REMINDER: Marvel's Avengers coming 9/4/2020


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Dec 14, 2011
Hey all, Marvel's Avengers the game is coming 9/4/2020. Almost a month away.
Why is this relevant - you can play as Black Widow and I'm pretty sure there'll be some great ryona moments.

Personally can't wait


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Feb 22, 2013
Probably going to "pre-order" it so I can get in the BETA and try it out. Apparently, the BETA includes that entire boss fight with Black Widow vs Taskmaster which looked to have a bunch of failable QTE sequences. Also, it will allow you to choose Black Widow and Kamala in the other modes as well.

So it should give us every opportunity to see what kinds of ryona this game will offer.

My main worry is that there won't be any KO/death animations because of the game's focus on co-op. A worst-case scenario will be that when your character's health bar runs out you will just go down into a kneeling position so your teammates can revive you. This would absolutely kill most of the ryona for me. Then I would just be left with QTE failures.

Let's also hope that enemies actually have some grapple type attacks that lead to unique animations and KOs/deaths.

Either way, I think I should be able to try out the BETA and still cancel the pre-order before the game even releases if it ends up being a disappointment.
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