1. Power static hair

    Power static hair 1

    Power from Chainsaw Man
  2. Sexy Succubus Hair and Horns [hairRGB]

    Sexy Succubus Hair and Horns [hairRGB] V1

    Get a lil devil in you
  3. Yamato Static Hair (One Piece)

    Yamato Static Hair (One Piece) 1.0

    Requested by siggy252
  4. Albedo (Overlord)

    Albedo (Overlord) 2014

    Albedo (Overlord) Static Hair
  5. Evie - Succubus

    Evie - Succubus 1.0

    Dynamic hair with horns / pointed ear
  6. Static Giraffe Furry head

    Static Giraffe Furry head

    Static Giraffe head for furry lovers
  7. Static Furry heads

    Static Furry heads

    Three static heads. Pig, goat, deer.
  8. Demonic Sk8r Grrl [Nioh 2 - Lestria]

    Demonic Sk8r Grrl [Nioh 2 - Lestria]

    Lestria recounts her best tricks to Hachisuka. He doesn't quite get it.
  9. Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair 2021-11-27

    Saelem Vulpin (Homestuck) Static Hair by Fantroll aka Phoebe (Tumblr)
  10. Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair 2021-11-27

    Minami Rischa (Homestuck) Static Hair by Fantroll aka Phoebe (Tumblr)
  11. Mora (Las Lindas)

    Mora (Las Lindas) 2013

    Mora (Las Lindas) by DeadReaver
  12. Purgatori (Devil's Due Comics)

    Purgatori (Devil's Due Comics) 2012

    Purgatori (Devil's Due Comics) by TOlive
  13. Meulin Leijon (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Meulin Leijon (Homestuck) Static Hair 2021-03-14

    Meulin Leijon (Homestuck) Static Hair
  14. Meru the Succubus

    Meru the Succubus 1.0

    From the equally named cartoon
  15. Millie, Helluva Boss

    Millie, Helluva Boss 1.0.0

    Static Hair mod for Millie from Helluva Boss
  16. Shuten Douji static hair

    Shuten Douji static hair 1.1

    Static hair and horns for Shuten Douji from Fate/Grand Order
  17. Ram Horns

    Ram Horns 2019-05-06

    RGB adjustable ram horns
  18. Meenah (Homestuck) Static Hair

    Meenah (Homestuck) Static Hair 2019-01-05

    Meenah (Homestuck) Static Hair
  19. Kiriel Headwear

    Kiriel Headwear 2018-12-02

    RGB adjustable headwear based on Kiriel's headpiece from Seven Knights
  20. Lucifer Horns

    Lucifer Horns 2018-11-22

    Horns of Lucifer from Sin Nanatsu no Taizai

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