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  1. G

    Request: Muscular Legs

    So there is a mod out there (im not sure who the Original creator is) who made a Muscular Body mod for her. I would like to request a mod of JUST the muscular legs from the original mod. Unfortunately i do not have the program or expertise to do so myself. I will attach the file of the...
  2. metaleroda

    lola bunny 2018-11-20

  3. C


    Then would someone do vanilla female body and head mod that replaces the female with a nude female Quarian, and Asari from "Mass Effect", the Asari have normal skeletal features while the Quarian skeletal structres are different, like their shins are bent a little inward, they have three...
  4. metaleroda

    zombie girl 2018-11-08

  5. metaleroda

    wolfgirl 2018-10-30

  6. F

    Spyro the dragon : Cynder 2018-09-17

    made for Cynder and me)) the archive has everything you need and mod is not great mod supports jaws Thanks Furries' Furry Mods!
  7. ds14048

    Twisted Lollipop 1.1

    Twisted Lollipop penis replacer Replace your penis with a lollipop.
  8. M

    Need help finding any size her mod

    I once found a mod that allowed the user to change her size with much more flexibility. I can't seem to find it again? i believe it was version 1.4
  9. hyko23

    Black Desert Online Lahn Body Size DATA Fix

    When I first used Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod to mod the body size of Lahn Class, it didn't work. I asked around, found out there was a bug. So I managed to find out where the bug was thanks to @suzu 's help. On the screenshot below, there were an extra line for the "minimum"...
  10. H

    Hard Body 1.0

    WARNING: Clothes wont fit, the muscles will go through. Only Underwear fit passably well.
  11. H

    Korra 1.0

  12. dantethedarkprince

    Manakete Wings 1.0

  13. I

    Slanted Eyes 1.0

    This Loader mod allows to change the basic eyes to slanted ones. Notes and issues: IndianaJames, the creator of this mod, hasn't been seen on the forum for years, so any changes to this mod are very unlikely. This mod doesn't support eye shadow/mascara at all. To go back to normal eyes, the...
  14. ds14048

    Pickle Rick 1.0

    Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty Penis replacer More pics here. Loader Imports ds14048
  15. ds14048

    Morty Smith 2018-05-09

    Morty Smith from Rick and Morty Male Replacer If the default shirt shows through go to scene, Him, Clothing Top, and select none. More pics can be found here Loader Imports ds14048
  16. ds14048

    Rick Sanchez 1.0

    This is my Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty If the default shirt shows through go to scene, Him, Clothing Top, and select none. some more pics can be found here Loader Imports ds14048
  17. Perdition

    RGB Demon Horns 1.2

    Based on @RajasGrime's 'Demon Horns' mod, this mod makes it RGB adjustable..... honestly, this one was so easy to make RGB adjustable I'm surprised he didn't make the standard mod so.
  18. Perdition

    Dark Skin Hooves 2018-03-20

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Hooves' mod, this mod is for dark skin as apposed to light. Note: This one was troublesome because there was no straightforward way to change the colors of dante's mod so I had to just eyeball it and subjectively decide which colors looked right. If you think a...
  19. ds14048

    Invader Tak with Eye 1.1

    Invader Tak from Invader Zim. With the eye drawn over in the hair layer. This is a body mod with collar And Armwear. This Mod requires the loader.
  20. Super18

    Requesting addition of dialogue paramets to Shockmod!

    Hi, Could someone please add some DA parametrst to Shockmod? ToggleShock I'd like to freely alter the size of the irises pupils... And perhaps even change their location on the y-axis? If anyone could help that would be great! Want to use it in my dialogue project :)
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