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Hi, everyone. I've been trying to find a way to hide the girl's ears without impacting the hair, for use with cat ears or other types of non-standard ears. I managed to make a static hair png that erases her ears, but it leaves her completely bald - at least I got a decently precise shape to lay over the ears (derived from the template from this post using photoshop's polygonal lasso tool).


Since the shitty photoshop you see above is pretty much the limit of my artistic/modding ability, I was hoping to outsource the job. I don't know if it would be possible to have the mod as an ear option in-game, but if not then I figure it could work with sby's MoreClothing mod under one of the additional categories it adds to the menus.

What I'm looking for the mod to do:
  • Hide the girl's ear completely, without occupying the hair slot
  • Allow use of static & dynamic hairs with minimal glitchiness or visual anomalies
  • Function with the four available skin tones, and the H/S/L/C sliders in the Custom tab
  • Be compatible with MoreClothing
I can appreciate that this may be a hell of a lot more complicated than I think it'll be, but I hope that I'm wrong and it's actually easier than I think. If there's something I'm misunderstanding/overlooking, or if someone wants to take this on but has issues with parts of the request, please reach out - I'm more than willing to work with you however I can. Thanks!
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though faceless's does technically do what is asked, i thought it would be good to implement this differently for those looking to tweak how hairstyles look. (though my way does have more potential to mess up things)

moves ear and earring layers below hairmid layer
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Nice, sby! This seems like a good pick for more general use with standard hairstyles or ones that would cover up the ear - whereas Faceless's mod is better for situations where the girl wouldn't have regular ears, but her hair would leave that space visible. Thanks and major props to both of you!