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Post-Ever After High Part III

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Oct 25, 2014.

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    The clock in the den chimed 23:00. "Well, it is late, and I should get Dexter back to the infirmary." Daring said.
    "He can walk again. What more does Dad want?" Raven asked.
    Daring gave an exasperated sigh. "Dexter claims he saw Mother. I was under the impression she was killed during the third War of the Darkness. She spent the majority of our early childhood away at war. I am not sure how Dexter would have known her. Hell, if she appeared before me, I am not sure if I would recognize her! The doc wants to keep Dexter overnight for a couple of nights to make sure his brain is working properly."
    "I do, too" Raven returned. "I will walk back with you."
    "So will I," Ashlynn replied. "I am not as skilled a combatant as either you, so I would feel safer if I went back with you." Raven and Apple shared a wicked grin.
    "I know Hunter would feel better about that, as well." Daring responded. "Apple, will you be well until I return?"
    "Sure, escort them back. I was just going to lock up, shower, and go to bed, so do not forget your key, again." Apple said.
    "I only forgot my key one time, and you damn well know it!" Daring countered.
    "And I will never let you live that down." Apple returned.
    As late as it was, the four walked slower, more carefully. It took them twenty minutes to walk back to campus. Once on campus, Ashlynn walked back to her dorm on her own. Raven, Dexter, and Daring continued on to the infirmary. "Get Dexter fairy comfortable." Dr. Good King calls from his office across the hall.
    "Good night, Raven, Dexter." Daring said as he turned to leave.
    "Good night, Daring." Raven and Dexter replied in unison.
    "Good night, Dex Cutie." Raven said as she kissed Dexter. "Love you, see you in the morning."
    "Good night, Rave Babe." Dexter replied. "Love you, see you in the morning."
    After making sure Dexter truly was asleep, Raven walked across the hall to her father's office and closed the door. "Dad, we... we need to talk. It is about Dexter."
    "If you were not sure you could marry him, then why did you accept his proposal?" Dr. Good King asked his daughter.
    "This is about the fight last Friday." Raven returned.
    "Look, Raven, I know that fight was hard on both of you. I know you do not have class tomorrow, but it is almost 0:00 Tuesday. You need to sleep."
    "No, Dad. If anyone needs sleep, it is you. That is beside the point. I knew something was fairy wrong this time. Dexter was better, better than ever after! It was almost an even fight. Dexter was never that good. I tried to unbirth him as usual, and this time he shanked my ass instead of begging me to finish it. At the end, I found out the reason. He taught himself magic."
    "Taught himself magic? That does not sound like fairy fact." The doctor replied.
    "It is. He used the disruption spell, my next to last resort. I was not expecting it to cause any major temporary brain damage, but I was expecting it to leave me dazed long enough for Dexter to win. I was still altogether. In fact, Dexter was unable to move after using it. I think he overused his energy and his body all but shut down on him." Raven continued.
    "I will keep him here for more than overnight on observation." Dr. Good King replied. "This is fairy disturbing. A non-sorcerer taught himself magic. This will need to be reported to the magic council for his sake, especially since he nearly killed himself. Now, Raven if there is nothing else, go to bed before I drag you to your apartment."
    "You are the only one who needs sleep! Why are you threatening me?!" Raven exclaimed.
    "You do, too!" Her father rose up, grabbed her arm, and dragged her to her apartment. I know you are lamia and can get by on little sleep, but you have not truly slept since Thursday night! I know because I saw you sitting with Dexter all last weekend. You dozed, but never truly slept." Dr. Good King said as he injected Raven with a moderate sedative. Raven was asleep as soon as she hit the mattress.
    Raven woke the next morning feeling fairy refreshed. Her broken bones were properly healed, too. She actually walked into the kitchen without a crutch. "Hey, Honey. Fairy hexcited to see you. Fairy sorry if I startled you, but your father let me in." Evil Queen said from the stove.
    "Why did Dexter and I agree to give our parents keys to our apartment?" Raven asked out loud.
    "Your father and I and King Charming would not have allowed you two to get an apartment unless we got a key. Because your father works here as the doctor/psychologist, he keeps our key, and King Charming has the other spare. We had you sign the lease like that for your own sakes. It seems that your father and King Charming were right. Dexter gave you a beating and took quite a beating, himself."
    "Mom, there is more to the fairytale than that." Raven started.
    "I know. Your father filled me in last night. You are half-human, half-lamia. You need more sleep than you think. You were so exhausted last night that if your father had not given you that sedative, you would not have slept. Here eat some breakfast." Evil Queen placed two plates at the bar and sat down beside her daughter. Raven gave her mother a funny look but never caught her eye. The Evil Queen cut a slice of dragon steak and ate. She did not fake swallow and then spit when she wiped her mouth. The food was safe.
    Raven followed suit knowing that her food was not poisoned. "I would never poison you. You do not get off to it like your father."
    Raven rolled her eyes. "That sounds like Apple."
    "It does." Evil Queen replied through a mouth full of dragon egg. She swallowed and politely wiped her mouth. "Ashlynn came by earlier. She said she wanted to talk to you and Apple about something."
    "We discussed the wedding plans until 23:00 last night. What more would there be to talk about?" Raven asked herself through a mouthful of food.
    She got slapped for talking with a mouthful of food. "A lady never talks with her mouth full!" Her mother said.
    "You did!" Raven snapped back.
    "What wedding plans?" Her mother asked, her voice grown cold and hard.
    "Apple and I are getting married, Mom." Raven said in a tone indicative of how obvious it should have been.
    "Oh, right. The four of you decided on a double wedding." The Evil Queen replied. "It was not wedding plans. She was evasive and said she would meet you at Apple and Daring's. I assume it was about ryona."
    "It probably was. I will go over there after breakfast." Raven sighed.
    "What about Dexter?" Her mother asked.
    "Physically, there is nothing really wrong with him. Dad was worried because Dexter claims to have seen his mother, who is supposed to be dead." Raven replied.
    "She is dead. I watched her die and felt helpless to stop it. She was my best friend, other than your father." The Evil Queen gazed at the refrigerator staring past it into days gone by.
    "Mom." Raven said.
    "Hmm? Raven, did you say something?" The Evil Queen asked.
    "You were fairy out of it, Mom." Raven answered.
    "I get like that thinking about the past. Your father and I spend days like that thinking about the war. We lost fairy good friends." Her mother replied.
    "Thank you for breakfast Mom. I need to hurry over to Apple's to see what Ashlynn wanted." Raven said. "Lock up before you leave."
    "Brush your teeth! Evil bitches do not have plaque!" Raven's mother shouted after Raven.
    "I use magic!" Raven called back as she ran out the door.
    "Note to self: Kick Raven's stupid ass." The Evil Queen said after the door slammed.
    Raven ran to Apple and Daring's house in Book End. Raven knocked on Apple's door, breathless. "Oh, hexcellent! You made it!" Apple exclaimed as she kissed Raven's lips. "Go up and change. Ashlynn and Hunter came dressed for a beating."
    Raven grabbed Apple's long blond locks and dragged her upstairs. After slamming the door to Apple and Daring's room, Raven gave Apple an intense verbal thrashing. "WHAT THE FUCK WERE THINKING WHEN YOU AGREED TO KICK ASHLYNN'S ASS LIKE THAT!? She does not stand a damn chance!"
    "Hunter more than makes up for Ashlynn's lack of training." Apple said. "They also have a powerful bond similar to ours."
    "Meaning if we are not careful, Ashlynn could bait us into Hunter's attack path." Raven thought out loud.
    "Exactly." Apple replied. "There is no guarantee that they can hear each other's thoughts, though. Setting up such a strategy would take careful planning, and fairy good luck."
    "Damn it." Raven said. "We cannot use magic." Raven proceeded to slip into a leather bikini and sky high platform stiletto thigh highs.
    "Why not?" Apple asked drooling over her future sister-in-law's rocking hot body.
    "Hunter is non-magical." Raven replied. "If Ashlynn breaks the rules of engagement and uses magic, then we can retaliate against HER with magic, but Hunter is a non-target for magic. Ranged weapons are different. We can target him with ranged weapons because he will targeting us with ranged weapons."
    "What are the chances that Ashlynn will use magic?" Apple asked as she wiped the drool from her mouth.
    "I cannot say. I do not trust Ashlynn to abide by our rules of engagement simply because she has not had our level of training." Raven replied. She kissed up and off the new line of drool on Apple's mouth. The two young women proceeded to lock lips. Raven broke the kiss. "There will be plenty of time for that in an FFFM foursome after giving and taking a beating."
    "FUCK YEAH! Shit! Now I am fairy turned on. I want a quickie right now!" Apple screamed.
    "Why the hell not?" Raven asked. She took off her and Apple's panties, grabbed a double-headed dildo from the toy chest, and proceeded to fuck Apple's cunt until they exploded. "Come on. We need to get downstairs. They know what we were doing up here."
    They ran back downstairs to find Ashlynn and Hunter whispering and giggling. They knew what Raven and Apple were doing. "Shall we finally start?" Ashlynn asked coyly.
    "Not yet." Apple replied.
    "Why the hell are you making us wait?" Hunter was on his feet and moving.
    Raven intercepted and stopped him. "First we have some rules: 1)Magic is forbidden. 2)No complete death blows. 3)Do not expect us to pull our punches. Apple, that means you need to stand up straight and not slouch." Apple glared at Raven as Apple straightened her back and floored Hunter. Apple stood even with him at 2.125m.
    "Why all the rules?" Ashlynn asked.
    "The first rule is because Hunter is non-magical. Mom said the Huntsman could not develop magic to save his life. The second is because Raven and I are hexcellent healers, but we are not miracle workers." Apple replied.
    "Now, just out of curiosity, if I were to break the first rule, what would happen?" Ashlynn asked pissed that magic had been forbidden.
    Raven and Apple looked at each other for a second then turned back to face Ashlynn. "We would hit you with a fairy powerful disruption spell capable of temporarily shutting down your cognitive functions, leaving you unconscious. The first two are safety issues, the last is that we want an all-out fight, holding nothing back, leaving everything on the mat. That does mean bones will break and we will need medical help, but we will be satisfied knowing that nothing was held back, that everyone gave everything they had."
    "I can agree to those rules." Hunter said. "Can I use ranged weapons?"
    "We will." Raven replied. "I like to throw shanks for distractions. Back when I fought deathmatches, I threw dirks to kill. Apple likes to use fans and I like to use croquet mallet as a mace, so anything you can militarize is fine with me. Still, no killing and leaving the mat. If you get leave, you are out."
    "You never made that a rule for us!" Apple bitched.
    "I never had to state it. Neither of us would actually leave the mat for any reason." Raven countered. "That is it for the administrative details, unless you have anything to add."
    Hunter looked at Ashlynn, who was still seething. "Nothing. Shall we begin?" Hunter asked.
    "We shall." Apple replied.
    They walked into the ryona room. Hunter began testing weapons to test them. He brought his quarterstaff, other than his boomerang and knives, that was enough for him. Ashlynn tested the weapons after Hunter, but she preferred the sheer physical power that her advanced hand-to-hand combat training gave her, but she still did not have the combat experience to stand up to Raven or Apple. Hunter had the combat experience, but lacked the tactical ability to face Raven or Apple toe-to-toe. Together, Ashlynn and Hunter made a hexcellent tag team.
    "Challengers start." Raven offered, when Ashlynn and Hunter were standing in the center of the mat.
    Ashlynn low kicked at Apple's ankle. Apple brought her own leg up in a reverse high spin kick. Hunter moved to intercept as Raven stepped inside to cut him off. Raven drove Hunter to the outside as Ashlynn countered with a corkscrew kick Apple's head trying to take her out and then pick off Raven. Apple expected the death blow. She blocked and flying spin kicked for Ashlynn's neck. Ashlynn barely managed to dodge in time. Meanwhile, Hunter knew he was outclassed tactically. He drew his quarterstaff and charged Raven. She drew her moonblade and parried the thrust. Ashlynn called out to Hunter telepathically to strike at Raven's bad leg. Hunter thought that too obvious a strike and went for Raven's good leg. Ashlynn was about berate him for not following her orders, when Raven went to backhand spring and did not quite clear the strike zone. She caught a glancing blow to her good leg. The blow was not powerful enough to break bone, but the strike left a bruise, slowing Raven slightly. Raven moaned in pleasure as a paingasm quickly washed through her. Ashlynn giggled when hearing Raven moan. Ashlynn realized her enemies' weakness was their pain fetish. Hunter figured it out for himself before his live-in could.
    "Apple, we need to do something now!" Raven shouted telepathically.
    "We have not fought a tag-team battle in several years. We are rusty. ALL Ashlynn and Hunter fight are tag-team battles. We are outmatched because of our lack of team training." Apple replied.
    "All right, we will have to communicate like in the old days of our tag-team training." Raven returned.
    "I am not sure how long we can actually keep up like that without pulling our punches." Apple stated.
    "We will have to think as one. Our bond should allow for that." Raven replied.
    "If not?" Apple asked.
    "Then we lose." Raven stated matter-of-factly.
    "Watch your ass! Hunter is coming round to hit it!" Apple called telepathically.
    Raven flipped backward as Hunter's strike missed its mark. "Watch your left flank!" Raven thought to Apple as Ashlynn went to grapple Apple's left breast.
    Apple grabbed Ashlynn's right wrist and turned it against the joint. Ashlynn screeched as a powerful paingasm washed over her. "It looks like we have something in common." Apple said wickedly.
    "Indeed." Raven said with a crimson grin.
    Hunter struck for Raven's lower ribcage. Raven retaliated by parrying and countering the strike. Ashlynn moved to the outside to draw off Raven's blow. Raven pivoted around behind Ashlynn and shanked her ass. Ashlynn screamed as another paingasm washed through her. With the gap in Ashlynn and Hunter's defenses, Apple brought her bo down on Hunter's wrist. He let go of his quarterstaff with that hand. Apple brought her bo back around to make Hunter drop his staff, but Hunter had been trained by his father in staff combat. Hunter brought his staff around and blocked Apple's strike. Apple moved quickly for another, but Ashlynn moved to the inside to block. Raven quickly sidestepped and cut Ashlynn off. Ashlynn moved to shank Raven's vagina. Raven pivoted around behind Ashlynn.
    "I guess you did not learn from the last time." Raven said coyly as she shanked Ashlynn's ass again, this time with two shanks. Ashlynn screeched and collapsed as a fairy powerful paingasm rocketed through her.
    Ashlynn rolled backward onto her feet. She was pissed now. Ashlynn grabbed her katar and reached for Raven. She back flipped away from the claw weapons and brought her moonblade to intercept. Hunter came back around for another strike at Apple. Apple sidestepped and brought Hunter into Ashlynn's path towards Raven. Ashlynn pivoted around Hunter and struck for Apple's heart, not pulling back. Raven shoved Apple out of the way because she could not react in time.
    Raven sheathed her moonblade, and drew her zweihander. Raven's zweihander was once owned by none other than the legendary fairytale Evil Queen Mother, her grandmother. This zwiehander was responsible for the deaths of some NINE HUNDRED PLUS fairytales during the third War of Darkness. Two hundred highly skilled fairytales went after Evil Queen Mother, three of them came back, and only two recovered: Dr. Good King and Evil Queen. The third who came back was Daring and Dexter's mother. She never made it. When Raven drew it, it leapt at the chance for blood, even if it had to somewhat restrain itself. Ashlynn went after Apple's heart again. This time, Raven sheared off Ashlynn's katars. Raven came back with a powerful double-fisted roundhouse pommel hit to Ashlynn's face, knocking her unconscious. When Hunter realized why Raven drew such a powerful tainted weapon, he stepped off the mat, forfeiting the match.
    Hunter walked over picked up Ashlynn's unconscious form. "I apologize for her behavior. I had hoped she could restrain herself."
    After the door closed, "I was really hoping to suck Hunter's dick." Apple pouted.
    "I have always known Ashlynn to be mildly bi-polar, but I thought Dad had her on a moderate dose of a mild anti-psychotic and a light-duty anti-depressant. We have to tell Dad Ashlynn has not been taking her medicine."
    "Wait, she is bi-polar?" Apple asked.
    "I have seen her have mood swings like that before and then clam up for days after going into a rage. We have to tell Dad that she has not been taking her medicine." Raven replied
    "Considering what we witnessed, we should tell Grandfather." Apple seconded.
    "We should clean up first. We stink and need a bath." Raven said.
    "Daring and I never use the tub, but we have one." Apple returned.
    "Can it hold two stretched out?" Raven asked.
    "Fuck, it can hold four people my height stretched out!" Apple replied ecstatic about what Raven was suggesting.
    They took a long three-hour bath in the Jacuzzi tub, then went back to the school and told Dr. Good King what happened with Ashlynn.