1. D

    Request total armor hiding asmo nude mod with orginal asmo claws and feet and no grey butt syndrome.

    I challenge someone to make a total armor hiding, blanking, asmo nude mod, where I don't need to spend my real life money on dyes and to dye mismatched pieces to get a total nude effect, that shows, regardless. Without the buttcrack discoloration, and including the sexy original, erotic asmo...
  2. B

    AION slayerform mod request

    Hi, i wanted to request a mod for Aion. What i want is the Assassin class skill "Slayer Form I" to be "transparent", or not showing. So my character dont get this fugly demonic look but i want the buff ofc to stay. As i dont have no real experience with this kind of modding myself so i wanted...
  3. darkhell666


    AION 5.0 MOD MEGAPACK BY NAZGHULL (DARKHELL666) >>>>DON'T STEAL MY WORK<<<< I authorize any person the dissemination of this information in any forum or website as long as you respect my authorship and Maximusa's credit and provide a link to this page as the source. SPECIAL THANKS TO...
  4. maximusa

    Aion Nude mods

    I share only a few mods, I pay 50 or more dollar for each mod and i can not order more because the dollar price is now too high T_T. instructions into the .rar
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