life is strange

  1. Antimatter42

    Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery - A Life is Strange Dialogue Ver. 1.0

    I'm back with a least for now. Anyway, here's a Life is Strange dialogue featuring Chloe Price. It takes place during our present (and rather chaotic) times. And with Chloe left alone in Max's dorm room, her step-father (you) decides to pay her a visit. Now, with that said...
  2. UndeadLick

    Requesting a new Max Caulfield Hairstyle

    Hi i have attached some side references of her below many thanks. Static hair is fine.
  3. Antimatter42

    Max's Bedroom (Life is Strange) ver. 1.0

    This is Max's bedroom from Life is Strange. I think this turned out pretty well, but feel free to give me feedback. -Antimatter42
  4. Antimatter42

    Frank's Trailer ((LiS) outside) ver. 1.0

    So, yeah, this is a background of Frank's trailer on the outside from Life is Strange. I admit the perspective is a bit off, but I think it nonetheless does its job well.
  5. R

    Chloe Price (Life is Strange) hair 3.0

    Updated for 2021: There's 2D and 3D versions and versions with and without the beanie code for pink hair (use the brown hair file): H: 51 S: 116 L: 125 C: 100 Version with blue streak Version with blue hair and highlights: there's also a nonRGB version of the beanie so it doesn't change...
  6. R

    Max Caulfield (Life is Strange) hair 3.0

    Updated for 2021: There's 2D [Picture 1,2] and 3D [Picture 3] versions version with eye makeup which is taken from this post by @rasp The code for the purple hair is: H: 103 S: 47 L: 141 C: 128 version with earbuds punk version The code for the red hair is: H: 16 S: 293 L: 62 C: 106
  7. Antimatter42

    Antimatter42's Everyday Backgrounds Thread (thread is reopened)

    Hello all. Not much to say here, but I recently read SyntaxTerror's backgrounds tutorial and have decided to try my hand at making them. I hope you all Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Here's the link to said tutorial: How to make a static PNG background Disclaimer: None of these backgrounds are...
  8. S

    Request for Chloe Price Hair mod

    Can someone find the time to create a Chloe Price from Life is Strange Hair mod?
  9. Antimatter42

    My Dialogue Thread (requests are closed)

    This is where you'll find all of my dialogues. I shall be updating it every time I create a new dialogue. Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Feel free to make any requests you have here. I can use them to keep me occupied and stave off boredom over my summer vacation. Requests are closed. Vanilla...
  10. Mike1992