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I was trying to change some top mods over to bras using the bra template and came into an issue with the bra back element being arranged askew. i found and lost a thread that explained something about the loader bra template automatically arranging the back band of the bra causing the issue. however, not being able to search "bra" on this site makes finding this thread again very difficult.

ive been able to move chest, right and left breast from the top to the bra template, just need help with the back. is it possible to do this? or not due to what i read before about the bra template automatically searching for a "band" of some sort (or something along those lines, i cant remember and cant find it again)


of course, im later able to find the thread i recall
Moding: SDT Layers questions

something about the bra template attempting to automatically adjust the back to the right breast size frame? im only editing static size tops to static size bras.
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