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I have recently built an app that supports SDT (vanilla game) on Android OS version higher than 4.4. No Adobe AIR or Flash player is required on phone.

Build with Adobe AIR SDK Tested on Android OS 8&9 -- OK

Beta version for now, may add iOS support in the future.
[VERSION 1.1.0 UPDATED, GO HERE FOR DOWNLOAD!!] iOS support will take longer time.

Download and enjoy!

Download app (version 1.0.1) from MediaFire:
ARMv8 (for new phones)
ARMv7 (for old phones)
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android 8.1
error text:App not installed.
Your phone may be based on an armv7 SoC but my .apk was compiled on armv8 base. Therefore I have compiled another .apk (check #1 for download). Have a try!

Sorry for the inconvenience
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I have created another thread but for some unknown reasons disappeared. This is not a spam. If you have trouble using the app, please post your replies here.


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