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AION slayerform mod request

Discussion in 'Game Mod Requests' started by Biribiri, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Biribiri

    Biribiri Guest

    Hi, i wanted to request a mod for Aion. What i want is the Assassin class skill "Slayer Form I" to be "transparent", or not showing. So my character dont get this fugly demonic look but i want the buff ofc to stay. As i dont have no real experience with this kind of modding myself so i wanted to see if its possible to make this kind of mod.

    Secondly would it be much work to make one and would i need to remake the mod for new patches. As i dont know how to make it myself, would be awesome (if this is the case) that someone would make an easy guide.

    /Thanks Biribiri