomprehending, as her mouth hung half open and her chest rose and sunk with every deep breath.
[15:34:18] <Sickerton> "Ahh... Hahh..."
[15:34:22] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:42:13] <thesteedman> The familiar Succubus shoved the one mounting Thraso away, replacing her as she slid her thighs against the Barbarian's sides, adjusting herself in such a sensual way that her body grinded against Thraso's.
[15:43:27] <thesteedman> Slowly her hands wrapped around Thraso's neck, tightly, as the Succubi brought her face close to her own. "I'm going to enjoy this... I'll finish what my fellow demons started with you..." She whispered, licking Thraso's face with her long tongue.
[15:44:15] <thesteedman> She began to strangle Thraso, her hands gripping tight at her throat, fingers slowly curling inwards, watching her with dark intent and a matching smile.
[15:45:02] <thesteedman> As she did so, the other two succubi continued to work, one returning to Thraso's side as the one behind her continued to nip at her shoulder and collar bone, hands roaming over her breasts and abs.
[15:45:26] <thesteedman> The other succubus began to deglove her...
[00:19:28] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's mouth slowly opened and closed in silent gasps, begging for air that barely came as her windpipe was cruelly constricted.
[00:19:42] <Sickerton> Unable to control herself in her hazy state, Thraso's body finally began to react in kind to the teasing she was subjected to; rocking back and forth slightly, as muscles quivered with every caress.
[00:19:55] <Sickerton> She could feel herself slipping... the world disappearing further and further by a veil so much deeper than the drool dripping in front of her eyes...
[00:20:05] <Sickerton> Then she realized what the tugging around her forearms meant, and just like that everything snapped back into place.
[00:20:25] <Sickerton> "You..." the barbarian growled with what little breath she had. "You... wretch... of a whore..."
[00:20:37] <Sickerton> With a burst of energy that surprised everyone present - most of all the barbarian herself - Thraso wrenched her arms free of the Succubus trying to declothe her to seize the face of the battered demon throttling her.
[00:20:47] <Sickerton> Said infernal would probably still be fairly confident, since there was no chance of the barbarian having enough strength to clamp down with any real pressure. And she would be right.
[00:20:59] <Sickerton> Unfortunately, there was one factor easily overlooked here:
[00:21:09] <Sickerton> It doesn't take much force at all to shove your thumbs into someone's eyes.
[00:21:17] <Sickerton> "Don't... you... look at... me..."
[00:21:20] <Sickerton> (yt)
[00:24:28] <thesteedman> The succubus screamed as Thraso's thumbs began to delve deep, compressing the eyeballs of the demon. Had she more strength, Thraso knew she could have forced her thumbs in so deep she could have ruptured the demons eyes, and pressed even further to end the vile creature.
[00:25:26] <thesteedman> The trouble came from the other two Succubus, who drained Thraso still, sapping what little energy she had, their hands still dancing over Thraso's body. Not seemingly alarmed for the safety of the other Succubus who perhaps was not part of their sisterhood.
[00:26:34] <thesteedman> Regardless, the Succubus Thraso tried to squeeze the eyeballs out of managed to wrestle Thraso's hands away before any serious damage was done. However she forced a retreat from the Demon, who rolled away from her, giving Thraso much needed air with her hands no longer a vice around her throat.
[00:27:24] <thesteedman> That just left two Succubi... just two of them. Normally she could take two with ease, but they were set in deep. Already, they both pressed at either side of Thraso, legs entwining, hands roaming over breast, stomach and thighs.
[00:27:47] <thesteedman> Thraso had been tortured in the past, brutalized and left a bloody mess... but this form of torture... was different.
[00:28:13] <thesteedman> It ate away at her resolve, tender and soft hands, exploring every curve and muscle on Thraso's body.
[00:29:04] <thesteedman> Before long, the lips came next, one kissing at the side of Thraso's tender throat, letting her pursed lips slide along to kiss just below her jaw,
[00:29:39] <thesteedman> The other kissed at her stomach, forcing her to arch back as her long tongue rolled out, snake like to explore over her abs, working upwards to her underbreast.
[00:30:58] <thesteedman> Thraso found herself on her back, lying against a succubus as its legs captured her own, whilst it kissed at her shoulder and neck, with the other sliding on top, sandwiching her between two demons that expertly kept her contained... and dare one says... pleasured.
[00:30:59] <thesteedman> (yt)
[00:45:23] <Sickerton> The barbarian got an internal moment of triumph out of forcing the worst of the lot into retreat... however, it was quickly eaten away as the remaining demons continued their, ah, 'attack'.
[00:45:40] <Sickerton> She couldn't help but let out a small mewl as the first Succubus took full advantage of her newly-sensitive throat, and her breath went into hitches as the second played across her abs and ribcage. By the time it had reached the bottom of her heaving breasts the scarred woman was - despite her best efforts - a sweaty, flushed mess.
[00:45:55] <Sickerton> "No..." she pleaded, in a voice increasingly weak and... possibly, unsure? "No, nooo..."
[00:46:16] <Sickerton> Eventually she had arched back far enough to actually topple, although since she was firmly in the clutches of the Succubi it was a controlled and gentle affair. Writhing between the two bodies she shuddered and shook, every panted word released as steamy air in the crisp night weather.
[00:46:33] <Sickerton> "No... Noohh..."
[00:46:55] <Sickerton> Her hands rose up... although exactly to do what, she wasn't sure. They hovered about the Succubi above her, as if readying to seize the demon, but paused in indecision. Would she want to... or would she rather...
[00:47:09] <Sickerton> "No... Noh... Oh..."
[00:47:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[00:54:03] <thesteedman> The succubus behind Thraso seemingly smiled, its hands exploring over her chest, squeezings at her breasts, whilst her lips worked around her delicate throat, kissing the exposed flesh softly at times... and then more firmly at others, letting her thick tongue roll out to caress over her battle tested flesh.
[00:55:16] <thesteedman> It's legs rubbed against her own in such a way that the Barbarians legs were bound to its own, thighs pressing and sliding together..
[00:57:07] <thesteedman> The other Succubus did not fear Thraso's free arms, as her hands delicately traced down her sides, whilst her lips continued their magic against her stretched midriff. Her tongue managed to seek out and take advantage of the most delicate parts of her hardened flesh and abs, whilst the combination of the two had purple energy ozzing from their stunning forms.
[00:57:38] <thesteedman> Whether it was the magic of the creatures or... something else, Thraso felt the attraction to them growing, her will being slowly eaten into.
[00:58:21] <thesteedman> "Yes..." A whisper came, as the most familiar of the creatures stood over Thraso. She understood now... that this kind of torture was more detrementing then simple pain.
[00:59:04] <thesteedman> Slowly she leaned down, joining the two Succubus already dominating the Barbarian. Her tongue rolled out, sliding over the throat of Thraso, sensing there was something there that Thraso enjoyed.
[01:00:04] <thesteedman> With one hand she caressed at the other breast of Thraso, whilst her hand grasped at the Barbarian's hair roughly, yanking her head to the side before she pressed her teeth firmly against Thraso's neck, biting down... not hard... but enough... as her tongue did the rest.
[01:00:06] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:17:01] <Sickerton> The barbarian bit her lower lip, hoping that in some way the surge of pain would somehow interrupt this 'torture'... but, if anything, it only made the effect worse. A rather... worrying revelation.
[01:17:06] <Sickerton> "Haah... Haah..."
[01:17:17] <Sickerton> She let out a small moan as her hair was seized and pulled, a shiver running down her spine and outwards across the rest of her body from the sensation. This was followed shortly after by a mewl as the demoness bit down and began to work magic with her tongue.
[01:17:30] <Sickerton> Everything all at once... the sensations, the sights, the smells... It was all just...
[01:17:45] <Sickerton> Finally, the woman's wavering hands reached a decision. With gusto they closed in on the demoness on top of her, wrapped around to her back...
[01:17:59] <Sickerton> ...And pulled her in more, as tightly as she could manage with her failing strength.
[01:18:09] <Sickerton> "Haah..." she panted, half lidded eyes shifting in and out of focus. "Harder..."
[01:18:14] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:23:47] <thesteedman> Perhaps the scarred Succubus should have been angered that Thraso was finally beginning to allow her body and mind to yield to the draining pleasures of her kind...
[01:23:48] <thesteedman> but...
[01:24:31] <thesteedman> She could not help but feel pride instead. She shifted her lips, nipping and biting at the barbarian's neck, kissing and letting her tongue lap up the small lines of blood her biting drew. This was her purpose after all.
[01:25:04] <thesteedman> And she had broke the Barbarian... allowing for that stoic and ruthless warrior be brought down to her base instincts and desires.
[01:25:50] <thesteedman> All three Succubus continued to work in unison. It was a shame they could not drain her completely. Had it not been for Belle's command, this dance would continue throughout the night until Thraso was left as nothing but a husk.
[01:26:26] <thesteedman> As such... their draining powers were at a minimum, but even that was enough to sap massive amounts of energy and strength without threatening the lifeforce.
[01:27:52] <thesteedman> The creature on top of Thraso had slid up against her once Thraso took her with an embrace, smiling as it began to grind its body against her own, letting its legs entwine with Thraso's and the Succubus behind her. The two pressed against her fine tuned form, and a lot of focus went upon the 'sweet spot' as it where... as Thraso's neck seemed to be her bane.
[01:28:50] <thesteedman> The heat alone was draining without anything else, as Thraso felt lips, hands and tongues race over her neck, stomach and chest. An near overwhelming sensation, as the roughness of the older Succubi did not help things.
[01:29:29] <thesteedman> For a moment, Thraso could dare to forget that her life was in danger... the very intention of the creatures that sapped her strength... and only seemed to grow stronger from her energy.
[01:29:31] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:48:36] <Sickerton> "Ngh... Ah..."
[01:48:52] <Sickerton> The scarred woman squirmed and moaned under the 'care' of the succubi - the handling of her stomach, neck, and chest being equally thrilling in their own ways - but as the pleasure continued on a... curious change began to get underway.
[01:49:07] <Sickerton> "Ah... Oh... No..."
[01:49:20] <Sickerton> The negatives had seeped back into Thraso's breathless words... but with a wildly different tone to them. Almost frustrated, actually.
[01:49:29] <Sickerton> "No... No... Come on..."
[01:49:48] <Sickerton> It seemed that, once the original shockwave subsided, the Thraso's original personality had resurfaced somewhat. While she surely wouldn't have *wanted* to be in this situation, now that she was *in* it even her hobbled persona knew what it liked and didn't.
[01:50:05] <Sickerton> And with a life led such as hers...
[01:50:16] <Sickerton> "Come on... You pansies..."
[01:50:45] <Sickerton> Thraso's hands crept up to seize the back of the head of the Succubi above her, then pulled her in to bury that demonic face between her cleavage. While she still shuddered under the treatment she was being given, her light rocking had very definitely matured into genuine grinding.
[01:51:04] <Sickerton> "Harder..." the barbarian growled through clenched teeth. "Make me... really... feel it..."
[01:51:08] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:53:23] <thesteedman> And there it was... the scarred Succubus had her now. Thraso was wanting.. almost needing. "No..." She whispered. A dark smile growing upon her lips.
[01:54:47] <thesteedman> The succubus on top of Thraso was tossed from her grasp, and thrown with considerable strength by the scarred demon, replacing her as she straddled over her waist.
[01:55:14] <thesteedman> Once more, hands wrapped around Thraso's neck, tightly, fingers nearly digging into her neck such was the vice like grip.
[01:55:56] <thesteedman> The Succubus bit on her lower lip hard, her hips still grinding against Thraso's, keeping her at the edge, but not wanting to push her quite enough. Keep her wanting, but never truely giving.
[01:56:28] <thesteedman> Her grip tightened as she began to strangle Thraso, her fingers curling tighter around her throat as her long tongue licked her own lips.
[01:57:11] <thesteedman> The Succubus trapped under eased, seeing the scarred ones intentions. Pleasure and pain seemed to be their intent, keep the barbarian frustrated... pleasured... hurt...
[01:57:55] <thesteedman> Scar was slowly coming into her element, her thighs tightening against Thraso's sides to keep her in place, as her hips meshed against Thraso's in a slow grind.
[01:58:45] <thesteedman> "You need to make me... feel it." Scar whispered, before she licked over the side of Thraso's face, strangling her, wanting to see her suffer at her own design.
[01:58:47] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:14:20] <Sickerton> The barbarian - in her muddled state - was thrown into confusion as the demoness above her was more literally thrown into a wall; leaving a cold void where hot pleasure was moments ago.
[02:14:33] <Sickerton> 'Luckily' for her a replacement soon settled in. One, in some odd ways, even better than the last.
[02:14:50] <Sickerton> Thraso reacted in kind to the new demon's grinding, trying to squeeze as much as she could out of every inch of friction. But the real ride began when hands wrapped around her throat, which in her enchanted state was... oddly satisfying.
[02:15:05] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's tongue lolled from her slack mouth as she was slowly throttled, drool spilling over across lips that had a slight upturn to them. What little air got through was spent on tittery mewls; very unlike her normal self, but too far out at this point to really care.
[02:15:20] <Sickerton> Slowly, through great effort, the barbarian's shaky hands rose up... to seize hold of the scarred Succubi's breasts, and clumsily attempt to knead them.
[02:15:39] <Sickerton> "Maaake yeh..." she sputtered barely intelligibly. "Feee..."
[02:15:43] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:19:30] <thesteedman> Scar let her head roll back, biting her lip as her purple energy began to increase, perhaps draining more from Thraso then she should have.
[02:21:04] <thesteedman> She felt Thraso's weak hands against her heaving chest, near purring despite her ability to barely keep a hold of her. The Succubus before Thraso kept her in place, kissing at her, letting her hands roam, whilst Scar simply seemed to take her own pleasures... her fallen comrades becoming a distant memory
[02:21:42] <thesteedman> The scarred Succubus leaned in, pressing her body as tight as possible to Thraso's, her hands still around her neck, looking to choke her hard enough to leave her mouth agape.
[02:22:15] <thesteedman> It was then she locked her lips with her own, her long tongue sliding down her throat in a feverish kiss, as she began to drain Thraso, becoming dangerous close to taking her very life essence.
[02:22:50] <thesteedman> Purple energy seeped from Thraso, entering the scarred Succubus, as her thighs pressed tighter against her hips, drawing the Barbarian's form against her own.
[02:23:54] <thesteedman> There was no telling how much longer Thraso could last at this rate, but it was as if the scarred Succubus did not care. She began to feed on the energy of Thraso, drinking her in, kissing her deep and choking her with ever growing strength as she sapped more power.
[02:23:57] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:37:35] <Sickerton> The barbarian's mewls were cut off completely as she was locked into a kiss, the probing infernal tongue cutting off whatever the demonic fingers couldn't manage. But still, choking and shaking, she couldn't help but feel nothing but bliss.
[02:37:58] <Sickerton> Oh, this was it. Finally, finally, it. She just needed... just...
[02:38:21] <Sickerton> There was no noise, but Scar could probably feel the vibration of Thraso's vocal chords as the barbarian's glistening form arched with one last, almost violently hard grind against her. The scarred woman's eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her hands clamped down on Scar's heaving breasts for one intense moment...
[02:38:45] <Sickerton> Before they released and fell, along with the rest of her critically taxed body.
[02:39:12] <Sickerton> Coming to a boneless rest with little more than a grunt to show for it, Thraso quivered slightly in the remnants of agonizing pleasure... then lay still.
[02:39:39] <Sickerton> Not a twitch, not a moan, and so long as the Succubus held their kiss not a breath. The mighty hero lay beneath her; beaten, broken, and humbled. Completely at her mercy; for worse... or for better.
[02:39:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:43:41] <thesteedman> Scar continued to keep her tongue down her throat for a little while longer, the temptation to kill her with a kiss was very real, still drawing her own pleasures from her life energy.
[02:44:08] <thesteedman> Regrettably... Scar was bound under contract... and even if she wanted to... she could not break it. Such was its design by Belle...
[02:45:06] <thesteedman> Slowly, her tongue slid from the unconscious mouth of Thraso like a serpent with its own life, retreating back into Scar's mouth. She licked her lips, sighing as she sat up, straddling over Thraso who was almost lifeless looking.
[02:45:56] <thesteedman> She took a little too much, that Scar knew, but not enough to threaten Thraso's life. Perhaps ten years had been shaved off her overall life, but that wouldn't matter. She would be dead by the end of tomorrow either way... so long as nothing went wrong with the ritual.
[02:46:26] <thesteedman> Scar smiled, swaying her hips a little before she licked over Thraso's lips, looking how the once mighty Barbarian now lay as near a corpse at her will.
[02:47:05] <thesteedman> "Sweet dreams..." Scar whispered, with a slight purr as the other Succubus virtually had to peel herself away from the sweaty well sculptured form of Thraso.
[02:48:07] <thesteedman> "... tomorrow... you have a big day." Scar whispered further, caressing a soft hand through her damp hair. With a kiss against her forehead, Scar lifted herself from her drained victim, pressing her foot against her chest before she forced her to roll to the side on the cold stone.
[02:48:44] <thesteedman> With a motion she summoned the other two Succubus creatures to follow her, leaving Thraso alone in the cold, with no strength left to do anything but rest...
[02:48:49] <thesteedman> Tomorrow would come soon enough.


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Sep 10, 2015
The Show goes On
By me and thesteedman
Part 4

[11:34] <thesteedman> Thraso had lost all bearing on how many days had passed. The grey sky gave no telling of whether it was night or day. It was simply always dark, with only the crackling torch fires giving any real source of light.
[11:35] <thesteedman> Preparations had been completed.... apparently. Tonight was the night the ritual would be complete. Thraso lay against the stone alter, her wrists and ankles chained tightly to bind her to the cold surface.
[11:37] <thesteedman> The links were almost constricting as steel had dug into flesh, leaving clotted trails of crimson upon her arms and her legs. The air was unusually cold, and Thraso was left wearing barely anything but what little remained of her chain mail and rags she had been "gifted."
[11:38] <thesteedman> Her mind was blank for now... there was no real thought to be processed after what Skar had put her through over the last few nights. Her body was already broken from the demon that followed Belle, and now her mind joined her body, left fragile and weakened.
[11:39] <thesteedman> A slow clap finally echoed in the air. Though her wrists and ankles were chained, she still had some freedom, able to move her head and peer around at her own leisure.
[11:39] <thesteedman> There had been nothing to look at save for the burning embers of the torches... even with the sudden appearance of Belle herself... one could almost argue there was still nothing to look at.
[11:40] <thesteedman> She wore fresh robes, darker then her previous, thought sprayed with crimson which Thraso could easily assume was her own blood. For now her eyes were hidden by the hood of the robe, but Thraso could see that damnable smile on her lips.
[11:42] <thesteedman> The robe covered little past that, stretching down over her breasts and down her hips, leaving her stomach bare and a lot of cleavage exposed. Her modesty was also covered by some form of thin undergarment, but her legs were left exposed to the elements.
[11:42] <thesteedman> She walked barefoot upon the cold stone not so much as flinching as she approached the sacrifice... a sinister and curved dagger loosely gripped within her hand when she finished her applause.
[11:43] <thesteedman> "I have to say... it took longer then I had anticipated getting you ready. Seems you had quite a strong will... emphasis on 'had' naturally." Belle spoke, her words almost a whisper but heard by Thraso.
[11:44] <thesteedman> Red eyes loomed in the void of darkness around the alter, shifting and moving, no doubt Belle's little personal gathering of Demons. It seemed even now when Thraso was at her weakest, Belle still wasn't truly alone.
[11:44] <thesteedman> "Are you ready for me?" Belle whispered as she finally approached, running a soft cold hand over Thraso's bare thigh.
[11:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[12:05] <Sickerton> Splayed out against rough, engraved stone, the barbarian stared blankly up at the featureless gray sky. For what seemed like an eternity, her existence had been merely a dull throbbing. In a way she felt the biting of cold at her skin and shackles on her limbs, but it was oddly disconnected.
[12:05] <Sickerton> She remembered in a way all that had happened, and that she was in grave danger which needed to be acted against immediately, but at the same time... didn't. It was all behind a wall of fog, hazy and hard to grasp. So she lay there, still besides the slow rise and fall of her chest, a trickle of drool dribbling down the side of her cheek.
[12:05] <Sickerton> But then the clapping began, and somewhere deep inside her the remnants of an ember was fanned. That could only be one person. If 'Person' was a term that could apply to someone such as her.
[12:05] <Sickerton> With a (relatively) colossal amount of effort the scarred woman shifted her head and refocused her sight, and the object of her still kindling hate became clear. Belle. That slimy, cowardly husk of a human. At this point, the only thing that disgusted the barbarian worse... was the fact that she was completely at this wretch's mercy.
[12:05] <Sickerton> Each sentence she spoke as she approached was a dagger into Thraso's already tattered soul, twisting as it sunk in just for spite. The barbarian's breathing deepened as she sunk back into smoldering fury, as helpless at it may now be.
[12:05] <Sickerton> Was she ready for her?
[12:05] <Sickerton> The barbarian's thigh twitched as it was caressed, attempting to move away but finding no leeway to work with. Slowly, and by increments, Thraso's lips pulled back to bare teeth and she let out a low growl.
[12:05] <Sickerton> She wished that she was. By all the forces above and below, oh how she wished.
[12:05] <Sickerton> (yt)
[12:11] <thesteedman> "Aww..." Belle whispered, as if Thraso was some adorable creature to be held and cuddled with fur and round eyes. Naturally she was not intimidated by Thraso, given the fighter was broken and bound. Had she been free one could only wonder if the arrogance would be dripping from Belle as it was now.
[12:13] <thesteedman> A giggle followed before Belle slid back the material of her hood to show her features. She was a beautiful young lady, of that there was no doubt. Her hair was a fine shade of blonde, almost like silk, her skin kissed by the sun, healthy and glimmering in the low light.
[12:13] <thesteedman> She would be a sight to behold if hate did not consume everything she spoke to and smiled at... with that ever dark smile. It was almost as if it was permanently etched into her features... a smile she probably even wore in slumber.
[12:14] <thesteedman> "Is that anyway to greet your mistress?" Belle added, letting her blade slowly trace along the flesh of Thraso's stomach, working the sharp tip upwards towards her chest, leaving a faint red line, even biting against the first layer of flesh in places.
[12:15] <thesteedman> There was a soothing sound as the blade slid against the cold skin of Thraso... but there was nothing soothing about the sensation of it. The blade was unusually warm.
[12:16] <thesteedman> "I thought after all we'd been through... you'd at least have a smile for me as a welcome. I understand if you can't talk right now. The past few days... well, they have been exhausting I imagine." Belle began to explain, propping herself up onto the stone alter besides Thraso, sitting by her.
[12:16] <thesteedman> She continued to let the blade trace over her body... before coming to her shoulder... and slowly forcing downwards to finally penetrate the flesh and draw blood.
[12:17] <thesteedman> "Don't worry, it will all be over soon." Belle whispered, as her free hand began to trace over her well defined stomach.
[12:17] <thesteedman> (yt)
[12:41] <Sickerton> Thraso watched Belle as she moved... as well as she could, at least. With the comination of The barbarian's spiteful glare and the cultist's permanent broken smile, if looks could kill this ruin would already be a crater.
[12:41] <Sickerton> She tried to let out another snarl in reply to the additional taunting, but it slipped into a meek yelp as the knife came down and began to slice across her writhing form. As it continued it's journey upwards Thraso bit her lip and held her breath, trying to keep down the pain caused by the cuts themselves as well as stinging as sweat from her glistening body dripped inwards.
[12:41] <Sickerton> And she managed it... up to a point. When the damned girl finally pushed down it was too much, causing her to hiss through her teeth as she shuddered under the knife.
[12:41] <Sickerton> There were occasional small CLINKs as she struggled against her manacles, but that was all they were. It was clear in her current state that she could barely budge the heavy metal bindings, let alone break them. A futile effort, but it was all that was there.
[12:41] <Sickerton> Her breath went uneven; partially because the pain, partially because of the instinctual desire to draw away from the hand currently having it's way with her abs, and partially because... well, she was now beginning to genuinely panic.
[12:41] <Sickerton> Although she could feel it at all times, Thraso's eyes were now too busy darting back and forth to pay the smug stare boring into her any heed. Her heart started to race, pounding against her chest as she weakly struggled and shook.
[12:41] <Sickerton> Not here... Can't...
[12:41] <Sickerton> (yt)
[12:55] <thesteedman> Belle bit gently upon her own lower lip, the blade slowly turning and twisting in small amounts, pressing inwards before sawing its way out. There was method to the madness, but Belle neglegted to inform the lamb to the sacrifice.
[12:55] <thesteedman> When her dagger was done upon her shoulder and collar bone, she had etched a symbol into her flesh, no doubt some bewildering requirement to whatever forces it was she was working for... or towards.
[12:57] <thesteedman> She finally let the blade rip from the flesh when an unusual star was finished being imprinted by severed flesh and blood, wiping the excess upon the blade on her own already bloodstained robe.
[12:58] <thesteedman> It felt like that would have been the end... until Belle began again, on the other shoulder. There was nothing delicate about her art or her method. The blade sank a little deeper this time however, as Belle let out a playful gasp. "Whoops... my apologies." Belle whispered, managing to sneak a fever light kiss upon Thraso's forehead.
[12:59] <thesteedman> What felt like an eternity past. Belle took much longer with the second symbol, drawing out the pain, sensing the panic within the once proud warrior. Her free and unwelcomed hand continued to trace over various parts of Thraso, caressing her surprisingly firmly.
[13:00] <thesteedman> It was twisted that she almost tried to bring pleasure with one hand, as the other brought pain. No doubt more mind games to toy with the mind of the barbarian. "That does not sting too much does it? We are almost done." Belle lied.
[13:01] <thesteedman> It took minutes, but given the sharp sting as her flesh was penetrated, Thraso could have swore an hour passed. When it was done, Belle slid up onto the alter more, sliding her bare legs to either side of Thraso's hips as she mounted over her.
[13:02] <thesteedman> She tucked her legs in, leaning over the larger woman as she let her blade once more begin to trace over her form, following the definition of her muscular form. A darkness within the distracted eyes as she drank in Thraso's defeated body. Her smile dropped... not completely granted, but it lowered just a little.
[13:03] <thesteedman> (yt)
[13:30] <Sickerton> The broken warrior rocked and shuddered as the grisly work continued; as hard as she could manage, but still more than manageable in her drained state. It was almost funny, her efforts laborious enough to outline corded muscles as they strained with all their might, yet not managing a thing against a tiny blonde girl who did not even seem to notice the attempted resistance.
[13:30] <Sickerton> Thraso panted through clenched teeth, each violent exhalation spraying droplets of saliva alongside the white mist her breath turned into amid this crisp air. Her labored breathing soon gave way to moans of pain, as the few barriers she could manage came crumbling down under continual assault. She was now a mess; a flustered, groaning plaything that seized and shook at the whims of it's sadistic owner.
[13:30] <Sickerton> When the second brand was carved the scarred woman all but collapsed as the knife pulled away, exhausted and now full aware of how futile her struggles were. She squeezed shut her eyes, trying to imagine it all a dream despite the searing agony proving it all so real.
[13:30] <Sickerton> What this meant, though, was that when she opened them back up again the reason for this nightmare was already perched atop of her. She could feel that silken sift skin brushing up against her own... providing a chilling contrast to the brutality of the knife, and the inhumanity of that visage.
[13:30] <Sickerton> Staring up at that unholy gaze, lying in a slowly growing pool of her own life essence, the once proud warrior felt fear. Shivering now from far more than the cold, tears began to slowly but surely run lines down the built up blood and grime on her face.
[13:30] <Sickerton> It was almost a whisper when she managed to force out one word, but it was a small miracle she managed that at all. As if miracles were even possible on this altar of ruin and misery.
[13:30] <Sickerton> "W...why?"
[13:30] <Sickerton> (yt)
[13:34] <thesteedman> "Power..." Was the simplest answer Belle could think of without slipping into a long winded monologue. "I want more power. I don't want to be making deals upon bargains and favors to get what I want, I want to have the power to myself. Your body... it holds strength. Strength I intend to use. It's nothing personal, you merely arrived in the wrong place..."
[13:36] <thesteedman> ".. at the wrong time." Belle explained. So much for avoiding the monologue. "I am a few steps from attaining what I want, but the next step I need raw strength. Call it vanity if you wish, but I had the option to trade my body for something more powerful, but I couldn't bear to trade this wonderful body I was blessed with."
[13:37] <thesteedman> "So I had to find someone else... something I could use. Your body, your essence will do just nicely. Your will is strong, your body powerful. Once I finish what we have started together I will make something more perfect then you... something unbreakable."
[13:38] <thesteedman> Slowly Belle began to trace the blade over Thraso's cleavage with one hand, as her soft yet firm hand traced the same design with an elegant touch. She let her legs slide a little against Thraso's sides, slowly grinding against her.
[13:40] <thesteedman> She slid down and licked from her stomach upwards to between her breasts, before the blade sank a little into Thraso's side, drawing more blood from her, letting it spill into an unusual etching upon the alter to slowly fill a similar design to what Belle had sliced into Thraso.
[13:41] <thesteedman> One by one the torches began to extinguish, letting an unusual darkness begin to take hold. Instead of a void of blackness however, the air turned a deep red. "Can you feel that? It is almost time. My new servant is on its way now." Belle gasped, clearly excited as she let the blade rip from Thraso's side.
[13:42] <thesteedman> Once more she was not delicate. Belle pressed her thighs against Thraso's sides. Though her legs were not exactly possessing of crushing power, they certainly brought intense pain as her thigh pressed against the new wound in her side.
[13:43] <thesteedman> "Call to it for me... let it know that we are here." Belle whispered, looking to try and force some screams from the defeated barbarian.
[13:43] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:06] <Sickerton> The barbarian whimpered as the blade and hand traveled across her chest, face flushing with indignity and... disgust at herself, for reacting at all to this.
[14:06] <Sickerton> Turned out the Succubi's special touch still lingered, leaving her... vulnerable. Make no bones about it, her fury at the woman still topped all, but the fact that there was any other feeling was infuriating all in it's own.
[14:06] <Sickerton> It only grew worse as Belle carried on, however. A sharp squeal escaped the scarred woman as the cultist dragged her tongue across the bound woman, only changing in pitch as the knife bored down to complement it. Her mouth hung open, letting out a mixture of a moan and a groan as her side was stabbed to add more to the pool.
[14:06] <Sickerton> In truth she did not actually knew if the darkening and reddening of the room was a real event, or just how she was seeing things now. But either way it meant the same thing: She had very little time left.
[14:06] <Sickerton> Call... to it?
[14:06] <Sickerton> ""
[14:06] <Sickerton> She was terrified. She was beaten. She was drained and battered and bled and damn near everything else. But she was still...
[14:06] <Sickerton> ...Something.
[14:06] <Sickerton> "No." she repeated, over and over like her own mantra of madness. "No. No. no."
[14:06] <Sickerton> Struggling once more despite - or maybe because - of the pain she pulled at her shackles and arched her back; hoping against hope that, just this once, she could throw the girl off and break her bonds.
[14:06] <Sickerton> The last deluded wish of one who is sure they are dying. As inevitable as it is pointless.
[14:06] <Sickerton> "No. no. no. nononon-"
[14:06] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:12] <thesteedman> Belle clung on tightly with her legs alone as Thraso tried to fling her from her form, no doubt a last ditch effort to try and escape from the inevitable, like a cornered prey within the lair of the wolves den.
[14:13] <thesteedman> "Call to it... scream for it." Belle whispered again, as unearthly shrieks and cries could be heard echoing in some distance somewhere, terrifying sounds from unimaginable forms
[14:14] <thesteedman> This time the blade bit again, this time in the opposite side of the previous, once more allowing for more blood to flow. Belle brought the blade to her lips, before letting her tongue snake out to run along the sharp edge, licking the blood and slightly cutting her own tongue to merge her blood with Thraso's.
[14:15] <thesteedman> It was impossible to tell whether the notion was more mind games, or part of the ritual... eitherway, it was coming to its end. There was just one thing left to do... and Belle was instructing her to do so.
[14:16] <thesteedman> "Scream... so it can find you. Scream... and it will be the end of all this suffering." Belle whispered, once more tracing the blade upon Thraso as she bridged against her, letting the blade slowly cut lightly up her stomach towards her chest.
[14:17] <thesteedman> Both fingers curled around the hilt as Belle pressed the Blade against her chest, were her heart rested thumping against the inside of her chest. A little pressure saw the blade slowly seep into flesh... but there it remained, in a pool of forming blood, threatening to puncture.
[14:17] <thesteedman> Slowly Belle leaned over Thraso, keeping away enough to avoid any potential bite the desperate Barbarian would no doubt try for.... but close enough to whisper slightly.
[14:18] <thesteedman> "Give up... let it all go." Belle merely whispered, before the blade slowly began to enter her chest inch by inch.
[14:18] <thesteedman> (yt)
[14:49] <Sickerton> "No..." Thraso continued, although rising with each successive utterance. She could feel it all building up inside her.
[14:49] <Sickerton> "..No..."
[14:49] <Sickerton> The pain.
[14:49] <Sickerton> "...No..."
[14:49] <Sickerton> The pleasure.
[14:49] <Sickerton> "...No..."
[14:49] <Sickerton> The fear and despair and frustration and shame and
[14:49] <Sickerton> "No no nonooooooOOOOAAAAAAAAAA-"
[14:49] <Sickerton> It all came to a head at once, with a shriek that could probably be heard mountaintops away. Her form shuddered and shook as she roared, forcing itself up against Belle and the buried knife as it convulsed from the sheer power of what was running through it.
[14:49] <Sickerton> For seemingly forever Thraso's roar continued; veins bulging, muscles tensed, eyes wide mouth agape. Tears and drool coated her face as she screamed, streaming freely now as all control was lost. For an instant Belle was seated atop a bucking bull instead of a bound woman, barely holding on as her mount shook and thrashed.
[14:49] <Sickerton> But the blade continued to sink in, and the scream slowly took on a gurgly quality to it. The barbarian sputtered and coughed as red began to flow from her mouth alongside the clear, tongue lolling out as she did so.
[14:49] <Sickerton> The scarred woman's shaky, teary eyes for a moment locked with her tormentor's... then they unfocused and rolled up, leaving only the whites as her head fell back and away. The rest of her body was soon to follow as well, the arch collapsing as her boneless form hit the stone below with an audible WHUMP.
[14:49] <Sickerton> There were a few more convulsions and gurgles, but they very soon trailed off into nothing. Belle could feel the heaving of each labored breath below her slow second by second... then, seemingly, stop.
[14:49] <Sickerton> The ritual was complete. The sacrifice had been made. If the still, silent, glistening heap that had once been a mighty warrior had somehow managed to survive the experience, it was not doing much of a job at showing so.
[14:49] <Sickerton> (yt)
[14:59] <thesteedman> Just when all seemed to grow quiet, and Belle regained her bearings after struggling to sink the blade as deep as it needed to be... she looked around, still mounting onto Thraso's hips, hands still holding the hilt of the blade tightly.
[15:00] <thesteedman> "Did... I do something wrong?" Belle whispered almost nonchantly to herself, noticing that apart from Thraso's blood curdling roar that nothing else of note had occurred.
[15:00] <thesteedman> Belle then slid the dagger down a little more... perhaps as far as it would go... and that unleashed something she did not anticipate.
[15:01] <thesteedman> Suddenly energy began to pour in from the red air all around, reanimating Thraso's struggles as an energy began to overwhelm her. Worst then before, Belle tried to stay on, but was thrown off seconds later, her hands leaving the blade.
[15:02] <thesteedman> Chains were ripped from the alter, as if Thraso had freed herself, as an unknown energy began to take hold of her. All channeling inwards through the hilt of the blade into Thraso's chest.
[15:03] <thesteedman> Rather then come for Belle as Thraso may have done, the energy simply left her writhing within the confines of the alter and its blood symbol. Demonic sounds roared in the air, shouting and screaming in a language Belle would normally understand, but could not comprehend.
[15:04] <thesteedman> As fast as the energy entered Thraso... it soon exploded outwards. Thraso forced into a bridge as energy poured in a fine stream from the blade in her chest.
[15:04] <thesteedman> In the flash of a moment, Thraso fell limp as the blade ripped from her chest and clattered to the ground besides Belle who staggered into her feet.
[15:05] <thesteedman> The red air vanished, leaving total darkness... before the torches all lit up at once to bring the illumination back to what it once was.
[15:05] <thesteedman> Thraso lay motionless on the alter... once more a heap, dead or dying as far as anyone was concerned.
[15:06] <thesteedman> Frighteningly enough however, there was... another Thraso? Standing besides the alter. It stood naked, its flesh crimson and dripping in fresh blood.
[15:06] <thesteedman> That smile that had been on Belle the whole time simply grew. "Yes..."
[15:07] <thesteedman> "YES!!!" Belle screamed, it had worked. She had summoned her new demon and it had taken the form of Thraso. It was a near perfect match but held no scars and possessed a purple glint within its eyes.
[15:08] <thesteedman> It glared at the original Thraso, looking at her as a king would look and disregard a peasant. Slowly it began to walk over towards Belle, who could only bite her lip in excitement like a little girl on her birthday awaiting her presents.
[15:09] <thesteedman> "What is your command..." The creature spoke, its voice alike to Thraso.
[15:09] <thesteedman> "We have work to do." Belle whispered almost breathlessly. She looked upon the motionless Thraso, near snorting to see the once proud barbarian nothing more then a husk compared to her former self.
[15:11] <thesteedman> If Thraso was alive, she wouldn't survive the night, and the crows would have her eyes no doubt by the morning. "Let's go. With you I will be unstoppable..." Belle whispered, her voice dripping with venom.


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Sep 10, 2015
Don't Lick The Toads (Edited slightly by me)
By Me and Dyne9
Part 1

[01:54:09] <Sickerton> THWACK!
[01:54:20] <Sickerton> Thump, thump, thump.
[01:54:24] <Sickerton> THWACK!
[01:54:35] <Sickerton> Thump, thump, thump.
[01:54:41] <Sickerton> THWACK!
[01:55:19] <Sickerton> So far so good. Just a little bit more and Thraso would probably be able to call it a haul.
[01:58:29] <Sickerton> Even though their team was a ragtag bunch of misfits at best, that didn't mean they weren't expected to pull their share. Emillia was very good at hunting game. Avita could always find water for canteen refills, although sometimes it was best not to watch her do so. Alchana was a dirty thief who did cowardly but useful thief things.
[01:59:22] <Sickerton> And for Thraso? She didn't really have a solid role in day-to-day work, but every once in a while opportunity presented itself.
[01:59:46] <Sickerton> Such as it did today, with this 'harvest'.
[02:01:44] <Sickerton> Earlier they had passed through a natural orchard of an odd type of fruit; barbed on the outside, but delicious and filling once cracked open. Thing was the trees budding them were absolutely colossal. But the barbarian knew that there were other ways to go about bringing them down, and once they set up camp for the day she doubled back by herself and...
[02:01:50] <Sickerton> THWACK!
[02:02:49] <Sickerton> Her warhammer collided with yet another tree, rocking it hard enough for fruit to rain down from above in a chorus of tiny impacts.
[02:03:05] <Sickerton> Thump, thump, thump, WHUMP!
[02:04:54] <Sickerton> "What the..." Thraso asked herself, turning around to find that a... familiar greasy face had apparently been shaken from the treetops alongside a collection of partially devoured fruit.
[02:06:04] <Sickerton> "Weeell..." the barbarian chided, tilting her head in amusement. "Looks like this one has a pest problem..."
[02:06:09] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:17:39] <dyne9> Sugariest goddamn peach-flavored whatever-the-shits she'd ever had in her life. Five stars! For such a lame venue to wind up in through sheer wanderlust, Envy was enjoying herself. The locals made the best faces when they saw her teeth, her tongue or how she didn't give a damn about footwear.
[02:17:41] <dyne9> Their loss. They'd never know of the cultured botanist that lay behind it all.
[02:17:43] <dyne9> Not that she knew how to grow weed around here. Sativa and indica leaves were hard as hell to find. Nay, impossible (this slang SUCKETHED).
[02:17:45] <dyne9> Less facetiously however, she did in fact find her way toward some food.
[02:17:49] <dyne9> Trailing some familiar tastes with her tongue in the air, Envy, the amphibious...serpentine...humanoid freak found herself in heavy forestation, decorated in fruit! Two lunches in one day. What a glorious time!
[02:17:51] <dyne9> Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuntil the redhead freckled big kid started picking on her.
[02:17:53] <dyne9> Envy sat up, reaching for a fruit and taking a bite. "Nah, there's no bugs in these." She replied, spraying bits of fruit onto Thraso.
[02:18:02] <dyne9> yt
[02:22:08] <Sickerton> The barbarian grimaced at the response, doing her best to wipe away the spatters of fruit and spit with a gloved hand. Being a barbarian, she wasn't exactly the most refined of people, but even she had her standards and this compost heap with legs pushed them with pretty much every breath.
[02:24:47] <Sickerton> "Not bugs." the scarred woman responded, setting her weapon aside to focus on gathering up fruit so she could leave that much faster. "At least, I don't *think* you count as one. With all that gunk you get everywhere, I doubt you sitting in that tree can be good for it."
[02:28:29] <Sickerton> Thraso circled around the lizard-frog-girl, giving her a fairly wide berth and carefully examining the fruits she picked up for errant taint. "I'll just grab everything ya haven't touched yet and be off. Don't want to get the others sick now. Not even sure if I'd risk feeding the corpse something you've handled..."
[16:33:51] <dyne9> There was a whoosh of air, followed by an added weight to the barbarian's back. Smiling her sickly grin, Envy drummed her toes over the back of one of Thraso's shoulder blades as she perched atop the large woman.
[16:34:38] <Sickerton> "I thought you were a frog, not a parrot." Thraso mumbled, clearly starting to lose what little patience she had.
[16:34:54] <dyne9> "Well I am on a stump."
[16:36:46] <Sickerton> "Which makes you just as likely a bird, you little 'pecker."
[16:37:41] <dyne9> *Envy sucked lightly on an index finger a moment. "What storybooks did you get to read as a kid? Frog, stump."
[16:37:48] <dyne9> Aaaaaand a quick wet willy.~
[16:38:55] <Sickerton> "Storyboo-Agh!"
[16:39:26] <Sickerton> The barbarian batted at her ear, hoping to catch the girl's slimy little arm.
[16:39:44] <Sickerton> "Maybe you're more of a gnat. Tiny and always in my face."
[16:41:34] dyne9 swung her legs up and behind her, dropping ever so slightly to backflip before catching Thraso's neck with her legs. She hung limply, grinning up at the irate barbarian. In your face? Now there's an idea. Her tongue shot out, getting into Thraso's mouth with ease.
[16:42:02] <dyne9> There were outlines of an interestingly shaped lump before Thraso might've felt a few knocks at some of her abdominal faculties.
[16:44:51] <Sickerton> The barbarian reached out with intention to throttle the little twerp... but then was sidelined by the attacks from inside. Her gloved hands instead going down to clutch at her abdomen the scarred woman dropped down onto her knees, a muffled groan escaping out from around the slimy appendage.
[16:47:58] <dyne9> Whoops, duodenum.
[16:48:04] <dyne9> Hi lower intestine!
[16:48:15] <dyne9> Oop, bumped into a lung.
[16:50:01] <dyne9> Envy's tongue played about in Thraso's insides a bit before retreating from her esophagus with a loud SLURP. Everything after this would be a little more than entertaining if she still wanted to go after that. And that wasn't even mentioning the trace amounts of her little green gift she had ready to weaken both Thraso's immense strength and reaction times.
[16:50:27] <dyne9> "Can't say I'm always there."
[16:51:05] <dyne9> Releasing the giant, Envy landed in a graceful crouch that she used to pull a backflip and gain some distance. "But I am over here."
[16:54:23] <Sickerton> The scarred woman sputtered and coughed as Envy's tongue finally left her; a trickle of gods-only-know trickling down her jaw, as she pounded at her chest in a largely pointless attempt to force more of the muck out.
[16:55:31] <Sickerton> But eventually she regained enough of her composure to continue, and Thraso's now rather flushed face rose to glare at the dead frog hopping.
[16:55:54] <Sickerton> "Not for long you're not."
[16:57:04] <Sickerton> The barbarian then rose up in a shoulder rush, fully intending to either bring Envy down beneath her or plow her against a boulder or tree. Whichever was more convenient once she got hold of the girl. Or more fun.
[17:04:49] <dyne9> So big and angry and oh shit she was coming this way-
[17:14:33] <dyne9> "Yeah?" Envy took a sideways leap, not one that'd carry her frame out of the way entirely, not out of the shadow encroaching her spot... immediately anyway. But when she slung out that long tongue of hers to curve and catch the arm of the shoulder heading her way, tightening up, Envy was able to use Thraso's momentum against her. She swung up, and over, tying a one-loop noose over the barbarian.
[17:15:04] <dyne9> Landing at her original perch, she stomped down on the redhead's skull, tongue slipping back into her mouth with another wet noise.
[17:19:14] <Sickerton> The barbarian was charging down what she intended to soon be a smear of grease in several different locations... and then all of a sudden, wasn't. The frog was gone, and a disgusting sensation she unfortunately knew all too well was once again against her skin...
[17:21:50] <Sickerton> Thraso brought her hands up tin an attempt to pry it off before the inevitable, but merely slipped off the lubricated appendage again and again. She also started to growl another threat, but that merely gave Envy she needed to go right back to her quite literal tongue lashing.
[17:23:56] <Sickerton> "GRRRLPH!" She mutely protested, arching backwards against the various forces pulling her so while pawing for any handhold she could get. "GHHH! GHHHK!"
[17:38:43] <dyne9> "Caller? Caller, use your words!" Envy taunted from above, leaping up over Thraso's reaching hands before angling to land at her side and give her a nice kick square across the rump.
[18:52:20] <dyne9> She drew the bat stuck in the ground nearby, and twisting it at the handle, not quite wanting to get the two of them all messy, but definitely ready to step things up a little. Envy moved back toward Thraso, a small hop bringing her up onto the upturned ass she'd just kicked. Raising the steel weapon above her head, she shouted "FOOOOOOORE!" And brought it downward, nothing but blunt steel upon
[18:52:25] <dyne9> her tailbone.
[18:52:29] <dyne9> <<Boom>>
[18:57:28] <Sickerton> The kick was more humiliating than anything else, Envy's relatively small frame not being nearly as wounding as her rump being used as a springboard was to Thraso's pride.
[18:57:48] <Sickerton> The followup, though? A different story.
[19:01:00] <Sickerton> A crisp, metallic PING rang through the air, soon accompanied by a muffled squeal, as metal collided with flesh. In a mix of reactive desperation and reaction to the sheer force involved the barbarian stumbled forward, away from the blow to crumple against the trunk of a tree.
[19:02:55] <Sickerton> For a few seconds the scarred woman merely leaned against it, shuddering and panting as the piled-upon indignities took their toll on body and mind. But slowly, with a shaky hand, she reached up and snapped off a low-hanging branch.
[19:05:03] <Sickerton> With clearly dark intent Thraso turned around on the tree - almost suppressing her groan of pain when her abused backside went up against the bark but not quite - and brandished her impromptu weapon.
[19:06:07] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:33:27] <dyne9> The beauty of all of Thraso's movements is that there was so much opportunity between them.
[19:36:57] <dyne9> Opportunities like, say... Taking another jump, backflipping in a show of unnatural and unnecessary acrobatics only to stomp the flagging barbarian's face once more in midair with a chuckle. And another leap after that for her distance and for her health, Envy landed in a crouch, hand upon her weapon in a careful poise, palming the pommel with her free hand over her knee like she was posing for a
[19:36:58] <dyne9> photo.
[19:39:02] <dyne9> "Namecalling," She held up a finger and added more as she went. "Death threats, and attempted maiming and assault. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you could be a pretty good villain if you tried. My poor feelings are almost in tatters over all the shit you've bothered to do to me."
[19:39:05] <dyne9> She grinned.
[19:39:45] <dyne9> "But if you want more, you can come and get it."
[19:39:48] <dyne9> <<yt>>
[19:42:59] <Sickerton> Thraso was never the fastest of fighters, but now she felt... heavy. Well, heavy-ER. Maybe it was the exertion. Maybe it was the injuries. Or maybe it was the gullet full of filth that felt like fire consuming her from the inside out.
[19:43:18] <Sickerton> In hindsight, probably that last one.
[19:45:02] <Sickerton> In any case, she was in no shape to do much more than look up and gape as Envy dropped down on her yet again. And this time her legs finally gave out, forcing the scarred woman to crumple down into a seated position against the tree.
[19:46:13] <Sickerton> "Hahh..." she whined as her sore rear hit the ground with all the weight of her body behind it, "Haaaa-HHHRRRG!"
[19:48:30] <Sickerton> Doubling over in pain, the scarred woman tried to cover her mouth with her free hand as she felt her stomach cramp and churn. But that merely made things even messier as toxix sludge spurt out through the cracks in her gloved fingers, spattering against the dirt as well as rolling down her mouth and chest.
[19:49:21] <Sickerton> "You... filthy... animal..." The ailing barbarian managed to stammer out.
[19:50:40] <Sickerton> With a groan of exertion Thraso leaned forward and, going on her hands and knees, started to crawl towards Envy. She still had the branch in her grip, but considering how much effort it took to even shuffle this much...
[19:50:53] <Sickerton> "Put... you... down..."
[19:50:57] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:59:37] <dyne9> "Now you're not gonna die..."
[20:05:56] <dyne9> Envy twirled the bat in her hand, treading forward, toward the crawling Thraso. "Nooooooho, the dose I gave you isn't anywhere near lethal enough to flatline you, red. I just couldn't have you trying to break my spine, or my legs or all the other shit you big motherfuckers do to people like me." The green-haired woman veered off to Thraso's side, an errant swing reaching down to club one of those scarred elbows.
[20:15:19] <dyne9> "But I will leave you with something to remember me by since you're intent on keeping this grudge, when we coulda been warbuddies or something." Envy added, clicking her tongue disappointedly. She twisted the bat at the handle, the unpleasant looking spikes shooting outside the bat, and a blade emerging from the tip.
[20:16:28] <dyne9> Envy stepped atop Thraso, giving one more twirl of the blade. "Just gimme a sec to remember some biology right quick. Wouldn't wanna hit something. By the way, you're free to beg for mercy or something. You might stop me."
[20:16:35] <dyne9> (yt)
[20:22:38] <Sickerton> Thraso managed a tentative 'step' or two... before an arm was swept out beneath her with another bone-rattling PING, and with a cry she was forced to fall at a slant. Now sprawled awkwardly, her lower half ass-up while her upper body rested awkwardly to one side on a shoulder, the venomous woman had no lack of targets.
[20:23:01] <Sickerton> "Kkkhhh..."
[20:25:26] <Sickerton> The barbarian's stained chest heaved with every breath, her glistening and bruised body taking in as much air as it could since every movement was a struggle. Unable to lift her head up, the scarred woman's face half-lay in the dirt amongst a small puddle formed by the trickle of drool from her lax mouth.
[20:27:02] <Sickerton> But still, despite it's clearly bleary and unfocused nature, her gaze still had a target. All focus was on Envy's wicked weapon, and the sinister ways light danced off it's hidden edge.
[20:30:08] <Sickerton> Slowly, with great pain, an arm rose up. At first it seemed as if Thraso was motioning to stop, but it quickly became apparent that her trembling hand was futilely grasping for the bat instead.
[20:31:40] <Sickerton> "Kkkhh..." the barbarian eventually forced out. "Kkkkiillll me... or pay later..."
[20:31:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[23:36:48] <dyne9> Envy figured she really would regret this somewhere down the road. Every dog had it's day and all that. Hindsight, 20/20, blah blah blah, but, in the end, Envy is as Envy does. And instead of ensuring the blade going into somewhere nice and fatal, Envy picked her spot with surgical precision. When she drew
[23:37:30] <dyne9> back...she drove the blade tip in to the top of the bat, but turned it so that there were no major organs in the way.
[23:38:24] <dyne9> There was a telling little "SHULK" when the weapon's edge slipped in, and Envy was quick to pull out as well. If anything, she could've used the pistol hiding in her sleeve and made the entire thing much, much more brutal.
[23:38:54] <dyne9> "Have a good one, red." Envy replied.
[23:38:58] <dyne9> (yt)
[23:44:44] <Sickerton> Exhausted, sapped, and poisoned, the barbarian could only manage a small whimper as the blade sunk in. The gloved hand finally found it's target, but only because it was sheathed in her to the 'hilt', and her weakened pawing did little to stop it either coming OR going.
[23:47:01] <Sickerton> She writhed meekly against the intruder, mewling as fresh agonies pulsed through her... and then it was pulled out with just as much force. And just as much pain.
[23:51:17] <Sickerton> Gasping up at the sky, her scarred body went tense all at once for a moment... then relaxed, finally at the end of it's rope. With one more wordless, trailing groan Thraso's head rolled down against the dirt, her messy hair tumbling down to hide her face.
[23:54:34] <Sickerton> If it were not for a subtle rising and falling caused by her breaths, and the steady flow of blood from her fresh wounds, she could very well have passed for dead. As it stood though, no. Doubtless to her own frustration, if she could see what a pitiful sight it was.
[23:54:43] <Sickerton> (yt)
[00:04:47] <dyne9> She licked the blade clean. It was a careful process, but she had a careful tongue that was able to edge around the blade with ease. Stepping down from Thraso's body, making sure to step down on top of her head as well. Before she left, Envy knelt down to wipe the barbarian's mouth with her sleeve. It didn't do for her to look so dirty.
[00:05:36] <dyne9> Spotting a fruit nearby, she reached for it and set it down next to her head before taking her leave, bat slung over her shoulder and a nameless tune whistling off her lips.


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Sep 10, 2015
Don't Lick The Toads (Edited slightly by me)
By Me and Dyne9
Part 2

[19:18:57] <dyne9> As smooth as she possibly could, without missing a step, Envy gave one of Thraso's thighs a squeeze in a walk by.
[19:23:27] <Sickerton> The barbarian was caught off guard too much to seize the prying hand in time... but with a bit of a lean was still fast enough to seize the retreating girl's suspenders from behind.
[19:23:43] <Sickerton> "Where do you think you're slithering off to, snake in the grass?"
[19:30:07] <dyne9> Pause. Mmm. Laughing grin. "What else, Goliath? To do whatever I want; the usual." She didn't turn. "You need me for somethin?"
[19:35:56] <Sickerton> "I think I do now, yeah" Thraso replied, pulling back on the suspenders sharply... while at the same time shooting a leg straight forward, intending to meet the toxic girl's back with her boot about halfway.
[19:36:19] <Sickerton> "Don't worry, I'll try to be quick."

[Due to copy/paste errors, a segment is missing here. Sorry, my bad]

[21:10:21] <Sickerton> The barbarian let out a chuckle at the near-slapstick level pratfall... then realized that she never actually let go of the suspenders. She in fact was still holding tightly onto the garments, or at least what was left of 'em.
[21:12:03] <dyne9> Lifting her head slowly, Envy turned her head to spit a mouthful of grass. "This role reversal thing is a bit much." She groaned. "
[21:14:34] <Sickerton> With a noncommittal shrug she replied "You talk like this isn't how it's supposed to go" and moved to close the distance; tromping up with full intent to pin the girl down with a kneedrop and seize the back of Envy's scalp with her free hand. This was a slippery sort, and the sooner she was stuck in place the better.
[21:36:35] <dyne99> Such a dangerous weapon, Thraso's body was. Envy managed to roll over in time and escape the mighty knee that left a nice crater where her back was moments ago. "You gotta admit, me stepping all over you set a way more attractive precedent. I wouldn't be caught dead getting squashed by those boots."
[21:40:28] <Sickerton> "Lots of key words there, girl. Caught. Dead. Boots."
[21:43:34] <Sickerton> The barbarian's free hand found only grass where her opponent's head was only seconds ago, but that still did not mean that the play could not be salvaged somewhat. With a kneeling lunge to the side Thraso followed her opponent, pulling her arm back and bending it outward in hope of giving that toothy smile a little bit of elbow to snack on.
[22:27:27] dyne99 hopped back, but with minimal luck, only getting the smallest amount of distance backward. She spared her award winning killer grin and got conked on the forehead for her trouble. And as any good semi-homicidal freak'll tell you, you never start with the head. Because everything gets all fuzzy after. Like whatever would happen after Envy stumbled backward with a grunt before falling over
[22:36:44] <Sickerton> It was a good guideline in some ways, but also one telling of the gulf between schools of thought. For a torturer or interrogator it would be poor form, as coherence is needed to extract information or amusing terror. But for the more practical brawler, who wants to break down a threat in short order? Fair game.
[22:37:23] <Sickerton> And boy, was Thraso more the latter than the former.
[22:43:00] <Sickerton> The barbarian took back to her feet, but while in her semi-crouched state took the dazed Envy's face with one hand with her palm covering that vile mouth. Then, half-dragging and half-scraping her against the ground, Thraso pulled the girl along and eventually up against a tree.
[22:43:03] <Sickerton> As soon as the girl was set up in front of her Thraso then reared her other hand back - still bundled into a fist with the suspender scraps grasped inside - and plunged it deep into Envy's gut. The glancing blow was only that, and the effects would not last long. More would have to be piled on top of that to ensure... compliance.
[23:06:23] <dyne99> There was a certain feeling Envy was feeling. Sort of like a lunch break approaching, or approaching bedtime. Anticipation of a sort for something that she could not quite put her finger on. Sure there was more of this fascinating game with the sturdy redhead, but there was also the looming almost-and-more-as-time-went certainty of harm.
[23:06:27] <dyne99> Or death.
[23:08:35] <dyne99> What this meant to the hand covering her mouth, Envy figured very little, and the tough hide of Thraso's gloves was equally standoffish to the continued licks of thermal radioactively hot saliva. The tree was where that particular road ended--or so she thought. Envy made a noise into the palm followed by a louder one, the one visible eye not obscured by a fuckall giant hand widening greatly.
[23:09:06] <dyne99> Envy's toes curled, and her body shook and twisted before settling down somewhat. This wasn't her first rodeo after all.
[23:23:09] <Sickerton> The barbarian drew back her fist for another go... then finally noticed the small hiss emanating from her other hand. In her haste to pacify Envy she had largely ignored her caustic saliva; and even if Thraso was sure that she would not... have issues with it, she rather enjoyed having two fairly functional hands with all their digits intact.
[23:24:51] <Sickerton> This would have to be fixed, and fixed fast. Furrowing her brow in thought, the barbarian looked down at her ready fist... and the elastic bands still grasped within it.
[23:24:54] <Sickerton> Bingo.
[23:27:25] <Sickerton> Giving Envy a quick knee to the gut just to keep her occupied for a second, Thraso released her grip on the slimy woman's face... only to work a suspender strap up against her throat, then around to be tied in the back of the tree trunk.
[23:29:20] <dyne99> "Hrk!" Envy curled up briefly while Thraso got to work. "Ooh...someone is maaaaaad..."
[23:32:29] <Sickerton> "Maybe." Thraso replied, making sure to pull extra tight when she set the knot to pull the strap tighter against Envy's throat. "Or maybe this is just karma. Hard to tell the difference with someone like you."
[23:35:40] <Sickerton> The scarred woman drew back for a moment, simultaneously surveying her handiwork and figuring out where to go from here. After a moment of thought, and a bit of shaking to get most of the slime off her palm, Thraso reached a conclusion.
[23:36:06] <Sickerton> The barbarian took a step back. Then another. Then another.
[23:36:37] <dyne99> "Oh...fuck."
[23:38:02] <Sickerton> For a moment it seemed almost silly, this large and intimidating woman seemingly retreating from someone smaller and partially bound on top of that. But then she lowered herself and turned slightly, favoring one side to her tied foe.
[23:39:27] <Sickerton> Then with a roar she pushed off, launching a full shoulder charge at the bound babe. Huh. What was that Envy was saying earlier about being squashed?
[23:36:37] <dyne99> Football! Envy was great at the game as a kid. She always racked up what would've been fouls in the professional arena, but in the games she went to with her brother, the football was dope, and the dope was worth kicking heads and shooting them for. Sure it took a mad, breathless sprint to the endzone, but to make it there without bleeding was always a joy.
Now to be a tackle dummy on the other hand?
Nnnnnnnnot an enviable position.
Until now.
Thraso's shoulder caught her body, full force, cracking and splintering the wood outward behind her as if hit with a shotgun blast.
Envy was surprised every single bone in her body wasn't snapping under the pressure, or that her tongue, stretched enough for the tree, wasn't breaking apart, even if it was experiencing immense strain and the unpleasant taste of bark.
Pressed against the muscle-woman, Envy's body went slack, her head falling against that strong shoulder pressing her out. She panted heavily, half-lid emerald eyes gazing dreamily back into Thraso's.
...this was still totally an enemy/enemy encounter.
[20:04:35] <Sickerton> Thraso hit Envy with a chorus of crunches - from the tree, the frog girl, or a mixture of both it was somewhat difficult to tell... And took a moment to rest against the limp form she was still not quite done mashing. With a smile of satisfaction she turned her head upwards, to see if her opponent was still 'there' enough to be taunted, and...
[20:05:10] <Sickerton> Huh?
[20:06:32] <Sickerton> The barbarian, being a barbarian, had been in quite a few scuffles in her fast and brutal life. She knew what pain looked like just as well as the back of her... forearm.
[20:08:39] <Sickerton> And sure, there was undoubtedly pain in Envy's expression. But it was mixed with something else; and while for the moment unplaceable was most assuredly NOT one typical for being nearly ground to dust.
[20:11:34] <Sickerton> The scarred woman stared into those half lidded eyes for a moment, lost temporarily in thought... then shook her head to clear it and refocused. Locking gazes with a snake never turned out well. The conundrum was worth mulling over later, not in the middle of a fight.
[20:13:10] <Sickerton> ...Although, she DID think up her next move in the process.
[20:16:19] <Sickerton> The large warrior rotated so they they were now face to fa... well, no, face to chest due to the ludicrous size difference, and wrapped her arms around Envy to lock her hands in the center of the girl's back. Then she pushed away from the tree, with her captive in toe, with the binding holding her in place eventually giving way and unfurling.
[20:17:46] <Sickerton> Thus they were now in the middle of the forest clearing, with Envy dangling loosely from Thraso's grip as she stared up blearily at the barbarian. The scared woman gave her a bit of a smirk, and remarked:
[20:18:18] <Sickerton> "Python beats viper."
[20:20:49] <Sickerton> Before clamping down on the hold, trapping the girl in a powerful bearhug as the crushing force mashed her against Thraso's body and forced her face deep between the barbarian's breasts. What was most likely to give first? Her spine? Her lungs?
[20:20:55] <Sickerton> ...Her mind?
[20:20:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[22:14:47] <dyne9> At no point did Envy consider that moment a shared gaze. Thoughts of anything other than Thraso being purely clueless and herself just y'know, being crushed against a tree were nothing more than manufactured schlock for television.
[22:14:47] <dyne9> Hugs were nice though.
[22:14:47] <dyne9> Then she started pulling away. And pulling away and away and away and away and oh well at least her tongue was coming loose. The retraction was slow and not much fun at all with the amount of grass and bugs she knew she'd have to spit out...
[22:14:47] <dyne9> "Mmmph!"
[22:14:47] <dyne9> After she found her way out of Thraso's impressive cleavage.
[22:14:47] <dyne9> Seriously, you could fit an actual treasure in Thraso's chest-
[22:14:47] <dyne9> "Mgrgrgrghnnn!"
[22:14:47] <dyne9> Ow. Ow. Ow. Ribs. Chest. Arms.
[22:14:47] <dyne9> Too many bones seemed to be folding into themselves, and her organs were getting loud and noisy with the pressure Thraso put on her. Envy's muffled cries of pain went barely heard from where her face was positioned. All she could do was kick weakly at whatever she could reach.
[22:14:47] <dyne9> At least, until she blacked out.
[22:14:51] <dyne9> (yt)
[22:27:24] <Sickerton> Thraso waited as the girl's already weak struggles waned more and more, the vibrations of Envy's groans against her chest being... interesting, in particular. Why didn't she try this sooner?
[22:28:07] <Sickerton> Oh yeah. The teeth and the poison. This probably would have turned out a lot different if Envy was anything less than 90% done already.
[22:30:35] <Sickerton> But still, what worked worked. As time crept on the struggles turned to spasms, the spasms turned to twitches, the twitches turned to shivers... and, eventually, she merely lay still in the barbarian's crushing grasp.
[22:33:28] <Sickerton> Now some would argue, but Thraso really was no fool, and gave the girl a few more moments and an extra squeeze just to make sure. But then she relaxed her hold back to normal, tolerable levels, and Envy's head lolled back out of the girl's chest.
[22:35:50] <Sickerton> The barbarian noted with interest that, while she was indeed out like a light with her slack jaw and empty eyes, the toxic woman still drew breath. For such a little thing, she was surprisingly hardy. Almost commendable, in a gold-star-on-your-kid's-fingerpaint-project kind of way.
[22:36:31] <Sickerton> Now, what to do with this...
[22:37:22] <Sickerton> ...Heh.
[22:39:25] <Sickerton> The scarred woman scanned the forest around them, and soon found something which would serve her purpose A rather unfortunate tree, which was at some point in the past broken off at the trunk roughly around chest level.
[22:40:59] <Sickerton> Lightning strike? Loggers? A particularly large bear with an unreachable itch? Could have been caused by any of them, and in the long run it didn't really matter.
[22:44:21] <Sickerton> The scarred woman walked over to it with her 'cargo' in tow, and checked that the 'top' of the three didn't terminate in TOO much of a spike. If she wanted to kill the girl she could just drop her right now and stand on her neck. This wouldn't be any fun if the woman never woke up to see it.
[22:47:51] <Sickerton> Then, with a shuffling of her grips she slowly lifted Envy to dangle above her head...
[22:49:48] <Sickerton> ...Then dropped her onto the semi-tree; the jagged trunk grinding into the center of her back as her arms and legs hung limply off either side.
[22:51:08] <Sickerton> "There we go." Thraso spoke as if not effectively talking to herself. "Home sweet home."
[22:52:48] <Sickerton> "After all," she continued, patting the side of Envy's drooping, upside-down face. "Frog, stump. I'm a quick learner."
[22:54:03] <Sickerton> ...Then with a tug on Envy's scalp she brought her down closer, and whispered "But are you?"
[22:55:09] <Sickerton> Thraso waited a beat, obviously not expecting a reply, then let go of the girl's head to sway freely and began to stroll away.
[22:55:27] <Sickerton> "I guess we'll both find out soon enough..."


Content Creator
Sep 10, 2015
Eye of the Beholder
By Me and Steedman
Part 1

[14:52:06] <Sickerton> The blindfolded woman cautiously waded through the swamp, her hair and clothes clinging tightly to her skin in the humid heat. About knee-high in brackish water, her bare feet tread upon and kicked up what seemed to be gravel with every new step. A curious detail, but this was no conventional marshland by any means.
[14:55:29] <Sickerton> She had snuck her way into a den of snakes, almost literally. A sizeable clutch of Nagas called this dense maze of skeletal trees and mud home, but Faith was not interested in the tribe in general. Although she did have to subdue a few of the "lesser" kind as she entered, knocking them out before they even realized she was there, Faith she only sought an audience with one of their kin:
[14:58:13] <Sickerton> Se'Na, the mysterious matron. Although rarely seen in 'person', instead allowing her children to relay messages in her stead, this Naga was unusually social with other races. Many deals had been struck with her, usually along the lines of VERY particular supplies in exchange for ancient and terrible secrets.
[15:03:23] <Sickerton> Faith was also here for information, although nothing nearly as dark. She had been led to believe that an old 'friend' of hers had recently struck a bargain with Se'Na. If Faith could get so much as the general direction she left in from this Naga, she'd be on a hotter trail then she had managed in years.
[15:06:00] <Sickerton> She did not know where this Naga Queen would be exactly, but logic dictated that as long as she kept heading into the marsh she would reach the "nest" and thus her target. She was correct, although the resting place of choice was somewhat... 'unconventional'.
[15:08:38] <Sickerton> Being blind, she did not notice the shadow that fell over her from the already-thick foliage above. but she did hear the rustling of branches, and instinctively turned her attention 'skyward' as a large body moved about just behind the cover of leaves.
[15:11:17] <Sickerton> "Interesssting..." a somewhat scratchy voice cooed from an ever shifting perch. "Hasss the moussse lossst itsss way?"
[15:11:31] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:14:14] <thesteedman> "There is no mouse here." Faith spoke, with an amount of defiance in her voice. Her head titled in the direction of her stalker, but as often as most times she did not face the unseen naga directly. Faith certainly gave no indication of fear.
[15:16:04] <thesteedman> After dispatching the lesser naga's, she certainly had no reason to fear the one that stalked her now. "I'm here to find the one named Se'Na. I am told Se'Na may possess information that is... rather vital to me. The rest of your bretheren have been less then helpful, but you will find I have not given them any permanent damage."
[15:18:00] <thesteedman> Faith turned her head a little more, holding a defensive stance, no doubt expecting an attack. "I simply only ask to talk to Se'Na and I will be on my way." Faith then added. She knew she had not entered this place on good terms given how many naga's she had left unconscious, but she hoped reason might prevail despite the fact her fists had hogged all the success so far.
[15:19:12] <thesteedman> ".. but I will not leave until I have been granted an audience with her." Faith whispered, letting her intent be known. She had not come all this way and waded through a swamp just to find another dead end.
[15:19:14] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:20:43] <Sickerton> A wry chuckle drifted down from the treetops. "Well, if I mussst..."
[15:22:11] <Sickerton> A somewhat humanoid body slowly slunk down from above, to eventually meet "eye" to "eye" with the warrior below. It was... quite a sight.
[15:25:13] <Sickerton> Well, as much of a sight as Faith could manage. Several details were glossed over; the pale skin of her upper body, how the scales on her lower half shimmered a black rainbow like spilled oil, and... various other features. This did not mean that Faith could not realize the exceptional nature of this Naga, however.
[15:28:51] <Sickerton> For one, this one seemed to be much larger than the others. Perhaps not obviously, but the tail had already extended far past the length of her usual kin and the end was nowhere in sight. A forked tongue flicked between the fangs of her sly grin every now and again, doubtlessly tasting the air.
[15:31:54] <Sickerton> Her clawed fingers idly played with her 'necklace', a collection of several skulls roped through their eyesockets and hanging against her chest. This barbaric jewelry was in fact the closest thing to clothing she wore. Her hair was apparently braided up into tubes, although Faith's roundabout senses were somewhat garbled on the exact details.
[15:33:05] <Sickerton> "I am alwaysss ready to talk with vissssitors." The matron replied. "For a price. What do you have to offer?"
[15:33:09] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:35:42] <thesteedman> Faith's senses were sharp, she could near feel the presence of her serpentine body, and it was vast. Given it was curled in on itself several times over, she couldn't feel just how large her body was, but knew simply that it was certainly long.
[15:37:40] <thesteedman> She felt a fair judgement of her features, but could never get a clear feel without touching. The matron was, by what she could tell, quite attractive, bearing a fine female form, at least what was humanoid of her. Everything else was mostly a blur... but she had enough details to fill in the blanks in her mind.
[15:38:39] <thesteedman> "A price..." Faith repeated. Everything came at a price. "What would information on... Blackthorn cost?" Faith whispered. Even saying the name left a vile taste in her mouth, bringing up memories she really had no desire to delve into now.
[15:39:11] <thesteedman> She felt her body shudder at the whisper of the name. It was no doubt clear even for the Naga to see the reaction, beyond the blindfold and all.
[15:40:44] <thesteedman> "I've heard whispers that the person in question has approached you. I care not what business or dealings you had with this individual... only which direction they were headed when last you saw them." Faith continued, still on her guard despite her posture looking a little more relaxed.
[15:40:46] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:44:20] <Sickerton> "Oh, you wissssh to know about a previous visitor?" The matron asked somewhat playfully, amused as her new guest spat out the name like rotten meat. "Isss that not rude in human dealings? No matter. I deal with all, as long as the reward is right."
[15:45:23] <Sickerton> "Sssspeaking of which..." she continued "I only accept one form of payment."
[15:47:14] <Sickerton> Se'Na lifted one of the skulls on the side of her necklace, then let it drop to produce a hollow jangling as the heads bounced against each other. She then turned her gaze back to the blindfolded woman, sure that the message had got across.
[15:48:51] <Sickerton> "It'ssss a ssshame that you came alone. But either way, I sssstill get my share."
[15:50:28] <Sickerton> Faith felt a constriction against one of her ankles and came to a realization: This naga was not simply long, she was ludicrously so. Even as she hung from the overbrush her tail was still long enough to lie in waiting under the water.
[15:52:30] <Sickerton> With a tug the warrior was pulled off her feet, and then the world started to soar past as she was dragged along like a hooked fish through the various scraggly and thorny scrubs spattered about the area!
[15:52:33] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:54:22] <thesteedman> The water... Faith never had a chance. She had been so focused elsewhere that she failed to realise the nagas tail had worked its trap around her ankle. By the time it had secured around her leg it was already too late.
[15:55:48] <thesteedman> With a violent splash she was dragged through the water, through thorns, brambles and bushes and through more water. Faith twisted on the ground as she was dragged through the marsh, quickly trying to slam her free heel into the scaled body that had encircled her ankle.
[15:57:35] <thesteedman> It was hard to get the momentum she needed as she was pulled along, but the blind fighter tried none the less, as her hands reached out, looking to grasp anything solid she could get her hands on to try and stop herself being dragged further. She heard the tear of her pants in various places, exposing a little more of her legs as they were caught on passing thorns. Gritting her teeth, Faith tried to resist and escape quickly.
[15:57:36] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:01:58] <Sickerton> The world blurred by as Faith was taken on a ride; first through the murky water, then up a tree trunk (slamming her side against it in the process, then finally through the dense branches above. Her clothing, while mostly staying intact, was peppered with spatters of small tears alongside the scratches her bare skin was racking up.
[16:04:16] <Sickerton> Eventually she came to a stop, face-to-face with the Matron herself. The blind girl at first chalked up her dizziness to the ride she was just taken on, but then realized that blood rushing to her head was also a factor. They were both hanging upside-down; Se'Na by choice, herself via the grip the Naga still had on her.
[16:06:43] <Sickerton> The snake woman drew her prey closer, encircling her waist firmly with one arm while she laid her palm of the blue-haired-woman's forehead. She twisted Faith's head from side to side, taking in how it looked from every possible angle.
[16:07:10] <Sickerton> "Hmm... Perhapsss a candle holder..."
[16:07:13] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:09:38] <thesteedman> "Ugh!" Faith winced in disgust, feeling the naga draw her in close, feeling her bare stomach against her own as her other hand roughly forced her head from side to side. With her hands free however, Faith was certainly not going to let this Naga have her way with her.
[16:10:56] <thesteedman> She bit on her lower lip as she tried to clap her hands over Se'Na's ears, an attack meant to try and shock the Naga. If it wasn't enough, the blind warrior looked to use her head against her. Perhaps not the wisest of attacks or the most sophisticated given its brutality, but she felt this Naga deserved it..
[16:11:39] <thesteedman> With a quick thrust she tried to free her head from her grasp and clash it against her own... it seemed if she wanted her information, she was going to have to fight for it.
[16:12:05] <thesteedman> Given the seemingly dark intent of the naga to claim her skull, she knew this was no doubt going to be a fight for her life. (yt)
[16:15:08] <Sickerton> Se'Na was apparently not prepared for retaliation; or at least, not on the scale that was dished out to her. She screamed and released her handholds to clutch her boxed ears, but only just reached them when the headbutt rattled her most important skull.
[16:17:26] <Sickerton> Faith felt an odd sort of pain with each attack, but her warrior's constitution allowed her to tune that out and focus on the more important thing right now: Landing safely as the hold on her ankle released and she plummeted towards the 'ground'
[16:20:18] <Sickerton> With catlike maneuvering she twisted to hit with her feet, and with similar nimbleness she dove out of the way as the colossal Naga followed right behind her. A spray of mist was kicked up as Se'Na landed, although the creature was in no shape to capitalize on this distraction.
[16:22:43] <Sickerton> Faith took what she reasoned to be a fair distance from the Naga as it slowly rose from the water, cradling it's possibly-broken nose. It's necklace was gone, undoubtedly fallen off somewhere during the preceding chaos.
[16:24:05] <Sickerton> "You..." the Naga growled, it's previously playful demeanor gone completely. "You owe me four skulls!"
[16:25:36] <Sickerton> With a scream the creature lunged at Faith, fangs and claws bared for combat. While she did have a viper-strike surge of speed, for someone like Faith this was not quite the death sentence one would expect.
[16:25:39] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:26:49] <thesteedman> Faith took a stance, she looked more calm and collected now. Having risen from the water, it had clensed her of most the dirt, though trickles of red seeped from the scratches that had been traced along various parts of her flesh.
[16:27:32] <thesteedman> Her pants were rather torn, giving Faith more of a savage look as she waited for the naga to approach. She didn't face her direction, but she felt her coming. The water that had once been against her was now on her side.
[16:28:40] <thesteedman> The splashes, the noise, the rage of her enemy all gave advantage... "I owe you NOTHING!" Faith shouted in return. Her enemy was fast, but it was speed she was confident she could match. Anger clouded the Naga's judgement and she hoped to use that against her.
[16:30:23] <thesteedman> As the Naga closed the distance, Faith moved with haste and a certain amount of grace. She shifted out of the way of the brunt of the charge, knowing well to be mindful of the snake tail and the threat of her enemy trying to twist and corkscrew around her. She leapt upwards to avoid this, looking to send a stiff kick into the back of the Naga's neck to force her charge onwards.
[16:31:13] <thesteedman> She landed with a controlled splash, before rolling to try and keep clear.
[16:31:14] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:33:08] <Sickerton> The enraged Naga, unable to stop her charge, flowed face-first into the trunk of a tree. The mushy dead wood gave way easily, meaning that she needed to take a moment to pry herself out of what remained.
[16:33:47] <Sickerton> Se'Na spun to face her nimble opponent, stared her down, and in a fit of anger... began to giggle.
[16:34:02] <Sickerton> "Getting tired, mousssse?"
[16:35:48] <Sickerton> Faith... actually was. And she had no idea why. Despite all that had happened it should not have tested her finely honed body at all, yet she found herself gasping for breath and her limbs growing heavier by the second.
[16:37:28] <Sickerton> The naga inched forward, waving a finger dismissively. "The blindfold wasss a good idea, but you forgot the drawbacksss. Can't ssssee what you're putting yoursssself into..."
[16:37:37] <Sickerton> Finally it all clicked.
[16:38:21] <Sickerton> The gravel in the swamp, Se'Na being so different from the other Nagas, the strange pain, her lethargy.
[16:38:31] <Sickerton> Se'Na was not a Naga.
[16:38:36] <Sickerton> She was a Medusa.
[16:40:05] <Sickerton> They were fighting amongst the remains of previous 'statues', and when she attacked the woman earlier her snake-hair had bit into her arms and face. Faith was poisoned, toxins further sapping her strength with every heartbeat.
[16:42:10] <Sickerton> The blindfolded woman tried her best to stay standing, but the challenge was taken away from her as Se'Na's oil-black tail encircled around her. This time it played no games, fully enwrapping her until only Faith's head remained exposed.
[16:43:42] <Sickerton> "Clever little mouse..." the Medusa taunted as she began to squeeze down. " loud can you squeak?"
[16:43:46] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:45:05] <thesteedman> Faith felt a line of wetness slide down the side of her face where a small slash had been caused by the fangs of the Medusa's hair. She dropped to one knee as one of her legs all but failed her, as she splashed down onto her hands.
[16:46:22] <thesteedman> She managed to bring herself back up to her feet, but by then the Medusa had began to coil her within its powerful snake tail. Faith tried to lift her arms, trying to prevent them from being trapped as the coils wrapped around her waist and stomach. She pushed against the coils trying to close around her chest, but found her arms were simply bound against it as they closed in around her.
[16:47:09] <thesteedman> Before she knew it, Faith was in a cocoon of coils, feeling her neck even bring wrapped up so that only her head was left in view for now. She felt the trap close in around her, forcing the air from her lungs as her body strained within the deadly embrace.
[16:48:33] <thesteedman> "Aagh!" Faith could only manage a weak pant as she was squeezed. For now the embrace just drove the air from her, rather then crush her body. "A... Ugh... How about... we... make an arrangement?" Faith managed to barely whisper with her failing breath.
[16:48:35] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:51:00] <Sickerton> "Yesss, an arrangement..." the Medusa chided, the sadistic jovialness leaking back into her quite literally venomous words.
[16:54:42] <Sickerton> The coils constricted in a complex manner, bending Faith backwards even as they continued squeezing the life out of her. Se'Na followed closely behind, hovering over her prey and reaching out a hand to cradle the back of her exposed head.
[16:57:13] <Sickerton> Se'Na leaned in to the point that heir noses were almost touching and opened her mouth; allowing her long, serpentine tongue free reign. The slimy thin appendage worked it's way across the blindfolded warrior's face, coating it with a thin film of saliva before retracting back into her mouth.
[16:58:20] <Sickerton> "I am lissstening." the deceptive snake-woman replied. "Make it good; you have an interesssting tasste..."
[16:58:25] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:00:04] <thesteedman> "Hhugh!" Faith grimaced, feeling her body being bent awkwardly backwards, placing a lot of strain on her spine which was already subjected to slowly growing intense pressure. Faith tried to writhe within the embrace, feeling her back creak loudly from the pressure as she moaned in agony.
[17:01:10] <thesteedman> She felt Medusa's tongue slide over her soft skin, making her wince below her blindfold. She felt her strength still fading from the poison, making her limbs ache as her spine felt the strain of the embrace.
[17:02:50] <thesteedman> "Agh... I... I can find... your skulls." Faith whispered between breaths, noticing how thick the marsh was, knowing it would take the Medusa a considerable amount of time to find them. Faith however had excellent senses. "In... aagh!... Agh... exchange... for my... life." Faith whispered...
[17:03:11] <thesteedman> She wanted to bargain for more then that... but right now she didn't exactly have good leverage.
[17:03:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:04:23] <Sickerton> The medusa shifted her head to the side slightly, before letting out a small *harmph*.
[17:05:15] <Sickerton> "That's it? Spare your life to get back what I had before you came in, plus a bruised nose?"
[17:06:38] <Sickerton> Se'Na's constriction racked up in intensity, and the angle at which Faith was bent was made significantly sharper. "I HATE having my time wasted."
[17:09:04] <Sickerton> "Although, here's a deal for you:" the serpent began, hooking the claws on her hand not currently holding Faith's head under the bottom of her blindfold. "I'll overlook all of this if you hold that expression for a few more seconds. It's simply adorable!"
[17:10:45] <Sickerton> Not waiting for an answer the Medusa pulled up the blindfold, fully intending to turn this pest into an amusing stone decoration to hang from the trees.
[17:10:47] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:12:10] <thesteedman> Faith gasped as her blindfold was whipped from her head. She was already being bent back and constricted. She felt excruciating pain in the base of her spine as it creaked and complained under the building pressure.
[17:12:52] <thesteedman> The frightening thing was that Faith suspected she wasn't even applying full pressure... what she did not realize however was the significance of what the Medusa had just done, as Faith was unfamiliar with the stone glare the Medusa was infamous for
[17:13:26] <thesteedman> Faith looked upon Medusa without seeing her. The way her eyes moved suggested the girl had sight once, as it was hard to tell she was blind at first glance.
[17:14:18] <thesteedman> However the pale drained look of her eyes on further inspection revealed that sight had been lost to her, and had been for many years. Faith shouted out in agony, as the constriction was beginning to get the best of her.
[17:15:02] <thesteedman> In a way, she certainly seemed to comply to the deal Medusa offered, as her face painted a picture of stone. But due to her blindess she did not actually turn into stone.
[17:16:14] <thesteedman> "Can't... breathe..." Faith barely whispered, biting on her lower lip. She had a single move left she could use... but it wouldn't allow her to escape, it would only buy her time. She gasped out, not wanting to reveal it whilst she was so trapped. (yt)
[17:18:06] <Sickerton> Se'Na stared into those milky eyes, at first baffled by her prey's immunity to her most powerful weapon. But eventually, as the realization dawned on her, she began to snicker.
[17:18:45] <Sickerton> It slowly grew to a chuckle, then a guffaw, and then she had to draw back for a moment as she was bent over with laughter.
[17:20:07] <Sickerton> "A blind woman!" the Medusa got out between giggles. "A blind woman wandered in here and socked me in the face! How rich!"
[17:22:00] <Sickerton> The Medusa began to circle her captive; or, at least, as close to it as she could given the circumstances. In reality Faith was slowly spun in circles as the coils continued past her, keeping the hold tight despite the movement.
[17:29:29] <Sickerton> This did not mean that the movement was entirely static, though. Sure that the paralzing toxins had subdued her prey well enough, the individual coils moved downwards and further apart. The main brunt of the hold was now from the waist-down, with a single loop coming up to cradle just below the blind woman's breasts.
[17:31:51] <Sickerton> "I WAS going to kill you..." the Medusa mused as she 'paced', "...but now I'm genuinely curious. About who you are, about how you work, and about what you're after. So I'll just ALMOST kill you. And when you're good enough for another go, I'll do it again. And again."
[17:35:39] <Sickerton> Se'Na stopped her 'walk' in front of her prey, staring into those dead eyes despite knowing how useless it was. "Then, when your friend comes along for another deal, I'll cart you out and we can all have a little chat. How does that sound, girl? I get a squeezy toy for a while, you get to face your buddy, and your buddy gets one HELL of a surprise!"
[17:37:36] <Sickerton> The medusa then turned away from Faith, seemingly lost in thought. "Maybe if I hollow out that one tree, and put a hatch in the side..."
[17:37:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:39:08] <thesteedman> Even with the blindfold, Faith was a very attractive young woman, without it however, despite the haunting look of her blind eyes, she was certainly a sight to behold. Despite long years as a fighter, her path had been very kind on her features.
[17:40:11] <thesteedman> Though less coils surrounded her slender body, Faith half slumped, her upper arms were trapped against her sides from the powerful coil around her ribs, as she pried uselessly against the coils around her waist with what little mobility her forearms and hands had.
[17:41:01] <thesteedman> What was visible of her stomach noticeably strained, as a film of sweat covered the blind fighters flesh, giving her skin a smooth shine in the low marsh light. The weight of the coils kept her grounded on her knees.
[17:42:05] <thesteedman> Her chest heaved with each strained breath. Though the worst of the embrace no longer piled in against her whole body... what remained still dug deep into her body with a tight embrace, making breathing a strainious task, whilst her lower back was still being tested by a crushing coil around her slender waist.
[17:43:48] <thesteedman> "No... I... I will... not be your... captive..." Faith gasped, as if believing she had a choice in the matter.
[17:43:49] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:47:14] <Sickerton> Se'Na was surprised that the woman still had enough air left to talk. She would have to fix that. When she turned though, she was struck by how the fighter's toned body caught the marshlight in all the right ways. The Medusa was too busy getting hit in the face to actually examine her prey before; now she saw everything, and liked what she saw.
[17:49:56] <Sickerton> Sliding back to the blind woman, the Medusa allowed the coils to sink away from Faith's torso. This was so she herself could step in, hooking her arms under the woman's pits and resting her hands in-between her shoulderblades.
[17:51:54] <Sickerton> "Oh little mouse..." the snake girl started in a husky voice, pulling the blue-haired girl in so that her bare chest pressed firmly against the wraps of the other. "If you wanted any leverage here, you should have brought more to deal with."
[17:55:13] <Sickerton> Then, wrapping her fingers together, Se'Na squeezed down just as tightly with her arms as she managed with her tail. As she watched the blind woman once again start gasping for breath she let her tongue free once more, it dancing across Faith's collarbone as she weakly fought for freedom.
[17:55:27] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:57:41] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out, feeling the coil slide away from her ribs, freeing her arms. However, it was only to make room for Se'Na's approach. Faith felt her body press up against her own, feeling her flesh press against her own as she was able to figure out the snakewoman was topless unlike herself. She blushed a little, showing an expression of disgust as she tried to slide away in her weakened state.
[17:58:55] <thesteedman> However, the arms of the powerful snakewoman managed to wrap around her chest, bringing her into a deep embrace. "R... release me at once...!" Faith gasped weakly, before feeling the coils around her waist and hips squeeze tightly, in unison with Se'Na's arms around her chest.
[17:59:53] <thesteedman> Her head whipped back as her toes curled, feeling the agonizing crush force her to arch in a flexible manner. She felt her body being grinded painfully tight to Se'Nas and could only pry with no strength against her.
[18:01:23] <thesteedman> She felt her tongue begin to slide over her bare shoulder and collarbone, leaving a trail of saliva along her soft skin. Her stomach strained and her chest heaved for air, as Faith's lips parted to scream, but only silence escape her lips. Her eyes closed tight as she tried to endure the pain, writhing within Se'Na's grip, as half the life was squeezed from her body.
[18:01:24] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:04:43] <Sickerton> The snake woman let out a low moan of satisfaction as she felt Faith writhe against her, the taught muscles and toned body all the more alluring for its helplessness.
[18:06:53] <Sickerton> From out of the water the tip of Se'Na's tail finally rose, apparently needed at last for some task or another. The mystery was soon solved as the slender appendage wrapped around Faith's head at the jawline, constricting just enough to force her mouth open and keep it that way.
[18:08:45] <Sickerton> "You know, it doesn't have to be ALL bad..." the cold-blooded matriarch confided in the woman writhing in her grasp. "We could even make the bad parts kind of fun for you as well. All it takes is a little compliance, a little creativity..."
[18:13:23] <Sickerton> Se'Na then shot forward and wrapped her lips around the blind woman's, giving her the deepest kiss she would ever have. Literally. Se'Na dipped Faith physically as if they were doing a dance number, and her serpentine tongue pushed into the warrior's mouth and down her throat. The only solace Faith had in this moment as she felt the intruder explore her was that - being constricted as she was - she had no air to properly gag with.
[18:15:44] <Sickerton> Se'Na moaned to herself as she went deeper and deeper, and thanks to the tongue Faith could feel the reverberations of each lustful sound in places she did not know even existed. She was not sure what at this point was being crushed harder: Her body, or her dignity.
[18:15:47] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:17:59] <thesteedman> Faith writhed in agony. Her chest burned and heaved as she tried to draw breath but could not do so. Her eyes closed tightly, as she was dipped back, feeling her chest being crushed in a bearhug as her waist was squeezed a few sizes smaller within the colossal coils of her serpentine body.
[18:19:15] <thesteedman> And then there was the kiss. She could feel heat coming from Se'Na's flesh as her body grinded against her own. Her tongue all but violated her dignity, as it rolled down inside her. She would have gagged if she could, but there was nothing left in her lungs.
[18:20:25] <thesteedman> Se'Na kissed her feverishly, as if she was a long lost lover now found, having a passion Faith dared not even comprehend in her air deprived state. Faith made one last violent attempt to free herself in desperation, but with no strength it was nothing more then a last flail...
[18:21:27] <thesteedman> Slowly and slowly, Faith began to move less, her eyes closed more softly instead of tensed. As she was pulled in closer against Se'Na for that last squeeze, she arched and writhed in a mild manner, before her arms fell limp and her body slowly began to relax.
[18:22:24] <thesteedman> Even as she slipped into unconsciousness, the snake of a woman kept her in that deep passionate kiss, keeping Faith pressed tightly against her form in a vice that was impossible for the blind woman to escape from.
[18:22:55] <thesteedman> She was finally done... as Faith slipped away into unconsciousness, twitching now and then from the lack of air, as life threatened to escape her
[18:23:00] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:25:50] <Sickerton> It was curious. Even though blue-haired woman's eyes were completely useless, Se'Na could still see a little bit of brightness leave them as Faith slipped away. The snake woman held her close for a few moments longer, cherishing her occasional convulsions, before she loosened her grip.
[18:28:08] <Sickerton> The Matriarch removed her tongue from the woman, but did not immediately retract it, instead choosing to circle Faith's toned-but-decent breasts through the fabric of her wraps. Then, satisfied, she let the woman drop to bob bonelessly in the water.
[18:31:23] <Sickerton> After wiping her mouth free of drool, Se'Na took hold of Faith's ankles and began to pull her along. Already having started to bring her impressive bulk back to the canopy, it was a seamless transition from the ground to a nearby tree trunk.
[18:33:20] <Sickerton> Up and up they went, with the serpentine woman lifting the her boneless plaything behind her. Se'Na dissapeared into the leaves first, but Faith's limp body apparently snagged on something partway up.
[18:34:50] <Sickerton> Quickly but tenderly, an arm shot out of the concealing branches to seize Faith's chest wraps for better maneuvering. Then, finally, the girl was lifted to fully fade from view.
[18:36:10] <Sickerton> Se'Na was going to have so much fun with this one, in so many different ways. That rival of hers better bring a hefty cargo next time she arrived; it would take quite a lot to convince her to give up a toy such as this.


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Sep 10, 2015
Eye of the Beholder
By Me and Steedman
Part 2

[15:19:43] <Sickerton> Few humans ever got to see the heart of a "Naga" clutch, and even fewer would expect the odd variances from the norm this one had. Now that Faith was trapped here, that paltry number... Didn't change at all, technically.
[15:21:46] <Sickerton> But jokes aside, the blind monk could still make out quite a bit with her other, enhanced senses. Se'Na's personal lair was located above - in the tree canopy - and what a lair it was.
[15:26:11] <Sickerton> Apparently one of the stealth-medusa's valuable secrets was how to speak with plant life, or at the very least some sort of clever terracing trick. Branches, trunks and plants intertwined with each other to create floors, walls, and even ceilings without so much as a single cut made. True, this setup was not nearly as airtight as "traditional" housebuilding, but based on how Se'Na's serpentine lower half snakes from hole to hole this may have been more of a design choice than a flaw.
[15:27:11] <Sickerton> Speaking of which, it was probably worth mentioning the naga queen herself. And her dollie.
[15:30:02] <Sickerton> In the center of the "Room," snoring slightly, was Se'Na. Occasionally she mumbled slightly in her sleep, shifting slightly to better lay out her weight.
[15:31:22] <Sickerton> And wrapped lovingly in her arms was Faith, trying her best to ignore the occasional flicker of tongue against her ear and errant squeeze of hand.
[15:31:38] <Sickerton> Faith had seen better days, and worse days.
[15:32:56] <Sickerton> On one hand, she was currently the captive plaything of a medusa. Kept sedated with steady drips of poison, she could not put up much of a fight against her "loving" master.
[15:34:37] <Sickerton> But on the other hand, her captor had recently been skimping on the toxin somewhat. Faith was not sure how well she would do in a straight-up fight, but a fight may not be needed if she could just slip away right now.
[15:36:06] <Sickerton> And "Slip" is very much the proper term for this; Se'Na, having taken a liking to how Faith's body glistened during their first encounter, had ordered her "baths" to consist of rare oils that did indeed clean her but also left her body gleaming afterwards.
[15:36:27] <Sickerton> Not to mention slippery.
[15:38:14] <Sickerton> So now, if she could only manage to wriggle her way out of the medusa's sleeping clutches, she could very well be on the way to woozily (but eagerly) finding an escape from this madness. It would take a good bit of finesse, but she was sure that it could be done.
[15:38:18] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:41:30] <thesteedman> Faith had yet to move. She had been counting the hours, the minutes and even the seconds. The toxins still ran through her veins, but it had been some time since her last "top up", and thoughts of escape were becoming more coherent.
[15:43:00] <thesteedman> Her sight was still nothing but a darkness as black as pitch, even without the blindfold over her eyes. There was a glint visible within her pale eyes from the low light that peeps into the lair of the Medusa, which also allowed for her body to glisten, showing off every detail and curve of Faith's figure.
[15:44:53] <thesteedman> And her figure was very visible in this night. Her gi pants remained, but were little but rags. One of her legs was left bare, the other still had some shreds of thread that stretched down over her thigh but little more. The fabric that coated her chest had also been torn, keeping Faith's breasts mostly concealed, but careful tears had appeared below to reveal some undercleavage.
[15:45:51] <thesteedman> No other clothing was there, something that could work to her advantage given her flesh was coated in unusual oils. She breathed slow and deeply, trying to regain precious energy needed for her escape attempt.
[15:46:35] <thesteedman> Se'Na's arms were wrapped loosely around her torso, as the Medusa was pressed up behind her, holding her almost lovingly. Faith bit on her lower lip, beginning to finally make her move.
[15:47:30] <thesteedman> She took in what sense she could about the area around her. Normally what occured instantaniously took time... as Faith's senses were not what they should be with the toxins still in her system... but given time and careful thought she managed to map the area she was in... and importantly were Se'Na's tails was...
[15:48:18] <thesteedman> And it was everywhere.... Faith knew she would have to be careful and precise... With a deep breath, she slowly began to make her move, using her oiled up flesh to try and better slide from the "loving" grasp of her captor...
[15:49:31] <thesteedman> Faith had waited patiently for the dead of night, becoming familiar with the humidity and the sounds from the previous nights, knowing give or take when Se'Na was in her deepest sleep, when even her snake hair no longer began to function. The whispers suggested a deep dream, and Faith did her best not to disturb it.
[15:50:31] <thesteedman> Slowly, she managed to slide free. Her legs felt unsteady as she slowly but carefully began to stand. Her body already strained with some complaint... her muscles wanting to simply relax and regain strength. But Faith pressed on, she could not afford to fail and remain a captive of the twisted Naga.
[15:51:35] <thesteedman> She had to fight a grimace, as she finally found her feet. Her posture was somewhat unbalanced, and it took time before Faith stabilized her senses again. Taking a quiet breath, she tried to channel her energy, looking to get a good feel of her surroundings, feeling for Se'Na's tail.
[15:51:47] <thesteedman> She had to avoid it at all costs, and remain quiet, as she sought her exit.
[15:51:48] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:54:50] <Sickerton> Faith was correct to be wary of the medusa's tail, as she soon discovered that the floor was in many ways more covered with it than not. Coils intertwined upon coils, leaving but small patches of floor beneath them that would constrict suddenly to nothing as errant muscles contracted.
[15:56:58] <Sickerton> But furthermore, there was a problem above as well. Se'Na did so love her skull collection, displaying them proudly all through the area. Hanging from the "ceiling," roped in much the same ways that her necklace was, the serpent's skulls lazily hung down into the room.
[15:58:36] <Sickerton> As of now they merely swayed in the breeze, but if Faith was not careful she could disturb some while passing and cause quite a clatter as they hit each other. The monk was not sure if this would be ennough to rouse the medusa, but there was little to gain from checking.
[16:00:01] <Sickerton> Focusing her senses as much as she could, Faith could sense a human-sized gap in the "walls" about them. Probably what passed as a doorway for this enclosure.
[16:02:13] <Sickerton> It was located on almost exactly the opposite side of the room of where she and Se'Na now rested. It made sense - few "Throne rooms" have the entrance to meet royalty behind or next to the thrones - but aggrivating regardless.
[16:04:15] <Sickerton> As of now the monk could either try to traverse a straight path to the possible exit - minding her feet and head in equal measure - or hook off to the side to check the walls for either holes or handholds to exploit. Either way, the real trial had just begun.
[16:04:20] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:06:08] <thesteedman> Think... Think! Faith's chest rose and fell a significant amount with each breath she took. The blind warrior... or prisoner as she was right now, knew this was not going to be easy. If she slipped out, she had a whole swamp to traverse, but even in the state she was in, she felt she could take on the naga if need be at least one on one.
[16:07:08] <thesteedman> Se'Na was a different story. Even at full strength she would struggle, add in her snake hair... it tilted the odds by too much. Escaping here was the most critical part.
[16:07:58] <thesteedman> Faith contemplated moving to the far side, but it was so far. There was a lot of snake tail to navigate through, and feeling the presence of the Medusa, even in her deep sleep her serpentine lower half was seemingly in constant motion.
[16:08:25] <thesteedman> Even if she stepped carefully, there was a chance her body could brush against her, feel an object that was not suppose to be there and rouse her from her slumber.
[16:08:53] <thesteedman> The wall was Faith's safest option for now, there didn't seem to be too much obstacles there. It might be fruitless, but still worth checking out.
[16:09:48] <thesteedman> Carefully, Faith began to put one foot in front of the other. Her legs felt heavy but functioned none the less. She kept a "sight" with her focus for the hanging skulls, carefully keeping an arm outstretched to try and better feel their presense before touching them
[16:10:38] <thesteedman> The ground felt odd below her feet, and she began to grasp the unusual nature of the structure. Her first real obstacle appeared, and slowly and carefully, Faith tried to step over the large snake tail of Se'Na, trying to place her foot down on a free part of the ground.
[16:11:22] <thesteedman> Half way there, she once again pressed on, not daring to stop for too long in case there was another sudden movement. The wall was her destination.
[16:11:24] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:13:35] <Sickerton> The room was silent, save for the subtle sounds of slithering and wordless murmurs from the medusa. As far as Faith could tell, she had a more-or-less clear shot to the wall.
[16:15:14] <Sickerton> True, there were a few more loops of tail to walk over, but they seemed unlikely to give her much more trouble than the last one. What caught her interest, though, was a detail of the wall itself.
[16:17:24] <Sickerton> Slightly above head height - about where one would keep a storage cupboard in human households - Faith could sense a gap. She did not know what laid beyond it, if anything.
[16:19:05] <Sickerton> If this was a hole in the structure leading straight outside, it would be more than large enough for the monk to fit through. If she could muster enough strength to grab hold of the lower lip and hoist herself up, she may very well be as good as free.
[16:19:10] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:21:59] <thesteedman> Faith bit on her lower lip, her head tilting sideways in the unusual manner it did when she detected or discovered something. She felt the gap in her senses... perhaps a way out of this place. It was worth a shot, that much Faith guessed.
[16:22:53] <thesteedman> She was weak, but she felt capable enough to press on. Slowly she reached upwards, feeling the walls until her fingers brushed the lip just below the gap. She pressed down against her feet, just enough to launch herself upwards but as quietly as possible.
[16:23:21] <thesteedman> She felt her arms complain as she began to pull herself upwards, as if great weights were pressing down against her shoulders and her arms were taking all the force.
[16:23:52] <thesteedman> She had never felt so heavy, and knew it was the toxins still at work, but in spite of everything, she managed to slowly pull herself up, fighting away the urge to grunt or make any noise of complaint.
[16:24:54] <thesteedman> She managed to push herself upwards until her arms were straight, now with the gap just before her. Up close she tried to sense what was there before going straight in. She couldn't just push through if there was a sheer drop on the other side...
[16:24:57] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:26:11] <Sickerton> As Faith examined what laid beyond, she came to realize three things.
[16:28:30] <Sickerton> One: The walls were more of a "Weave" than a solid object, creating several layers that dipped in and out of each other. A gap in the first "Wall" segment would not necessarily mean that it would go the whole way through.
[16:29:15] <Sickerton> Two: Se'Na took full advantage of this, using the various nooks and crannies as cozy little spots for her tail.
[16:30:23] <Sickerton> Three: This particular "shelf" could support a segment of Se'Na's tail fairly well, but a segment of tail and a monk was pushing it.
[16:33:05] <Sickerton> Gradually Faith's handholds began to bow, which started momentum that the monk could no longer halt even if she had reacted in time. Faith's handholds gave out, dropping her onto her back against the floor... and the now-unbalanced coil was not terribly far behind.
[16:34:19] <Sickerton> The tail segment landed across Faith's torso with a THUMP, crushing her with it's weight and blowing the air out of her chest.
[16:35:12] <Sickerton> Se'Na herself mumbled something a bit louder than normal... then rolled over in her sleep. Apparently this was not too uncommon to immediately wake her.
[16:36:41] <Sickerton> But it did leave a weakened Faith underneath a large segment of tail. She would have to be delicate when she pushed it off of her... if she actually had the strength to do so at all.
[16:36:47] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:38:13] <thesteedman> It took every single bit of focus for Faith not to shout out in pain when the snake tail slammed down against her chest. She had to take a moment, quietly panting, having felt the brunt of the impact as she lay against the ground with a thick segment of Se'Na's tail resting with all its weight over her chest.
[16:39:04] <thesteedman> Slowly, Faith once more began to move, pressing her hands down against the tail, as she breathed in and press down. The oils over her flesh made it easier to navigate, and after considerable effort, Faith managed to slip and carefully slide below the snake tail.
[16:39:45] <thesteedman> She pushed it down to her hips... but stopped there, taking long moments to regain some air. She wrapped her arms around her chest, feeling significant pain, fortunate that the slam of her tail didn't break her ribs.
[16:40:30] <thesteedman> The weight of Se'Na was heavy against her hips, but at least she could breathe now. After a long moment, she once more began to slip and slide herself upwards, trying to slide her body from the underbelly of Se'Na's tail.
[16:41:14] <thesteedman> It took longer then she would have desired, and the movement was slow as not to disturb the Medusa... but finally she managed to slip free after what felt like a good amount of time.
[16:41:45] <thesteedman> Faith managed to shift onto her hands and knees, reaching with one hand against her chest, still feeling the heavy impact.
[16:42:30] <thesteedman> Biting her lip, she straightened her body, sitting straight in her knees, as she once more began to feel for the same hole, hoping with the snake tail out of the way, she might be able to climb through this time... when she was ready to stand.
[16:42:31] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:46:48] <Sickerton> At first the monk only felt more plant life, to her increasing agitation. But soon she realized that this was of a far less hardy make than the usual supporting bark, and that she could force her arm through it with little trouble.
[16:50:17] <Sickerton> Forcing herself up to lean in further, she took to pushing and pulling aside vines and ivy in what could now be a legitimate bid for freedom. After what seemed like a tense, breathless eternity, her hands broke through to the cooler air of the outside world.
[16:51:19] <Sickerton> And brushed up against the scaly shoulders of a now VERY confused sentry.
[16:54:41] <Sickerton> "What the..." she naga guard muttered, not understanding why her queen's chambers had gotten cuddly with her. She was off her guard now, but it would only be for a moment; meaning that if Faith was to stop her from catching wise and raising an alarm she would have to act lightning fast.
[16:54:51] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:56:31] <thesteedman> Faith's eyes widened in alarm when she felt her hand grasp onto something that was alive. She felt the shoulder bones of the naga guard and heard her speak out her confusion. Not even a second had past, and Faith sprang into action. She pulled sharply against the shoulder of the Naga, bringing her towards the wall.
[16:57:19] <thesteedman> Before she could reach it, Faith had already twisted her body, taking her other arm to meet the neck of the Naga with a sharp chop, looking to knock the guard out cold. The movement was fast, the action precise.
[16:58:13] <thesteedman> However, it came at a cost... and all at once the actions all hit Faith at once. Though she hit the naga guard hard... hopefully hard enough to render her unconscious... the toxins had their way with Faith after she burned through too much energy in too short a time.
[16:59:15] <thesteedman> She dropped to one knee, still on the other side of the wall, placing her hand against it as she tried to support herself. What was worst, she accidentally clashed against one of the skull laced decorations that hung from the ceiling... that combined with her own fall and that of the Naga did not make for quietness
[17:00:10] <thesteedman> Cursing under her breath... Faith tried to regain her composure quickly. She knew she was on borrowed time, and tried to get up to her feet, looking to rework the wall and try and slip through without anything else getting in her way... she was getting desperate now.
[17:00:11] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:02:27] <Sickerton> The guard crumpled from the blow, but not without a small squeal as she was put down for a nap. That, combined with the rattling skulls, seemed to finally rouse the sleeping medusa.
[17:03:41] <Sickerton> Before even opening her eyes, Se'Na yawned loudly and gave a reassuring squeeze to... the empty space in front of her. Huh.
[17:05:12] <Sickerton> Quickly realizing that something was amiss, drowsiness drained out of the queen as she shot up and scanned the room. Her petrifying gaze eventually came to rest on Faith.
[17:05:31] <Sickerton> Or rather, her backside.
[17:07:07] <Sickerton> Although she was rapidly running out of already taxed reserves, Faith had already made it about halfway through before Se'Na was fully roused. An impressive feat given the circumstances. But still not quite enough.
[17:09:38] <Sickerton> Darting over and reaching into the makeshift hole herself, Se'Na grasped a handful of the monk's blue locks and hauled her backwards. Thus she now was "looking" up at the medusa looming above, as coils wrapped around her knees to hold her in place.
[17:11:19] <Sickerton> "So energetic." the Medusa mused, tracing the monk's lips with a talon on her free hand. "Maybe I sssshould take you on walkssss..."
[17:11:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:13:17] <thesteedman> Faith felt the cool air against her skin, almost daring to feel relief where there had been none. She could feel water in the air... it would no doubt rain soon. Something she would welcome to wash off the oils the nagas had doused her flesh in.
[17:13:51] <thesteedman> She was a few pushes away from freedom... perhaps even one more with one last effort. Then she might be able to rest for a few precious seconds, and be free of a nightmare.
[17:14:29] <thesteedman> It was not to be however, and no sooner had she pressed herself through the opening in the wall, was she being pulled back into the nightmare by her hair. She yelped in pain, her hands reaching back to try and free herself from the pulling hand.
[17:15:05] <thesteedman> In no time she was on her back, back inside the chamber of the Medusa. She felt a powerful coil form around her knees, pinning her bare legs together, all but preventing any real progress of movement.
[17:15:52] <thesteedman> Before Faith could even rise or try and slip free, she felt a talon trace over her lips, hearing the familiar slithery voice of her captor. She was close, face to face no doubt given she felt her words against her skin.
[17:16:52] <thesteedman> Even oiled the way she was, there was something about Se'Na's coils, in which she simply couldn't slide her legs free of her grasp. She writhed, turning her head away from the sharp talon of Se'Na. Trying to press her free hands against her shoulders to try and keep some distance between the two.
[17:17:54] <thesteedman> "I... merely needed some air." Faith spoke, half in pathetic jest, half just trying to buy some time as she tried to think of a way out of this. She knew she couldn't defeat Se'Na, especially not in the state she was in.
[17:17:56] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:22:54] <Sickerton> "Oh?" Se'Na responded, merrily 'buying in' to the excuse. "Perhapssss we will go out later. Sssshow you around town. But for now..."
[17:26:07] <Sickerton> The medusa released her grip on the monk's hair. That relief was short-lived however, as the serpent woman lunged further in to wrap her arm around the warrior's neck from above.
[17:27:33] <Sickerton> Se'Na took a moment to caress Faith's displayed toned abs with her free hand, and with a lick of her lips with her serpentine tongue continued:
[17:28:29] <Sickerton> "...I wassss ssstarting to missss my ssssqueaky toy."
[17:30:06] <Sickerton> Slowly, but smoothly, Se'Na began to pull Faith's head back and downwards; building up pressure on her bent-backwards spine.
[17:30:14] <Sickerton> "Ssssqueak for me."
[17:30:18] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:32:48] <thesteedman> "UugH!" Faith gasped out, feeling her head being forced back, forcing her to arch well beyond comfort levels. With the coil around her knees, keeping her grounded and in place, she felt her body arch into an agonising " C " shape.
[17:33:49] <thesteedman> Her body strained from the sudden pressure, as she felt it build on her lower back. She reached up, grasping at Se'Na's wrist with both hands as she tried to free her head from her powerful grasp. Given she had already spent the majority of her energy, her efforts felt less then useless.
[17:35:26] <thesteedman> "Aagh!" Another quiet cry of pain escaped Faith's lips, as her toes curled, feeling the pressure build more. She closed her eyes tightly as her teeth gritted together. There was no way out of this she knew... her back was still in discomfort from the last "session" she had to endure from Se'Na, and thus the strain on her spine now was enough to make her finally shout out in pain.
[17:35:30] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:43:47] <Sickerton> "Good, good..." the medusa cooed, her long tongue drooping out of her mouth. With that initial cry out of the way, Se'Na shifted her hold to better get at what she REALLY wanted to play with right now.
[17:46:35] <Sickerton> Shaking off Faith's grip, Se'Na shifted her arm downward and across the monk's shoulderblade. With her other hand meeting it from the other side they formed a new lock; across Faith's chest, just below her breasts.
[17:47:33] <Sickerton> With Faith bent over backwards as she was, this put the medusa at face level with the monk's slim, toned stomach. Perfect.
[17:50:09] <Sickerton> Leaning forward, Se'Na let her tongue explore Faith's rock hard abs. Her stomach now glistened with saliva alongside oil and sweat as the appendage ran along every crevice, stopping occasionally to circle inside her navel.
[17:52:40] <Sickerton> the serpent woman purred with primal satisfaction as she squeezed down harder, in order to bring Faith's abs close enough to nuzzle against. This also meant that much more pressure on the woman's chest, but that was... an added bonus...
[17:52:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:00:02] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out, feeling Se'Na hug her close. The side of her face pressed against Se'Na's body, before she groaned in pain, feeling more stress build on her bent back, before her chest was hugged, forcing the air from her lungs.
[18:01:12] <thesteedman> That was only part of the grueling hold... and Faith gasped out louder when she suddenly felt the wet tongue of Se'Na begin to trace over her straining stomach. She winced in disgust, writhing to try and get free of the excruciating hold.
[18:02:42] <thesteedman> "Ugh! S... stop!" Faith weakly exclaimed, as Se'Na had her way with her. She felt her tongue trace over her oiled stomach firmly, delicately dancing around her navel. Faith blushed, almost embaressed, as she was unable to pry, push or struggle against Se'Na.
[18:04:12] <thesteedman> Infact... all she could do was hold onto her to try and find some leverage from the back bending position. A squeeze forced her up more against Se'Na, as her chest clicked and crackled in the powerful grip. By now Faith couldn't prevent the shout of pain, feeling her back and chest feel the brunt of the pressure, all whilst Se'Na had the pleasure of kissing over her straining abs.
[18:06:38] <thesteedman> Se'Na had been quite a specialist in back bending and crushing holds, and this was fast becoming one of the worst as Faith struggled to endure. "Please!..." Faith whispered in pain, beginning to struggle, groaning. She tried to stand against her legs but the coil kept them in place... she tapped against Se'Na's side, feeling the agony becoming too much as well as the humiliation.
[18:06:39] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:09:16] <Sickerton> The medusa smiled coyly upon hearing her plaything's pleas. Not quite so much at them happening, so much as the woman being able to get them out at all. Such a strong specimen. So utterly unique in it's resillience.
[18:11:29] <Sickerton> Slowly Se'Na crept 'down,' which was actually 'up' to Faith. Down her abs, over her chest, against her neck, leaving kisses and playful flicks of the tongue the whole way.
[18:13:10] <Sickerton> Eventually she moved past Faith's face - slathering that in a good layer of saliva while doing so - and the monk was lifted up so that Se'Na could hold her from behind.
[18:15:59] <Sickerton> The medusa's hands came to rest against Faith's breasts, but that was a small price to pay for the pressure taken off of her spine. Her almost tangible relief withered on the vine, though, as the serpent whispered into her ear:
[18:16:28] <Sickerton> "We still have a few more hours of nap time."
[18:19:59] <Sickerton> With a brutal jerk Se'Na pulled both herself and her captive backwards, their spines reaching an almost an inhuman angle at the zenith. Se'Na, being a an ever-flexible serpent, was completely unharmed by this action. Faith was not... and was not...
[18:20:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:23:02] <thesteedman> "Aaahh....huuhh..." Faith breathed heavily when Se'Na finally brought her up. She could still feel trails of drool from her bare stomach to over her chest and neck, and even along her face from the kisses when Se'Na moved. Pain racked against Faith's back, and she seemed to slump within Se'Na's arms for a moment.
[18:23:45] <thesteedman> She was in so much pain she didn't even try to escape from her grasp, when her hands grasped gently over her breasts. She simply let her head lean forward, focusing on breathing as her hands favoured what little of her back she could reach whilst Se'Na was pressed against her.
[18:24:31] <thesteedman> Her chest heaved with each breath, as her body noticeably strained and shuddered. Her spine complained from her mid back down to the small of it, the torturing bends really having done a number on her resolve.
[18:25:58] <thesteedman> "No... don't... please." Faith whispered. With her snake tail around her thighs, she feared another coil would take her waist soon. The backbending was often a prelude to the eventual squeeze Se'Na seemed to love to put on her.
[18:26:37] <thesteedman> It was a little different however this time, as Faith was taken off guard, suddenly feeling Se'Na pull her back once more, using her own superior flexibility against her to suddenly force her into another agonising arch.
[18:28:05] <thesteedman> Faith screamed in pain, perhaps the loudest since her capture that Se'Na had witnessed as her back could be heard creaking from the strech. Faith writhed, trying to break free desperately, straining and feeling the agonizing pain against her back. "You're... breaking..." Was the only two words Faith could manage before the pain become too much
[18:28:45] <thesteedman> She ran her hands through her hair, before trying to pry free of Se'Na's arms to try and relieve the pressure. Even in desperation however, she was still too weak to come close to releasing herself.
[18:28:47] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:30:46] <Sickerton> The serpent queen chuckled at her plaything's agonized pleas. "Oh, I would never break my favorite toy..."
[18:31:04] <Sickerton> Followed by another small jerk downwards.
[18:31:46] <Sickerton> "Irreparably."
[18:36:00] <Sickerton> Out from under the monk Se'Na slithered, allowing Faith to drop limply to the rough, barklike floor. She had only a moment to writhe in pain until Se'Na plopped down on top of her.
[18:37:07] <Sickerton> Se'Na's humanoid upper form pressed up against her from the waist up... and her colossal lower half crushing everything from the waist down.
[18:38:30] <Sickerton> "Lucky for you" the queen mused, "we have a great many healersss in this clutch. Why, they could being you back from almossst anything!"
[18:41:01] <Sickerton> Coils seized Faith's arms, simultaneously pulling her arms away and squeezing down upon them. Se'Na herself took Faith in an embrace, wrapping her arms around the prone warrior as if they were sweethearts in bed.
[18:41:53] <Sickerton> "For example..."
[18:45:42] <Sickerton> "Se'Na once again clamped down. With EVERYTHING. Tendrils both pulled at Faith's arm joints and crushed down on the limbs themselves. Se'Na's arms - one wrapped around Faith's waist and the other coming up from behind to rest on her shoulderblades - both pulled her in with superhuman strength.
[18:47:48] <Sickerton> Loops circled around her stomach and tightened, cutting off her air and putting pressure on her organs. And Se'Na, cooing softly, leaned in to give Faith a love bite on the neck.
[18:49:35] <Sickerton> But perhaps 'love bite' was not the best of terms here. As Faith felt a familiar sensation begin to course through her veins, she came to a realization: Why would ONLY the snake heads be able to inject poison?
[18:49:40] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:50:54] <thesteedman> Faith knew this was all part of a lesson, a grim one. Don't try to escape. Se'Na's embraces had been anything but light during her time in captivity... but she was going out of her way to be brutal to her this time, and it made sense why after she nearly slipped free.
[18:52:08] <thesteedman> She felt her arms being pulled first after Se'Na planted herself upon her. Being taken by coils and pulled away, stretched and slowly crushed. She grimaced in pain, feeling Se'Na press down, near grinding her body against her own. Her legs simply couldn't move under the weight of the coils, and before she knew it, Se'Na was locking her in an embrace of her own with her humanoid upper body.
[18:53:03] <thesteedman> Faith tried to bridge, but couldn't move... instead she felt more pressure, pressing in against her lower back and her upper back, crushing her more against Se'Na, feeling her stomach grind painfully tight against her own as their chests meshed together.
[18:53:44] <thesteedman> Faith cried out in pain, but it was brief, when she felt her snake coils beginning to work around her glistening oiled figure, looking to add to the squeeze. All at once, the pressure built and built, and Faith closed her eyes tightly.
[18:54:42] <thesteedman> Her lips parted for a scream, but no sound escaped, as she writhed, toes curling and head whipping side to side. The bite on her neck was barely anything compared to the pressure on her back and on her insides as she was brutally squeezed.
[18:55:26] <thesteedman> She felt her body become weak all of a sudden, as toxins once more began to fuel through her veins. All it did however, was make the pain that much worst, as her body was forced to relax a little, allowing for more crushing power.
[18:56:40] <thesteedman> Her back almost seemed to crack, no doubt close to reaching its limits as Faith weakly struggled, saliva drooling out of the side of her open mouth as shuddered in agony. She was beat... she was beat from the start.... she was foolish not to realize it sooner.
[18:56:42] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:00:30] <Sickerton> Se'Na moaned against the monk's neck, feeling her toy's struggles begin to wane. She considered lapping up the blood from the puncture wounds before pulling back, but decided to go one more instead.
[19:03:40] <Sickerton> Extending her tongue, Se'Na wrapped it around the neck of the captive Faith. THEN she sat back, with the extended appendage constantly taking up the crimson trickles as it rubbed against her throat.
[19:06:06] <Sickerton> It was a sight for the ages. This beautiful, stunning warrior; broken, shivering and glistening below her. For not the first time she was amazed that such a prize just walked in for the taking one day. She would have traded the stars and the moon itself for this.
[19:07:03] <Sickerton> Her plaything was almost ready for bed again. Key word: Almost.
[19:09:25] <Sickerton> Falling back down upon her prize, Se'Na locked lips with Faith in a passionate kiss as she once again crushed the shuddering body in her arms. But there was no tongue this time. It was... occupied.
[19:11:28] <Sickerton> Se'Na's serpentine tongue had not moved from it's previous stranglehold. In fact, it committed even harder. Se'Na extended it further and further from some hidden reserve deep within her, allowing it to slither around and downwards Faith's brutalized body.
[19:13:03] <Sickerton> Through the dip in her collarbone. Across her chest twice, brushing up against both the tops and bottoms of her breasts. And finally stopping at her waist, the tip flicking against her abs with almost tickling lightness.
[19:15:28] <Sickerton> It is thus in this manner that the serpent queen, as she squeezed the life out of her precious little doll, gave Faith a sloppy kiss across her entire heaving form.
[19:15:32] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:17:19] <thesteedman> Faith couldn't fight the kiss. She was too exhausted, her body beginning to fail her. The toxin ran through her system, as small trickles of blood ran from the wound in her neck, only to be lapped up by Se'Na's long tongue. Like a serpent in its own right, her tongue had wrapped around her neck firmly, nearly choking her, and seemed to only extend.
[19:18:30] <thesteedman> Faith could barely focus upon it, already caught in a deep kiss. She tried to pull away, but Se'Nas lips were seemingly locked in place with her own. She felt her powerful snake coils slide downwards, to wrap around her waist, causing Faith to grunt in the kiss as her back was already on the verge of breaking.
[19:19:52] <thesteedman> Faith didn't realize it was to make room for her tongue to extend, which did so, managing to slide across her well oiled figure, caressing her cleavage and sliding across her exposed underboob. Faith closed her eyes tight, groaning in disgust in the kiss as her tongue stretched on, sliding over her bare and strained stomach.
[19:21:16] <thesteedman> Faith could do little more then writhe, as her strength failed her. Her chest burned from lack of air, and Se'Na continued to deeply kiss her, as if lovingly. Her waist was crushed, her chest crushed by Se'Na's arms. All whilst Se'Na still managed to get her way with her abs and everything else for that matter.
[19:22:06] <thesteedman> Faith was hoping to pass out now... it seemed like the only possible relief. It took longer then she would have liked... but after a good long minute... she felt herself slipping... moving less and less in Se'Nas grip.
[19:22:32] <thesteedman> Soon enough, Faith seemed to relax, no longer moving, but rather shuddering now and then, as conciousness left her. (yt)
[19:26:00] <Sickerton> Se'Na felt her toy slowly go limp as her body caught up to her spirit, and hugged her precious even tighter for a moment before realizing that was probably a bad idea. Slowly, tenderly, the medusa released her various grips on the woman and allowed her to lay sprawled on the floor.
[19:28:04] <Sickerton> That was a spirited escape attempt. She would have to have that hole patched up later... or maybe not. It could serve well as a reminder, proof that even with freedom so close her life was now here.
[19:28:33] <Sickerton> In any case, that was for later. Now it was naptime.
[19:30:07] <Sickerton> Picking up the limp monk like a little girl would her favorite teddy bear, Se'Na carried her back to their usual resting place. Then she settled in once again, patting the top of Faith's lolling head as she yawned softly.
[19:33:26] <Sickerton> She wrapped her arms around her favorite doll, then wrapped her tail around the both of them; enveloping them in a deep, dark, inseparable embrace. Then, with a soft kiss to the monk's glistening cheek, Se'Na was drifted back off to sleep by the reassuring heat and spasms of her best friend.


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Sep 10, 2015
Eye of the Beholder
By Me and Steedman
Part 3

[15:16:04] <Sickerton> Se'Na read over the scroll her Naga scouts had given her. She had been doing so for the last fifteen minutes or so, halfheartedly hoping that she'd just been misreading it somehow.
[15:17:32] <Sickerton> The medusa had dismissed said scouts from her chambers immediately after the first go through; the information it contained was not difficult to understand, just... unfortunate.
[15:20:09] <Sickerton> A very specific dealing partner had apparently vanished off the face of the planet. Not a single blip on Se'Na's wide and intricate network of information gathering. It could be possible that she was just laying as low as humanly possible, but considering what she came here to ask about... well...
[15:22:04] <Sickerton> She would have to assume by this point that the partner was dead, or worse. Which meant that the items she was holding for her would have to be sold off or liquidated.
[15:22:14] <Sickerton> Speaking of which...
[15:23:36] <Sickerton> The medusa turned her head to look down upon the monk, cuddling by her side as if reading along with her. Well, if she could actually see. And if she wasn't being held in place by a tail wrap.
[15:25:28] <Sickerton> Se'Na had taken this one in under the idea of it being a temporary setup, something to amuse herself with until the client of interest hooked back around. She did not really know how to 'care for' a pet human in the long term.
[15:28:20] <Sickerton> As much as she had grown fond of this girl, she was likely to slowly waste away under Se'Na's unskilled care. And while she was not too knowledgeable on the specifics of upkeep and whatnot, she knew what humans did to 'help' pets facing a slow and grueling end.
[15:30:39] <Sickerton> With a heavy sigh Se'Na set aside the scroll and 'walked' out into the middle of the chamber, the coils of her tail slowly unraveling from around the monk as she did so. She paused at the center, with her hands clasped behind her back while facing away from the Monk shakily trying to stand on her own power.
[15:31:52] <Sickerton> "I hate to admit it..." Se'Na spoke with tangible reluctance in her voice, "...but I'm afraid this is where we part ways..."
[15:31:56] <Sickerton> (yt)
[15:35:37] <thesteedman> Exhausted did not feel like the right word to justify how Faith was feeling. She had slept very little, and often found most her time was wrapped within the powerful coils of Se'Na. She leaned against the Medusa as took in all the details of the scroll in her hands.
[15:36:26] <thesteedman> The blind fighter was in a light slumber, her breathing deep and somewhat restricted by the powerful muscular coils that were wrapped around her chest, middle and waist, keeping her arms pinned at her sides.
[15:37:33] <thesteedman> The day had been a quiet one, somewhat of a blessing to Faith had Se'Na had largely left her alone, aside from keeping her close. She hadn't squeezed her, nor had her tongue wrapped itself around her in anyway as Se'Na had become somewhat fond of doing.
[15:39:08] <thesteedman> The monk was left to rest, something she had found little of. Her body ached from the poisons that ran through her veins, keeping her weakened at all times. The snake bites of Se'Na's hair had simply become the norm now. She barely flinched when it occurred, often catching her shoulder or neck. It felt almost like this was simply her life now... nothing but a toy to Se'Na... a slave doomed to this existence.
[15:39:22] <thesteedman> That changed however, all too quickly.
[15:40:00] <thesteedman> Faith felt the coils slowly slide from her body, making her stir until she was awake. She fell down onto her hands and knees, her body left visible were it had been previously cocooned by coils.
[15:40:44] <thesteedman> Her outfit had been changed, as the rags of her old outfit no longer sufficed. The new clothing was barely different however, being freshly made and nothing else.
[15:41:49] <thesteedman> Her top was of a similar ilk to what remained of her own, purposely designed to leave a portion of her underbreasts visible, whilst exposing a fair slither of cleavage. Her bottoms were much thinner then what remained of her slacks, revealing more of her stomach, and all of her legs.
[15:43:00] <thesteedman> Slowly, Faith pushed against the ground, fighting past her complaining and trembling legs to stand, when Se'Na released her. There was something in her tone that she had no liking to. Something told her Se'Na had no intention of letting her walk away. However, given all she had been through... perhaps an end to it all would be a mercy.
[15:44:19] <thesteedman> "Your going to kill me... are you not?" Faith whispered, her voice holding no trace of the command it once had when Se'Na first encountered her. Faith had been worn down. Despite being well fed and watered, the constant embraces had drained her morale... the torture breaking down her walls.
[15:45:15] <thesteedman> "W... what are you waiting for?" Faith spoke, managing to gain only a little more volume. She dropped to one knee, her legs barely able to carry her. As useless as it may be... she intended to fight for her life at the very least.
[15:45:16] <thesteedman> (yt)
[15:48:54] <Sickerton> Se'Na's head turned, looking back at the struggling monk with one quite literally stony eye. The monk didn't even entertain the idea of being freed. Always quick on the uptake, one of the several things the medusa admired about her.
[15:51:09] <Sickerton> In fact, she WOULD have given good thought to the possibility of just letting her walk away if it wasn't for one thing: The girl knew her secret. What this always out of sight 'Naga' really was. It was an ace-in-the hole Se'Na had kept hidden for ages, and she wasn't about to let a loose end be just because she liked it.
[15:54:58] <Sickerton> With cobra-strike quickness Se'Na spun and charged, palming the monk's face and slamming her against one of the chamber's natural 'walls'. As the medusa was the taller of the two, Faith's feet dangled juuust above the floor as she came to rest upon the barky surface.
[15:56:41] <Sickerton> "Oh come now..." Se'Na began, her usual sultry tone steadily leaking back in to mix with the regret in odd ways. "I don't mean anything by this."
[15:58:54] <Sickerton> "In fact..." she continued, her tongue snaking out and dancing about in anticipation as she leaned in towards her struggling captive, "Let me make it a biiit more fun for you..."
[15:58:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:00:12] <thesteedman> The world seemed to toss and turn in an instant when Se'Na managed to close the distance in an instant. She felt her powerful hand grasp her skull, before the was thrown through the air and forced up against the awkward wall, feeling the uneven surface dig into her shoulder blades.
[16:00:58] <thesteedman> Faith was tired of thinking "Had I have not been poisoned..." it did not alter reality. She was weak, at the mercy of this Medusa, and it seemed now after what felt like weeks of suffering, it was finally coming to a grim end.
[16:01:36] <thesteedman> Faith struggled to get her bearings even now, her senses in constant fault with the poison in her system. She grimaced in pain, grasping at Se'Na's wrist as she tried to free herself from her grasp.
[16:02:44] <thesteedman> Faith bit on her lower lip hard, as she lifted her aching legs upwards, trying to place her feet against anything on Se'Na, her body, hips, anything. She then tried to push against Se'Na with her legs, a desperate move to try and find release or put some space between her and the slithering menace
[16:05:07] <thesteedman> "I.... take it... Blackthrone is not coming back?" Faith whispered. Though it pained her to speak in her current predicament. However, she was simply trying to buy some more precious moments of life. Feeling the sudden fear that this was going to be her final moments of life. Anything to buy time... as if the gods would intervene.
[16:05:10] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:08:14] <Sickerton> Se'Na nodded at the question, although in hindsight she was not entirely sure if that got across.
[16:11:23] <Sickerton> "Your friend has vanished entirely. No trace at all. As I could find out what a blacksmith's apprentice on the other side of the world had for lunch three days ago if I wanted, this bodes VERY ill for her."
[16:13:09] <Sickerton> The serpent woman watched with amusement as the monk placed her feet on Se'Na's torso, apparently trying to get some distance between them. In Faith's weakened state Se'Na could have just ignored this, but it did open up possibilities...
[16:15:42] <Sickerton> Se'na drew back somewhat, allowing Faith to fully extend her legs as she supposedly 'pushed' the serpent away. But when only her shoulders propped her up against the wall a coil came up underneath her, arching her back as she was lifted from the middle.
[16:17:31] <Sickerton> Coils circled around Faith's feet, binding her ankles together, and the tip of Se'Na's tail roped around her neck with enough tension to be slightly uncomfortable but not quite enough to strangle. She was now propped backwards 'looking' up at the ceiling.
[16:19:57] <Sickerton> "On the bright side" Se'Na cooed, playfully dancing her taloned fingers over the straining chest and stomach presented before her. "If she is TRULY gone, you two will be able to settle affairs soon enough..."
[16:19:59] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:21:38] <thesteedman> "Agh!" Faith gasped out, feeling the tip of Se'Na's tail secure around her exposed neck, gripping firmly enough to make her gag slightly. She felt her ankles being bound together by another coil, as another portion of Se'Na's ever long tail slowly pressed up against her mid back, slowly arching her. She gasped out, as her chest heaved with each sharp breath.
[16:22:47] <thesteedman> Faith winced in disgust, feeling the long nails of Se'Na trace across her heaving chest, before gliding over her bare stomach. There was not enough pressure to break the skin, but the sensation sent a chill down Faith's strained spine, knowing Se'Na had her where she wanted her.
[16:23:29] <thesteedman> Her hands reached up, grasping at the coil around her neck, as she writhed and wriggled. Faith had no leverage as she was. She was bent backwards awkwardly and restrained.
[16:25:31] <thesteedman> "S... stop... playing games with me..." Faith gasped in desperation. It was one thing to be tortured and a captive, but there was something more horrifying about this now, as Se'Na was playing with her prey. Faith's breathing increased, as that small seed of fear began to grow within her core. If this was to be her end, she didn't want to be teased and mocked like this. This was no way to go.
[16:25:33] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:31:39] <Sickerton> Se'Na tilted her head slightly, for a moment lost in thought. WAS this cruel? She could have just twisted the monk's head around, or flung her out of the canopy onto a spiked stump. She was honestly TRYING to make this easier, maybe even tolerable, but perhaps she just didn't think the same way a human did...
[16:32:17] <Sickerton> Or perhaps a couple centuries with nothing but snakes and skulls for company had simply made her go a bit 'off' over time. Who knows?
[16:33:10] <Sickerton> In any case, what this crabby sally needed was a good hug.
[16:36:53] <Sickerton> Willing the coil behind Faith up to around her shoulderblades, Se'Na moved in and wrapped her arms around the woman's heaving midsection. With what she thought was caring graduality - but in truth was more like taunting slowness - she started to add pressure to the hug, compressing the blind woman's organs and further taxing her spine.
[16:39:14] <Sickerton> "Shhh..." the medusa 'reassuringly' whispered, in-between kisses and slight nickings with her teeth she made across Faith's toned abs. "It will all be over soon..."
[16:39:19] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:40:43] <thesteedman> There was some relief when Se'Nas tail slid upwards from her back to behind her shoulders, as she was no longer arched in the awkward manner she had been. However, it did leave her torso exposed for Se'Na to take with her arms.
[16:41:29] <thesteedman> There was something devilish about the way she slowly wrapped her up in the embrace, and Faith felt her heart near catch within her chest, hearing Se'Na trying to ease her, almost in a mocking and condescending manner.
[16:42:37] <thesteedman> The grip became firm, and slowly the pressure around her midsection began to increase. Faith breathed heavily, struggling but unable to get anywhere. A quiet groan then escaped her lips as her grip continued to tighten, forcing her to tense up as the blind fighter tried to endure the growing pressure.
[16:44:42] <thesteedman> To add insult to injury, she felt Se'Na began to deeply kiss over her straining stomach. "No! Don't... agh!" Faith gasped, feeling the grip tighten a little more, as Se'Na nipped gently over her abs, having her way with her as she slowly increased the embrace. Faith writhed, shaking her head left and right as the grip was now becoming painful, compressing her insides and beginning to slowly put strain on her already tested spine.
[16:45:33] <thesteedman> Faith moaned in pain, trying to push against Se'Na's shoulders with trembling arms, uselessly trying to struggle against her fate.
[16:45:34] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:48:26] <Sickerton> Wait, perhaps this was the wrong way to go about this. How could she get across that... maybe...
[16:50:05] <Sickerton> Se'Na released her grip on the monk, allowing her to slump back against the coil that propped her up. Instead the medusa's arms rose up, to seize Faith's hands with her own and entwine their fingers together.
[16:51:52] <Sickerton> The coil once again went down to her lower back, forcing Faith again into an awkward arch. This was further compounded now, though, by Se'Na pressing her own body against hers with crushing intensity.
[16:53:38] <Sickerton> The ever-flexible serpent woman followed her companion's bend perfectly, their chests and stomachs mashing against each other with absolutely no space between them. This, combined with the tail segment behind, in some ways was like if the bearhug had never stopped.
[16:57:02] <Sickerton> Guiding their linked hands out to their sides as she dove in, Se'Na once again clamped down on the monk with a full kiss. And 'clamp' is the optimal term here; so fierce in her attack that she was also biting Faith's lips in the process.
[17:00:10] <Sickerton> This had to be it. If there was a way to go, she couldn't think of a better one. Satisfied at last with her 'technique' Se'Na continued ramping up the pressure, waiting for the eventual crackling of bones which would tell her that the deed had been done.
[17:00:16] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:02:09] <thesteedman> Faith groaned loudly, feeling a powerful coil wrap around her hips. It was angled however, with the back of the coil resting higher then the front, giving Se'Na all the room to press in against her, and force her spine against the coil that was secured around her lower back.
[17:02:58] <thesteedman> She tried to resist Se'Na's grip, pressing forwards, but without strength and leverage, the Medusa simply moved against her, forcing Faith to arch back over the coil as much as her back would allow.
[17:04:32] <thesteedman> When she had finished arching, it was then the coil tightened around her hips, and Se'Na pressed her bare stomach against her own, meshing their abs together as their chests pressed near flat. With the sheer amount of pressure on her lower back, Faith already cried out loud as her back quietly creaked.
[17:05:06] <thesteedman> It gave Se'Na the opening she wanted to capture her lips with her own, whilst she restrained her hands. This kiss was unlike the rest however...
[17:05:45] <thesteedman> It was full of passion, alarmingly full of love. Faith tried to pull away but with Se'Na meshed up and grinding against her, there was no hope.
[17:06:29] <thesteedman> In moments the kiss was a thought that moved to the back of her mind, as the pressure kept growing around her waist. A few more clicks and creaks forced a muffled shout from Faith as she closed her eyes tightly. This was it... she knew..
[17:07:42] <thesteedman> Faith didn't realize she was still screaming in the kiss when the pressure mounted and mounted, she felt her body arching more and more, beyond what she was normally capable of. All whilst Se'Na continued to press forwards, meshing their bodies, kissing her like it would be for the last time.
[17:08:33] <thesteedman> Rational thought escaped Faith, and pain took over. Her back crackled more audibly as the embrace increased... until a muffled series of pop sounded out from her lower back.
[17:09:27] <thesteedman> Faith noticably jolted, as she arched that little more, as a loud crack sounded out. Faith seemed to freeze, tensing up within the arch as something within her back went.
[17:10:33] <thesteedman> She felt pain like she had never felt before in her spine, as her body was wracked with pain. Tears streamed down from Faith's clenched shut eyes, as she knew her back was on the verge of being shattered completely... if she could think through the agony... she would have thought this was the end.
[17:10:35] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:14:30] <Sickerton> Faith obviously could not tell - from both her eyes squeezed shut and being bloody blind - but a cavalcade of emotions were dancing across Se'Na's face. It was all but done. It may actually BE done. All she had to do was... was...
[17:15:58] <Sickerton> ...Nothing. For once in her long, visceral life, the medusa couldn't go through with a kill.
[17:17:37] <Sickerton> Se'Na drew back, and the various coils did along with her, allowing Faith to fall down to the ground. Se'Na herself winced at the audible WHUMP this caused, realizing too late what a stupid move that was, but she couldn't pause to berate herself. Time was of the essence.
[17:20:20] <Sickerton> If Faith still had any sliver of consciousness at this point, it was possible that she might have heard snippets of the serpent queen's unquestionably worried mutters as she slithered away and began to rummage through cubbyholes. Stuff along the lines of "Too late" and "Don't know how..."
[17:22:37] <Sickerton> Eventually though the medusa reappeared above her, clasping a jar of what seemed to be salve in one hand. With the other hand she took hold of one of Faith's shoulders and rolled her over, so now she was face-down on the rugged wood floor.
[17:24:19] <Sickerton> "Hold on..." Se'Na said, more to herself as she pulled off the healing salve's lid with an audible POP. "Just a little longer, and..."
[17:24:23] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:25:39] <thesteedman> The last few moments were mostly a blur to Faith. She lay on the ground, her mouth open as if screaming out but no sound escaping her lips. She moved little, as any piece of movement caused an unbearable stab of pain in her lower back.
[17:26:53] <thesteedman> In all the agony, she managed to string a few thoughts together... she could still move her legs... even if it brought excruciating pain to do so. Her back was probably broken, but perhaps not fatally so. She could barely think about it past the pain.
[17:28:17] <thesteedman> "AAgh!" Faith near shrieked when Se'Na suddenly rolled her onto her stomach, feeling more intense stabs of pain against her lower back. She lay on her stomach, her body trembling as Faith could only focus on breathing. If this was suppose to be a mercy killing it had been anything but... and now Faith just wanted it to end.
[17:29:29] <thesteedman> "Huugh!" Faith arched her upper body when she felt something press against her tender lower back. A series of clicks seemed to sound out, causing Faith to scream, before she flopped down against the ground. Where her legs had been tingling with pain, she felt the sensation slowly subside.
[17:30:33] <thesteedman> She felt hands massaging against the agony of her lower spine. Causing her to grimace and writhe as pain threatened to take her into unconsciousness... however, mysteriously she felt a significant portion of the pain slowly ease.
[17:31:36] <thesteedman> Faith slowly began to relax a little more, though she was left shaking. Her bottom lip trembled as she had to fight back more tears from flowing down her cheeks. It was only as a little more of the agony decreased that she felt Se'Na's hands firmly massaging her back.
[17:32:15] <thesteedman> "D... don't... please don't..." Faith whispered, almost believing Se'Na was healing her, just to break her again and again... torture and prolong her death.
[17:32:17] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:35:43] <Sickerton> Se'Na beamed to herself as her pet began to move and groan underneath her with increased strength. She had done it! It was close, but the medusa had saved it! Now knowing that it was working she added more force behind her massage, trying her best to get the salve as deep in as she could.
[17:38:13] <Sickerton> "I don't care about the deal, I don't care about how hard it is..." she thought out loud to herself as she used both hands and leaned almost fully into her strokes. "I can learn. We can make this work."
[17:39:37] <Sickerton> Se'Na did hear Faith speak... technically. She was too overjoyed at the monk actually being ABLE to speak to give the words much heed. In any case she probably would have ignored them anyways, such phrases being a fairly regular part of their 'playtimes'.
[17:41:32] <Sickerton> Alright, it seemed like the monk's back had been sufficiently slathered. But that was not the only thing Se'Na had put through the wringer in this close call.
[17:43:29] <Sickerton> One third out of duty, and two thirds out of pleasure, Se'Na flipped the monk over again and greased up the palms of her hands with salve. The poor girl's neck, chest and stomach must be absolutely ACHING!
[17:43:33] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:45:28] <thesteedman> Faith gasped quietly. She still noticeably trembled, her will near shattered along with her spine it seemed in the face of death. A few pained groans escaped her lips when her back clicked and popped more as the oils were more then firmly massaged into her lower back.
[17:46:22] <thesteedman> Whatever the oils were, they were shifting things back into place and easing the pain. After writhing from the last of the clicks, Faith noticeably seemed to flop down against the ground. There was still the echo of pain, though it was more in her mind from memory then physically.
[17:47:06] <thesteedman> But Faith seemed to relax as much as her trembling body would allow. Her mind was blank for a long moment, almost waiting for the pain to start again, hearing Se'Na's words but not yet truly taking them in.
[17:48:16] <thesteedman> She was turned around very suddenly onto her back, as she "looked" towards Se'Na, confusion visible on her drifting and sightless eyes. Faith froze in place, when Se'Na began to massage the unusual oils over her neck.
[17:50:15] <thesteedman> She closed her eyes, biting on her lower lip as she felt her hands explore over her shoulders, before moving downwards over her chest. Faith shuddered in fright as her hands slid up her top, to actually oil her breasts before they slid away, leaving her at least covered. Though healed, Faith was still left in an exhausted and drained state, and she could do nothing as Se'Na's hands ran down her stomach.
[17:50:23] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:53:08] <Sickerton> Se'Na was meticulous in her massage; making sure that every nook and cranny was sufficiently slathered. After all, what was the point of half-assing this? Her hands gracing such a fine specimen was MERELY a bonus, of course...
[17:55:49] <Sickerton> Her fingers danced across the monk's collarbone, her palms momentarily cupped her breasts (was that a squeeze there? Perish the thought!), and eventually she reached that fine, chiseled stomach. In many ways, she though that this was the real star of the show.
[18:01:50] <Sickerton> Purring to herself she went in 'deep', putting the full force of her technically massive body behind her strokes. She could hear the monk groan as the compression somewhat forced her to exhale, but Se'Na was not too worried any more. This was nothing next to what she just survived, and any damage she managed right now would be patched up by the very same substance she was applying with so much force.
[18:04:02] <Sickerton> After all was said and done, Se'Na paused to observe her handiwork. She was sure that her pet would be fine now. Quivering there, glistening and panting...
[18:05:23] <Sickerton> With a sly lick of her lips the medusa lowered herself beside the exhausted woman, snuggling up against her as she cradled her oily form and played with her messy blue hair.
[18:06:20] <Sickerton> "Are you feeling better now?" Se'Na cooed into Faith's ear. "Perhaps... ready for another romp?"
[18:06:23] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:08:07] <thesteedman> "Uugh!" Faith near sat up when Se'Na began to put all the effort of her massage upon Faith's abs. But the pain in her lower back made her flop back down with a grimace. It seemed her spine was still in a healing process and she could do nothing but endure Se'Na's exploring hands, blushing with an expression of disgust as her hands also went as far as her chest.
[18:09:16] <thesteedman> Faith was well and truly doused in the special oil when Se'Na was finished, near dripping. She was certainly a sight to behold though, her stunning form glistening from head to toe in the excess oils.
[18:13:29] <thesteedman> Faith let out a slight moan once again when Se'Na brought her close, snuggling up to her as she felt her tail beginning to reposition itself. Faith shuddered at the words of Se'Na, the thought of being squeezed and crushed like that again... Faith shook her head. She could barely move, and her eyes felt so heavy. "Don't..." Faith whispered, feeling Se'Na almost playfully ruffle her hair smoothly, whilst feeling her coils threatening to wrap around her. "I... can't take... " Was all Faith could manage to whisper, it was clear she was nearly out of it after such an experience.
[18:13:30] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:16:51] <Sickerton> "Oh, don't worry..." Se'Na mused as she slowly slid down her her playmate's side. "I know you've had a big day. I'll be gentle...ish."
[18:19:03] <Sickerton> Coils once again wrapped around the unlucky warrior; this time two loops around her chest, essentially framing her breasts. It was quite a sight... but the medusa's attention was currently focused elsewhere.
[18:21:06] <Sickerton> Se'Na was very, VERY liberal when it came to applying the oils to Faith's midsection, almost to a ludicrous degree. Small puddles of the liquid rested in the creases between her abs, and a pool of sorts had formed inside her navel.
[18:24:44] <Sickerton> Smiling hungrily to herself the tongue came out, roping around the monk's formidable muscles to scoop up the excess. And, leaning down, the medusa eagerly began slurping up the belly-button 'pond'.
[18:25:56] <Sickerton> While the constriction around her chest was not nearly the worst Faith had been through, she was far from in the best of shape. And there was always the extra bit of sting from being essentially used as a buffet table.
[18:26:00] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:27:41] <thesteedman> Faith tried to sit up, only to be quickly reminded by her spine that it was not a good idea to move too much or too quickly. The coils around her chest squeezed the air from her lungs, making her writhe.
[18:28:59] <thesteedman> Her breasts which was sticking out between the coils almost threatened to pop out of her top with each squeeze. What was worst, Se'Na was getting what she wanted with her, near dining on her stomach, lapping up at the excess oils whilst her slithering tongue worked over her straining stomach.
[18:30:40] <thesteedman> Faith began to move less and less. She felt Se'Na wrap her arms around her waist, keeping her in place as she licked and kissed over her glistening stomach. Faith had feared such a fate... but having been so close to death, she began to think a little differently.
[18:30:57] <thesteedman> As awful as her predicament was... she was alive. There was a chance to escape as long as she survived.
[18:32:40] <thesteedman> Slowly her arms slid away from the coils around her chest, falling to her sides as she stared with her sightless eyes in the direction of the ceiling. Slowly her eyes began to get heavier, slowly closing. Her body remained tensed only for a moment, before she noticeably relaxed. Exhaustion finally got the best of Faith as she fell unconscious...
[18:33:09] <thesteedman> leaving Se'Na to continue to have her way with her.... even after consciousness had left her.


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Sep 10, 2015
Eye of the Beholder
By Me and Steedman
Part 4

[15:52:44] <Sickerton> Se'Na shifted her literally stony gaze from the book in her clawed hands, to the bubbling cauldron, and then over to the assorted canisters balanced on a segment of coil. After a moment of thought she took one of the devices and rolled it across her palm while pondering.
[15:55:05] <Sickerton> The medusa was a living library of secrets new and old, the last holder of many techniques and methods belonging to long dead civilizations. But still, that did not mean that learning always came easy to her.
[15:56:22] <Sickerton> As could be easily 'seen' today, as she struggled with a new type of concoction entirely foreign to her:
[15:56:27] <Sickerton> 'Gumbo'
[15:58:27] <Sickerton> 'Watching' from a few feet away was the 'lucky' girl this snake woman was preparing the dish for: Faith, the blind monk and part-time snuggle buddy. Well, full time now.
[16:00:35] <Sickerton> A length of Se'Na's colossal tail held her in place, but only up to the waist and letting her arms hang free. The naga queen had been somewhat lax on the constriction lately, due to her plaything's seemingly ailing health.
[16:02:49] <Sickerton> Even though Se'Na had all-but dipped Faith in a pool of healing oils, she still seemed to be having trouble bouncing completely back. This, putting it lightly, worried the medusa. It also led to a series of increasingly bizarre attempts to help her recover, leading up to this attempt to replicate proper human meals for her.
[16:04:33] <Sickerton> This was somewhat difficult, as the medusa didn't really have much of a sense of taste. It simply wasn't useful when you just unlatched your jaw to eat things whole. Thus she had to rely on the cookbooks she could get her claws on... and even then, she wasn't too sure how much she trusted them.
[16:07:21] <Sickerton> Se'Na brought the assorted spices balanced on her tail up for examination, gave them a good look over... and then with a shug and a sweep of the arm knocked every last one into the pot. Spices add flavor, and flavor is good, right? So why just use one?
[16:09:36] <Sickerton> "I know this is taking a while..." Se'Na said offhandedly to her 'friend' as she shifted her eyes back down to the cookbook and turned a page, "...but trusssst me. I'll make sure you LOVE this."
[16:09:40] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:13:37] <thesteedman> Faith did not respond. Not out of rudeness, but rather having a lack of words to say. It had been four days since Se'Na had damaged her back, having near broke her spine. It took only one day after being doused in oil for her back to recover despite the grievous damage.
[16:14:21] <thesteedman> Se'Na did not know that however, and thus the scheme began. Faith had played up the injury, allowing her to regain precious energy she had been lacking since her capture.
[16:15:01] <thesteedman> Precious days to regain her strength, whilst Se'Na did all the work for her, allowing her to recover from old injuries as the oils were rubbed into her skin every morning and night.
[16:15:54] <thesteedman> She felt better then she had in a long time, though it came at a sacrifice. Though Se'Na had not crushed her, she still had to endure firm embraces in the night, and her curious hands often finding new ways to explore her body.
[16:16:56] <thesteedman> The worst came when Se'Na had her more heated moments, and Faith had to work hard to endure the long passionate kisses, as well as that horrid tongue of hers, working its way around torso as she often had her way with her stomach.
[16:17:33] <thesteedman> Faith shuddered at the thought, she desired no more nights of Se'Na's attention. Today was the day she was going to strike back, Faith was confident she had recovered enough.
[16:18:59] <thesteedman> She had been patient, and for now remained so. Her waist was trapped in a firm coil, as more length spiraled downwards around her hips and her legs as she rested flat on her knees. Her calves and feet were visible poking out from the thick bottom coil, as Faith gently pressed her hands against the top coil, feigning weakness often enough .
[16:19:43] <thesteedman> Her body glistened with the faint remnants of oil from the morning, and Faith's face soured when the smell of the meal reached her once again, though more potent.
[16:20:22] <thesteedman> She had been fed the previous night with a rather interesting meal. It wasn't bad, but it was nothing to sing praise for. Se'Na had noticed her reaction and was trying to make more bizarre dishes in some effort to impress her.
[16:20:49] <thesteedman> By the smell of it, she was going too far this time. If the coils of the Medusa didn't kill her one day, perhaps her cooking would.
[16:21:57] <thesteedman> "I... I am sure it will be good." Faith finally muttered after some pause, she knew she could not strike just yet. She had to be clever... and suddenly an idea came to mind on when to strike.
[16:22:33] <thesteedman> "You wouldn't mind if I sampled some of it? Perhaps I can tell you if it needs more flavour." Faith whispered, knowing it would lure Se'Na close.
[16:22:34] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:27:11] <Sickerton> The medusa's ears perked at the question, and her expression's previous mix of worry and frustration melted away into eager joy. Her pet was carrying on a conversation! And had a bit of an appetite! There may be a light at the end of the tunnel after all.
[16:29:28] <Sickerton> "But of courssse!" she replied giddily, and took the large wooden spoon she was using to mix the pot with to scoop out a mouthful. The serpent woman brought it up to her own face first to give it a sniff, but more because she knew she was supposed to than anything else.
[16:32:06] <Sickerton> Her sense of smell was no better/worse than her sense of taste, more built for active hunting than rating specific odors. Thus she knew that it had a powerful aroma... but that was it. Good enough for her. Only the best, strongest stuff for her little doll.
[16:34:14] <Sickerton> "Here you go..." she cooed, leaning in towards Faith with spoon in hand. "Open your mouth and eat it all up; you need all you can to get better."
[16:34:21] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:35:29] <thesteedman> "My... my back is still stiff. Could you... lean a little closer?" Faith whispered, looking somewhat in discomfort. She hoped the plea would bring Se'Na in... perhaps even loosen her coils a little at best.
[16:36:06] <thesteedman> Faith knew she only had one shot at this. The first strike was the most important, it had to be enough to get her free from the coils.
[16:38:24] <thesteedman> The illusion would be gone, and defeat would spell disaster. Se'Na would no doubt crush all the fight she had worked so hard to regain if she failed... no... Faith knew she could not think like that. She had to win, she will win, and then she will be a slave to this Medusa no longer.
[16:39:52] <thesteedman> Faith's "sight" or senses if you will were fine tuned and at their best... the best she had felt since she was captured. She had a perfect feel for the room, for Se'Na's body, and the presence of her massive serpentine body.
[16:40:22] <thesteedman> Even without such a sense, she would have known the Medusa was near from the scent of the strong odor alone of whatever it was within that wooden spoon of hers.
[16:41:03] <thesteedman> Faith leaned in, having to fight back a souring expression given the strength of it. She looked like she was ready to sample it... though Se'Na noticed something had changed.
[16:41:53] <thesteedman> Without warning, and with deadly precision, Faith struck the side of Se'Na's temple. The element of surprise was there to prevent her snake hair from nipping her flesh with their fangs.
[16:42:35] <thesteedman> The moment the strike was finished, Faith breathed in, taking as much air as she could to try and thin herself, before she pushed against the top coil, looking to slip her oiled figure from the coils and leap backwards into a stance.
[16:42:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[16:45:15] <Sickerton> "Alright, honey..." Se'Na cooed, leaning in closer and reaching out in an attempt to seize the back of Faith's head for proper guiding. "Just leave it to me, and I'll-"
[16:47:19] <Sickerton> For a moment, the medusa's world was fire and lightning. But as it flowed back to normalcy she found herself sprawled on the barky floor as her doll worked her way free above her.
[16:49:15] <Sickerton> Groggily bringing a hand up to massage her head, the realizations came to her in bursts. First, with a smile, she painfully but joyfully croaked out "You're okay!"
[16:49:44] <Sickerton> Then, after a beat or two, her visage darkened and she once again repeated: "You're okay."
[16:52:11] <Sickerton> Rising up to a 'stand', still holding her temple, Se'Na glared daggers at the blind monk. "Do you have any idea how worried I was? And idea at all?"
[16:53:41] <Sickerton> "But I guess I shouldn't have been..." she continued, tensing up to strike like... well, a snake. "Lesssson LEARNED!"
[16:56:21] <Sickerton> With a burst of speed that would have put a cobra to shame, Se'Na lunged towards Faith with her hands out and ready to grab hold of whatever they could. Her doll had played a rather mean trick on her. She would have to be disciplined, firmly and thoroughly.
[16:56:30] <Sickerton> (yt)
[16:58:57] <thesteedman> Faith thought it best to not test her further by saying how early it was since her recovery. She remained silent, simply "watching" Se'Na, having no idea the daggers within her deadly life ending eyes that were aimed towards her.
[17:00:18] <thesteedman> Her own eyes widened in alert, reacting when she felt Se'Na close the distance. Her hands reached out, no doubt looking to seize her. It seemed Se'Na had forgot how deadly Faith was having held her in captivity for so long in a weakened state.
[17:02:07] <thesteedman> Faith was quick to remind her that she was a worthy foe. She ducked low, sensing Se'Na's arms grasp at nothing but air. Faith then twisted on her heel, pressing upwards against her foot to rise upwards with an uppercut towards Se'Na's jaw. Her strike was fast... and she retreated her closed fist just as quickly to avoid that snake hair.
[17:02:56] <thesteedman> She knew one bite from her hair would end the fight, knowing well how the poisons worked. By the time the strike had finished, Faith was already driving her bare leg into Se'Na's side, looking to send her sprawling towards the nearby wall of their enclosure.
[17:03:37] <thesteedman> With a quick flip she put distance between her and the Medusa, but knew to keep alert to her tail which was practically everywhere.
[17:03:39] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:08:06] <Sickerton> The medusa's roar was cut off as she was uppercutted with enough force to snap her head back, then kicked into a sideways tumble that ended in her rolled up against a wall of her 'throne room'. For a moment she lay there, a low groan from her accompanied by the rattling of skulls she was sent flying through.
[17:11:34] <Sickerton> Pushing herself up to the closest thing a creature like her could have to a kneel, she was now almost trembling with fury. She nursed her back to health, took care of her, and even made her meals, and got THIS in return?
[17:12:50] <Sickerton> "You... spoiled... BRAT!"
[17:13:55] <Sickerton> Faith was right to assume that Se'Na's tendrils could come at her from any direction. However, even now she could not quite grasp the sheer scope of it all.
[17:17:00] <Sickerton> The medusa's tail wove in and out of the walls to the 'room' they were in, over and over and over again. In a way, she held the building in an 'embrace' very similar to the ones she gave to Faith herself.
[17:18:38] <Sickerton> And, just like with Faith, there was always the unspoken guarantee of what she COULD do if she felt like it. This moment? She totally did.
[17:20:28] <Sickerton> The serpent queen's brow furrowed in concentration, and the building seemed to rock for a few seconds as if at sea. Complete with creaking and moaning. Then the snaps started, and things grew more... hectic.
[17:23:08] <Sickerton> Large swaths of the walls bowed inward before all at once blowing open, allowing the tail hidden within to constrict fully into the enclosure. Bits of wood flew in every direction - including down, what with the ceiling losing support - as the room continued to unmake itself.
[17:26:28] <Sickerton> For Se'Na, it meant that close to her 'full' self could be brought to bear. For Faith, it meant that she had about a second before a wave of wood shrapnel reached the middle of the enclosure where she stood. Followed shortly by quite possibly tons of serpent body closing in from every side.
[17:26:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:28:50] <thesteedman> Faith gasped, getting a full sense as the enclosure began to be torn apart from the immense pressure. She had to kick and strike a few parts of the wooden shrapnel early from falling upon her. She quickly searched for a way out, knowing if she remained where she was, she would be agonizingly trapped within debris and the full extent of Se'Na's crushing tail.
[17:30:42] <thesteedman> Faith saw a few openings, but none were truly safe. She picked a path furthest away from Se'Na's human half, looking to try and get out of sight of her. She grimaced as a chunk of wood clashed into her leg, causing her to stumble and fall upon a section of tail.
[17:31:38] <thesteedman> Quickly it tried to curl around her and trap her to a section of wall, but Faith twisted and scrambled away, avoiding the trap. It didn't stop there, as the building began to close in around her, with crushing coils threatening to overwhelm her.
[17:32:21] <thesteedman> Faith dashed, jumped, struck out where she had too, feeling the coils threatening to trap her in...
[17:32:56] <thesteedman> With a massive crunch, the trap closed, condensing what had once been Se'Nas throne room into nothing more then ruins.
[17:34:05] <thesteedman> Faith breathed heavily, having managed to scramble to the outside of it. She leaned against the thick tree trunk, listening as the wooden structure began to crumble within the coils. That serpentine body was truely monstrous... more so then she even dared to fear.
[17:34:59] <thesteedman> What was worst... she was up in the trees... and that was more Se'Na's domain then her own, as she had to balance upon the thick branches, some as thick as Se'Na's tail, making it suddenly more difficult to detect.
[17:35:01] <thesteedman> (yt)
[17:41:06] <Sickerton> Faith 'watched' the spectacle of the collapsing lair with some degree of awe... at the very least, enough to not notice the rustling underneath her until a set of hands wrapped around her ankles. In hindsight, it was probably obvious that the medusa herself would have had no reason to remain at ground zero when it constricted fully.
[17:42:04] <Sickerton> "Where do you think YOU'RE going?" She hissed, before pulling the monk down into the canopy with her.
[17:44:42] <Sickerton> Branches flew past Faith in unending blurs, as the naga queen dragged her faster and faster. At first the monk wondered where she was being taken, but as the scrapes and gashes started to pile up she soon realized: There was no destination. The whole point was to let everything around them chew her up as well as any animal could.
[17:46:38] <Sickerton> Her clothing tore, her skin was lacerated with shallow stinging cuts, and on every turn she slammed against the trunk of something. It was a mauling, beating, and stripping all in one, courtesy of Mother Nature.
[17:50:05] <Sickerton> After what seemed like an eternity they finally broke out of the canopy once more, with Se'Na extending herself upwards so that they were left dangling alone in the sky above all. Right before doing so she had moved her grip, now holding the battered Faith by the throat with one hand, while the other looped around the monk to bring her in against the snake woman.
[17:52:07] <Sickerton> "You have been quite a hassle today..." Se'Na growled out between deep breaths.
[17:53:06] <Sickerton> "...but still, I think I can find it in me to forgive you."
[17:54:07] <Sickerton> The serpent queen leaned in, tongue extending to slather Faith's face, before continuing.
[17:54:53] <Sickerton> "You just sit still for a moment, let me give you your medicine, and then we can settle in for a night of you making all this up for me..."
[17:54:58] <Sickerton> (yt)
[17:56:52] <thesteedman> Faith had endured quite a trip upwards, hitting several branches, breaking through others, clashing against solid tree trunks. Her savage looking outfit had been torn up considerably, parts mere stretches of thread, as what remained only just kept Faith's modesty.
[17:58:15] <thesteedman> Her breasts were near visible, with plenty more underboob near spilling from the remanents of her top, whilst her bottoms were reduced to little, showing all of her legs, having the appearance of a thong now.
[17:59:07] <thesteedman> Lines of crimson appeared on various parts of her body, along her thigh, down her shin and calve, the side of her hip and shoulder, as lines of blood seeped from a cut high on her forehead, dripping down the side of her face.
[17:59:48] <thesteedman> A thin line seeped from the edge of Faith's mouth, down her chin, as she groaned out in pain.
[18:00:54] <thesteedman> That moan was cut short when she was brought up against Se'Na by her neck, gasping as her other arm slid around her lower back, pulling even more of an exposed stomach given the torn outfit against her own.
[18:02:06] <thesteedman> High up, even above the canopy, it felt like they were the only two in the world... and Faith knew she was in a bad place. She winced, feeling her wet tongue slide over her face, lapping up some of the blood from her face. Faith closed her eyes tight... she wasn't done yet... she had to focus... she had one thing left within her if she could just focus.
[18:06:04] <Sickerton> Se'Na chuckled to herself, her confidence returning as she mistook Faith's seeming lack of action as her will breaking once more. Perhaps dosing her up could wait a little longer. It was so much more fun if she was active and squirming.
[18:08:37] <Sickerton> The medusa released her grip around Faith's neck, only for the arm to lower and join it's sister wrapped around the monk's torso, then, with a lick of the lips, she clamped down and began to crush her plaything in a bearhug.
[18:09:59] <Sickerton> This was good... but it could be better. And, seeing her dolly's glistening body almost bare in the full sunlight, she knew exactly how to do that.
[18:12:57] <Sickerton> With a few readjusting tugs Faith was brought upwards in Se'Na's grasp, so that the serpent woman was now about head level with the blind girl's chest. Perfect. Taking a deep breath in preparation, Se'Na clamped the hold down even more tightly and buried her face between Faith's shuddering breasts.
[18:14:55] <Sickerton> She was still not quite done yet though, as her tongue snaked out from below the chest and slowly wrapped itself around Faith's midsection. Lacing itself between the woman's abs, it finally came to a stop playfully flicking at the blind woman's navel.
[18:17:13] <Sickerton> Oh yes. This was a good start to make things right again. Once Faith's struggles waned to nothing she'd dose her up for real, and move them both to a new playpen. She had so many fun ideas for her pet, and they had a lifetime ahead of them...
[18:17:24] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:18:24] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out, taking in precious air before Se'Na's grip adjusted. The moment her other arm pressed against her back, Faith shouted out in agony, arching her back.
[18:19:50] <thesteedman> Her toes curled as her legs dangled, feeling the pressure around her as her bare stomach was meshed against Se'na's. She moaned in pain, pressing her hands against Se'Na's sides to try and seperate their bodies. She bit her lip, feeling her back creak loudly before she began to strike at Se'Na.
[18:20:19] <thesteedman> Her resistance was only met with growing pressure however, forcing Faith to arch a little more, giving Se'Na the freedom she wanted as she pressed her face against her exposed cleavage.
[18:21:40] <thesteedman> Faith shouted in pain, before wincing in disgust, feeling that awful tongue of hers wrap around her chest, purposely sliding across her underboobs, before slowly coiling around her body, slliding and slathering over her exposed middle.
[18:22:36] <thesteedman> The pain was almost too much, and Faith writhed within the colossal bearhug. Her body already beaten, the grip was slowly draining what was left of her, and all focus became strained from the growing pressure of Se'Na's embrace.
[18:23:46] <thesteedman> She felt her arms close in a little more, forcing her to dip back and place more strain on her already tested spine. As time passed, Faith felt herself slipping, feeling Se'Na grind against her in a grotesque manner.
[18:24:46] <thesteedman> Faith gasped out breathlessly, her body becoming victim to Se'Nas exploring tongue over her bare stomach, whilst her arms threatened to drain the rest of the fight from her. Faith closed her eyes, as the last of her air escaped her lungs.
[18:24:59] <thesteedman> No!
[18:25:41] <thesteedman> Faith's eyes flashed opened, as she managed to conjure energy she didn't realize she had left. She pushed against Se'Na's shoulders, but found she was unable to budge her.
[18:26:17] <thesteedman> Her chest burned from the lack of air, but despite this her focus strengthened... and with it she began to channel her energy.
[18:27:38] <thesteedman> In a flash of a moment, suddenly the pain stopped. Though still within Se'Nas grip, her bearhug no longer brought pain. Even arched back, the strain that once wracked her with pain was now gone. Faith felt energy surging through her, unaware that she managed to absorb her own chi energy.
[18:28:11] <thesteedman> Her appearance unknown to her had altered somewhat, her flesh turning more pale, her deep blue hair brightening... something was very different about her.
[18:29:07] <thesteedman> "Enough..." Faith whispered, grasping the serpent hair of Se'Na to pull her face from her slathered cleavage. She pulled her back enough to allow her to look at her face, feeling her snake hair bite at her wrist and hands but feeling no pain, nor any tear in flesh.
[18:29:42] <thesteedman> "Enough!!!" Faith spoke with more assertion, before bringing her free arm upwards to land a strike upon Se'Nas jaw, bringing into it as much power as she could muster.
[18:29:44] <thesteedman> (yt)
[18:34:31] <Sickerton> Se'Na, being where she was and all, did not notice the change. At least, not at first. When she was wrenched away from her prize and forced to stare up at a stern glowing face, though? That set off a few alarms.
[18:37:08] <Sickerton> "Whuh?" the medusa managed to get out, before she was once again struck with an upward blow to the jaw. As her teeth were built more to hold prey in place than cut, she mercifully did not lose her tongue from her mouth snapping shut. But that didn't mean that it refrained from HURTING LIKE HELL
[18:40:30] <Sickerton> Losing all of her grips at once, Se'Na let out a high pitched squeal as her head snapped back and droplets of blood from her mouth followed her backwards arc. Then, lacking any support now that she'd been knocked senseless, began to fall down towards the canopy.
[18:42:30] <Sickerton> "Whuh?" she repeated again in her descent, already well on her way to plummeting down into (and quite possibly) through the canopy. But now it was more a question in general than anything.
[18:45:10] <Sickerton> Faith, naturally, was destined to follow not too far behind. A drop into the brush from this distance would not be terribly fun even if rendered temporarily unhurtable, but if something cleared the way... and Se'Na's extended tongue was still well within seizing distance...
[18:45:37] <Sickerton> (yt)
[18:46:46] <thesteedman> For Faith, it wasn't about making the landing of more comfort, it was about sending a message.
[18:47:23] <thesteedman> She could feel Se'Na's tongue hovering within reach as she descended, and thus got a handfull of the serpentine woman's tongue, using it to reel herself in.
[18:48:19] <thesteedman> She pulled hard, making herself close the distance before she sent another strike against the Medusa, one to make sure the fall would go uneventful. By now she kept hold of her tongue, pressing her knees against her stomach and chest, as they fell through the canopy, through several branches.
[18:49:03] <thesteedman> If it wasn't for the woodwork, they would have plummeted at a speed fatal to the Medusa... but Faith didn't want that. No, she wanted the Medusa to live, as she wanted her to live to see that Faith had escaped her grasp.
[18:49:46] <thesteedman> Faith rode Se'Na all the way down to the surface, finding satisfaction with each branch she clashed through, as her massive tail followed behind, smashing through more wood and tree branches.
[18:50:20] <thesteedman> It came to an end with a massive splash, as Se'Na collapsed into murky shallow waters.
[18:51:16] <thesteedman> Faith was still atop of her, in a crouched pose, before she pulled her tongue to bring Se'Na's head close to her own. Faith breathed heavily... she wanted to do nothing more then beat the living daylights out of this woman, this snake for all the pain and torture and perversions she had put her through.
[18:52:29] <thesteedman> "I believe... I now have something to barter with for your information." Faith whispered, going back to their very first conversation before it descended into Faith's captivity.
[18:53:38] <thesteedman> "I seek Blackthorne's last whereabouts. I think sparing your miserable life should be sufficient payment... would you agree?" Faith continued, her tone holding somewhat of a dark edge to it.
[18:53:44] <thesteedman> (Yt)
[18:56:57] <Sickerton> The medusa coughed and sputtered, her head having gone under the water briefly before she was pulled back up for a 'talk'. But her pitiful wheezes were not nearly the only sound playing out around them.
[19:00:23] <Sickerton> The fight between the two had attracted quite a lot of attention. Say, roughly the entire naga clutch. Serpentine figures poked out of cubbyholes and drooped down from trees; some holding weapons, some just sporting what they naturally had. In all cases, they packed around the spectacle until the two were essentially hemmed in.
[19:02:48] <Sickerton> For a moment it seemed like they were readying to strike, doubtless turning the scuffle into a grueling and bloody affair no matter how it eventually ended.... but then Se'Na lifted a shaky hand as if in signal, and as one the small army paused.
[19:04:41] <Sickerton> "Yes..." she managed to get out with a gurgle, her bruised and bloody face sporting... was that maybe the hint of a smile? "...That will do..."
[19:05:56] <Sickerton> "Seek Phobie... Von... Hündin... Lives deep in mountains... can arrange a guide for you..."
[19:07:19] <Sickerton> "She is very dangerous..." the broken queen continued, pausing to let out a pained chuckle. "But then again... so are you..."
[19:07:26] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:09:07] <thesteedman> Faith could sense all the onlookers, the naga people. They no doubt looked upon their leader who right now was at her mercy. Right now, Faith did not fear them, she had cleared her way past many of them during her venture into these lands... if it came to it, she felt she would have no trouble taking more of them down on her way out, no matter how many there were.
[19:10:37] <thesteedman> "Phobie Von Hündin. I will seek her out." Faith whispered. Rather then drop Se'Na into the water, she dragged her humanoid upper body towards shallower waters, before forcibly dropping her with another splash.
[19:11:33] <thesteedman> She placed her foot against her chest, to keep her down to where the water threatened to submerge her head again. "This situation could have been avoided... it should have been avoided if you had just co-operated with me."
[19:13:23] <thesteedman> Faith took a deep breath. "I do not belong to you, I am not your pet and from this day forth you will never treat me as such. Prize your memories of your time with me if you must, but know this... I will not be so merciful the next time we meet should you dare to cross me."
[19:14:31] <thesteedman> "Have I made myself clear?" Faith continued, pressing her foot down against Se'Na's chest, forcing her head to go under for a moment, before she let her head pop up again after a few moments.
[19:14:32] <thesteedman> (yt)
[19:18:30] <Sickerton> The serpent woman blinked slowly and blearily once before replying to the first portion. "You came... to a bargaining table... with nothing... to barter. Had... to earn... your payout..."
[19:19:46] <Sickerton> After a moment of thought, a somewhat goofy smile spread across her bloody lips. "You had nothing... then made something... You should be happ-"
[19:20:50] <Sickerton> Her somewhat flawed line of logic was cut off by her taking another trip below sea level, weakly thrashing until she was allowed back up for air.
[19:22:26] <Sickerton> Gasping for breath, the medusa rose a hand slightly to make another small motion. Off to their side the veritable wall of nagas parted, giving Faith an opening to leave.
[19:24:19] <Sickerton> "I... will not cross you..." Se'Na responded to the latter half when she regained her breath, "But I... will always... be here."
[19:26:21] <Sickerton> "If you ever... need knowledge... or aid... or just... company..."
[19:26:24] <Sickerton> (yt)
[19:29:58] <thesteedman> "This could have been avoided..." Faith repeated, sounding almost disappointed. "An act of kindness can go a long way... I know somewhere in that dark heart of yours you are capable of it." [after all you spared me.] Faith thought, though she did not say the latter. She felt the nagas part way to form an open path. After a moment, Faith finally took her foot from Se'Na, and began to walk towards her freedom. She had spent enough time in this place, she longed to put this all behind her and be back on her way... searching for Blackthorne.


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Sep 10, 2015
Happily Ever After
By Me and thesteedman
Part 1

[03:02:33] <Sickerton> "Alright... a little over here... a little of that..."
[03:04:37] <Sickerton> Faith, uh, 'looked' on as her guide fiddled with what seemed to be a set of engravings on a stone wall. This was probably one of the more roundabout ways to gain an audience with royalty, but her current options were rather limited.
[03:08:26] <Sickerton> The serpentine information broker she had escaped the coils of not long ago had given her one word of parting guidance: Seek out a 'Phobie Von Hündin' if she wished to continue on the path to hunt down Blackthorn. Well, no, there was also "Phobie is incredibly dangerous", but considering why she was important that was kind of a given.
[03:10:06] <Sickerton> Se'Na had also offered a guide, but... yeah. No. Faith had found her way to the baroness' township just fine on her own, and only after she had reached an impasse there did she tap the locals for assistance.
[03:14:05] <Sickerton> You see, Phobie was... difficult to gain an audience with. At least, an audience on good terms. Taking quite a few pages out of more tyrannical kings and queens of ages past, she almost never called for meetings and even when she did only the most dull would show up to them if not already metaphorically (or sometimes literally) held at knifepoint.
[03:15:58] <Sickerton> This meant that walking in the front gate was a no-go. But luckily the baron of bitches had not completely snuffed out the local rapscallion population yet, and they always knew all the good nooks and crannies to squeeze through.
[03:16:16] <Sickerton> Speaking of which...
[03:16:48] <Sickerton> "Just a little more, love... hold yer blindfold..."
[03:18:38] <Sickerton> Faith's current 'companion went by the name Deja La Chance, although it was just as likely to simply be a convenient alias. She certainly looked like someone liable to pull up all her stakes and bolt at a moment's notice.
[03:21:49] <Sickerton> She was covered head to toe in black leather, held tight with straps across them at regular intervals to silence rustling and creaking that could give her away in the middle of her work. Both a high-collared coat and a ragged tophat did their best to hide her features in shadows. It'd probably have worked too, if not for the cherry bud at the end of her hand-rolled smoke illuminating her youthful face somewhat.
[03:26:04] <Sickerton> As obvious a ne'er do well as she was, this woman had dangled a very tempting factoid in front of the blind monk: While Phobie was not dumb enough to allow entrance through the sewer of her castle, there WAS a secret passage a short ways in used to sneak in and out... things that the baron wanted, and then was finished with.
[03:27:22] <Sickerton> And to prevent willy-nilly exploitation of this, the passage was both cleverly hidden and locked in a very peculiar way that only those in the know could decipher. And Deja, supposedly, was one of them.
[03:28:44] <Sickerton> "Almost there..." the tramp mumbled, her gloved hands darting back and forth from indentation to indentation. "Just gotta-DAMMI-wait, there!"
[03:31:38] <Sickerton> A series of clicks sounded off, and all at once the 'engravings' began to rotate and transform. As they shifted and spun it soon became apparent that when shifted in the correct manner it was actually an engraving: That of a rose, it's petals in full bloom and it's stem covered in hooked thorns.
[03:33:51] <Sickerton> As soon as the 'picture' was completed it all swung inwards, revealing an unlit passage, and Deja stepped back to bow to Faith.
[03:35:27] <Sickerton> "I believe you may be better suited to lead the way here." She spoke smoothly and softly. "If you don't mind, of course..."
[03:35:30] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:37:53] <thesteedman> The device that kept the passage from opening was no doubt a beautiful and well crafted one, given its design to look like a grand rose. Unfortunately the art form was wasted on Faith, whose blindfolded eyes had not seen sight for well over a decade. To her, Deja might as well have been cooking a stew given the passing comments she made whilst she solved it.
[03:38:46] <thesteedman> That was neither here or there though, and Faith knew she needed an audience with Phobe if she was to regain Blackthorn's trail. With what she had heard of the woman, it was best to meet her on ones own terms rather then on hers.
[03:39:45] <thesteedman> Faith was clad in fresh clothing. It had taken her some time to upgrade from the rags her encounter with Se'Na had left her with, but she managed to scavenge enough rags to make a cloak for a time and do some odd tasks to earn some gold.
[03:40:35] <thesteedman> With that gold, she managed to purchase new clothing before her arrival at Phobe's town, clad in fresh dark gi like trousers that cut off at her mid shins, with a waist cloak to dangle behind.
[03:41:22] <thesteedman> Her belt was cobalt, near matching the tone of her hair. A black material was wrapped around her chest and one of her arms, whilst a fresh blindfold coated her eyes.
[03:42:10] <thesteedman> There had always been a inkling of doubt etched into the back of her mind of whether Se'Na had been throwing her on a wild goose chase just to spare herself from Faith's wrath... but thus far everything had checked out.
[03:43:08] <thesteedman> Se'Na even warned her of the dangers of Phobie Von Hündin... The serpentine woman was at least honest to her word if nothing else.
[03:44:02] <thesteedman> "Very well, thank you for your assistance thus far. If fortune favors us I will not have much more need of your services." Faith spoke, giving a small nod and bow of appreciation for Deja's efforts in getting her into the keep.
[03:45:26] <thesteedman> Faith took the lead from here. Though the keep was new to her senses, most had roughly the same manner of layout. She had lived in a keep herself way back when in her days when she openly named herself of House Naridia. This one shouldn't be all too different.
[03:46:13] <thesteedman> The quarters of nobles were often in the same place, high above everyone else, stationed so they could look down upon the lands that belonged to them. Often Noble types held desire simply to look down on their peons as was most often the case.
[03:47:57] <thesteedman> Faith frowned slightly, getting a 'feel' for her surroundings. The slight chill meant it was dark, and the cobbles below her feet made her detect that the two had entered a cellar of some form. It was surprisingly spacious in the room she entered, as Faith half expected to sense kegs and barrells. The wine and mead of the keep were often stored in places like this.
[03:49:15] <thesteedman> "We shall head up. I believe most of the guard will be stationed upon the walls, we should not encounter too many within. Bypassing patrols will not be of any difficulty." Faith whispered to Deja, looking to reassure the smaller woman.
[03:50:00] <thesteedman> Faith stopped suddenly within the middle of the vast space however, her head tilting and turning slightly, a motion common to her when she detected something.
[03:51:54] <thesteedman> Already on her guard, Faith turned... "We are not alone." Faith whispered, taking a defencive stance.
[03:51:55] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:55:22] <Sickerton> "Well well well..." a sultry voice mused down from somewhere up ahead. "I believe we have a rat problem."
[03:57:20] <Sickerton> Someone snapped their fingers, and several wall sconces suddenly lit to make all plain to see... for Deja at least. Although since the other inhabitants were no longer waiting in ambush and free to move unhindered, they were most likely far easier for Faith to pick up as well.
[04:01:33] <Sickerton> Hunched over and slowly advancing were two women, faces covered by masks and grasping oddly designed punch daggers in each balled fist. While these were clearly some sort of hired help for the castle, they alse were obviously not the type one would call a 'guard'. 'Agents', 'Secret Police', or 'Spooks' more likely.
[04:02:46] <Sickerton> But still they were not the stars of the show here. That belonged to the woman watching passively from the top of a stairway on the other side of the room, blocking the only path further in the process.
[04:05:49] <Sickerton> She was dressed in a crisp and almost militaristic uniform, crimson red with liberal golden trim. It was so official looking that one could almost overlook the corset built right into it. Almost.
[04:08:36] <Sickerton> On her left hip was a coiled whip, seemingly ready for use at a moment's notice. On her right was a seathed saber; heavily detailed, although merely ornamental or legitimately combat worthy would be anyone's guess. But she apparently saw no use for either, merely crossing her arms across her chest while staring down at her guests with pale blue eyes.
[04:11:27] <Sickerton> "And quite a unique rat at that!" the obvious royal who could only be Phobie continued, the ponytail pulled almost painfully tight drooping onto one shoulder as she tilted her head. "Are you bringing me damaged goods, wretch?"
[04:13:43] <thesteedman> (Out of mild curiosity, ye wouldn't happen to have a reference image for Phobe wud ye? =) )
[04:14:06] <Sickerton> "Very funny." Deja surprisingly (but at the same time rather not surprisingly at all) mumbled back. Turning away from something she had apparently been busy with during the moment of introductions. As rumbles once more began and the breeze behind them cut off, Faith soon realized that said task was resealing the passage they had taken.
[04:14:31] <Sickerton> (Funny you should ask, I was gonna give you some right after finishing this segment)
[04:15:26] <Sickerton> (Phobie's attire is mostly based on )
[04:16:00] <Sickerton> (And Deja's is largely based on )
[04:16:03] <thesteedman> (Ahh cool xD )
[04:17:36] <Sickerton> "Not like I had a choice." Deja continued, slapping her hands together to brush off dust. "This was your mark."
[04:18:58] <Sickerton> "Sush, don't ruin the illusion." Phobie replied slyly, before shifting her attention to Faith. "As for her..."
[04:20:19] <Sickerton> The baroness shifted her stance slightly, her thigh-high boots creaking a bit in the process, and she almost dismissively motioned towards the monk.
[04:20:53] <Sickerton> "Subdue her. Oh, and a bonus to whoever out of you three makes her squeak the loudest."
[04:20:56] <Sickerton> (yt)
[04:23:29] <thesteedman> Faith took a deep breath. Ever since she was able to conquer her rage, she had become a shining example of patience and understanding. The blind fighter never raised her voice, never grew angry or impatient. She was always kind and caring to those she could spare the time for. Faith expected nothing in return for such noble and good deeds.
[04:23:53] <thesteedman> However... she wasn't going to give Deja such usual treatment she even reserved for her enemies.
[04:23:59] <thesteedman> No... Deja was getting a kick to the face.
[04:25:01] <thesteedman> With a loud shout, Faith did just that, leaping from one leg and letting the other shoot out, making sure her heel caught her jaw as she finished the motion.
[04:26:09] <thesteedman> The kick was hard enough to keep her down for the moment, as Faith quickly moved to the advancing goons of the witch up the stairs. They did not conceal their steps as they advanced, giving away their position too easily.
[04:27:34] <thesteedman> Faith found she had little of a mood for games, and rather wanted to deal with these two women as promptly as she could. She tried to sweep one of them, aiming for the side of the knees to try and bring them down, before she relied on her fists, weapons as deadly as her feet. She rammed one hard punch towards the standing woman's stomach, looking to hit with enough power to rise her up off her feet.
[04:27:55] <thesteedman> With a quick spin, she ended the brief combo with a kick to the side of her head whilst her feet were still elvated from the air.
[04:28:44] <thesteedman> "Phobie Von Hündin I assume..." Faith spoke more direct, convincingly facing the woman, unlike when Faith purposely didn't face those she spoke to to play up on her blindess.
[04:29:19] <thesteedman> "I have much to discuss with you." Faith added, sending a stomp towards the other floored woman, looking to drive a heel into her lower back.
[04:29:21] <thesteedman> (yt)
[04:33:20] <Sickerton> The heel to Deja's jaw was probably as satisfying as any blow could ever possibly be; Letting out a choked "GHHRK" as her mouth was slammed shut hard enough to sever her smoke, the woman flipped backwards and hit the wall, eventually sliding down to land on her face as she bent backwards against the corner.
[04:37:01] <Sickerton> While not beaten down quite as humiliatingly, the two agents did not really fare much better. As the first was brought to her knees the other turned to seemingly gape at the speed of the blow, leaving her wide open to a hit of her own. Or two as the case may be.
[04:41:01] <Sickerton> The standing agent's mask was darkened with spittle as she was struck in the gut hard enough to pop her up, leaving her gagging and retching midair. This was not for long though, as Faith's followup kick to her head sent her tumbling off to the side in a rolling sprawl. As she slowly came to an eventual stop she sputtered, let out a long breath of ragged air with a "KHHHHhhh..." and then lay still.
[04:43:49] <Sickerton> The final adversary stared up in horror at the oncoming stomp from her kneeling position... but it never landed, as a hand from behind her caught it mid-descent and pushed back.
[04:45:37] <Sickerton> Phobie had apparently descended the stairs to intercept right at the last second, although when and how she managed that so fast was lost in the heat of battle. Being as nimble as she was, Faith was able to keep her balance even with such a surprise, but still she was forced back a step or two to do so.
[04:48:59] <Sickerton> "So you think..." the baroness mused, before bringing one of her feet up to stomp down right where Faith intended to on the doubled over agent. The girl began to squeal and beg, but it was soon cut short as Phobie reached down to clutch the mook's jaw from behind and pull her head back with a brutal SNAP!
[04:51:48] <Sickerton> "So hard to find good help..." the royal continued, continuing her advance on the monk by trodding upon what used to be her minion as if she was a shuddering bump in the road. "No matter. I don't mind getting my hands dirty."
[04:51:55] <Sickerton> (yt)
[04:53:16] <thesteedman> Faith frowned... perhaps not so much at the sudden speed of Phobie Von Hündin being able to save one of her minions... but rather what followed, sensing as the woman simply snapped her neck with no mercy or remose.
[04:53:58] <thesteedman> However, how fast she was able to move was also an issue, given she had managed to descend a flight of stairs without sound and intercept her. Faith was fast herself, but to achieve what Phobie Von Hündin had... it seemed like something else.
[04:55:00] <thesteedman> Faith retook her stance. "Blackthorne... Where is Blackthorne? That is all I require from you." Faith spoke, beginning to circle Phobie as the woman slowly approached her.
[04:55:48] <thesteedman> Sensing dark intent, Faith took the first strike, leading in with a straight punch aimed towards her chest. She tried to follow up with two more rapid strikes towards her jaw and stomach, beginning her combo she had begun to master over the last few years. A triple punch to open the enemy up.
[04:56:28] <thesteedman> Faith felt she already had a good measure of the woman. Knowing talking alone would not shift her resolve. Only combat would most likely do that...
[04:56:30] <thesteedman> (yt)
[04:59:31] <Sickerton> Phobie weaved to the side as the first blow came her way, turning the ki-enforced strike from a solid whump to the breastplate to a glancing blow which mostly just wrecked the tasseled shoulder of her coat.
[05:00:44] <Sickerton> The followup blows might have been better adapted to match the royal's speed... if Faith's concentration was not at that moment broken by a sharp pain to the calf.
[05:02:27] <Sickerton> Faith did not look down, as she did not NEED to, but at least focused her senses in that direction to get a better idea of what was happening. It seems that while Deja was not quite well enough yet to get back up and running, that did not mean she couldn't be a hassle.
[05:04:11] <Sickerton> The rogue had crawled her way over and revealed yet another interesting tidbit: She had something up her sleeves. Specifically, sharpened bits of onyx that despite their crude appearance could sink into flesh quite easily if deployed at just the right time.
[05:08:08] <Sickerton> While probably not too bad by itself, Phobie was also quick to pick up on this turn of events and lunged in to press her advantage. Turning to the side and rearing back one arm in preparation, the royal then sunk an elbow into Faith's turned abs with far more force than her relatively petite frame would suggest.
[05:10:18] <Sickerton> "Good morning." Phobie quipped down at her 'assistant.' "Keep pulling your weight and I may not hang you by it."
[05:10:22] <Sickerton> (yt)
[05:14:03] <thesteedman> The pain in her calf was not horrific, a sting certainly, enough to make one flinch most definitely. Her focus was broken perhaps for no more then a second, but a second was all it took for Phobie to take complete advantage of the situation.
[05:14:57] <thesteedman> Her last strike did not even come to finish, and suddenly an elbow dug into her toned abs. A loud grunt escaped from Faith as the air left her lungs. She felt her feet slide against the ground from the force of the strike.
[05:15:53] <thesteedman> She managed to retain her balance, but doubled over, folding her arms over her bare midriff. The pain hit much later then the strike itself, and Faith fell to one knee for a moment, coughing spittle and a little blood.
[05:16:39] <thesteedman> Faith gasped, managing to regain her composure, knowing too much distraction would grant Phobie another opening. She was fast... that much was certain, but Faith was certain she could keep up... provided nothing was distracting her.
[05:17:24] <thesteedman> Deja was unfortunately that element that tipped the balance heavily for Phobie. Given she didn't seem that strong... Faith knew she would have to try and take out the sly girl first.
[05:18:02] <thesteedman> "How many have you.... uugh... betrayed Deja?" Faith asked, before taking a deep breath and letting the pain shift aside to become an after thought.
[05:19:09] <thesteedman> The blind warrior didn't even wait for an answer, she darted in quickly, seemingly aiming for Phobie again, looking to try and make her go on the defensive... however, a last change of course sent a heavy punch towards Deja, looking to try and take her out. She knew this would open her up, but Faith felt she needed to deal with the outside elements before she could deal with Phobie herself.
[05:19:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[05:20:44] <Sickerton> "Enough to-" Deja began, and then the fist came down.
[05:22:14] <Sickerton> Faith could hear the impact of her strike, feel the impact of knuckles against flesh and the sensation of cheek mashing against teeth... then all of a sudden didn't.
[05:24:05] <Sickerton> The target was gone, leaving her to swipe at open air after fully committing to the blow, leading her to totter off balance as momentum intended to be canceled out went on and outwards.
[05:26:20] <Sickerton> "-survive" Deja finished from behind her, finally ending the monk's precarious balance with a boot to the rear. "Gotta save up to cash out in the bad times, love. And boy, are there a lot of bad times."
[05:27:27] <Sickerton> Luckily for Faith, there was someone there to catch her. Unluckily, it was Phobie.
[05:29:28] <Sickerton> The baroness took hold of the blind warrior's head - a handful of scalp above while cradling her chin below - and ran with the stumbling girl all the way to the wall near where the last surviving agent was laid out. Phobie did not stop as they hit it... or rather, she did not stop Faith.
[05:32:56] <Sickerton> The monk's face was bashed up against the wall, and as it rebounded was pushed back in for another go. Again. And again. And again. Eventually, when the baroness was pleased enough with the size and shape of the modern art piece they had painted on the brickwork, she pulled Faith back to examine her bruised and battered face with glee.
[05:34:43] <Sickerton> "What was it that was all you required from me?" Phobie purred, pulling the dazed monk into a deceptively loving embrace before lapping up a bit of blood from around her lips.
[05:35:48] <Sickerton> "Because oh... what I demand from YOU..."
[05:35:52] <Sickerton> (yt)
[05:38:06] <thesteedman> Faith somewhat managed to defend herself against the first impact, throwing her arms in the way of her head to minimize the impact of her skull hitting a hard wall. For some part... she managed to prevent the worst of the second attempt, damaging her hand as her head was forced against it on the second bash,
[05:39:03] <thesteedman> By the third, there was no defense, and the side of her head gashed against the wall, cutting the side of her forehead. She barely had a chance to think before her head hit the wall again, hitting her cheek, before another bash all but knocked the senses clean out of her.
[05:40:55] <thesteedman> The world span, and she felt a wetness down the side of her face. Somehow, Faith still managed to look like a pretty flower... though half her face bloomed the wrong colour of crimson. Her blindfold was soaked on the left side, and blood tears rolled from under it, rolling down her cheek. Her cobalt hair became sodden and damp where the side of her upper head had hit the wall hard.
[05:41:43] <thesteedman> When Phobie pulled her into her embrace.. it was only Phobie keeping Faith on her feet. Her legs seemingly dangled, her feet dragging a little on the floor as she leaned against Phobie.
[05:42:18] <thesteedman> She was clearly out, the shocking impacts rendering her unconscious. Unfortunately for Faith, that unconsciousness did not last long, and after a few passing seconds she lolled into consciousness.
[05:43:03] <thesteedman> A low groan escaped her lips, as she pressed her hands against Phobie's shoulders, slowly bringing herself upright, only to feel the woman slither her tongue over her lips where some blood had seeped down.
[05:43:58] <thesteedman> Faith winced in disgust, her head still reeling from the vicious blows. She was light headed, her senses were all wrong and she struggled to get her bearings, hearing Phobie's words as nothing more then an echo in the back of her mind.
[05:44:58] <thesteedman> Feeling her tongue trace over her lips again, Faith groaned, pressing her hand against her chin before she tried to push her head back, letting her other hand push against her shoulder as she tried to seperate her body from Phobie's rather... loving embrace.
[05:45:00] <thesteedman> (yt)
[05:46:26] <Sickerton> "Uh uh uh..." Phobie chided lightly...
[05:47:12] <Sickerton> opposed to the knee which shot up to catch Faith in the gut, which was anything but.
[05:48:55] <Sickerton> "No struggling." the baroness continued, taking the monk's head with both hands as she bent over. "The tough girl act was cute, but now you learn your place."
[05:50:40] <Sickerton> Phobie pushed the blind warrior back up against the wall, and gave her a few more knees for good measure. When she felt that her plaything had been sufficiently tenderized, the royal merely let go and let her slide down into a seated position.
[05:52:39] <Sickerton> "Little rat right off the street..." the royal continued bringing a foot up to press against the monk's windpipe. "You're lucky I don't just crush you under my heel."
[05:54:24] <Sickerton> "Then again..." she mused, leaning over to pull off Faith's blindfold and begin toying with the knot in the back as it's owner struggled for air, "Maybe that isn't such a bad idea..."
[05:54:28] <Sickerton> (yt)
[05:56:35] <thesteedman> The first knee was shocking enough. Phobie's legs were not massive, yet the force behind the knee gave away the strength of her legs. Faith was literally lifted off her feet from the knee to her gut, coughing violently. She'd barely got the air back into her lungs before a few more swift knees caught her.
[05:56:53] <thesteedman> What little defense and guard Faith put it, it was mostly crushed by each strike, barely preventing any impact.
[05:57:39] <thesteedman> By the time Faith had slid down the wall, she felt something hard press against her neck, making her gag as the air suddenly cut off and pressure began to build. She grasped at the long boot of Phobie's, trying to shift her leg away from her neck, feeling her windpipe closing.
[05:58:21] <thesteedman> Her chest heaved as her body strained, trying desperately to draw breath. She let out a pathetic gasp when her blindfold was removed, revealing her brilliant sightless eyes.
[05:58:54] <thesteedman> One of her eyes was half closed and bloodied, no doubt damage from the wall bash, whilst the other was wide, yet not staring at anything in particular.
[05:59:41] <thesteedman> Faith tried to kick at the standing leg of Phobie... but there was no strength or co-ordination in her strike... Faith realized all too late that this woman had her completely outmatched... but how?
[05:59:43] <thesteedman> (Yt)
[06:02:00] <Sickerton> Phobie chuckled at the pitiful attempt to counter, barely a token if even that. "Done so soon? Even vermin should be able to put up a fight when cornered."
[06:05:42] <Sickerton> For seemingly no reason the royal's boot drew back, allowing Faith to take in a whoop of much needed air... and also allowed Phobie to force a length of fabric into her mouth. After a few moments Faith's foggy brain caught up, and realized with disgust that it was her own blindfold repurposed into a gag.
[06:06:34] <Sickerton> "But still, even the lowliest creatures have their uses."
[06:08:35] <Sickerton> Phobie slowly slid down to come almost even with the slouched monk, adjusting the both of them so that the royal's knees rested roughly at the sides of Faith's midsection while little more than her head was still against the wall.
[06:09:25] <Sickerton> "Have you ever seen what a cat does after it catches a rat?"
[06:10:30] <Sickerton> Slowly her thighs began to close, putting steadily more pressure on Faith as she was squeezed between them.
[06:11:56] <Sickerton> "They don't outright kill them most of the time. Often they just bat them around, toy with them until their little rodent hearts give out."
[06:13:15] <Sickerton> More and more the pressure built, Faith now being in essentially a vice of flesh as her captor idly traced her gloved fingers across the monk's abused abs.
[06:14:15] <Sickerton> "I think that's quite interesting. Enjoying the kill. Playing with it. It's only natural..."
[06:14:18] <Sickerton> (yt)
[06:17:59] <thesteedman> Faith winced, feeling her thighs slowly press in against her sides. She pushed against Phobie's stomach, reaching up at the gag in her mouth as a muffled groan escaped her lips.
[06:18:56] <thesteedman> With grotesque she managed to remove the gag from her mouth, coughing violently. She'd barely caught her breath from the sole of her boot pressing against her neck.
[06:19:40] <thesteedman> Faith tried to breathe in, but could only moan in pain, feeling Phobie's thighs continue to press inwards against her sides, pressing her body inwards.
[06:21:18] <thesteedman> A line of saliva and blood ran down the side of her mouth, as instinctively she pushed against Phobies thigh with one hand and her knee the other. She arched a little, tensing her body to endure, unfortunately allowing for Phobie to trace her hand and fingers over her well toned form.
[06:23:10] <thesteedman> Somehow, the pressure continued to build. Faith thought Phobie was using her thighs to merely keep her in place... but now she slowly realized she was actually beginning to crush her. Another moan escaped her parting bloodied lips, as Faith grasped at Phobie's sides, trying shove her away. "... I... I... am no... mouse..." Faith whispered breathlessly. Seemingly regaining some composure finally.
[06:23:12] <thesteedman> (yt)
[06:26:14] <Sickerton> "Oh come now." Phobie growled, just noticing that the gag had been removed. "You can't just be doing that..."
[06:29:00] <Sickerton> The baroness seized Faith's hands, and after a little bit of pitiful resistance was able to force them back and behind the monk so they went through the blindfold/gag now resting loosely around her neck.
[06:29:15] <Sickerton> "At least..."
[06:30:18] <Sickerton> Phobie took hold of the new knot she had made to turn it into a gag, and smiled leeringly down at her plaything before continuing.
[06:30:31] <Sickerton> "Not without PUNISHMENT!"
[06:31:41] <Sickerton> The royal pulled at the knot in juuuuust the right way, in an instant removing all the slack it once had and binding Faith's wrists tight... around her throat...
[06:32:53] <Sickerton> "Now that THAT'S out of the way..." Phobie continued, leaning further over Faith hungrily. "About your other point."
[06:36:25] <Sickerton> The pressure continued to build around Faith's midsection, and the cross between cuffs and a garrotte was doing her no favors either, but that did not mean things could not continue to get worse. Case in point, when her torturer leaned down to begin nipping at her chest, leaving almost-too-hard-to-be-lovebites across her glistening collarbone.
[06:38:32] <Sickerton> "You may not think you are a mouse" she continued between bites. "But you are. Nothing but prey, living for a predator to eventually take down and devour."
[06:40:21] <Sickerton> "You aren't the first. And you won't be the last. I will make you realize what you are, make you beg me for sweet release. But for today..."
[06:42:07] <Sickerton> Phobie's thighs squeezed with a quick surge of power, for a moment crushing the monk caught between them several times greater than the agony she was already trying to cope with.
[06:42:32] <Sickerton> "...I'll be good enough with just hearing you squeak."
[06:42:35] <Sickerton> (yt)
[06:44:22] <thesteedman> Faith gagged out when the binding pulled against her neck, restricting some of her airflow, feeling her wrists now bound behind her back. There was no leverage at all, and any attempt to free her wrists threatened to tighten the deadly contraption.
[06:45:08] <thesteedman> Fatih felt despair setting in that her own blindfold had been used against her in such a way. Her body was now free for Phobie's thighs to slowly press inwards, before a sharp squeeze began.
[06:45:46] <thesteedman> Faith was squeezed into a near hourglass shape, her insides being crushed within her. She could hear a loud creak from the leather of Phobie's boots grinding against her flesh.
[06:47:15] <thesteedman> Another breathless moan escaped from Faith's lips, as she closed her eyes tight, struggling to endure. Her chest heaved with sharp heavy breathes, and her body squirmed and writhed, trying to get free of an impossible trap.
[06:48:03] <thesteedman> By now she couldn't fight the shout of pain, feeling the pressure beginning to get the best of her. She tried to pull her body back from her thighs, gasping... shuddering in both agony and fear.
[06:48:46] <thesteedman> Her body tensed, as the creaking sound increased, feeling her body being squeezed between the dangerous thighs of Phobie.
[06:48:49] <thesteedman> (yt)
[06:52:33] <Sickerton> "Don't fight it." Phobie cooed, almost directly into Faith's chest as she continued her 'work'. "I know you want to. Scream, because it's all you have left to do. It's natural for prey like you."
[06:54:10] <Sickerton> The royal lifted her head for a moment to take in her writhing prize in full, licking her lips in earnest. "Just like how it's natural for a predator to... to..."
[06:56:26] <Sickerton> That was enough. She was teasing for too long, and finally went over the edge. Her sated purrs turning into animalistic growls, Phobie lunged and clamped her jaws around Faith's throat like a wolf going for the kill!
[06:58:02] <Sickerton> Luckily for the monk though, the very fabric that had been repurposed to strangle her also shielded her from any chance of those teeth being able to pierce the skin. But this did not mean that they did not hurt, nor that her breathing situation had gone anywhere but worse.
[07:00:44] <Sickerton> Growling into Faith's neck, the feral royal shook her back and forth seemingly in imitation of the beasts she had previously been going on about. And, full on frenzied as she was, her thighs continued to close around the monk despite the creaking and moaning of every part of her torso.
[07:01:40] <Sickerton> Could Faith last much longer without giving Phobie what she wanted? Or even, could she last much longer period?
[07:01:44] <Sickerton> (yt)
[07:04:31] <thesteedman> This woman... she... was insane. Her teeth pinched at her throat using the fabric... which was only half a blessing as it prevented her teeth from breaking into her flesh. However... her legs... somehow they were still closing around her slender waist.
[07:05:26] <thesteedman> Her body strained, and Faith writhed. In desperation, she pushed off from the wall, trying to carry Phobie and slam her against the hard ground below. However she was unsure if that would shift the mad woman even with a heavy impact.
[07:06:28] <thesteedman> Her teeth were on her throat, her thighs were digging agonizingly tight against her sides. She knew there would be serious internal damage upon her body if she didn't escape... and escape was proving to be impossible.
[07:08:31] <thesteedman> "Uugh!" Faith tried to fight it, but as her legs build pressure even more she could not stop herself from screaming in pain. Now on top of Phobie, her heels arched upwards as her body writhed from the growing pressure. What air she had left in her lungs was spent screaming in pain.
[07:08:34] <thesteedman> (yt)
[07:11:39] <Sickerton> Phobie was pushed onto her back, with Faith now seated above, but it did very little to help her situation. I fact it may have just made it worse, as the royal was now able to wrap her legs completely around her and ramp up the constriction that much more.
[07:13:20] <Sickerton> "Yes!" she shouted with glee upon hearing the destined release, ecstatic enough to release her 'hold' on the monk's throat. "Scream! Sing for me!"
[07:15:44] <Sickerton> The woman's hands wrapped around her prey's upper body and pulled her in, now mashing their stomachs and chests together hard enough to almost rival her thighs. Staring longingly into those blank eyes, Phobie merely whispered:
[07:15:59] <Sickerton> "Let me taste them."
[07:18:37] <Sickerton> Before taking Faith in a full kiss, clamping down on her mouth hard enough for it to almost be a bite in of itself. She wanted those cries. To eat. She would take them inside her and leech away the strength from this failing warrior.
[07:19:13] <Sickerton> It was only natural.
[07:19:15] <Sickerton> (yt)
[07:21:01] <thesteedman> There was a horrid crackle from Faith's lower back when Phobie's legs clamped around her slender waist. It brought Faith upright, resting flat on her knees as she arched back, overwhelmed by the pain, unable to even think straight or do anything else but be caught in sheer agony.
[07:21:56] <thesteedman> Phobie pulled her back down into a truly crushing embrace, one that threatened to squeeze Faith into a bloodied pulp. Her ribs began to curve inwards, her spine began to bend in a way it was not meant too, pushing to what Faith could take.
[07:22:20] <thesteedman> Naturally, she could do nothing but scream out loud with air she didn't realize she had within her burning lungs.
[07:23:15] <thesteedman> However, it only came out as a muffled cry, as Phobie took her in a feverish kiss. She could feel the heat coming from Phobie as the woman kissed her frantically, feeling her tongue force its way down her mouth as she screamed into her own.
[07:24:29] <thesteedman> Faith strained. her eyes closing tightly as a tear rolled down her cheeks to merge with the blood on half her face. Her toes curled as her body tensed with the strain... in a few seconds however, the screaming soon stopped, and Faith slackened, coming to rest against Phobie as the pain and the lack of air became too much for the blind fighter.
[07:25:31] <thesteedman> With no resistance, her body clicked and popped within Phobie's embrace, threatening to break as the unconscious monk could no longer fight against the constriction.
[07:25:32] <thesteedman> (yt)
[07:28:29] <Sickerton> Phobie drank the monk's screams greedily even as they died off, and for a good few moments or so she still refused to let up. Maybe she could squeeze juuust a little more...
[07:28:57] <Sickerton> But no, this was all she would get. For now at least.
[07:30:46] <Sickerton> Phobie rolled over, so that now her slack prize rested below her, and all but devoured her then and there with her eyes alone. All the things she could - no - WOULD do to break this body and spirit...
[07:32:00] <Sickerton> "...Okay." a familiar voice finally rang in from above. "That was beyond creepy, but I ain't judging. I'll just be on my way an-"
[07:32:02] <Sickerton> THUMP
[07:32:04] <Sickerton> WHUMP
[07:33:19] <Sickerton> "Thank you!" Phobie spat up to the remaining agent without even bothering to look. "Get that buzzkill down to the cells."
[07:34:44] <Sickerton> "As for this one..." the royal continued, tracing a finger around Faith's lips before dipping a finger into her slack mouth. "I'll bring her down myself."
[07:34:51] <Sickerton> "Eventually..."
[07:35:04] <Sickerton> (End)
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Happily Ever After
By Me and thesteedman
Part 2

[01:07:05] <Sickerton> Thunk thunk. Thunk thunk. Thunk thunk.
[01:10:00] <Sickerton> From across the hall that noise kept on and on, Faith's cellmate passing the time by passing some sort of spherical object against the wall so it rebounded back at her. Faith would wonder where she got it from, but considering that the smoke her finely-tuned senses were picking up confirmed that she also somehow still smoking a cigarette made it clear that this was a rabbit hole probably not worth going down.
[01:14:45] <Sickerton> Deja, the monk's former 'guide', had seen better days. Gone was the hat and coat, leaving only a ragged vest, gloves, and trousers over an even more ragged body. The rogue had already experienced one 'private session' with their generous hostess, and while it was a small miracle that she came back at all there was a stretch of time where it seemed like she would just keel over right in the cot they dumped her on.
[01:15:06] <Sickerton> Granted, it wasn't as if Faith herself was in much better straits.
[01:16:30] <Sickerton> She had not been retrieved yet, but upon waking up in this cell soon came to realize that she was now wearing a collar. The same type that Deja, and apparently every prisoner kept here, was forced to sport.
[01:18:11] <Sickerton> Plain leather, except for metal studs that poked a few inches out all the way around it's circumference. Faith didn't quite understand what this meant... until she found a discarded one beneath some rubbish in a corner of her cell.
[01:20:45] <Sickerton> It appeared that the studs were spiked on the interior side. Granted, that usually didn't mean a thing usually since they were fully extended outwards and thus receded snugly into the leather band. But it did not take a genius to realize that if, say, a command word could make them shoot back in...
[01:21:30] <Sickerton> Thunk thunk. Thunk thunk. Thunk- "Aw n-"
[01:23:34] <Sickerton> The 'ball' finally went wild, rebounding out into the hallway between the two cells and coming to a stop where - if the monk REEEEEAAALLY wanted to - she could possibly reach it by stretching out her arms through the bars.
[01:25:35] <Sickerton> Although, upon closer 'examination', that did not seem likely. Faith could now sense that two straps were attached to the object; it was indeed a rubber ball, but not the type one would give to the family pet unless you REALLY needed them to stop barking.
[01:27:25] <Sickerton> "Uh, love?" Dejah asked nervously, now up against the bars herself as she eyed the gag gone astray. "Couldya nudge that back over here? Queen Bitch isn't gonna be happy if she finds out I ca-"
[01:29:25] <Sickerton> The little 'chat' would have to wait, though, as a thunderous SLAM of massive doors and echoes of bootsteps soon signified that someone was on the way. Roughly estimating where they were in the 'block' it would only be a few seconds until this visitor came within sight.
[01:30:04] <Sickerton> But then again, for some people a whole lot can be done in that stretch of time...
[01:30:06] <Sickerton> (yt)
[01:35:22] <thesteedman> Faith had sat quietly in her cell. A lot of thoughts were going through her mind, often becoming jarred or misaligned with each thunk of the cylindrical object against the cold hard wall.
[01:36:23] <thesteedman> Alas... even in her situation, Faith's patience was almost more a hinderece then a virtue. The blind fighter could listen to the sound all day, and whilst it was distracting somewhat, it did not stir any dark thoughts or rage.
[01:37:18] <thesteedman> Had that been her 'guides' intend, it had not been working, but she felt Deja was doing it more out of sheer boredom then anything else whilst they awaited their miserable fates
[01:38:21] <thesteedman> The first few hours, Faith had tested the bars, had looked for weaknesses. She had found nothing but grim discoveries of previous occupants, as the sodden collar she discovered had suggested.
[01:39:14] <thesteedman> Whether by the collar around her neck or the twisted 'sessions' of this Baroness of this keep, Faith knew her time here would not be long. She had been dancing on the edge with death for too long, and this time might finally be her end.
[01:39:52] <thesteedman> She was strong she knew, stronger then Deja, and just lasting would be her best option... in some small foolish hope that the frightened villagers might find resolve and rise up.
[01:40:05] <thesteedman> Stupid thoughts indeed...
[01:41:25] <thesteedman> When the sphere rolled just outside her cell, Faith turned her head slightly. With her blindfold returned to her, she knew she could have potentially used it to return the sphere to Deja... who for the last day or so had been her only companion.
[01:42:10] <thesteedman> She contemplated it for a moment, but then turned her head forwards. Faith felt she might spare herself from a session for now with the 'bitch' if she discovered the item.
[01:42:39] <thesteedman> Faith knew it was her turn... but if she could deflect it onto Deja she had no issues with that, given her guide was the reason the two were in this dark place.
[01:43:37] <thesteedman> Faith had seen better days, the side of her jaw was stained with blood. The other side of her face still had an almost artistic design made in dry and sticky blood where her head had nearly been split open.
[01:44:50] <thesteedman> The new pants she had bought were no rags. Though Faith often had the appearance of a pauper given her lack of clothing, she still held herself well. Now her waist cloak was a riddled and torn mess, and her pants had seen better days, torn up and revealing a little more of her legs.
[01:45:37] <thesteedman> A slight glisten came from her exposed flesh, from the humidity of this place. As her top was stained with her own blood from the vicious beating the Baroness had given her.
[01:45:56] <thesteedman> When the sound of her approach rang in Faith's ears, she froze for a moment, listening intently.
[01:46:24] <thesteedman> "No..." Faith whispered in response to Deja finally. She wasn't going to help the woman who had largely caused her own eventual death.
[01:46:26] <thesteedman> (yt)
[01:49:41] <Sickerton> "...Well, at least yer polite about it." the rogue conceded, before taking a heavy drag on her smoke. "No point in hidin' this then..."
[01:51:13] <Sickerton> The footsteps grew louder and louder, finally reaching a peak as two forms turned the corner.
[01:52:18] <Sickerton> One was the remaining 'Guard' from earlier, still as obedient as ever despite her compatriot's... unfortunate demise.
[01:52:23] <Sickerton> And the other?
[01:52:39] <Sickerton> Was there even any doubt here?
[01:54:23] <Sickerton> Phobie Von Hündin lead the way; carrying herself just as proudly as before despite changing into more, ah, recreational attire.
[01:57:49] <Sickerton> The arm and knee length gloves and boots were still present, but the woman had swapped out her uniform for a tight corset all by itself. Perhaps a little TOO tight, actually. Perhaps the various holes carved through it's fabric in the style of fancy embroidery was meant to alleviate that... but probably not.
[02:00:25] <Sickerton> A curious thing, though: Now lacking covering, Faith could see an odd design traced on the woman's shoulder. Considering that she *couldn't* see this was an oddity to say the least; a strange glowing pattern sharply outlined amongst the far more vague shapes her other senses filled in more traditionally.
[02:02:08] <Sickerton> Phobie's high-heeled boots clacked away as they reached the cells... and stopped just short of nudging the ballgag with a pointed toe.
[02:03:27] <Sickerton> "Well..." She cooed; not looking up, but clearly addressing the rogue. "Someone's been busy."
[02:04:27] <Sickerton> "I, ah, needed a smoke." Deja answered lamely. "Then things got a little out of hand, and-"
[02:04:35] <Sickerton> "Give me one."
[02:05:19] <Sickerton> "...What?" Deja asked after a pause, caught off guard by the request.
[02:07:17] <Sickerton> "Are you deaf to match your blind friend?" Phobie shot back sharply, before unbristling and settling back into a serene tone. "If you are willing to do this for one, they must be good, yes?"
[02:08:13] <Sickerton> "Well... Okay..." Chance mumbled, reaching for a pocket. "Just let me-"
[02:08:16] <Sickerton> "No."
[02:08:27] <Sickerton> "...No?"
[02:09:30] <Sickerton> Phobie raised one hand and pointed lazily at the cigarette in Deja's mouth, smoke still wafting from it's cherry of a tip. "Give me that one. Now."
[02:11:38] <Sickerton> Hesitantly the rogue stood up, and as she did so Phobie darted in to shoot her arm through the bars and take Deja by the chin.
[02:14:15] <Sickerton> With a yank Deja lurched into the bars, and the baroness plucked the cigarette from her mouth to slip it into her own and take a drag.
[02:16:52] <Sickerton> Phobie took a moment to 'savor' the flavor - clearly rolling it about in her mouth - before removing the cig from her lips with her free hand, blowing the smoke back into Deja's face with an exclamation of "Not too bad"...
[02:18:04] <Sickerton> ...And then extinguishing the cigarette in one of Deja's wide-open eyes.
[02:18:43] <Sickerton> "Get the blind one" Phobie commanded as the rogue fell back shrieking. "And the monk too."
[02:22:27] <Sickerton> A bit of rustling, a bit of pushing, and a bit of dragging later, the four were relocated to one of Phobie's... private rooms. Various contraptions lined the walls; some obvious in intended use, some not so much, and some very clearly intended for uses completely different from what they served here.
[02:23:11] <Sickerton> But for now? The old standby would probably do the trick just fine.
[02:24:59] <Sickerton> "Now then..." Phobie spoke to the tw - well mostly just Faith at this moment, as Deja was still barely standing thanks to the guard - "...we can get back to lessons."
[02:25:41] <Sickerton> "Eyepatch over there has already had one and a half, so I believe it's well overdue for you."
[02:26:25] <Sickerton> "So..." Phobie concluded, turning to directly address Faith as she unraveled her trusty whip. "Kneel."
[02:26:28] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:28:43] <thesteedman> "My name is not Neil..." Faith couldn't resist. Pride was a dangerous thing, a very dangerous thing indeed. Though a fathers manner of jest escaped her, the message sent out was more then clear.
[02:30:06] <thesteedman> She stood, granted Faith knew it probably would not be for long... but stood she did for now. She was not a glutton for punishment, Faith was merely foolish and she knew it. It would be safer to kneel down, perhaps even buy some precious time. However, that path still lead to pain.
[02:30:43] <thesteedman> There was no escaping what happened next... whatever that may have been. She could sense all manner of contraptions and twisted devices, used to satisfy the unusual hunger this woman had to inflict pain and torture.
[02:31:41] <thesteedman> Many books could be written about this woman from her outfit alone. She was a deviant, a twisted murderer. All Faith could do for now was attempt to deny her what she wanted.
[02:32:04] <thesteedman> The problem was... the blind monk did not know what it was she wanted. It was something she'd have to figure out, if there was indeed any way of fighting it at all.
[02:33:45] <thesteedman> Her head tilted in the common manner it did, as the blind monk looked in the general direction of her captor. Her attention was on the markings... those unusual markings. They were so potent she could almost see them rather then feel, such energy she did not feel before.
[02:34:42] <thesteedman> She could feel strength... an unusual and unnatural strength. Perhaps the source of her power?... It would explain how a woman of her build was able to overpower her. Though well toned and fine tuned, such a shape of a woman shouldn't bear the strength of several men.
[02:35:33] <thesteedman> "Now that you have finally granted me an audience, I was wondering if the Baroness of this house would offer me some assistance. I require information on an individual who was said to have passed through here."
[02:36:06] <thesteedman> Why Faith was asking she did not know. Again... perhaps buying time, it was almost pointless finding out if she was going to be dead within a few days... but you never know.
[02:37:14] <thesteedman> Slowly she prepared herself. It was her intent not to go down without a fight. However, the arrogance of Phobe was already present, given Faith had no restraints at the moment. It was cause for concern... but Faith had a few tricks up her sleeve, however hopeless they may seem.
[02:37:19] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:39:47] <Sickerton> A corner of the baroness' mouth twitched at the pun, but by the time Faith had finished her 'request' it had turned into a full-on sneer.
[02:40:56] <Sickerton> "Oh, is that all?" she responded breezily. "Why didn't you ask?"
[02:42:57] <Sickerton> Phobie re-clasped the whip to her side, then snapped her fingers once as she turned away and sashayed towards one wall.
[02:44:10] <Sickerton> This was apparently a signal of some sort, as the guard behind Faith also threw Deja to the floor and moved off to retrieve an item of her own.
[02:45:50] <Sickerton> But soon the guard was back, and she stood over the writhing rogue to lean down and make good use of...
[02:46:09] <Sickerton> ...A violin and bowstring?
[02:47:03] <Sickerton> "Whuh?" Deja asked blearily from the floor as she examined the instrument thrust into her hands. "Why-"
[02:47:56] <Sickerton> "Music is always appreciated." Phobie replied curtly from across the room without looking over. "Play as if your life depended on it."
[02:49:59] <Sickerton> Getting the hint loud and clear but still sniffling, Chance propped herself up to a sitting position and began to work on the fiddle. It was... surprisingly decent considering the circumstances. But considering the circumstances, beating a cat to death with it would still be considered 'decent'.
[02:50:36] <Sickerton> Finally the Baroness turned around herself, revealing her new instrument of torture:
[02:51:29] <Sickerton> A champagne bottle and crystal glass.
[02:52:13] <Sickerton> Phobie clacked her way back over to faith, filling up the glass as she went, and only paused to take a sip before continuing:
[02:52:30] <Sickerton> "So, tell me about this crush of yours."
[02:52:32] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:54:57] <thesteedman> Faith was taken off guard. She had not been expecting this. The music... the sudden manners. It built a knot in her stomach fashioned from tension. Deja played the instrument, taking to heart the threat Phobe burnt into her mind, and so the girl played.
[02:56:06] <thesteedman> The champagne... the sudden luxury. The calm demeanor in spite of her appearance. This was the calm before the storm Faith knew. She was testing her luck... one could argue it would be unwise to test it further...
[02:56:38] <thesteedman> but Faith knew how this was going to end. What happened in between would no doubt be agonising, but it would end all the same.
[02:57:30] <thesteedman> "Blackthorne... is no crush of mine." Faith whispered, after all these years she still felt a buried sense of spite and anger when the name was mentioned.
[02:58:35] <thesteedman> "However, it is whom I seek. I was wondering if you may have per chance met up with this individual. I have it on good source they passed this way, perhaps even visited this place."
[02:59:40] <thesteedman> Faith felt a tightness in her chest, her nerves threatening to get the better of her. She did all she could to suppress it, but there was something about this woman. She could almost feel the darkness surrounding her, the twisted intent.
[03:01:55] <thesteedman> Faith turned her head a little, the music was distracting her. It felt so wrong to hear such melodies in a place no doubt wrought with death. She could hear the creak of leather as Phobie's hand tightened on the whip in a threatening manner.
[03:03:46] <thesteedman> "Any... information would... be helpful." Faith added, her breathing increasingly slightly. Feeling the strength of her captor from where she stood, from whatever those markings were etched upon her flesh, Faith knew she could not match her in power, and wondered how good technique would even fair.
[03:03:47] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:07:10] <Sickerton> "Oh please." Phobie replied with a roll of the eyes. "Anyone you would go these lengths to find is a crush. Hate and love are the same thing, just pointed in different directions."
[03:08:48] <Sickerton> The baroness took an idle sip out of her glass, then her eyes widened slightly. "Oh dear. I forgot to offer you a drink."
[03:11:30] <Sickerton> There was a blur, then a splash of red. Partially because of the blow to Faith's cheek rattling her brain. Partially because of the flying wine. And partially - but probably mostly - because of the glass Phobie was holding in that hand shattering into gashing shards against the monk's face.
[03:13:10] <Sickerton> "How rude of me!" Phobie, continued, her voice going high and shrill as she took her stunned victim by the throat and forced her down to her knees. "Such a TERRIBLE host!"
[03:15:53] <Sickerton> Lifting the wine bottle still in her other hand up, she tipped it over and let the contents slowly flow down over Faith. Even barring the inherent humiliation and possible breathing issues, the alcohol would do very little favors to the new set of fresh cuts all across the monk's upturned face.
[03:17:39] <Sickerton> "Drink up! This an excellent vintage!" The girl all but screamed at Faith, her eyes growing beady as her snarl widened. "Wouldn't want it to go to waste!"
[03:17:42] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:24:49] <thesteedman> Faith grunted as the glass shattered against the side of her head, letting some shards embed into her cheek. Faith fell back, the strength of the strike taking her off guard and bringing her down onto her rear.
[03:25:56] <thesteedman> She winced, picking out the shards that managed to cut into her, allowing for fresh blood to trickle from the small openings. Faith then gasped as wine was poured over her, stinging into the new wounds and old wounds alike, dousing her in alcohol.
[03:26:48] <thesteedman> It had not taken much to stir the fighter within Faith, and quickly she rose. Her legs were heavy, and her movement considerably more sluggish then normal, given the beating she was still carrying from her last encounter with Phobie
[03:27:16] <thesteedman> However, having had time to recover somewhat, she still packed strength in her punch despite the sluggish nature.
[03:27:52] <thesteedman> With not so much of even a shout or grunt of determination, Faith was a quiet fighter, and thus she remained silent as her fist clenched tightly and sailed through the air.
[03:28:48] <thesteedman> The intent was to drill her fist into Phobie's cheek, a quick retaliation for the slight against her. If she was to go down here, Faith wanted to be sure she gave Phobie something to remind her of the blind fighter. Was it too much to ask for a broken jaw?
[03:28:57] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:39:11] <Sickerton> The blow landed true, and Phobie's head rocked to the side... but sadly, that was all she managed.
[03:39:53] <Sickerton> Well, no, that wasn't exactly true. The tattoo on Phobie's arm was also glowing a whole lot brighter now.
[03:41:11] <Sickerton> "Nice try" the baroness chided even as the fist was still sunk into her face. "But you're in my world now."
[03:43:40] <Sickerton> With a swipe the bottle was brought against Faith's extended arm, similarly gashing it up as it simultaneously batted the limb away and shattered, but Phobie was far from done. Once she was 'free' of the blow Phobie ducked low to return the favor to the monk's midsection.
[03:43:50] <Sickerton> Plus interest, of course.
[03:45:21] <Sickerton> Phobie's fist sunk into Faith's toned abs... then kept going. The force of the blow was so strong that the blind woman's entire body moved along with it, lifting her up until she dangled freely in front of her captor.
[03:47:05] <Sickerton> "You probably trained every day of your life to get where you are now." the baroness mused. "I funded ventures into combining rune magic and tattoo artistry."
[03:48:23] <Sickerton> The girl gave Faith a cheeky smile, although in hindsight that was probably pointless. "Who says philanthropy can't pay off?"
[03:48:28] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:50:25] <thesteedman> Faith was taken aback as her fist drove into the face of Phobie... and did nothing past moving her slightly. There was no indication of any damage under her fist, and the arrogance in the voice of the baroness said everything Faith needed to know... that she was in trouble.
[03:50:58] <thesteedman> The retaliation was felt approaching. Fast and deadly... no time to move or evade. Faith did have time to channel her chi energy however within herself, looking to take the strike with her energy alone.
[03:51:02] <thesteedman> It didn't work.
[03:51:33] <thesteedman> A fist drove into her bare stomach, crushing through her chi energy and lifting the blind monk up off her feet with a devastating body uppercut of sorts.
[03:52:13] <thesteedman> She was hoisted up in the air, doubling over the fist of Phobie who held her up like she was some form of trophy. Faith gagged, writhing as agony washed over her entire body... the worst of it coming from her stomach.
[03:53:23] <thesteedman> Her lips parted, though there was no sound passed the passing of liquid as blood spurted from Faith's mouth. She grabbed at Phobie's arm, gasping quietly before she managed to slunk herself off from her hand.
[03:54:06] <thesteedman> There was no grace in the way Faith landed, simply falling as a heap on the ground, favoring her stomach. It took her a while to gain breathe, a combination of the winding strike and the pain that came from the strike.
[03:54:43] <thesteedman> Faith turned onto her side, coughing violently as a little more blood seeped from her lips. She grabbed at Phobie's booted leg, trying to drag herself up to her feet.
[03:55:44] <thesteedman> She gagged, coughed... Faith was already a mess and the two had not even begun yet. All Faith could do was... try and fight... as pathetic as that turned out to be. She felt like she was simply making a show of herself at this point.
[03:55:45] <thesteedman> (yt)
[04:02:26] <Sickerton> "You really should have listened, rat."
[04:04:11] <Sickerton> Faith's attempt to climb Mount Phoebe came to an abrupt end as a backhand sent her twirling, knocking her off the baroness' leg to fall awkwardly on her stomach.
[04:04:50] <Sickerton> "Granted, you're not the first one to make this mistake."
[04:05:50] <Sickerton> The Bitch of Barons took firm hold of her whip, pulling it tightly between both hands in anticipation.
[04:07:12] <Sickerton> "So many people think that trying to hold on to their dignity will let them die with some. In truth, it just means that wrenching it from them is all the more sweeter."
[04:08:54] <Sickerton> With a CRACK the whip came down; carving a line across Faith's back and the top of her buttocks as the lash sliced through her clothing and partially broke the skin.
[04:10:24] <Sickerton> "If you obeyed, maybe you could have had at least a little bit of honor on the inside at the end. But now? I will squeeze every last drop from you for the sheer joy of doing it."
[04:10:49] <Sickerton> CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!
[04:10:54] <Sickerton> (yt)
[04:13:18] <thesteedman> Faith screamed out as her back was whipped violently. Feeling the lash nick at her flesh, leaving red marks and often tearing small lines of flesh. Her back had several crimson lines, whilst the music continued to play as an echo.
[04:14:18] <thesteedman> A grunt escaped from Faith from each crack, following by a sharp agonizing sting in her back. She managed to shake off the backhand after what felt like too long being dazed, at the mercy of the whip and the woman who possessed it.
[04:15:10] <thesteedman> By the 8th whip, Faith managed to catch it with her sliced arm. A show of skill no doubt... but Faith was unable to do anything with it.
[04:15:43] <thesteedman> She lay slightly propped up on one hand, the other holding the whip as she breathed heavily. Her chest burned with each breath, her body complained and her back now sang a song of pain she could barely ignore.
[04:16:23] <thesteedman> She wanted to pull the whip... bring Phobie into a strike, or use it to strangle her... do anything. But all she could do was lay there breathing, hearing herself gasp and near whimper with each pained breath.
[04:17:36] <thesteedman> It was all she could do to bring herself up to her knees... almost having to use the taughtness of the whip to help herself get that far. The pain helped her focus her senses at the time when she caught the whip... but now they were reeling again.
[04:18:43] <thesteedman> "S... stop..." was all Faith could whisper.
[04:18:45] <thesteedman> (yt)
[04:24:34] <Sickerton> "Silly rat." Phobie cooed. "Still trying to give orders."
[04:26:00] <Sickerton> The baroness closed the distance between her and Faith, 'helpfully' reeling the whip in as she did so to keep it taught for the monk to remain upright. This seemed oddly charitable... at first.
[04:29:37] <Sickerton> Then the boot came up, it's heel resting firmly in the indentation between Faith's throat and collarbone. Slowly Phobie began to shift her weight over, forcing the blind monk back and down against the floor.
[04:31:23] <Sickerton> Soon Faith was flat on the ground, writhing under the oppressive heel as her tormenter leaned over her with an amused smirk.
[04:31:47] <Sickerton> "And don't you know what happens to vermi... huh?"
[04:33:12] <Sickerton> For once the smugness seemed to vanish from the self-proclaimed Bitch's face, mostly replaced with perplexity as she leaned down to take hold of Faith's necklace to examine it more closely.
[04:33:36] <Sickerton> "Where did... a street urchin like you... get something like this?"
[04:33:39] <Sickerton> (yt)
[04:43:32] <thesteedman> "It's.... mine..." Faith gasped out breathlessly, all but defeated as she lay on her back. She could barely breathe as the woman forced her heel against her neck, pressing beyond comfort and into pain as she was pinned below her boot.
[04:44:27] <thesteedman> "D... don't touch... it..." Faith then gasped, as Phobe leaned down to examine it. "I've... always had it. It belongs to... me." Faith explained, but she would tell her no more then that.
[04:45:01] <thesteedman> Weakly, she tried to hit against her leg, gasping breathlessly, her body writhing in desperation for release. She was getting nowhere. Faith was all but defeated, she just did not seem to know it yet.
[04:45:28] <thesteedman> However, Phobe's interest in her necklace offered her some respite... and perhaps something more she was yet to be aware of.
[04:45:51] <thesteedman> "I... am no urchin...." Faith spat out, as a little blood spluttered from her lips as she spoke.
[04:45:52] <thesteedman> (yt)
[05:02:46] <Sickerton> "This pendant... that face... Blackthorne..." Phobie muttered, mostly to herself.
[05:03:31] <Sickerton> Then, slowly, the realization dawned on her.
[05:04:14] <Sickerton> "You're... from House Naridia, aren't you? Those saps Blackie sacked?"
[05:05:44] <Sickerton> The boot was withdrawn... but only so the girl could plop down on her proper, straddling her midsection with those strong thighs.
[05:07:09] <Sickerton> Off in the distance the music cut off, followed by a "WHAT?", but after a following WHACK the peanut gallery died down and the music started anew.
[05:10:26] <Sickerton> "I think I actually recognize you." Phobie continued, completely ignoring the interruption. "Uncle Loran's coronation? Not the cremation, but gods know that was by far the better of the two."
[05:22:58] <Sickerton> With a sharp pull the cord of the necklace snapped, and Phobie 'pocketed' the pendant deep between her cleavage. "You ARE right about one thing, though. This makes you no urchin."
[05:23:50] <Sickerton> "In fact..." she continued, tracing a finger lazily around Faith's bloody lips. "'re one DOOZY of a bargaining chip."
[05:23:53] <Sickerton> (yt)
[05:29:44] <thesteedman> Faith frowned, her bloodied lips opening slightly at the mention of her noble surname. It had been a long time since she heard the Naridia name spoke of that it almost took her aback.
[05:30:39] <thesteedman> She felt Phobie slide down, straddling over her midriff to keep her in place. The mention of Uncle Loran... a sudden memory coming to mind.
[05:31:49] <thesteedman> "Who... who are you?" Faith whispered. Phobie... Phobie... did she know a Phobie? She gasped as her pendant was taken from her, but could do little about it as one of her few belongings was slipped away inbetween flesh and leather.
[05:33:28] <thesteedman> Faith felt Phobie run her fingers over her bloodied lips, and tried to turn away from her. Bargaining chip? This woman knew who she was. "Uncle Loran... I remember that coronation." Faith whispered.
[05:35:02] <thesteedman> "Phobie?... Phobie!" Faith's eyes went wide below the blindfold. Phobie... she remembered the girl. She was known to be a spoilt brat as a child and often bullied peasant girls. Faith however never had any trouble with her, at the coronation the two actually had got on. Her second name had been different back then... no doubt she has married since.
[05:36:16] <thesteedman> "Wh... I... It's... been a long time." Faith whispered, dumbfounded almost. "What... why are you doing this to people?" Faith whispered, recieving a heavy dose of reality, realizing what she had become now that Faith was in her twisted dungeon.
[05:36:21] <thesteedman> (yt)
[05:47:32] <Sickerton> "Oh, don't be so surprised." Phobie replied airily while making a brushing-off motion with her free hand. "People grow up, things happen. It's not like you were all 'I want to be a blind orphan when I grow up!' back then either."
[05:52:09] <Sickerton> "The important thing though..." she carried on with a smile, " that you're here again!"
[05:53:44] <Sickerton> Wrapping her arms around Faith's shoulders, Phobie drew the girl into an oddly warm hug... even as the monk's midsection began to compress uncomfortably between her thighs.
[05:54:24] <Sickerton> "Oh, it's almost like fate! Two childhood friends, reunited after all these years!"
[05:55:05] <Sickerton> "I don't even know where to start catching up! I mean, usually I'd ask how the folks are doing, but y'know..."
[05:57:03] <Sickerton> Further and further the thighs closed in, now quite actively squeezing her. This was no longer merely 'uncomfortable'. 'Uncomfortable' waved goodbye at the dock ages ago.
[05:57:50] <Sickerton> "The best part, of all this, though?"
[05:58:19] <Sickerton> Phobie looked down to lock ey- er...
[05:59:22] <Sickerton> After a moment to slide off Faith's blindfold, she THEN looked deeply into those foggy eyes, and continued:
[05:59:33] <Sickerton> "We'll never have to be apart again."
[05:59:36] <Sickerton> (yt)
[06:02:37] <thesteedman> Phobie's attitude seemed to transform completely... still somewhat reeling from the beatings, Faith gasped as she was pulled into a warm and gentle hug. She felt Phobie pull her body deeper between her thighs however, feeling her skin firmly slide against her hips.
[06:03:57] <thesteedman> It was then pressure began to build. Firm at first, uncomfortable but manageable. "Phobie..." Faith whispered at the comment about her folks. This was not the same girl she remembered.
[06:04:17] <thesteedman> Wait... perhaps she was. The signs were there even back then there was something dark within her personality.
[06:05:20] <thesteedman> How she would bully the lesser nobles... with whispers that she tortured peasant girls. That was the real Phobie... this was the real Phobie now.
[06:06:27] <thesteedman> A groan escaped from Faith as her thighs continued to press in against her sides, squeezing her. She remembered how powerful her legs were from the first encounter... and how she almost seemed determined to use this hold.
[06:07:38] <thesteedman> Faith winced as Phobie slid off her blindfold, to look upon the beautiful sightless eyes she possessed. Tragically, her eyes still moved normally, revealing she was not always blind. It was only the fadedness of them that revealed the lack of sight Faith possessed.
[06:08:46] <thesteedman> Her legs continued to squeeze, causing pain as her body began to complain from the pressure and blood began to rush. "Phobie... you're... crushing me." Faith gasped, pushing against her shoulder and against her hip to try and slip her body backwards from the powerful vice.
[06:08:48] <thesteedman> (yt)
[06:22:19] <Sickerton> "Of course I am." Phobie chided, wagging the finger stained with Faith's blood in front of her. "Just because we're friends doesn't mean I'll go easy on you."
[06:22:47] <Sickerton> "..."
[06:27:20] <Sickerton> "Weeeelll, maybe that's not QUITE true." Phobie admitted with a small blush. "I mean, I won't kill you or anything."
[06:30:16] <Sickerton> "But trust me..." she added leaning down to whisper into her ear "...I've been around the block enough times to know how to 'edge' alllll day."
[06:31:42] <Sickerton> With a sigh she settled in, resting serenely against her writhing plaything even as she continued to crush her, and gave the girl a quick peck on the lips.
[06:32:05] <Sickerton> "You know, even back then I thought you were awful cute..."
[06:32:09] <Sickerton> (yt)
[06:34:39] <thesteedman> "Huugh!" Faith whipped her head back, feeling her legs close a little more, as a few creaks and clicks began to sound out from Faith's body. She leaned back, tensing her fine tuned figure to try and endure the crush Phobie had upon her.
[06:35:46] <thesteedman> She pushed against her thighs, grasped and clawed at her boots, feeling her powerful thigh continue to press in against her midriff. She struck against Phobie, but it was no use, her punches could not get past whatever magic was at work she had in those tattoos.
[06:37:15] <thesteedman> Faith shouted, trying to shift onto her knees, but not having the strength to stand. The pain was becoming so much she barely noticed the first kiss against her lips. Not realizing the new light that Phobie saw her in... what was a street rat to her... now a precious treasure and a path to more fortune and power.
[06:39:26] <thesteedman> Faith however was only focused on escaping her grip... instinct taking over and preventing rational though. She arched back, which only allowed Phobie the space to bring her deeper into the embrace. "Can't... breathe..." Faith whispered, realizing all too late she had been denied oxygen, slowly beginning to move less and less.
[06:39:27] <thesteedman> (yt)
[06:43:50] <Sickerton> "Yeah, I have that effect on people," the baroness joked with a smirk. "I'm simply to... oh, even I can't pull off that dumb pun..."
[06:44:55] <Sickerton> The woman's hands traveled up and down Faith's shivering body, taking it all in with a new light now that she knew the value behind it. Yes. Yes, this could do quite nicely...
[06:46:22] <Sickerton> Eventually though they reached their final destination: Linked behind the woman's head, forcing her to 'look' up.
[06:46:52] <Sickerton> "Well, I suppose ONE couldn't hurt..."
[06:48:47] <Sickerton> Phobie bent down and took Faith in a kiss, eagerly lapping up the blood pooling inside and around her mouth. As she did so she moaned low, and added a slight rocking motion to her thighs even as they crushed tighter and tighter.
[06:50:16] <Sickerton> After a long, blissful time the baroness drew back, licking the red now slathered around her lips, and smiled down at her childhood friend...
[06:51:30] <Sickerton> ...Before pulling Faith's face into her chest, with intent to smother the monk out between her heaving breasts on top of everything else.
[06:52:32] <Sickerton> "Shhhh..." Phobie whispered, quietly and calmly. "Go to sleep. You have so much ahead of you."
[06:52:38] <Sickerton> (yt)
[06:53:31] <thesteedman> Faith gasped as she was pulled into a passionate kiss. She pushed against her shoulders, trying to separate her lips from her 'childhood friend' but it was no use.
[06:55:02] <thesteedman> She felt her tongue near slide down her throat, kissing so deep it practically choked her. Her legs were simply crushing her now with considerable force, enough to make Faith groan in pain in the kiss, as Phobie rocked her thighs, bringing her deep into the grip...
[06:56:21] <thesteedman> Disgustingly, Faith realised Phobie began to heat up. She was getting off on this. By now however Faith's body had all but failed her. Her chest burned and she began to see spots.
[06:56:57] <thesteedman> Suddenly air entered her lungs when Phobie broke the kiss. Given the leg grip around her waist there wasn't much her lungs could take in, but it was precious despite the pain.
[06:57:25] <thesteedman> It was short lived however, when her face was forced against Phobie's cleavage. Flesh smothering her as arms wrapped around her head to keep her in place.
[06:58:18] <thesteedman> The legs did most of the work, crushing the near life out of Faith as soon enough she stopped moving. Phobie made sure there was no air intake with her glistening cleavage which was now stained with Faith's blood. Slowly, Faith seemed to go limp against her, falling vicitm to her embrace once more.
[06:58:20] <thesteedman> (yt)
[07:02:10] <Sickerton> Phobie continued of for a little while longer, biting her lip as she rocked harder and harder, but eventually came to realize that her plaything had passed out. Slowly, reluctantly, she released her grip and allowed Faith to fall bonelessly onto her back.
[07:04:08] <Sickerton> "Hooh." she nearly panted, fanning her flushed face with one hand. "Haven't had the vapors this bad in ages."
[07:05:35] <Sickerton> Gingerly she rose to her feet, and not-so-gingerly she hoisted the monk up over her shoulder so that her head drooped down the baroness' back.
[07:06:30] <Sickerton> With her casual air returning Phobie sashayed torwards the door, and only paused slightly as she heard her minion clear her throat.
[07:06:44] <Sickerton> Oh. Yeah. The music.
[07:07:47] <Sickerton> "Have her play here for another five hours, then bring her back to the cells." Phoebe called back as an afterthought. "I'll see to this one personally."
[07:09:16] <Sickerton> "And boy will I." she mumbled to herself, giving the rump brushing up against her face a playful squeeze. "'Til death do us..."
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Happily Ever After
By Me and thesteedman
Part 3

[02:24:47] <Sickerton> "Melons? I hear some are like portable jugs of water, but oddly sweet on top of that."
[02:24:58] <Sickerton> Faith was once again back in her cage, having *somewhat* recovered from her last visit with her 'hostess'. If some peace and quiet was what she was looking foward to after her ordeal, though, she was sorely mistaken.
[02:25:10] <Sickerton> "Or... Pom-erg-granites? Did I say that right? I had one of those once, but no one told me that only the seeds were good for eating. So I took a big 'ol bite outta the side, then..."
[02:25:21] <Sickerton> Her cellmate across the way - Deja La Chance - had apparently survived her musical number as well. And thus, as soon as the blind monk managed to groggily wake, the ratty thief was already up against the bars asking question after question about her supposed royal status.
[02:25:32] <Sickerton> "Oh... you ever try grapes? Did you have a vinyard? Sure, I've had wine, but the real deal..."
[02:25:40] <Sickerton> It was odd. Most, when confronted by the ludicrously wealthy by surprise, would most likely have questions about riches or debauchery. Or at the very least a loan. But all this ragged girl with one crusted shut eye seemed to care about was what kinds of food Faith had eaten; particularly, fresh fruits.
[02:25:52] <Sickerton> "It musta been somethin'..." La Chance almost sighed, leaning back and closing her one good eye in thought. "Just havin' stuff like that brought to ya. Never goin' hun-"
[02:26:01] <Sickerton> The scoundrel's mouth snapped shut as a door opened somewhere down the hall and a single set of footsteps began to grow louder. Without a word the thief's lit cigarette was sucked completely into her mouth - apparently having learned SOMETHING at least - and she scooted away from the bars as...
[02:26:15] <Sickerton> ...Well, would you look at that. Only the one guard today. Unusual. Still quite a threat, since if Phobie was half as smart as she had any right to be this guard probably knew the activation codewords to every collar in the cell block, but an interesting change nonetheless.
[02:26:29] <Sickerton> The reason for this was soon made apparent as said guard turned to fully address Faith, in a calm and reserved tone:
[02:26:42] <Sickerton> "Congratulations, ma'am. Boss has granted you an upgraded room. If you would kindly follow me..."
[02:26:52] <Sickerton> The guard stepped heavily on a cobblestone that seemed identical to all the rest, and as it sunk in the blind woman's cell door slid open with a rusty squeak. The guard then stepped back, clearly waiting for the monk to step out in front of her to be directed...
[02:27:04] <Sickerton> ...although, she was somewhat eyeballing the other resident as she did so.
[02:27:14] <Sickerton> "Has this one been bothering you?" the guard asked Faith, motioning to Le Chance with a slight nod of the head. "Just say the word. Boss' orders."
[02:27:18] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:31:39] <thesteedman> Faith winced, the sound of Deja's familiar voice bringing her back into reality. It was the same as when she always woke... nothing but darkness. Sound was always the first sense to find its bearing, and slowly each of her senses tuned in afterwards.
[02:32:35] <thesteedman> The ground was hard, the thin fabric that was suppose to be some form of bed did nothing to provide any comfort against the cold stone.
[02:33:56] <thesteedman> Despite this, Faith always found a means to reach some form of rest... though this rest had hardly been voluntary given what Phobe had done to her. Slowly she brought herself up, sitting upon her side as a hand reached the side of her tender head. Deja's voice might as well have been dust to the eyes of one who can see. She could barely focus on her words and it took her a moment to gain any real sense of her surroundings.
[02:34:04] <thesteedman> - gain any real sense of her surroundings.
[02:35:36] <thesteedman> Half of her face was caked in dry blood, almost looking like warpaint from when Phobie bashed her head against the wall viciously. Her flesh was covered in a film of sweat from the dire humidity within the cells. Dry flakey blood covered her hands and various parts of her body. Her clothes were damp, having drunk up some of the blood.
[02:36:09] <thesteedman> It was impossible to tell how long she had been out, and slowly she shifted up onto her rear, sitting cross-legged, leaning back against the bars.
[02:37:41] <thesteedman> Slowly but surely it all came back to her. Phobe... Deja... Yes... she knew what had happened now and where she was. One moment this had almost been certainly her grave... but now, she was unsure what Phobie had in mind. Perhaps... Faith dared to think... release was not an impossibility given the history between them, as small as it was.
[02:38:36] <thesteedman> Faith's head turned, hearing the door open. One set of footsteps, that almost brought solace as Deja was soon silenced by the presence of another. A grim reminder came as Faith felt the collar around her neck, near pricking herself with one of the sharp spikes.
[02:39:12] <thesteedman> It seemed even one guard was dangerous now. They only had to mutter some code... and then that would be that. Faith was unsure in her current state that she could take out one guard fast enough.
[02:40:15] <thesteedman> She had yet to master her chi absorption, and was uncertain if she could turn into her other form in time before the spikes could drive into her soft neck.
[02:40:21] <thesteedman> She had to play their game...
[02:41:17] <thesteedman> When the guard spoke, Faith reluctantly stood, hearing the gate open. When the mention of disturbing companions came up, Faith looked towards the general direction of Deja.
[02:42:19] <thesteedman> Though Faith could not see, she knew who the guard was singling out. The one who had put her in the cage essentially. Faith still felt disdain towards her...
[02:43:00] <thesteedman> Despite it however... Faith shook her head. "No." Was all she said... unlike her given how many polite words often would slip out of her mouth. Faith was rarely one for one word answers.
[02:43:38] <thesteedman> None the less... Deja was already paying the price for her betrayal. She was stuck down here... a victim of her own treachery
[02:44:21] <thesteedman> Without a word, Faith turned to the guard, giving a small mod to indicate that she would follow him... and follow him she did.
[02:44:22] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:12:22] <Sickerton> Thus the two headed off... with one bleary, but ponderous eye watching them for as long as it possibly could.
[03:12:31] <Sickerton> It seemed like they were walking for ages; the path twisting and turning, and the choice at every fork being chosen at what seemed like random.
[03:12:42] <Sickerton> Maybe this was intentional, to disorient prisoners and dissuade escape attempts. Or maybe the castle just grew to be as twisted and incomprehensible as it's owner. Who knew, really?
[03:12:52] <Sickerton> In the end it didn't really matter: Faith was ushered through a door which audibly CLICKed with some sort of lock as it closed behind her, and now she was in the tiger's den.
[03:12:59] <Sickerton> Or rather, the tiger's bedroom.
[03:13:08] <Sickerton> As usual, the landscape was rather fuzzy for Faith, but it did not take much to realize what kind of chamber this was.
[03:13:38] <Sickerton> Her bare feet were met with carpet so thick it seemed almost as if she would sink into it like quicksand, a well stocked rack of what were doubtless priceless vintages occupied most of a nearby wall, and the bed... Oh, the bed...
[03:13:53] <Sickerton> Faith first wondered why the *almost* circular piece was so oddly shaped, but then it struck her: It was the head of a rose. Probably covered with red silk sheets to match, but there was obviously no way for her to verify this.
[03:14:09] <Sickerton> And atop the decadent cushioning there Lay Phobie herself -- sprawled out sensually in a tight, closely cut silk nightie... next to someone else.
[03:15:05] <Sickerton> Who this woman was - spread-eagled on her back next to the baroness as the 'hostess' sipped from a wineglass - Faith could not tell; the lightly built girl was hidden by a sheet, and barely moving at that. If it weren't for the slight rise and small of her modest breasts, the monk could very well have considered her already dead.
[03:15:16] <Sickerton> "Oh, darling!" Phobie cooed to the monk, only pausing for a moment to place her wineglass on the mystery girl's chest and mutter at her not to spill it before hopping up to greet Faith with a smile... and her hands hidden behind her back.
[03:15:25] <Sickerton> "It's so nice that you finally got here! Now we can get to work!"
[03:15:29] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:25:51] <thesteedman> Faith was taken aback at the sudden change in surroundings. It was still warm in this room, but compared to the unbearable humidity of the cell room, it was a welcome change against the flesh. The carpet below her feet was near as soft as any bed Faith had slept on, and given how the air felt it was very spacious... with incense in the room giving a pleasant aroma
[03:27:00] <thesteedman> The first thing Faith sensed was that Phobie had not been alone... she thought a possible companion at first given she was sprawled on the massive bed which proved to be a center piece in this room... but she noticed her breathing. It was strained, and the girl was weak. It was no companion at all, but rather a victim to Phobe.
[03:29:25] <thesteedman> And then there was Phobie herself. By the weight of her step, she detected she was barely wearing anything at all. A thought of concern within itself. "Phobe. W... what is going on?" Faith whispered. Some small part of her was hoping that the baroness was not insane... but deep down she already knew, infact she always knew there was something amiss about Phobe
[03:30:59] <thesteedman> Given how grand the room was, and how Phobie's beauty went beyond it... Faith was quite a different sight in comparison. Though she herself was a marvel to be hold both in look and in how her figure was shaped and well tuned, her trousers were ragged and bloodied, her top soak half with blood. Faith herself was dirty, her hair unkempt, her flesh matted in various parts with blood.
[03:31:23] <thesteedman> She did not look like she belonged in such a place.
[03:32:17] <thesteedman> Faith couldn't help but back away as Phobe approached, feeling her back press against the door when there was no other way to go. She had heard it lock behind her, and she knew now that she was trapped in here with this old acquaintance.
[03:33:33] <thesteedman> "What manner of work do you speak of?" Faith whispered. She was ready to defend herself if need be, but Faith was already aware of the power Phobie possessed. Her strikes did little to her, her strength was unmatched... and those damnable legs of hers, they were something else.
[00:52:31] <Sickerton> "Why... Phobie replied with a warm but somehow unnerving smile. "For the wedding, of course!"
[00:52:45] <Sickerton> "Just think of it: A lost and wandering last of her royal house, being stumbled upon by a childhood friend. Both still single after all these years. The story almost writes itself..."
[00:53:08] <Sickerton> The baroness seemed off somewhere else for a moment, lost in daydreaming, but then she snapped back and refocused on Faith. "Of course, it's *usually* a prince filling my role here, but that will be no issue. You'll come to find my lands quite..."
[00:53:18] <Sickerton> A chuckle.
[00:53:25] <Sickerton> "...Progressive."
[00:53:33] <Sickerton> "Granted, even then it wouldn't be in good taste to let you sleep in my bed before the rites are made..." Phobie continued as if making idle conversation. "But still, can't let you waste away in that dingy old cell. So I've prepared a temporary bed for you."
[00:53:43] <Sickerton> With a slight nod of the head, Phobie directed Faith's gaze to...
[00:53:50] <Sickerton> Oh.
[00:54:01] <Sickerton> It was easy to overlook, considering the splendor of everything else in the room. That is not to say it was really slacking in that regard. It seemed fairly decent sized, aptly cushioned, and probably made out of the finest materials.
[00:54:19] <Sickerton> But the greatest dog bed in the world is still a dog bed.
[00:54:21] <Sickerton> The little water bowl next to it did little to change that either; no matter how delicately engraved Faith's full royal name was on the side.
[00:54:36] <Sickerton> "But oh look at me, I'm getting waaaay too ahead of myself!"
[00:54:52] <Sickerton> With an excited twirl and a flourish the Baroness finally revealed what she held, snapping the measuring tape as she pulled it taught in front of her.
[00:55:07] <Sickerton> "We have to get you made a dress grand enough to show the world the splendor of our unity. And the first step for that is..."
[00:55:18] <Sickerton> Her eyes slid over Faith's messy but still alluring form with hunger, licking her lips once before she concluded.
[00:55:24] <Sickerton> "...Measurements!"
[00:55:27] <Sickerton> (yt)
[00:57:31] <thesteedman> "A wedding?..." Faith felt something turn within her stomach. Her head tilted as the thought slowly seemed to increase in weight in the back of her mind. A wedding?! Phobie wanted to marry her?
[00:59:14] <thesteedman> "When the shock of the news somewhat subsided, it began to make sense however... at least what it was that Phobie wanted. She was Naridia after all, the last of them. There was never any doubt if Faith returned home, her lands by right would be passed to her. The Naridia Stronghold still stood as a colossus, its lands rich and fertile, its villages in good standing.
[01:00:47] <thesteedman> And then there was the relation to the royals. Through a stretch, it was not inconceivable that if anything happened to the Royals, Naridia had a claim to the throne. It was a small claim, but a claim none the less, and with that came a lot of influence and power.
[01:02:21] <thesteedman> That was what Phobie wanted... of that Faith had no doubt. Detecting the slight lust in her tone, it was clear the bonus as it were to Phobie's plan was that Faith was a beautiful and well structured woman... even in spite of her current appearance.
[01:04:05] <thesteedman> "... I... I do not believe I am in fit condition to be wed." Faith whispered. She felt pathetic, once more relying on words to try and buy time. Her fists had been unreliable, Faith was still too drained to conjure enough Chi for her spiritual form.... she needed time.
[01:05:37] <thesteedman> Faith heard the measuring tape, and it seemed her words fell on deaf ears. Quickly she tried to formulate a plan, anything that could buy her time. Fighting didn't work... some dark magic had enhanced Phobie, made her far too strong to fight... with enough endurance to take her hardest strike and not even flinch.
[01:09:47] <thesteedman> Faith sensed that within the bedroom, there was another room, what she assumed was the bathing room. "Would I be allowed to freshen up?... I... am not in a suitable state to grace your presence." Faith spoke. She could almost cringe at how obvious she was being.
[01:52:50] <Sickerton> "Of course you aren't fit to wed yet." Phobie cooed at the monk's initial reaction. "That's what I'm here for. Going to make a proper blushing bride out of yo..."
[01:53:06] <Sickerton> The baroness paused mid-sentence, head cocked as she heard Faith's additional plea. Then that far-off look fell over her again, accompanied by an almost dopey grin.
[01:53:15] <Sickerton> "Sure thing, honey."
[01:53:24] <Sickerton> Phobie dashed forward at ludicrous speed once more; this time to...
[01:53:33] <Sickerton> ...Scoop faith up in her arms?
[01:53:42] <Sickerton> "And I'll help."
[01:53:50] <Sickerton> With a few bounds they were at the doorway, and the baroness spared no tome in kicking the door inwards. They were met by a blast of steam billowing outwards, but it was not long before the couple vanished into the misty room themselves.
[01:54:02] <Sickerton> The next thing Faith knew she was being dumped into water. Churning and pleasantly warm - if perhaps edging on the side of 'Hot' a bit too closely - it stung somewhat in her numerous cuts. Only when she unsubmerged did she realize why:
[01:54:26] <Sickerton> This sauna pool was also a bubble bath. A thick layer of froth greeted her on the surface, while the rest of the soapy water worked on the grime below.
[01:54:35] <Sickerton> "Make room!"
[01:54:44] <Sickerton> There was a splash, and then Phobie was next to her... sans the little nightie she started out with. Reaching out, Faith's childhood friend took her by the head and cooed:
[01:54:52] <Sickerton> "There, isn't that better? Buut..."
[01:55:02] <Sickerton> Faith could feel her blindfold slipped off the top of her head, then thrown to collide with a wall with a wet SPLAT!
[01:55:11] <Sickerton> "You shouldn't be wearing those grimy old things in a bath, silly."
[01:55:19] <Sickerton> Phobie then descended upon the monk, tearing and pulling at her clothes! In her lustful frenzy she was taking whatever she could get, leaving tatters behind instead of taking whe whole garments, but perhaps she actually preferred it this way. More passionate. More primal.
[01:58:30] <thesteedman> Faith coughed and spluttered a little when she first submerged, feeling her clothes stick to her as they drank the water in an instant. Given the temperature of the water, already much of the dried blood and grime had been cleansed from the initial throw.
[01:59:16] <thesteedman> Faith naturally was not fond of how easily Phobie was able to handle her, lifting her up off her feet like she weighed nothing, gripping her hard enough to prevent escape and lashing her with ease into what almost felt like a pool given the size of it.
[01:59:54] <thesteedman> It was disturbing to realize... given the water, that this had been a preplanned motion of Phobies... and she had walked... or rather splashed right into it.
[02:01:09] <thesteedman> The blind girl had barely been able to get her bearings when she coughed out the last of the water, when Phobie was already upon her. Her blindfold came off first, unveiling her beautiful face, along with her faded yet captivating eyes.
[02:02:14] <thesteedman> When her belt was ripped from her waist, Faith tried to put up resistance, feeling Phobie slowly going into a drive. She punch the baroness in the face hard, but it might as well have been dust in her eyes. The baroness flinched off the second strike, already tearing off what remained of her pants.
[02:04:35] <thesteedman> Faith gasped, as her arm bands were slipped off with ease, and her top was torn, revealing more of her cleavage. Thin black boyshort bottoms clung to Faith's hips, showing more of her well toned abs and all over her legs.
[02:05:13] <thesteedman> Faith tried to kick Phobie away from her when she was done, pressing a foot against her chest... realising that no clothing was there anymore...
[02:06:17] <thesteedman> None the less she tried to kick the naked Baroness away from her, scrambling in the water, her senses barely finding any real direction in the heat and confusion... Faith just knew she had to get away from her, and tried to climb out of the sauna pool.
[02:06:19] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:17:17] <Sickerton> "Hey, get back here!"
[02:17:25] <Sickerton> A hand took the hem of Faith's undershorts from behind, and with a pull she was falling back into the pool. She only submerged about halfway though, as Phobie caught her mid-drop and cradled her from behind.
[02:17:36] <Sickerton> For a moment the monk could feel her captor's breasts pressing up against her back, and husky breaths against one of her ears as eager hands played about her toned stomach and the bottom of her ribcage.
[02:17:45] <Sickerton> "Have to clean you up." Phobie all but whispered. "Get aaaaall of those cracks and tough spots."
[02:17:54] <Sickerton> Those hands then rose up and up, tracing across her chest and over her collarbone, until they stopped... at her head?
[02:18:01] <Sickerton> Faith had little time to figure out what this meant before the answer came in a pretty much literal burst of light. The monk's body shook and then went limp as Phobie headbutted the back of her skull, temporarily throwing the girl for a loop. Then she let the Faith drop, floating on the water face-up, as she began to wrap the measuring tape she still had around her dazed form.
[02:18:25] <Sickerton> "And while we're at it..." she mused offhandedly...
[02:18:28] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:23:10] <thesteedman> Faith grasped at her head, her senses dazed once more and the young woman left to float with her pain.
[02:24:53] <thesteedman> She barely managed to grasp what was going on, feeling something loop around her waist... hands slowly exploring the firm and soft flesh of her body. Another loop formed around her chest, just below her breasts, like some small serpent with a prize too big to devour, but only knowing its instincts to embrace and constrict.
[02:26:05] <thesteedman> Faith managed to sit up, but already Phobie was behind her again, arms around her shoulders... Faith realized in the flash of a moment that her wrists had been bound before her, before Phobie continued to seemingly wrap her up with the 'measuring' tape.
[02:27:13] <thesteedman> Faith winced, her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink every time she felt her breasts press up against her back, exposed save for some bubbled froth, whilst her legs seemed to always trace over her own, often threatening to tangle but never quite doing so.
[02:28:07] <thesteedman> Whilst she worked the measuring tape, she made sure to get a good feel of her body, making Faith shudder as hands firmly caressed over her bare stomach, over her cleavage and her inner thigh.
[02:29:22] <thesteedman> "Phobie... stop this... madness..." Faith gasped out, trying to turn to face the baroness despite her lack of sight... more so she could try and push away from her. It was no good, given the unnatural strength of the woman.
[02:43:33] <Sickerton> "If you stopped wriggling... this would be a lot faster..." Phobie muttered distractedly, almost entirely absorbed by her 'measurements'.
[02:43:48] <Sickerton> "Bust."
[02:43:49] <Sickerton> The tape circled around Faith's breasts, holding against them lightly... until Phobie yanked it tight, digging into her chest painfully.
[02:43:57] <Sickerton> "Theeere we go!" the baroness half giggled. "What use is a dress that doesn't push up the goods?"
[02:44:05] <Sickerton> Further down another loop went, circling the middle area between her stomach and legs.
[02:44:10] <Sickerton> "Hips."
[02:44:23] <Sickerton> The last was an extra nasty surprise; the tape snaking between her legs... and then being pulled upwards.
[02:44:25] <Sickerton> "Mustn't forget crotch now..."
[02:44:35] <Sickerton> On this went for a bit, Faith being twisted and turned every which way until the baroness seemingly lost control entirely. With one last spin the monk was pushed with her back up against the poolside, and Phobie was quick to fill the vacancy in front of her.
[02:44:44] <Sickerton> Almost purring the girl pressed herself up against Faith, giving her 'love bites' that were worryingly hard across her neck and face as she almost crushed her love. Eventually, though, she managed to pull back just long enough to stare into those cloudy eyes and calm her racing heart.
[02:44:55] <Sickerton> "All... clean." Phobie panted. "Time... for bed."
[02:50:47] <thesteedman> Faith breathed heavily, feeling the sting of Phobie's bites. As her teeth had only just stopped shy of breaking the skin... she could feel the naked form of Phobie pressed up against her, her bare stomach meshing against her own, her chest pressed flat against her own, a leg slowly sliding upwards against her hip as her shin crept behind her rear... Faith was at her mercy... she feared what would come next from this deviant...
[02:52:31] <thesteedman> Mercy was granted when Phobie claimed she was all cleaned and ready for bed... but Faith knew it was only the mercy of time... which barely felt like mercy at all. Phobie slid away and out of the pool, leaving Faith for a moment. It was a moment simply filled with dread as Faith sank a little into the water.
[02:53:35] <thesteedman> She heard the sound of water running down the drain, as Phobie had unplugged the sauna, letting whatever water was in there drain to some unseen place. When the water was gone, Faith knew she could not remain in there no longer, and slowly climbed out of the bath.
[02:56:05] <thesteedman> By then, it seemed Phobie had somewhat dressed after getting dry... Faith's senses had returned and she could almost literally see Phobie with the mist tracing over her form. She wore a very thin thong that only just covered what needed to be covered, with the rear of it no doubt literally being inside of her. She held her gown but stood topless for now...
[02:57:39] <thesteedman> She felt a motion towards where her own clothes were, something Faith was expected to change into... There was a matching bottom to what Phobie wore, and a thin band of material for her chest. Given that her own top was literally hanging on by threats... Faith reluctantly took the top, but wouldn't go near the thong, opting to keep her own which kept a little more modesty
[02:59:00] <thesteedman> She could feel eyes upon her as she dried, hear deep breathing. Faith turned her back... as dangerous as that was when she took off what remained of her old top, replacing it with the new. She felt Phobies eyes on her as she changed her top, but knew it was fruitless asking for privacy.
[02:59:35] <thesteedman> Time... she just needed some more time. Perhaps if she could conjure enough strength... she could change her form... absorb her Chi. She knew it was the only chance she had.
[03:00:15] <thesteedman> "I... I have not been given the tour of your keep." Faith whispered, almost meekly. It was hard to find calm in this situation.
[03:00:17] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:16:39] <Sickerton> "Oh, you'll get to know every bit of this castle in time." Phobie replied with a dismissive wave. "You'll be living here, remember? But for now..."
[03:16:57] <Sickerton> The baroness' form blurred, and Faith was suddenly bent over. Phobie's fist drew back from the monk's stomach, leaving her gagging and heaving, only to seize her by the chin and crane her head upwards.
[03:16:58] <Sickerton> "I am tired of waiting."
[03:17:15] <Sickerton> The hand then rose higher to grab a handful of the monk's blue hair, and with a commanding stride Phobie lead her sweetheart back into the bedroom.
[03:17:23] <Sickerton> "Now. UP!"
[03:17:36] <Sickerton> Through the air Faith was heaved, landing with a WHUMP on the luxurious mattress.
[03:17:45] <Sickerton> Wait. Correction.
[03:18:00] <Sickerton> Landing with a WHUMP on the lady already laying on the luxurious mattress.
[03:18:03] <Sickerton> The woman let out a small gasp, but otherwise did not respond. The glass that was perched atop her spilled over and rolled away, soaking the thin silk sheet between her and the monk with aromatic red wine.
[03:18:18] <Sickerton> It was quite a position Faith found herself in - straddling a stranger she did not even know the face of stomach to stomach, but before she could move away from the lightly built stranger Phobie had lept atop of her and 'locked her in'.
[03:18:51] <Sickerton> "So sorry about the company, sweetie." Phobie cooed softly as she wrapped her legs around the two. "You were just taking so long... and I was just so excited... I needed a little something to pass the time..."
[03:19:15] <Sickerton> Gradually the baroness' legs began their terrible constriction; putting mighty pressure on Faith... and the girl below her. Shivering with every tug, the monk almost believed that she could hear a light sob escape those veiled lips like a whisper.
[03:19:18] <Sickerton> "Don't worry, though..." Phobie assured. "...She won't be here for long."
[03:19:22] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:22:10] <thesteedman> Faith had not been quick enough, and now powerful legs were wrapped around her... and another. She felt her body press against the unknown woman, who almost seem to be barely concious. Her flesh was fine silk, given that she was still below the covers, and so Faith could not get a true feel for her within her senses. However, the pressure soon began to correct that, as her well tuned body was suddenly squeezed against this unknown girl.
[03:24:33] <thesteedman> "Wait!... S... stop!" Faith gasped out. She pressed her hands against Phobie's thighs. Her skin was unbelievably soft, her legs well structured and toned but not muscular... their strength didn't make any sense. It felt like she gave her legs however a lot of attention... that using them this way was a 'thing' of hers.
[03:25:30] <thesteedman> In disgust, Faith tried to push free, realizing that the girl against her was not faring too well, being slowly crushed against her own form. She could hear a few bones click, as the pressure mounted.
[03:26:09] <thesteedman> She felt Phobie shiver in delight with each moan from the girl... as quiet as it was, and Faith tried to resist doing so herself to try and deny Phobie the satisfaction. Instead... she had to stop this...
[03:27:12] <thesteedman> "Don't... you have me! Let her go!" Faith gasped out between pained breathes. She knew this wasn't Phobie's full strength.. she was trying to prolong the girls life no doubt, to continue to get her kick out of this. "Please... let her go.." Faith pleaded, before shouting in pain as the pressure began to get the best of her too.
[03:27:14] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:41:16] <Sickerton> While still clearly on her last legs, the commotion had apparently roused the girl at least a little; prompting her to moan out the first and probably last words Faith would ever hear from her.
[03:41:27] <Sickerton> "...w-wanna... go... home..."
[03:41:35] <Sickerton> The voice was light and almost musical, despite the obvious agony and despair behind it. Like a delicate tiny songbird... inside a merciless closing fist.
[03:41:44] <Sickerton> In a way, Phobie was moved by the twin outbursts. Just not in a direction either would appreciate.
[03:41:50] <Sickerton> "Oh, stop bringing down the mood!"
[03:42:00] <Sickerton> Placing both hands on the back of Faith's face, Phobie pressed down and forced the monk to lock lips with the girl through the silken sheets. "That's more like it" she mused from above as she kept them together. "Enjoy yourselves."
[03:42:09] <Sickerton> Tighter and tighter the legs went. And, as the creaks and groans finally gave way to snaps and pops, the songbird finally found her voice.
[03:42:23] <Sickerton> The smaller girl started to thrash as she shrieked, even though the cries found nowhere else to go but into Faith. The monk felt her convulse, her hands coming up to claw at her and Phobie through the fabric in absolute desperation. With their bodies almost one from the incredible pressure, the blind woman could literally feel the racing hummingbird heartbeat of the terrified girl below her.
[03:42:31] <Sickerton> "There we go..." Phobie panted with a leering grin. "Not too long now..."
[03:42:34] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:46:02] <thesteedman> Faith tried to shout out, but her mouth had been forced over the silken captive. As Phobies stunning legs continued to slowly tense and build up pressure, the smaller girls body was unable to handle it, and the horrifying song began to play of the girls bones giving out.
[03:47:07] <thesteedman> Faith felt the scream, and began to taste it next when the blood began to seep from the parting mouth of Phobie's latest victim, slowly soaking the bedsheet between their lips. She felt the girl writhe, push, claw at her, and Faith tried all she could to unlodge the powerful legs that had become a vice.
[03:48:07] <thesteedman> It was no good, and whilst Faith's body could handle this pressure, it still brought agony, causing her to writhe and shout herself. The sickening part was that she could literally feel the body of the girl giving out against her, ribs compressing, her stomach driving agonizingly tight against her own.
[03:48:49] <thesteedman> Faith knew there was nothing she could do. She tried to give the gift of mercy, reaching for the girls head to snap her neck, to make it quick and painless, but Phobie denied her such a privilege.
[03:50:21] <thesteedman> Hands seized her wrists, her impossible strength binding her as legs continued to close in around the pair. "N... no..." Faith barely whimpered, as loud cracks and snaps began to sound that were not coming from her own body. "Please... don't..." Faith whispered, pleading in desperation, feeling the racing heart beat of the girl slowly beginning to diminish... it was too late for her now. She knew the internal damage was not something
[03:50:27] <thesteedman> it was too late for her now. She knew the internal damage was not something she would survive...
[03:51:17] <thesteedman> Shouting out... Faith tried to free her wrists, looking to try and elbow Phobie from behind... anything. The always calm and calculated Faith had become anything but at this point... as desperation took hold of her.
[03:51:18] <thesteedman> (yt)
[04:10:37] <Sickerton> Phobie merely let out a small, dry chuckle at Faith's attempts, holding her fast as she was forced to watch the execution she was in some darkly sensual way a part of.
[04:10:50] <Sickerton> Gradually, the petite woman's writhings began to slacken. Her now free screams decayed into moans, followed by gurgles. Her silken hands clutched fearfully to Faith, but slowly slid off to lie at her sides. The thrashings diminished into spasms, then twitches, then finally nothing.
[04:10:52] <Sickerton> As the sickening sounds of bending and breaking reached a crescendo, Faith felt the struggling heart in the chest mashed against hers manage a few more erratic, fluttery heartbeats... then cease forever. The girl was no longer anything, save a used up and broken toy for a demented madwoman.
[04:11:02] <Sickerton> Cooing with delight, Phobie finally let go of the monk's hands... only to seize her by the back of the head, and force her to 'look' at the broken, bloodstained heap below her.
[04:11:12] <Sickerton> "Do you see that? She was weak. Not like you. Or me."
[04:11:24] <Sickerton> Then Faith found herself being rolled, now next to the cooling body instead of on top of it. With the baroness now straddling her face to face, of course.
[04:11:34] <Sickerton> "That's how I know we were destined to be together..." Phobie continued, dabbing up a bit of the fresh blood on Faith's lips with a finger and popping it into the monk's mouth. "People like us can't settle for commoners. The strong belong to the strong."
[04:11:43] <Sickerton> Phobie drew back her hand, then sunk down herself so that their faces were almost touching.
[04:11:57] <Sickerton> "And oh, do you belong to me now."
[04:12:05] <Sickerton> Then she went in for a full kiss herself, hungrily mashing against the blind woman with unbridled fervor as she wrapped both her arms and legs around and pulled in tight. Now lost to passion, she no longer restrained the pressure she put Faith under.
[04:12:12] <Sickerton> After all, Faith was tough enough to survive.
[04:12:18] <Sickerton> Phobie was sure of it.
[04:12:22] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:04:51] <thesteedman> Faith was horrified, forced to 'look' upon the lifeless and crushed body of Phobie's latest victim. She could sense no heartbeat, feel the warmth of a once living body slowly fade. What little life came was only the form of the occasional twitch... nothing more.
[02:05:40] <thesteedman> "You monst---" Faith's words were cut short, as Phobie expertly rolled Faith away from the body, now nothing more then an after thought to the deviant once she had seemingly had her way with her.
[02:06:15] <thesteedman> Arms wrapped around her shoulders pulling her into an embrace... but it was those dangerous legs that Faith had grew to fear.
[02:07:13] <thesteedman> Her bare legs clamped around her waist hard enough to already force a slight crackle and creak from her lower back. An arch formed in her spine, and all it did was draw her body deeper between the thighs of the Baroness.
[02:08:26] <thesteedman> Faith had been caught in many scissors in combat... a move used to trap an opponant whilst they tried to choke or slash. It was not the most dangerous of attacks... but Phobie's strength... it was a death sentence for many.
[02:08:57] <thesteedman> Faith barely had time to cry out in pain, as lips were met with her own, locking in a longing and unruly kiss upon her bloodied lips... blood that was not her own.
[02:09:58] <thesteedman> Faith pushed against shoulders, beat against her legs... feeling a sickening warmth come from her captor, knowing horribly that she was getting off on this. Her thighs pressed in against her sides, the calves of Phobie digging into her lower back to squeeze her like a serpents coil.
[02:10:34] <thesteedman> Faith couldn't escape from the kiss, not the embrace... but it did not stop her from trying as she attempted to roll and put Phobie on her back... anything to fight... to try and escape.
[02:10:35] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:22:40] <Sickerton> Phobie could feel her plaything's struggles and beatings, but paid them no mind... up to a point.
[02:22:44] <Sickerton> That point was when Faith apparently thought that she would fare much better 'on top'. An amusing idea. And the possibilities...
[02:22:55] <Sickerton> The baroness did not contest the roll attempt; in fact, she aided in the motion herself. And as they rolled she also released both her lip and arm locks; giving the monk more freedom... as well as the realization of what little that meant.
[02:23:25] <Sickerton> Phobie's legs clamped down even harder to compensate, holding the blind girl fast in their vice of a grip. And with her own upper body free Phobie was given free reign to run hand and tongue across the shivering buffet in front of her as it arched enticingly.
[02:23:35] <Sickerton> Across those toned abs Phobie's hands glided, taking in every curve and dip. Crimson kisses were left dotting Faith's collarbone and the tops of her breasts as the baroness gave them love, the blood on her lips leaving an imprint with every peck.
[02:23:43] <Sickerton> "Oh yes..." the tyrant all but purred out between her moments of adoration for the glistening form at her mercy. "You're a fighter, alright. I wouldn't have it any other way..."
[02:23:46] <Sickerton> (yt)
[02:26:44] <thesteedman> Faith could feel her lower spine near press inwards in a manner it was not suppose to. Her pries ceased for a moment as pain took over, and all Faith could do was grip at the bed. It gave Phobie all the time she wanted, caressing and exploring her straining stomach as her lips began to carefully kiss across her glistening flesh.
[02:28:00] <thesteedman> Faith had been battling against herself... but she could not help herself when a pained moan finally slipped from her parting lips. Some rational thought returned, and Faith tried to think of a means to escape.
[02:30:20] <thesteedman> She pried and clawed at Phobie's deadly thighs, unable to budge the deadly lock. Phobie's legs were not seemingly the kind able to break a person in half. The flesh was smooth, their build certainly athletic but not matching their strength. Somehow when Faith believed there was no more pressure, she somehow tightened and squeezed her harder.
[02:31:33] <thesteedman> Faith managed to pull herself upright, for all the good it did. She was flat on her knees whilst Phobie was on her back, and all she could do was arch as the pressure built on her spine, revealing her stunning figure from the navel upwards.
[02:32:38] <thesteedman> By now Faith was glistening with sweat, an unkempt fringe falling over her face. She pushed for a moment, and slammed elbows against thighs... but slowly the grip began to get the better of her, and Faith could only lean back against her arms for a moment, focusing on breathing, unable to stop herself from groaning and moaning. There had to be a way out of this...
[02:32:40] <thesteedman> (yt)
[02:53:57] <Sickerton> Phobie took a few moments just to lie there and take in her wife-to-be; panting, arched and shivering as if it was already their wedding night. Her glistening, heaving form was nothing short of exquisite despite everything up to this point.
[02:54:03] <Sickerton> ...
[02:54:11] <Sickerton> ...Alright, that was enough for now. Back to the fun!
[02:54:21] <Sickerton> Using the power of her legs to her advantage, Phobie pulled herself up against Faith, staring down at the kneeling monk like a god she was paying tribute to. Not too far off the mark, really.
[02:54:32] <Sickerton> Phobie drew herself close to Faith; lraning against her bent-backwards form like a lover following the arch of a mate, and whispered softly into her ear:
[02:54:44] <Sickerton> "Feel free to let it all out. I love a screamer."
[02:54:53] <Sickerton> Then, gleefully giggling the whole time, Phobie jerked them both to the side; sending them sprawling off the bed... with the sheets following close behind.
[02:55:05] <Sickerton> Again and again they rolled across the plush floor, adding another layer of sheet with every spin, until they were entwined together in a cocoon of silk and velvet. The outside world might as well not have existed; A private heaven for Phobie... and for Faith, well...
[02:55:15] <Sickerton> "Think of it." Phobie panted, as she licked up and down Faith's neck. "Just you and me. Through thick and thin. Till death..."
[02:55:25] <Sickerton> A short jab of extra pressure from her legs, as Phobie rolled her tongue in the indentation below Faith's throat.
[02:55:32] <Sickerton> "...Do us part..."
[02:55:35] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:00:02] <thesteedman> Faith shook her head... this couldn't be it. She gasped breathlessly, bare legs somehow biting deeper into her slender waist. Her back crackled, and Faith groaned out loud, writhing against Phobie within the velvet prison she had formed for the two of them.
[03:02:23] <thesteedman> Life with Se'Na when she was captive to the Medusa seemed like a haven compared to the life Phobie had in mind for her. A forced marriage... a slave to a deviants desires...
[03:04:30] <thesteedman> The embrace between her thighs was already unbearable, and Faith couldn't help but shout out in agony. She barely was able to register Phobie's tongue as it began to trace over her glistening flesh, kissing across her neck in a tender loving manner.
[03:05:15] <thesteedman> Pain was all Faith could focus on now, and weakly she tried to push against Phobie. With the velvet silk caccoon wrapping the two together, Faith had no space or leverage to fight effectively.
[03:06:13] <thesteedman> She was at the mercy of her captor... her soon to be wife it would seem. "S... stop.... please..." Faith gasped out, pride long being thrown out of the window. She was reduced to begging it seemed, her only option left as a band of flesh continued to crush her waist.
[03:06:24] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:18:47] <Sickerton> "Oh, darling..." Phobie cooed gently, if slightly jesting in tone. "...You'll have to learn how to please your spouse sooner or later. If you can't cook, at least have THIS down pat..."
[03:19:05] <Sickerton> Down Phobie sunk, using her flexible nature to slide down the girl even as she continued to crush her. Soon she was hunched over so she hovered above Faith's fluttering stomach... with the help of a bit of pushing down by the hands using a rather convenient pair of handholds, of course...
[03:19:13] <Sickerton> "Writhe for me."
[03:19:23] <Sickerton> Phobie dropped her head down, nuzzling a cheek lovingly against the monk's abs.
[03:19:32] <Sickerton> "Sing for me."
[03:19:40] <Sickerton> Her hands clamped down and twisted, as her tongue flicked out to lazily drag across skin.
[03:19:48] <Sickerton> "Live. For. Me."
[03:20:00] <Sickerton> Phobie then shifted and bit, clamping down her teeth in the center of that exquisite midsection. Biting hard enough to draw trickles of blood, the girl's moans of satisfaction were muffled as her tongue dove into Faith's navel, her hands continued to wrench at Faith's chest, and her thighs further crushed the helpless girl like a gator's mouth...
[03:20:10] <Sickerton> (yt)
[03:24:57] <thesteedman> Faith grasped at Phobie's wrists... for all the good it did her. Feeling her hands squeeze and turn against her breasts. Faith made a small gasp of pain, as Phobie began to bite down against her defined abs, as a tongue slid out over her navel. Faith writhed, able to go nowhere but against Phobie. A costly mistake as all it did was allow Phobie's dangerous legs to enclose more.
[03:25:52] <thesteedman> Calves pressed in further against her spine, thighs closing like jaws. A few pops and clicks sounded out from Faith's back, and slowly the blind fighter arched, her head whipping back and her toes curling as the pain took over.
[03:26:44] <thesteedman> Her stomach tensed and strained, giving Phobie plenty to nip and kiss at, her hands managed to get a better grip of her heaving chest and her legs freely crushed the slender waist of the blind monk,
[03:27:31] <thesteedman> Faith screamed... until a tightening of Phobie's legs forced what little air left she could conjur from her lungs. The scream became a low shuddering moan, and Faith began to move less and less.
[03:28:11] <thesteedman> Soon she could do little more then breathe barely, her body still straining... barely holding onto conciousness as her captor continued to have her way with her.
[03:28:13] <thesteedman> (yt)
[03:39:05] <Sickerton> Slowly Phobie began to 'rise', her tongue leaving a trail of crimson across her plaything's gradually relaxing form.
[03:39:15] <Sickerton> Up her stomach, over her ribcage, between her breasts, darting about her neck and jaw...
[03:39:25] <Sickerton> Finally she reached the woman's half open lips, and...
[03:39:32] <Sickerton> ...continued rising?
[03:39:39] <Sickerton> Not even pausing the baroness continued; licking the side of the monk's nose before reaching her ultimate target:
[03:39:56] <Sickerton> Those haunting, cloudy eyes.
[03:39:59] <Sickerton> With a giggle Phobie licked her way across from one to the other; If Faith was still aware enough to react, it was likely that Phobie's bloody tongue only slathered eyelids while doing so. But if not...
[03:40:08] <Sickerton> Regardless, the baroness drew back pleased and beaming. With a wicked smile, she drew in closer and purred:
[03:40:17] <Sickerton> "We have big days ahead of us, love. You should get some rest."
[03:40:25] <Sickerton> Before once more locking lips with the monk and pulling her close against her, their bodies mashing as Phobie put as much as she dared into the crushing power of her thighs.
[03:40:33] <Sickerton> Yes... This was how it would be... Day after day after...
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