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Lucy Vs Mira

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by rasutzarsenal, Jun 2, 2014.

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    May 11, 2014
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    Tournament qualifiers-3 count pin towin-Mira Vs Lucy odds=70-30

    [​IMG]Today Mira is wearing a two piece ocean blue string bikini. Mira made her way to the ring slowly high fiving and waving at audience members along the way. Once in the ring Mira laid back on some turnbuckles; completely at ease.
    [​IMG]Lucy also being a fairy tail model was very comfortable in her two piece salmon pink string bikini. Lucy, feeding off the energy of the crowd, skipped her way to the ring. Lucy then slowly bent over and crawled her way into the ring.

    Ding Ding Ding , the match had begun.

    Well folks today we have the first qualifying match for fairy tail diva champion with Lucy and Mira; two beautiful Divas.

    Im not as good as Mira but maybe i can catch her off guard
    Ok Mira just take this one slow and wear her out

    Lucy took the first shot kicking Mira in the ribs yet mira had anticipated Lucy's rushed attack and grabbed Lucy's extended leg converting her kick into a single leg Boston crab.

    Aw shit already!? I gotta get out of her hold soon

    Lucy quickly tried to crawl to the rope, but Mira wasn't having it, Mira switched to a full Boston crab and dragged Lucy back into the middle of the ring.

    Theres no shame in tapping you know.
    No! Not yet!

    Out of desperation Lucys ringside friend Virgo interfered and stopped the hold. This allowed Lucy to retreat and reccooperate in the corner for a moment.

    My My what a rocky start for lucy; shes gonna have to pull something out of her hat to gain some momentum here.
    Shit i need to play this smarter, wait for Mira to make a move.
    Lucys out of her league ill finish her quickly for her own good

    Mira, not wanting to lose momentum tried to spear Lucy into the turnbuckles. With a little bit of luck Lucy dodged Miras attack and Mira went head first past the Turnbuckle and into the metal post.

    Nows my chance!

    Lucy capitalizes on Miras mistake and sets up for one of her finishers. Lucy grabs Mira by the hair and places Miras head between her thighs, Lucy then kneels down and rams Miras head onto the floor. one. two. three times. Lucy Lucy proceeds to flip Miras limp body over and falls on her for the pin.

    Mira with her shoulders down, could this be it?

    the crowd was enthralled by this upset and were shouting along with the refs count. ONE...TWO...THR- with Mira raising her foot onto the rope the pin was broken. the match wasnt over yet.

    Ouch that was close. Lucy was about half a second away from victory.
    Im ending this now Mira!
    God my head hurts... I cant let Lucy get in another move on me or im done.

    Lucy had enough she was gonna finish this with a power slam. Lucy lifts up Mira onto the top turnbuckle. While Lucy was busy trying to get Miras legs around her shouldrs for her move Mira gives her a knee jab to the face. Shocked by Miras new found vitality lucy rests her head on the turnbuckle for a few seconds.

    Sorry Lucy but i have to use my swinging neckbreaker on you. You basically set yourself up for it anyway.
    How is she still attacking!?

    To follow up Mira locks her arm around Lucy's neck and jumps off the turnbuckle and over Lucy. When Mira lands Lucys neck is chrushed between Miras shoulders and arms.

    WOW did you see that!? That looked devastating!
    Oh no i hope i didnt hurt her too badly...

    Lucy, now completely unconscious is dragged by Mira into the center of the ring and the pin began. As the pin begins Lucys face is buried in Miras genorous chest. Lucy catches a small wiff of Miras perfume before passing out with a small smile and the feeling that she had done well. The ref counts One... Two... Three...
    Ding Ding Ding with that the match was over and the the referee holds up Miras arm proclaiming her victory. Lissana jumps into the ring and hugs her sister. At the same time Virgo slides Lucy's limp form out of the ring and places her head on her lap.

    I gotta say Lucy put up a good fight but it was an uphill battle to begin with, no shame in admitting that. With this win Mira will be heading to the semifinals to face either Cana or Karen in her next bout