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Idol Destruction

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, May 31, 2015.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    This story contains scenes of rape. You have been warned!

    Colton Cross is the name given to this gentleman here:


    As you can see, he knows how to treat a lady, apparently.....


    Yukiko stood in the ring, waiting on her opponent. She'd issued an open challenge to any wrestler in the back. Her music died down and she waited for her opponent to come out. Her eyes were fixated on the ramp. Who would stand up to her open challenge?

    Music hit... but she didn't recognize it. She froze. Who was this?

    The music played for a bit and she subtly cocked her head to the side, waiting. Suddenly... her opponent came through the curtain.

    "And her opponent... COLTON... CROSS!"

    Was this right? A male wrestler had accepted her challenge? But he wasn't on the roster!

    Yukiko went over to the referee. "Wait a minute, who's this guy? Where did he come from?" The referee shrugged her shoulders. "I have no idea, I'm just as surprised as you!"

    Colton made his way to the ring, microphone in hand. He stepped between the ropes.

    "Now Yukiko, I heard your challenge. You challenged any wrestler in the back to a match... and I just so happened to be visiting a friend of mine. And I'm a wrestler... so I thought I would come and accept your challenge! You see, you didn't challenge anyone on the roster... just anyone in the back." Realization crept across Yukiko's face. He was right, she had misworded her challenge. But then who expected a male competitor to be in the building? Let alone on an 18+ night where the competitors were free to do anything they pleased to each other? Certainly not her.

    Colton handed the microphone to the referee and began stretching in his corner. Yukiko prepared herself. She'd just have to go at this like any other match. No matter who it was, they could be worn down.

    The bell rang and the two grapplers circled in the ring. As soon as the two entered a tieup, Colton thrust downward, shoving Yukiko roughly to the mat. She hit the canvas and rolled back to one knee immediately. She hadn't expected that kind of strength. Okay then, it was going to be one of those types of matches. She'd won versus stronger opponents before.

    She got up, circling Colton again, being more mindful of his strength. It quickly became clear Colton was not interested in a fair match when instead of locking up with Mighty Yukiko, he simply kneed her in the crotch.

    "PHWUUGH!" Yukiko spluttered as she doubled over, then fell to her knees. Colton had already hit the ropes, and came running back at her while she was down. Leaping up, he twisted to the side and delivered a knee to Yukiko's head, the Shining Wizard. Yukiko's skull snapped back as she was blasted with the strike, her pink hair flying out behind her. She landed on her back, dazed.

    Before she could recover, Colton was rolling her onto her stomach. He dragged her to the middle of the ring, then sat on her back and hooked her arms over his legs, clamping down on her chin in a camel clutch. Flexing his muscles, he easily bent the beautiful woman backward, thrusting out her chest and drawing a yell of pain.

    "AAAAAAHHH!" she yelled out as Colton wrenched the hold. She couldn't believe how easily he bent her and just how hard it was to struggle! She kicked her legs and tried to shake him off her, but nothing worked. The referee asked her if she wanted to submit, to which she very readily answered no. She pulled one of her powerful legs up under her, and then the other, intending to push off and throw him off, but instead he jumped up and then impacted her spine with his pelvis, drawing a grunt of pain from Yukiko and knocking her back to the canvas.

    Pulling her up by the hair, he reached down and put his arm between her legs, scooping her up and bodyslamming her in the middle of the ring. She hit with a bang and arched her back, holding her spine.

    Colton took her pink hair and pulled her up again. This time he took her by the arm and slung her into the ropes. As she came running back, he caught her by the side and scooped her up, then dropped down in a painful backbreaker over the knee. Yukiko cried out in pain as she was slammed back-first across Colton's knee, her spine bending backward roughly.

    Colton stood, pulling Yukiko up with him, and then palmed her throat. She coughed a couple times, and he threw her arm over his, then lifted her up into the air and brought her down on the canvas with a hard chokeslam. She hit the ring and lay flat on her back, looking like she had been defeated already.

    Colton dragged Yukiko back to her feet, who moaned in pain. He delivered a harsh kick to her stomach. "URRGH!" she spit out as the kick doubled her over. Pulling her head between his legs, he wrapped his arms around her waist and then picked her up, flipping her upwards. Holding her for a moment, he slung her downwards, demolishing her with a huge powerbomb. Yukiko hit the canvas and lay limp again.

    He kept up the onslaught of power moves on the overwhelmed Wrestle Angel. Once more, Yukiko found herself being taken up off the canvas. Colton's offense had taken all the strength out of her. She had no answer for him scooping her up with ease yet again, as he positioned her for a tombstone piledriver. Bringing her to the middle of the ring, he smiled, and then sharply dropped to his knees, banging the beautiful idol wrestler's skull off the canvas and spiking her with a piledriver. She lay on her back in the middle of the ring, limbs spread-eagled.

    The destruction of Yukiko continued as he picked the beauty up again. She was nearly limp and had to be pulled up.

    "Noooo...." she slurred, as Colton prepared his next move. He bent Yukiko over and stood back turned to her this time. Hooking her arms, he spun so he was bent over forward, with her on her back across his. Standing suddenly, he dumped her over backwards in a vicious reverse double underhook piledriver. She hit the canvas landing on her neck and shoulders and slumped to the mat face down, defeated and beaten.

    Colton was having none of it. Yet again he picked Yukiko up, who resembled almost a rag doll at this point. He took her over to the corner, and began climbing the turnbuckles, dragging her up with him. When he got to the top, he thrust her head between his legs again. Wrapping his arms around her body, he hoisted her up into a powerbomb position and then fell forward, delivering a ruthless powerbomb from the top rope. Yukiko smashed into the middle of the ring from over twelve feet in the air, blacking out momentarily from the impact.

    Colton rolled Yukiko onto her stomach, then picked up one of her legs and bent it inward, scissoring it with his own. Reaching forward, he wrapped his hands around her face and locked the unconscious woman into an STF. It was no trouble at all pulling back on her and torturing her sexy body. The "Over 18" night meant that absolutely anything was allowed, so the referee was unable to stop the match, even though it was clear by now Colton had won. He had not actually pinned her or made her submit. He refused to do the former, and she could not do the latter. He tightened the hold, enjoying being able to wrap her up in a tight submission with no resistance. It was around this time that he realized how tight and toned her body actually was... and he had her pressed up against him. Be began to get hard.

    Colton let her out of the hold, stood up and posed over Yukiko, flexing. She slumped to the canvas like she were melting. He knelt down and began tearing at her leotard, putting ragged holes in it and distending the fabric. After having damaged her baby blue, skintight leotard, he went outside and retrieved a steel chair. Clapping it shut, he rolled back into the ring and went back over to her. Raising the chair, he drove it edge first into her spine. The blow woke her up with a shriek of pain as she arched sexily, then rolled onto her back.

    Colton followed her and raised the chair, driving it into her stomach and jackknifing her, making her wheeze hard. He raised it up and hammered her again. A third shot to the stomach and he finally discarded the chair.

    Kneeling, he tore at her leotard again, this time around the crotch, damaging the material and causing it to fit ill.

    Pulling her up by the hair again, this time he pulled his tights down and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her up off her feet into a bearhug. As he did, he slipped inside her vagina, causing her to gasp in shock.

    Soon though, he was bearhugging her, squeezing her tightly as he bucked his hips, fucking her in the middle of the ring. The crowed began to buzz... they'd often wanted to see Yukiko on the wrong end of punishment like this, but she had always managed to defeat her opponent or stop them from mistreating her. Tonight, she hadn't managed to do anything except get her ass kicked, as now she was being raped in the middle of the ring.

    She tried to squirm away and fight, which made him more erect. He pumped the bearhug tight as he pumped his cock into her. She squealed pitifully as he held her aloft in the bearhug, clearly loving the feel of her body as his arms wrapped around her.

    "Aaaahh... nooo... NOO!" she yelled out, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as he kept thrusting into her. The lips of her vagina tightly held onto his rock hard cock as he thrust into her repeatedly, making her moan. She began to hang limp, leaning forward on his body as he supported her bodyweight, her legs now wrapped around his midsection, making the fucking even more intense. She groaned, her eyes closed, as her head rested on his shoulder, her body spasming slightly with every thrust of his manhood.

    Yukiko felt like she was about to come, and she began to tense up, her legs tightening around Colton's waist, which only drew her in tighter. But Colton withdrew from her vagina completely as he began to focus more on the bearhug. He bucked Yukiko up and down in the hold, and Yukiko realized he was causing her to grind her vagina on his abs. She leaned back, her head pointed up as her long pink hair flowed downward, moaning in distinct physical pleasure as she was forcefully made to grind on him, her pussy being rubbed vigorously. She began to sweat as she got closer and closer to climax.

    Finally, her body stiffened momentarily, and then she squirted hard, wetting the crotch of her leotard, streaking it down her thighs, and getting some of it on Colton too. He smiled as he felt her warmth, knowing what she'd just done. She was embarrassed by this treatment. His bearhug continued to crush her body, her hard muscles being turned into putty. Finally, after she had creamed herself and her body relaxed, Colton reached down and grabbed her between the legs, making sure to grope her wet vagina first, before picking her up. He loved the smell of her as he put her into tombstone piledriver position, then destroyed her with a second one this match. She thumped into the canvas and her body settled. Turning around, Colton got back on top of Yukiko and thrust himself back into her again, and her eyes opened wide upon penetration before they closed, as he began to fuck her once more.

    For the second time he began to rape her as he got on his hands and knees above her, pinning her wrists to the mat and thrusting his hips, every stroke drawing a moan from her. This time it was Colton who started to draw shuddering breaths as he picked up speed, his thrusts into her vagina coming fast and hard, almost like a racing pulse. He began to kiss her, and she could not withdraw. She had to lay there and take whatever inhuman suffering he dished out to her. His lips found hers and he began to kiss her long and deep as he continued pounding her pussy. Despite her musculature, she had no strength at this point as he simply had his way with the gorgeous idol, pinning her to the canvas.

    Grunting, he continued to hammer away at her pinning her wrists above her head with one hand. Groping her chest with the other, he stroked and cupped her ample breasts as he deeply kissed her. She wanted to kick her legs, to fight out, but her resistance only fueled his erection, pushed him. But laying there doing nothing was clearly not working either. He had a mission, and he intended to see it through, apparently.

    Yukiko felt something warm inside her, and it took her a moment to realize that Colton had reached climax, blowing a load of his hot semen into her. She shivered even through the warmth, the dread realization washing through her... he had completely raped and dominated her.

    She prayed this farce of a match would be over soon. Match nothing... this had become full out sexual assault. He laid another kiss on her before looking at her from above.

    "That was pretty hot, babe. You've got a bangin' body... I'd love it to be all over me again. Let's go. Your turn again!"

    To Yukiko's horror, she realized he was still erect when he pulled out of her, and hadn't been satiated yet. She was weak as he pulled her up effortlessly, then took hold of her damaged leotard. With a mighty pull, he tore it off her body, leaving her naked except for her knee high boots.

    Her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock, and he took the opportunity to kick her in the stomach. "PHWAGH!" she sputtered as she doubled over painfully. He slipped around her and then pulled her hair, yanking her backwards as he squatted, pulling her body onto his shoulders. He stood and began to pull on her chin and one of her now-sticky thighs as he punished her sexy body with a torture rack. Bouncing her up and down in the back-breaking submission hold, she squealed in pain and humiliation as her bare body was shown off to the entire crowd, her fantastic breasts thrust out for all to see, her pussy on display as her perfect legs hung limply, swaying as he walked around pumping the hold on her and embarrassing her. Agony shot through her spine as she was harshly bent backward, her muscled body bounced up and down, pain firing through her with every jolt as he continued to sadistically make her suffer. Camera flashes washed over the ring as torrents of pictures and videos were shot. Lots of them would end up on the Internet even before this match - or more specifically, crime - was over.

    Her back was painfully arched over his shoulders as he gleefully wore her down. Her body appeared hard and muscled, but only a slight blow at this point could turn her into jelly, make her wheeze and fold up.

    Soon, his fingers were probing her pussy as he slid two of them into her, then began to poke around in her for the right spot. He knew he had found it when her body seized and shuddered once. He began to stroke her G-spot and she thickly moaned, her body quickly going limp as she hung across his shoulders, bent backwards.

    "Auuurrrrrrrrnnn....." Yukiko moaned as Colton rubbed her in just the right spot, quickly stimulating her. She tensed up as Colton fondled and stroked her. He loved having her naked body stretched out over his, as it continued to be quite evident by the erection he'd maintained through all this. He kept mauling her spine with the backbreaker submission, but he also punished her pussy with his fingers as he began to beat a rhythm into her vagina. It started slow, and then picked up speed slowly. Soon Yukiko's body began to spasm again, the telltale sign of a forthcoming ejaculation. Her body's spasms of pleasure began to match the rhythm Colton was stroking into her vagina.

    Soon, Yukiko issued forth a deep sexual moan as her body seized up and another hard squirt of vaginal fluids shot out of her pussy, getting Colton's hand wet and painting her thighs with another coat of her own sticky fluid. Colton kept massaging her vagina and then pulled Yukiko's hair, kissing her again. Yukiko had all but given in to the sexual attacks, as she kissed him back, willingly but not at the same time. Soon her body spasmed and she shot another blast of fluid from her vagina, streaking it down her legs.

    Colton twisted to one side and then back, releasing her legs and holding on to her head as he dropped her in a nasty spinning neckbreaker. She landed hard, holding her neck and rolling to her side, but she was not there long as Colton mounted her again and lay on her sexy legs, probing her vagina with his tongue now and tasting her sex. He liked it and began to lick her vagina, pushing his tongue into her.

    Yukiko was already stimulated, and it didn't take much of his tongue dancing around in her pussy before she had fired another load. His mouth was around her vagina, so she ended up shooting her fluids into his mouth. He grinned and swallowed, then crawled up her body and forced a kiss on her, her own vaginal fluids now finding her lips.

    Now she began to flail and try to fight back as the horrid taste filled her mouth. She wanted to spit, but couldn't, as Colton had her lips sealed with his, his kiss imprisoning her vaginal secretions in her mouth. Disgusted, she was forced to swallow. She thought she was going to be sick. She didn't think things could get any worse.

    They quickly did when Colton, who was still hard over the physical and sexual destruction of the Wrestle Angel, forced her up to her knees by her hair. He slapped her in the face, opening her mouth, and then harshly speared her throat with his erection, forcing himself into her mouth. She gagged as his cock went into her throat, and soon he was drawing out of her, but never completely, and then pushing back into her mouth again, throat-fucking her. She closed her eyes, embarrassed beyond words, and this drove him, seeing her submissive on her knees with her eyes closed, not able to bear what was happening to her. He drew out and pushed in, choking her with his hard cock, enjoying her struggle to breathe around his manhood. He was relentless as he choked her for seconds, then released, only to almost immediately push his way into her throat and choke her again.

    Colton began to feel the beginnings of an ejaculation, and he lay Yukiko on the canvas as he went to his hands and knees, his cock still in her mouth. He began to pump her throat harder as he went in and out of her. Yukiko's choking noises stimulated him as he was the hardest now that he had ever been. Finally, he slowed and then arched, shoving his cock down her throat and holding it. Yukiko choked, gurgled, then swallowed three times as he blew a huge load of semen down her throat. She took it all, and lay limp. She'd been finished a long time ago, and now he was finally finished as well.

    He called the referee over and she began to count Yukiko down, but he stopped her. "No no, this is a submission!" He continued choking Yukiko with his cock. "Ask her if she submits!"

    The referee asked, but Yukiko was already half out and could not answer. Soon, her limbs dropped limp to the canvas, as he had choked her unconscious.

    The referee rang the bell as Colton won the "match". He grinned as his hand was raised, his cock still all the way down Yukiko's throat. He held her there for a moment before finally withdrawing from her.

    Standing up, he put his tights back on and celebrated his win over the Wrestle Angel, standing over her naked body, the only clothing left her being her single thigh wrap, wristbands, boots and knee pads.

    Colton looked down at her, and then went outside. Grabbing the steel steps, he separated the two halves, bringing the larger bottom half into the ring. Taking up the unconscious woman, he hooked her into a DDT position, then hammerlocked one arm for emphasis. Falling backward, he slammed her head off the steel stairs, viciously cutting her forehead on the edge of them. She began to bleed profusely from the cut. Pulling her up by the hair, blood ran down her face and chest.

    Scooping her up, he draped her naked, unconscious body over his shoulder again. Taking a couple large steps, he plowed her onto the steel stairs again with a huge powerslam. She landed with a smack, limp.

    He put the final touch on this match by picking her up again. He easily deadlifted her weight. Hauling her up again, he put her into a tombstone piledriver again. He climbed up the stirs and then dropped her, striking her head off them and dropping her onto the canvas. Blood poured from the cut on her head.

    He pushed the stairs out of the ring, then bent down and pulled the beautiful idol up by her air and an arm. Threading his arms around one of hers and her neck, he locked Yukiko in a cobra clutch chokehold. She was already unconscious and so the chokehold submission was just domination on top of domination at this point. Blood ran down her face and body, her leotard not there to absorb it. He flexed his arms, sinking the chokehold in deep and letting her naked body hang limp in his grasp.

    With a final kiss, he roughly threw Yukiko to the canvas as he celebrated, leaving her in the ring. She had issued a challenge and ended up beaten, abused, dominated, stripped and raped in the ring. The crowd loved it, as they had finally got to see Yukiko get what they wanted to have happen to her for a long time, and their countless pictures and videos would ensure that they would always have a reminder.
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Raden, nice work on this one. Great to see you embracing the dark side >:)

    I do feel like maybe you tried to cram a little too much into this story. We all know Yukiko is one of your favourite characters and you write about her with an abundance of enthusiasm, but just speaking for myself my eyes did start to glaze over after a while. Maybe find more of a balance between the hardcore and erotic elements? Or figure out what you can leave out and maybe save for a future story? Again, just my opinion. If you wanted to put Yukiko through every dark fantasy you could imagine, you definitely accomplished that.

    There were some awkward turns of phrases here and there. It happens. Overall though, you're always improving with the variety of your sentence structures. It makes things a lot easier to read!

    I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch between these two or for Colton to go after some of our other favourite gals. Keep the sick stuff coming!
  3. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    I've already thought about having Corey Sniper get mad and want vengeance... and get a whole lot of something else instead ;)

    Edit: As far as being "too much", maybe it was, but I found writing it to be as easy as things used to be. I just started and couldn't stop, I kept going. I wrote for an hour between 6 and 7 am, after I'd gone to bed (got up to go to the bathroom, checked in on some things, started writing.) I just wanted a whole lot of bad things to happen to her. :b
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  4. Tonug

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    That was awesome, one of the most brutal beatdown stories I've read in a while. Love your stuff. Also love the ending, how even after he destroyed her and won the match, he doesn't want to stop lol.
  5. kirakuya1101

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    I really enjoy seeing Yukiko get destroyed, whether it's by a male or female. Hey Raden, ever consider two or more wrestlers (male and/or female) brutalizing Yukiko with all kinds of double team moves, submissions and power throws?
  6. Kargan3033

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Nicely done, I don't know who Yukiko is but nothing like seeing a women who thinks she is high and mighty being brought low in the most profound ways possable.