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  1. ArimKao

    Re: More Lingerie Ideas

    Re: Since the last one I requested was invalid this is an re-attempt Hey guys, I noticed that a lot of guys are into girls wearing lingerie, so if there is anyone out there willing to create more lingerie for the lingerie fetish guys, please help us create more lingerie types. Please do this as...
  2. Javier1009

    Blue Poison Static Hair [Arknights] 1.0

    Blue Poison's static hair from the mobile game Arknights! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another resource for my Arknights static hair 'megapack'! And this time it is my second favourite (Behind Exusiai)...
  3. Javier1009

    Ch'en Static Hair [Arknights] 1.0

    Chen's static hair from the mobile game Arknights! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another resource for my Arknights static hair 'megapack'! This time it is our beloved LPD officer and leader Ch'en who is...
  4. Javier1009

    Amiya Static Hair [Arknights] 1.0

    Amiya's static hair from the mobile game Arknights! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! For the past few days I have been working on an Arknights static hair 'megapack' and since I already have a...
  5. Javier1009

    Arknights - Background Pack 2020-05-17

    A static background pack with scenarios from the mobile game Arknights! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! This is a simple background pack which utilizes official artwork from the mobile game...
  6. Javier1009

    Study Girl Static Hair [ChilledCow's Lofi Hip Hop Radio] 1.0

    Study Girl's static hair from ChilledCow's lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can't believe nobody had done this before. I was just listening to some lofi while...
  7. Javier1009

    Yuri Static Hair [Doki Doki Literature Club!] 1.0

    Yuri's static hair from the game Doki Doki Literature Club! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am so sorry for how long this took for me to release. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I spent a lot of time...
  8. aminasiugnas

    Belly Inflation seems to be broken/not working?

    ... Okay, I give up. I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm currently using the Sarah v1.2 character mod made by Arkanae on LoversLab. Followed the instructions, even got the other two character mod zip files (coz why not?), am also using ModGuy's bundle. I got the folders where they should...
  9. sby

    rolleye *replaced by moremoods mod* V1

    edit - this mod has been incorporated into moremoodsV4_2, use that instead: rolleyeV1 by sby persistant mod, once loaded stays. however resetting will put the mode back to their default settings this mod adds a button to the main menu to...
  10. L

    lick Button request?

    are there any mods like this? i want a manual button for licking. every-time i press it, she'll lick the penis of him/her.
  11. Perdition

    Pulled Up Mask 2020-01-30

    RGB adjustable medical mask pulled up. Uses the gag slot.
  12. Perdition

    Steel Heel 2020-01-20

    RGB adjustable ankle boots with a spike heel.
  13. Perdition

    Folded Ponytail 1.1

    Static hair mod with a folded ponytail.
  14. UknownChaos10111010

    Bully dialogue 2020-01-03

    A very short story that is re-playable for role-play. I was inspired by the Lonely Teacher v3 - by Delev (improved by NoctSoul) dialog here and wanted to make my own with a similar structure. (download the animation pack) To get this to run smoothly: -Do not press the buttons until story is...
  15. Perdition

    Spider Shoes 2019-12-28

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'LOL - Elise' mod, this mod isolates the feet and turns them into shoes.
  16. Perdition

    Izayoi Accessory 2019-12-20

    Based on Mineur's 'Miku Izayoi' static hair mod, this mod makes the hair accessory a Headwear mod.
  17. Perdition

    Hilda Static Hair Hatless 2019-12-18

    Based on @Chance's 'Hilda Static Hairstyle' mod, this is an alteration of it without the hat.
  18. Perdition

    Insect Eyes 2019-12-07

    Insect eyes.
  19. dwane the stone

    rope cuffs request

    I'm not too sure how i can help with reference images, however for about a year i've been looking for a rope cuff mod and i havent been able to find one. Ive been using the leather cuffs with the default game but that just doesnt give the same effect as actual rope. If anyone could guide me to a...
  20. Perdition

    Perdition Body Writing 2019-11-21

    RGB adjustable body writing for her neck, butt, and breasts. Uses the secondary RGB slider and the collar, panties, and bra slots respectively.
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