1. I

    Slender Bod 0.1

    Thinner torso and legs! That is all. Due to my lack of skill and experience with mods, this currently only works for light skin (not pale, tan, or dark). It also doesn't support costumes (though it does coincidentally work with some of them and looks good. The skin color isn't a perfect...
  2. Faceless

    hide ear 2020-05-22

    Hides her ear.
  3. JesusTheManHimself

    How to sorta fix the seam on the waist.

    What you're looking at is the seam before the fix. All you need to do to fix this is go to the Settings.txt file in your loader and change fixBackMask=1 to fixBackMask=0 under ;----Her-------- Now the seam shouldn't be a jagged square but a smooth transition between the waist and legs as you...
  4. JesusTheManHimself

    What body texture is this? (Super Deepthroat)

    I was looking through some mods and found a body texture that multiple modders used (only used dantethedarkprince and lago). It makes the thigh and legs not shiny in it's texture, and it removes the visible seam at the waist. I know it's not AnimToolsEdit1. If someone could point me to this mod...
  5. Ramikadyc

    Revision Request- Breast alternates skin tone change

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to change the various breasts that are included with sby's loader pack to change properly with skin tone. Thanks in advance! Edit: Ok, so not only can I upload the files now, but I had the pack wrong as well, it was sby not SyntaxTerror, (though I have...
  6. Ramikadyc

    Request: Mermaid Tail belly fix - revision request

    I was hoping someone could separate the belly (in the body slot) that is in the Mermaid Tail.swf that is included with SBY's loader pack, and make it so the legs are visible when applying it. Also, make it so it changes with skin tone. I would upload the original file, but I honestly don't know...
  7. Perdition

    Miqote Tail 2019-04-21

    Based on @Synonymous's 'Miqote' mod, this mod isolates the tail and turns it into a panty, bottoms, and body mod. Panties and bottoms mods are RGB adjustable and use the secondary RGB slider.
  8. Perdition

    Robot Arms 1.4

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Svedka - Vodka Robot' mod, this mod isolates the arms. Comes in a version for light, pale, dark, and tan skin tones. Does not have assets for the handjob position.
  9. Perdition

    Robot Legs 1.2

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Svedka - Vodka Robot' mod, this mod isolates the legs. Comes in a version for light, pale, dark, and tan skin tones.
  10. Perdition

    Morgana Wings 2019-04-01

    Based on @dantehtedarkprince's 'LOL - Morgana' mod, this mod isolates the the wings.
  11. Perdition

    Frieza Tail 2019-03-30

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Frieza - Rule 63' mod, this mod isolates the tail and makes a version for all four skin tones.
  12. Perdition

    Demona Claws V1 + 3

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Demona' mod, this mod isolates the claws and adjusts their color for all four skin tones.
  13. Perdition

    Demona Wings 1.2 + 3

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Demona' mod, this mod isolates the wings and adjusts their color for all four skin tones.
  14. J

    Sunset Overdrive - Nude Body to Replace Base Underwear (Almost Nekkid)

    Hello, just here to request a nude texture replacement (if possible) for the base underwear texture in Sunset Overdrive. I'd really appreciate it if it's possible. Thanks. Edit: The name of the base underwear is "Almost Nekkid". Here are some screens of it in game.
  15. P

    Hitbox for him

    So I recently started using the "Make Her Cum" mod. It's great but there is one thing: her cum just flies by his body. Is there any way to change this? Like a hitbox for his body on witch cum can actually land? I have no experience in flash but a lot of people here do so i am searching for help...
  16. superlativo

    Black Desert Online Costume/Body mod MetaInjector

    Im very new in modding I just start to make something interesting. Not too much materials for now, but i like to play with 3dsmax (and learn) during long session of processing in black desert. I like mod costumes i own in game. What you need for use this pac files, is Meta Injector -Tamer Body...
  17. Faceless

    Arm graffiti 2016-11-26

    counts as body import
  18. F

    Can someone turn theese png files into Importable files? (graffiti)

    So I was looking through my old files and I found a bunch of Png's back from what I think must have been Pre undertow or at the latest it's early days. They are a series of Body graffiti Images (I checked for transparency) already built up around the womans body layed out in different sections...
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