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Sep 16, 2018
Hi there everyone. A fellow ryona loving sis here. I found this place on my internet travels and wanted to check it out.

Here is a few fun facts about me:
- i like anime. Mostly shonen anime. I love dragon ball. I love kill la kill.
-I'm bi sexualll
-I like soft ryona. A few punches and kicks to the belly. Gasping for air and coughing up spit. Maybe a little of blood. But no serious injury or death. Nothing you wouldn't see in an videogame or anime.
-I loooooove fighting games. I'm a big fighting game player. I love street fighter, kof, tekken. I love all that shit. (I'm not that good at them tho)
-My preferred types of ryona are girl on girl and male on famle. Not that big into femdom unless it's two girls. Everything is better then. I also accept femboy bullying.
- I like humiliation and domination. The winner of the fight mocking and taunting the loser.
-I like super heroes. I like marvel comics. I like all the sjw characters the internet hates.
-girls being nasty
-girls giving each other's wedgies big oof
-the way cammy's body suit flosses her asscrack
-hair pulling is best
-Big fan of spanking
-I like when a girl gets stepped on. 'specialy by a girl with big high heels or thigh high stripper boots
-lewd anime/videogame impractical bikini armour with elbow gloves and long thigh high whore boots are besttttt
-spit, cum and even urinate on my ko'd body :3c
-when a girl sits down on a her opponent. If it fit she sit OwO
- I love non con then mind break then forced into a good slut.
- cunt punt is omfg especially a girl in pointy high heels hitting her enemy in the weak spot <3
- "oh? Did you just orgasm from getting hit there? Look at you- you're squirting all over yourself~<3"
-probably a ton of other depraved stuff I didn't mention

It's nice to meet you all. I hope I have a good time on the board <3


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Nov 10, 2010
West Coast
Hello and welcome! I won't lie, seems a lot of our RP interests match up! Feel free to join us on the Discord too if you want to find some RP partners!


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Sep 16, 2018
Oh my that sounds fun. Didn't even know there was a discord. <3 I'll definitely be joining. I'm always up for roleplaying.
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