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Corey Sniper v. Chris Morgan

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Chris Morgan made her way to the ring to her theme music, almost unheard over the booing of the crowd. The fans in attendance made rude gestures to her, and she made them right back, prompting more booing. It was almost deafening, the ocean of negativity crashing over the building in waves, all aimed directly at one woman. Chris Morgan drank it in as if she were dying of thirst, loving the reaction. Her gold-trimmed white singlet was open in the middle, allowing a window to her impressive bust. Long, regal-looking white gloves clad her arms up to the shoulder. Long, thigh-high white boots with gold trim and laces hugged her explosively-powerful legs as her golden blonde hair cascaded down around her freely, reaching the small of her back. She almost looked like she could be an angel, yet her attitude and her actions created an extreme dichotomy. She climbed into the ring, raising her arms in the air as the fans booed vehemently.

    Corey Sniper stood waiting in the wings, psyching herself up. She'd laid down the challenge of a multi-fall match, first to three, and Chris Morgan had taken it up. Sniper was confident she could win this. All she had to do was out-think, outwit and outquick the much larger grappler. Sniper stood at barely 5'3 while Morgan absolutely towered over her at 6'2. Still, she pushed the thought out of her mind, replaced with only one... her hand raised triumphantly in the air, standing over Morgan, having defeated her with her superior speed and intellect.

    Her music played, an upbeat, energy-charged theme. The crowd's vicious booing turned into roaring cheers as the peppy Corey Sniper barreled to the ring like a speeding bullet, as was her persona. She leapt up between the bottom and middle ropes from the floor of the ring, tucking and somersaulting on the canvas gracefully to end up in a standing position in the middle of the ring. Striking a pose with one fist raised in the air and one leg bent at the knee, her grey boots covered with a green kickpad that held the appearance almost of armour. The colours simultaneously clashed with and complemented her pink barely-there attire that more or less only covered the important parts of her, leaving her thighs completely exposed as well as her stomach, back, and much of her upper body, allowing her fine, smooth curves freedom. Green knee and elbow wraps were covered in pink pads for additional protection, and similarly coloured wristbands adorned her arms. Her dark russet coloured hair complemented her perfectly. A sonic firework went off to simulate a gunshot followed by a little bit of pyrotechnics.

    The crowd cheered for her as she took her corner, and the ring introductions were made.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this match is set for best of five falls. The first woman to score three falls wins this match! In the corner, standing to my left, she measures 6 feet and 2 inches tall, weighing 204 pounds... CHRRRRRRISSSS MORRRRGAAAAAAN!" The crowd erupted into unanimous booing, the sound echoing and carrying through the building, amplifying on itself as Morgan raised her arms, then flipped off the crowd.

    "And in the other corner, standing to my right..." the crowd began to cheer. "She measures 5 feet, 3 inches tall, and weighs one hundred and ten pounds... COREYYYYY...... SNIPERRRRR!!" The crowd reached a fever pitch as they figuratively blew the roof off the building, chanting for Sniper as she hopped up tot he middle turnbuckle and celebrated with her fans, blowing them kisses.

    Then the bell rang, and the fight was on!

    Morgan attempted to tie up with Sniper, but Sniper ducked her. Morgan smirked and the two circled around again. Once more, Morgan went for the collar and elbow tieup. Once more, Sniper ducked her. Morgan looked mildly irritated by this, but still attempted a third one. This time, Sniper ducked out of the way, and then kicked Morgan directly on the butt cheek. Morgan looked surprised, and then her expression melted into anger as Sniper retreated to the corner, laughing at Morgan. Morgan charged Sniper, who dodged out of the way at the last second. Morgan crashed into the turnbuckle chest first, bouncing back out of the corner with an "OOF!" At the same time, Sniper ran the ropes and came back, hitting a huge dropkick into Morgan's back that sent her through the ropes and outside the ring!

    Chris Morgan simmered in anger as Sniper played to the crowd, the fans cheering her on. "SNIPER! SNIPER! SNIPER!" Morgan went to get back in the ring, but as she did, Sniper slid out. Morgan looked frustrated. "Stop screwing around, you little brat!" she yelled as she slid back out of the ring. Sniper rolled in and stood quickly, blowing a raspberry at Morgan.

    Morgan seethed on the outside. Morgan slid back in the ring, but this time, Sniper stood her ground and as Morgan stood up, Sniper cracked her across the jaw with an open handed slap to the face!

    Morgan's eyes opened wide in surprise. Rage danced across her features as she ran after Sniper. Sniper darted to the other side of the ring and when Morgan reached her, Sniper held on to the top rope and dropped down sharply, pulling the rope down and sending Chris Morgan tumbling over the top rope, graceful like an ox. Morgan stood up furiously, the crowd's laughter boiling her blood. She stewed around on the outside of the ring a little before circling around and heading for the ramp, as if she were leaving. The crowd booed heavily again and she stopped, gritted her teeth and then turned around.... but Sniper hadn't stayed passive! As Morgan turned around, Sniper had bolted across the ring, hit the ropes and, despite her short stature, her impressively strong legs had allowed her to leap over the ropes without touching them and fly onto Chris Morgan with a cross body splash! Morgan toppled over as Sniper landed on her. Sniper bounced back up, pumping her fists. "Come on, baby!" she shouted, as the crowd went insane for her.

    Morgan slowly stood up, looking like she was ready to kill. Sniper slid back in the ring and stomped her feet on the mat. the crowd clapped along, creating thunderous sounds. As Morgan stood, Sniper hit the ropes with her incredible speed again and once more launched herself at Morgan, sailing gracefully through the air with a somersault.

    Morgan saw her coming this time, and took her chance. She caught Sniper by the legs and hips and then used her own momentum, pulling down sharply and driving Sniper into the concrete floor with a powerbomb as the poor girl viciously smash-landed on her back. She bounced once and went limp momentarily.

    Morgan smirked and rolled back in the ring, intent on getting an easy count-out fall. "Do your job and count her, ref!"

    The referee got to four before Sniper stirred. She got up, having to use the ring apron to pull herself up and pulled herself back into the ring by the count of eight. Sniper still looked dazed as she pulled herself up with the ropes and settled into the corner. Morgan approached her, yelling at her. "Come on, bitch, fight me now!" she yelled as she slapped Sniper. "Come on!" Another slap. Then a succession of them. The slaps only served to bring Sniper out of her dazed state as Morgan retreated to the other side of the ring, then charged at Sniper in the corner. Sniper brought her legs up and planted her boots into Chris Morgan's face.

    "UNGH!" Morgan groaned as she turned a half circle and stumbled back out of the corner. Sniper immediately struck a wide, crouched martial arts stance, turning sideways to Morgan. The crowd popped, knowing what was coming. As Morgan turned back around, Sniper stepped in and leapt, delivering a superkick flush on Morgan's jaw that she called the Longshot, named because of the mix of her short height but long legs, and the reach she had with that kick when she pushed off with those legs.

    The kick flattened Morgan, and Sniper, still airborne, landed directly on Morgan for the quick pin, hooking her leg. Morgan tried to wriggle free and kick out, but she'd been caught out by Sniper.

    "ONE! TWO! THREE!"

    Sniper got off the pin and leapt up, celebrating her good fortune. The ring announcer made the call as the referee raised a jubilant Sniper's arm in the air. "The winner of the first fall.... Corey Sniper!" The crowd came unglued.

    The crowd came unglued... and so did Chris Morgan. Morgan was livid. She slid out of the ring and retrieved a steel chair and a sledgehammer. She rolled back into the ring with nothing but evil on her mind.

    She set the hammer in the corner and took the chair, then swung for the fences with Sniper's back turned. WHACK! The steel chair caught her in the back forcefully, knocking her to the canvas. "EYAH!" Sniper shouted out as she was struck. Morgan was far from through as she raised the chair and then slammed it onto Sniper's back, creating another CRACK sound and drawing another shrill cry from Sniper, who arched back, pain etched all over her beautiful face. Again and again, Morgan drilled Sniper with the chair, a relentless assault.

    Having had enough of that, Morgan kicked Sniper over, rolling her onto her back. She stood over Sniper and raised the chair, gripping both sides, then hammered her in the stomach with the edge of it. Sniper wheezed hard and jackknifed, then settled to the canvas again. Morgan's red-hot rage fueled her as she blasted Sniper again and again, pounding her in the stomach and chest with the steel chair. All in all, Morgan delivered twenty three chair shots to Corey Sniper, who now lay limp and beaten on the canvas. Then she fired a punch into Sniper's crotch, delivering a low blow and making her shriek again as her legs closed and she curled up on her side.

    Finally, the referee pulled Morgan away from Sniper, yelling at her. "Morgan, that is disgusting conduct! If she can't continue, I'll be awarding the match to her and not you! Despicable! What in hell is wrong with you?" The referee moved back to check on Sniper, who was stirring, using the ropes to get up. Slowly. Painfully. "Do you want to continue?" she asked Sniper. Sniper breathed hard through her mouth, nodding.

    Morgan set the chair down and retrieved the sledgehammer. As Sniper turned around, stumbling to the middle of the ring, Morgan let her have it, ramming the sledgehammer into her stomach as if she were using it like a battering ram.

    "PHUUUARRGH!!" Sniper wheezed and then her legs wilted as she collapsed to her knees, holding her stomach and moaning.

    Before the referee could admonish Morgan again, she had grabbed the chair and raised it above her head, then crowned Sniper with it. Sniper groaned and flopped to the canvas face down as Morgan cleared the weapons from the ring.

    "That's it, you're disqualified!" the referee shouted, motioning for the bell again. She explained to the ring announcer what was happening, and told her to make the announcement.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has disqualified Chris Morgan. The winner of the second fall... Corey Sniper!"

    Sniper was now up 2-0 on Chris Morgan, but the damage had been done. The referee asked Sniper if she wanted to continue, more than once. Every time, Sniper nodded, as she dragged herself back to one of the corners and pulled herself up, her heart dominating her common sense. No, she had issued this challenge, and she would see it through.

    She answered one more question of whether she wanted to continue in the affirmative, and the referee, still unsure, signaled for the bell. Sniper painfully stumbled out of the corner, as Chris Morgan exploded from her corner like a rocket. She clobbered Sniper with a hammer-blow of a lariat, spinning her through the air once like a corkscrew and landing her on her back. Sniper grunted from the impact and lay sprawled out and hurt, her long, loose russet coloured hair splayed out behind her.

    Morgan picked her up and brought her to her feet. Holding her around the waist, she picked up Sniper, then dropped to one knee as she cuntbusted Sniper with an inverted Atomic Drop. Sniper squealed as the shock went through her lower body again. Morgan let her stand on her feet as her legs buckled inward. Then Morgan stepped to Sniper's side and wrapped her around the waist with one arm, picking her up and driving her down across her knee in a backbreaker. Sniper gasped in pain as she folded up backwards, her body pleasingly bent back across the monster Morgan's knee.

    Morgan laughed at Sniper's plight and stood, simply overpowering the smaller girl. Morgan was like a predator as she squatted down and pulled Sniper onto her shoulders. She stood up, taking Sniper with her, cupping her chin with one hand. Morgan placed the other hand on one of Sniper's silky legs. Then Morgan began pulling Sniper downwards in a torture rack. Morgan stretched out Sniper's back as her beautiful body was bent backwards, showing off her curves, her muscles, her chest and her crotch as well, thanks to her completely bare thighs.

    Morgan bounced her in the hold, creating waves of pain. With every bounce, pain radiated through Sniper's back, the same back that was previously hammered with a dozen chair shots. Sniper squealed and moaned in agony, weakly kicking her sexy legs. It was all for naught and her strength gave out, as she tapped a submission on Morgan's chest. The referee told Morgan to break the hold, to which Morgan of course did not, opting instead to pour more stength into the hold, and upping the pitch on Sniper's shrieks of pain.

    "Morgan, I'll disqualify you again! That'll be three for Sniper! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!" she counted. Before she hit five, Morgan dropped to her knees, delivering another painful backbreaker jolt to Sniper, then tossing her off her shoulders to the canvas. Sniper writhed in pain as she tried to massage her back, Morgan standing up and walking to her corner to await the start of the next fall.

    "The winner of the third fall... Chris Morgan!"

    The referee made sure Sniper was as coherent as possible for the fourth fall. She rang the bell, and right from the get-go, Morgan began to pick her apart. She teased a tie-up with Sniper and then kicked her in the stomach. Sniper bent forward from the impact and groaned, coughing once. Morgan hooked Sniper up into what looked like a suplex, but when she picked the tiny girl up over her head, she didn't complete the move right away, instead holding Sniper upside down aloft in the air.

    The seconds ticked by. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. The show of strength from Morgan was impressive as she held Sniper up, showing off not only her power, but Sniper's body again. Seventeen. Eighteen. It was insane, and the crowd who had been booing Morgan unforgivingly even cut down on it as Morgan's power continued to be exerted over Sniper. Finally, mercifully, after almost 30 seconds of holding her there, Morgan completed the suplex... but she did it snap-style as she pivoted and brought Sniper straight down on her back, slamming her in a Jackhammer style suplex. Sniper yelped and lay on the canvas flat, moaning.

    Morgan rolled Sniper's body face down, then took up a seated position beside her. Morgan trapped one of Sniper's arms between her legs, scissoring it. Then she wrapped her arms and hands around Corey Sniper's pretty face and reared back, hooking her fingers together in opposing directions, wrenching her neck and shoulder in a crossface submission hold. Sniper yelled out in pain as the back of Morgan's hand, specifically the knuckles, dug into Sniper's features. Morgan shifted her hands continuously so Sniper could not get used to one position too long, the pain always being fresh. Sniper kicked her legs fruitlessly, but when the referee checked on her and asked her if she would submit, Sniper gave an emphatic "NO!"

    Morgan shook her head and then leaned back, pulling Sniper back with her and arcing the beautiful grappler backwards. Sniper's scream got higher pitched the more she was pulled backward. The referee was hovering around her again, asking her if she gave up the fall.

    "N... NO!"

    Morgan rubbed her knuckles in Sniper's face again, then dropped her to the mat. Sniper tried to massage out her shoulder, rolling it a couple times and writhing on the mat. As she did, Morgan had transitioned behind her and bent one of her perfect legs inward, trapping it between her own. Sniper cried out, but it was too late, as Morgan was on top of her, again her hands clasped around Sniper's face, rearing back on her with an STF.

    Sniper cried out in pain as the hold tormented her. But she couldn't quit... she had a lead, and wanted so much to keep it.

    "Do you submit, Sniper?" she heard the referee asking her.

    "NOOOO!" She intended to sound defiant, but it came off as a wail.

    Morgan sneered. "Fine, you asked for it." She hooked an arm underneath one of Snipers' arms, and then clasped her around the neck. Now she had an STF locked in, as well as a cobra clutch choke!

    Sniper choked and gagged as Morgan used her massive size and power advantage to its fullest extent. She savoured the strangled gurgling sounds that emanated from Sniper's throat. She basked in the delight of Sniper's weakening flailing. And then she reveled in Sniper's submission as she started to slap the canvas. The referee called for the bell, but Morgan of course had to use every trick she could. So she continued to choke Sniper, who weakened with every passing second. Morgan punished her with that modified STF all the way to the four count, where she broke the hold. Corey Sniper lay on the canvas, coughing from being choked, and sore as hell.

    "The winner of the fourth fall... Chris Morgan!"

    Corey Sniper was damaged goods now. She wanted to just pack it in, to call it off. She lay face down, just wishing she didn't have to get up.

    "Come on, sis! You can get this! Come on!" It was like the din of the crowd melted away, and this woman's voice cut through everything. Corey looked up and she saw her in the crowd. Now she knew she could still win. She just had to get a surprise rollup. She'd done it once. Morgan had blown the second fall. Lightning could surely strike twice. It was Corey's older sister, Lily Sniper. Lily had been put out of action with a knee injury. She was on crutches, and she was a spectator tonight. She was not as idol-pretty as Corey, but she was still quite striking. Her body was much more finely muscled and toned than Corey's soft, curvy body and she stood a good six inches taller than her little sister. And right now, she was willing her baby sibling on, trying to lend her strength.

    Now she knew she could still win. She just had to get a surprise rollup. She'd done it once. Morgan had blown the second fall. Lightning could surely strike twice.

    Corey pulled herself groggily to her feet, pain lancing through her whole body. She slouched in the corner, her arms resting over the ropes as the corner cradled her body. The referee made sure she wanted to continue, and then the bell rang.

    Morgan sensed a dead woman walking and charged the corner, looking to splash Sniper and rob her of her last strength. Instead, Sniper rallied a second wind and pulled her legs up, causing Morgan to run into her knees, chest first! "HOOOUGH!" Morgan wheezed as she ran into a figurative wall! She stumbled back out of the corner. The crowd began to rally, a faint rumble at first, then the rhythm grew louder as more and more fans joined in the rhythmic clapping.

    Corey Sniper started stomping the mat with the rhythm the fans were making. Morgan collected herself and turned around... right into Corey Sniper's superkick! The crowd erupted as Morgan collapsed to the ring. Sniper fell on top of Morgan for the pin!

    "ONE! TWO! TH-" But Morgan just kicked out, only barely. In Sniper's battered state, she hadn't managed to connect with all of it, and it wasn't enough.

    Adrenaline pumped through Sniper's body now, erasing her pain and fueling her. She measured Morgan as Morgan got to her knees. As Morgan rose to one knee to get up, Corey Sniper hit the ropes and then leapt at Morgan with a leaping sideswipe knee to the jaw, the Shining Wizard! Morgan's head snapped back and she collapsed again, and once more Sniper tried to put her away.

    "ONE! TWO! THR-" Morgan just rolled a shoulder.

    Sniper would not be deterred. She lined up Morgan again, intending to grease her with a second Shining Wizard. Morgan shook her head, dispelling her momentary cobwebs. As Sniper took off and bounced off the ropes, Morgan followed her in and hit the ropes behind her. Sniper came off the ropes and saw empty space. Confused, she stopped and turned around, only to be devastated by Morgan's vicious lariat that nearly decapitated her. It caught Sniper around the neck and chest. She was corkscrewed through the air a second time on impact and thrown hard to the canvas. She curled up and whimpered a little from the sheer agony. Her second wind had just been shut down, and the pain she was in all began to come back to her as her adrenaline ebbed away. The crowd seemed to deflate.

    Morgan, looking every bit the giant monster she was, snarled at Sniper and picked her up. Bending the gorgeous grappler over, Morgan pulled her head between her legs. Corey's bare thighs and perfect ass were on display as Morgan took her time wrapping her arms around Sniper's waist, holding here there partly for the crowd to admire and partly to make her think about what was coming. Then she picked Sniper up and held her vertically for a moment before dropping to a seated position, piledriving her in the middle of the ring. Sniper was dropped on her head as her body flopped to the canvas, ending with her on her back.

    Morgan was going to destroy Sniper now. To make her sorry she ever issued this challenge. She pulled Sniper to her feet again, as Sniper stood wobbly. Morgan looked down on her, smirking a look of comtempt and hatred. Then she palmed Corey Sniper's throat and put one of her arms over her own. She hoisted the diminutive Sniper into the air and then brought her down hard in a chokeslam, driving the wind out of Sniper as she coughed and writhed on the canvas.

    She was far from done. She wanted to hurt Sniper now. She manhandled the much smaller Sniper, pulling her up off the canvas again. Corey moaned in pain as she was hefted up easily. Morgan picked Sniper up perpendicular, then slammed her down in a backbreaker. Her already beaten back took another massive shock and her eyes opened wide in pain, but she could not scream. Morgan stood up bearing Sniper's body weight and lifted her up a second time, driving her down in another hard backbreaker. Sniper's body spasmed eerily in response, as if an electric shock had hit her. Her right leg twitched rapidly on its own as her body was bent backwards over Morgan's powerful thigh. Morgan was heartless though, and quickly stood, then plowed Sniper in a third backbreaker, shoving her off her leg and onto the canvas.

    The crowd booed vociferously as Morgan flipped them off. Picking Corey Sniper up again, Sniper was clearly beaten, but Morgan had set out to destroy her now. She twisted a little and grabbed Corey Sniper around the waist, then flipped her upside down, holding her belly-to-belly. As she was about to deliver the tombstone piledriver, she spotted Lily Sniper in the crowd, who had come up to the front row. She pointed at Lily, yelling at her. "So glad you could join us tonight! Watch what I do to your little brat of a sister!" Glaring hate at Lily, Morgan locked up her grip again, then tombstoned Corey in the ring, giving the piledriver a little extra oomph. Sniper hit the ring with a grunt and then landed on her back, arms and legs spread a little as she lay in the ring. Lily Sniper glared hatefully at Morgan, like she were trying to will Chris Morgan dead.

    Morgan stood and looked down at Corey, prodding her with her boot. Sniper stirred. Morgan smiled wickedly and then went outside, retrieving a steel chair. She brought it in and raised it over her head... but the referee grabbed it out of her hands and pointed at Morgan. "Hey! You know the rules, what's wrong with you?" The referee moved to remove the chair from the ring, and when she did, Morgan made her move. She untied the turnbuckle cover and then gave a good pull, yanking it away and exposing the metal bolt that held the two top ropes together. She picked up Corey and then grabbed her by the hair as Lily watched in horror.

    Morgan brought Corey over to the corner, then pulled her hair, yanking her head back. Lily looked on helplessly as Morgan smashed Corey's beautiful face into the metal bolt. Corey shrieked and cried out in pain as her skull impacted it. Morgan pulled her hair again, and then faceslammed Corey a second time. Sniper cried out in anguish again. Morgan never took her eyes off Lily as she brought her up a third time, slowly, then suddenly planted her face. This time, the bolt opened a cut on Sniper's forehead, and blood began to trickle down her face. Morgan began to openly laugh as Lily could do nothing but watch as her sister's face was rammed into the exposed corner again. Corey's legs gave out and she slumped into the corner. The referee saw what was going on now, and immediately disqualified Morgan. Morgan could not possibly have cared less at this point. She wanted to hurt Corey Sniper. She wanted to injure her. She wanted to destroy her. And she wanted to do it as her older sister watched, helpless, unable to lift a finger to stop it.

    Morgan held Sniper up, using her massive power and eleven inch size advantages to do whatever she wanted to Corey. Morgan drew Corey's head back and slammed her a fifth time. Corey went limp completely now as her head banged into the metal bracket again, further opening the cut on her beautiful face. Corey was unable to resist at all now as Morgan showed absolutely no heart, battering Sniper's face off the steel again. Corey bled profusely from the head now as blood covered the younger Sniper's face. Sniper could not even stand on her own power now, as Morgan supported her. She intentionally held Corey up so blood would drip down her face and onto her neck, chest, and the tops of her breasts, turning Corey Sniper into a bloody mess. She threw Sniper down in the middle of the ring, who collapsed in a heap. She was still conscious. Why was she still conscious? Why couldn't she just pass out and be done with this?

    Morgan stood on the bottom and middle rope, aiming more vitriol at Lily Sniper. "I'm going to destroy your baby sister, bitch! Watch me. Watch me! You can't stop me! What are you gonna do? Fucking cripple! Just try to do something!" Morgan scooped up Corey Sniper and once more folded her over and wrapped her powerful arms around Sniper's tiny waist. She flipped Sniper up on top of her shoulders so she was sitting, then planted her in the ring with a nasty powerbomb. Sniper hit the canvas like a lead brick and rolled face down, laying motionless save the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

    Morgan left the ring and disassembled the steel stairs, taking the bottom half with her back into the ring as she slid them under the bottom rope and then followed suit. She put the flat piece of the stairs in the middle of the ring, then ruthlessly pulled Corey up again. Corey moaned thickly as she was thrust between Morgan's legs again, not even able to stand as she was limp on her knees, her arms dangling.

    Lily was enraged, screaming at Morgan, but could not be heard over the harsh booing of the crowd. Morgan took hold of Sniper and overpowered her, deadlifting her from her knees. It was an impressive scene that quickly resembled a car crash as Morgan hit the third powerbomb of the match on Corey on top of the flat section of stairs with a metallic BONG. She lay limp on the stairs.

    Morgan looked back to Lily and then gave a thumbs down, then shot her a middle finger. She picked Corey back up, who was limp at this point. She kicked the stairs out of the way and hefted her decimated victim up again, and then forcefully powerbombed Sniper a fourth time in the middle of the ring.... so hard that Sniper broke some of the wood slats in the middle of the ring, leaving a crater in the middle of it that her body settled into. The only thing keeping her from falling through a hole was the strong canvas covering.

    The crowd went silent. Even Chris Morgan got a look of shock on her. Time seemed to freeze as for a moment, no one did anything. EMTs rushed to the ring as they very gingerly tended to Corey Sniper. Morgan slowly exited the ring, in a stupor. Even she couldn't believe what she'd just done. As she slowly made her way over to Lily Sniper, staring solemnly at the ring the whole time, she revealed the ruse by turning and pushing Lily down. The crowd erupted in booing so loud, the building seemed to start to vibrate.

    As the medics pulled Corey out of the broken slats of the ring, Morgan rolled back in and started attacking them, scattering them. She pulled Corey out herself and then wrapped her up in a bear hug, squeezing her. Sniper feebly resisted but was soon hanging limp, arched back, her face and chest bloody. Morgan bucked Sniper in the hold, bouncing her, squeezing her, demolishing her already bruised back from the chair shots and powerbombs. She started to shake Corey back and forth like a rag doll, her punishment continuing. Sniper hung limp as her curvy body was punished and destroyed further.

    To add more injury, Morgan brought one of Corey Sniper's arms behind her and locked it up tight, hammerlocking her. Then with a hard upwards buck, she brought Sniper's legs up over her own as she squatted down and pulled Sniper's hair, yanking her forward and hooking her neck in a guillotine choke hold.

    She tightened the choke as hard as she could. Corey immediately started slapping a submission on Morgan's thigh, hard. So hard, she left bright red handprints on Morgan. Her submission soon began to ebb as Morgan choked Sniper, laying the hold in deep. Blood dripped from her head onto Morgan's white thighpiece, staining it crimson. Sniper dropped limp in the hold, unconscious.

    Lily Sniper was just standing back up, with the help of the guardrail. She was seeing red, and not her sister's blood. She was angry. She was furious. She was livid.

    Morgan locked eyes with Sniper and then dropped backwards, banging Corey's head off the steel stairs with a DDT out of the cradle guillotine choke. The unconscious Sniper hit the ring stairs and fell limp, dripping a puddle of blood in the ring.

    Lily snapped. She lost control. She went over the guardrail and rolled into the ring as Morgan had her back turned, celebrating Sniper's destruction. She hobbled on one leg as she dropped one crutch and swung for the fences with the other, cracking the metal across Chris Morgan's back!

    "AUGH!" Morgan yelped as she fell face down. Lily was enraged, her hatred boiling over as she raised the crutch like an axe and brought it down on Morgan again. And again. And again. She pummeled Morgan with the crutch, who tried to get out of the ring. On the way out, she grabbed Lily's other crutch. As Lily screamed bloody murder at Morgan, Morgan took the crutch and rammed it into Lily's injured knee. Lily cried out in pain and turned, hobbling a couple steps. Morgan slid back into the ring and hit her in the back with the crutch. Lily collapsed to the canvas. Morgan raised Lily's crutch and brought it down on her knee. Lily screamed and convulsed once, holding her knee and wailing. Morgan exited the ring and got a steel chair, then slid back in, staring down Lily Sniper. She opened the chair and then put Lily's leg in between the seat and the backrest, sliding the chair up to her bad knee.

    "No, Chris, no, please... I'm coming off surgery! Don't do this... don't-"

    Morgan stomped down hard on the chair, shattering Lily's surgically repaired knee again. Lily screamed in pain as the surgery and all her rehabilitation was instantly destroyed, her path of recovery erased with one cruel, heartless, barbaric act. Morgan removed the chair from her leg... her reinjured leg. Lily shook in pain as if being electrocuted.

    Morgan raised the crutch and smashed Lily in the leg again. She hammered her with it a half dozen times, bending and then breaking the crutch. She grabbed Lily's other crutch and then took her bad leg and hooked it through her own. She locked Lily Sniper into an STF, using the crutch across Lily's face instead of her hands, allowing her more leverage.

    Lily Sniper squealed as her destroyed knee was bent and stretched. She slapped the mat hard in submission. Morgan turned up the pressure, as Lily continued pounding the canvas, the crutch digging into her face. As Morgan continued to torment Lily, Lily slowly slipped into unconsciousness from the blinding pain until she had passed out in Morgan's iron grip.

    Morgan released Lily Sniper from the submission hold. She stood back up and surveyed her handiwork. The Sniper sisters lay destroyed at her feet. She'd intended to put down one of them, and she had been pleasantly surprised by getting to drop the other.

    "Good news, Corey!" she said to the younger Sniper. "Now you two fucking whores don't have to share a hospital room with strangers!"

    Morgan left the ring as EMTs tended to both the Snipers.
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    Underdog vs. Monster? Check. Multi-fall match? Check. Vicious beating? Check.

    Great descriptions here, Raden. I especially like the handling of how someone as beautiful as Chris Morgan can be hated so much by the people. She certainly backed up that bad reputation in this story!

    I will say that I had some trouble following the action at times as there was almost too much packed in. It risked veering into "recap" territory rather than telling a story.

    Overall though, another enjoyable entry in your Wrestle Angels series. And a happy ending for the Sniper sisters who now get to spend some quality time together.
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    This was excellent raden. I'm now a huge chris morgan fan!