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After the cage match between Azula and Katara was over, the arena filled with more people as the announcer’s voice rang though the arena.


The entrance doors opened and a tall woman with black hair tied into two horn-like bangs and white body entered the arena. Her white body was slim with powerful legs and a small six-pack barely visible to her abdominal. She wore purple stringed bikini that barely covered her nipples and crotch and was barefooted. She ran towards the ring, jumping over the ropes and landing perfectly onto her feet. As the crowd cheered, Juri posed sexually and erotically.

‘AND HER OPPONENT!’ the announcer continued. ‘FROM LOS ANGELES, USA: POISON!’

The doors opened once again with a woman with long, unruly pink hair and white body strutted towards the ring. She was slim with muscles on her biceps and legs with a small six-pack visible on her abdominal. She wore a pink micro bikini that barely cover her nipples and pink hairy crotch. Walking behind her was a giant with messy black hair and wearing a pink leotard, carrying a bag. Poison blew kisses to her fans as she rolled into the ring and struck sexy poses everywhere. The giant just stayed outside of the ring.

As Poison posed, Juri licked her lips: like a predator studying a prey. When Poison stopped posing and turned to face Juri, she also licked her lips.

‘Looks like you’re in good shape.’ Juri smiled as she came closer to Poison. ‘When I’m done with you, I’m going to eat you like a spider eats it’s prey.’

‘Hah!’ Poison scoffed. ‘As if I just let you have... This...’ Poison poses again for Juri, showing every inch of her body.

‘Mmmmm...’ Juri murmured. ‘Let’s warm up before we get serious. What do you say?’

Poison smiled seductively. ‘Let’s.’

Juri smiled and pulled Poison towards her and locked lips. Poison smiled and fought back with her tongue: dominating Juri’s mouth. Surprised at Poison’s attack, Juri tried to push her tongue back but Poison’s tongue was always twirling and dominating Juri’s mouth. As they kissed, Juri and Poison removes each other’s bikini: leaving them naked and both showing their brown nipples and black and pink hairy vaginas respectively.

Their sweaty bodies merged into one another as they kissed wildly, lowering themselves down until they were on their anuses and their hairy clitoris smacking one another.

Minutes in their sex attack, Juri was struggling to keep up with Poison as she was grimacing and not trying to moan loudly while Poison was casually kissing her and slamming her breasts and crotch onto Juri’s. Juri broke the kiss, leaving a string of saliva from Poison’s mouth to hers, and started moaning loudly. When she gasped aloud, her crotch exploded with cum and urine: cover her lower body as well as Poison’s. Juri was breathing heavily and before she could do anything else, Poison pushed her onto her back and face-sit her: her pink hairy vagina in Juri’s mouth.

‘Mmmmm...’ Poison moaned. ‘My turn.’

The Poison released her vaginal fluids and urine into Juri’s mouth, overflowing it. Juri gagged, choked and flailing her arms wildly as Poison’s thick juice flowed into her mouth. Poison finally stood up and smiled down at Juri who spat out some of the juices in her mouth.

‘Why you...’

Juri angrily stood up and speared Poison into the ropes and Irish whipped her to the other side of the ring but when Poison rebounded and before Juri could kick her in the jaws, Poison leaped into the air, landed on top of Juri’s shoulders and flipped backwards: smashing Juri’s face into the mat in a reverse head scissors takedown. Poison got up and before Juri could even get onto her fours, Poison elbow dropped on Juri’s spine before applying double Boston crab. Juri moaned in pain, Poison pulled her legs backwards and started lapping deeply into Juri’s vagina.
Juri moaned sexually and painfully as Poison’s wet tongue does it’s works inside of Juri’s womb. Juri gasped as her vagina burst out cum like a volcano and then squirted out urine like a fountain: Juri smiled and licked her lips. Once Juri’s stopped squirting out fluids and hearing a soft pop in Juri’s spine, Poison let go of Juri’s legs and grabbed her hair: putting Juri between the middle and top ropes. Putting Juri on top of the middle rope, Poison stood behind Juri and raised her right hand high into the air: started spanking Juri’s anus. Juri cried and yelped as her anus was on fire and was turning red as Poison slapped harder and harder. Juri blushed in anger and embarrassment as some of the audience members were laughing and taking out their cameras: snapping pictures at the humiliated Juri.

Poison stopped spanking Juri and grabbing her legs, she pulled Juri off the middle ropes and Juri fell face-first into the mat. Juri covered her face in pain as Poison pulled her up and Irish whipped Juri into a corner: slamming Juri’s back into the turnbuckle and Juri slumped down onto the mat, yelping at the pain in her anus. Poison ran towards Juri and broncobuster onto Juri: slamming her wet pink hairy crotch onto Juri’s face. Poison stopped jumping onto Juri and smiled down at Juri.

‘You must be tired.’ she giggled. ‘Here, have some of my juice to freshen you up.’

Poison fingered herself and orgasmed and urinated all over Juri: covering her in thick juice. Juri moaned and Poison turned around and planted her anus into Juri’s face: putting Juri in a stink face. Juri screamed and flailed her arms while Poison chuckled as she rubbed her anus into Juri’s face. Poison finally pulled her anus away from Juri and Juri gagged and coughed. Poison then pulled Juri up onto her feet and turned her upside down, hooking her legs onto the turnbuckle in a tree of woe. As Juri moaned with the blood going into her head, Poison started licking Juri’s hairy clitoris: nibbling the clitoris and pushing her tongue into Juri’s vagina.

Juri moaned and screamed erotically as Poison licked deeper into Juri’s vagina and started sucking on it. Poison moved away from Juri and karate chop Juri’s crotch: making Juri screamed in pain and gasped as her crotch exploded like a volcano. Orgasm and urine flowing down Juri’s body like a river: covering herself in her own fluids. Poison unhooked Juri’s legs from the turnbuckle and quickly went down to her knees as Juri’s belly landed on top of Poison’s left knee. Smiling and raising her right hand, Poison brought down her right hand onto Juri’s red anus ones again. Poison had only spanked her thrice when Juri started screaming & crying.

‘Please... No more! I... I can’t... Take it!’

Poison grabbed Juri by the hair and pulled her head backwards. ‘Is that so? Okay, let’s do something else.’

Poison pulled Juri onto her feet and slammed her spine onto her right knee in a backbreaker: making Juri spat out saliva. Poison then plunged her left fist into Juri’s wet vagina and rubbed it inside of Juri’s womb: making Juri screaming in agony. Juri grabbed hold of Poison’s left hand and looked up at her.

‘All right! I... I submit! I give up! Please... I’m going... To explode!’

Juri realized she said the wrong things because Poison was grinding her. ‘Going to explode you say? Let’s see if you’re really telling the truth.’

Poison pulled Juri of her knees and lifted Juri over her shoulders: then bringing her down in a brain buster. The throw made Juri gasped aloud as her vagina exploded with cum and urine. Poison dropped Juri onto the mat as Juri lay in a pool of her own fluids: her tongue hanging out, her vagina still flowing with orgasm and urine and her eyes were closed. She was in a eagle sprawl and she was breathing heavily. Poison leaned against the ropes as the referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!’

The bell rang as the Poison smiled and raised her hands in victory, the crowd shouting her name.

‘WINNER BY KNOCKOUT!’ the announcer voiced out. ‘Poison!’

Poison posed for her fans before turning to the giant waiting outside of the ring. ‘Hugo!’ she called. ‘Threw me my bag please.’

The giant named Hugo threw the pink gym bag into the ring. Poison rummaged it until she found a pair of handcuffs. Pulling Juri up by the hair, she dragged Juri to the ropes and lifted her onto the middle ropes. She put Juri’s hands over the ropes and hooked the handcuff around the middle ropes before handcuffing Juri’s wrists. Then Poison widened Juri’s legs by lifting them onto the middle ropes: showing her still leaking vagina. Juri slowly regained conscious as Poison pulled out a pink spiked dildo from her bag.

Giggling, Poison rammed her dildo into Juri’s vagina and as Juri moaned pitifully, Poison pulled out her whip from the bag. With deadly accuracy, Poison whipped the dildo, gradually pushing it deeper into Juri’s vagina. Juri moaned sexually as the dildo teased her clitoris and when the whip started touching her sensitive crotch, Juri yelped in shock at the sting of the whip. Unable to take it, Juri shouted.

‘Damn it! Pull it out! I’m going to cum again!’

Poison stopped whipping Juri and smiled. ‘Already! You’re really a naughty girly to cum so easily and naughty girl must be punished.’ Then she raised her voice. ‘Am I right?’

The crowd chorused their agreement and Poison slid out of the ring and walked behind of Juri: her rear sticking out of the ropes. Raising her whip, Poison lash Juri’s anus: making Juri screamed in pain and agony. After whipping her for two minutes and small cuts appearing on Juri’s anus, Poison struck her again for another six times while spelling her name aloud.

‘P!’ Crack! ‘O!’ Crack! ‘I!’ Crack! ‘S!’ Crack! ‘O!’ Crack! ‘N!’ Crack! ‘My name is Poison! Remember that you slut!’

Juri moaned and whimpered as Poison climbed back into the ring. Dropping her whip into her bag, Poison stood in front of Juri who raised her head defiantly.

‘I...’ she panted in pain. ‘I will have my... Revenge...’

Poison held Juri’s jaws in her left hand while her right hand pulled out the dildo halfway. ‘Oh... I believe you have something else to say besides that.’ She started to turning the dildo inside Juri’s womb, making Juri screaming.


Poison demurred. ‘Say please.’

Juri wanted to curse but but seeing that her crotch is going to explode but cannot, she shouted ‘PLEASE! PULL IT OUT!’

‘Say my name, bitch.’

Juri gritted her teeth and gave in. ‘PLEASE, POISON, PULL IT OUT!’

‘That’s Mistress Poison to you, bitch.’ Poison said gleefully.

On the verge of fainting, Juri whispered. ‘Please... Mistress Poison... Please pull it out...’

Poison smiled. ‘Good girl.’ She pulled out the dildo and cum and urine flowed out of Juri’s vagina and onto the mat. Juri moaned in relief, her tongue hanging out and breathing heavily. Juri was still orgasmed when Poison pulled out a key from her bag and unlocked the handcuffs: making Juri fall to the mat with her rear still in the air and still diverting the flow of her vaginal fluids down to the arena floors.

As soon as Juri stopped releasing her fluids, Poison rolled her onto her back and squatted above her face : releasing her own cum and urine onto the unconscious Juri. Smiling, she stood up, struck her sexy pose for her fans before collecting her things. She climbed out of the ring but stood on the apron: putting her bikini back on.

‘Come on Hugo.’ Poison said as she pulled her bikini bottom back on. ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Hugo nodded and carried Poison onto his right shoulders and walked towards backstage. Poison waved and blew kisses to her fans as CWF’s aides rushed to the ring to help the unconscious Juri to the infirmary. Poison then took off her bikini top, swung it in circles and threw it into the middle of the crowd before exiting the arena.

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