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Need some ideas. What should happen after this scene?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by HoLeeSmokes, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. HoLeeSmokes

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    I have requested many ryona-type commissions from DA artists. Sometimes I imagine/fantasize what happens afterwards for the commission I requested. I'm thinking of making commission requests of the "aftermath/KO/game over" of these requests, but curious to see some ideas.
    I'm not sure which forum this should go to, I know I'm not exactly the best writer, so my description would be pretty simple.

    Below is one of my commission request called "Barbarian vs Amazon" and here's my stab...


    The Barbarian pulls off the rubber band off the Amazon's hair, making her ponytail fall into a messy, long hair. He drops the Amazon on her back, with her breathing very heavily. Her massive breasts is heaving up and down, as she having difficulty breathing. The barbarian mounts on top of her belly, and obviously he's been sexually excited from all this, he slips his erection between the Amazon's massive breasts and begin pounding and slapping the Amazon's face. Slowly, a urine puddle forms on the ground around the Amazon's crotch area, as she again loses control of her senses.

    Pretty simple minded, I'm kept it short cause I was going to request only 1 drawing, and not a full comic, hence why the scene is short. :P

    Anyone else have any ideas on how that above scene should end?
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