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This is the way. Make hair fur or maybe another thing to curl move flow and other. like this strikers hair.

1. You need file that called UVanimation its inside bdo paz in same folder with partcutdesc.
For those who doesnt have unpacked paz i will upload clean uvanimation.

2. Put that file in path
"paz\files_to_patch\.resorepless\character" or "paz\files_to_patch\character"

3. Open it with notepad, i advise Notepad++ it makes work very easy.

4. At this point You need 3 things:
-1 model.pac that you want to animate
-2 of that model
-3 model.pac or of already animated model
In my case it was:
-1 pcw_00_hair_0002.pac(that is strikers renamed model)
-2 is texture of that strikers hair)
-3 PCM_00_Hair_Hel_0003_D.pac(strikers hair model) PCM_00_Hair_0001_hair(same texture)

5. In opened "uvanimation" we need search "Ctrl+F" animated model or texture
i found:
<UVAnimation Texture="PCM_00_Hair_0001_hair" Model="16_PCM/Head/Hair/PCM_00_Hair_Hel_0003_D" HairCurlFrequency="0.1" HairCurlRate="0.7" HairCurlScale="0.5" HairCurlSpeed="0.8" HairCurlRange="0.0"/>

6. Then i make a copy of that string and paste below.

7. So there is easy to understand whats here. Texture model and curl settings

8. I made for my hair string like this:
<UVAnimation Texture="PCM_00_Hair_0001_hair" Model="16_PCM/Head/Hair/pcw_00_hair_0002" HairCurlFrequency="0.1" HairCurlRate="0.7" HairCurlScale="0.5" HairCurlSpeed="0.8" HairCurlRange="0.0"/>

9.I changed only model and it works even without changing path to model. Texture is not changed cause i use the same.

10. Now save file uvanimation and inject mod (i use meta injector).

Well done my friend. I hope you learned something new. Or maybe i am only one who didnt know that before.
As you see there easy to configure all settings of animation.
So use that guide and make some wind in yours hair.

P.S. Similar way to make animated effect like burn or other in file modeleffectdesc but i think it for another guide.


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