Samantha Jenkins and The Purple Haze


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Apr 29, 2011
"Hello!? Hello?, Testing, is this thing on?," said 23-year-old reporter Samantha Jenkins. She might as well have screamed the phrase as she watched the sound technicians throw their headphones and clasp their ears to stop the awful ringing.

"Sorry! Sorry! I..didn't..mean..too," She stammered as the television crew shook their heads. After an awkward smile and some stares from the crew, she began talking to herself trying to give herself some confidence. "Relax...," She muttered under her breath, "You got this, Relax!". This was her first real reporting gig for a television channel.

She had been hoarding a dress for such an occasion for a long time. It was a sleeveless, golden evening dress with a deep plunge neckline and was backless. It had a slit to the right side, allowing Samantha to show off her incredibly defined legs. They were muscular and toned. Her arms were toned too, with subtle valleys of muscle defined along its entire structure. Her curvy waistline hugged the dress and the pecks of her rock hard six pack abs presented hints of their shape underneath. Her ass was firm and formed an incredibly shapely and enticing silhouette while her chest was modest but firm. Her short black hair showed off her Pixie haircut and was gelled and intentionally a little crumpled. Her face was sharp and defined, with a strong jawline and a beautiful nose. Her cheeks formed dimples as she smiled from nervousness, while her green eyes rapidly shut and close as she muttered to herself. She had strangely opted to pair her dress with a flat Texas style boot in black but she made it work. Her dusky skin glowed under the harsh stadium lights.
Samantha had been the pride of her high school, leading the cheer-leading squad to many great victories. The long hours at the gym required for the tough routines had hardened her body but did not rob it of the curvy, sensual figure that most women die for.

Today was a different day, it was the first of her new job as a reporter for the local news channels. She was a freelancer, working with a small crew to get footage fast and sell it to as many channels as possible. Her cameraman Jimmy was still missing and El Diablo's interview was almost ready to start. She had hounded his Pr's for an exclusive interview for days and manged to get a 10 minute slot just before his match started.

They were at the AirArena Coliseum, a large sports-field that had been converted today for a special wrestling match between two titans. Large posters of two large, muscled men hung at the entrance of the site. El Diablo vs Pure Loco, it read in large fonts that seem to engulf the entrance. Samantha was a huge fan of the Los Tres Amigos federation, a local company run by three men who owned a suite of projects designed to promote local ideas, one of them was The Max Wrestling League, a no-holds barred, anything goes battle between opponents in a full-sized, hard-matted wrestling ring. Diablo and Loco were the old guns, people who had fought their way to the top to get here. Which was surprising considering that Diablo was one of the three co-founders of the league.

Today marked the 20th time they would meet in the ring for a championship battle, with the overall tally skewed in favor of Diablo 15 -5. Samantha's fascination with Amigos started with her admiration of "Iron-Machine" Diablo.

She was starting to get pissed off at Jimmy, her freelance cameraman who still hadn't showed up. She paced back and forth nervously muttering to herself till she saw a small man scurrying between the huge crowd, running towards her. She smiled with relief "Where the fuck were you, dude?," She sighed, "Do you see the size of this place? I got lost searching for this gate. The people aren't any help either, miserable mongrels!," Jimmy said while unpacking his equipment. Jimmy was a short guy at about 5 feet and wore a plain white t-shirt, with purple jeans. He had placed a cap upside down on his head and chewed on toothpick. His bearded visage and long shoulder length hair made him look older than he was and he looked every bit as homeless as he actually was. "Well how do i look?," He quipped.

"Seriously!?," She asked with a rock like electric eyebrow.

They both were startled when they heard footsteps approaching towards them. There he was, a 6 foot tall walking tank made of black muscle and strength. His face was always covered by a Luca mask, which had a giant scorpion sketched across it. His outfit left little to the imagination, consisting of a barely there trunk and purple boots with matching knee and elbow pads.

El-Diablo introduced himself with a polite "Hello" and shook hands with Samantha. The interview started and Diablo could see how starstruck Samantha was. They both had a breezy five minute discussion on the upcoming match and after the interview was over, she had him sign an autograph in her notepad.

Jimmy uploaded the footage to the servers and queried various news channels. Soon, interest started pouring in from all over. "We got a live one, fish from all over the sea want a bite out of this," He said, happy.
"Dude, has anyone ever told you, you look sadistic when you're happy?," She asked playfully. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like dumb bimbo when you are starstruck, you might as well have been sucking the great Diablo's cock!," He retorted

"Jimmy.." she said stretching out the 'y' to an annoying pitch "That hurt! But anyway we are going to get big bucks for this one, quick UP TOP!!," She said throwing up her arm and the two of them high-fived.

"Now, quick let's get inside, I don't want the good seats taken. You did get the tickets, right?," She asked with a raised eyebrow. "Relax, will ya? I got them right here and guess what?, we have ticket seats printed on, so no one is stealing our place in the box. Now let me go have a ciggy and come," said Jimmy, indicating his desire to smoke.

"Come on Man! The match starts in 20 mins," She retorted with an unheard exclamation. "These things never start on time. Come on it will take five mins tops," He said making a giant puppy face. "Fine!!..Let's go, please tell me you have one spare," She said.

Jimmy took out a cigarette and offered it to her, "Mademoiselle!," he said suavely as he offered her the cigarette. She laughed at his appalling french pronunciation.

After a small ciggy break, they made their way inside the large arena. The coliseum housed capacities of 5000 people and it seemed like somehow this event had pulled more than 10000. Samantha and Jimmy snuggled their way into their box seats, just in time for the national anthem. The mayor was also there, paying his respects. There was a ring dressed up in the trademark Los Tres Amigos red, yellow and blue colors, positioned right underneath the giant dome in the center. The ring, as advertised, was hard-padded with tough wood that will hurt when you fall on it. The ring-posts were made of toughened steel and the turnbuckles wound so tight that it created a hindrance as well.

This wasn't going to be a easy match for El Diablo, he was coming off a recent loosing streak, 5 matches in a row. Pure Loco hadn't done something impressive in his long career but he had the pleasure of being the hardcore champion, so these anything-go matches were right up his alley.

The two fighters entered the ring and the crowd erupted when the referee came out to the center to begin the match. He made the opponents shake hands, quick searched them and announced the start with a hand wave smack in the middle of the two fighters. They rushed each other and locked in a strength and then there was darkness.

Someone had powered down the light system of the arena resulting in a blackout. Suddenly, there came voices from the ring, the sound of two fighters being attacked. Without warning there erupted a fire on the right side of the arena. Huge flames engulfed the stands as the crowd began to flee.

Samantha and Jimmy were trapped in this stampede, they hid beneath their chairs. Thankfully, the chairs held strong and did not give in to the madness. They came out and saw the entire right of the arena on fire.
"We gotta move, Jimmy! Go, go, now run!," Samantha screamed as she saw a huge section of the dome about to collapse on their heads. They ran as fast they could, Samantha saw the huge section break off and start to fall, they were still midway from safety.

Putting her endurance to the extreme test, she began to run faster. She caught up to Jimmy and pushed him to the left, Jimmy landed near a vent and crawled inside. He saw Samantha running hard, the dome was almost on top of her when she jumped to the right. He couldn't see anything after that, the section hit the ground with a huge roar and crushed everything in it's path. Jimmy felt the side of the vent start to cave in and knew he had to move. The debris was crushing the steel. His only chance was to get to the other side of the vent and he began crawling fast towards the exit and made it to the other side just in the nick of time, as the whole wall collapsed behind him.

He didn't know what to do, did he see Samantha getting crushed? No! I saw her Jump to the right, I have to circle back to her location. He tried the door of the room he was in, it was jammed. Using every ounce of his strength, he kicked it open.

He found himself outside the venue and the view from the street looked even more horrifying, Half of the arena had burned and collapsed in on itself, with half of the Dome caved in. Jimmy quickly made a mental map of where he needed to be, by guessing the best path. It took him three hours to get back to where the cave in was.

There he found her, Samantha was sitting on the base of the central pillar. She was smoking a cigarette and threw up her arms when she saw him. "What the fuck took you so long?," She yelled at him. "If you're so good, why are you stuck here?," Jimmy retorted.

"Touche!," She yelled back "Now get me the fuck outta here!".

A few hours later, they found themselves outside the arena. "Aw Man!, Look at this!," She said pointing to her dress. "It's all ruined!". There were several holes in the dress, the flow-y left side had been torn off and the backless went all the way to the tip of her butt.

"This was a $50 loan, now they are going to make me pay the whole amount," She pointed at the torn nature of the dress. "$50 loan?," laughed Jimmy "You are cheap as fuck!," He said playfully. She smiled sarcastically before uttering a hushed "Shut Up!".

They made their way out of the arena and towards Jimmy's van where they saw a red light flashing on its dashboard. The radio was getting a signal. Jimmy rushed to the radio system and tuned into the frequency of the signal's origin. Taking a deep breath, he began to talk "You tried to get in touch with us? We are listening, if you are hearing this then respond, Over!," He said in a hushed voice. He repeated the phrase for what seemed like an hour, as the two of them had their eyes glued on the signal meter.

It was then Jimmy noticed the dirt on Samantha's skin. It was everywhere, leaving its glittery, grayish trail on her body. Some of it found her way onto her cheeks and her beautiful pixie haircut was completely undone and frizzled. Her dress had seen damage beyond repair, it was in tatters, offering glimpses and peaks at her sexy body underneath. He stared at her, forgetting to repeat the phrase.

"Jimmy..Jimmy..JIMMY!," She screamed as he snapped out of his daze. "Where you at, man? You were gone for like..20 mins," She said. "I am's just...that you look so hot right now....I want to facefuck you hard!," He said as he saw her giving him stern looks. He hung his head in shame and quietly led his hands toward the radio system.

She laughed out loud in a way that startled him. "I like the way you think!!," She said biting her lips, her beautiful dimples enhancing her smile. Jimmy began unzipping his pants, when suddenly the radio cracked to life.

"Can anybody read me? Hello? Over," Said a firm, deep voice from the other side. "EL DIABLO!!," screamed Samantha like a little girl, startling Jimmy. "Yes!! YES!! They can hear us!!," said another voice in a strange accent. "Oh..Pure survived...too," She said stammering a bit, unsure of how to feel about the news "Great!" She said in a dry tone before Diablo came back on to the talkie. The four of them talked for a few minutes and Diablo and Loco told them about the Purple Haze gang.

Samantha knew who they were, Diablo's greatest rivals, an 8 man gang of mean men with skins blacker than coal. The 8 of them wore a different colored face mask, with the orange one determining the leader. His name was Malik and he was a 10 foot tall freak of nature. His body was endowed with huge muscle from head to toe.

The gang had taken control of the arena, burning the right side of the coliseum off and taking the mayor hostage. Diablo and Loco were stuck somewhere near the now ruined ring, fighting off attackers as best they could. They needed reinforcements.

"Well, Jimmy boy! Looks like we are going with a new plan," She said as she watched him zip-up his pants, dejected. "Seriously though! When we are done with this, you are going to take me home, throw me on the bed and do whatever you want with me. Kapich?," She said playfully ruffling his hair. "I like the sound of that," He said as they got out and headed towards the arena.

They sneaked past a patrol on the way, made up of degenerates working for a quick buck. After about an hour of sneaking, they reached the center and found the destroyed ring. It lie broken in half from the center, a clean split between its two sides. Some of the debris was still on fire and emanated heat as they sneaked past it.

They found Diablo, Loco and the Mayor locked in an iron cage by the side of the ring. Samantha recognized it immediately, it was where Diablo had beaten down his most revered opponent, The Red Menace by using the cage against him, by forcefully locking himself with him and beating him down using the steel to his advantage.

"I expected the police but you guys are okay i guess," said Diablo as Samantha and Jimmy looked for a way to open the cage. "You can't open it from here, it's no use," said the Mayor. He was a old man, pushing 75 but wise and had served in the military for 25 years. His suit had been ruined a little but he was still doing his best to keep it looking as fresh as he could. He pulled and tugged everywhere till he was satisfied. He was bald and had white eyebrows and wrinkles, the tell tale signs of someone way past his prime.

He still remained a good leader though and was a planner par excellence. His thinking had been what kept them alive before they were captured. "The outer gate of the cage was damaged in the attack and it can now be only triggered by a button on the other side of the room, right where Malik is. The only hope is if someone manages to travel there and activate it.," He said dejected.

"I can go!," said Samantha "Are you sure?," said the Mayor with noticeable concern on his face.

"Yeah...errrr....yeah i can go!," She said unsure of what she was saying for a second. "You will have to fight through 7 tough men, get to where Malik is, take him out and then get back here," the Mayor said with a slight glint of hope in his eye.

"Duh..I figured," said Samantha cockily. She looked at Jimmy and smiled. They exchanged eye contact and he understood what she was saying immediately, he pulled her close and kissed her, passionately and ran towards his camera.

Samantha found some higher ground and looked out the front. There they were, 7 tough, hard men patrolling the area. "Here goes nothing," She thought as she jumped down below. She positioned herself drab in the center of the area and yelled "HEY ASSHOLES!!," at the top of her voice.

She heard the sounds of 7 mean rushing to her position like a stampede as she took her fight stance. They were almost upon her.

The first attack she faced was a flying kick aimed at her face, she avoided it by instinctively sitting down and watched the attack sail over head. It collided with a fellow gang member, taking them both out of commission as they crumpled on the floor. From her sitting position she blocked two punches that came from left and right, inches away from her face.

However, She couldn't do much about the two kicks that collided with her back. "Ugh!," she grunted like a tennis player as she arched her upper body backwards from the impact, her chest heaving high. She ate a brutal chop across her breasts and collapsed back-first onto the concrete. Soon she felt 7 men stomping her everywhere while she was down. She felt a kick connect right with her nose, bloodying it. Another one connected on her right cheek, cutting open the right side of her lip, drawing a small a trail of blood. Two more attacks connected on her hard abs but she particularly remembered the one that detonated on both her breasts at the same time.

Tired, the men backed away for a breather, to appreciate their handiwork. Her dress was now completely torn off, the only remnants of cloth being a tiny piece of the golden gown in between her breasts. Her body was black and blue, bruised from the rough beating but she was still not out, she heaved heavily on the floor, drawing large gulps of air.

The men rushed in again and one of them picked Samantha up by her pixie cut hair. They stood her there and watched as her now nude body groggily tried to find balance, they laughed and one of them moved in behind her and put his foot at the center of her back and yanking her arms behind her.

He kept pouring on the pressure and watched Samantha as she fell to her knees while still locked in the hold. The men were impressed at her endurance however, besides a few grunts and moans, she had barely screamed in pain at all. Suddenly one more of them walked up towards her and positioned himself right in front of her face. Samantha felt a knee collide under her chin snapping her head upwards. He repeated the attack and gradually picked up speed till his knees rained on her face like a speeding train. When he was done, her face was a mess. There was a small cut on the left side of her forehead that oozed blood, her nostrils were spewing blood like waterfalls, her left cheek was bruised slightly and there was another small cut right on her dimpled right cheek.

Another man walked up and had a go at her stomach, kicking and punching her with gleeful abandon, one more stepped up to punish her breasts with hard chops across her chest and eventually everyone had a go, focusing on one body-part at a time. When they were done, she was laid out face first on the floor.

One of them picked her up and put her up on his shoulder and walked towards the locker rooms while the others followed.

After what seemed like an eternity, she came to and found herself bound in a small room, her hands stretched above her head, tied from the ceiling. She glanced down at her now nude body and looked at her wounds almost completely healed.

By the time Jimmy had sneaked her way to her, her body had completely healed and good as new. "What the fuck took you so long?," She said in a hushed voice. "What? You try navigating this place!," He said annoyed. She beamed a huge smile toward him, her cute dimples in full view. He made his way in through the window and cut her loose.

Jimmy saw Samantha's nude body and grabbed her waist from behind, she felt his throbbing cock between her ass cheeks and moaned hard as one of his hands worked its way up to her throat. With his other hand, he softly fingered her pussy eliciting erotic moans.

"You...knoww..i...i..ooh...i," She said softly whispering in his ear. "You know I love this but you know we got to do this another time," She said and beamed another playful smile. "Did you get footage?," She asked biting the side of her lip. "All right here!," said Jimmy pointing at the camera "The entire fight!," He said in excitement.

"Well, now be a good boy and go hide somewhere and get more footage," She said pointing to the vent system. He smiled and did as he was told.

Outside, the 7 men were busy patrolling when they noticed a loud bang from the steel door to Samantha's room. It grew louder and louder, annoying them into sending one man to see what the fuss was about. He opened the door and felt a punch connect on his cheek so hard that it knocked some teeth out of his mouth.

Seeing their comrade fall down, two of them rushed her position. She avoided the kick aimed at her face by snapping her head sideways but couldn't stop a punch from connecting with her belly. It doubled her over but she still managed to avoid an elbow to her back by rolling away. While rolling, she punched one of them in his balls so hard that she felt them collapse beneath her fist. He hit the ground hard. The remaining man felt a knee connect under his chin that sprang him upward, Samantha followed up by winding up her legs and kicking him in the chest. She watched as he flew away in the darkness of her holding cell. She threw the other two in there as well and closed the door. 3 down and 4 to go. She carefully climbed to higher ground, above a patrolling gang member.

She jumped down on him at exactly the right time. Crunching his back with the full impact of her feet from a height. He hit the dirt and she followed up by jumping up in the air and delivering an elbow to his back. He arched his head upward and screamed, before he felt his forehead smashed against the concrete, knocking him out cold.

She grabbed his limp body and tossed it over her shoulders, throwing him in one dark corner. Hearing him scream, two more men rushed her position. One of them was greeted with a violent kick under his chin, knocking him out instantly. The other man tackled her successfully from her left, pinning her against a ruined wall. He began punching her stomach hard in lightning fast strikes that were as swift as they were deadly.
She blocked one of the punches and responded with one of her known to his nose, breaking it instantly. She grabbed him and smashed his forehead against the wall, knocking him out too.

1 to go. She found him up ahead, standing unaware with his back turned toward her. "Oi, Asshole!," She shouted as he looked back to stare in shock. "Ready for round two?," She asked mockingly as he ran towards her. He ran at her head first, aiming for her abs. She jumped up at the last minute and watched his head collide against the wall, knocking himself out.

She laughed out loud, "I guess not!," She said. She took to higher ground again and found the control center below her. She stood among the debris, with one of her feet elevated on a piece of stone, Her right hand resting on that leg's knee. Her other hand, clutched the side of her waist from the left and the soft haze of the fires raging below her, threw orange light on her beautiful nude body.

She jumped down and ran towards her destination, there was only man left to take care off, Malik.

She opened the door to the command center and watched in horror as Malik sat there, tied up to a chair. His mouth had been gagged by a cotton ball. She removed his gag and heard him cough loud while breathing heavily. "The...Mayor..!!," He said coughing "Your friends..go now!!". Samantha's body went cold with shock and her eyes opened wide. "DON'T WASTE TIME!! GO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!! GO!!," Malik shouted and watched as Samantha broke into a sprint.

She covered ground so fast that she converted a two hour long run into one and reached back at the cage, panting and puffing, bending down to catch her breath. While she was bent, she felt sharp steel blades scratch across her back, cutting into her skin and leaving four claw marks made one on top of the other, in a straight line, made as if it were the work of a wild animal's paws. She quickly rolled forward and heard the swish of a second attack missing its target. She turned around to find no one there before feeling another blade attack on her back, this time slashing it vertically. She arched her back in pain and her assailant used the moment to slash at her stomach, drawing a mild cut and some minor bleeding.

She felt the next attack cut across her right cheek, leaving two large symmetrical cuts. Next, a kick collided with her face knocking her ass down to the ground. On her back, she finally got a good look at her attacker. It was the Mayor.

He jumped up and wanted to slash her face again but Samantha used her bare hands to block the blades, while he was still in the air. She grabbed the blades and held onto them as he violently jerked his body forward. She pulled back on the blades and watched the Mayor fly into a wall nearby, reducing it into a puff of dust and debris. Samantha broke the blades in her hands, rendering them unusable and followed the Mayor into the dust cloud.

The Mayor was using the dust to her advantage, striking her with a fast attack before disappearing back into it. She ate a punch to her face that cut open her lip, inducing a minute trail of blood. A kick found it's way towards her stomach, bending her over. She felt an elbow collide on her back, reducing her to one knee. The Mayor appeared for a split second again and rammed his forehead into her nose, bloodying it a little. Next, he appeared from her left for a quick jab at her rib and then followed it up by another stomach punch. He was amazed that she was still on knee and decided it was time to change that.

He appeared behind her and rammed a violent knee into her crotch. He watched as she went down on both her knees. She was balancing herself with one hand and with the other massaging her private parts. He saw her bent over, on her hands and knees. He laughed and proceeded to rain of barrage of violent punches to her crotch, grabbing and squeezing it once in a while, for flavor. She bore the attack for several minutes more and when he was finally done, she was laid out across the floor, trying hard to get up. She had barely got up to one knee, balancing herself with one hand on the ground when she felt a savage knee on her chin, snapping her head back.

The next attack he tried was a flying kick to her cheek and was surprised when she avoided it at the last minute. He flew forward and landed on the ground hard.

He sprang up and looked around, now it was her turn to hide in the dust. Without warning, he felt Samantha's fist knock everyone of his teeth out. She followed up with a kick to his chest, breaking one his ribs. She picked him up and threw him on the ground hard, leaving crater marks where his body met on impact. She pulled him and proceeded to destroy his balls, punching them black and blue. After a while, Samantha sent the Mayor's body out of the dust and next to the cage. She searched his limp body and found the code to the door lock.

Diablo and Loco ran towards her and hugged her. "Magnifico, young girl! You did it!," Screamed Diablo as he lifted her on top of her shoulders and paraded her around, embarrassing her.

The police arrived after what seemed like an eternity and took the Mayor away, Jimmy had the entire episode on tape. Diablo and Loco also gave their statements on what happened.

Malik also gave the police his side of the story, explaining to them that the Mayor had locked up the Purple Haze in another location and used impostors to malign their name. He locked Malik up in a room near the dome but thankfully that section of the dome didn't collapse and he was spared. No one was quite sure why The Mayor did it though and The Police promised a thorough investigation.

The Police gave Samantha a change of clothes and sent Jimmy and her home. They made passionate, rough love all night.
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