Nude mods for Neptunia series with full model edits.

what CPU should I edit the model of first

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One thing that was always a missive turn of for me when it came to nude mods, is that their simply texture edits. However Instead of lamenting it I want to fix this issue by making nude mods with model edits myself, I am a novice at blender but the only thing really stopping me from working on nude edits myself is three things: I suck at texturing and will need help to make the textures and I am not familiar with the moding tools used to mod these games, I also don't have access to properly riped models to edit too. However I'm sure those issues can be resolved over time with a bit of help

As far as actual plans go once I can get around to it Ill be first making a CPU form only nude mod in Re:birth1 to start off, will expand to the normal models afterwords. As for the CPUs I'm not going to have them 100% nude but rather adjust the processer(outfit) to be mostly nude but still have key details here and their mainly leaving the collars arms and legs mostly untouched. That and it would be a bitch to edit of the gloves and im not going to model on toes for those. Will Like have too for the normal form though I will be basing those off the swimsuits.

I would also like to edit portraits to go with the models but I am shit at art , which is also why I don't want to fiddle with textures myself.


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I did with a ripped model I got off a modeling resource site, this was a simple edit that will likely not be used for this, but I figure I'll post it to show I'm not talking out of my ass.
Me saying I didn't have access to ripped models was sort of a lie but its just that the site I got this from doesn't have everything so its unreliable as a source for this. That and I can just rip the model with the moding tools.

Here's the original unedited model for refence.
Rom model orghinal.png


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added a poll for a first proof of concept edit, sense I am waiting until I can get some help with this project before I really get started on it.


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Good luck with your project. If you do manage to do it, know that a lot of the models can actually be reused between at least the first 3 games which use the same models and textures.

Last i checked the scripts to import/export the model files into blender only allowed small edits like removing some clothes meshes. It may just be because i don't know how to properly use blender though.


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So far only the mesh and texture of the ism2 model can be changed.
You can't change the bones, so you may not be able to change the hairstyle or skirt shape as you wish.
The latest versions of the tools are below.
If you have any questions, I will answer as far as I know.
tried them out but the read_ism2 is not getting reconized by blender as a plugin and noticed issues with models imported not having textures


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tried them out but the read_ism2 is not getting reconized by blender as a plugin and noticed issues with models imported not having textures
read_ism2 is not for blender, it's a tool to use on files by using the command prompt, it should be explained in the readme file included.

If i remember it right it'sby using this tool on the model file that you obtain something that can be imported into blender for the import script, and that tool also make use of whatever you exported through the export script to edit the model file.


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The file name read_ism2 is strange even though it is a model modification program.
This was originally intended for data structure analysis of ISM2 files, so it has become a confusing name.

Since only handles PNG images, all texture TID files need to be converted to PNG files.
For example, if the file layout is as follows, texture files will load correctly

Follow the procedure below to modify the mesh.
1) Select the mesh object you want to export and execute File-> Export-> Mesh for read_ism2 (.cfg/.txt) from the menu.
2) Press the Export Mesh button with the output file name as MESH.txt, for example.
3) Then open a command prompt and change to the folder containing MESH.txt.
4) Enter the command as follows.
> read_ism2 ORIGINAL.ism2 -c MESH.txt -o NEW.ism2
In most cases, WARNING messages can be ignored.


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made the first step and actually properly exported the textures this time, mainly was just figuring things out today so I haven't actually started on on editing this yet.
it is to be noted again I'm only editing the main outfit the arms head and legs will be untouched.

whiteheart nudification 1.png


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ok I think I may looking for help in other neptunia project threads instead of waiting on texture help because I am going to need help for detail work sense I don't trust myself to do it and I need to know what Im doing other aside from editing the crotch, ass and breasts.


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one thing I want to note is I prefer to work on this at night on weakends.
its really because Im trying to work on "cleaner" projects on weak days so I am trying to wake up early during weeks to try to slef-infoces a work sedule.


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Have you tried exporting your current work into the game and see if it work?

If i remember it right from when i tried my hand at it a while back with no knowledge of blender at all you could even modify the game's model and texture files while it was running, if think opening and closing the menu was enough for the changes to take effect, that or switching costume or character, something along those lines anyway.


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I'll be keeping a watch on this and or helping if I can. I like what I see so far. I haven't gotten a copy of the Rebirth games yet but I'm down to getting them now that this is a possibility. Great job so far!


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wasn't feeling in the mood to do to much work today but I did decide to work more on a certain area; Ill wait until I am finish with editing the model before i fix the uvs.

one thing I noticed though is the hard gabs were you would put seams are actually seprated but to prevent issues I decided to leave it like that instead of fixing it

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