1. C

    Boxing E/RP (Multiple Character Options Available!)

    If anyone would like to RP with me, my Discord is: « Carnival Genesis#5022 > Here are some available choices: - Any recent/previous Fire Emblem Avatar (Female, naturally) / female antagonist (Ex. Kronya / Fem!Byleth, Lyn / Sonia) - Any female character from DBZ - Any female character from...
  2. C

    Madam Nyx's strip boxing club

    The cracked ceiling of Madam Nyx's strip boxing club was painted a dull shade of purple. An odd choice, considering the rest of the duct-taped gym was white. The thin lines that cracked the ceiling looked like bolts of lightning, withered and fading away, much like the 20-year-old who stared at...
  3. C

    Alissa outboxed, knocked out, and shamed

    Alissa's next matches we're not kind to her. The very next week she faced a former boxing champion. Terrance Little was positively ripped. Alissa stood in the ring as he shadowboxed on the outside, before climbing the steps and entering through the ropes. The crowd hasn't reacted to her...
  4. Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top)

    Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top) 2013

    Fighter Gear (Gloves + Top) Loader Mods by TOlive
  5. K

    Looking for some Art and stories by Cheggles99 from Deviantart

    Hello, I really enjoyed the boxing/wrestling/genderbent art that Cheggles99 did on DeviantArt. Unfortunately they deactivated their account and I only have a few of their pieces saved. If anyone has any of the art or stories saved would you be willing to share them? I have attached the few I...
  6. C

    Original Lucy's Boxing Lesson

    (If this is your thing I've been posting in the ryona forum. This page probably fits my material better.) I Know What you Did Lara Croft and The Pugilists Star Wars: A Woman in Power Road Rage “Ooooooh!” Lucy’s eyes crossed and she cocked her head to one side. Her arms lifted involuntarily...
  7. C

    Lara Croft and The Pugilists

    Lara swept her hair back from her face and took a deep breath, taking stock of her situation. A few feet away her opponents stood with feet planted. The men had massive arms crossed over impressively muscled chests. They each dwarfed her and carried her weight in muscle. Both wore leather chest...
  8. C

    Lucy's Boxing Lesson BP

    “Ooooooh!” Lucy’s eyes crossed and she cocked her head to one side. Her arms lifted involuntarily as the bigger woman’s fist drove into her flat, but it turns out not very strong belly. Lucy admitted that Jack’s charms worked on her. He wasn’t subtle, but he was funny and good looking and...
  9. D

    Mortal Kombat - Shelya vs Johnny Cage

    Yppiz aka Bill Sherman is mostly into guro / vore oriented stuff (and the third part of this story, after Sheyla gives Johnny his reward and faces off against Kitana is in fact a lot more gore filled) but this is a rare and sexy bit of FM boxing: * MORTAL_KOMBAT_Sheyla "Ladies and...
  10. Deleted member 223580


  11. Jade1503

    CWF: Neggy vs Afrika Alan

    After CWF’s first title match and Satsuki Kiryuin being carried to the infirmary, the third match was about to commence as the spectators got back to they’re seats and the announcer’s voice boomed throughout the arena. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH, MAKING HER WAY TO THE RING: AFRIKA ALAN!’ The doors...
  12. Jade1503

    CWF: Yin vs Stocking Anarchy

    Once Panty Anarchy was carried out of the arena, it was now the third match of the day. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH!’ the announcer declared. ‘WE WILL BE HAVING A SPECIAL MATCH: BOXING VERSUS WRESTLER! PLEASE WELCOME OUR BOXER: YIN!’ The doors opened and a young girl with green hair tied in a...
  13. Jeff

    HTM Ryona Art Commissions

    Here are some art commissions HTM has had made from various artists Dick Napalm's Bunny of Bunny Bound - used for a punching bag by Darrius and Rusty of - Hit the Mat Uncensored version on - Punching Bag Bunny by Dick Napalm | Rusty beating up Christina Carter on the bag...with a...
  14. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 5

    High up in the air, just above Republic City, was an airship hovering together with the white clouds. The engines hummed softly as the airship paraded in circles. On the balloon were the words “Sato’s Industries”, indicating that it belongs to Asami Sato: the CEO of the richest company in...
  15. Boxing Gloves

    Boxing Gloves 1.0

    Boxing gloves (requires Loader).
  16. R

    To The Victor The Spoils: Prologue

    Prologue Before I knew what hit me, I was on all fours like a prostrated animal. The constant, yet ever changing roar of the crowd shook me to my bone. Saliva mixed with my blood dripped from my mouth to the navy blue canvas, I could feel my head pounding hard as if I could hear my heart...
  17. Boxing Helmet

    Boxing Helmet 1.0

    Protective helmet for contact sports.
  18. Jade1503

    Avatar: Kuvira vs Korra 2

    Inside of one of the dormant volcanoes in the Fire Nation, the arena filled with people as both Kuvira and Korra stood facing each other in the cage, glaring at one another. Kuvira was nude except for the green boxing gloves and black and green boots: showing her brown nipples and black hairy...
  19. Jeff

    Wrestling and Boxing Ryona by HTM

    From Mixed Boxing and Wrestling at Hit the Mat :: Sexy Fighting Action - Hit The Mat Is nudity allowed?


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