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Jul 25, 2017
Sexy little anecdote about the defeated Golden Delmos included here!

I have been wanting to write this for a while.

And now… here’s some more disgusting, filthy Agent Aika related and themed fantasies. I pay attention to the Golden Delmos here. [An older version of this post has appeared before, but since I’m updating it, the older post has been deleted.]

I haven’t talked so much about some of my disgusting fantasies in the past, but I guess since I haven’t gotten a whole load of angry messages, I feel comfortable with articulating increasingly wicked fantasies that have more violence, misogyny, aggression and general nastiness which simply can’t be repeated in polite company.

Aftermath of Battles

I love the sexy aftermath of battles in Agent Aika, and long to see lots more scenes where bodies are everywhere, especially contorted in uncomfortable, exposed or humiliating positions.

It would be satisfying to see our heroes relieve themselves on their defeated opponents, stepping on their bodies, using their bodies as furniture, or simply just showing contempt by stamping on a Delmo’s body, etc.

Sometimes this may be done to force surrender. EG in Episode 5 there was this point where Bianca is standing between Aika’s legs looking down at Aika playing possum, and the camera runs over Aika’s sexy body. If it had been Bianca instead, it would be even sexier given that Bianca is prettier and her uniform more attractive and the skirt would have been hiked up to show panties.

So Aika should do just that. View her defeated opponent with a horny mindset, running eyes up and down Bianca’s body until they return and fix on Bianca’s panties showing. Good artists should give each Delmo a pussy that looks slightly different. Mmmm...

In my fantasy Hentai of 500 episodes, there is enough room to show Aika getting between a defeated Bianca’s legs and mounting her with a strap on or fucking her with a dildo. This is not always abusive and violent. Although Bianca starts out unconsenting, Aika is persistent and Bianca is soon red faced and humiliated because she starts feeling sexually stimulated. Sometimes this is all Aika wants – the satisfaction of conquering her opponents sexually, without necessarily inflicting much pain. As long as she feels dominant, this is satisfactory.

Trashing the Delmos

There is a gray area between ryona and guro, you can’t tell if the Delmos got killed or if they were merely humilated.

Bodies stuck in dustbins – maybe an entire row, with variants only on how the Delmos’ legs are positioned when sticking out, how the skirt falls over, how the panties are revealed, etc. It would be highly preferable if each Delmo wore different panties.

They could be the aftermath of Gusto’s Episode 2 fight with the White Delmos. There is a row of rubbish bins for different types of trash, and Gusto dumps the defeated White Delmos headfirst in each bin, makes a few nasty comments, before coming back to the White Delmo commander lying on a desk, and raping her.

Other scenes include Delmos thrown in dumpsters, or all over a filthy alleyway, degraded and dirtied and strewn around and treated like garbage which is their punishment for trying to corner Rion in an alley or attacking Gozo when he takes a shortcut.

Or, in the aftermath of a fight, Aika gang members talk about ‘taking out the trash’ and ‘cleaning up after ourselves’, and all Delmos are dumped in various trash receptacles all over the place. Some are just tossed on piles of garbage bagged for recycling, or piles of leaves, whatever suits the situation. Then the camera can lovingly zoom over every Delmo – or more strictly, her pantied butt and crotch which should be fully visible even if the rest of the Delmo is hidden by trash or in the trash receptacle.

There should be at least 1 variant of each scene when the Delmos take on each of the 6 members of the Aika gang.

I normally dislike dirt and don’t find it erotic, but admittedly in this formulation, where each Delmo is creatively dirtied and humiliated and trashed, is kinda hot.

Quite exciting to show Aika Gang members walking casually down a corridor after their work is done – and all Delmos are in trash bins lining the corridor (or looking trashed in some other way).

Heads bashed against something

I find it very sexy to imagine an Aika gang member grabbing a Delmo by her hair and neck. The Delmo is then pushed down when standing so that her head is lower than her ass, and her pantied butt fully on display.

Next the Delmo should have her head bashed against something, or be thrown over and piledrivered. In any case she should wind up unconscious or stunned and her lovely crotch even more available on display.

It is also very sexy to see Delmos being thrown through windows or car windows, and wind up half in and half out. (Note that the glass shards are very dangerous in real life so even live action is dangerous for stunt people, but in our hentai, we don’t care so long as lots of sexy butts are seen draped over window sills and car doors.)

Gusto vs White Delmo commander

How I want the scene to turn out? Firstly, all the other white Delmos are given some camera close ups of their exposed panties. Call it the Gusto’s Eye View – that lustful man looks appreciatively at everyone before turning his horny attentions on the one Delmo still standing...

Then, we see Gusto ripping off the White Commander’s clothes during their fight. So the White Commander’s terrified expression should reflect her expectation that she will be raped, rather than any fear that Gusto might smack her face.

Then Gusto does some cruel and unnecessary things to white commander – such as bashing her head against a screen.

The white commander is either knocked unconscious, or at least stunned and no longer able to resist, as Gusto rapes her.

Finally Gusto demonstrates his superiority and contempt by dumping the white commander headfirst into a dustbin to show that he has no more use for her after raping her. She is pleading weakly, but Gusto just dumps her without hesitation to show how little he values her after he’s had his fun. He might do the same for the other defeated white delmos around, so we have a row of sexy legs and crotches visible, and nothing else because the rest of the Delmo is inside the trash. What a way to show that Delmos don’t matter, that they are just sex objects!

The Golden Delmo defeat, Episode 7

Imagine an alternative universe where the Delmos retreat, but in their haste they forget about the four Golden Delmos that have been KO.

First we get a Gusto’s POV. The camera lovingly traces every single Golden Delmo’s body, focusing with full male horniness on their exposed lower parts and exploring butt curves, pussy, mounds of venus, etc. The Golden Delmos are the strongest and normally most dignified fighters, proud of their abilities, but now they are reduced to hapless sex objects!

The ecchi didn’t differentiate between Delmos, but I really prefer the hentai to. Each Delmo’s pussy should look different, and this can show up even through the panties. Not to mention, they should all wear different panties.

Then the Golden Delmos are picked up and carted off by Aika gang members to be raped and sexually toyed with.

I want the cameras to show all four Golden Delmos in the same poses – upside down and folded over an Aika Gang member’s shoulder. On one side, their skirts have fallen down all the way, past their bras. All Delmos in my hentai must wear sexy bras. I’ve always hated the big and ugly sports bras that they had all Delmos wear in the ecchi (only Nina Hagen and Rion were ever depicted in sexy bras. Rion was supposed to have stolen that bra from a Black Delmo, but fallen Delmos always seem to be wearing sports bras).

The Golden Delmos’ bodies are all exposed and very lovely. Waists and backs are all perfect. Now camera heads for the more important parts – the four pantied pussies on the other side. We need a shot exactly like an analogue of the Blue Delmos’ four pantied pussies in Episode 6 – four crotches onscreen with no faces and heads visible, emphasizing the sexual nature of the Delmos. Aika and Gusto each carry one Delmo, but I think Gozo has to carry one on each shoulder because Michikusa, Rion and Maypia are all too weak to carry. This is a totally gorgeous and sexy sight, four pairs of slim girlish legs, four crotches in high-cut panties, all looking straight at the viewer as their owners are carried off by victorious and virile foes who will proceed to give these four crotches the most enjoyable servicing ever!

No more violence is forthcoming. At this point they have won and all Aika Gang members are in a sexy, horny mood. They aren’t going to abuse their defeated enemies. All the four lovely pantied pussies look very inviting and will be given the full attention they deserve.

The Aika Gang members pat down the Golden Delmo’s buns. They tug at the panties’ crotches. They trace all butt curves. They push down and explore the anal regions. They tease the anuses, then head for pussies. If our artists have been doing a good job, all Delmo labia should be showing up on either side of their panties to begin with. Two lovely little curves that are promptly pushed aside like curtains for the goodies they contain. Vulvas are gently rubbed and caressed in all ways, sometimes by slipping hands past the panties, sometimes by caressing through the fabric of the panties. The vulvas are opened, fingers slipped inside to poke and prod and explore the pussies for g-spots. (The Delmos may moan in semi-consciousness when the stimulation is done right. Each woman is different, so the Golden Delmos have to be stimulated differently.) Clits are fingered and stroked and caressed and rubbed.

Gusto, Gozo and Aika are all highly sexually experienced, and their skills win the day. All Delmos gradually recover consciousness, and are immediately bombarded with incredible sexual feelings. They know they are in their enemies’ hands and subject to their power, so this is really quite nonconsensual. But they also feel really good, something they have not felt before from Hagen, so it is terribly exciting and they all want the feelings to continue. At the same time they are aware that their most private and sensitive regions are in the full control of their foes. If they struggled, a quick, sharp pinch of clit or vulva would instantly transmit so much pain that they would lose consciousness – and probably the sexual violation would continue anyway. So none of the Delmos resist.

Back in the Salvager Base, the Aika Gang members bring the Golden Delmos into their dungeon. There are four walls and restraints located overhead, one on each wall. All four Golden Delmos are put down in a standing position and their hands restrained overhead. So they face each other. Although the Delmos could fight when put down, resistance is minimal – just a bit of protestations and half-hearted pleading from Bianca and Rie. Sanya is fully cooperative, and Toniya is shyly inhibited because she is not used to being sexually taken in such a forward, strong manner.

Gozo may slap Bianca lightly. It’s more like a pat on her cheek, but it comes from a hand that is easily bigger than Bianca’s entire face. It tells Bianca that Gozo is powerful, he’s in charge, so don’t protest. Bianca falls silent. She knows that further resistance could easily turn this into a hurtfest. Rie is slapped lightly on her butt instead. Gusto’s hand is bigger than either of her tiny butt cheeks, so it send the message that Gusto is in control. Rie can choose to cooperate and get sexual pleasure, or continue protesting and get spanked and whipped till she’s so sore she can’t sit down. Rie chooses not to protest anymore.

When the Delmos are put down their skirts fall back down, but the Aika Gang members lift the skirts up again all the way to their necks, then secure the skirts in place with the aid of dog collars placed around each Golden Delmo’s neck! So the bras and breasts are also visible in their full glory! (Probably Sanya has the biggest breasts, followed by Bianca. Toniya’s breasts are larger than Rie even though Rie’s tits are still pretty nice and round and succulent. Mmmmm. The Delmos can’t resist looking at each other’s sexy bodies, even though they still feel so sexually humiliated at this nonconsensual situation.)

Now the Aika gang gets more aggressive with their sexual stimulation. Fingers penetrate more aggressively, multiple fingers go in. Sanya gets a small dildo in her butt as well. The Aika gang might even attach a machine to auto-fuck Sanya’s butt with that dildo. Bianca gets beads shoved inside her anus, and everyone plays with pulling and pushing on the beads until Bianca’s face is as red as her hair. The two smaller girls, Toniya and Rie, are just digitally penetrated at this stage because they are very tight and need more time to relax. Most of the entertainment for Toniya and Rie comes from external stimulation of their clitoral area, with a maximum of two fingers in their pussies at any time. Two of Gozo’s fingers are already bigger than some men’s dicks, so Toniya and Rie both feel very full.

The Golden Delmos turn red faced, and soon start cumming, one after another. They squirt and totally wet their own panties with juices. It is totally lovely to see all 4 crotches showing through the tight, wet fabric as the owners of said crotches writhe and jerk and twitch within their restraints. Now panties are removed and used to wipe dry all four girls’ crotches and thighs. The panties are rolled up – and used to gag different girls. In other words each Golden Delmo’s cunt juice soaked panties are put into another Golden Delmo’s mouth to savor!

All the Golden Delmos are so humiliated. But they are also sexually very excited. Psychologically they are confused. They can’t really resist. The Aika gang members also pay their breasts plenty of good sexual attention – groping, fondling, caressing, and occasionally smacking and pinching and twisting. Since the Golden Delmos are all wearing various iterations of sexy bras (eg thin lace bras), it is easy to stimulate their breasts. Soon every girl has two very erect nipples showing through their bras, and their clitoral erections are also visible because they are so aroused!

The Aika gang members ‘torture’ the Golden Delmos with sexual attention until each Golden Delmo has orgasmed many times and is exhausted and dehydrated. When they are released from the restraints, the Golden Delmos have lost all will to fight. Just for fun, Aika gets the Golden Delmos to suck dick and replenish fluids at the same time – by making them drink from squirting Dildos! By this point the girls have lost all sense of self respect, so they submit to anything Aika orders them to. There is no way they can fight someone who just made them cum ten times in a row!

Torturing Toniya with chili oil

I love Toniya, but it doesn’t stop me from having my fantasy about torturing her. It isn’t sadistic though, it is more like punishment for her after she assassinates someone. (Or maybe we don’t want anyone killed, so Aika stops Toniya from assassinating anyone, then takes Toniya back to the Salvager base for some severe punishment.)

Sadism, would be cruel stuff like deliberately rubbing chili oil into Toniya’s eyes. That’s really mean and too much. Aika can be rough and merciless, but she isn’t a sadist. (One telling moment, could be when Aika waves her hand in Toniya’s face so that Toniya can smell the chili oil. She accidentally brushes near Toniya’s eye, and a bit of chili oil comes into contact. Toniya screams and starts crying because it hurts so bad. Aika quickly gets towels and eye drops and a facial wash and gently cleans Toniya’s eye. Toniya is still crying, but her sobs die down and after a while she relaxes and Aika dabs the tears from Toniya’s face. This shows that while Aika can be incredibly rough when playing bad cop, she can be quite tender and gentle when playing good cop.)

Punishment is still coming of course. Toniya is gonna get raped using dildos lubricated with chili oil. It hurts Toniya a lot, but is also sexually exciting (overstimulating is more like it, admittedly). Aika is ‘seducing’ Toniya in a way; training Toniya to be submissive to her.

Jerk that I am, I would like to have Toniya finally break down and start crying and pleading for mercy. As brave and determined as she is, she is still a girl and her sensitive parts can’t take too much punishment for so long. At first the Aika gang ignores her, and Toniya’s punishment continues for a while, until the expression on Toniya’s face says she has no hope left. Aika stops and lets Toniya clean herself up (which in this case means douching her vagina and anus with soap to get rid of the chili oil, and of course us perverts are going to get plenty of good viewing in the hentai). After that Aika is nice enough to even rub down Toniya’s holes with a dildo lubricated with aloe vera jelly to relieve the pain and inflammation. This bad-cop good-cop routine really causes Toniya to collapse emotionally and surrender without reservation. All defiance is gone from her eyes, and she is ready to do whatever the Aika gang demands.

Of course we want surrender, because it is an excuse to get even more depraved. The Aika gang members can continue raping and pissing and degrading Toniya after that, even if the chili oil torture is stopped. By this point Toniya has stopped caring about her self respect and she doesn’t put up a fight anymore. When the Aika gang is done, they get a bunch of neighbourhood dogs to complete raping Toniya. Toniya doesn’t even put on an angry expression anymore – she has genuinely surrendered. After all the dogs have cum inside Toniya, she is made to squat over a dog dish and later licks the sperm drippings from the dog dish for lunch.

Scene finishes with Toniya being leashed naked to a park lamppost at night. The exhausted and totally dominated girl then lies down on the grass to sleep. She is so dominated that although she can undo the leash and run away at night, she does not dare to. As another ‘good cop bad cop’ ending, Toniya is cold and curls into a ball shivering, and after a while Michikusa comes along with a futon for Toniya to crawl inside gratefully. The dominance that Aika has established is so absolute that Toniya never thinks of running away even when she was freezing.

Delmo Sex Show

In Hagenland the Delmos are expected to entertain whatever male politician and business tycoon that Hagen wants to form an alliance with. So don’t be surprised to see scenes where Delmos are paraded in front of nasty men, some are chosen to be fucktoys for the night...


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Jul 25, 2017
Agent Aika Uniform Fantasies, Mass Fights, Delmo Hunts and Toniya tale

Sexy Schoolgirls War

I have always had fantasies somewhat like that of various guro artists who like to draw schoolgirls killing and beating each other and all the sexy, panty showing poses that follow after that. But I just don’t like guro. I don’t want the schoolgirls getting killed or crippled, just roughed up and humiliated in sexy positions. There are so many potential fantasy scenes showing panties of women in different clothing – cheerleaders, school uniforms, teachers, nurses, race queens, policewomen... the Agent Aika hentai can really be expanded to 5000 episodes if we were really to explore a broader range of sexy clothing fantasy.

Now that I’m starting to have my 500 episode dream hentai in mind, let me expand on a subtopic or subfantasy: the Delmos have invaded some aspect of civilian life (be it a hospital, a school, a race track, an office, or whatever where women wear nice sexy clothing in Japanese fantasy). They are surreptiously tracking and monitoring and hoping to ambush the members of the Aika gang.

So we have Rion and Michikusa in their high school, and Maypia who has been assigned as a transfer student undercover because of the tip that Delmos are present. We have Gozo visting government departments and the insurance company and the accountant, so of course Office Ladies are around. Then there is Gusto visiting the doctor, or watching a sporting event, and there are nurses and cheerleaders around. Aika might take part in a race, so there will be race queens present.

Of course the Delmos are around; they are in school uniform and teacher’s uniform and cheerleading uniform and buruma (physical ed uniforms). And they’re everywhere – they pop up in school, on school trips, or even in alleys across town because some of them are actually posing as girl gangs from rival schools, or athletic teams from other schools. On orders of Hagen they have ingratiated themselves into hospitals, sporting events, just about any place where the Aika Gang likes to frequent. (Another aspect of the overly complicated plot style of doing things that James Bond villains such as Hagen like so much.)

Yay, let the fantasizing begin again!

Lots of lovely sexy fights in school; as usual Delmos get pounded senseless and violated and humiliated. And I can get even more violent here. Aika isn’t the type to deliberately inflict pain on a Delmo, or who would pile on the hurt to a Delmo once she has been KO. But Rion is much more mean and vicious, and Maypia has no qualms about her opponents. Michikusa likewise has no sense of ethics and principles, so he will do as he pleases to the defeated.

This will be a much more realistic and sexier version of Ikkitousen. In Ikkitousen there aren’t that many zako, usually it is a case of strong character vs strong character. The panties you’re seeing belong to the same characters in scene after scene. (It is usually the same quadruplet Hakufu, Ryomou, Ryofu and Kanu, and I really do tire of seeing the same girls’ panties all the time). In my Aika hentai, there will be an endless supply of different looking sexy schoolgirls to beat down and strip or knock into a revealing position, all with their own different panties. There will be a real power difference, where one party is being knocked about without the ability to retaliate, and humiliating bodypiles unlike Ikkitousen’s one-on-one duels between equals.

So now we can all revel in my fantasy of schoolgirls getting beaten mercilessly and thrown on bodypiles and rearranged into humiliating positions and what not. It is high time that this category, which has been dominated by the guro guys so far, be softened a bit. I don’t agree with the artists on sexyamazons and pixiv such as Maltsan who draw mass pictures of schoolgirls massacred and beheaded and blood everywhere. I prefer a standard Agent Aika scene of girls in all kinds of contorted and sexy positions after a battle, knocked senseless or stunned but otherwise very much alive and more humiliated than injured. Except that these are now in school uniforms, or cheerleading uniforms, or office lady outfits, or nurse outfits – whatever that looks good and offers us a respite from the Delmo uniforms.

So yeah! I hope this post inspires some fellow perverts into doing some drawing. Let’s have some sexy schoolgirl scenes where schoolgirls are lying KO everywhere, everyone is showing panties, and there is not a single drop of blood or head positioned unnaturally (ie broken neck) to be seen!

Delmo Mass fights.

I’m inspired by pictures like the mass fight scenes created by Shenlin12321, jgreat and TheRog on

I have in mind some mass fight scenes between all 6 members of the Aika gang and a roomfull or compoundfull of Delmos. Or even, the Aika gang has brought in UN ‘peacekeepers’ (who are often accused of rape and sex abuse in the war zones that they patrol) to take out the Delmos. So there is a big mass fight, and as you know, the Delmos lose obligatorily. Bodies are draped in all kinds of uncomfortable and embarassing positions. After which the same mass orgy (or mass rape) takes place!

I imagine lots of violent, nasty, unpolitically correct sex taking place.

Scene X

Delmos are all rendered unconscious or at least incapacitated by tasering. Then they are laid out in a row. Now Gusto, Gozo and Aika go around penetrating each Delmo, entertaining themselves.

Scene XY

Delmos are all forced to kneel in a row. Some of the most feisty ones, especially the Golden Delmos, are also put in restraints. Now they are forced to suck an endless procession of nasty UN peacekeeper cocks. These guys are filthy soldiers from crappy third world (usually African) countries. But hey, they have big black cocks and are all very horny. So there is a lot of sperm for the Delmos to swallow. By the end of the day every Delmo’s mouth is too sore to talk, and she will have swallowed at least 30 cumloads with another 20 loads blasted on her face and body.

Hunting and preying on Delmos

I find it very exciting to follow a hentai from a hunter-predator’s point of view. It allows all the dark fantasies that we can’t find in mainstream porn (and don’t really want mainstreamized either, for the social consequences that will follow.)

Imagine Gusto and Gozo as much more horny, much less inhibited men. They may stage rape raids into Hagenland, since Hagenland exists in a legal vacuum and they won’t be prosecuted for any bad things they do in Hagenland. (I don’t like Guro, but certainly a hentai made in this environment can included killing of the prey.) I personally prefer to just have the Delmos sexualized.

Gusto and Gozo may be sitting together in some bush, watching their enemies through binoculars. Or they may have broken up and are now watching the Delmos through the scope sights of their rifles loaded with tranquilizer darts. In either case, we watch the women move through the scope sights, thrillingly. Gusto might lick his lips, Gozo might make a sneering face, and after showing the Delmo as a whole person (especially the face for individual identification), the scope will continue tracing the Delmo’s torso, breasts or just her crotch area.

You know what these two men really want from the Delmos...

Gusto and Gozo may make nasty comments objectifying the women. Maybe that blonde Blue Delmo with wavy hair isn’t his type today, but he prefers that Blue Delmo with long red hair tied up in 2 buns. Or maybe short black hair on a Pink Delmo uniform is what he wants. In any case it keeps the mood hot and horny.

Eventually they take out their prey. Whether at a distance, or close up pouncing out of the shadows, out of the bushes, from behind some furniture, from air vents above, whatever. The selected Delmo is quickly immobilized or defeated in some sexy struggle, and either spirited offbase to be raped elsewhere, or taken to some quiet room (they always have these in Hagenland) for the sexual assault.

Well, not just Gusto and Gozo. Not always just sex. Hell, the Aika gang is all involved when they look to take out Delmos for trophies and bounties. Each Aika gang member takes up a part in Hagenpolis, the capital of Hagenland. They shoot the Delmos with tasers and stun guns, then drag or carry the bodies to some nice secluded locations for further ‘processing’.

Obligatory body piles, body displays, followed by taking of panties as trophies. The person with the most panties at the end wins a prize!

Don’t imagine that the most powerful Aika gang members are guaranteed a win. Gusto and Gozo and Aika all pile up the bodies fast, but they are also very horny and simply must have sex with the unresisting Delmos. In contrast Maypia is technical and cold in her stalking of her prey, while Rion and Michikusa cheat by helping each other. (Two of them are needed to transport each KO Delmo.)

BTW this is a fully sustainable game, since no Delmo has been killed or maimed. Just humiliated. It is awesome to see them treated like pieces of meat, when in actuality many Delmos are conscious just stunned and paralyzed by the tasers. So they know they are being lined up and are getting photos of their asses taken, for instance. It makes the humiliation more personal and hotter.

Toniya Tales

My favorite Delmo is Toniya, so more on her.

I have this really nice picture drawn by someone in Pixiv. Toniya is topless, her hands (handcuffed in my fantasy) behind her back. Her nipples are erect and she is wearing high heels and a pair of thin cotton panties that are cut high on the hip.

After capture by Aika in Episode 7, Aika decides to punish Toniya by stripping her and parading her around town nearly naked. To add to the punishment, Toniya’s nipples are smeared with chili oil, causing them to burn. A small vibrator is pushed deep into her vagina and turned on. Toniya also gets a small dildo pushed into her butt.

Toniya is marched around for a couple of hours. It is not just very humiliating for a proud little girl, it is also painful because of the chili oil burning her nipples. Toniya is also being forcibly stimulated by that vibrator in her cunt and the dildo in her ass that she feels all the time when walking.

While not quite violent or abusive, Toniya’s punishment really feels like punishment. The mix of pain in breasts and nipples, stimulation of bottom holes, and psychological humiliation of being marched around naked all combine to overwhelm Toniya psychologically. Her face turns red and she starts to hyperventilate. When she faints, Aika catches her before she completely collapses on the ground.

After this, Toniya is more or less ‘broken in’. She loses the will to resist. This is very important, because if Aika is going to sleep with Toniya beside as her sex toy or teddy bear sex pet, Aika needs to be sure that Toniya will not try to strangle her in her sleep.

Aika slaps Toniya back to consciousness in the back of Aika’s car. This is not a rough beating – the slaps are only just forceful enough to jolt Toniya awake. It is clear from Toniya’s eyes that she no longer wishes to defy Aika’s will. Aika now lets Toniya clean the chili oil off her nipples and apply a soothing balm. Toniya is allowed to remove the dildo and vibrator from her body. She is still not allowed to wear clothes apart from her high heels and a collar and leash that Aika attaches to Toniya. Now Aika drives Toniya back in her new status as Aika Sumeragi’s submissive pet. Toniya must bury her face in Aika’s crotch and use her tongue to maximum effect.

Toniya is allowed a bath, douche and enema. Now fully cleaned up, Aika proceeds to have lesbian sex with a fully cooperative and submissive Toniya. After a hot and horny two hours, Toniya falls asleep, utterly exhausted. Aika goes to sleep with Toniya in her arms like a big teddy bear.

And this, is what I’d like Toniya’s fate to be. As long as she recognizes who is in charge and is appropriately submissive, Toniya should not be treated too poorly. She is too gorgeous and cute to abuse and hit! I would rather caress and fondle and love her. Of course, since Toniya lives in Toonland, I can’t do it. I’ll have to get another Toon character to give Toniya the loving she deserves! (Does anyone recognize my references?)

When Gusto comes over for sex, he should have full reign over Toniya as well. Toniya is now Aika and Gusto’s sub, and does not resist anything they do to her, no matter how degrading. EG when Gusto fills Toniya with his sperm after a rough anal pounding, he orders Toniya to expel the sperm from her butt into a dog dish and lick it clean. Toniya winces for a second because it is so disgusting, but she complies without protesting. Now this is one well-trained, submissive Delmo bitch now appropriately disciplined by Aika! (BTW the Aika Gang perpetually uses demeaning terms to refer to Delmos. EG that bitch, that cunt, that short haired pussy, pigtail blondie, and so on. They never call her by name.)

Human High-light Film has several pretty hot doujinshi, but one recurring theme I disagree with. His female characters basically all get raped until they turn into mindlessly horny sluts. I’m not sure this is realistic, and even if it does happen I would not like female protagonists that I like so completely brainwashed after emotional trauma. I would rather have Toniya trained to act submissive and recognize Aika’s power over her, but Toniya should still keep a bit of human dignity. Aika doesn’t try to destroy it. She deliberately humiliates Toniya for fun and punishment, but she likes it when Toniya does a double take/ pauses between degradations. This shows that the old Toniya is still present, if very much suppressed thanks to her defeat at Aika’s hands. EG Toniya makes a face when ordered to get on all fours and allow a dog to mount her. She will also pause and look at Aika again, when ordered to put an enema tube in her anus and suck out the sperm that was just deposited in her butt. Toniya submits because she knows she can’t beat Aika, not because she has totally lost her self respect. And Aika likes and savors this, because it’s more fun exercising power over someone who is conscious of that power.

I have always believed that Gusto has a soft spot for Toniya. Witness Gusto, in all episodes of Agent Aika, basically hitting and bashing Delmos without hesitation or mercy. Gusto has no qualms about hurting Delmos. But when it comes to his fight with Toniya in Episode 7, Gusto was just blocking, tripping and grabbing. He never tried to hit her once. It was a soft Gusto that we normally never see.


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Jul 25, 2017
Pancakes, tasers, tofu construction and more.


Defeated Delmos are stacked on top of each other, usually in 69 positions or at least face to another Delmo's pussy or butt.

OR Another equally tasty variant: three Delmos stacked on each other, facing the same direction, butt up. So you have three really deliciously curved sets of buns on top of each other. The skirts should be hiked up so all panties are fully visible and each girl’s pantied bottom is clearly in close contact with another girl’s. Nice and intimate!

Gusto pours lubricant on the defeated girls’ butts. It can be machine oil or kitchen oil, doesn’t matter. All that golden yellow lube or oil, dripping down the girls’ fair skinned rounded butts and their white panties... The extent of humiliation is more exciting. Michikusa may pour syrup on their faces and heads on the other hand, and Michikusa will demonstrate his usual pervyness by licking the girls’ ears, their soiled and stickified hair, etc. He makes the girls suck his dick, or just wipes it on their faces (or fucks their unconscious mouths, depending on the scenario). Gusto, Gozo and Aika (with strap on or baton) rape the Delmos’ bottom holes.

The fucking is done Sineplex style, which is a reference to a porn studio that made a name for itself featuring disgusting sex where the man transfers his tool from orifice to orifice without first cleaning it. Since the girls are lying face down, the first hole counting from top down is an anus, followed by a vagina on the same girl. Then ass, then pussy of the next girl. Gusto essentially goes ass to pussy on every girl as he works his way down. No girl can resist this degradation; they have been beaten too sore to resist (and are maybe crying softly now, or at least just enduring the humiliation because they don’t dare to fight anymore).

After the Aika gang has had its fun, the Delmos are creampied (and sometimes the creampie is a real creampie taken from a nearby kitchen, or some other food item such as egg white, since the Aika gang only has 3 males and the 3 females will be using strap ons against the Delmos). Then they are peed on. Until the stack of Delmos is a mess of vagina secretions, lubricants, sperm, cream, piss, etc. It would also be funny to see three Aika gang members pumping cream into 3 Delmo anuses, then stepping by and watching in fun as the cream begins to seep (or pour, or fountain, or even shoot) out of the Delmos’ assholes.

There could even be crude references to Neapolitian flavour – because the cream pumped into each defeated Delmo butt is a different flavour/ colour for each different girl. So what emerges later from the butts, like soft serve ice cream, are brown chocolate, pink strawberry, and white vanilla!

It would be most fun if the Delmos were all conscious throughout, but did not dare move due to fears of being beaten further, so they had to endure all that degradation helplessly. A more probable variant, is that the Delmos are semi-paralyzed either because of their severe beating earlier, or by tasers.

More on Hagenland Infrastructure

If you have read my previous posts before, I basically think that Hagenland is constructed fast and on the cheap. Instead of spending billions and decades on constructing all that infrastructure, Hagen just wants to spend millions and months. That means entire buildings were set up without heavy machinery, maybe just cardboard nailed together with twist ties and stapler guns, pumped up foam blocks, inflatable pillars and bouncy-castle like designs, styrofoam moved into place by Delmos by hand, ikea style, instead of renting heavy machinery and paying crane operators. No expensive and time consuming laying of foundations, no lengthy efforts to place metal beams and structural reinforcements.

Hagenland doesn’t have glass windows. These are very dangerous if broken, so bashing a real human’s head through a glass window could lead to deadly lacerations. But of course, plate glass IS expensive. Why would Hagen want to spend money on glass when he needs billions for his spacecraft? So they use a cheap sugar-based alternative. The kind of fake glass used in movies, so that you can bash a stunt actor through a glass window without risking these deadly injuries.

So let me stress and re-stress, the stuff in my Hagenland is sexy fun to watch, and it IS NOT guro. Lots of sexy drama without real deaths of these lovely Delmo models. Hagenland has already been made child-safe in my imagination, not out of any child friendly nature in that villain Hagen, but because Hagen was too stingy to begin with.

Railings for instance, are made of strong cardboard tubes with internal cross structural support. These can support Delmos’ weight when draped unconscious over them. But they are still not metal. An Aika gang member can beat a Delmo on the head with a railing tube. The Delmo can get a concussion, but she won’t get a split skull.

Anyone who has been a kid before, had access to art supplies, and fought many a battle with his brother using the cardboard tubes, should understand. Hagenland piping and railings are something like that. It’ll hurt to be whacked with a tube, but it isn’t going to break anyone’s bones.

In my Hentai, Delmos can be thrown through sugar windows a lot. Grabbed and pounded face first again styrofoam walls. Tossed off higher places to land 5, 10 meters below. They won’t die, ok? Instead of lining basement floors with custom-laid reinforced concrete or marble tiles, Hagen just elected to buy lots of gym mats and do a modular, slapdash job. Delmos can get knocked unconscious and knocked sore, but when they recover, I don’t even want to see a broken nose.

All the same, rough treatment is still painful. I’m sure you don’t want some strong person to grab you and repeatedly beat you face first against a thick styrofoam wall. Styrofoam is yielding, but actually quite difficult to break. By the time the wall breaks and you are rammed through it, you will be pretty dazed and disorientated. And that’s what I have in mind. Gusto is gonna do that a lot to these sexy Delmos. They won’t be able to fight after being bashed through a styrofoam wall, but they’ll still be conscious and not feeling too good rather than permanently injured. Their arms are pinned by their sides by the hole in the wall. Their butts will be sexily exposed on the other end where Gusto is standing, and Gusto will be fully ready to take advantage of that situation. The Delmo will be aware if not able to resist, so her facial expressions will be fun to watch. It’ll take quite some strength to pull herself through the wall, so after Gusto is done and walks off whistling while zipping up his pants, later other Delmos will have to come and help their comrade escape from her styrofoam trap. That’s fun to watch too, with all these sexy boobs and butts moving as Delmos push and heave.

If Gusto and Gozo have done their homework, the walled-Delmo will have been fucked on both ends, so her face and hair are coated with spunk, and her butt is also cum covered. This means that the easiest parts of the body to push on – the head and the butt – are both filthy. Whether you try to get a Delmo free of a styrofoam wall by pushing her back, or pushing her through, Other Delmos would be making disgusted faces as they try to get their comrades out through the wall that Gusto has hammered them through!

I just love to think of all Hagenland as a semi-cartoonish, yet sufficiently seriously constructed place. Much like Hagen is a laughable villain with extreme outsize plots, yet is dangerous enough to pose a threat to the world. His Hagenland isn’t Care Bear Land. It’s more like an assembly of all the cheap tofu construction techniques present in the world, and it is both funny and not-so-funny.

A Taiwanese apartment block called Wei-Kuan collapsed in 2016, and it turned out the weight bearing pillars were filled with empty metal drink cans and styrofoam instead of concrete reinforced with metal rods. Both funny and not-so-funny. So yes, my semi-hilarious description of his buildings isn’t just to ensure that Delmos survive being beaten mercilessly against floors and walls and doors. It’s also a reflection of the kind of scum that Hagen is.

In my hentai, Hagenland’s buildings are definitely going to collapse a lot. Some are of course the doing of Aika’s gang, eg sabotage. Some are from accidents, and some are in the course of a big fight. Even though cardboard falling on your head isn’t likely to kill you, having a huge piece of cardboard roofing fall on you from 50 feet up, is going to be rough. Styrofoam isn’t dense, but when it is a pillar 100 feet high falling on some Delmos, it does have substantial weight. The poor girls are still likely to get trapped underneath and require assistance to get free. I can even see in my imagination, Shivie Aika doing a few casual-power things such as grabbing a 100 foot pillar with one hand and lifting it off some trapped Delmos. (The defeated, winded Delmos will then be draped over the pillar and raped, of course, and left there in an exposed, humiliating position. My Aika Hentai characters don’t do nice things without getting something in return!)

Delmos thrown

I love to think of Delmos being tossed about casually. It’s very sexy, and it emphasises their ‘meat’ nature.

In the anime, there was plenty of Delmo throwing by all powerful parties involved – Nina Hagen, Shivie Aika, etc. The tentacle fight with the Blue Delmos on the deck was too fast so you rarely got a good view of crotches, but still quite sexy because of the entire power-thing.

Casual Clubbing

In real life, if you hit another person with all your might, that person might really die. That is the thing behind the ‘one punch’ murders. Many of these don’t just lead to cool, cartoonish KO. They actually lead to death!

Shivie Aika is very strong, so really, any real blow from her spells death for any of these lovely, fragile Delmos who were ex models from the modelling circuits!

Of course I don’t want Aika to go all out. In fact it would be much more fun if Shivie Aika used like 5% of her full strength, and Gusto/Gozo used 10% of their full strength. That is really all that is needed to send a Delmo flying. Pulling their punches also means that they can move in a casual manner, or artistically mocking manner, that demonstrates total domination and superiority on the battlefield.

Really like those scenes where they casually hit, and Delmos fly.

The movies may make it seem as though a hero can just make a backwards jerk of her arm, and punch an enemy senseless. Such as how The Supreme Being did it to the Mangalores twice in the movie The Fifth Element. In reality, it isn’t easy to cause much injury to a person hitting like that. Because most people’s muscles are not built to be capable of hitting backwards very hard.

Similarly, you can’t do a lot of damage by doing a backwards kick. You don’t normally exercise these muscles enough.

But of course, the Aika gang is different from us. So any casual backwards striking movement by an Aika Gang member, can send a Delmo flying.

And of course, we want to see Delmos fly, because that is the best time when skirts go up and crotches are presented horizontally for our viewing pleasure!

Casual Supremacy and its Outcome

Bianca can be going all out, all desperate to score a KO, and Aika just swats her around, spanks her, humiliates her, etc. It is not just the male Aika Gang members who want to touch. Aika and the girls also get vicarious sexual pleasure from copping many feels on their outclassed enemies. Even worse for the poor Delmos, it can sometimes be very pleasurable to be touched. So it becomes very humiliating, because here they are, trying to win a fight, but their enemies don’t take them seriously, and even worse, all that touching is actually making the Delmos feel sexually excited!

One of my favorite Ikkitousen scenes is that of Kanu Uncho being attacked by some loser guy. She does a turn, and her skirt flies up. Camera slows down to give us a full 360 view of Kanu’s below-the-waist goodies. It is extremely pleasing.

Now imagine, Bianca in a fight that she just can’t win. She’s sweating buckets after a while. Her breasts are heaving, her butt is heaving. She looks more and more scared and desperate, so her eyes look very sexy. Her panties are damp, and you don’t know if it is sweat or her own horny juices, since Aika repeatedly touched her there during their fight. The panties are also getting more and more disarrayed, and Aika’s hand marks might be vaguely discerned. Thanks to nonstop high kicks, the crotch part of panties is now pushed aside a bit showing more labia than Bianca would want in a normal situation. The seat of her panties has also slipped into her butt crack as Bianca moves around.

Eventually there is only one fate left for Bianca. Exhausted, she can’t fight anymore. Now she’s pinned down with her legs wide apart. Gusto, Gozo or Aika raping her. While they brook no dissent, and rip Bianca’s clothes apart despite the pretty redhead begging for mercy, their assault is purely sexual and not misogynistic. Gusto and Gozo have big penises, so they pause to lube up before entry, and they go slow because it would really hurt Bianca if she was reamed too quickly. While they fuck her good and paw her breasts and squeeze her butt cheeks, they do not deliberately inflict extra pain for fun. (Bianca is still sore, you can’t expect to squeeze a foot long shlong into a girl her size without pain!)

Bianca is left utterly spent and creampied. It wasn’t nice being raped, but it was also an incredible sexual adventure, being basically taken by some very dominant men (or woman wearing a strap on) who are skilled with stimulating her and who make Hagen seem like an effete florist. Bianca’s not going to admit it, but the Aika gang are sexually experienced so they know. This sexy redhead came several times while they were raping her. Aika can choose to taser her defeated opponent unconscious, or simply handcuff her to some handy railing to prevent Bianca from staging a comeback to stop the Aika Gang’s current mission.

High Kicks

I love high kicks. These reveal Aika’s, Rion’s and Maypia’s panties. (As well as Michikusa’s panties, stolen from whichever Delmo he stripped earlier, which I don’t care to see, but I’m sure should appeal to someone who likes Yaoi?). Kicks on faces are very powerful, sexy and send these poor Delmos flying sexily. Lots of potential moves they can make while flying, too! And it is so erotic to see the power differential between our characters.

When two members of the Aika gang kick upwards, two Delmos fly backwards simultaneously and run into each other and collapse in a sexy heap, their bodies intimately twined together.


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Jul 25, 2017
here is a tale supplemented by one of my favorite internet artists, kahgan. (Also known as Imhotep on some websites.) I’m going to draw on his Empire series to illustrate some of my fantasies about Delmos. Please use your imagination...

Darkness falls at an isolated Delmo base...

Aika and gang have decided to attack and destroy the base. They intend to totally rape and humiliate all Delmos and leave the base in ruins with most Delmos buried inside in a state of disarray, while they will kidnap a select number of Delmos home for more ‘fun’ and ‘punishment’.

This isn’t Guro, because the Delmo base is built of cheap temporary materials like styrofoam and cardboard with a substantial amount of inflatable furniture. This also adds wicked humor, of course. It’ll still hurt to have lots of debri falling on the Delmos (imagine a cardboard sheet landing on your head from 50 feet up), but isn’t lethal at all.

Aika and Gang are now observing the base through binoculars.

Camera zooms in on each individual Blue Delmo sentry’s face so we know all Aika gang members have picked a different Delmo. There are six in all, two patrolling and one on each corner. Once the individual is established, camera now shamelessly caresses the Delmo’s body, running over nipples and butt and every inch of the body, including from below of course. (Suspend disbelief, I know that from their positions the Aika Gang members can’t actually look up the Delmo skirts.)

All Aika Gang members now sneak out of their hiding places and take out the six guards.

There is no mercy shown. Aika gang members aren’t actually murderers, so they are brutal but even their casual actions do not result in death. However, they are not afraid to put the hurt on their opponents.

And my, my, it is sexy hurt. Delmos are punched through (cheap plaster or cardboard or styrofoam) walls. They are whacked with their own weapons...

OK, now lets see what I can do with artwork done by kahgan from Deviantart/ Imhotep on

1-16: Gusto invades the base, and seduces a Delmo. She is actually taken by surprise, but hey, in hentai, rape victims can surrender willingly too!

But seriously, there hasn’t been enough sex in Agent Aika. Gusto is a lustful man. Give the Delmos some love too!


1-21: Gusto takes out a Delmo in the middle of sex.

I do not like Guro, so I prefer to have him taser her.


1-23: Kahgan’s original tale had the stormtrooper sprayed with a horrid poison that kills her slowly. In my hentai, there is lots of sex and humor and wicked violence but no death. I’d like to think that is Maypia, spraying a Delmo with pepper spray. It’s perfectly sexy for me to see those gorgeous enemy girls stumbling around, disoriented, tears in their eyes, etc.


1-25: Delmo is still choking on the pepper spray. Her entire body should be sexy-taut.


1-26: The fallen position is very sexy. I would want the camera to check out her breasts, then go to the front to look up her skirt. But of course, I don’t want blood, I want her to cry and drool though from the discomfort thanks to the pepper spray.

It is also sexy-fun to have the Aika gang members stand around mocking the Delmo. Delmo isn’t going to die or suffer permanent injury, but she is definitely incapacitated and humiliated sexily!


1-40: Agent Aika anime doesn’t have much firing from the Aika gang members. But I’ve invented (in my mind) a type of gun that fires slow projectiles, basically electrified gel that works like tasers. You can hurt your opponents and incapacitate them by shooting them. It would be sexy to see Maypia invade a Delmo changing room and shoot her opponents down and leave them lying in sexy poses.


1-62: Once you have firearms again in play, you can do sexy things like shoot Delmos and watch them writhe in agony. The gel isn’t like a penetrative lead bullet that leads to severe injuries, but it will spread out a bit (looking like bloodstains), and it will sting damn bad, and the Delmos will be writhing because of the electrical charge.


1-73: Agent Aika had many poses, but never one like this. But I find it very sexy to see Delmos being thrown about, or thrown forward with breasts thrust forward, to land on their friends or take a hard landing against a railing or wall. Next panel, I’d like to see this Delmo fall crotch-to-face on a fallen comrade or something equally fun.


1-84: Look at this sexy writhing. Can you imagine hitting a Delmo at short range with one of these gel-guns? She won’t die or require ICU, but several blasts of electrified gel will make her make all these sexy moves and expressions on her face, and she’ll probably pee herself as well.


1-88: This is a very traditional Aika’s POV picture. What’s so fun? Four Defeated Delmos, and all with crotches facing us viewers. Camera should always zoom in for each individual Delmo, inspecting her fallen pussy. The anime didn’t do that, but just wait, the next time there is a $500m Powerball, I’m gonna buy tickets again, and if I win, we all win! (IE anyone reading this will get to watch my Agent Aika Hentai one day!)


1-92: Strangely, in Agent Aika there is hardly any tripping and ambushing done. The anime was a bit too unrealistic – too much brute force by the Aika gang, and not enough subtle cunning. But I’m sure it is sexy to trip up Delmos and watch how they fall!


1-95: If we accept the use of gel stunguns, it will become ok again to shoot your opponent in the head. It is not cool when there is a bullet, but if you splat your Delmo opponent’s face with some nasty sticky electrified gel that resembles slime/sperm in texture and consistency, it’s pretty fun.


1-96: I’d like to see this scene where Maypia casually walks away after shooting her opponents. They’re in pain and discomfort thanks to the gel. Won’t be guro, but sexy to watch. After writhing for a while they should lose consciousness of course.


1-97: With modern 3D modelling, you can easily see your characters from different angles without having to redraw everything laboriously. This means it becomes much easier when you draw Delmos, and want to give your viewers the correct crotch views from behind/below after showing them the fight scenes from the front (such as 1-95, 1-96 initially.)



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Jul 25, 2017
More of my own take on Kahgan's wonderful work...

1-105: More sexy shooting. I don’t enjoy this panel as much I could have if there was no death. Remember, these are cute sexy girls. The Gusto in this panel needs to take them down and give them some good Gusto loving, not shoot them dead!


1-115: I really like this, but regretably the Agent Aika series was all about hitting and beating and not about holding and controlling and groping.


Gusto should not be punching so much like in the anime. He should be picking up his foes. See his left hand pawing her butt? Good! And while you’re at it Gusto, don’t hesitate to fondle, probe, penetrate, etc! This is one of the panels I liked the most from Kahgan. There is no guro here, just straight up sexual harassment of an opponent.

1-116: I find this extremely sexy too, but not that keen to put it in my dream hentai. I want to see the Delmos with back arched and in pain maybe from a crotch kick or tasering, but I don’t want them to get broken backs!


1-117: It is sexy to attack someone’s throat. This kind of backwards elbowing is almost certainly not lethal, but it can incapacitate. Which is exactly what we want in my non-guro Hentai series.

I’d like to think of Gusto demonstrating his sheer power by just casually taking down Delmos with backwards hits, casual elbowing, etc.


1-118: Not enough kicking in the Agent Aika anime. But kicking can also be sexy. Imagine if that was a Delmo – her skirt would certainly fly up by being kicked like this!


1-119: Another very intense, erotically sexy picture. I really like to see Gusto demonstrate his total masculinity by grabbing a Delmo by her head/ hair. His other hand should be molesting her of course. And all this is just before he does what he intended originally...


1-120: Which is to ram the Delmo face first against a wall! (I prefer styrofoam, as mentioned in my tale about Hagenland being full of Tofu Construction!)


1-121: More sexiness. Here’s a gratituous kick to the head. It’s guaranteed to send the Delmo into dreamland. It demonstrates disrespect and Gusto’s aggression, yet in the context of my styrofoam wall, it’s mean to knock the Delmo unconscious without breaking her head.


(Delmo should collapse unconscious in a sexy, ass up heads down position.)

1-123: I like this kind of pose by an Aika gang member. Victorious, dominant, as a Delmo gasps for air or struggles to regain her balance or stumbles around, blinded or stunned temporarily. The Aika anime did not pay cleavages enough attention, but we really could do with a lot more downblouse views.


1-124: Yup, Gusto’s doing his correct Gusto thing. Beat the rest of the Delmos senseless, keep his favorite Delmo around for raping. Now this cute redhead is going to get some serious sexual attention. In my hentai, I’m definitely going to have Gusto do such scenes – strip a Delmo in front of her beaten-senseless colleagues.


1-128: It was very sexy to see this fight, but killing such a lovely girl just rubs nastily against my grain. Gusto could have replaced a knife with his fist, and she’ll still go down. He needs to punch at very close range, without taking a powerful swing and putting his weight into the punch. Otherwise a Delmo could be seriously hurt.


1-130: Very nice scene, except for the unsexy knife. Imagine a terrified Delmo next to the unconscious and raped body of another Delmo. Redhead knows what Gusto wants to do to her – rape her anally...


1-131: Would prefer that this be a beating or stunning with a taser baton, rather than a stab in the back. Same sexy expressions on her face.


1-132: Gusto throws his victim to the ground in pain after he’s done fucking her.


1-133: It is an art form to throw bodies. Agent Aika anime didn’t do that well enough and often enough. I’ve long said I want to see more bodypiles. In my hentai, it would happen a lot. Delmos thrown on other Delmos – and here, it is face to pussy which is so perfect for humiliation plus sexy abuse.


1-134: Too bad Aika anime never had a scene like this. (Replace the knife in her back with a baton-taser up her ass.)


1-135: Never forget, always let the camera zoom to different places. We do want to look up her skirt, right? (If that was a miniskirted Delmo, that’s what we would be doing!)

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Jul 25, 2017
Sexy Aika tale told using Kahgan pictures part3

2-008: Here’s a sexy parade. Sometimes defeated Delmos are not grabbed and thrown into a bodypile. They are first lined up and inspected. It’s humiliating all the same.


2-024: Gusto never strangles his opponents. It is too close to guro for mainstream anime. But in hentai, it’s sexy to see Gusto choke the life out of a sexy Delmo as she flails and kicks. (Gusto is skilled enough to stop when he sees her passing out. He just wants her unconscious, not dead.)


2-025: Gusto inspects an unconscious or stunned Delmo, her body spread open and unresisting. This could be the result of a taser attack as well.


2-026: I love that sexy flinching. But please, let this be a taser. It has advantages as well. Apart from not being guro, using a taser means you have electrical charges stimulating the body of a Delmo, allowing her to make a sustained series of sexy writhing movements that can’t be replicated by a one-second bullet impact.


2-027: When Gusto chokes a Delmo, he always molests her also. That way as the Delmo loses consciousness in terror (she doesn’t know Gusto doesn’t plan to kill her), she knows she is being humiliated and sexually exploited.


2-028: See that Delmo at the bottom right? Imagine if after a battle, Gozo walks off dragging a Delmo with him to rape. He pulles her by the bottom of her clothes, so they are pulled up to expose breasts and panties...


2-035: Sexy neck kick. The height of this kick should also reveal Aika or Maypia’s panties...


2-039: I like to think that the girl on the stairs was put there so that she could be raped. An unwanted Delmo is just dumped on the floor.


2-042: I really love to see how the Delmos were put in that position. Their sexy throes of agony as they are blasted with that taser gel thing... (or could just be standard fighting and be beaten into submission.)


2-045: This would look very sexy if not for the guro spray of blood... I loved the head kick of Bianca in Episode 7...


2-049: Aftermath of a battle, Delmos sprawled out as Aika gang members survey their handiwork proudly. The anime was so fast paced that Aika gang members had no time to enjoy strutting around looking at their opponents.


SD2: Aika ambushing a sexy Delmo with her legs – choke her senseless.


SD3: Aika strips the Delmo of uniform. In the anime there was just not enough stripping, but of course it should be done whenever possible, even if Aika is really recognizable enough that her stolen uniform would be minimally useful camouflage.


The empire: This picture shows our heroine enjoying herself as she surveys a bodypile. Agent Aika anime simply didn’t do that enough. Aika should be featured building and sitting on bodypiles in triumph!



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Jul 25, 2017
Here’s some more sexy storytelling using someone’s pictures. These came from some Chinese guy whose name I’m not sure, but that guy is from Pixiv so I hope someone who recognizes his work will be able to give the correct info.

Imagine Gusto has been captured during a foray in Hagenland. Actually, he just surrendered for fun – he knows he’s going to get away anyway. Or maybe he was captured while raping a Delmo. Anyway, he ends up in prison.

Being idiots, the Delmo guards don’t practice proper caution. One guard is inside the cell with Gusto (she brought him food) and there is no one watching or protecting her. Also, the cell has a partition where the toilet is. It is meant to be such that Gusto can pee without Delmos seeing...

1. Gusto prepares to attack the Delmo. She is scared.
2. Merciless punch.
3. Delmo’s weapon is confiscated.
4. Delmo stumbles, dazed from the brutality.
5. Tasered in her pussy.
6-7. In my hentai, I expect this to be drawn out because it’s so fun watching a delmo writhe as the electricity shoots through her.
06.png 07.png
8-9 Delmo collapses
08.png 09.png
10-14 Gusto grabs Delmo by neck and pussy, then hurls her into the cell urinal. Delmo is bashed senseless. (Not dead, in my story)
10.png 11.png 11.png 12.png 13.png 14.png
15 Gusto walks to the front, where a new guard is wondering where the first one went.
15.png 19.png


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1-2. Guard chases Gusto into the cell, demanding where her colleague went. Obviously, the Delmos are dumb, but in hentai 99.99% of female characters are very stupid.
01.png 02.png
3-5 Delmo is taken by surprise to see her colleague with head in toilet.
03.png 04.png 05.png
6-12 Gusto chokes the Delmo. I don’t want guro, no deaths. But there is a measure of sadistic humiliation in my hentai. EG Gusto can choke the Delmo and release. Delmo is struggling to breathe, so she can’t fight as Gusto shamelessly paws her over. Then as Delmo regains her breath, Gusto chokes her again so she is struggling and peeing herself and what not. Then he lets her go before she dies. Delmo struggles to breathe again as Gusto shamelessly pokes her holes...

06.png 07.png 08.png 09.png 10.png 11.png 12.png
13-16 Delmo finally collapses unconscious and is unceremoniously tossed on the bed.
13.png 14.png 15.png 16.png
17-20 Another dumb Delmo stands outside the cell partition, wondering where her friends went. Gusto reaches out and grabs her body (can be hair, tits, pussy, any part.) He tasers her.
17.png 18.png 19.png 20.png


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15-17. Gusto takes a Delmo as a trophy. His insatisable sexual itch makes him want to find a quiet place to do his raping even though this is the middle of an enemy base.
15.png 16.png 17.png
19-20 Her friend is shown humiliated and restrained- eg tied up with legs wide apart and panties stuffed into mouth.

19.png 20.png

1-9 Various Delmos displayed. In my hentai, it is mandatory to let the camera zoom over all the bodies.

01.png 03.png 04.png 05.png 06.png 07.png 08.png 09.png


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Jul 25, 2017
Fantasizing about the Golden Delmos

As I’ve said before, I like the Golden Delmos most.

In my mind, I have this fight scene between the Golden Delmos and the Aika Gang. Bear in mind the overall setup, with Hagenland Tofu-Construction, and the Aika Gang being more horny and sexy (and pulling their punches) rather than brutal and violent.

The Golden Delmos get knocked around a lot, but they keep on fighting. Lots of sexy fighting going on, the Golden Delmos are all sore and knocked around a lot but they try their best. The Golden Delmos are going all out, but the vastly superior Aika Gang members just treat this like a sparring fight and cop feels whenever they can.

Gozo may casually grab Bianca's head and bash her against a wall, or Gusto may toss Rie into Sanya and make both crash into a railing and fall over, but no one is seriously hurt. After all, these are cheapo foam and styrofoam walls and pillars and cardboard tubing for the railings...

Eventually the Golden Delmos start running out of energy. At that point, the Aika Gang decide they’ve had their fun, and they get serious. With tasers.

The tasering is done lightly so as to save the battery charges. All the same it brings down all 4 Golden Delmos.

Now the Aika Gang treats them as a game. Their 4 defeated opponents are stacked and restacked and postioned and repositioned, in every way possible for a bodypile to take place. It’s fun for the Aika gang members. Not so fun for their humiliated opponents, who are stunned by the tasers but not really unconscious.

I have a whole bunch of inspirations in mind, but will just list a few here.

1) Brownnosing. The four Delmos are placed in a row facing down, with their faces in each other’s buttcracks. They’re not unconscious, so it’s really nasty to be smelling each other’s anuses.

2) 69 positioning. Two piles of faces to pussies.

3) Four dumped one on the other to form a little hill. All facing down, so their butts are the highest points. To make it worst, the lightest girl, Rie, is on the bottom being squashed by everyone else. The heaviest, Sanya, is on top.

4) Shabazik’s best ever body pile position. I’ll get the pix and post it here later.

After having fun with this, the Aika gang decides to rape two Delmos on top of their friends. The two most-recovered Delmos are selected for sexual abuse while being laid on top of their still-stunned friends. After all, the Aika gang likes having fun with their opponents, and it is essentially three on one because one Delmo is squashed underneath and unable to move anyway, while three people team up to restrain and rape or toy with a Delmo.

When the Delmo recovers some more from the tasering and starts struggling hard, she is tasered, then dumped underneath, and her friend brought up for raping, penetrating, fingering, groping, etc. So there are always two KO Delmos and two struggling futilely against their horny opponents.

Aika likes humiliating the two Golden Delmos who seem proudest – Bianca and Toniya. So the two are positioned on hands and knees, pinned down in place by Maypia and Rion riding on them. The paralyzed Sanya and Rie are then positioned so their butts are next to Bianca and Toniya’s faces, then Sanya and Rie are anally raped by Gozo and Gusto. Periodically, the men pull their dicks from their victims’ asses and force Bianca and Toniya to clean their dicks orally. Then they switch victim.

In the meantime Bianca and Toniya’s own holes are being shamelessly toyed with or penetrated by cattle prods. The two are humiliated, but dare not resist, because a light touch on a cattle prod would cause them immense pain (and also stun them, causing their muscles to go haywire and possibly for them to pee and shit themselves). So poor Bianca and Toniya are forced to do Ass to Mouth on cocks from their friends’ anuses.

Later the two are even forced to rim their friends and clean the sperm deposited in Rie and Sanya’s butts.

(will edit this in future until it becomes a really awesome tale)
(new addition below. I will eventually consolidate everything)

Although the Aika gang have just beaten down their opponents, they are the horny kind that likes to see young girls having fun with each other.

After they put on electrified collars on the Golden Delmos, they goad their opponents to perform sexual acts for their viewing pleasure.

There is something very erotic about two Golden Delmos doing the 69 on each other while in their uniforms with thong panties pushed aside but not removed. Bianca licking away at Toniya’s pussy and Toniya returning the favour, while Sanya takes up position on one end and Rie at the other end of this 69 coupling. Sanya and Rie alternate between licking asses and trading kisses with Toniya and Bianca. Then Bianca and Toniya get up, Rie lies down and Sanya mounts her in 69 position, and the sex begins again with Bianca and Toniya the rimmers this time.

The Golden Delmos are made to perform all manner of sex acts, including letting dogs mount them and cum inside. Or Toniya is matched with Rie and Sanya with Bianca, on all fours with butt facing butt, then they have to fuck each other using a double-headed dildo. If they resist, the remote controlled collars immediately zap them, so they have to submit. But this is more humiliating than horrific, because the Aika gang just likes to watch girls having fun.

All four pretty Golden Delmos are blushing nonstop. Aika gang members also step forward and use their fingers or sex toys to add to the stimulus. No orifice – mouth, pussy or ass, is left unattended. After an hour or two, the Golden Delmos are pretty subdued. As degrading as it has been, it has been an incredible experience and they are exhausted from their many orgasms.

The humiliation of Golden Delmos continues, with the girls being forced to march around in public with clothes adjusted (eg skirts pinned up and pussies clearly leaking sperm through their skimpy thong panties), dildos clearly stuffed in their openings, faces plastered with semen and each other’s pussy juices, or some other form of disarray. Or they are displayed in chains, and soldiers at a nearby military base use them as cum targets. But at this point the Golden Delmos are psychologically dominated and submissive, so they don’t put up too much of a fight.
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Jul 25, 2017
I absolutely love this picture. I’m kinda obsessed with it. Three lovely ladies, their legs spread out wide and inviting...

In my wicked mind’s eye, the Delmos are conscious, if paralyzed after Shivie Aika charges through them, lashing out with her tentacles. The electricity has really tasered the Delmos big time. So they are all totally helpless by the time Gusto, Gozo, Michikusa, Rion and Maypia come by. Being men, Gusto, Gozo and Michikusa help themselves to the three hapless girls, and they rape the Delmos where they lie.

My hentai camera will spend much time caressing the Delmos’ faces, taking in their every sexy expression as they are mounted and penetrated.

To their credit, the three rapists (yes, they do deserve such an unflattering moniker because it is no heroic act to commence sex with an incapacitated woman, even if she is a villain’s underling) are fairly aware of female biology, and capable of performing within the limitations of a woman’s body. This means they are pretty good at sexually stimulating the Delmos, and they are not too rough. The Delmos are moaning and sore, but not in severe pain. More like sexy-fun-fucked-silly-sore. Every G Spot and every clit is definitely stimulated very well. Assholes and pussies are stretched to limits that the girls never thought possible.

After all parties (yes, including the rape victims) have cum several times, every Delmo is filled with sperm. Camera should zoom in on every Delmo, who now has cum seeping from pussy and ass. All three girls are, as per my depraved fantasies, now befouled and besmirched. Now follows the usual mandatory clean-off of the rapists’ dicks – which can be wiped on the Delmos’ uniforms so that these now sport sickeningly sticky, shiny, smelly stains. (Although panties seem to be a logical solution to clean off dirty dicks, all three men have already taken their victims’ panties as souvenirs.)

Now all three Delmos are brutally tasered again, their eyes all go wide and roll back, and they go back to dreamland so that they are out of commission for another half hour. I guess the person to do the tasering should be Rion, because she’s the mean type who would happily put the hurt on people who are already helpless and vulnerable. (I think the men would probably settle with tying up their victims so they don’t come back and fight, but Rion has been watching the Delmos cum, and she just wants to punish them out of jealousy.)

In general, tasering can leave burn marks on skin if applied for too long. A quick sting will cause less injury to the Delmo than a lengthy application. If the objective is to warn the enemy that she is outclassed and should behave herself if she doesn’t want to get hurt, normally the Aika gang would just zap their foe lightly and quickly. It’s kind of fun to zap a Delmo many times, lightly enough that she squirms and squeals and writhes and jumps, but not hard enough to send her into dreamland and thus put an end to this entertainment.

Shivie Aika’s tentacles spread the charge over a large surface area, the entire length of the tentacles, so when they hit a Delmo, they hit her all over and the electrical charge that tasers the Delmo goes all over her body. A Delmo can be KO-ed for a pretty long time because so much electricity was delivered, yet she won’t necessarily suffer electrical burns from being KO-ed so strongly by Shivie Aika. In contrast, when tasering using a cattle prod like how Rion would do it, the surface area that delivers the charge is very small, so it really hurts.
Delmos Blue.jpg


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Jul 25, 2017
Delmo Ambush – Aika Gang Sneaks into a Delmo building and take down 6 Delmos for fun

This is another of my sexy Agent Aika fantasies. This is about how the Aika Gang sneaks into a Delmo building in Hagenland and captures 6 Delmos for rape. (Don't worry, the defeated Delmos are raped and humiliated, but left very much alive after all is said and done.)

It starts with the camera panning all over six of the Delmos currently in this building. Maybe there are a couple of Blue sentries, one Black underling, one Pink munitions specialist, one White commander and one Gold elite in this building. Camera makes sure to roll all over each of these Delmos' bodies in a horny, sexist manner. We're here to view and enjoy the view. We can even follow these girls when they're preparing for their day at the start, so we see them get out of bed, shower, dress, etc. Camera very much likes examining the girls as they climb stairs, bend over to pick things up, sit down for breakfast, etc.

Once we have had our fill of these lovely Delmos, now to the Aika gang. They sneak into the building and take up positions in the armory.

Every Delmo that comes in is attacked at crotch level, in keeping with our horny practices.

First is a Pink Delmo. She enters, bends over to start to unlock the guns chained down, and promptly gets a crotch kick from Rion from behind. Delmo crumples in pain, crying out as she does so. Rion and Michikusa drag her to the side, ripping off her panties and gagging the Pink Delmo armourer.

Hearing the cry of pain, a Blue Delmo security rushes into the room to check what is wrong. She's one of only two armed Delmos in this building at present. As she rushes in, Gusto zaps the Blue Delmo in the crotch with his taser. Delmo drops her gun which Gozo catches. Gusto pulls the stunned Delmo to the side, holds her from the back by her throat, and starts pawing the defenseless woman all over with his other hand. (Obviously her hemline will ride up and camera will focus on her exposed panties.

A few minutes later, the other Blue Delmo security girl marches into the room to check why her companion hasn't come out. Michikusa is hiding beside the door this time. He shoves his taser baton into the Delmo's buttcheeks, zapping and disabling the Delmo immediately. She drops her gun which is caught by Maypia, and Michikusa drags the Delmo off to the side, drapes her over a gun rack, and commences violating the Delmo shamelessly.

Shortly after, the White Delmo commander sends a Black Delmo underling to check why the Armourer and Security Guards haven't responded. The Black Delmo comes innocently and unguardedly into this room, calling out for her friends. Maypia is crouching next to the door (obviously we get a good crotch shot on Aika). Next moment, Maypia's fist connects with Black Delmo's pussy as she strikes upwards from a lower position. Black Delmo makes a muffled cry, then Maypia drags her over to a machinegun and drapes the Black Delmo across the gun. After stripping off the panty and gagging the Black Delmo, she starts poking the Delmo's asshole with a gun. The girl is shocked and sore and camera captures all these fun expressions.

Now it is time for White Delmo commander to come in, puzzled that there has been no response to her commands. She marches in, hands on hips and legs wide apart, and is confronted with the sight of two Blue Delmos, one Pink Delmo, one Black Delmo, all restrained in different and all humiliating positions. Before the White Delmo can raise the alarm, Aika attacks her, shoving her baton taser under White Delmo's skirt and turning on the taser. White Delmo's eyes go wide in pain, then roll back as she collapses, stunned, into Aika's arms. Aika is not so respectful as to support the woman; she grabs the Delmo only by the hems of her blouse, so the Delmo is half stripped as she collapses. Now Aika removes the White Delmo to another part of the room for some sexy fun.

Meanwhile a Golden Delmo has gotten suspicious of all these people going to the armoury and not returning. She is armed with Toniya-like claws, and enters the unlighted armoury cautiously, posed with her claws in front of her as she fumbles for the light switch. That's her mistake. One clawed arm is looking for a light, the other is defensively poised across her chest. She's not strongly defended. Gozo grabs the Golden Delmo by her wrists, and with his mighty foot, punts the Golden Delmo in her pubic area. This is probably by far the most painful, since Gozo is the strongest and biggest person around. To the Golden Delmo's credit, she doesn't lose consciousness, but it really hurts too much for her to fight anymore as Gozo proceeds to disarm her and restrain her. Gozo shamelessly pats down her sweet buttcheeks, slipping his fingers into her anus, then he immediately puts the same fingers into the Golden Delmo's mouth for her to savour. The Golden Delmo is utterly humiliated, but Gozo has grabbed her by her neck and is squeezing it, so she can't resist.

So far my descriptions of the Delmo takedowns have been fairly brief. But the fight can always be extended.

To add to the deliciously unnecessary violence, Delmos can also be grabbed and rammed headfirst against steel lockers, tripped by steel chains (which are commonly used in armouries), attacked by rifle butts. It only takes a couple seconds of such violence to reduce a Delmo to stunned incapacity, no longer capable of mounting any effective resistance. Because of this, if the Aika gang want to spend more time toying with their foes, they can't be using too much force bceause their enemies can't take it!

Now the gangbang/ orgy begins. The six hapless Delmos are thoroughly raped. Since the Aika gang is well-armed with taser batons and strap-on Dildos in addition to the three fully erect male dicks that are naturally present, every Delmo can be penetrated with two objects at any time. If that is not enough, there are plenty of weapons within easy reach to do further raping. The Delmos are thoroughly fucked before the Aika gang finishes off by cumming inside them and peeing on them and tasering them.

Satisfied, they exit the base leaving the scene of carnage where all six Delmos lie, looking humiliated and exhausted and in no condition to fight. Other Delmos are stunned to see the six Aika Gang members suddenly show up, but they can't do anything. The weapons are stored in the armory, and only the Pink Delmo armourer and her White Delmo commander have the keys. (Both got ambushed and raped, remember?) The best fighter is the Golden Delmo, and the two Blue Delmo security guards who got taken down. The more senior Black Delmo also got ambushed already. So the remaining lower-ranking Blue, Black and Pink Delmos are unarmed and leaderless and too intimidated to do anything when the Aika gang happily exits the Delmo building from the front door. To make things nastier, Gozo, Michikusa and Gusto can easily be whistling as they walk, winking and flirting at the intimidated Delmos staring at them, and visibly zipping up their pants along the way which broadcasts to their enemies what has already happened. (They might also drag the semi-conscious White Delmo building commander with them, leaving a trail of semen and piss, until they have exited the building safely, after which they humiliate the commander further by dumping her headfirst into the bushes or trash can nearby.)

This is truly an awesome scene featuring my favourite tropes – sexual humiliation and domination of the Delmos.

(note, cross posted on Deviantart and Pixiv also)


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Jul 25, 2017
Legs wide apart.

I really like the legs wide apart, arms thrown back thing in Agent Aika. A defeated Delmo, defenseless and ready for my fantasies... all open for Aika Gang members to take full advantage of!

If only someone would make the right hentai for this! I'd like to see thousands of scenes with Delmos spread out... after which they are given full sexual treatment!

View attachment 81727View attachment 81727Agent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011250.841.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011301.401.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011308.932.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011317.755.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011645.223.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011648.186.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_011654.235.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012014.164.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012022.079.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012404.700.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012408.402.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012427.102.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012442.150.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012442.150.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012537.174.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012547.842.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012605.224.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012714.508.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012725.740.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012734.799.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012848.934.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_012858.318.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013150.650.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013233.499.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013240.508.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013247.286.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013255.548.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013318.708.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013326.160.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013352.323.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013406.507.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013428.521.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013443.057.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013449.501.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013454.242.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013459.977.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013526.906.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013240.508.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013544.195.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013552.644.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013614.544.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013707.731.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013725.089.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013748.607.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_013954.069.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_014001.407.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_014008.169.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_014012.789.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_014038.083.jpgAgent Aika (Long Live Ecchi) summary of all pantsu.mp4_20181011_020235.784.jpg



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Jul 25, 2017
A total replay of Agent Aika, except with every single fight a crotch fetish one.

Since I have 1000 episodes in my fantasy Agent Aika, I’m going to remake the original, getting rid of most of the stories and focusing only on the violence, the sex, the pantyshots, the humiliation of Delmos...

Every single hit is a crotch shot or crotch targeted

The Aika Gang is armed with nonlethal, but still painful weapons. Large penis-shaped batons. Taser batons.

The Delmos are armed with all kinds of phallic weapons as well as batons. A recurring irony of my hentai, should be that while the Delmos are armed with these melee weapons, they never use them/ almost never use them. Instead they prefer to struggle with their rifles, even when in close quarters where rifles are totally unsuitable. So a Delmo’s baton tends to see most use when it is being inserted into her body to humiliate her!

The Aika gang is eternally horny and infinitely horny. Their sexual lust is incredible and uncontrollable! Even though Aika, Michikusa, Rion and Maypia all appear so feminine, in fact every Aika gang member has lots of testosterone. So every interaction with their enemies is a sexual one.

Even when the Aika gang is not actually raping or sexually abusing a defeated Delmo, they will pretend to their opponents that they committed rape. Just because they are such jerks that they are addicted to humiliating their opponents sexually. For instance they may confiscated a Delmo’s panties, smear some toothpaste on it and later flaunt these panties to other Delmos, hinting that the first Delmo had been raped and that is dried sperm. The Aika gang treats all these as great fun, as though Delmos are but sex toys and exist to be fooled around with.

The poor Delmos on the other hand, are actually a professional military outfit that received by the book training. So they consider the Aika Gang’s actions to be ‘cheating’. But they don’t cheat, so they will just keep on getting beaten up and sexploited. The Delmos actually treat the Aika Gang with reasonable respect if they should capture Aika Gang members. EG if you recall when Rion was captured and guarded by a blonde Blue Delmo, the blonde held her rifle at waist level. If Rion had captured the blonde, she would probably hold her rifle at crotch level and poke it repeatedly into the poor blonde’s buttcheeks.

The Aika Gang has no respect for Delmos they capture. They will torture, rape, humiliate and abuse the poor Delmos until the Delmos are so psychologially dominated that they don’t resist.

But it is not always rape rape and more rape...

In a hentai filled with rape, to add variety to fool around with the Delmos’ psychologically we should have... nonrape! Sometimes the Aika gang just strips their unconscious opponents, leave them lying around with legs wide apart, and spill some milk or glue on their clothes or bodies. No sexual penetration has taken place, but the fun thing is when the poor Delmos wake up they think they have been raped. Later in a confrontation they angrily curse the Aika gang for raping them while they are defenseless, but the Aika gang laughs this one off as a product of the Delmos’ dirty minds. This is a very humiliating prank indeed!

As a show of how strong Gusto and Gozo are...

There is a sexy scene from Ikkitousen season 1 where Toutaku grabs Ryomou by her legs, swings her around upside down with panties fully showing, holds her with legs very wide apart, and threatens to tear her into half when her crotch is at his mouth level.

It would be so awesome to see Gusto and Gozo doing this to random Delmos. The next step being, of course, to pull aside these panties with teeth and tongue fuck the hapless Delmo into crazed orgasmic submission.

The Ikkitousen fight is actually taking place in a watermelon greenhouse. If the Aika gang was fighting Delmos in the same setting, I can imagine that after they are done tongue fucking the poor Delmos, Gusto and Gozo can just drop them headfirst to show how worthless the Delmos are once they have given the Aika gang sexual satisfaction. The soil is soft, so neither girl will suffer a skull fracture, but is likely to be knocked senseless all the same. For one girl, the rest of her body pivots down front first and her crotch lands on a watermelon. So she is now unconscious face down in a watermelon patch with her crotch elevated by a watermelon, so her panties and butt are on full display seemingly astride a man’s head.

For the other girl, the rest of her body pivots down back first and her butt lands on a watermelon. So she is now unconscious face up with her crotch invitingly elevated by the watermelon, and skirt having fallen to waist level, so it is again very sexually inviting.

Camera should pan over both Delmos in their humiliated glory as Gusto and Gozo depart, feeling very satisfied.

More about vagina insertions as a way to demonstrate superiority and damage Delmo morale

Everything that is smooth and phallic gets used. Even if there is seemingly nothing (eg fight taking place in a corridor) you can still use the Delmos’ weapons, mops and brooms from a nearby hidden closet, or the Delmos’ fingers in each others’ bodies!

The Aika gang is dominant, but they are also quite aware of female biology. They don’t use excessive force ever because these are very sensitive parts of the body. Nothing sharp or overly rough is ever forced into their opponents’ orifices; and they only put things at most a few inches into a Delmo’s butt. While they can be rough in the initial assault (eg shoving a rifle barrel into a Delmo’s cunt hard enough to hit her cervix), once the Delmo collapses the Aika gang don’t force or sustain the assault. The poor Delmo is probably been brought low because of her bruised cervix, and the Aika gang stop at that. (None of that fake porn about forcing stuff into wombs which would cause serious internal injuries; the Delmo is sore and out of commission already and it isn’t cool to hurt her anymore than that.)
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Jul 25, 2017
Temporary framework for a Rewrite of Agent Aika (The Undertow exclusive for now, since I haven’t rewritten what I want to do and won’t have time for a few more weeks. When I have time I intend to come back, make a huge writeup, and post on pixiv, undertow and deviantart as usual)

The Aika gang are sexy and forceful and lustful and also very much in control of things. There will be pain and drama and intimidation of Delmos, but nothing will be so serious that it will become life threatening and uncool or unbefitting a light hearted porn where we are supposed to laugh at the Delmos’ bad experiences.

Everything will be labelled by Episode and Minutes, eg 1:10.

Fight at Ep1

[this is being kept open. I don’t have time now to go through every depravity that could be inflicted on a Delmo, but will definitely come back again in a while to write about my ‘parody’ and remake of the Agent Aika series, where the original 7 episodes are shrunken to 5 because we’ve gotten rid of unnecessary non-panty showing scenes, and every confrontation ends in merciless crotch assaults on the Delmos. I was originally thinking we could have 3 episodes for the entire series since all non-panty showing fillers are removed, but hey, I’m gonna replace them with rape and molest scenes so there will be plenty of action. Unlike normal rape and molest scenes in hentai, I don’t want to show 30 mins of penetrative action. Just 5 seconds is sufficient, because we want to keep moving.]

Gusto’s ultra horny scene:

Three Delmos are stacked on top of each other, legs wide apart, Sineplex style. Two more unconscious Delmos are dumped on either side of this three-stack. Gusto now licks one Delmo’s pussy, while taking turns to penetrate her two lower comrades’ holes. He uses his fingers or tools to explore the bodily openings of the two other Delmos on either side. This scene plays for a few seconds, enough for all watchers to get the picture, then we go on to see more fights and more panties. Because even a hentai Agent Aika is really focused on ryona, zako, and pantyshots rather than actual sex.

Inspiration from City Hunter 2, 4 zako girls get molested, captured and humiliated

Links are from other site members

I think the tone is quite close to Agent Aika, so similar scenes of molest and humiliation would be greatly enjoyable to whoever that enjoyed Agent Aika. Notice how the action keeps moving. It’s not like so many hentai where you just watch penis moving into vagina for 5 minutes at a time after which they change position and you see the same thing at a different angle for another 5 minutes. My Agent Aika hentai is always fast paced and offers an endless number of pantyshots interspersed with the usual violence and humiliation.

Some battles just don’t need to be solved with violence since Aika, Gusto and Gozo so greatly outclass their opponents. A bit of deft moving around and intelligence, and the Delmo is at your mercy for lots of sexy humiliation before you end it all with a tasering or tying up.

I would especially like the most superior Delmos subject to this kind of humiliation.

It would be very fun to see how several White Delmos are ambushed in their officer quarters by Aika Gang members. The White Delmos must be fully molested and at least partially stripped before being restrained, and then the Aika Gang members can continue their mission. Since this is the officer quarters, no one else will enter unnecessarily. No one will discover the hapless White Delmos for a while.

There were a couple of kitchen fights in the Aika series, but the anime makers never got to make full use of the kitchen setting.

Of course a kitchen is full of all kinds of phallic things ranging from carrots and eggplants, to chilis, pan handles, ladle handles, etc. Then there are ‘messy’ things that are great fun when applied against Delmo bodies such as cake frosting, broken eggs, halved coconuts and melons.

There are also menacing setups to employ against Delmos. This doesn’t hurt them, but if you were a Delmo recovering consciousness you would be pretty freaked out to see yourself in this situation. EG, Delmo draped over the stove burners. Michikusa is nice enough to disconnect the stove so there is no chance of a Delmo getting burned, but it is very scary to wake up and find that each of your breasts is pressed against a stove burner and that cooking oil has been dabbed on each breast. Or you could have some Delmos stuffed headfirst in ovens and dumped threefold into washing machines with butts and panties showing. Aika unplugs these machines first to prevent any fatal accidents, but the whole point is to humiliate and intimidate the Delmos. If you’ve just recovered consciousness and found yourself stuck upside down in a top load washing machine where you have been jammed with another 2 of your colleagues, it takes a while for everyone to get out. And because you know that the Aika gang could easily have killed you all by turning on the machine while you were stuck, it is a very intimidating and demoralizing thing. You’re alive only because your sworn enemies decided to be merciful. Do you want to provoke these foes anymore, or are you gonna run off and hide? These Delmos aren’t going to come back and fight the Aika gang for the rest of this episode.

A variant on this theme could be to have the Aika gang restrain their enemies in this manner (eg two Delmos jammed into a dustbin or three into a top loading laundry machine). Then the Aika gang lightly slap and spank the Delmos’ exposed butts and treat us all to an enjoyable scene of wriggling crotches and legs while threatening to turn on these machines. The poor Delmos are subject to several minutes of terror before the Aika gang exits. They are unlikely to get free on their own, so

The Aika gang is always in control. They have no restraints about putting the hurt on their foes, but don’t ever go too far. This is a lighthearted anime after all, we’re supposed to laugh at the Delmos’ ordeal!

I very much like the idea of defeated Delmos in a kitchen being lined up along the counter, with pussies/ asses prominently displayed. Then the Aika gang gags everyone with tomatoes and draws graffiti on their bodies/ uniforms with frosting and honey. They pour starch onto each Delmo’s hair, so that when the Delmo wakes up, the starch would have dried and be sticking her hair to the countertop. (This isn’t totally debilitating, but the poor Delmos need to spend considerable effort to extricate themselves.)

Last but not least, each Delmo gets tomato juice squirted up her cunt and chili sauce up her butt.

Lovely humiliation indeed! And because everyone’s ass is burning when they wake up, their first act would be to rush to the toilet to enema clean their assholes. No Delmo will come back for a second round of fighting. This is a very merciful and non-violent, yet fun, way of incapacitating the Delmos within the framework of one episode!


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Jul 25, 2017
My inspirations

A member contacted me on this site and suggested he likes Indestructible Girls – basically no one dies or gets badly hurt, but there’s a lot of violence and drama and we have to use suspension of disbelief to explain away everything that happens.

The indestructible theme does offer me freedom for ever more wickedly cruel imaginations and fantasy, even if it definitely challenges my notion of common sense/ realism. It also allows me to have more dramatic fight scenes with little regard to the longer term consequences (such as brain damage to Delmos who have been hit on the head).

I’ve always believed that the internet has plenty of room for all possible fetishes, and there is always a readership. Let’s see how I can write some wicked indestructible girl tales that have little constraint on violence and cruelty, while not being outright gory or snuff which is still a no no for me. I like the Delmos sore and humiliated, but I also like them to get well after a good beauty sleep so that they are 100% ready for more abuse the next day/ episode!

Will label such episodes as IDG (for indestructible girl). I think special labeling is necessary, because we need some serious suspension of disbelief. The heroes no longer pull their punches, and they use dangerous moves and actions with no restraints or consideration.

I have it in a post somewhere, where I discuss armaments and firearms in reality versus movies. The reality is nothing like in the movies, so we all have to practice serious suspension of disbelief all the time when watching gunfights in movies. And the same suspensions of disbelief would apply to my IDG series. I believe to improve the fun aspect, some inspiration from Jackie Chan movies would do very well because it preserves the lighthearted and humorous tone. Jackie Chan is great at humiliating his arrogant enemies who look down on him, and I think the AG can do the same to the proud Delmos.

More on IDG

Just like in the rest of my Aika series, My IDG series will also have Delmos in all kinds of uniforms. The anime uniforms are not enough to satisfy my fetishes or everyone else’s fetishes, so the Delmos should be able to lay ambushes in Rion’s school as schoolgirls, in a hospital dressed as nurses, in maid cafes, in an office while wearing office ladies’ clothing, along a deserted road dressed as policewomen at a routine traffic stop, at a racetrack, as soldiers in futuristic, Dirty-Pair style sexy uniforms, you name it, they have the right clothing for it. So the fighting and panty shots are not just limited to the original anime’s uniforms! (Darn, 1000 episodes are not enough, you probably need 1000000 episodes or more to satisfy all possible fetishes!)

When we are doing IDG, it should be ok to have more aggressive throat hitting/ neck karate chopping scenes. We don’t have to worried about breaking anybody’s neck no matter how brutal the AG (Aika Gang) members are when they are taking down Delmos. So they hit hard, with no mercy, and they enjoy their work demolishing their opponents who are left crumpled, humiliated and in pain.

More scenes of Delmos being flung about or knocked off higher places or simply tossed into bins and storage lockers.

More scenes of Delmos being forced face into another Delmo’s crotch or into bins and ovens and washing machines.

I’m a great fan of pussy, and I totally love the idea of beating a female mook’s face against her friend’s crotch. Both mooks are beaten sore and humiliated into the bargain when they are left unconscious (or too sore to move, or tasered, or too intimidated to move depending on your preferred fetish) with one girl’s face nicely cradled in the crotch of another girl.

More scenes of Delmos being hit in the crotch, or knocked or thrown such that they impact something crotch first, or rearranged after a battle so that their bodies, faces or hands are nestled in their friends’ crotches.

This is one enduring theme in my fantasies. I just love the cunt punt, so in any hentai produced by me (I need to win at least $100m in the lottery first) there will be lots and lots and lots of pussy beat downs.

More drama as AG members use wildly powerful roundhouse swings. A real life Gozo spinning his entire body around and putting all his weight behind a punch should be able to totally smash a Delmo’s nose into her skull, but of course our IDG series is not like this, so the Delmo’s pretty face shows no such injury, but she is still in pain and tossed twenty feet away.

Female AG members do power kicks from standing positions – they swing their legs up and deal uppercuts to Delmos whose necks snap back (without breaking), and then the Delmo falls backwards. She could fly back, land on her head, and wind up with legs folded sexily over her body and crotch on full display - or even crumple on her knees but with body thrown back, so her crotch is now on full display as her skirt rides up her body.

In the IDG series, because there is pretty much no limit to violence, there should be no limit to sex as well. This is pure porn, for those who like sex porn and violence porn. Which means anyone watching it should not have any inhibitions anymore. It may not be vore or guro, but it may be too violent for many to swallow.

Having recently gone through the Killing Bites anime/ manga and Caterpillar/ Arachnid mangas, I am tempted to create Delmos who have been enhanced by genetic manipulation. After all, Hagen wants to take over the world, so he should have genetically superior mates! While I don’t like blood and gore, in both Killing Bites and Caterpillar/ Arachnid the most important characters don’t die because they have vastly superior healing power and resilience. So maybe you can have superwomen Delmos who can take a severe beating and still be alive?

Degradation of Delmos

It’s great fun to degrade the Delmos. Michikusa could start by using a marker pen to pain amusing graffitti on the body of a downed Delmo. If she is wearing white panties, it would be even more fun to write on the panties. But the other Aika members are even more vicious when it comes to degradation. Rion and Maypia won’t hesitate to step on Delmos’ faces. The rest routinely relieve themselves on the bodies of defeated Delmos. I really like the idea of a bunch of Delmos after a battle being dragged to form a line next to each other, every one with her legs wide apart. Then Gusto, Gozo, Michikusa and Aika (in the form of Shivie Aika who has lots of penile tentacles) pull out their dicks and freely piss on all their foes.

That’s why I really like to have my Aika Hentai Delmos remain conscious. If they lost consciousness, they won’t be aware of their humiliation until they wake up. It is awesome when they are paralyzed from tasering or plain too sore and intimidated to move, and then you piss on them to further cement the humiliation. And then put down my mobile tasers, which send out electricity to shock the Delmos at periodic times. Which keeps them down all the time, even as they bask in the stench and sensation of urine. It’s a delightfully horrible experience (which does not result in any permanent injuries on the Delmos) that keeps the Delmos from recovering and fighting the AG for the rest of the episode as the AG go about completing their mission.

In my hentai there is going to be a lot more stripping, a lot more Ikkitousen-style clothes destruction, and a lot more rearranging and display of bodies in entertaining positions and bodypiles.

Vicious and unnecessarily cruel actions

Ikkitousen has lots of violence, stylized and totally beyond normal boundaries of credibility. If Chouun Shiryou the Ikkitousen sword wielding girl were to really fight with a katana, her opponent would not just be knocked down and stunned (as it appears in the anime). Her opponent would be in two halves and blood everywhere. But of course that would harm the anime plot and also look totally gross and off putting to any otaku who was masturbating to the sight of Chouun (or her opponent’s) panties, so you suspend disbelief, and imagine that that blade only cleaved through her opponent’s will to fight and not anything else.

I don’t like that level of violence. (Honestly don’t know how people can possibly fap to the sight of mutilated bodies.) Yet violence is also exciting and thrilling and stimulating...

My brain is too decent at this time of day; I’ll have to think up more violent stuff to do to the Delmos later. Needless to say, I don’t like to see blood or gore, and I don’t want anyone to actually suffer life changing injuries, but I like the idea of the Delmos being in pain all the same, with the corresponding sexy, desperate and humiliated expressions on their faces.

There’s a lot of very sexy snuff porn around which is great except for... the snuff. It seems many good artists are so motivated to make ‘sentry silencing’ pictures of ambuses where our heroes stab gorgeous hapless female mook sentries. But I really do not like blood and I like death even less. Yet I know there is a substantial audience for that kind of thing. So in my hentai, I’m going to make things either vague, or capable of double interpretations or imaginatively possible so that the guro lovers can get their fix without turning off most ordinary porn lovers like me.

What appears to be throat slitting in my hentai, is actually an AG member drawing a taser across a Delmo’s throat. Most tasers don’t secrete anything and work purely from contact. But my imagined sci-fi gel tasers may secrete or fire taser gel pellets or blobs. Depending on the plot of the day, they could be white/ semi transparent and look like sperm, yellow and look like pee, green and look like slime, brown and look like shit, or red and look like blood.

So when Gusto grabs a Delmo sentry and pulls a longish looking thing (a tube of taser gel from a taser baton applicator?) across her throat leaving a red line, it looks like he’s slitting her throat. Actually this is just application of the electrically charged gel which effectively stuns the Delmo, leaving her limp (and seemingly dead).

For other situations, if an AG member looks as though he is stabbing a Delmo or thrusting something metallic against her body, actually it is just contacting her body hard with a taser baton, so that the maximum charge can pass through her body quickly. The Delmo collapses seemingly dead from being stabbed, but of course that isn’t true; she’s just stunned.

I’m sure many of the people here will have visited the Sexyamazons site (now defunct). This was a site that specialized in guro. I didn’t like most of the content since it involves death, but I must admit that there are really many good and highly motivated artists who create very sexy scenes featuring bodypiles and humiliating positions and desperate life and death struggles.

Why I mention Sexyamazons, is because I know there is a substantial population of death lovers online who aren’t getting their fix from conventional hentai. Agent Aika is one anime that is light hearted and nonlethal, but there are many scenes featuring immobilized and incapacitated Delmos where you could easily imagine that everyone was killed. I believe that we can and should not hesitate to cater to all possible fetishes whenever possible, so scenes that deliberately look ‘deathly’ (eg Delmos lying everywhere in very uncomfortable positions covered in red taser gel) are good.

Deliberate infliction of pain and unnecessary violence

More about fetishes – now moving on to BDSM! The Aika gang enjoys sex and they enjoy torture and they enjoy sexual torture. I’m not thinking of medieval, Berserk manga style torture here. That’s way too much for me. I greatly prefer torture of a kind that retains the lighthearted nature of Agent Aika original anime. In other words, most of the torture consists of spanking, slapping, pinching, groping, being tied in uncomfortable positions, being clamped upside down, tasers, etc. While Delmos are hurt and sore and very often intimidated and scared, at least half of the sensations should involve humiliating, unwanted stimulation rather than actual pain. The AG aren’t true sadists, they just don’t respect their opponents sexually and like demonstrating their superiority to these women.

Lots of Delmos will get hung up or strapped up with legs wide apart. A lot of this ‘torture’ is basically violation with objects. If the AG put a Delmo on a rack and stretch her out, they will only do it far enough to keep the Delmo’s body sexily taut. The AG are not interested in actually using a medieval rack for true torture.

Our hentai has minimal use of machines or sharp things or anything that might cause serious hurt to our gorgeous female foes. Like most real life BDSM, it’s really about pushing people to their limits rather than causing any disability or injuries.

One inspiration comes from Casino Royale where James Bond is tied to a chair, his legs spread wide, and Le Chiffre smacks his crotch hard with a stick putting Bond through a lot of pain. Delmos might get cunt punted in that fashion during interrogation. I prefer such a torture to be applied to a White or Golden Delmo since they might conceivably know something, but of course in our hentai we can torture everyone – maids, teachers, schoolgirls, race queens, whatever fetish there exists, you name it.

Another inspiration comes from psychological torture. The Aika gang hangs a bunch of Delmos up by their bra straps, puts nooses around their necks and knock them about. The Delmos are not just in pain from being knocked about; they are really scared that their bra straps may break and leave them hanged to death from the nooses. In reality the AG members have the strength and presence of mind to rescue a Delmo should her bra straps break, but the AG don’t act like it. Instead they behave as though they don’t care what happens to the poor Delmos, so it is truly very frightening if you’re an inexperienced fighter, a poor mook serving Hagen, and you are being swatted around like this not knowing what will happen next. (I came up with this scenario because I’m aware that a substantial subset of the internet likes seeing women in nooses. It doesn’t really turn me on, but hey if I’m making a 1000 episode Aika hentai, I might as well have episodes catering to all kinds, so that I can actually sell these episodes and recoup the money spent creating the hentai!)

Other ways of making this fun, could be that the Aika gang leave the Delmos hanging helplessly. After a while, the bra straps break so Delmos get hanged! This is absolutely terrifying as a Delmo feels the noose brutally choking the life out of her. She will pee herself.

Next we see limp bodies swinging, urine dripping down sexy thighs. At this point snuff lovers will be jerking off.

I’m not a snuff lover. Next I will have the bodies fall on the ground in a puddle of their own urine. Because the nooses will have broken. The AG basically cut nearly all the way through each noose without the Delmos noticing. (This is most easily done if you’re Shivie Aika and have long tentacles at your disposal). When a Delmo’s previous supports (belt or bra strap) gives way, first her weight falls on the noose at the front of her neck. She is choked and thinks she is about to die. If the sudden restriction on her air doesn’t cause fainting, her own fear does. But then her weight on the noose breaks the noose after a brief period. Also the noose is one that is in a fixed loop which doesn’t tighten around her any further. So the Delmos will fall off and be able to breathe again. But because they have fainted in terror, it is at least a few minutes before they recover consciousness. The humiliation is still very strong given that they are now lying on the floor soaked in their own urine!

(I can think of many sexy positions on how a body can fall into urine...)


This wasn’t done in the ecchi. The closest we got was when Aika took the Purple Haired Black Delmo commander prisoner and marched her through the Delmo spaceship. But how can you have sexy women opponents and not interrogate them?

Even conventional porn can supply plenty of good inspiration on how interrogations should take place.

There is also a really nice picture of what I like torture to be like from the manga Caterpillar. In chapter 33, a sexy office lady assassin called Nanafushi/ Stick Insect (think Blue Delmo based on her dress and choice of weapon) has been captured by our hero/ heroines. The heros strip the assassin, rip up her underwear a bit for more viewing pleasure, tie her with arms behind a chair and legs wide apart, then put a noose around her neck (the weight is on the back of her neck so she is at no risk of suffocation) and dangle her on the edge of an opening in the wall while threatening to cut the rope if she refuses to cooperate.

This is very nice to look at, and although the would be assassin has been roughed up and moderately injured, she is not severely hurt nor are there any gross and horrible looking injuries. She is definitely more humiliated and scared and sexily exposed, rather than sadistically tortured.

I would like the tone of the Aika hentai to be like this too. Nothing lethal or grim. Fun sexy humiliations. (Also note that although the English translation isn’t out yet, I have looked at the raws for Caterpillar and can see that in Episode 93, the assassin who was being ‘tortured’ did indeed survive. Apart from being humiliated and having shredded clothes that preserve little dignity, the would be assassin is none the worse for wear. Her former interrogators even allow the interrogated assassin to join them on their little ship fleeing the scene, so there is no lifelong bitter enmity going on.)

Sexy Assassins

I just thought about this, but the Delmos could really be put to more uses rather than just passive defence of Hagenland and the occasional secret agent mission against the AG. They should be sent out far more often into the real world to do surveillance, sabotage, espionage, terrorism, etc. It is the AG’s job to stop the Delmos then, after which they are responsible for inflicting sexy punishments on their enemies. (It’s too boring to watch courtroom dramas and get Delmos charged and found guilty and imprisoned. So for punishment and deterrent making, just rape and humiliate them and send them back home after some rough and abusive sex!)

To this, my recent reading of Caterpillar and Arachnid (actually Shinya Murata’s works in general) have been very enjoyable. These are ecchi manga with plenty of inspiration. There is violence and death, but nowhere as much as in snuff porn. The ecchi is pretty entertaining throughout.

No limits on what the female body may be used for.

I have mentioned some talk about human furniture and toilets in my other Delmo related posts, but these could be taken much further. I can remember many sexy porn pictures that feature zakos being treated like furniture, like decoration, like battle trophies, etc. Unfortunately I can’t think of a single artist, title, hentai manga series or website that has substantial treatment of this fetish in detail.

Although totally not a fan of snuff, I definitely like the idea of Delmos being thoroughly humiliated by being turned into footstools or decorations. As long as it is demeaning to them, I like it.

Panties being unique

I really liked episode 6 in the Aika series which featured some of the best fights, but these are not intense enough. I would like to see that level (and higher) of intensity all throughout my series. Aika Hentai is going to dispense with all that unnecessary talking or conversations, it’s all about sex from start to end and every single AG member is sex crazed so you don’t need to think too much about their plans. If they want to infiltrate a Delmo institution, you know it is because they want something from the Delmos. The rest of the plot (steal this, find that, rescue this, observe that) can be totally wafer thin (as in a printed circuit board’s microns-thin silicon wafer) because nobody watches Agent Aika Hentai for the exciting plot twists. I think people are a lot more interested in seeing what kind of panty their favorite Delmo is wearing (remember, I intend to have 120 Delmos with at least 15 different unique panties each and 15 generic or similar-to-others panties in their wardrobe, so their appearances can offer much variety in panties being displayed).

Focus on Maximum Fappability!

Here I systematically run down the features in just 15 seconds of action in Episode 6 that I find such a turn on:

1) Aika shoots a Black Delmo in her butt, and another Delmo in her tits. They collapse on each other. (Delmos don’t often collapse on each other but it is very sexy and fun.)

2) Aika takes a black Delmo and uses it as her bodyshield. To make things sexier, she slips an arm between the Delmo’s legs and hoists the Delmo up so that her tits are thrust up and Aika’s arm is rubbing against her crotch all the time. It would be awesome to see the entire AG marching with Delmo bodyshields employed in the same fashion!

3) Aika uses that black Delmo’s body like a piece of worthless meat, throwing it so casually without regard of possible injuries to the Delmo

4) she shoots 3 standing Delmos without hesitation and they collapse

5) she neck chops 2 Delmos, lands on one’s back and kicks another in the head. All four humiliatingly collapse. I should further emphasize, this is a ruthless and truly merciless way of fighting that isn’t seen that often in Agent Aika – the back landing is probably lethal in real life, the head kicking is extremely risky, and the two karate chops to the necks are also terrifying.

This is one of the most intense 15 seconds of ecchi animation ever. It beats the standard hentai anime by zillions of miles, where 20 of 24 minutes are often spent in repetitive thrusting action which uses exactly the same frames over and over again.

Now try to imagine a future, well planned and well funded Aika Hentai, where you get basically a few non-sexual seconds and then another 15 intense seconds like the above from Episode 6. In other words, if you’re fapping, you get to fap all the way, with only short rests before more fappable material comes up again!

Ah, if only I could win that lottery. If I won that lottery, I would easily create my 1000 episodes, sell them for 99 cents each online to one million otakus and perverts, and laugh all the way to the bank as the first lottery winner to make even more money from his lottery winnings...

Delmos carried around like meat shields

There is plenty of available hentai which shows how to carry sexy female captives as meat shields. You can find stuff like that on this site as well. I don’t need to add any more, except emphasize that in my 1000 episodes, the Delmos will be wearing many different uniforms and there are 120 Delmo character models and they all have unique panties, so no Delmo will ever be used as a meat shield more than once when wearing one particular design or color of panty matched to one particular uniform (since in my 1000 episode Hentai there are a vast variety of sexy uniforms and costumes to use).

Tying and displaying or parading

There’s plenty of good hentai featuring sexy women being paraded around like dogs on leashes and other humiliations. My hentai will feature the same thing.

In fact, Hagen will punish white Delmos for poor performance by making them do bitch on leash and licking from dog dishes at his feet. I really like Nina Etsuko, so I hope to see her in such a scene. Nina isn’t the most competent fighter by far, so no surprise that Hagen will want to punish her at times!

The brutal backbreaker followed by stomach elbowing of Nina Etsuko in Episode 6 was both cruel and sexy. It was gratituous violence unleashed against someone who really wasn’t a threat at all – poor Nina was in way above her head when she tried to fight Aika. I’d like to think that after this treatment (and Aika’s tossing of Nina to the ground like trash), Aika decides that she likes Nina because Nina is pretty and unthreatening. So she picks up the defeated and very sore Delmo, carries her to the plane, tosses Nina in like a piece of garbage, and takes Nina back to her base where everyone can have fun abusing Nina Etsuko and humiliating her before they get bored and kick her out. As part of the fun, Nina is on a leash most of the time with tears in her eyes. I loved the expressions on her face in the ecchi, and hope that in a well funded Aika Hentai, we can see a lot more fun expressions on Nina’s face!

(I liked this scene enough to long for more scenes where an AG member hits a Delmo’s stomach and then brutally elbows her back, knocking her back and forth and showing her sex body writhe in response to the blows while her face puts on all kinds of pained and horrified expressions.)

Forced sex with animals, especially dogs or monsters with tentacles (this includes Shivie Aika, who is of course a monster with tentacles)

Some people really love sex with animals and monsters; I am neutral. This means I don’t necessarily get turned off by such pictures even though I don’t look for them either. Probably we can have bestiality pictures and monster/ tentacle sex in some Aika episodes, but I really don’t know what is the size of the audience for them.

I think it should be reasonably ok to have even the mainstream episodes showing Shivie Aika tentacle-raping the Delmos. After all, she is a monster in human form to begin with. Perhaps the less human a creature is, the less we see of these sex scenes since there is a higher chance these are turn offs to many people.

Urination (purely subjective, but I find urination amusing, but scat is very nasty and ugly)

Also urination is now a major part of my plot, since in many episodes I will have the AG deploy their tasers to take out entire stacks and bodypiles of Delmos. In order for the Delmos to be continually tasered, they need to have contact – hence the need for urine (or some other liquid soaking through all the Delmos). Of course you don’t always need urine, you could also pour a bucket of water on the Delmos and that would be plenty humiliating with the same electrical contact achieved. You could do the same in a kitchen fight and pour fruit juice on the Delmos or soup. You could even stimulate every Delmo until she cums and sprays her female ejaculation everywhere, but it would take all AG members a lot of time until every Delmo is wet in a pool of her own cum.

Generally I like to see some body fluid, if only because it tends to confirm to viewers like me that the Delmo in question has ‘lost control’. It could be pee or orgasm fluid, it could be tears or drool – often these little details add to mood. Delmo humiliation could be visualized by the sight of the Delmo in tears or in a pool of her own cum or pee...

If I ever have a 1000 episode hentai I will be surveying fan reactions before making some of the anime episodes. I have no idea how many people are turned off by pee, but if its a lot of people who don’t want pee, there are always other liquid substitutes that still serve my plot purpose of using repeat tasers to keep an entire bodypile’s worth of Delmos from coming back to fight!

I also like to imagine Maypia or Rion brutally beating a Delmo against a wall until she faints or collapses, peeing herself on the way down as she crumples into a pile at Maypia’s feet. Maypia then puts her foot on the Delmo’s head and rubs her shoe in the Delmo’s hair to complete the demonstration of disrespect.

Consensual Sex

Hentai is mostly rape, but not everyone wants to see rape all the time. Including me.

Since there are 120 Delmos, within 1000 episodes each 22 minutes long, there are 22000 minutes. Assuming there’s either sex or pantyshots taking place over half the time, we have 12000 minutes to fill.

If we make all sex scenes very condensed and maximally intense and fappable with all sex acts and positions represented by 0.5-3 seconds of action without any boring repeitition, we could reduce the entire scene to 30 seconds. There would be enough time for all the Delmos to be getting the following at least once through the series:

Raped by an AG member

Raped/ forcibly taken by Hagen at short notice when they are not really mentally ready for sex

Seduced by an AG member or Hagen

Seduced by some other Delmo with a strap on or wielding one of their many weapons such as phallic batons and phallic pistols

Having sex with people apart from the main characters. (EG getting picked up for sex on their day off, fulfilling some assignment by Hagen to have sex with his business partners such as arms dealers and crooked politicians, etc.)

I think each Delmo can be depicted having sex in many different settings and with different partners.

Even if most people expect to see rape in a hentai involving different factions fighting, I think we can have enough suspension of disbelief to expect that consensual sex is taking place on a fairly regular basis. The Delmos are sex starved and in an environment where they are encouraged to think of themselves as mothers of a future superior race. Whenever they meet superior humans such as Gusto, Gozo and Aika, submission in order to obtain superior genes is very much part of the equation. So at various times, overpowered or defeated Delmos will not put up any resistance to sexual advances from the AG. They might try to seduce their enemies, or they might kneel and offer to perform sexual acts, etc. Also if the Delmos are on some mission outside Hagenland, they might take advantage of the situation to look for sexual adventures – which our strong and powerful AG members are capable of providing!

My hentai series is full of sex. Both consensual and nonconsensual!

Some fight scenes (got to add to this later):

A group of Delmos (DM) ambush the Aika Gang (AG) in a deserted alley. The Delmos are defeated in all sorts of sexy ways. AG trips up or tosses three Delmos who fall headfirst into trash cans that have been labelled for different types of recycling material. While the Delmos are struggling, Gusto cunt punts one with his bare hand and the Delmo immediately falls silent. Michikusa pulls out another Delmo’s unused taser baton, and tases her cunt. Maypia grinning wickedly, takes another Delmo’s taser baton, inserts it into the Delmo’s vagina before tasering the Delmo. All three sexy sets of legs and crotches stop moving. One Delmo has a taser stuck in her crotch, another has peed herself because she got her clit tasered, the third is just in regular panties except not moving. Nice, very satisfactory variety.

A Dm charges Gozo who grabs her and tosses her into a dumpster. A DM tries to attack Michikusa, but is tripped and falls headfirst against a dumpster, knocked unconscious, and is now in an embarassing position seeming crouching in front of the dumpster. A DM is grabbed by Aika by one leg and tossed around like a club into other Delmos, knocking the other Delmos over like ninepins or into a trash pile before being sent flying into a dumpster herself. (I love to see their sexy flesh pressed against each other in tight confines!).

The anime missed many opportunities for good ryona. Like when Gusto infiltrates the Delmo base for the first time in Episode 2, he takes out black Delmos, white Delmos and blue Delmos in separate fights. But we are not treated to much direct violence or sexy bodies. Despite noticing “looks like there’s nothing but chicks here”, he doesn’t seem interested in sexually abusing the Delmos, and is obsessed with finding Aika. In a hentai version, he should take every possible opportunity to sexually toy with his opponents and humiliate them.

Gusto hits a Delmo in the crotch and watches satisfactorily as she keels over. He grabs her tit with one hand and puts his hand down between her legs to toy with her with the other hand. (Like in Episode 2.)

Delmos are crammed into lockers and other small tight spaces – get inspiration from Shabazik’s Pricom series; there’s lots of tasty female meat there!

Delmo tossing

AG members grab Delmos and shove or toss them around, body slamming them into each other, until all Delmos are completely disoriented and can no longer stand. They collapse leaning on each other.

Delmos are grabbed by their sexy long legs and thrown into each other, with faces hitting each other’s crotches. They fall onto the ground, entangled in each others’ legs.

Crotch bashing

Rion and Maypia grab a Delmo by both of her legs and we are treated to a very exciting one second as they hastily carry her towards a phallic object (Hagen being Hagen, there will be plenty of lampposts and other installations in Hagenland that are shaped after his own penis) or pole or lamppost. The look of terror on the Delmo is exquisite as we see the two AG members pass on either side of the lamppost holding one sexy long leg each... the action has been greatly slowed for our satisfactionthe Delmo’s crotch is rammed into the lamppost, we enjoy that lovely look of total pain, then the next moment the unconscious Delmo is dumped on the ground with the lamppost between her legs.


Delmos are smothered in each other’s crotches, breasts or buttcheeks. Their heads are held down until they lose consciousness and go limp.

Walk of Superiority

Aika and Gusto walk down a corridor in a Delmo base, not bothering to hide their presence. Delmos rush them repeatedly, but they just strike down and brush off the enemy as though they were nothing. EG two Delmos charge at Aika and Gusto, but these two quickly strike out at the Delmos’ crotches, the Delmos keel over in pain, and are subject to more groping or beating before they are left crumpled humiliatingly on the ground.

The Delmos will collapse into sexy synchronized rows in humiliating positions for our (and the AG members’) viewing pleasure! (Make sure to pan the camera to take in the entire scene!)

Displays of Superiority

More violent and sexy, casual tossing, suspension of disbelief kind of IDG treatments...

Delmo is thrown from a helicopter, lands on a horizontal pole and bounces off in great pain / sends up draped across the pole like a piece of washing. We have to ignore the real life force of the impact, and pretend that while painful, there is no serious injury.

I’m sure everyone reading this really loves to see sexy female bodies limp and draped all over in exposing and helpless looking positions!

Stacking of bodies to create a nice path decorated by Delmo panties and what not.

Stepping directly on Delmo bodies/ toss them into mud or something to use as foot steps with little consideration of whether it is dangerous. Being IDG, no need to worry if any Delmo tossed face first into mud is going to drown.

I would also say that using the camera to pan the aftermath of a scene allows us to have very sexy static scenes that don’t actually last. For example, Waraji/ Warajiya has some sexy pictures of female bodies face down in water after a fight. A scene like that would appeal to the snuff lovers. Because most of my fights will show the earlier and later parts of the aftermath, we can first have a sexy static scene where it looks as though there are a bunch of dead Delmos. The camera can pan over everyone’s bodies in great detail, all frozen. I’m sure the snuff lovers would be making screenshots and fapping like mad to these scenes.

Next, we can show the AG fishing their defeated foes out of the water.

AG isn’t nice. They drag the half drowned Delmos out by their hair. Or by some corner of their clothes, which predictably rips as a result. Then they punch Delmos in their bellies or drape them upside down and hit them. AG’s idea of CPR is to have Gusto kiss one Delmo while Aika punches her sternum, so it is not at all gentle and kindly, it is more like very rough and inconsiderate sex.

But in the end all Delmos recover. Once AG has confirmed that no one is dead or in danger of dying anymore, the Delmos (still stunned or intimidated) are dragged to form a wet bodypile, a taser placed in contact with the bodypile, and then the Aika Gang will leave the taser to periodically stun all the Delmos together until it runs out of electrical charge. No deaths, no crippling, no bones broken, but plenty of humiliation and discomfort!

Using Delmos’ bodies to construct a ladder or other furniture. EG three Delmos on top of one another can be a chair.

Fight scene aftermath

The fight scenes aftermaths are a great opportunity to demonstrate and indulge in what I like most. (Probably like most Aika fans), I have a pussy/ crotch fetish. I totally love pussies and the sacred garments that cover pussies. Pretty more than anything else in the world! While other parts of a Delmo’s body are sexy and nice to look at (face, mouth, neck, tits, butt, thighs, calves), nothing beats my pussy fetish in depth and intensity.

So in my hentai, after every fight I must emphasize the servicing of the pussy fetish.

First the camera zooms over every single fallen Delmo. Unlike the more static shots panning across a single picture as used by the anime makers, let’s imagine that I have won the billion dollar lottery and can fund studios to do much, much more. So each Delmo gets far better animation and she gets her own panties. If we have 120 Delmo characters, and each Delmo owns 30 panties of which at most half look the same as other Delmos’ panties e.g. the standard generic white cotton panties most commonly seen in anime, or standard sexy black lace panties, or standard jock strap thongs, then that means we have as many as 1800 plus 15 different panty designs/ styles/ colors. Some Delmos will be recognizable by their panties alone, since only they have a panty that looks exactly like that!

Anyway the camera should thoroughly wander over every single fallen Delmo as eye candy. At all angles. So we get not just crotch shots, but breasts side profile, calves in heels, nape of neck, whatever pleases the viewers’ sexual preferences. (I’m mostly a crotch and thighs kind of guy, but variety is the spice of life!)

Next the Aika gang (AG) members strut around, hands on hips, and they often pose smugly next to a defeated Delmo. They could step on the Delmo’s hair, they could put one foot on the Delmo’s body or face, they could make V signs with their fingers (Rion is most likely to do that), they could sit on the Delmos, they could squat down, raise the Delmo’s skirt, and grin into the camera... basically anything goes as long as AG is enjoying themselves and the Delmos are the ones being humiliated.

Next the AG go about rearranging the Delmos. They drag or carry the bodies humiliatingly. They reposition Delmos for maximum embarassment and exposure.

They stack Delmo bodies in all kinds of positions.


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Jul 25, 2017
The Indestructible Girl Part 2 (because it is too long otherwise)

Open Wide!

One fetish I really enjoy to indulge, would be to have them open the Delmos’ legs really wide apart.

Now it isn’t that natural to fall with legs wide apart. First episode of Aika, first fight with the Black Delmos did it right. I think the animators were still feeling around (pun intended) at that point. Pretty much most of the Black Delmos fell in positions that I find believable.

In contrast, by episode 6 (Gozo’s fight in a karaoke room), the fallen Delmos are mostly lying with legs unnaturally wide apart.

Could Gozo have done this? It’s more fun for him. At the conclusion of the fight, seeing no more resistance, Gozo decides to toy with his female opponents when they’re helpless. He could have been the one to pull their legs wide apart. Especially the two leaders, the short red haired Delmo and the long blonde wavy haired Delmo. Both could have been repositioned for Gozo to have vicarious pleasure with them and humiliate them in punishment for them leading that ambush. Gozo isn’t much of a gentleman although he is also not a murderous psycho. I like to think that he wanted to punish these two girls, but didn’t really want to get very violent or hurt them bad, so he just sexually humiliated them.

A big macho man like Gozo, spreading some sexy and defenseless girl’s legs wide. Is he going to stop there? Nope, I suspect Gozo did some poking, maybe some licking, definitely plenty of caressing and feeling around, before he left the Delmo alone. I’m pretty sure he should have gained some insight into each Delmo’s vagina... this is a man with pretty big hands, so even a finger would feel like something when inserted into a Delmo’s privates.

I would like to think of the AG opening many Delmo crotches wide. Then they might dump the body of another Delmo face down on this crotch. Or maybe put another Delmo in a 69 position, or merely arrange her between the wide apart Delmo’s thighs so it looks very intimate and sexual. Whatever it is, no Delmo escapes being sexually humiliated. If she is not the one being spread wide, she will be placed in a compromising position. You could have multiple Delmos being ‘compromised’ with each other, or you could even have an unfortunate Delmo wrapping her sexy legs around something nasty like a trash bin or toilet, or draped in a really helpless position.

There are a good many ways that a model can be made to pose with her legs wide apart, and I hope my animators are fully aware of all the perversions and combos that can be employed. I really do not want to stick with a few boring sofa or chair spreadouts. If there is a dining table or restaurant booth table available, the Delmos can have their legs put on the table wide apart, then the camera can give us plenty of crotch viewing from both an upper angle and a lower angle. If there are railings or fences available, the Delmos might get handcuffed or hog tied to these structures so that we can enjoy a maximum crotch view. Be creative and give us lots of variety!

Since I just read Caterpillar (the Manga), I thought I’d talk about one very arousing fight between Fig Fruit Wasp who is a sexy woman in a skimpy nightclub hostess dress and Sia Ferrox who is a muscular guy that looks like a construction worker on steroids. This fight is in Volume 6, page 102-114 of the raws. (Probably corresponding to chaper 46 or 47.) The fight ends with FFW with her legs wide apart, dress partly torn off, tears in her eyes and a terrified look on her face, soiling her crotch because she has pissed herself in fear. Sia Ferrox is standing very close, almost between her legs, and he waves his fists at her while towering over her in total domination.

This is an awesome scene to catch as a still/ static photo.

It doesn’t last of course. After confirming that his opponent is psychologically defeated (he doesn’t care about ‘dead’ or nonresisting opponents), Sia Ferrox merely takes his objective (a black envelope) and goes off. He doesn’t smash his opponent to death which he could easily have done. But for the rest of this manga, Fig Fruit Wasp behaves herself and doesn’t try to do anything against the heroes/ protagonists. (FFW is also evacuated from the scene later by the heroes, an act which saves her life.)

I imagine that we could have a Delmo in a similar situation. She starts out with an arrogant look on her face and fights, but after her weapon/ weapons are destroyed or taken away, she gets a beatdown and her clothes torn, until she can no longer resist and is at the AG’s mercy. The Aika Gang may choose to rape or humiliate her by doing degrading things to her, or they can just leave the Delmo sitting in her own pee after tasering her, her clothes mostly ripped off and her legs wide apart with soaked panties all of which is lovingly captured on the anime director’s camera!

The AG isn’t so inhibited as to stop here of course. Apart from exposing their foes in humiliating positions, there are lots of phallic objects they could violate their defeated foes with. For starters they could even use their own fingers or the Delmos’ own fingers to poke around. Since the tone of my entire series has shifted to keeping the Delmos conscious by incapacitating them via tasers rather than knocking them unconscious, it’s gonna be awesome because the Delmos are nearly almost always aware of what is being done to their bodies even if they are limp from the tasers and seemingly dead/ unconscious. I very much like the idea of Delmos’ fingers being poked into each other’s pussies. Really awesome mutual humiliation!

So the Fig Fruit Wasp scene from above, could have ended with a Delmo with legs wide apart, tearfully expecting the worst in violence from Aika or her cohorts. The AG finger the Delmo shamelessly without any resistance, maybe even putting in their taser bullet or the Delmo’s own baton or pistol into her vagina. The Delmo is too scared to fight even if she knows that the taser will soon zap her and keep her incapacitated for the next half hour in very uncomfortable, electrifying circumstances.


Another subset of this Open Wide fetish, is the vagina gape. Now it is of course easy to open a Delmo’s crotch and find something phallic to stuff inside when she’s incapacitated, but no matter how much suspension of disbelief we have, the Aika gang can’t possibly carry vagina speculums around during their missions. These things are bulky and metallic and can’t possibly have another purpose for the plot. So we have to use this suspension of disbelief whenever it’s even marginally possible that speculums are available.

Think about a fight in or near a Delmo infirmary. After which the AG proceeds to grab the nearby speculums and open up Delmos’ vaginas to further humiliate them.

Same thing could be done in other situations. EG Delmos dress up as nurses to assault AG members in a hospital, they dress as students to attack Rion in a high school, Delmos attack the AG near a helicopter after which they are spread open because the AG finds speculums inside the first aid box... as long as there is a vaguely medical scene, we’ll have to assume that speculums can be found to open the vaginas of the defeated Delmos. (Even if, like anyone should be able to guess, speculums are really not commonly found in first aid kits!)

WAIT... Actually, I have been reading about speculums and think that it’s possible to have far more use of the speculum in my Aika Hentai, without overly contorting the plot.

You see, some speculums are really gun shaped. Like this.éculum_en_plastique.jpg/1280px-Spéculum_en_plastique.jpg

Since the characters are all using their unique kind of taser gel shooting guns, we are not constrained by normal pistol design. So the AG and even their Delmo enemies, may be using pistols that open at the front for maintenance purposes. These coincidentally can serve as speculums, if they are opened up after being inserted into a Delmo.

Yes! More kudos to myself for creativity! Now I can have the Delmos not just violated with their own weapons after a fight, but that the violation should be abe to spread their nether regions apart for public viewing!

Upside down drink containers

I’m a fan of the upside down Delmo. Her back supported by maybe a wall, but she is otherwise upside down. This was seen maybe a couple times in the Aika series. There was this short haired pretty blue Delmo who was seen upside down as Maypia and Gozo fight their way out of Blue Delmo capture in Episode 4, and a black Delmo was put in this position in the Karaoke Room fight in Episode 6.

I like these positions, so I think we could continue the scene by having Delmos serve as drink containers. Whether it is at Hagen’s table, at some orgy involving Hagen’s business partners (with Delmos serving food and using their bodies as the furniture and utensils even!), or at the Aika Gang’s base with Delmo prisoners!

After a fight the Aika Gang restrains various delmos in upside down positions. (Let’s assume handcuffs, twist ties, tape or whatever is easily available!).

The hapless Delmos are then cunt-spread by their own weapons.

Drinks are poured into their vaginas.

The AG then enjoy sitting around and having a relaxing chat, drinking from their foes’ hapless bodies and applying tasers whenever it seems the Delmo is recovering from her incapacitation. Before they leave, they fill up each Delmo again with the liquid of their choice, just to humiliate their enemies further. [When these Delmos are rescued from their friends, inevitably the speculums are removed and the Delmo is turned right side up again. But no matter what you do, the liquid will come pouring out of the Delmos and soil their uniforms and the Delmos will look as thought they’re incontinent. So there’s still plenty of humiliation!]

The Aika gang isn’t totally insensitive to Delmos’ humanity, so they won’t go too far. They never pour anything too hot or too cold inside a Delmo. But it is still going to be very uncomfortable serving as the container for refrigerated milk or warm coffee, as the Aika gang replenishes their fluids after a battle!

Oh, and here is something extra for Michikusa, whom I identify as a character that has outre fetishes. Michikusa is probably supposed to appeal to a minority of weird fans, so he does weird things. While the Aika Gang and Hagen will use Delmo vaginas as their drink containers, Michikusa goes for the butt instead. He gapes a Delmo butt open with a speculum, pours liquid inside, and commences to drink from the butt! (I can just imagine a disgusted Rion yelling at Michikusa that he used the wrong hole, Michikusa replying saying he likes drinking from butts, and Rion socking him silly after that!)

Michikusa is the type of milksop who normally should be drinking milk rather than a more manly drink like Beer or Hard Liquor. To prevent any ugly sights when he’s drinking from someone’s ass, I think he should use coffee instead. Or maybe, haha, Michikusa fills a Delmo’s asshole with milk, but when he’s drinking, Aika asks if he put coffee into that butt and Michikusa says no... (this is totally disgusting, but really funny as well...)

Feeling over the Delmos

It’s not just about postures. Pussies will also get thoroughly pawed in my scenarios. Everyone does it, including Rion and Maypia. Everyone likes to cop a feel at the Delmos’ expense, especially when in my scenarios, the Delmos may be limp from the beating or tasering they got earlier, but are usually not unconscious so they are fully aware of the humiliation and violation being delivered.

There are plenty of dicks available for raping – three from the three male AG members, then dozens from Shivie Aika’s many tentacles. And of course, apart from living penises, you could use each Delmo’s personal gun to violate her, as well as her standard issue taser baton (essentially never used except for the purpose of invading her own vagina!). The Aika gang members are also armed with similar guns and batons as well as my bandolier-like silver bullet vibrators/ tasers described in previous posts. So there are many things that could be used to penetrate each Delmo’s three holes to make sure she is fucked airtight. The AG isn’t cruel enough to suffocate anyone by forcing an overly large object down her throat, but it is still very unpleasant to have a gun barrel pushed into your mouth especially if the gun barrel has just been used to violate your friend’s anus. Many Delmos are crying from this demeaning treatment.

And of course, you could always poke one Delmo’s fingers inside another Delmo.

And not to mention, this being like a Jackie Chan film, there are always lots of props conveniently lying around that could be used to effect our nefarious sexual games. Broomsticks, bottles, Karaoke mics...

I’ve always believed that Gozo’s sexy Episode 6 Karaoke Room fight, should have ended with the Delmos being punished by the same items they were using earlier. EG broomsticks, bottles, remote controls, mics, chair legs...

So we have a Before and an After to every battle aftermath. Before, would be like the first battle scene against Black Delmos. The sexy Delmos are mostly lying around exposed, but in entirely believeable positions. Then after the camera pans over the whole scene, it pans again over each individual Delmo so that we can view her body at different angles and memorize what kind of panty she wears, if we are so inclined to do. And then we are treated to the enjoyable spectacle of AG members posing it over their defeated opponents.

Then we have AG moving and repositioning the Delmos. Then more feel-copping and toying with their defeated foes. Every second in my hentai is a unique action that uses fresh animation; I really do not like the standard practice of recycling frames in hentai animes. Until nearly every Delmo orifice in the room is filled or violated with something. (If a fight took place in a Pink Delmo workshop, a Delmo might be turned upside down and lubricant sprayed into her cunt or onto her tits and face. If fight took place in a kitchen, a Delmo might get some sauce fired into her holes and smeared with food.)

Then the ‘after’ consists of the camera panning over everything and everyone in smirky satisfaction, lingering on each individual Delmo at different angles to show how she has been sexually humiliated. Some Delmos may be shown crying or red faced; they feel so humiliated and nasty but can’t move so they have to accept their bodies being treated like this.

But just in case some people want to accuse me of being cruel or evil, let me reiterate that the Delmos are basically supporting a Hitler-like character who wants to wipe out most of humanity. The AG are representing society’s disapproval when they disrespect the Delmos; they are also representing legitimate societies when they stay away from capital punishment (they don’t kill the Delmos or hurt them badly.)

Odorugui/ ikizukuri

These refer to a Japanese method of eating food that is so fresh that it is still moving.

In some cases, these are actually not alive, merely reacting to changes in sodium, so when you pour soy sauce on dead squid they start to move.

In any case I don’t intend to have the AG eat any fishes alive. Merely that in my hentai, Delmos can appear dead/ unconscious/ incapacitated but still wriggle and writhe sexily for our satisfaction because tasers are used. So you can taser a Delmo and have her squirm helplessly, while you eat (meaning perform oral sex) on her. It’s great fun for all the Aika members. Licking the delicacy that is, say, Toniya’s blonde pussy while Toniya is incapacitated. Tasting Bianca’s sweet redhaired pussy. Sometimes in the course of a ‘meal’, the AG are enjoying themselves so much that they forget to taser their enemies. The Delmos aren’t in the thrall of tasers anymore. But by that point, they are either enjoying themselves too much, or plain too scared to struggle and fight back, so they continue writhing sexily and seemingly helplessly as the AG give their Delmo opponents orgasm after orgasm.

Garbage and Meat treatment

I made mention previously about liking to see Delmos crammed into ovens, washing machines, and other tight spaces. This is not necessarily dangerous, since the AG typically disables the machinery first. The point is to both restrain their foes, and also to psychologically dominate them and discourage them from further resistance via this humiliating garbage and meat treatment. The IDG formulation means that we can expect they won’t be seriously hurt or sustain nasty lacerations against some piece of machinery.

I’m most fond of the scenes where Delmos are dumped headfirst into trash bins or some kind of container where their crotches remain accessible. The next step is to rub in the humiliation, whether it is by inserting some weapon or bullet taser or baton into their orifices, or having Michikusa eat some snack or peel a banana, then dispose of the wrapper by stuffing it into a hapless Delmo’s anus or pussy. Of course, being sexily crammed into an intimate space with their colleagues, is by itself a very sexy and fun thing.

Permanent Sexual Displays

I have mentioned this in previous posts, but did not emphasize enough. Hagenland is a country for the sole pleasure of Hagen, so everything that takes place in Hagenland is sexual.

In the ecchi, Hagen enjoys looking up his White Delmo Commander’s skirt as she walks around.

In the hentai, there’s going to be a lot more. I strongly suggest that the animators go to some strip clubs to study pole dancing and stripteases, as well as adult cabaret shows, revues and of course the youtube videos of Thai Coyote Girls dancing at car shows.

There are all kinds of sexy displays and uses for Delmos in Hagenland. They are at heart models, so their job is to display themselves for Hagen.

There will be plenty of cage dancing, line dancing, pole dancing, Coyote Dancing taking place in every room to entertain Hagen. After all, his main job as villain is to sit comfortably with his pets of the day (there are usually some sexy Delmos clinging to his arms or his legs) as he watches events on a big screen while his minions do all the work!

Hagen also has punishments for Delmos who fail him or their previous missions. These Delmos are often made to serve as furniture, or drink containers, or simply crawl around on all fours in a skimpy costume with Hagen’s drinks and snacks on their backs.

I find Thai Coyote Dancing very sexy despite the fact that the dancers are inevitably more dressed than Western nightclub dancers. This is due to their sexy body movements that Westeners, even Moulin Rouge dancers, could learn from. I hope the animators of my dream 1000 episode Hentai will also study thoroughly how to animate Delmos sexily.

Police Defeated

Delmos wear police uniforms and try to ambush the AG at a routine traffic stop, but are thoroughly beaten and sodomized with their own batons.

Waitresses Raped and Creampied

Delmos take over a restaurant surreptiously, restraining and stripping the original waitresses. They attack AG but are humiliatingly defeated

Delmos posing as schoolgirls do high kicks, jump from high places, try to take out Maypia. Maypia is defeated and humiliated. But Rion comes back with Aika, and in the subsequent melee, schoolgirl Delmos are beaten and left lying around in exposed positions.


Since the Aika Hentai series tries to cater to every fetish that I either like or do not hate, there’s going to be sharking as well!

Recently I watched the anime Killing Bites, and one very memorable scene (in fact the only sharking scene) was that of the character Eruza/ Cheetah pulling off Hitomi/ Ratel’s panties while in the toilet and fleeing with it as a battle trophy. Stuff like that is totally awesome, as unbelieveable as it may be.

Now I got really interested in sharking.

In the past, I was not really comfortable with Japanese sharking porn. Nearly all Japanese rape porn is so badly acted that we know it’s not real. But it’s not clear in most sharking videos if the women are consenting actresses or crime victims. There is certainly no set up or introduction/ documentation about the people involved. Even a ten second setup that features all the actresses together smiling into the camera alongside their pervert male actors, would have reassured me that these scenes are simulated.

So I don’t want to be promoting the Japanese AV sharking industry of what appears to be sexual harassment and assault.

But sharking in anime is of course one hundred percent acceptable. I think hentai anime is the best vehicle for sharking fetishes because you can be sure that no real person is being terrorized or assaulted. So my Aika Hentai series is going to have many sharking scenes limited only by the imagination of the creators!

Here’s some suggestions:

The battle trophy

AG visits a Delmo installation for fun. The only objective is to compete on how many battle trophies – aka Delmo lingerie – they manage to come back with. Of course Gozo, Aika and Gusto are going to do this honestly. Probably Michikusa will also try to compete honestly, since he likes stripping Delmos so much. But Rion and Maypia might be doing their usual sneaky thing. Instead of pouncing on armed Delmos on guard duty or invading some Delmo control room to get their panties, Rion and Maypia sneak into Delmo locker rooms and break into Delmo lockers instead!

(This also opens up, pun intended, considerable opportunity for us to see some humorous action and exchanges and plot twists as R and M pretend to be Delmos, steal other Delmos’ clothes in order to pose as Delmos, are forced to hide into used lockers filled with the scent of their Delmo owner, use empty lockers as hiding places for ambuses, gag, strip and stuff other Delmos into these empty lockers, etc.)

General sexual assault

My hentai is going to treat Delmos blatantly as sex objects, so the camera and POV will definitely zoom in on their private parts, even from angles not thought possible. But of course we all like to see that, right? After the AG survey each Delmo from their vantage points, they pick their targets and ambush her.

There could be brutal violence, there could be less brutal violence involving generous use of tasers, but what I prefer more is skilled and well targeted assaults. The Delmo is relieved of her panties (or they are merely just torn down). Maybe she gets her clothes pulled over her back and her bra is removed. In any case, at a time when they are armed and in a place they think is safe, the AG invades it and destroys their sense of security with a sexual assault that removes their intimate garments and usually also involves some feel copping and finger penetrations as well.

The Delmos are left stunned and humiliated as the AG disappear. Unlike in a conventional fight which does not zoom in on one’s private parts and underwear, it’s going to be very difficult for a sharked Delmo to voluntarily tell her commanders who has happened, so Delmos are slow to raise the alarm allowing the Aika Gang to assault more Delmos and carry out whatever their mission is. (This being hentai, the plots are microns thin, so I don’t really care what the mission is anyway because their real mission is making more Delmos eye candy for us viewers!)

Sharking as a precusor to other fighting

One great way to restrain a Delmo is to yank down her panties. Sometimes the AG don’t feel like beating anyone up. They just pounce on a Delmo, tear away her weapons, down her panties and flee! This Delmo is not going to be able to give chase for at least a few seconds, which is enough for our vastly more lithe and agile AG members!

Sharking during a fight

It is the privilege of the strong to toy with the weak. That’s exactly what Shivie Aika is capable of doing – messing around with Delmos while they can’t do anything to her.

Apart from the general molestations and forced penetrations and humiliating positioning (eg upside down), Shivie Aika should definitely pull down her victims’ panties to embarass them.

Fight sharking is not limited to Shivie Aika of course. Everyone does it. I would totally love to see Rion utterly humiliating her opponents by pulling down their panties during a fight. (Sometimes it can also be done with Maypia or Michikusa restraining the Delmo and Rion tearing down her panties as the Delmo screams for help or cusses her attackers out as perverts.)

Cunt inspections

Just another obscene invention of my foul brain. Delmos are all placed in a row. They can be hung from meat hooks (not directly of course, maybe the hook can go through their belts or bra straps, the meat hooking is just to humiliate rather than to hurt), strapped, draped over sofas or railings or placed on shelves. Their legs are open wide. AG members go down the line, poking and spreading and examining and commenting. This doesn’t really hurt any Delmo, but it’s very humiliating.

Daily inspections (also why Delmo butts are clean)

Any of you watch porn and notice that anal sex is always clean looking? Because the actresses enema their butts beforehand!

I’ve decided to bring this into Agent Aika Hentai as well.

Hagen being a horny and disgusting guy, he likes anal sex and anal toy play. So he has ordered that his Delmos clean their rectums three times a day with enemas. Since Delmos are basically mind controlled/ submissive, they do everything in their power to please their master, and always enema thrice a day.

At the start of the day, Hagen will line up his Delmos for inspection. He will walk down the line, admiring his female warriors (ahem, more like sex slaves). Then Hagen will feel them over just because he feels like it. Then he will poke fingers into each Delmo’s pussy, and make her lick his fingers clean. He will also do the same to their anuses. So if a Delmo hasn’t been doing her enema homework, it’s gonna be nasty.

With this in mind, I’m going to have it such that nearly all sex scenes in the hentai involve clean anuses. Although there will be a lot of anal penetration, ass games and ass to mouths, nearly all will feature clean butts because they conveniently take place just after a Delmo has done her tri-urnal enema. After all, the Delmos are a quasi military organization. A Delmo is on duty for maybe 9 hours a day, in three shifts with three hours of rest in between and a nine hour continuous period when she is not on duty and can have her beauty sleep. She will do her enema just before going on duty, because that is also when she might be lined up and ass-fingered by Hagen or a higher ranking Delmo. Delmos who are off duty, eating, sleeping, reading, doing their own stuff – all of these Delmos won’t normally be taking part in battles, and that’s good because the longer time has passed since your last enema, the dirtier your ass will be.

Maybe just a few episodes can have dirty anuses/ dirty anal/ dirty ass to mouth just to please the small minority of fans who like scat games.

Oh, and there will be no or very few scenes of Delmos shitting themselves in fear. After all, if they go on duty with assholes fully cleaned out, there will be no shit when they get scared!

Rape and Mutually Forced Sex

I always like the idea of a scene where most of the Delmos are beaten down, and then the AG direct all their horny attentions to one or two terrified survivors who haven’t been beaten senseless or incapacitated.

The AG could conduct some sadistic games where they shove the Delmos around or cop multiple feels/ spank butts/ pinch tits while the girl is utterly paralyzed with fear, or hugging her friend in terror.

Finally the AG will either gang rape the Delmos facing each other or force the Delmos to perform sexual acts on each other. Shivie Aika can even help, by lifting the Delmos into the air so that they can take on normally-impossible feats of movement.

AG members could even use the defeated Delmos’ bodies as furniture. Stack some on top of each other to form an armchair, use an upside down Delmo as a drink container. You probably need 20-30 Delmos at least to form chairs and cups for the six AG members as they sit around in a circle enjoying the spectacle of two frightened Delmos tearfully humiliating themselves to please their dominant foes.

END of my post for now... more obscene and disgusting stuff to come later.


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Jul 27, 2012
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Just found this. Lots of fun things I like :) Would totally be a delmo in this lol :P

A lot to comment on, but definently like the sharking thing as a way of taking out delmo :)


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Aug 23, 2014
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There is also a really nice picture of what I like torture to be like from the manga Caterpillar. In chapter 33, a sexy office lady assassin called Nanafushi/ Stick Insect (think Blue Delmo based on her dress and choice of weapon) has been captured by our hero/ heroines. The heros strip the assassin, rip up her underwear a bit for more viewing pleasure, tie her with arms behind a chair and legs wide apart, then put a noose around her neck (the weight is on the back of her neck so she is at no risk of suffocation) and dangle her on the edge of an opening in the wall while threatening to cut the rope if she refuses to cooperate.
Of course, if anyone else is interested in finding this like I was the chapter was easy to find, but for convenience's sake, here's the scene in question: 8800888009880108801188012


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Jul 25, 2017
I came across pixiv author Insomniac69 recently. That guy seems to share a lot with me. He has Agent Aika-like scenes, and he has scenes of pussies getting tasered with batons.

If anybody reading this wants to upload a few Insomniac69 pictures, that'll be helpful illustration. If now I'll do it at some time in the near future.

I also have come across great work by grgr444 on Pixiv. Sooner or later I'm gonna grab their pictures to tell my own Agent Aika tales...
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