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It's Tradition Part III: Kendra Gets Axed

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Mar 23, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Silvya and I snuggled in bed cemented to each other with my cum, waiting for our alarm to go off. "I cannot believe that our baby girl is finally old enough to kill us." I whispered to Silvya.
    "I know, Kendra Hottie." Silvya breathed. "It feels just like yesterday when they planted the egg in my uterus, and last night when I gave birth to her." Our alarm went off and Silvya reached behind her and turned it off. "Well, I guess we need to get unstuck." Sylvia said downcast.
    "There will be plenty of time for that later." I said, reaching for the bottle of turpentine. After we were unstuck, I took a shower while Silvya started breakfast. I came out only wearing my towel and as a cape, as usual.
    Francesca walked in the door, exhausted. "Morning, Mama," Francesca said, walking over to Silvya to kiss her. I could tell from how she was walking, she was still bruised from the beating and had received DP anal either yesterday or last night.
    "Good morning, Frankie." Silvya said, turning her head to kiss our daughter on the lips.
    "How was the party?" I smirked as Frankie walked over toward me.
    "It was hot and sexy, Mama Kendra!" Frankie gushed. "I only wish it did not end this early. I wanted to last 48 hours."
    "You were up for over 24 hours and need to sleep." I said.
    "Not until I shower, Mama Kendra." Frankie said. "I am covered in cum and sweat."
    "Very well." I acquiesced.
    "Breakfast is ready." Silvya said as she placed the food on the island. She took a deep breath. "Francesca, I hate to ruin your good mood, but there is something we need to talk about."
    "What is it?" Frankie asked with a biscuit posed to enter her mouth.
    "There is a tradition in our family where the oldest daughter kills her mother." Silvya said.
    "Well, there is more to the story." I started with a sigh. "Biologically, you are my daughter, too."
    "I gave birth to you, but you have Kendra's blood in your veins." Silvya said.
    "Whoa, hold on a minute!" Frankie returned shocked, dropping her biscuit to her plate. "How is it possible for me to be the biological daughter of *both* of you?"
    "In vitro fertilization involving two ova instead of an ovum and a sperm cell." I said.
    "You were then sitting in a test tube while a fertilization doctor determined if you would be viable for implantation into my uterus." Silvya said.
    "I wanted to give birth to you, but I was bound into a corset as a child." I explained. "I do not begrudge my mother for doing it, but there was no way in hell I could actually give birth to you because my hips were too narrow. I may not be your mother in the truest sense of the word, but I would still be honored if you killed me, too."
    "Mama Kendra, once I heard you were my mother/father, I immediately changed my plans and included you in them." Frankie replied, taking and caressing my hand. "There is no way I could kill Mama without killing you. You are both dying tonight. I wanted to do it last night, but the High Priestess refused without telling me why."
    "How do you intend to kill us?" Silvya asked.
    "I will execute you in the truest sense of the word." Frankie smirked. "I will be decapitating you both with an axe. You will be laying on your side facing each other and kissing when the axe falls."
    "Well, that gets points for originality and showmanship." I said sarcastically, picking up my steak biscuit and inspecting it speculatively before taking a bite.
    "Mom once told me about someone being drawn and quartered before." My sexy carnivorous wife said thoughtfully as she manhandled and took a bite out of her steak. I always thought she would outlive me just long enough to kill herself eating death camus or nightshade.
    "Silvya, I am glad you already killed her. I am not sure how I would have felt about sharing our big day with her." I said through a bite of steak biscuit.
    "I know how you feel, Kendra Hottie." Silvya said. "I loved my mother, but I want this to be *our* special day as a family."
    "Mama, how did you kill your mother?" Frankie asked.
    "I tied a rope around her neck in such a way that I could hold her down with my knee against her back and the knot stay on her throat when I pulled her head up with the rope." Silvya answered, her eyes glazed.
    "That was so hot, too." I said, pulling Silvya back to the present. "It took her *several hours* to finally asphyxiate because you tied her too loose compared to how tight she wore a corset." I sighed in arousal. "She was moaning up until she finally passed out." I pulled myself out of the past. "Tell us more about your party. What and who did you do?"
    "It was at an adult club, Mama Kendra." Frankie said. "I was the blowup doll. That was damn sexy, being fucked by everyone in the club. I cannot begin to tell you everyone who fucked me, but I do know Lady Kaine had the honor of first round, and I cannot think of anyone other than you two who should have had that honor. Lady Kaine tortured me more than fucked me. His knowledge of torture tactics rivals yours, Mama Kendra."
    "As he should!" I emphasized. "He was taught by Silvya's mother, personally."
    "Wait, Mom taught Lady Kaine?" Silvya asked surprised.
    "Yes, according to Mom." I replied. "Mom said Kathryn trained Lady Kaine during the war."
    "During the war?" Silvya asked thoughtfully.
    "Yes. You will have to ask Mom and Kathryn tonight." I answered. "Mom was never fully specific." I waved my hand. "Back to the party. Besides being the fuck doll, what else did you do?"
    Frankie smiled wistfully. "I was fucked onstage for most of the party. I did mingle with my guests for the first two hours, but the rest of the party was spent getting fucked on stage. The only thing that will be better than my birthday party is the day I die."
    "Go shower and sleep." I said. "Silvya and I will see you at the club tonight." Frankie scurried off to shower and sleep, leaving Silvya and me in the kitchen. "What time should we head to the club?"
    "I was thinking Frankie had decided to execute us at 5 tonight." Silvya replied. "My best guess is 3:30."
    "Sounds good to me." I said.
    Silvya and I had already prepared the house, but the oven still read noon. "How the hell is it still this early!?" I screamed at the sky. Thunder boomed and the lights flickered, but the clock was fine. I looked to Silvya in horror as Persephone materialized in our kitchen.
    I did not even know how it happened, but I was seeing stars on ass propped up in front of the refrigerator and Silvya prostrate at Persephone's feet begging for mercy. "This seems so familiar." Persephone grinned wickedly. "Oh right, now I remember. It was like this before Kathryn's execution." Persephone's teeth dripped blood. "I could speed up time, but I think it will be more fun watching you sweat with anticipation." With that, Persephone was gone.
    I shook off the shock and stood up. "Why did that happen?" I asked, still a little dazed.
    "Patience is a virtue." Frankie yawned from the stairs.
    "You should still be asleep." I growled.
    "Persephone's display woke me." Frankie said as she turned. "I will see you at the club. We start at 5." With that, Frankie had disappeared.
    I looked at the oven. "Fuck! Still too early!" The clock read 12:05. "What else can we do before we need to be there?"
    Silvya shrugged. "Maybe we should just go one and go. Lady Kaine may already be there."
    "If he is as punctual as Kathryn, he could be waiting on us." I replied. "You want to drive?" I asked handing Silvya the keys.
    "What the fuck are you handing me the car keys for!? I cannot drive stick!" Silvya screamed.
    I laughed darkly. "I was joking, Silvya. Pull out the camel toe."
    "Oh." Silvya replied.
    We climbed into the car and drove to the club. Lady Kaine was already there, tending the roses. "Lady Kaine, forgive us for our tardiness." I curtsied deeply.
    "You are fine. I came early to tend the roses. It seems the Mother in charge of this club has been neglecting her duty." Lady Kaine said. "All of my preparations are complete. Did you complete your preparations?"
    "Frankie already knew about the family tradition." Silvya said.
    "She did. She came to me to discuss how to execute you." Lady Kaine replied. "I found something interesting in her weapon choice. Did she tell you what she would kill you with?"
    "Yes. She said she was going to execute us in the literal sense, meaning with an axe." I answered.
    "Yes. The axe she chose, I was surprised she could wield it." Lady Kaine mused.
    "Why? What axe did she choose?" Silvya asked.
    "Francesca chose the three-handed axe." Lady Kaine stood and wiped his hands on his gardening clothes.
    I looked to Silvya who shook her head. "We never gave her the speed or strength training to wield something that heavy." I continued.
    "She is well trained. Whomever trained her is a weapon's mistress." Lady Kaine said as walked to the door. "Your reactions indicate you know nothing about who trained her to wield an awkward weapon."
    "I only know of one person of average height or taller who could actually wield a three-handed axe." Silvya countered.
    "Ah, yes. Lady Kathryn." Lady Kaine said. "I checked our records after Francesca proved she could use the three-handed axe. Silvya, you executed Lady Kathryn three years before Francesca was born."
    "Yes, Milady." Silvya said. "None of my siblings, except for my brother, who was killed the same year Kendra killed her mother, could wield the three-handed axe."
    "We shall let the details of her training work themselves out. I would like the time to explain my preparations with you." Lady Kaine said.
    "Of course, Milady." I replied.
    "Very well, follow me." Lady Kaine commanded, leading us to the killing room, as it was called now. "As you can see, I brought four potted vines down from Washington with me. The vines were too long to just lay on the table, and I had to spiral them up the legs." Silvya and I looked at Lady Kaine quizzically. Lady Kaine smiled. "Do not worry. The vines thirst for blood."
    "That is nice to know." Silvya said. "They will drink deeply this evening."
    "That they will." Lady Kaine seconded. He looked at his smart phone. "You need to finish getting ready. It is already 4:30."
    "Damn, time flew!" I said.
    "It damn well did. We left the house at 12:05 this afternoon." Silvya returned.
    "White robes?" I asked.
    "No. Francesca was very adamant about you being naked." Lady Kaine answered.
    Silvya and I hurried back stage to strip, only to find Frankie waiting for us. "Well, you finally made it." Frankie smiled.
    "Would hate to miss it." I smiled back as I stripped out of my dress. I untied my ribbon and handed it to Frankie. "I want you to have this."
    "Mom, your ribbon?" Frankie asked surprised.
    "I want you to have just as my mom wanted me to have it." I answered.
    "My mom gave me this bangle before she died." Silvya said handing Frankie the elastic, metal band."
    "I love them. Thank you." Frankie said, slipping on the bangle, then tying the ribbon.
    "That bangle is special." Silvya explained. "It marks every kill of it's owner, tracing back through its history. Each tally has a date and name in it that require a magnifying glass to read, but all are researchable, and most are family."
    "Thank you both." Frankie said again. "Mama Kendra, how long has our family passed down the ribbon?"
    "I do not know." I replied. "I inherited it from my mother, who inherited it from hers, who inherited it from hers, and so on and so forth." I looked at the wall clock. "It is time."
    "Yes it is." Frankie replied, leading Silvya and me out to stage.
    Frankie helped us up on the table one at a time, finally positioning us so we would cement to each other. Frankie placed the axe on our necks to determine the target zone, the brought the axe back, and let it fall. It was all over in less than a minute.