DOALR: Helena Goddess Swimsuit Topless (DLC)


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New DLC is out, so here is a mod for best girl.
File is packaged for uMod. To install, drag and drop zip (don't extract it) into uMod window.
You can disable the skirt texture in uMod if you want it to be visible.


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I was playing around with this as well. Let's just say that I'm glad there are people out there that are much better at this than I. Great work!!!!

Edit: Do you think you could do Lisa's similar suit as well? Thanks!
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Excellent... We need more clean edits like this. Look at her breasts. Completely exposed.

- - - Updated - - -

Where's the DLC though? I don't see that one on the store.


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And the day is saved! I am so happy... I will be happier when Hitomi gets some mods, but Helena having this great mod is good for me. :)