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Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have had some extra time lately and decided to try again with Honey Select. I was just practicing posing, but ended up liking what I made and decided to write a quick story to go along with them. Let me know what you think.

The green zako entered the next room and quickly hid behind a column. "This is the perfect spot for an ambush, I should be able to take out the whole maroon squad here!" She thought to herself.
The maroon squad entered the lobby and started walking towards the door next to the column. Their guns were at the other zakos sides and they were not in any formation; they were not expecting an ambush.
She caught a glimpse of one of the girls ass she turned around to say something to another member. Their uniforms were maroon thong leotards and looked very sexy, but it was clear they didn't restrict the Zakos movements, and, once they got used to wearing them in operations were probably considered quite comfortable. That zako's ass looked amazing in it and our green zako felt a bit green with envy and slightly turned on.
She thought of her own uniform. A neck to toe skin tight green catsuit, matching the color of her corp. It was cut to give a full wedgie and she knew her ass and tits looked great in it, but she wondered if she would look or feel sexier in a thong leotard. Then there was the issue of going to the bathroom. Taking her uniform off was a pain and Ownership keeps bathroom breaks short. Usually by the end of her guard shifts she really had to go. She had heard that other Corps purposely attacked bodysuit squads towards the end of their shifts because they will move slower and often times wet themselves if hit. She didn't wear a bra, but did wear a little thong because she thought the catsuit turned a bit see through when she bent over.
Which was a pain to have to wear. Ownership didn't like their Zakos to have their own property. They wanted to provide everything their Zakos needed. Personal underwear was one of the few items permitted but had to be checked out each morning from a kiosk. Wearing a thong leotard would remove that headache in the morning... On the other hand the leotard could get... a bit... out of place. She may wear an absolutely skintight bodysuit with no bra, but she did have some modesty and felt she might be checking the uniform often to make sure she wasn't flashing others every time she bent over or kicked high in training.
This current situation was particularly exciting for the green zako. She had been in battle a few times against enemy corps and Ownership had singled her out. They recognized that she had a bit of a fetish for both killing enemy Zakos and being one herself. This was what Ownership looked for in their squad commanders; disillusioned girls who still wanted to be there. Ownership found that while they were usually right in revealing the true statistics (IE, death rate) of how the Corp worked; if they were wrong and the girl was shocked they would know as she would put in a request to be released, which took months, and she would be put into a high risk unit and disposed of. This green zako was told that she needed to make more kills to be considered. This was her chance!
She waited behind the pillar for the right timing then silently popped out and unloaded her clip. The maroon zako girls were mowed down in seconds. A couple were dead instantly, but others were doubled over on the floor bleeding out in pain, moaning and screaming.
Our green zako's face went from a half smile grimace while firing the gun to a wide eyed smile. She had done it! That promotion was hers! She felt powerful. She felt good at her job! She felt... horny.
Looking at the girls she was suddenly swept up in a wave of arrousal. Her face felt flush and her eyes drooped just a bit looking at the destruction she wrought. One of the maroon girls tried to crawl on all fours to aid another, too in shock to realize how wounded she was or think or where the attack came from. Another was on all fours looking at the green zako in tears and horrified of her and what was happening. Then her head and shoulders slumped down leaving only her ass up in the air. It was the Zako from before who's ass the green zako had been admiring, ironically enough.
Everything about this turned her on. Hers and her opponents uniforms. The fact that they were only doing this for the money and the girls in the other Corp and her had no other reason to kill each other. They were pawns in a horrible game that really only came down to the Owners' money, but killing the other zakos made her feel powerful anyway. The maroon zako girls were quite beautiful too, and capable of anything a human could do; empathy, affection, dreaming, the desire to be desired; but the green zako had taken all that away and now all they felt of pain and humiliation, at least the ones still alive. And very soon they will all just be shapely bags of leaky meat thanks to her. Every Corp only accepted combatants anonymously, and disposed of defeated Zako combatants in batches in an unknown way. It turned the green zako on even more to think she would never know her victims names.
Yet oddly enough she felt... jealousy of her victims? There was something just so hot to her about being the victim in this situation too. Dying as a pawn for someone elses bottom line. She had seen security cameras in the building and knew that fights between the Corp Zakos sometimes got posted on the dark web. She knew she didn't really want to be killed, but the thought of feeling pain and humiliation as you are defeated and seeing a smirk, perhaps a horny smirk on the others face was just hot. She hoped that if she was killed it would be slow and in a humiliating way so she would end up in a sexy position, like the zako she had just killed, and by some cameras so it would be seen.
Then she had an orgasm, a bit unexpectedly, right there among the destruction. She made a bit of a mess in her bodysuit. "Ug, yet another reason to switch to a thong leotard. If I'm going to be a commander this will probably happen again, I'll have to put in to switch to the unit that wears a leotard instead" She though happily.
Yet she didn't see herself as a murderer. She was doing her job, one she absolutely loved.
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Wow, both the story and the pictures are amazing. Please continue this. I love green zakos, especially if they wear skintight catsuits

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