Female Zakos! Want an ID Card for your henchie Organization???


Vivacious Visitor
Hi girls, ever wanted to have a novelty ID card with your name and picture on it, officially making you a ZAKO?

I am thinking of designing some ID cards for some of the more classic zako organizations, such as Pri Com, Shado, and Harpie. The cards will definitely be sexy! There are companies which do card printing for novelty designs, all you need to do is submit them the artwork. Here is one of them: IDCreator.com | ID Badge Maker - Free ID card software - 1-855-MAKE-IDS . If I were to make some cool designs for your favorite zako organization, you could have one of these companies do your custom ID!

Is anyone interested enough for me to design the cards??? I may just do it for the fuck of it but I'd love to know if there is real interest.