Short Film> Thief (2011)


Ryonani Teamster
Jan 13, 2010
Interrogation>FvsFM>Belly Punch

@ 3:36 - a quick knockout via blow to head with a wooden stick
@ 4:09 - interrogation via underwater dunking
@ 4:37 - quite possibily one of the best belly punches I have ever seen in an indie production (the camera angle, the punch itself, the fast bending reaction, the coughing)

- The rest of the movie is crap... bad quality, unattractive actresses, etc etc
- The channel has many other movies based on a similar mild ryona'ish nature, but this one was the best so far in my opinion solely due to the 4 star belly punch
- I may post the remaining videos on the channel along with the time tags in future
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