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Legend of the Seeker - Sisters of the Dark cut down

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Bootslutgirl, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Bootslutgirl

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    Feb 14, 2010
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    Ever since first noticing the Sisters of the Dark a few days ago, I have been enticed and aroused by the battle scenes. I have posted an "essential hits" video here:


    Here is the breakdown:

    0s: The veiled Sisters of the Dark, before they get slaughtered.
    3s: The first Sister gets cut down by a sword slash.
    4s: The second Sister gets cut down by a sword slash + kick.
    5s: The second Sister's body hits the ground.
    6s: A glaive hits the third Sister in the throat. She hits the ground hard with the force of the shot.
    7.5s: The fourth Sister is impaled.
    8s: The fifth Sister is slashed and kicked.
    9s: The sixth Sister is slashed with such force she tumbles through the air.
    11s: Beautiful shot of the bodies of two Sisters lying dead on the ground. Seventh Sister blocks a hit.
    12s: Seventh and eighth Sister get slashed simultaneously, falling to the ground.
    1. Beautiful shot of two more Sisters lying dead.
    14s: Ninth Sister engulfed in flames, groans orgasmically at 15s.

    16s. New scene. Two Sisters thrown to the ground by invisible force.
    18s: Gorgeous sword slash that causes the third Sister to spin through the air as she falls dead to the ground.
    19s: Fourth Sister thrown over shoulder, presumably her neck was broken.
    21s: Fifth and sixth sister impaled simultaneously with thrown daggers, fall backwards in slow motion.
    24s: Taking the daggers from the dead bodies of fifth and sixth Sisters, seventh Sister puts up resistance briefly before being kicked, falling to the ground, and being stabbed in the back.
    30s: Eighth Sister cut down by a sword slash, falls in slow motion.
    32s: Ninth Sister cut down by a sword slash. Notice the body of a Sister in the background.

    I love to imagine each one having an orgasm as she is killed. If anyone knows about some additional scenes in which the Sisters of the Dark are killed, I'd love to hear about them, and add them to my collection. Play it in a loop, and let me know what you think!