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Replacements /mods for the guy?

Discussion in 'Help' started by smashlegend, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. smashlegend

    smashlegend Potential Patron

    Dec 26, 2015
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    I've been searching thoroughly (believe me, quite thoroughly) through forums and resources for mods for the "guy" in sdt. So far, the things I have encountered are:

    >Pokemon characters

    Beyond this, I've had little luck. Perhaps I'm not looking for these things in the correct manner or they don't exist, but seeing random screenshots in threads that show more options in this regard give me hope that perhaps I'm just missing it. Are there more mods out there that replace the guy or give more clothes options (right now I have not found any clothes options if the male is set to a futa female, which is something I was hoping to explore)? My particular interests are:

    >Non-human male forms
    >Clothes options for the futa female

    However I would appreciate any finds in this matter, and thanks to anyone who finds anything :)

    I am also new to the site, so if I didn't follow any rules or guidelines correctly please by all means call me out.
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    I don't believe you :tongue:


    These search parameters should give you a few options for the guy. Within the first page of search results, I can see a complete replacement (turning the guy into a horse), costume replacement (dressing him up as a Naruto character), and a set of body modifications (various heads that can be glued onto his shoulders).

    You'll need to visit most of these threads in order to determine whether their contents are to your liking. Therefore I'm assigning you a quest to perform during your travels:
    • if the thread contains a mod file which replaces the entire body (like the Horse mod discussed above, or the Mewtwo resource which you found) then please tag the thread with <male replacer>
    • if the thread contains a partial anatomy adjustment (such as an optional head, a single robot arm which fits onto the normal male body, a muscular torso which fits the normal limbs, etc) then please tag it with <male> and <body mod>
      • if the item in question is the penis, then please ALSO tag the thread with <penis replacer>
    • if the thread contains a wide variety of different material (such as Mike's thread, faceless' thread, or Dante's thread) then don't bother tagging it
      • tagging is ineffective if the thread contains too much stuff, because we'll run out of tags before we catalogue everything
      • in such cases, we'll need to dissect the thread - migrating each mod into a separate Resource entry - so that they can be tagged and tracked effectively
      • you're still welcome to browse through these threads, of course! Each of them contains a few male costumes and male-body mods, which you may find useful. But you'll probably also notice that it's inconvenient to click through dozens of spoiler tags in order to find everything -- which is why we intend to migrate this stuff

    You don't need to do any of this, of course. There's no punishment if you decide not to. You've encountered a technical/organizational problem which has inhibited your ability to find the content you seek. I've (hopefully) helped you to reach your goal, and I've identified a relative low-effort way in which you can help other people who are seeking similar material. It's a guilt trip.

    Such items are fairly rare, because:
    • making clothes for the male/futa character is slightly harder than making clothes for the girl
    • gameplay focuses on the girl, and it's expected that player attention will focus on her as well
      • "his" identity is so irrelevant that @Konashion didn't even give him a face
    • the futa character has different proportions, so male clothes don't automatically fit her
    • the futa character was a late addition to the game; she isn't fully integrated into the UI
    You should be able to find a few usable mods. For instance: Faceless has a riding crop, which ought to fit nicely into the hand of a "dominatrix" futa lady.

    Please feel free to Request clothing items, if you can either identify an existing female clothing mod or body mod (which may be "adaptable" onto the futa body) or if you can find good reference images (for new stuff). We've seen at least one futa-clothing request thread.
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  3. NoctSoul

    NoctSoul Vivacious Visitor

    May 30, 2015
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    Check out Dante's Thread, there are tons of mods for "Him" & much more
  4. smashlegend

    smashlegend Potential Patron

    Dec 26, 2015
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    Thank you! The responses, particularly from @stuntcock was incredibly helpful, much much appreciated! I will try to tag things the best I can (within reason, as you pointed out) as I browse through so that others can find things more easily.