1. R

    Transparent Panties 1.0

    I wanted these to be lace panties. However, the small detail of a lace pattern doesn't look very good when zoomed out. So I went without a pattern. The result looks rather simple, but good enough. Resources used for the screenshots...
  2. R

    See-Through Panties 1.0

    The reference I used for this one also has a matching bra I hope to be able to do at some point. This might take a while, though. So here's the standalone panty for now. The background is available here: Have fun. Additional resources...
  3. R

    Thong 1.0

    Simple thong in two versions: regular and pulled aside. Note: The pulled aside version might not work well for all positions. The background and the list of mods used for the screenshot is available here: Have fun. Check in here for...
  4. D

    Dragon Star Varnir Mods

    Okay The Game came out on Oct 8 2019 DEVELOPER: Idea Factory, Compile Heart PUBLISHER: Idea Factory International GENRE: RPG, Adventure, Nudity, Anime, Action This game as you can see is made from the same company as the Neptunia games its has the Same Game Engine as Neptunia Virtual Stars...
  5. R

    Pearl G-String plus Accessories 1.0

    This is a set consisting of the following items: Pearl G-String Thong Pearl Choker (Single Strand) Pearl Stud Earring Pearl Dangling Earring Due to the small detail, the stuff looks best in full screen mode. The items were inspired by the Pearl Necklace mod provided by @Perdition...
  6. ds14048

    rgb striped panties 1.0

    rgb striped panties rgb adjustable striped panties panties slot uses rgbFill for main color, use color selector 1. uses rgbFill2 for outlines, use color selector 2.
  7. ds14048

    Blue Striped Panties 1.0

    Blue Striped Panties Panties mod
  8. K

    Panties :D 2020-01-12

    17 panties total - 6 main designs with variations for the bow ones: used bottoms from @Perdition 's - Pulled Down One-Piece Swimsuit 2.0 CostumePanties
  9. K

    dantethedarkprince and perdition mod revisions 2020-01-12

    these are mostly changing rgb slider controls or changing tops to bras, bottoms to panties, top to overtops, adding legwearb original artist @dantethedarkprince and revisions by @Perdition 40 mods in zip for preview images, moreclothing settings, what has been changed for each mod and more go...
  10. K

    RGB Striped Panties 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's striped panties rgb one set of stripes and the litttle bow (white stripes are static) CostumePanties
  11. K

    RGB Minxie Underwear - New Lace Pattern 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's MB_-_Minxie_Underwear_normal_body with different lace pattern 3 rgb control variations uses bra and panties adds bow as part of bra CostumeBra CostumePanties
  12. K

    RGB Minxie Underwear - Original Lace Pattern 2019-12-22

    @dantethedarkprince 's MB_-_Minxie_Underwear_normal_body 3 rgb control variations uses bra and panties adds bow as part of bra CostumeBra CostumePanties
  13. Perdition

    Avatar Tattoos 2019-12-14

    Some tattoos based on Avatar: The Last Airbender symbols. Arm tattoos are RGB adjustable, butt tattoos are not.
  14. Perdition

    Egyptian Tattoos X+5

    Various RGB adjustable Egyptian themed tattoos. Ankh, for arm, pubic, back ankle and butt, hieroglyphs and Madjed for arm and butt.
  15. DigitalSmutExports

    Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored) Mod Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of mods for Empress Emily Kaldwin of Dishonored 2. It contains the full costume as a single mod (to your left) but it also contains 12 single pieces of clothing for your customization pleasure (sample to your right). Some are character specific some are not. See the spoilers...
  16. Perdition

    Perdition Body Writing 2019-11-21

    RGB adjustable body writing for her neck, butt, and breasts. Uses the secondary RGB slider and the collar, panties, and bra slots respectively.
  17. Perdition

    Phoenix Tattoo 2019-11-17

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a phoenix for her arm, butt, and ankle. Uses the armwear, panties, and legwear slots respectively. Uses the secondary RGB slider.
  18. Perdition

    Mermaid Tattoo 2019-11-17

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a mermaid for her arm, butt, and ankle. Uses the armwear, panties, and legwear slots respectively. Uses the secondary RGB slider.
  19. Jaxx

    School Outfits Pack 1.01

    School Outfits Pack Requirements: Loader mods, you shouldn't have any issue if you're using sby's loaderpack Template Extension v6 by sby (included in the archive) Breast Firmness (included in sby's loaderpack) Read me (really do read me). What do you need to know in order to avoid issues or...
  20. Perdition

    Sylvanas Tattoo 2019-11-02

    RGB adjustable tattoo of Sylvanus from World of Warcraft. Uses the secondary RGB slider and comes in a version for the arm, breast, butt, and ankle.