Anyone got a collection of Dantes mods?

Hank East

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Jan 25, 2012
I've lost all of my mods when my PC died. Now I've gotten it back, yet when I tried to download Dante's mods again it seems the solidfiles site he uploaded his mods to was full of viruses.

Does anyone here have a collection of his mods available? I'd really appreciate it!


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Jun 5, 2012
Does anyone here have a collection of his mods available? I'd really appreciate it!
I sympathize with your plight, but I'd really prefer to see this situation resolved in a way which benefits everyone.

Dante's threads are enormous, and they're stuffed with a very wide variety of mutually-unrelated content. It's difficult for newbies to navigate through them and discover the material within. Some newbies may not even be aware of Dante's contributions.

So how about this?
  • I'll download as many of Dante's mods as I can find, and share the archive privately with anyone who requests it.
  • In exchange, each recipient will be asked to re-upload 25 of Dante's mods as Download entries.
    • For the sake of organization, you won't get to choose your favorites.
    • You'll be assigned a contiguous chunk of 25 files based on alphabetical sorting.
    • When you've finished, myself (or another staff member) will review the items and then reassign them to Dante's account.
  • I don't expect anyone to do original or artistic work.
    • You won't need any special tools, software, or skills in order to participate. This is a data-entry task.
    • Each mod should have a preview image, but you're free to re-use the ones which Dante has already created.
    • Each mod should include tags, but this doesn't require any real research or effort. Just tag what you see (e.g. <blonde hair>) or stuff that's obvious from the filename (e.g. Nina_Dynamic_Hair.swf → <nina>).
  • The work will be tedious, boring, and repetitive.
    • Think of it as a way of "giving back" to the SDT modding community.
  • Once the work is complete:
    • we'll stop sharing the Dante.7z file and just direct people towards the Downloads page instead.
    • you can browse through Dante's Downloads to find your favorites. You can then upvote them, praise the workmanship within, and generally help Dante's work to get the visibility that it deserves.
    • if you notice that one of your volunteer buddies has skimped on tagging details for your favorite mod, then you can add the missing tags.
    • if you notice that some of the entries are mislabeled or misfiled, then you can Report them. A staff member will investigate and correct the errors.


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Feb 13, 2016
I've noted that it takes a couple tries to get it to work, but it IS possible. I have ABP installed on Chrome and use it actively on that site. You have to wait for it to load fully, then choose the "Direct Download Link" below the button. You'll know it's right when the url popup in your browser (bottom left or right corner) ends in something like "<File_name>.swf" and doesn't go beyond the preview's max length. The actual button does God only knows what and I'll stick with NOT finding out.

Reference image for you as to what to click, hope this helps.

Side note: my Loader pack has most of his Minecraft mods (excluding the two slimes, zombie, super creeper, and all villagers except farmer and librarian) and his Ninja outfit, in case you were going to try to DL any of those (so that it's less you'd have to deal with, with respect to Solidfiles). You'd be able to find the actual SWF files inside the MoreClothingMods folder in that pack in case you wanted them on their own rather than rigged through that instance of MoreClothing.

EDIT: Just noticed stuntcock stuntcock 's post that happened before mine. I happen to have some of his mods on hand - would you like me to get those onto the Download system now?
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Hank East

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Jan 25, 2012
Sounds good! It'd be a good way for slackers like me to contribute in some way! I'm up for it, so please share the mods with me once you got them. I've never uploaded anything to the resource manager, but I assume doing so won't be too hard. If I need any help, I'll just ask.


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Jun 5, 2012
Okay, it looks like we're ready to go. PM me if you want a link to the collection of stuff (725 files in total), and I'll assign 25 files to you. There's no firm deadline on this stuff, but please let me know if you can't complete your section - so that I can reassign it to someone else. If you want to volunteer for more, then that's great! Just let me know via thread reply or PM.

The actual files are hosted on If you haven't used before, then please be aware that you can employ advanced operations for the sake of convenience (such as Ctrl-A to "Select All", then right-click and choose Download .... or just right-click on an entire subfolder and use the context menu to download everything within that subfolder). You don't need to manually download hundreds of files one-by-one.

Status-tracking spreadsheets
  • Vanilla Imports

    • Some of these files have already been uploaded by @AdrianMcClean, Samoth Samoth , and @Shade.
    • By default, the rows within the spreadsheet match the order of presentation within Dante's thread. You can use the Googledocs UI to re-sort them (e.g. alphabetically) if you want to.
    • Everyone should have read access to the spreadsheet. I'm retaining sole editing privileges so as to avoid vandalism.
    • Complete
  • Loader Mods
    • A few of these files aren't actually Loader mods; they're TXT settings files or PNG hairstyles which are intended for use with one of Dante's Loader mods. If you're unsure of how to handle one of these files, then just skip it and I'll clean it up later on.
    • Please let me know if you'd prefer to tackle Loader mods. Otherwise, I'll assign everyone to the vanilla stuff until it's complete.
  • Miscellaneous Files
    • These are the leftover files from Dante's archive collections.
    • A few of them appear to be duplicates or early versions of mods which appear in the previous two sections. They therefore require extra attention and careful review... and they're also low priority.
    • Therefore we'll tackle them last.

Resource Creation

Click here to get started!

As mentioned above, this is essentially a data-entry task. I don't expect you to put in heroic effort in order to test a mod's compatibility, benchmark its performance, or research its history. It's acceptable to just upload the SWF file, copy-paste Dante's original screenshot into the Description, and click Save. If you're willing, then there are a few optional things that you can do in order to make the Resource entries more useful (and/or make my job easier):
  • add boilerplate tags to describe the basic properties of the file
    • at least a few of the following should apply to every upload:
    • hair mod, clothing mod, female, sdt, sdt loader, vanilla, dynamic hair, breast slider adjustable, male replacer, penis replacer
    • please don't copy-paste ALL of those examples onto your Resource entry. Think about which ones are actually applicable to your file
  • add specific tags to identify the characters or franchises depicted in the mod
    • some of these tags (such as <street fighter> and <cammy white>) will already exist; you can simply apply them to your Resource entry
    • other tags (such as <zangief> or <beauty and the beast>) don't yet exist; please feel free to create them when you're uploading the relevant SWF files
  • if the screenshot shows elements that aren't present in the file you're uploading (e.g. the screenshot shows a custom background, custom outfit, and custom hairstyle ... but your SWF includes only the hairstyle) then add a few words to explain this limitation to the reader
    • alternatively: you could load the mod into SDT and create a new screenshot. This is a high-effort thing; it's not mandatory
  • create a thumbnail image (by taking a new screenshot, or by cropping/scaling Dante's original screenshot down to a square), shrink it to 96x96, and then apply it to your Resource entry as a custom Icon
  • if you choose to playtest the files (note: this isn't actually necessary) and notice visual flaws or compatibility errors, then please let me know. You can also tag the file with the <sdt template errors>, <cropping errors>, or <sdt loader compatibility errors> tags so that modders can investigate the problem
  • if you're looking for extra information or guidance, then you can refer to the Resource Manager Guidelines or just reply to the thread (or PM me) with any questions
Here's a good example of a high-effort upload: Minecraft Blaze Hair. Samoth Samoth has captured a new screenshot, created a custom thumbnail icon, and included a hyperlink to Dante's thread. Since this particular file is a vanilla mod, he has linked to the vanilla thread. You don't need to be as thorough as Samoth (although we'll certainly appreciate any extra effort); the main goal is to mirror these files from Solidfiles (boo!) onto a more user-friendly platform (yay!).

You don't need to include any disclaimers about "P.S. this isn't really Dante, I'm just some random guy who's uploading files on his behalf." Forum veterans already know about Dante's absence, and newbies would merely be confused. Instead, let's just focus on getting the file uploaded and providing an accurate description (via screenshots, tags, or text).

You don't need to get everything right on your first pass. After you submit a file, it will be enqueued for a staff member to review. During this time, you'll be free to make edits or improvements - but the file won't be visible to anyone else. If your files are unsatisfactory then I'll let you know why and ask you to fix them. Once they're in good shape, we'll reassign them to Dante (at which point you'll lose editing privileges) and we'll publish them for the community to enjoy.
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