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Hunter's Moon

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Kargan3033, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Well this is my first atempt at a Ryona/Zako type story, it'll be slow to start with the *action* but I'm sure I can do a good Ryo/Zako story.

    Also I want to thank Code Red for editng my story.

    Hunter's Moon
    "I wonder what the Brass Asses want with men now? " Sonya Blade thought to herself as she was making her way to the Director's office of the Untied Earth Government that had been formed after the end of the Outworld Crisis.

    When she walked into the officer she saw her daughter sitting in a chair facing the Director's large oak desk.

    " Cass what are you doing here? " she asked her much loved daughter as she recalled the passionate relationship she had with Johnny Cage.

    " I don't know Mom, the Brass Asses called me here a few minutes ago. " Sonya heard her daughter say and gave her a warning look in order to try and curb her daughter's unruly behavior as she could not help but to wonder how Cass had managed not only to keep her rank but also her life given the she was always running off at the mouth.

    Director Fredrick Jenkins cleared his throat to get the mother and daughter's attention, "Before we go any further, I should warn you that this information is highly classified, both of you need to agree to undertake this mission before I reveal it to you." They heard the Director say to them with a grim tone of voice that made the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end.

    But before either of them could say a thing the Director spoke once more

    "There are reasons why the two of you have been selected for this mission which I cannot go into until you both decide to undertake this mission, if either of you refuse then leave now because I will not reveal a single thing about this mission, take some time to talk it over between the two of you. "Cassie and Sonya heard the director say to them with a grim tone of voice that made their growing apprehension all the more keenly felt.

    "Excuse us for a moment." Sonya said to the Director and then grabbed her daughter by the wrist and lead her out of the Director's office.

    "What's on your mind Mom? " Cassie asked her mother as she saw a very grim and serious look on her face that did much to curb her smart mouth as she could tell that her mother would not put up with of her misbehavior.

    "Cass, I don't know why the Director has chosen us for this mission, whatever it might be." She heard her mother say to her with a worn out tone of voice that made it more then clear to her that the years in the service were starting to take a heavy toll on her.

    " Truth be told I have always been scared shitless whenever you went on any missions, after losing your father I swore I would never lose anyone else and every time you went on a mission a part of me died not knowing of you were going to come back alive or not." Cassie heard her mother say to her and held up her right hand to stop her mother from speaking any further.

    "Mom I understand, believe you me I do, even more so after Dad died but you have to admit we work well together and besides the Director told us we both have to sign on for the mission or forget about it completely, besides saving the world is what we do best right Mom. " Cassie said with a warm smile that made her moth utter a grim chuckle.

    "You are so much like your father. " Sonya said with a voice that was a mix of apprehension, fond remembrance and praise.

    " So Mom are you going to sign on for this deal because I'm damn serious as to what this mission is give the way the director is keeping his cards close to his vest. " Cassie said to her mother as she was starting to feel the growing excitement at the thought of another mission given how restless she had become once the Outworld Crisis had been dealt with as well as feeling a mix of apprehension and a slight amount of fear for herself and her mother given that she had practically no info on the mission.

    Sonya looked at her daughter and she could see the full range of emotions at play in her eyes and as much as she hated to admit it she was feeling just as restless, if not more so then her daughter now that the Outworld menace had been dealt with.

    As much as she enjoyed the peace in quite she found herself not only becoming restless in her down time but also she found herself remembering Johnny's death and all of the horrors of the Outworld crisis more then she cared to remember and needed something to take her troubled mind off of her grim memories of the past.

    "Sure why the hell not, it's not like I have anything better to do these days. "Sonya said to her daughter with a forced glibness in her voice as part of her mind was wrestling with her fears of the unknown of this mission given the lack of info she had on it as well as fear of losing her daughter.

    "Cool, well we might as well get this shit show on the road." Cassie said with a sarcastic tone of voice as she was having a hard time keeping her restlessness and her fears from making her do or say something rash as she and her mother walked back into the Director's office.
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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Here is the second chapter, again thanks to Code Red for editing this.

    Hunter's MoonChapter 2

    “So I take it you two have discussed the matter between you?“ Sonya and Cassie heard the Director say to them, Cassie looked at her mother with a look that told Sonya that her daughter wanted to take the lead between them in answering the Director's question.

    “Yes we have, we've agree that we both want to do this mission.” Sonya said to the Director who gave her a grime and worn out smile.

    “Do you agree with your mother?” Cassie heard the Director ask her and she nodded her head.

    “Very well, needless to say what I'm about to reveal to the two of you can go no further than this room.” Cassie and her mother heard the director say to them with such a grim tone of voice that both mother and daughter felt their apprehension with each second as they waited for the director to continue speaking.

    “As you know the end of the Outworld crisis came about when we used the Dimension Compression Missile to seal off the dimensional branches between the Earthrealm and Outworld.” Soyna and Cassie heard the Director say to them.

    “After that the government scientists gained a greater understanding of quantum mechanics and shortly after the end of the Outworld crisis the United Earth Government was formed.” They heard the Director say to them and held their peace as they got the feeling that whatever this mission was it was going to be a real dog fuck and a half.

    “ One of the missions objectives of the U.E.G. was to make cross dimensional travel possible in order to ease the growing world population problem as well as to discover new resources.” Sonya heard the Director say to her and her daughter which made her fell all the more at ease for it was clear that the U.E.G. Scientists had fucked up pretty badly with their cross dimensional travel experiments.

    “ So what you are saying is that the Nerd Boys fucked up with their dimensional travel experiments and it's up to me and Mom to clean up their mess?” Cassie said with a slightly sarcastic tone of voice that earned her a dark look from both her mother and the director.

    “Anyways, one of the projects in cross dimensional travel was Project Doorknocker.” The Director said as Cassie wisely shut her moth to keep herself from making any more smart assed remarks that would get her into trouble.

    “The objective of Project Doorknocker was to create a dimensional gateway between the Earth and another world.” Sonya heard the Director said and given the fact that she and her daughter had been selected for a super-secret mission told her that Project Doorknocker had either been one of hell of a success or a major fuck up of biblical proportions. Sonya looked at her daughter and saw the arouse look in her eyes that told her that while Cassie was trying to behave herself that the longer this briefing went on the more difficult it would be for her to keep herself from acting up.The director could see that both Cassie and Sonya wanted him to continue with the briefing, so he took a deep breath, held for a second or so and then got on with the rest of the briefing.

    “The first successful operation of Project Doorknocker created a gateway to what we call the Border World, once we were sure that the gate was stable we sent an exploration team to the Border World. ' Cassie heard the director say to her and her mother which made the suspense in the briefing room all the more keenly felt by her.

    “The Broder World is an Earth like world so we were surprised that the Border World so closely matched the Earth. However things took a drastic turn for the worse when the exploration team started their in depth exploration of the Border World.” Sonya heard the Director say to her and her daughter and from the woe be gone look on the director's haggard looking face she knew that whatever they found on the Border World was a grave threat to the Earth.

    “So what did the exploration team find on the border world?” she asked the Director as Cassie was looking like she was ready to jump out of her skin due to the same nervouse tention she was feeling.

    “It turns out that the Border World appears to be either a divergent Earth or the Earth in the future.” she and Cassie heard the Director say to them which had their minds racing with all sorts of questions.

    “Ok if that's the case then what happened with this *Earth* that has the UEG all freaked for?” Cassie asked the Director as she got the sinking feeling that she was not going to like the answer to her question.The Director looked at the two women and he could see that they were on pins and needles so to say as they waited for him to get to the heart of the matter.

    “Apparently a virus has ravaged the Border World-” he started to say when Cassie cut him off, “And the virus is here on Earth right?” he heard the young women say with a grim tone of voice.

    “Yes it's here on Earth.” Sonya and Cassie heard the Director say to them with a grave tone of voice that chilled them to the marrow of their bones.

    “How the hell did it get here?” Sonya asked as she began to suspect that the UEG had tried to take a simple of the virus for some kind of bio-warfare project and they fucked it up big time.

    “It would seem that the gateway we had established with the Border World was not entirely stable.” Cassie heard the Director say which made her doubt that what he was saying about the gateway being unstable was nothing more than a banquet of bullshit as the UEG bigwigs where covering their asses.

    “Really? How so?” Sonya asked as she was mentally nursing her own dark thoughts of a government conspiracy.

    “It's seems that when Project Doorknocker was activated it not only opened a gateway to the Border World but also created micro fractures in the dimensional fabric between the Earth and the Border World which allowed the virus to infect the Earth.” Sonya and Cassie heard the Director say with a hung dog exasperation that tripped their personal bullshit detectors.

    “So how bad is it?” Cassie asked the Director as she was mentally bracing herself for the worse possible news about the world wide infection.

    “ As the two of might or might not have noticed in the news that there has been a marked increase of the mortally rate in men, young men and boys as well as a marked increase of miscarriages in unborn baby boys.” Cassie and Sonya heard the director say which chilled their very souls as they had the unwanted mental images of the radical feminists dancing with joy as the bodies of dead men worldwide were being buried in mass graves.

    “Not only that but there has been a marked increase of birth defects in newborn baby girls as well as mutations in women, young women worldwide.” the Director added which caused a few hellish seconds of blind terror in mother and daughter.