Quick Scene Sample: Lucy Heartfilia vs. Possessed Loke

Asuka Kazama Ryona

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Mar 25, 2018
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“Loke, snap out of it!”

“Ggghh… grrr… nggg...”

The only response that Lucy got out of a tied-up Loke was a series of unintelligible grunts and growls. His arms were pinned to his body by a stream of blue and gold Celestial Magic that came from Lucy’s whip. Loke was frothing at the mouth while his eyes were glazed over; he was under the complete control of a hooded assailant who stood at the end of the deserted alley they were in.

“Loke,” the hooded figure called out in a loud voice, “destroy her.” The Celestial Spirit glimmered with golden light, and then the whip restraining him went slack on the ground as he vanished into thin air.

He went back to the Celestial Spirit World by himsel- Before Lucy could even finish her thought, Loke reappeared right in front of her to smash his fist up her bare stomach.
Lucy gasped audibly as her eyes widened in shock; her breath and her saliva flew from her agape mouth and she hunched over slightly, her body folded on Loke’s punch. The blow left a stabbing feeling in her chest that hurt her and stunned her, letting the possessed Celestial Spirit grab her shoulders and pull her body down right into a crushing kneelift that hit Lucy around her navel.

“GAAHHCC-” Loke immediately drew his knee back, pulled Lucy’s body up, and then -- BAM!
He drove a shining, magic-empowered fist into her stomach and shot her high into the air. Pure, unadulterated pain surged through Lucy and she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out since all the air she had was beaten out of her. And as she fell back to earth, Loke grabbed the back of her head and quickened her descent by slamming her down hard on the cold, cobbled floor of the alley.

“Well done, Loke.” Once again, he disappeared with a soft golden glow. The hooded figure walked over to Lucy’s prone body, then kicked her side to roll her over to her back, letting her limp and now-useless arms flop to her sides. They bent over to brush away loose strands of hair that partially obscured Lucy’s face, which still bore a pained expression with her mouth still hanging slightly open and her eyebrows scrunched together over her closed eyes.

“Rest now, Lucy. You’re going to need it,” muttered the figure softly. They stood back up, grabbed a tuft of blonde hair, and walked off, dragging an utterly destroyed and totally unconscious Lucy Heartfilia along the cold, hard ground.
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